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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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to figure out what led to this two-year old boy's death. >> right now our homicide unit is currently investigating the incident waiting on the report to come back the from the me's office. >> reporter: police were called to the 600 block of clementine street shortly before midnight, young boy rushed to saint christopher's hospital and pronounced dead two hours later. sources tell cbs-3 "eyewitness news" that the boy had obvious signs of trauma on his body including broken ribs and a injured liver. >> he always told everybody that he loved them and he would dance and just happy little baby. >> that was it. >> reporter: tasha, was the boy's god mother says she's devastated by death of her god son and hope police are quickly able to arrest whoever was responsible. >> it is a sad story that nobody want to see. he was loving. everybody cares about him. >> i don't know what to say. i'm just at a loss for words. >> reporter: as for an official cause of death, police say that will not be determined until an autopsy is performed, and that won't
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happen for at least the next few days. live from police headquarters, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". montgomery county pediatrician is behind bars tonight on child pornography charges. david kennedy is a physician at personal care pediatric in pennsburg, a nurse at the office discovered explicit images on a cell phone that she was given to take after hours calls over the holiday. police say that an investigation revealed images belonged to kenty. we are following breaking news right now. philadelphia police sources tell "eyewitness news" that they have located a reek will possibly involved in the hit and run that killed eight year-old jayanna powell. vehicle was located inside a auto body shop in frazier, chester county. philadelphia police are bringing the vehicle back to philadelphia for processing. powell was struck and killed in 18th near 63rd and lansdowne in overbrook. it has been a second day of rain, and more heavy rain is the way tonight. we might hear a rumble of thunder out there
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meteorologist kate bilo is in the cbs-3 weather center with more on the timing of all this, kate. >> reporter: this feels like the rain that just won't quit, we have been dealing with it since early yesterday morning another round of heavy rain this afternoon and here comes the final round of rain and thunder with this particular system. you can see it is just starting to half back in the region and intensifying a bit especially off to the west where we're seeing thunderstorm development west of d.c. and into central pennsylvania. now you can see rain has intensified just in the past hour or so in our region as well, the yellow shading there showing where heaviest downpours are right along 422 there, traffic in the great on a normal day expect major slow downs there tonight. this is extending right through chester county, uwchlan township, 202, up toward norristown and heading for the city. we are not out of the woods for at least next several hours as cold front associated with this system finally starts to move on through. take a look what to expect, future weather is showing some rain and then look the at
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thunderstorms developing after 8:00 o'clock this line of storms will role rethrough, heavy downpours and also risk of strong, gusty wind, could be strong enough to cause power outage is a cross the area coming up we will go through rest of the the night and tell you when these storms clear out and what to expect for start of the december, for now, back to you. effort to get a recount of the presidential election results in pennsylvania, face aid big test in the montgomery county courtroom today. president-elect donald trump won pennsylvania by about 71,000 votes. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden was in court today where a judge made a crucial decision. >> reporter: inside courtroom c in the montgomery county courthouse, claims of foreign power may have hack voting machines here argument hade by attorneys for the failed jill stein green party presidential campaign sought a recount of voting machines in dozens of precincts. >> what is the point of all this. >> point of this is make sure that votes were counted accurately and our democracy
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is working. we have machines that are easy, to hack. >> reporter: signed campaign was hopeful bernard more more would allow its expert to analyze the counties voting machines and software. we know that there has been conservative attempts to interfere with our electionness this country. >> reporter: close to a dozen attorneys filled the courtroom including some g.o.p. officials. >> these claims, by these stein campaign were ludicrous. >> reporter: judge tossed the stein campaign's challenge, lawrence ta thevis represent the trump pence electors of pennsylvania and strongly objected to any recounts. it is absolutely a twilight zone argument to say that because preelection day polls didn't match up with the results, that a possible explanation is some foreign government hacking the machines. >> reporter: county solicitor took the stein campaign to task calling its efforts of a fishing expedition and challenge, questions about voting machine integrity. >> secretary of the department of the state of pennsylvania has reiterated that these machines are safe.
