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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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pocono. two below in reading, philadelphia. wind chill got to zero. 2 degrees in ac this morning. thankfully those wind have let up quite the a bit, wind even calm in some areas to light and other temperatures, as you know are still, so cold. 24 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-two in allentown. the in the teens in the poconos. we still do have the teams like temperature to contend w feeling like 14 degrees in philadelphia dealing like five in mount pocono. feeling like 17 in dover. as we just saw storm scan three pretty quiet. cloud deck has been increasing but overnight tonight some snow is going to develop, and we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the entire delaware valley, and, saturday afternoon, and, in the city at 2:00 p.m., what to expect overnight, and, it will start to develop, a light accumulation and then by 7:00 a.m. we will see a period of sleet and freezing rain, that is really going to be most dangerous time on the roadways, and then by 9:00 o'clock that is changing over to all rain, so we will
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talk about how much snowfall accumulation we're seeking before we see this change over, and then some near 60-degree temperatures, by the end of the weekend. i will have all details in the the full forecast in just a to. >> lauren, crews will be working tonight ahead of the weather to get road ready, "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is at eighth and market with more on that angle, greg? >> reporter: and ukee, you just heard lauren it will not be a pretty sight on the roadways tomorrow morning. philadelphia streets department has been working hard to prepare these roadways, in fact, right here market street is a snow emergency route, and that means this area will be treated first, by the philadelphia streets department. the weather outside saturday, could be fright tool. >> we're prepping the fleet, you know, for salt, anything that comes our way. >> reporter: city officials are making sure roadways, while not delightful are as safe as possible when wintry conditions hit.
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salt loaded, city trucks leave this north philadelphia depot ready to treat roadways. and drivers say they are glad for the early preparation. >> it always gets crazy, drivers are crazy, they seem to think they can go faster then they should, so, i'm, you though, i always worry. >> now as you heard the-entire delaware valley is going to be affect by this wicked weather, not the just philadelphia, so coming up tonight at 6:00 alexandria hoff will tell you exactly what penndot is doing. the bottom line in all this is if you are driving tomorrow morning, of course, give yourself extra time and be careful during those dangerous conditions. we are live from center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. track wintry mix at your fingertips, town load free cbs philly weather app available on itunes and google lay. three officials have been charged with money laundering, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in front of the federal courthouse with more on this complicated
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story, lot of parts here, david. >> reporter: jessica, there air lot of parts. these three officials are from bucks county working on a detail report for 6:00 o'clock tonight but i want to give you a review. all three men why in federal court behind me here, one is a bucks county judge, the other two are members of the law enforcement. these three bucks county officials could spend the rest of hear lives in jail, bucks county judge john walled man, long with lower southampton public safety director robert hoops seen here from an unrelated, interview with constable bernard rafferty are accused of laundering money to the tune of half a million dollars. the three men allegedly laundered $400,000 in cash, the money was represented by under cover agents, to be proceed from illegal drug trafficking, and health care fraud. the men also allegedly took $80,000 in money laundering fees. it was a sting operation and federal officials say, that these men got caught.
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>> the defendants made it appear as if the defendants had done work in exchange for that honey, they gave them fake invoices and then paid them in a check. >> reporter: when they were in court all three men said they had not hired a attorney yet but two men said they actually had exotic tropical vacations, with their families plan and they asked judge if they could take those in the next few weeks. that decision, and more, coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. definitely a lot to this story. reporting live from the federal courthouse, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a preliminary hearing for suspect in the june shooting of a folcroft police officer is underway in a darby township court. prosecutors say that three three-year old dahntay brooks island fired seven shots at officer christopher dorman, dorman was responding to a call about a drug deal, and according to officials island is being held on all charges with arraignments scheduled for january 18th. well, one person is dead
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and another is injured after an early morning fire ripped through a home in the cobbs creek section of the city. crews responded to the scene on the the 1200 block of south millick street. fire officials say the young victim was found this is back bedroom on the second floor. fire ended up spread to go a pair of other homes before fire fighters were able to get it under control. >> it the is very cold so you could see we are fighting ice right the now, all of the crews, are iced up. there was the wind that actually drove the fire exited the initial occupancy drove tonight to two other adjacent exposures so we really didn't have any fire and three row houses. >> reporter: a 39 year-old man was taken to the hospital, no word right now on his condition. the red cross is currently assisting five families displaced by the fire. twin students are okay tonight after they passed out at winslow township elementary school, number one. chopper three over the scene in camden county this afternoon paramedics and school nurse checked out the children and they were sent home with their parents.
