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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 8, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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philadelphia. thirty-three your current temperature in allentown. down in the 20's in lancaster. wind are calm so light so most of our reporting sites right now but that will change, especially as we push toward lunchtime with the wind speeds starting to pick up and breezy afternoon in store so that will push our wind chill temperatures down. visability are reduced in some areas. keep that in mine hitting roadways visibility down to 5 miles at ac airport. down to 8 miles in mount pocono and 6 miles visibility in millville. in your daily planner we will start off with the included cover for 9:00 o'clock hour that breeze will pick up. in the middle 40's by lunchtime but those wind chills down in the 30's with sunshine breaking out. cloud will continue to decrease, mostly clear by 5:00 e so no problems, at least for precipitation wise for your commute, 41 degrees, chilly conditions with that breeze keeping up in the evening hours, and overnight tonight, as well, and as we head into the second half of our december, meisha, it looks like these cold temperatures will stick with us and average
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trend to be chilly, into the second half of the december. >> it is time to bundle up, we knew this was coming and it is upon us right now but lets talk about our commute this morning. so far so good. we need a break after week we have had and we might get to it day. right now vine just opened westbound side is opened eastbound side, you are all good looking good there. ben franklin bridge looking quiet, and beautiful as usual, moving in the westbound direction from new jersey into center city in great company there heading out to the ben franklin bridge n problems whatsoever. no problems on any bridge. we have this accident blue route southbound off ramp to saint david villanova that is closed right thousand because on have that accident. just a quick head up. not slowing you down too much. might need to alter your plans this morning. construction lincoln drive southbound is closed, right now, no, this starts today until 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. between wissohickon avenue and ridge avenue. your all the that it starting again tonight is schoolhouse lane or mid veil avenue. more construction pennsylvania
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turnpike eastbound past downingtown that right lane is block there, joe and rahel back to you. a man is in critical condition after a drive by shooting in west philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at the scene for us this morning, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not only was one business in this area opened at the time of this shooting, but philadelphia police are calling this intersection one of the shore busy intersections in west philadelphia so certainly more people were out here and could have been injured when this gunfire erupted overnight, fortunately though only one man was injured and taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. so take a look at the video police are calling this a drive by shooting. it was around midnight when police found a 59 year-old man shot in the hip at 52nd street and haverford avenue. eyewitnesses tell police that a dark colored car a nissan hacks man passed by that man standing at corner and as he drove by someone fired at least one shot. when police arrived they took the victim to the hospital in critical condition, however he is now in stable condition this morning.
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in the meantime southwest detectives are now investigating but at this point there is no known motive for the the shooting. >> the intersection of 52nd and haverford is one of the most traveled intersections, in west philadelphia. it is well lit. it is light controlled. traffic lights on all four directions. so it is unusual for someone to be shot at this location. >> reporter: at least one of the businesses in this area has a surveillance camera so police are hoping that video can help identify a suspect. in the meantime southwest detective are investigating, they will be interviewing a number of eyewitnesses and that victim now in the hospital, stabilized this morning and it is expect to survive. we are reporting live from west philadelphia, jan car bay other for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you, jan. teenage boy is in stable condition this morning after he was attack by a pit bull in wilmington delaware. chopper three over the scene around 7:00 last night at north washington and west 27th
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streets. police tell us that the boy was bitten by the dog and taken to ai du pont children's hospital. officers shot and killed the dog. president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour in iowa and caught in the middle of the feud with a union leader. mr. trump tweeting that steel workers union president, had done a terrible job, he suggested chuck jones was the reason chuck jones was the reason carrier was leaving the country. jones accused trump of inflating the number of jobs saved by the carrier deal. >> president-elect will be in hershey, pennsylvania, next thursday night as part of the thank you tour. well, as final days of the obama administration approach, the senate honors outing vice-president joe biden during a two hour tribute. senators from both side of the aisle, participated in this glowing tribute, before he was vice-president, biden spent 36 years as a united states senator. republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says
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even though the two didn't always agree politically, he always tested biden. other senators said they hoped biden had a political future. >> he was a public official with integrity and we hope he is, again when he might consider public office again. >> on the late show with stephen colbert tuesday biden didn't fully, close the door so to speak, on running for office, saying he doesn't know what will happen in four years. if he did run for president and win in 2020, he would be 78 years old. suspense builds. police are asking for public's help for finding a man robbing a post office in chester. take a look at this man. police say he held a gun in one hand and umbrella in the other when he robbed a post office on edgemont have avenue last wednesday. postal service is offering a $25,000 reward to find this man. and officials have been looking foreman you see here, since 2006 when he vanish.