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>> this is just disappointed electors whose candidate didn't win. i hate to say this but i don't want this to be the new normal. >> reporter: report sore losers or not stein campaign says they will continue this effort, in count ace cross pennsylvania, and they may even appeal, the decision here in montgomery county. reporting from norristown, joe holden, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a philadelphia city employee has been identified as one of two men wanted for anti trump vandalism in chestnut hill. the city solicitor's office says that a assistant solicitor duncan lloyd is one of the men seen on this surveillance video. one vandalism suspect was seen spray painting graffiti at the fresh market on germantown avenue last friday. lloyd has been in contact with philadelphia police, and is cooperating. the second suspect has in the the yet been identified. a judge ordered penn state to pay former assistant football coach mike mcqueary another five million-dollar, in a st going 62 page ruling
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judge ruled in favor of mcqueary's whistle blower claim against the university, over his treatment following the arrest of jerry sandusky. a jury awarded mcqueary more than seven million-dollar in his defamation suit against the university, last who. tonight a warning about the danger of mini blinds, it comes following tragic death of the daughter of former philadelphia eagles running back reno mahe. the three-year old name was else mahe was found entangled in a mini blind with cord wrapped around her necklace week. the accident happened in mahe's utah home. she died from significant brain damage today. safety officials say it is important to keep children away from corded, window coverings. >> we recognize that if you do have blinds, shades with cords in them you can actually get an attachment that you can put them up and out of the way. rerecommend that you do not take any beds, cribs, furniture, if you have younger children and put them near windows that may have cord in
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them, shades, or blinds that have cord in them. >> officials also say corded window covering are among top five hidden hazards in homes. there is growing concern about mental health issues on college campuses and suicide rates continue to rise. >> tonight health reporter stephanie stahl takes you to the university of pennsylvania where students are helping each other through emotional turmoil. >> reporter: university of pennsylvania is a place for academic excellence along with the privilege, prestige, comes expectation and it is not just about getting good grade. >> across the board, there is a lot of pressures that we're faced with. >> reporter: that stress is hid men this culture of perfection, with what is known as penn face. >> people try to present themselves as not who they are but rather, what they perceived others want them to be. >> reporter: while penn has plenty of remarkable success stories, suicides are also very high here. >> it has been catastrophic, yeah, i have personal
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experiences those students half attempted or completed suicide. >> reporter: thinks where difficult, complicated emotions are discussed, a student group called penn reflect. >> talking about it, acknowledging that it is there and it is a problem and then you can fix it. >> reporter: jared even if ton started penn reflect last year and there are now 400 members. >> i thought it would be beneficial to create a place where students could share their personal stories with other students in a safe environment. >> reporter: they getting to monthly to talk about everything from dating disappointments to over bearing parents. >> i think it is an opportunity to allow students to have an open space for people to be vulnerable and express themselves. >> we all share the same human problems and troubles, and it is very comforting to hear thinks a shared experience. >> reporter: university is supportive of the groups like penn reflect and has a task force on student's psychological health and welfare acknowledging the importance of addressing emotional issues. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". the news continues tonight, with a question: are you looking to add a member to your tamly just in time for the holidays? well, if the answer is yes, we have a shall we say, perfect story for you. um-hmm. coming up we will take to you a wonder land and see these cute kittens may even go home with you, tori. >> reporter: tis the season for holiday that dixons and a few who will daze sweaters, well, a new tradition, well an old tradition is being brought back to life from marlton into cherry hill and santa had a lot to do with it. we will have have those details coming up. nice. monday night you had the same number of catches as nelson agholor. zero. bagel, doughnut. so what did the eagles wide out learn from sitting on the bench? we will hear from him later in sports.