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right new there is no word what caused the children to pass out but we are told officials say that the air quality was normal, in the school. and as seen live here on cbs-3 this afternoon, president obama held within last press conference before heading to hawaii with his family for christmas vacation. the command inner chief addressed a variety of topics but russia dominated the conversation. president obama wasted little time in declaring russia a threat to hearn interests. >> the relationship between us and russia has deteriorated, sadly, significantly over the last several years. >> reporter: president first confronted russian president vladamire putin about russia's u.s. election hacking during g0 summit in september ape promised to strike back. >> our goal, continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others, not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you. >> reporter: within hours of the meeting russia pulled back from the cease-fire in syria
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and offer with the american forces to coordinate air strikes against isis. u.s. officials insist there is in connection. president obama says he won't reveal what actions the u.s. will take against russia. >> part of why the russians have been effective on this because they don't go around announcing what they are doing. >> reporter: president obama has ordered his staff to work with mr. trump's staff during the transition. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: incoming white house chief of staff rinse rebus was invited for lunch to talk about the challenges of the position. president obama will return to the white house at start of the new year just before the new congress convenes. and amid this debate over russia president-elect trump met without going home land security secretary jay johnson at trump tower today. transition team did not reveal topic of their agenda. trump spokesmen says president-elect received an intelligent briefing from his this being national security advisor, retired lieutenant general, mike flynn.
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the pentagon says chinese warship has seized a u.s. navy unmanned under water drone. that drone which is about 10 feet long and less than 2 feet wide was collecting unclassified data in the south china sea. u.s. navy is demanding its return. chinese embassy says it has no comment. a south jersey military family dream of having dad home for christmas, is coming true. >> they are surprising the lt. col. with a big welcome home celebration. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in clayton gloucester count which excited family and friend, cleve, t us about it. >> reporter: a lot of cold noses but warm hearts here on delsea drive-in clayton all these people behind me turned out and they want to welcome home lt. col. jim garcia who has been overseesed now multiple times. he is coming toward the end of his more than 30 year career, and serving in both the air force and the new jersey air national guard, and today i spoke with his family, about what it means to have him
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home. the decorations on this clayton, new jersey home say a lot about the family inside, from the american flag that once flew in iraq to the yellow ribbon and simple yet bold welcome home banners. >> the garcia's are a military family, for 32 year caroline has had a partner jim she loves and trusts but it goes away a lot and air force intelligent officers can't always say where he is going. >> he doesn't bring work home. he doesn't tell me difficulties or how bad it will be or the craziness. >> reporter: sons danny, tommy follow dad's footsteps in the military and making their own way chose the navy. this family knows sacrifice. >> all of the holidays i met with the heart and just ago way from family, you know, touring those events, was the hardest thing and made me think all of the time he has missed. >> reporter: when lt. col. jim garcia returns home from the deployment to the middle east that may be his last, he will get a special greeting. >> we had our first
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grandchild, and he is going to get to meet him. >> reporter: thinks three month-old danny junior, safe to say, on this frigid day, one new grand pop's heart will melt. >> i don't think i have ever really seen him cry, so, he is a tough guy but he might. he might the with this one. >> reporter: it will be an emotional moment garcia's will share with the whole town which plans a surprise home coming, and two special greetings weren't enough, tomorrow a arrived home next weekend from a ship from the pacific. >> both of them home all of my family here, that just means everything. >> reporter: you are happy. >> i'm a happy mom, grand mom, my new title. >> reporter: now here we have the rotc, we have the mayor and other town and county officials, some veterans, here that have turned out and other people throughout town all ready to welcome home lt. col. until james garcia in route right now from the airport, and expect to be here, in the about ten to 15 minutes. reporting live from clayton i'm cleve bryan, for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". wonderful, special moment. >> thanks, cleve. >> wonderful time for that. >> perfect time for reunion. >> feel good story. coming up on "eyewitness news" a terrifying two days, stranded in a blizzard. >> he told me how much he loves me and everything else. >> young couple trapped on a snow covered mountain hoping to be found, and one thing they went to while waiting for rescue. don't let this, happen to your christmas tree, we have some good information about making sure that your tree gets home, gets put up and stays safe through the holiday season, tori. it is a great night and at citizens bank park the phillies, are helping families, all part have of the uso all of our military families and they do so much for us, they are giving back in a big way we will talk about the fun ann and all these families are having and all about these guys right
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philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who stole packages from outside of a home, take a look at this surveillance video from friday, december 9th. you can see suspect stealing packages from the front doorsteps of the home on north lawrence street, if you recognize this suspect please contact the police.
