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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 3, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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>> right now at 11:00 we are following breaking news. sexual predator is off the streets. how local authorities tracked him down. and women in the military draft why the idea of universal registration is back in the headlines for the first time in decades. >> but first, inside the truck transition -- trump transition team. a prominent philadelphia republican on the team gives "eyewitness news" insight into the process. this as the president-elect
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shakes up u.s. foreign policy it's the phone conversation a lot of people are talking about tonight. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington nicole brewer. jessica has the night off. president-elect drum is that continue to go do things his way. he spoke with taiwan's president breaking nearly 40 years of foreign policy. the move could anger china it considers taiwan a renied province earlier new jersey governor chris christie met with president-elect. mr. christie has reportedly expressed interest in the job of republican national committee chairman. and former un ambassador john bolten interviewed for the state of secretary state. the biggest post left to fill in the president-elect potions cabinet. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandra hoff is here with an inside look at the trump transition from a local member of the team. alex. >> reporter: you know part of this transition process includes wrapping up an organizing the remains of election efforts that took place across the country. we learned this from local gop official just back from
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washington. >> let me just be clear. we work hard. >> reporter: when the election wrapped up and pennsylvania took on a red hue for the in 30 years ray nay amoore was prepared to take a breath. >> i thought i can rest and it didn't happen. >> reporter: following the election, she was asked to join president-elect drums transition team and so far she's enjoying vice president-elect mike pence's role in overseeing the mostly volunteer group. >> he's in the mix with the transition team he's in charge of the whole team. he has things flowing and he's a good asset for president-elect donald trump. >> reporter: in terms of assets amoore spoke to trump's choice for secretary of defense james mattis. >> i love the name. i got to be mad dog that has to say something really. but some people are excited about it and some people aren't. democrats are saying they won't vote for him. they don't care what happens. we have to wait and see.
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>> another big wait and see will be trump's choice for secretary of state. amoore feels conversation between trump and mitt romney are promising. >> that's a good thing i really do. whether he gets in or not i don't know that's not my decision. i still think it's important for our party to heal. >> reporter: since she's not part of the administration amoore has mott yet paid a visit to trump tower but to the new trump hotel in washington. she enjoyed very much. reporting live in in the sat center alexandra hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the election recount battle continues. trump victories in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan are under scrutiny. philadelphia election officials began recounting ballots in 75 divisions today. "eyewitness news" in east falls where the counting was being done. green party candidate jill stein quested the recount. she believes cyber attacks on electronic voting machines may have altered the results. party representatives are watching this weekend.
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>> and they're just going to each team with one of our people and representatives from the campaigns and the parties are going from machine to machine and doing this process. >> today we learned donald trump's lead over hillary clinton has decreased from 71,000 to 46,000 votes. and breaking right now, a suspect wanted for sexual assault and attempted murder in camden is in custody tonight. this is the suspect andre wesl wesley. police say wesley approached his victim in white van on sunday and then forced her to go with him to a lot next to abandoned building on third street where she was sexually assaulted and beaten. camden police just talked about wesley's apprehension which took place at his elmwood lane home in willingboro. >> andre showed up at the premises armed with a butcher knife. there was a tense standoff situation with officers that were on scene. officers deescalated the situation. he was provoking the officers
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trying to get them to shoot him. the officers exercising extreme restraint. our officers and officers from the willingboro police department. >> police used a taser to take him into custody. camden county police say he could be responsible for similar attacks on women in other jurisdictions. philadelphia police want your help to find a man who robbed a woman at gun point in northern liberties. take look at this surveillance video. watch as the suspect approaches from behind. he grabbed a woman, pointed a gun to her head and took off with her purse. this happened tuesday night in the 400 block of north third street. the victim was not injured. new tonight, a man is rushed to the hospital after getting pulled from a burning row home in west oak lane. firefighters found the man in his 60s on the second floor of the home on the 7600 block of gilbert street. he suffered smoke inhalation and did not have any vital signs when firefighters saved him. one firefighter also suffered a minor injury investigators are trying to figure out what
