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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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♪ prince harry and his hollywood girlfriend's first photo together. new details about their date night in london, but will the queen shut meghan out of the royal christmas? >> kate middleton had to wait ten years until she got her place at the christmas table. then is bradley coop engaged? >> new shots of his pregnant girlffiend's stunning ring. ryan reynolds for his hollywood honor, blaae, the new baby and 2-year-old jane stealing the show. then mark wahlberg back home with his mom. >> you know the rules. you have to call your mama. >> the extravagant gift he got her that will make moms everywhere jealous. >> you have to do it right. >> date night with chris pratt and ana faris, but where is their 4-year-old son? >> is he at home?
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>> wait. who? >> for deccmber 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." it is the shot the world's been waiting for. prince harry and his lady love meghan markle finally captured together on camera. >> i mean, finally. does this mean the royal couple is ready to go public? katie nichols is in london with the meaning behind the down to earth date night. >> i think the significance of this is that prince harry wants to show meghan just how normal a couple they can be. >> the photos were snapped by a paparazzo around 7:00 last night. prince harry and meghan on one of london's busiest streets painging passing a bus stop and heading over to see a play. the most surprising detail. look closely. there was only one security guard with the couple. the princeeis usually tailed by at least two. >> i expect prince harry proved to her that they could go out and enjoy a regular night out. >> meghan and harry were spotted earlier this week buying a christmas ttee together. so the big question, what's next? christmas with the queen?
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>> the royal family spends family at the queen's private residence in norfolk, and don't forget, kate middlettn had to wait ten years until she got her place at the christmas table wwth the royals. i am told once they have this week together just before christmas she'll be going back to america and spending christmas with her family in l.a. and harry will be going as is required by royal principle to spend christmas with the royal family. >> also today we're learning more about meghan's life in canada. e.t.'s news editor has been doing some digging. >> e.t. spoke to people in meghan's neighborhood and it seems the 35-year-old actress has two different sides. on one hand she's a down to earth ordinary girl who lives in toronto and takes the subway to yoga class, and on the other she's this jet-setting actress and activist who enjoys lunching at the four seasons hotel and spends her night out at the members-only club soho house. >> okay, look, i know i may be fast forwarding here a bit, but
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you know what we want to see next, right? a ring on meghan's finger. indeed we do, but while we wait for that, look at what we spotted on the finger of bradley cooper's girlfriend irina shaak. that is an emerald rock. wow! they haven't spoken out about their pregnancy and no surprise their mouths are closed about a possible engagement. meanwhile an outpouring of love and memories as friends and family continue to mourn the passing of alan thicke. we have learned his family will gather this weekend for what was supposed to be a joint birthday party for alan's first wife and eldest son and will be a celebration of life of one of tv's most beloved dads. >> being with you, that's what i'm excited about. >> yeah. >> you'll get over it. >> joanna kerns was alan's tv wife for seven years. >> so you're saying that i'm overreacting a bit? >> no. no, i'm saying you're overreacting a lot. >> revealing the actor's personal and flirty side, she wrote a heartfelt tribute saying alan loved everything youthful,
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women, sports, music and above all his beautiful and talented sons calling alan her true and loyal friend, she said may you rest in peace and may your angels be youthful, tall, buxom and witty. may they also be as gorgeous as all of your wives as generous and clever as you. >> i'm very happy about the kind of father i've been, but i would like to perfect this husband role before i go. alan's widow tanya posted this photo two days before his death calling alan the cutest designated driver ever. with fellow celebs including suzanne somers. >> the last thing i did was i pinched him on the butt and he went i'm going to remember that. i cannot get over it. if you looked at him on sunday and said this man will be dead in two days you never would have believed it. >> alan leaves behind his estimated $40 million fortune. no doubt much will go to his family, but could he have been saved? alan was talking and snapping
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photos jjst before the ambulance took him away. ex-wife gloria loring told us it all happened so fast. >> obin sent me a text and said dad had a heart attack. it's a big deal. they're taking him to surgery, and a very short time later he texted me and said he's gone. these cardiac events are very difficult. >> he will be missed. the tv tributes to alan have begun. pop will re-air his reality sitcom "unusually thicke" monday through friday next week. sdwloo last night was the premiere of "passengers a"passe were on the red carpet and jenniferlalawrence, oh, she was jennifer lawrence. >> normally i don't like it when people with boobs wear strapless. i feel like i'm constantly worried about it spilling out. >> plunging neckline and very, very sexy. >> he's a good man and we're talking all about me and it's his career. >> they were stunning. j. law in dior and anna in reem
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acra. total relationship gold right here. >> i'm thrilled to be here with him and by his side, and i can't believe that my sweet husband is a movie star. >> this is date night tonight. where is jack? is he at home? >> we don't know. >> oh, geez. >> she -- wait, who? >> that's the sense of humor that spiked the epic war between jennnfer and jake. >> we're having a huge, huge fight. big feud going on. >> did you see what happened? you have devil horns on it. >> oh, yeah. i saw it. i saw it. and shots fired. it's not over. >> how do you feel about this kind of vandalism? >> i fully support jennifer lawrence. >> wait, what? >> i am all for it. i adore her. >> there will be payback. j. law, beware. this is far from over. >> you are flying to seoul tonight? are you ready for another flight? what have you packed? >> just the usual.