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well, as we speak uso is hosting annual holiday party for military families. >> "eyewitness news" reporter tori woodill is live, hosting the big party and tori, that is a lot of fun. >> it is, an incredible time, energy in here these kid are pumped can we take a look, this event is all about a hazing, families, and all of the men and women that serve our country, so proudly and dedicated they are and what they should get in return, and that is the acknowledgment, these families are all so selfish, and selfless as what they do and what he this give to all of us, on the home front as well as theiris give families who do so much for us, overseas and beyond. a person that knows all about that, service is sergeant andre an here and you are a photo journalist for
5:16 pm
pennsylvania air national guard. and that is must make looking through that lenses specially as a mom, a tamly throughout the holidays, tricky, at this time of the year. >> it does, there is a lot of sacrifice, so you sacrifice for your country, you sacrifice for your tamly and then it is hard because there is a little bit of division here which is why events like this are so important and being together to bring us all together as a family. >> reporter: that is why also being part of the joy of sharing, toy fest means so much as well. >> it really does, for us, it has brought the christmas scene, and holiday season to our family and wasn't for uso organization with them i don't even have kind of holiday we are having right now. >> reporter: thank you so much for all that you do and happy holidays to all of you, having fun tonight. >> yes. >> i got a big nod. i saw fanatic running down, face painting, food, music by 92.5wxtu and it is an amazing event and joe brooks, uso president says this night is
5:17 pm
all about you guys and thank you so much for all that you do thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> we will have more coming up at 6:00 o'clock live from citizens bank park, now back to you guys. >> a lot of love, thanks very much. would you like to participate the in the toy fest? pick up a toy for a child in need and drop it off at toy fet locations. the list is on cbs fest, and on the cbs local app. you can also drop off toys here at our cbs-3 studios next tuesday our big drop off day, we want to stop by and collecting toys, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. lauren casey's joining us now and you have been quite active over there in the weather center. >> yes, little busy, yes tracking this next system. today we have cold, air in place, moisture moves in we will see a little bit of snow. >> little bit. >> but big warm up sun take, quite the turnaround after a current temperature right now getting a live look at center city philadelphia, cloud rolling in and we are at
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24 degrees, right now, the wind, after that brutally windy day yesterday, and overnight period, wind have really relaxed out of the south at 9 miles an hour but despite that still feels like 14 degrees, at this hour and lower temperatures this morning we're just down right cruel. 16 degrees in philadelphia we had two in the poconos. twelve this morning in the lehigh valley, temperatures right now generally in the low to mid 20's, still have on some teens in the higher elevations, storm scan three showing thaws cloud deck increasing, some snow up wind and a warm front lifts through the area that will provide lift to our atmosphere and we will see some snow coming down mainly after midnight, light snow developing, a low temperature of 24 degrees, as we head into the day tomorrow, most tricky portion is going to be the early morning where we will see a period of snow, and then kind of sleet, freezing rain and then changing over to all rain, 47 degrees, so a much milder day as we head into tomorrow afternoon but it is going to be a mess on the road, so good news, it is a weekend, sleep
5:19 pm
in, drink your coffee, wrap your gifts, you have gotten, snowy, slushy conditions before 7:00 o'clock hour. the icy, slippery on the roads after 7:00 a.m. and afternoon we will start to sees some improvement but we could see ponding on the roadways but the rain will start to dissipate as we head into the second half offer our saturday but future weather showing us active weather overnight the tonight the with that snow moving in especially north and west of the city after midnight, i think best chance to see rain in philadelphia, and surrounding, or excuse me, snow in philadelphia and surrounding counties is going to be about three or four or five or 6:00 a.m. and then we will see that period of a wintry mix, even a prolong period of freezing rain abot or 8:00 o'clock and then transition to all rain as we head into the 9c o'clock hour and then by midday we will see that transition to rain for everyone, and rain still coming down around midday, south jersey down the shore but then quieter for the afternoon, tomorrow night, not the too bad, dry conditions, and then by sunday, we will see the cold front approach and that is going to generate some shower activity, all
5:20 pm
liquid rain on sunday, it is going to be a mild day we can see that rain prolong throughout the day on sunday giving us a soggy end to the weekend but future ice melts we could see some accumulation in berks county, lehigh valley, far northern western suburbs and suburbs so do watch out for very icy, slippery conditions on the roadway, first half of our saturday, as far as snowfall accumulation we are looking at i-95 corridor points north and west about one to 2 inches, lehigh valley, two to 4 inches and poconos three to 5 inches of snow before we see that transition over to rain which will occur pretty early in the day down the shore and a high temperature much milder at 52 degrees. then as we head into monday after that 60-degree day object sunday we will drop back down 37 degrees but that is better than 20's and winter officially begins, kind of calm and quiet on wednesday, 44 degrees work some sunshine. >> isn't that ironic after all this. >> yes. >> winter will arrive early. >> thanks, lauren.