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sparked that fire. tonight funeral range. are set for trail blazing wilmington firefighter artis hope. the viewing will take place at the chase center next saturday at 10:00 a.m. followed by the the funeral service at 1:00 p.m. the 23-year-old veteran died yesterday from injuries suffered in a house fire on september 24th. authorities say the fire that also killed lieutenant jerry fickes and captain christopher leach was intentionally set by beatrice ruiz. today wilmington fire chief anthony good told us arty hope leaves behind a very important legacy. >> arty is the first female wd line of duty desk in the history and only second african-american line of duty following my father lieutenant james good, jr. >> hope's fiance' spoke to "eyewitness news". he told us he wanted to spend the rest of his live with arty. >> every day i watched arty go out and try to save lives. you took a wonderful woman that was a friend to a whole
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community. >> firefighter hope leaves behind three children. she had planned to retire in january and begin a new career as a nurse. a mother faces charges to night in the death of her two-year-old son. 23-year-old andrea worrell is charged with child endangerment and obstructing justice. officers found her two-year-old son sigh i was worrell unresponsive tuesday night. he died later at saint christopher's hospital. investigators say the boy had chest and liver injuries and tested positive for thc that's chemical found in marijuana. well 23 years after a woman's murder montgomery county detectives are making a new plea to find her killer. julie barn i don't care's body was found 23 years ago today. the 18-year-old had been missing for more than three weeks after taking the train from philadelphia. there is now tenths sap dollars reward for information leading to her killer. the camden county police
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department is working to return stolen items to their rightful owners. 91 bicycles found in the basement of a small grocery store in 600 block of broadway in camden. some electronic items were also found. police made the discovery while responding to burglar alarm at the store and realized the items were stolen. to check and see if any of the stolen bikes are possibly yours we set a link to the police department and they're page at a judge strikes down a request for a special prosecutor to investigate new jersey governor chris christie in the bridge gate scandal. a former firefighter brought a criminal misconduct complaint against christie in october alleging the governor failed to order subordinates to reopen the lanes of the george washington bridge in 2013. christie denied any wrongdoing and was not charged in the federal case. in that case, two former allies were convicted and wouldn't pleaded guilty. president obama has announced his support for requiring women to register for the draft.
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now changing the policy would require an act of congress and there are no signs that lawmakers plan to move to alter the law. we hit the streets to see what people think about the potential change. >> when you think military draft, who generally comes to mind? >> i think like young males. >> the men. >> between 18 and 25 probably. >> for now that's true but maybe not for long. the obama administration just announced it supports requiring women ages 18 to 25 to also register for the draft. >> that's a little scary. >> it's a man's war. >> it's a grandmom and a parent, no, i won either. >> i'd be mad. i don't want to go. >> but in december of 2015, barriers were broken when the administration opened all military positions even combat jobs to women that led some to believe this is the next logical step. >> we are fighting for, upping, equal pay and everything to that effect, then we i guess we get everything that comes with it. >> really respect our military.
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i think we need to support it with all the strength that we can. >> reporter: for the first time in june the senate agreed passing defense bill that included requiring women to register for the draft. but the house voted otherwise removing that requirement from a bill that still being hammered out. >> we'll see president-elect trump has to say. >> republicans very traditional they may go the traditional route. >> i'd like to see where this goes. >> reporter: the good news for now both president obama and ash carter say they don't believe there's any need to reinstate the draft. >> are you relieved to hear that? >> yes. i'd rather have a choice. >> in 1981 the supreme court upheld congress pog's decision to exempt women from the draft because they were restricted from combat. well now they're able to serve in that capacity it will be interesting to see where that debate ends up. all right. 11:10. one year later a southern california community is still in search of answers. >> straight ahead tonight at 11:00 the san bernardino terror
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tack and the mystery that remains. also, long road to recovery for one of the survivors. kate? a blustery cold week send on the way. we've even got snow showers for the poconos and that part of the area could be feeling like the teens. i'll tell you just how cold it will feel in the city tomorrow morning and when to expect strongest winds this weekend. >> plus, a dinner date to remember. "eyewitness news" is there soldier from philadelphia pops the question. how a local business owner helped pull off the surprise. >> and the statue that arrived in philadelphia for the pope's historic visit will stay in philly. where you can now find it when "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don
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bell. there are new developments in the murder case against jimmy super fly snook today in lehigh county. today his attorney told the court the former pro wrestler only has six months to live. he appeared via face time from florida during a competency hearing in allentown. sick months ago the judge ruled he was mentally incompetent to stand trial in the 1983 death of his girlfriend. the defense says 73-year-old suffers from stomach cancer and dementia but the prosecution argues he may be faking memory loss symptoms. one year ago today, married couple gunned down dozens of people at a holiday luncheon in southern california community gathered today to remember the 14 people killed in the terror attack. >> a moment of silence as we honor the 14 individuals who