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my own pajamas because you never know what's going to happen and pxtra toothbrushes, because you never know what's going to happen. >> the massive bruises he >> look at these shots chris pratt just posted of the massive bruises he suffered during filming and he worked hard for that money and those are not from jennifer. last night an amazing scene in boston at the premiere of mark wahlberg's "patriots day" as the heros and survivors of the bombing walked the red carpet and mark's mom and the early christmas gift he ddlivered. >> mark all affectionate with his mom alma, and listen to what he did earlier in the day. >> i looked out my front door today and there was a brand-new car sitting out there with a big, red bow on it. >> wait a minute! wait a minute! >> mark got you a car today? >> he brought me a brand new hyundai azzarro, my favorite car in the world. >> it arrived today with a bow on it. >> i you have to do it right.
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>> so mark's a hero to mom. >> he has called me every day for the last two years. every day. >> thank you, mom. >> i also found out earlier yesterday how much of a hero mark is to everyone in boston. >> what's up? >> you see the bus here and the train and all this stuff. this is -- our mode of transportation forever. >> mark and his eight siblings were raised here and they spent many a day visiting the famous fenway park. >> the great thing is when we were kids we would sit in the bleachers for two bucks and this is where i've come since i was a kid. you kkow, it's crazy because if you think about the holiday patriots' day, and it's in the beginning of spring. the marathon is happening and it's such a celebratory occasion, you know? and then to have something to happen was absolutely horrific. >> that was the boston marathon bombing. mark invited several of the real-life heros to last night's premiere including patrick and
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jessica downs. he lost a leg, she lost both legs that day. >> there's no one else i could have made it through with. there's just -- it had to be him. >> it was such a moving night and what a great day hanging with mark and mrs. wahlberg is the best. don't forget, patriots day opens december 21st. >> i'll be there to see it. absolutely. still ahead, another hot leading man and we're with ryan reynolds for his hollywood honor with his 2-year-old daughter stealing the show. >> there will be no showbiz in her future until she's 30. how much is jimmy kimmel being paid to host the oscars? he's a big name, but the check is pretty small. >> we toured johnny depp's massive french estate for sale, two pools, a church and a restaurann. how much does this all cost? what is oprah planning with the first lady after she leaves the white house. >> i have a better idea. >> better than shopping? >> first, we teamed up with l.g. for e.t.'s holiday gift list and 'tis the season for selfies. >> the new lgv 20 allows you to create and share the magic of
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jimmy kimmel is hosting the oscars for the first time on february 26th on abc and apparently, it's not for the money. he let it slip that he's getting $15,000 which may sound like a lot, but not by hollywood standards especially to host the biggest awards show in the world. cameroo matheson doesn't get up unless it's double that. >> that's right! it's for the honor. you're hosting the oscars and how about this for an honor? oprah scored the final interview
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with michelle obama right inside the white house and you know oprah always has something up her sleeve, but you won't believe the adventure she's got planned for the first lady. >> when you think about moving out into the world, we've talked about going to target. i've got a better idea. so much better than shopping. >> i'm listennng. >> we should go glamping. >> oprah has been close to the obamas for years, so it's no surprise she asked the first lady to go glamping which is a glamorous, upscale version of camping. >> i'm down for -- i'm open. you will be the one that doesn't have any time. yeah. >> no, we should do that. i thought that would be so much more fun than shopping. >> a few years back oprah and gayle king took a memorable camping road trip which actually played out kind of like a sitcom. >> oh, god, i saw you and gayle go glamping. >> we should go glamping. >> are we home? >> what is this?
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>> turn that further. >> let me just say this, i am not a camping girl, but i think that glamping is something everybody should do. >> firsttlady michelle obama says farewell to the white house and oprah winfrey's special airs monday on cbs and then airs again on own december 21st, and if the first lady does take up oprah's offer to go glamping, they have the whole other prime time special. >> dinner's ready. >> i'm down. sign me up. >> still to come, our exclusive on bachelor nick getting a fourth shot at love on reality tt. what's his biggest fear? inside johnny depp's massive french estate for sale. it's the size of a small town and we have an incredible for you. the big bang baby and we have an exclusive for you. >> remember what you learned in birthing class. >> i remember thinking this is stupid and i was right! >> closed captioning provided by --
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and now an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's all-new "bbg bang theory." >> it's hard to believe howard's having a kid. >> we're finally going to meet baby walwith. >> remember what you learned in birthing class. >> i remember thinking this is stupid and i was right! >> you want me to get the nurse? >> no. if one more person puts their fingers near my uterus i'm going to cross my legs and snap them off!