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still ahead where you can get a preview of the the new movie collateral beauty. >> my man ukee, you know, where else would you want to get it from. >> hello, right. >> i'm talking to will smith and the other stars of the movie, my preview in our next half an hour, leslie. well, eagles backfield will be missing a key piece when they go to baltimore and he said you have to be a big time good old big time school to be a wig time starting nfl quarterback. carson wentz and joe flacco proof you can make it in the smal
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and, it it was easy, new on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our stephanie stahl takes us inside a local laboratory to show us the special test, that could take the trial and error, out of treatment, joining us at 6:00 o'clock. eslie van arsdal is here, to talk about the eagles weekend. >> yes. >> what it might look like. >> they are hitting the road.
5:25 pm
>> indeed, they are. >> yes, they are. >> turn of the tide, but you never know, eagles heading to baltimore for sunday's game. they are banged up. al than barbre questionable, darren sproles out with the concussion. the bird will be shorthanded facing number one ranked rushing defense in the league, now the game will also feature two quarterbacks that come from division one double a rams, carson wentz from north dakota state and joe flacco from delaware. in his eight years from baltimore, he has led ravens to six playoff appearances and one super bowl victory. joe says he has been watching carson. >> i always look at double a guys and high school guys and i feel like have a connection to them. no doubt. >> i followed him, you know, for a while ever since he came out much like i followed other quarterbacks, a lot of respect for him and what he did to early in his career and what he has continued to to. >> this will be a very merry christmas for phillies outfielder odubel herrera yesterday he and team agreed
5:26 pm
to a five-year, 30 million-dollar deal, last season he led phillies in batting average, hits, runs, doubles, scoring bases and made all-star game in his second big league season. math the math klentak says it is a win for the team this guy can do anything on the field, he can hit, he can run, he can play defense, he is growing into some power, and as important as all of those factors he lays with energy. i think for a young team like ours, and culture that we're trying to build, style of play that this young man pro tuesdays on the field is something that is very important to this franchise. >> he is definitely a fun player to watch. >> yes. >> important pieces. >> yes. >> leslie, thanks. coming up next half an hour, stranded for 48 hours, in a blizzard. >> we just started plumetting down and endless snow. >> terrifying story of a young couple's nightmarish two days and heroic rescuers who saved them.