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gerard, who earned a spot on the fbi most wanted list has been finally found all the waste over in england. he was just sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping a 13 year-old girl. montgomery county prosecutors say he disappeared before his sentencing here to try to meet where he was sentenced for trying to meet another young girl for sex, and they plan to bring him back after his sentence in england is complete. police are looking for a man robbed someone at a atm in upper merion township. take a look. do you recognize this man captured on the atm's camera. investigators say on monday night this suspect robbed a man at wells fargo bank on route 202 and henderson road in king of prussia victim was using the atm when robber pulled out a gun, suspect then drove off in a white car. cherry hill police arrested a man in connection with the atm robbery. investigators say 36 year-old patrick erso robbed a woman using atm at navy federal credit union on route 38 monday night. she for the back but suspect
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still managed to grab on money. thirty he lease say it helped them catch the suspect by sharing his image on social media. both penn state and temple are heading to bowl games but pennsylvania's attorney jennies issuing a warning for fans looking for tickets. before you try to see penn state in the rose bowl or temple in the military bowl, bruce beamer says you should only buy tickets from a reputable seller. when you purchased those tickets use a credit card because you can dispute the charge if the tickets end up being fake. now the attorney general's office has a few other ways you could avoid being scammed, make sure the location of your seats, match the actual seats in the stadium. also, pay close attention to what the travel package includes and don't assume every package has airfare, hotel, and, of course, tickets to that important bowl game. well, philadelphia police department recognizes more than 40 officers for their heroism at a ceremony in the northeast. among them officer jesse
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hartnett. he was shot in the line of duty in an ambush last january. officer hartnett defended himself there gunfire using his arm. for this he was given the sergeant robert wilson the third valor award. >> it is just very, very appreciative, especially for the two guys that saved my life, and got me to the hospital, i'm forever grateful to them. >> officer hartnett says he is still recovering, almost a year later, he tells us he is due for surgery later this month but he says he is thankful for another year. his wife also just gave birth to a baby girl december 1st, her name, emma grace. officer hartnett married in july, and new baby in december. >> what a year. what a year. >> exactly. up next see have aftermath left behind from a wrong way driver who smashed into more than a dozen cars. also ahead a advising sight for will folks in northeastern pennsylvania when a car takes down a statue, see efforts to raise the marple statue just ahead.
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and a bizarre scene to say the least on the runway one major airport and that is the man running on the tarmac and away from police, we will tell you where this happened. >> ♪ and that is our pat gallen, who will be along in a little bit to show us a local business making, candicans. >> um-hmm. >> yes. >> yes. >> he can be a generous guy when he wants to be. >> we will see. >> we will be right back.
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well, what a scene here chaos on the seattle highway as a driver goes the wrong way, slamming into as many as 20 vehicles. state troopers say man then made a dangerous u turn as he tried to flee the smoking and broken cars he left in his tracks. after that the driver got out of his car and then tried to runaway on foot. police arrested the suspect and transported him to a medical center for evaluation. how about that. well, how about the man in the the gray shirt here keep your eye on him, he has caused quite the scare this san francisco airport, and it all started with police getting a call about a man appearing to
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be under the influence while waiting for his flight. the man then ran down the terminal, hopped security barriers, jumped 30 feet down and ended up on the tarmac. he gives up, lays on the ground and police arrested him. high school students in nevada witnessed a horrifying scene as a knife wielding teenager is shot by a school police officer. well, that was the here owing moment yesterday morning that put hug high school in reno on lock down. this shows the 14 year-old waving around what appears to be two knives as dozen of students keep their distance. they pulled out weapons due to an altercation with another student and when he refused to drop weapon the school officer opened fire. that student is in critical condition, and no one else was hurt. authorities charged two juveniles with arson in connection the to the devastating wild fires in tennessee. the fires started over two weeks ago, only 65 percent of which have been contained, but
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mainly affect area of gatlinburg a popular resort town. four people were killed as fires charred more than 17,000 . 4,000 people were forced from their homes and 1700 buildings, were damaged or destroyed. they are charging the unidentified suspect as adults. investigators say that deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california spread so rapidly that people on the second floor, didn't nose there was a fire on the first floor, until it was too late. smoke quickly traveled up the stairwells to the second floor, and that is why fire has claimed 36 lives, and the owner now faces possible murder charges. rescue workers in indonesia resumed searching for survivors and victims amid ruins of the wednesday's earthquake. more than 100 people died in the powerful earthquake that struck northeast sum at that before dawn on wednesday. hundreds were injured and dozens of buildings were brought down. well, so lauren, we have resisted i think bringing out most of the winter wet ther gear but i think those days are numbered.