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were lost. >> somber ceremony mark the one year anniversary of workplace massacre that killed 14 people and injured 22 others at the inland regional medical center in san bernardino. >> we will never forget that day or the victims of this senseless act of violence. >> farook and his wife walked into holiday luncheon for county employees and opened fire. >> my group was taking a picture by the christmas tree when he came shooting through the room. >> reporter: julie was shot twice by farouk. her pelvis was shattered. four surgeries later it remains a slow recovery. >> i accepted new level of, you know, just that every day pain it's just kind of a new normal. >> fbi believes farook and malik were radicalized after hundreds of interviews and unprecedented effort to recover data from smart phone officials have not made any arrests linked directly to the attack. she's focused on healing and
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gratitude. >> the am of love and community support that we have all received that, you know, that's incredible. >> the couple was killed in a shootout with authorities. officials found thousands of rounds of ammunition and an explosive in their apartment. thousands of residents of gatlinburg tennessee allowed back into the city today to see what's left of their homes and businesses after a massive wildfire. they were only allowed to return for few hours to survey the properties. some encountered smoldering rubble. others breathe add sigh of relief. the fire hopscotched through the city in some areas leaving devastation in its path. >> a war zone, you know, as people say. it's total destruction. there's nothing left. >> the fire killed 13 people, 80 others were hurt. now to a dinner to remember. a local soldier surprises his girlfriend who is also a soldier with a marriage proposal and
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it's all caught on the eyewitness cam. anthony wilson proposed to sean dry ya pearson at a steakhouse in center city tonight. you can see her unforgettable reaction. she said yes. the couple was having dinner before the nora jones concert at the academy of music. >> i got on one knee and just asked the question. >> and -- >> she said yes. >> our favorite holiday is veterans day. because we actually met during our deployment in 2013 to kuwait. we didn't know each other. we're not even from the same state. not the same unit or anything but we met while deployed overseas. >> the liberty u.s.o. and family jewelers of marlton worked with wilson to make the special night happen. congratulations. >> so sweet. speaking of love a special spanish version of philadelphia's iconic love sculpture is here to stay. you may remember seeing the am more sculpture on the art museum steps during the pope's visit last year. well now it has a new permanent
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home at sister cities park by the bass of saints peter and paul. the original love sculpture is sitting near city hall while love park undergoes renovations. feeling a lot like the holidays in haddon township tonight. >> "eyewitness news" on hand tonight for the township's tree lighting ceremony as well as the parade of lights. sponsored by the westmont fire company number one. santa claus, my man, himself came all the way from the north pole for the festivities. look at santa getting jiggy with it. >> i like that. >> maybe he's just trying to keep warm, kate does keep moving to keep warm outside tonight. it's cold out there and it's blustery. even if the temperatures doesn't look that cold still in the 40s in most areas it feels a whole lot colder than the thermometer indicates. that's going to be the case all day tomorrow as well if you have plans to head outside, doing holiday decorating outside the house perhaps, please be careful. sunday afternoon will probable bely better time.
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sunday a couple degrees colder but not as windy. go getter and you plan on going up on the roof to hank lights i would do it when the winds die down and that day would be sunday. tomorrow just be safe if you'll be outside and secure those big blow up figurines pretty well in the yard. here's look outside right now. we're looking at bethlehem this is main street still pretty active this time of the night. certainly this is bethlehem time to shine christmas city they call it and beautiful this time of the year. still a lot of folks out and about on main vote hitting the great little restaurants but you can see the flags flying there. the hotel bethlehem it is very windy outside tonight. and will continue to be that way right through the weekend. storm scan3 we'll take you local first and for most. there's not a whole lot going on but earlier tonight we did have few snow showers make their way down into the pocono region not anything happening right now. but as we widen out you can see we do have decent amount of snow shower activity right along the pennsylvania/new york border up towards scranton and williamsport. poconos could pick up a light dusting in some spots.
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the rest of us likely seeing nothing at all. but it's kind of an indication where those winds are coming from that northwest flow bringing the cool air right down into our area. temperatures right now it's 43 degrees in millville. 42 in medford. 41 as we take the combination millville medford we goat milford. 41. fort washington 40 at the germantown academy. here's what it feels like. temperatures in the low 40ing it doesn't feel give better than the mid 30s. 35 in philly. feels like 35 in reading. it feels like a cold 23 right now in mount pocono. it is still going to be blustery weekend the winds are strongest tomorrow. that's because we've got a pressure gradient. this system exiting through the canadian maritime. high pressure behind it. two different areas of differing pressure creates a wind tunnel effect and we'll feel that tomorrow but high pressure starts to shift overhead on sunday. the gradient weakens and shifts to the north so winds die down but it's still chilly and clouds will be increasing. morning sprinkle must be.