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well, it toss than the look like much right the now but storm scan three will soon light up with activity. we're tracking a wintry mix of weather that could make part of tomorrow a real mess. the news continues now at 5:30. hi everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will check back with lauren casey tracking it all from the weather center. what is the latest. >> latest we are told, our coldest day of the season so far in philadelphia 26 degrees our high temperature. we didn't make it out of the teens and poconos. topped at 25 degrees in the lehigh valley and temperatures right now, sjill very chilly in the 20's but still hanging on to 4 degrees in the poconos. but all to our south a much more mild air mass that we're going to get a taste of as we head in the end of the weekend. temperatures will start to warm up, as we head overnight
5:31 pm
tonight but that is going to present a problem, for that wintry mix as we head early into our the saturday morning. we have winter wet ther advisory for the entire delaware valley, runs through saturday afternoon as we will see snow developing, overnight tonight, so what to expect, early in our saturday morning, snow, then transitioning over to period of freezing rain and sleet, mix and transitioning over to all rain likely by mid-morning. but through tonight and early tomorrow we could see 2 inches of accumulation. philadelphia point north and west, across s maybe up to an inch, of course, that will present very slick travel conditions. we will talk about this wintry mix of weather and near 60-degree temperature, in store for sunday coming up in a few. >> lauren, thanks very much. now to show pictures to show difficulty fire fighters face in this birth cold. fire fighters in boston had to deal with flames as well as ice as they waged battle against a six alarm fire there. the flames engulfed a building
5:32 pm
with the laundromat the on the first floor and apartments above that. it was about 5 degrees, outside, with wind chills, end. two college students rescued from the snowy mountain top in new york are recovering. they survived 48 hours in blizzard conditions in the mountains. michelle miller got the a first hand account of how they stayed alive licensing enough for rescuers to find them. >> we just start plumetting down. >> reporter: madison and her boyfriend blake, are experienced hikers. their climb started out fine. but the next two days, trapped in a snow bank would be a brutal test of will. >> i was freezing. >> reporter: madison said she owes her life to blake. >> what did he say to you keep you going. >> he told me how much he loved me and what our life would be like when we got out. >> reporter: for two freezing days and nights rescuers searched almost around the clock in 4 feet of snow including forest ranger scott
5:33 pm
van lear. >> there was a lot worse weather, colder weather. >> reporter: by that time she and blake were hallucinating, seeing and hearing things that weren't there until they heard this. >> he was like yes, i hear that. we both just started screaming. >> first thing i can remember was him saying that we'll going to make it out of here. >> reporter: blake is still in the hospital, and could lose some toes to frostbite. >> we accepted that we might lose some toe, fingers. i asked him if he was still thinking i was pretty if i didn't have any feet. he said both your legs, arms, you will be prettiest girl in the world. >> reporter: but they never considered the worst. >> we made an agreement early on when we got trapped that neither one of us could die because we could not leave the other one alone. >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, lake placid, new york. >> incredible story.
5:34 pm
on the healthwatch tonight, generic drug makers are being accused of fixing prices, making billions in profits while charging patients sky-high prices for medications. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the lawsuit that has been filed this investigation has been growing. generic trucks are supposed to be cost effective but their rises have been going up and in a lawsuit several states air cueing the drug companies of conspiring to inflate prices. the price of generic drugs has skyrocketed, a few example, antibiotic erythromycin is up 1,000 percent, debox inn a heart drug increased 600 percent. >> $490 for one box of insulin. this might last a month. it might last, a patient, two weeks. >> reporter: from 2010 to 211 prices for 45 generics drugs went up 100 percent or more according to the governmenting the built office. experts blame, a lack of
5:35 pm
competition. >> if you can continue a monopoly even for a few months, with a very expensive, high volume drug that could be worth millions or billions of dollars. so, some pharmaceutical companies engage intact tics that are designed to maintain monopolies and prevent competition. >> reporter: now 20 states, including pennsylvania, delaware have joined a lawsuit begins six generic drug makers alleging that they artificially inflated and manipulated price toes reduce competition on two drugs, an antibiotic and diabetes medication. the lead attorney general from connecticut says we have evidence of widespread participation in illegal conspiracies, across the generic drug industry. pharmacists say patients cannot afford their drugs are suffering. >> they will confide that they are just not going to take it. it is an awful feeling. >> reporter: statement from generic pharmaceutical association says that in part it cannot comment on the investigation, adding though, that competition from generics save hundreds of billions of
5:36 pm