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>> about times to put them to the back of the closet. >> i think you'll drag out mittens, hat, whole thing, the scarves, we will need those as soon as tonight as we will drop down in the 20's for the first time this season, in philadelphia. temperatures right now though we're not in the zero's. not doing too bad. 35 degrees. we will look live at center city philadelphia, all is quiet, wind southwest at 6 miles an hour, so feeling more like 30 degrees. temperatures are pretty seasonal right now across the area, 28 degrees in millville, we are at 33 in wilmington. your current temperature at 30 in reading. twenty-eight in quakertown. 31 degrees in willow grove. 28 degrees in mount holly. that arctic air is slowly working in across the delaware valley, temperature change over last 24 hours, we're in negative numbers all across the area down 5 degrees in millville. storm scan three showing us included cover still hanging around a couple flurries up toward poconos and lancaster county. it will start to decrease as
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we head in the second half of the day to day with some sunshine returning but that will not help our temperatures out too much. 46 degrees. chill which that breeze picking up to 15 miles april hour. for tonight we are down to 28 degrees but feeling colder then that with that wind maintaining up around 15 miles an hour. future feels like temperatures as we head into this evening at 7:00 o'clock feeling like 28 degrees in philadelphia, as we wake up on a friday morning feeling down right frigid, some teens in berks county, 10 0 along i-95 corridor, even into lunchtime early afternoon feels like temperatures still struggling in the 20's, all throughout our friday. so as we head into your seven day forecast, friday is actually going to be 40 degrees, colder on saturday, meisha but with those wind is it will feel down right frigid tomorrow. >> look at the lows, lauren, in the 20's even, yikes. well, good morning. it is gate waste to our weekend. good morning, happy thursday. what are we seeing outside? for the most part things are
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looking good. vine street is cleared what we are looking at here schuykill headlights moving in the eastbound direction let put a eastbound treks. we are looking good here at montgomery drive but i will say over past ten to 15 minutes we will start to heat up a bit. but i think today will be the best commute so far, knock on wood, i hope we need to break so i hope it does. looking at boulevard southbound looking as it typically does and i-95 south, pushing in the southbound direction. plenty of headlights out there but overall this is nothing, i would say this is nothing new, fair liz typical for an early thursday morning. so interstate i-95 we are looking good. so moving on we have our first accident of the morning, blue route southbound off ramp to saint david,ville 'nova that right now is closed, head up on that and down wires in 295 and north and southbound at route 49, the off ramp because of those down wires they are closed right now, so a heads up and also construction, on new jersey turnpike pennsylvania turnpike connection eastbound before delaware river bridge toll plaza that left lane is block there, rahel, back over to
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you. meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> daily times reports neighbors planned to appeal the a rolfe allowing foundation to use the swarthmore home to house cancer patient from his out of town. it is a story we have been following, the head strong foundation wants to purchase a seven beds room home on chester road for $700,000, while many neighbors support the plan, some oppose it, this was the meeting earlier this week. there they said it violated the residential zoning of that swarthmore neighborhood. and they want park but not the price, burlington county times reports a proposed athletic complex in southampton drew support but its price tag in the millions, it is concerning residents. idea is to build on 75 acres of land, the former good farm at church and red lion road. news journal reports on a visit from delaware native and wnba star east lane adele a done, two students at wilmington hospital first state school. it helps chronically children.