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two new jersey state troopers are earning praise for reviving an elderly man who lost cox necessary the atlantic city international airport. sergeant robert bendor i and mike guitaric jumped into help on friday. map collapsed near rental car drop off section in the parking garage. after several minutes of the trooper's efforts, the hand regained a pulse and started to breathe. >> there was no pulse. he was in the breathing. so, again, at the that time we administered cpr to get his blood flowing and a breath in him so we could get oxygen into his system. >> every two years we have to get recertified in cpr and administering aed, and it works. >> reporter: that it does, victim was taken to atlantic
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city medical center where he is listed in critical but stable condition. philadelphia university fashion students hosted a very successful pop up shop on campus to benefit people battling cancer. the proceeds will benefit chemo clothes a marlton based non-profit that provides financial support to families affected by cancer. the students raised nearly $5,500 selling clothing, pillows, accessories they have design and all of the items were under $30. they have moved a lot of merchandise. holiday traditions return in cherry hill. >> big christmas extravaganza on display once again the two delight of many. victoria woodill is there to show us what it is all about, tori. >> reporter: that is right, we are live, at the thoughton's in cherry hill. families just keep pouring in, look at the santa making family stay here at this ugly sweater party but this ugly wetter it is a new tradition but is there an old tradition celebrating in new jersey for quite sometime.
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it bass started by this guy but it is being brought back, take a look. garden center in cherry hill is a lush wonder land of christmas trinkets, cheer, treats for the holidays but recently manager tom niecey heard customers looking for something specific, revival of the animated holiday tradition, started by ralph gaudio. >> they said you should do something like this, you need to to something. >> reporter: key boys was a men garden center in marlton, new jersey that had an animated christmas display. they have since closed and that is why jeff clark found himself here. >> i ran in the guy in the front of the store talking with him putting his christmas stuff away and i asked him, you guys do stuff for christmas? he said i would like to be busy. everybody says we will do something like g boys here. in the for nothing. i worked for ralph for 20 years. keep looking for a place here in new jersey. so tom, a store manager passed
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his card to me, i passed it on to ralph. here we are today. >> reporter: by spirit of the christmas these three men were brought together which brought the ralph gaudio christmas extra again a. >> we were family tradition for over 50 years. people coming in, now their children were little and new they are big, grand the mothers, mothers, children, everybody comes in and they love what they sianni they are remaking their memories here. it is a whole new thing. >> i believe sanity a put us together for a reason. i really do. >> reporter: it helps if you just believe. >> you have to believe, just believe. >> reporter: that is right, tom said you all came together by spirit of christmas and with santa, how does it feel to relive this all over again, ralph. >> it is great, we're making all new family traditions, everybody is coming here, they are having a great time, bringing their family and this is a new tradition.
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>> reporter: that is right let's keep it going. >> keep it going on. >> ukee, jessica we better see you here. we should take another trip in, ralph. >> great. >> reporter: santa, frosty, tamly, we're on. >> santa and frosty. >> oh, my. >> now that is a party. that is a christmas party right there. >> rodolph was on last night, it is that time of the year. we're talking about thunderstorms. >> we're talking about rain, thunder, not snow even though last day of november. we are generally talking about threat for strong thunderstorms on the last day of in but here we are, warm take, warm stretch and new this storm finally has its last gasp heading our way tonight but it will not get town without a fight. we have steady rain and gusty storms to watch out for through the next six hours or so. here's a look outside right now we can see how foggy, damp it is. the not really raining heavily right now. we had a lull between steady rain that came through midday and next round which will come through tonight but
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stilltoriesly, misty, foggy not a great night to be out on the roads and certainly roads are responding to this kind of weather. everything is slow going across the area. even more so then usual. storm scan three shows us what is going on right now, rain is moving back in. we are going to start to see on storm scan three these storms start to really pop up and intensify more. steadier downpours starting to move in from the south and west, here we go, we can see over chester county starting to see those pockets of red, orange, yellow shading indication of where heaviest rain is falling. this is one i wouldn't be surprised to see reports of the thunder and lightening with these storms. this extend from 476, and northeast extension here, down through 422 and portions of montgomery county right through my hometown of phoenixville and southern chester county right now. but there is more where this is coming from. we have to wait for the actual cold front associated with this storm to swing through tonight and that front has a history of severe weather. down to the south look at these nasty thunderstorms for