dollars each year, we support laws and regulations that promote, competition. we are told more charges are expected in this investigation. >> wow, thanks, stephanie. >> final farewell to an american hero. >> funeral services for john glenn are underway in his home state of hawaii. former astronaut, lined the ohio state house where a public viewing is new taking place. glenn represented ohio in the u.s. senate for two decade, then in 1998, he beast again the oldest man in space, embarking on the mission when he was 77 years old. glenn died last week at the age of 95. as we continue tonight, nothing like a real christmas tree but you need to be careful, in less than ten minutes we have expert advice on making sure your tree doesn't catch fire or have issues before or have a you set up. cbs-3 proud to take part in the massive food care event for people in need how one
5:37 pm
companies uniting a community this holiday season, lauren. good news for upcoming weekend, it is much milder temperatures especially by sunday nearing 60 degrees but it will be on the wet site and starting out with some snowfall into early sunday mor freezing rain and sleet will make for hazardous travel conditions for first half of our saturday and then changing over to rain, we will dry out a bit as we head into saturday night but more rain develops as we head into sunday, breezy conditions and some of that rain could be heavier at times as we head into late day on sunday,
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well, wells fargo fake account scandal has done a number on the bank's reputation. wells fargo says it is not getting nearly as many new customers as it did last year, and in november, new customer checking account openings were down 41 percent compared to
5:41 pm
last year, falling 9 percent from just october. wells fargo says customer interactions were down 14 percent over last year. wells fargo agreed to pay a 185 million-dollar settlement with regulators, in september. it is a dream come true for big mac lovers, in more waiting in line at mcdonald's, you can get it delivered to your door, well, if you visit florida. next month the fast food giant will start testing delivery service in tampa, miami and orlando. 200 restaurant are participating, customers can order and track their delivery on the uber eats app or web site. can i get fries with that. in word on what the mcdonald's delivery service will be expanded to, our area. not there in 30 minutes can you get it free. >> maybe. >> that was old dominoes thing years ago. we will see. if you love a real christmas tree you will want to see our next story. >> it business safety and making sure your holiday isn't ruin, stay with
5:42 pm
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most wonderful time of the year but dangerous. >> this temptation shows just how fast, beautiful tree, can turn into a ball of flames. how quickly that happened. and before the tree gets to make it in the living room, you got to get it home, ogden fire company in boothwyn tells us why it is so important to make sure your tree is secured to the top of your car. >> if that tree, you know, becomes loose, it may not cause your vehicle to crash, but it will through back, hit vehicles behind you, they will swerve, over compensate and then that is just recipe for disaster unfortunately. according to triple a christmas tree would fall under category of road debris as it fell from the top of
5:46 pm
your vehicle and they say road tea brings is a major cause of vehicle crashes. for tenth straight year toyota has teamed up with philabundance to provide a massive food donation to our local communities. >> this morning a convey of 75 toyota continue thats headed to citizens bank park carrying more than 300,000-pound of food. >> wow. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was there. >> reporter: this may look like a dealer's lot, packed full of toyota tundra pick ups but it ace fleet of incredibly important delivery vehicles. just minutes early, these trucks loaded with thousands of pound of food, all going to philabundance which then helps feed thousands of families and individuals, in need of food, throughout philadelphia. >> we will be able to use this over the course of the year. >> reporter: glenn birdman is philabundance executive director. >> 90,000 people every week touch our feed in some way. >> reporter: this years load largest ever since hall a waste hunger food drive started exactly one decade
5:47 pm
ago. >> 330,000-pound of food here to take. >> reporter: to give you an idea of just how much food this is, this is just a fraction on of what was donated this afternoon, 330,000-pound of food donated, that is the equivalent in weight of more than 60 toyota continue thats. >> we wanted to to something where we could generate not only generate food and donations for philabundance but generate an awareness of what philabundance does in the the community. >> reporter: paul muhler owns three toyota dealerships and spearheads this mission. a mission, he says would not be possible, without dozens of volunteers like the local union 542 operating engineers. >> best part of christmas is giving not receiving. >> reporter: today manning forklifts and loading food into these tractor trailers, first step before it gets on to the tables of those who need it most. >> this is a 52 week a year problem. help them out, the feeling, it
5:48 pm
is just going to keep you warm all year long. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that warms your heart. >> it does. >> it will go right where it needed most. >> um-hmm. >> lets talk about cold temperatures. >> cold, temperatures, are you over it? >> you know, cold enough for you. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> let's get rid of it, guys. we will kick it out. cold day to day, even colder then yesterday but some people are taking advantage of the chilly temperatures, getting a live look on skies scan three at jack frost big boulder, skiers and snow borders, they don't mind cold weather, getting a work out enjoying slopes, bundled up there. you need to be with high temperatures in the poconos today, only in the teens, and weather watchers are commenting on this cold weather, and also, the impending snow. we will check with them right the new with chilly temperatures as we head toward cherry hill, new jersey, 24 degrees right now, weather watcher lynn's house she's