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>> ooh, things are going to get crazy tonight. and here's some good news if you've been missing "how i met your mother," a spin-off is in the works and it's called how i met your father and the show is being developed by nbc's break-out hit "this is us." this and the bachelor is back with nick viall looking for love for the fourth time. unlike nick, we have you covered because afraid to put nick in the hot seat. >> i like someone who can keep up with me and not afraid to call me out on my b.s. oh, really nick. how about two years ago when you outed andy dorfman on national tv. if you weren't in love with me, i'm not sure why you made love with me. i don't -- then last year, remember the bachelorette runner-up also got caught sleeppng with caitlin bristol.
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>> will you go the distance and get physical with women before the fantasy suite at the bachelor? >> probably not. >> it didn't work out very well. >> wow! >> it is going to be a sexy season, but as far as getting to all of the bases, you might pump the brakes on that a little bit. >> i want nick right now. right now. on the 21stst season, there are more ladies to choose from, 30 and eight won't make it past the first rose ceremony. >> how would yyu react if any of your past women came back for cam rows. >> that would be interesting, for better or worse i'm going to meet myself. >> nick he definitely found love, but the software salesman stopped shy of saying he's engaged. >> what if he's still single at the end of the season? >> that's possible. there are no guarantees in this. what's your biggest fear. >> getting old. it's bound to happen one day? the fourth time better be the
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charm. >> johnny depp is still deep in his divorce battle with amber herd, but there's another part of his life he's hoping to move past. his massive french estate is up for sale and, look, it is beyond spectacular. noert ♪ >> the french estate which he shared with former girlfriend of johnny raised his kids, lily rose and jack. the main house is 4300 square feet and includes an art studio where johnny would paint, but that's where the ordinary ends. the 37-acre estate feels like a smart town located on the french riviera and features more than a dozen buildings including two swimming pools and a pirates of the caribbean themed wine case, a skate park, a gym, a church remodeled into a guest house and a garage all made to look like local businesses. plus a restaurant, chez marseline. it's want pen seating, depp and
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the family used the cafe as a dining room. the property 45 miles from brad and angie's chateau mira val was listed at $40 million. he tried to sell it last year before his divorce from amber perd, but pulled it off the market. re-listed it this week and it was a $14 million price hike. so why sell? a source tells us depp wanted to close this chapter of his life and move on. >> you know, that was johnny and amber earlier this year at the palm springs international film festivvl. he won't be there this time around. me doesn't have a film to support, but the turnout of stars will still be impressive. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now that's a proper introduction. >> you know, i'm always grateful if i get to be there. >> amy adams will be there as the chairman's award recipient for arrival and probably the first of many red carpets to come. the film award gala presented by chopard and sponsored by
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mercedes benz and e.t. will be hosted by mary hart for the 14th straight year. >> mary hart? >> i understand it. >> that's right, babe. that is wild. >> it may be wild for tom hanks and this year's icon award winner for "sully." the event kicks off awards alicia vikander and brie larson went on to win oscars. the cast will take home the ensemble performance award. >> we're all excited because we didn't know these stories. >> getting a lot of positive responses are desert palm achievement honorees, natalie portman for "jjckie" and casey affleck for "manchester by the sea." >> how does that feel when you're in the midst of all of that? >> it feels nice. >> emma stone, star of the vanguard award winning for "la la land" is trying not to think too much about awards season. >> i'm just taking it one day at a time. >> nicole kidman as an adoptive mother. >> i haven't thought it out. i'm just getting through the day. >> up and comers lupita nyong'o
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and jennifer hudson were first recognized in palm springs the year they won oscars. >> rising star ruth negha from "loving" finds herself in that position this year, her movie telling the story of a a ground-breaking international couple is a critics' favorite. >> you don't know what i'm feeling. >> and then the career achievement award recipient annette benning star of the 21st century woman, a three-decade film career and no oscar wins yet. >> i don't know what that ould feel like. it's pretty exciting. >> and mary hart will work double duty because she's also going to do the interviews for "entertainment tonight." what?e show because, you know this is her house. >> we just rent it. >> she's the best. ryan reynolds got a huge honor and brought the whole family including his wife blake livelyyand their baby. we'll take you there next.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> see more at primal consideration provided by -- >> all right. before we go, a huge congratulations for ryan reynolds. hollywood walk of fame today. >> i want to thank my wife blake who is sitting right there who is everything to me. you are the best thing -- the best thing that has ever happened to me. second only to this star on theo hollywood walk of fame.
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>> congratulations, ryan, but the real star 2-year-old daughter jane who clapped and smiled her way through the entire ceremony. eventually she joined her dad on stage. >> there will be no showbiz in her future until she's 30. >> this is his first public appearance with the family of four and it definitely did not disappoint. >> this happens once in a lifetime and normally we don't trot the whole family out, but i thought i would regret this if i
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>> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. happy holidays, welcome to this eyewitness special on brotherly love. >> we profile great people in the community we start with two little girls saying thanks to the hospital that saved their life. >> ten year old bronwin hanson and they know what it is like to be a kid stuck in the hospital. in 2014, sophia developed serious complications from the


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