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portions of western virginia and carolinas right down into georgia and florida, and a line of severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches with this front. it the is very dynamic storm, we don't expect widespread severe weather here in philadelphia but we could see a to locally, gusty storms with strong wind capable of creating power outages and intense downpours tonight. right now still 60 in philadelphia. take a peak at dover 67. we have missed out on that warmer air didn't get much past 60. fifty-four in allentown. forty-seven in mount pocono. it is areas that have the higher temperatures, places like del marva, south jersey they have greatest risk of strong storms tonight. timing it out hour by hour 9:00 p.m. we have line of rain, thunder moving through western suburbs and this just continues to advance but not quick hitting squall line, no in and out and we have storms hanging out until after midnight. what to expect? showers early, heavy rain late, thunderstorm later tonight with an additional half inch to three-quarters
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inch of rain slower travel and there that is marginal risk especially areas off to the south. giving you red light for travel overnight but by tomorrow morning's commute things looking a whole lot different finally get gooding weather outside as we start the month of december, and still feels crazy to say that december starts tomorrow and it the starts on a nice note we have a sunny seasonal stretch from tomorrow, all the way through monday. sunday your coldest day at 47 degrees and then otherwise no big rain, no big snow to talk about and new major cold either not a bad start to the in month. >> i like that. >> don's up next in sports. >> we are talking hoops, twin to youers in south philadelphia why sixers may have a brand new look against sacramento tonight. plus is this a rebuilding year for the bird? we will hear from one of the
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don's starts us off with an update on nelson agholor. >> yes, yes, we will find out what will happen to him as we get closer to sunday game time. his body was in good shape but his mind needed time to recover. eagles benched nelson agholor before their hon night loss to green bay. agholor was inactive after admitting he had developed a mental block while playing the game. today the 25,151st round pick was back on the practice field, talking about practice. no word whether he will play sunday in cincinnati but today he talk for the first time since his personal bye week. >> i had to make sure i seized that moment and seized this opportunity, because regardless of whatever is going on, i want to play. i'm a competitor. i love football. i have fun playing football. the fact that i didn't get to play that take, it was an eye opener. you have to make sure you always have fun every opportunity you to get to play. >> eagles are in a interesting spot, they are one game under
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500, there is statistical licensing shot to make playoffs so people are wondering fit is time to start treating this season like a rebuilding year. brandon graham says nah. >> never talk about rebuilding. we don't ever take a year off as far as, we need to lose these games because we can get a certain pick, no we will go out here and work every day and try to have fun, if the last five games. we are not worrying about the pressure of playoffs. that will come if we focus on and lock in. aim not trying to look too much in the future. on to hoops, nerlens noel is healthy enough to join sixers but first big man will join delaware 87ers in a rehab assignment. noeles recovering. sixers host kings tonight. head coach brett brown may play jahlil okafor and joel embiid at the same time. that has not happened since october 29th, and that only lasted for two minutes have game time. so, twin towers possibly in
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south philadelphia. calves visiting bucks, wide open dunk. why are we showing you this? why was he so wide open. cleveland's jr smith, walks over to the bench, during the game, to give his boy jason terry a hand shake and that is why tony snow got the easy jam. this is during the game. >> wow. >> focus. >> come on, man. >> look at the that. >> yo, good to see you. >> then he turns around and like my bad. >> my bad. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. still to come it is a whisker wonder land how to give these kittens a christmas to remember
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if you are looking for a perfect gift this holiday season consider giving a pet the a new home. >> pennsylvania spca is hosting its whisker wonder land event right now. "eyewitness news" at organization's fishtown center on frankford avenue. nearly 30 kittens are available for adoption and many people came out to spend time with them today. you got a little bit of time to get there whisker wonderland runs until 7:00. >> i know, i'm looking away, i already 46 rescues in our house. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight, five are dead and dozens hurt in at least
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three tornadoes ripping across alabama and glaim can deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us glaim tornadoes and firefighters force thousands to flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer is cleared in the fatal shootingave black man that led to days of arrest. >> officer vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: hunt for a killer mountain lion. and the wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation for productivity and longevity. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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