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she tells her story of lyme difficult seats and encourages them to follow their dreams. the first state school is one of only three like it in the country. and that is a look at newspaper headlines from a around the delaware valley. city officialness northeastern pennsylvania say a popular statue will be resurrected, after a traffic mishap. >> one word for it. >> a shocking site from downtown pittsburgh, a car, jumped a curve and hit the base of the statue at christopher columbus and the statue fem right on the car. statue has stood there since 1969. the driver suffered minor injuries and marble statue was in the damage. >> it had to hit hard for to it come down. >> the statue was intact and it looks, it looks like it is not damage. miraculously. it could be a miracle, you know. >> and crews needed a crane to lift fallen statue, pits ton association says they will get columbus back on his perch as soon as possible.
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up next we will show you an incredible shot from former sixer lou williams. a math the math rhule arrives in baylor but he has temple on his mind. hear his message to his testimonier layers next in
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welcome back. matt rhule has a message for his, former players at temple. >> don bell has more now on the rhule's press conference at baylor. >> matt rhule and his family arriving in waco, texas. he left temple to be head coach of baylor. forty-one year-old rhule taking in sights and sound. also later on snapping a few photos. he was part of the owls coaching staff for ten years four as their head coach. here's what he had to say about the players he just left behind. >> it was one of the hardest thing i did yesterday to say good good bye but i knew our time was over. those kid between the two and ten to six and six to the winningest two year stretch at temple. i say that because i know they are watching. i want them to necessity how proud i am of them.
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they won a championship on saturday but, they were champions way before that. they are champions for life. i look forward to watching them as i know they will be watching us. >> meanwhile temple basketball, spoke to fran dunphy earlier in the week, he says, he really likes years team but it has a little way to go. owls hosting george washington, they are down two with 42 seconds left. how about austin junior with the man in his face, fade away shot is clutch. we are tied at 63. back comes gw, 132nd left tie letter kavanaugh corner pocket, no. a three at the buzzer. that is a buzz kill. the owls go down 66-63. steve donahue and penn quakers hosting lafayette at the palestra. pick it up in the first half penn up by six, jackson donahue, drains the three, penn lead 20-11. move forward to the second half penn up by 11 points.
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penn almost stripped, he recovers the ball, lafayette goes the other way, matt howard, wide open, penn leads 38-25. quakers would later open it up, and win it 81-52, your final score. that is all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great the day. check out former sixers lou williams uncorking this long distance shot in the last seconds before half time. >> wow. >> that is in houston from 66 feet. it counts. lou was always good with the outside shot. williams is now on the lakers. he had 24 points to lead l.a. last night the but lakers lost their fourth straight game, the rockets have won four straight. >> i could do that. >> yeah, well. >> in my sleep. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we will tell you best business toss work for in 2017. plus we will tell you when you will be able to cruise to cuba. look at this. >> where was these children in
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harm, you know,. only cbs-3 speaks to two heroic police officers who sprang into action to rescue children from a raging apartment fire, it is an "eyewitness news" exclusive. plus this. list of best cars are out and top honors go to vehicles with good headlights. i'm craig boswell in washington with the results coming up. weekend is just around the corner so we will look at your weekend watch in the poconos, scattered snow showers, high temperatures in the 20's to kick off the weekend in the city, it is december and it will feel like it. 39 degrees with sunshine on saturday a few more clouds as we head into sunday and down the shore we will see enough sunshine but chill as well, eye temperatures in the 30's down the shore to kick off the
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arctic air is making its way in our area. as we look live at center city, and lauren is here with a preview of her frigid weekend forecast. >> good morning. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. lauren and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's a what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute. >> man is in critical condition after a drive by shooting in west philadelphia. >> philadelphia police are calling this intersection one of the more busy intersections in west philadelphia, so certainly more people were out here and could have been
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injured. >> teen is in the the hospital this morning after he is attacked by a pit bull in wilmington delaware. a $25,000 reward is being offered to find the man who robbed a post office in chester. >> police say that man held a gun in one hand and a umbrella in the other. >> this is a very dangerous individual. >> law enforcement officialness georgia are asking a suspect shooter to turn himself in after one officer is killed and another is wounded. ♪ >> i feel like james corden should never put his leg in that position. >> pretty precarious position. madonna car pooling with james corden on the late, late show last night. >> material girl makes a


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