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we've got to watch this next system which could bring rain up the coast that would be next tuesday. but biggest threat this weekend the wind right now outside winds to 15 gusts to 25 after midnight we'll see the gusts start to decrease. 15 miles an hour winds but on saturday, winds could gust to 30 miles an hour at any time through the day. so cold and blustery tonight. very windy tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds. 49 pretty typical for this time of the year but it will feel colder than that. same story down the shore. 49 and windy and in the poconos month better than the 30s with the chance for a passing snow shower especially in the morning. sunday is not as windy but the coldest day of the week. at least until we get to the end of next week. watch for couple showers early monday. better chance for rain tuesday and again on thursday it looks like next friday into next weekend we might be talking about even colder weather. you thought this weekend was cold next weekend looks colder. >> one at a time. >> one at a time. >> one day at a time. >> thanks, kate.
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>> leslie. >> we have a big weekend coming up. temple and penn state getting ready for championship saturday. plus the phillies making a roster move and the sixers unveiled the twin towers embiid and okafor had great numbers but unveiled the twin towers embiid and okafor had great numbers but was it this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of therapies, treatments and technologies to identify a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just as important as what cancer i had. we talked about options. my doctor told me about a robotic surgery that was less invasive. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. at ctca, it's all about what you can do.
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i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. sixers brett brown over the couple of weeks when would he be okafor and embiid on the court today. against the magic the fans got to see the twin towers. second quarter embiid with the
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pass to jahlil little. scored 16 points. season high 13 rebounds. on the next possession jah returns the favor to joel hits the jumper. eastern conference rookie of the month and 25 points and 10 boards. fifth double double. you think that was enough the third quarter the magic pulled away came into the game with the worse three-point shooting percentage in the league but apparently not tonight. they hit 13 of them they beat the sixers 105-88. the last two years have been great for temple football. they've won 19 games best two-year stretch in school history tomorrow they will take on 19th ranked navy in the aac championship game. third best defense in the country try to stop the mid ship men's triple option offense averages 342 yards on the ground. navy has home field advantage. they have not lost since september of 2014. last two games they played they out scarred their opponents
2:31 am
141-62. temple coach matt ruhle knows it is going to be tough to slow down that navy offense. >> it's really really hard to defend. people have tried all kinds of things this year in our league and no one has been able to tame it. especially at the latter part of this year and we know as we go out had there's no stopping the offense. you have to hope you get two or three stops within the course of a game. >> tomorrow night penn state will face sixth ranked wisconsin in the big 10 championship the first time in school history the penn state will be playing for the title. at the end of september the nittany lions were-two. some alumni wanted head coach franklin out. he was named big 10 coach of the row. he has the team peaking at just the right time. >> gotten better as the season has goes on. it's something we taken great pride in. i've always taken pride your team getting better each day and each week and we've done this. >> phillies making news they claim pitcher david rollins from
2:32 am
the rangers released cody ashy and four seasons with the phil. he batted .240 tendered contracts to galvis, hernandez and gomez. >> spring training not too far away. >> not too far. clearwater three months. >> thanks leslie. >> up next, wait until you see who was jet skiing on the delaware river. be right
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busy guy today. santa claus paid visit to the adventure aquarium in cam. >> um-hmm. santa and his helpers arrived boy way of jet skis on the delaware river. santa spent time with the kids but also with many fish and animals who call the aquarium home. put on his scuba gear and plumped into the water who knew multi talented here. santa will be making stops at the aquarium through the end of the year. hey, kate. >> ♪ >> the weekend is finally here but it's definitely feeling like the month it now is. december like chill in the area and with the wind it will feel almost a little more like january which is actually a colder month around here than december. you can see temperatures only in the 40s in the poconos on sunday only in the 30s when you factor in the wind it's going feel like the 30s each day with overnight wind chills in the teens in many
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me.
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pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪ it's time to get your friday laugh on it's the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cord corden. morning team is back tomorrow from five to 7:00. for kate, leslie, everyone here i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer we're always online at >> thank you so much for watching. have a great weekend. good night, family and sleep well. ♪
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