5:49 pm
reporting mostly cloudy conditions and she says baby, it was cold outside, not too bad though later in the day with the sun and in wind. that was the big difference. we have frigid temperatures but we do have gusty, blustery wind thankfully to really impinge our wind chill temperatures. as we head north and west of the city we will check what is going on right now we will head up 20 degrees right now for weather watcher eileen in gilbertsville reporting clear sky conditions right now and we will check with one more temperature 22 degrees at barbara's house in willow grove and she says dew points 8 degrees right now what does that mean? that means our air is very dry because of this cold, cold air and we will see that moisture increasing throughout the overnight period and that is going to give us a chance of some wintry weather. we have a winter wet ther advice rid for the entire area, through saturday, afternoon, and including philadelphia and surrounding counties until 6:00 o'clock in the poconos and higher elevations there we will see
5:50 pm
prolonged period of the wintry mix tomorrow afternoon but right now not much going on but we are going to see a warm front lifting through at area. temperatures will warm throughout the overnight period, so probably at our coldest point right about now. snow develops overnight tonight cloudy conditions mainly after midnight wind stay on the lighter side and tough go for our saturday morning especially prior to about 9:00 o'clock snow and then changing over to period of freezing rain and sleet and then over to all rain, a high temperature tomorrow, that is going to be a big difference, 47 degrees. so as far as snowfall before we do see that transition over to all rain we could pick up about one to 3 inches of snowfall, philadelphia i-95 corridor and points to the north and west, could be a slushy accumulation as well, and three to 6 inches, closer to the poconos parts of the least high valley and parts of the south jersey down the shore maybe up to an inch at best but travel conditions are going to be pretty hazardous, very slick especially for first half of the day
5:51 pm
tomorrow, as we head in the afternoon we will see a temperature gradient across the area we will be quite warm, mild up to 50 degrees. same case in dover we will top at 47 this philly. lehigh valley, poconos high in the middle 30's. check that out for sunday high temperature near 60 degrees but a soggy day, breezy as well but sunshine returns as we head into the workweek as well as colder air. >> thanks, lauren. we want to update you on a story we brought you at 5:00 special home coming underway in south jersey. >> cleve bryan take it away out in clayton. >> we are live here with lt. col. until james garcia just got back from his deployment. or toy surprise you like this and throw you on tv. you with just with your new grandson what was that like seeing him. >> receipt i awesome, of course, obviously. >> reporter: are you advised? how are you feeling. >> definitely advised. i was just looking to get home, that was about it. >> reporter: off lot of people that care but all day long they have been gushing about it and they stood out here in
5:52 pm
the cold. anything to say to them? you got your sister here. >> how are you to go. >> good. >> they are welcoming back james garcia have a six months deployment to the middle east, one of the many deployment after 30 years in the military, air force and the new jersey air national guard and he is getting a very, very warm welcome, on this very, very cold night >> absolutely beautiful. welcome home. welcome home. >> wonderful for him. >> thank you for your service. >> cleve, thanks very much. >> indeed, indeed. >> we will have more tonight the at the 11:00 o'clock. my preview
5:53 pm
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but zzzquil is different have pain medicine because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. holiday film season goes into fully affect this weekend
5:56 pm
and some may lot stars, to go rogue, do you see what we see there. others may settle for something down to earth. >> take in a project in the mold of the all time classic it is a wonderful laugh, collateral beauty stars philly's own will smith and he recently told me projects like this this time of the year bring back wonderful memories. >> i love christmas movies, yeah, it was a big part of my childhood, sitting around, watching christmas movies. >> why did you decide to come in tonight, was it holidays? >> yes. >> will, plays howard, loving father lost his six year-old child and searching for help beginning with a grief counselor who can relate. >> she has suffered the same, in her eyes and she has found the ability to find boot any that and that she has found hope, mission for her as well and her mission is to help people suffering. >> in this process, he writes letters to love, time, and death. >> response a lot of people
5:57 pm
have have when they see the movie is first thing they want to do is hug someone they love. >> reporter: love, played by keira knight liz visit howard, and helen miron comes calling as well. >> you will think i'm crazy but i'm having a conversation. >> death came first. i met her in the dog park. >> so death is a her. >> it turns out death is an elderly white woman. >> reporter: and this is after an r and b artist jacob lathemore. >> time moves on, time will keep going, it will in the wait for you, and i think that was relationship i tried to bring to the table. >> reporter: three friend also pull up a chair, co-workers who care. >> all these friend, motivated to try to snap him out of it are partly motivated because they are going through their own things. >> reporter: film makers in turn put together that thing in a very special way in hopes of revealing a very special message. >> i think it reminds thaws we're all connect but how
5:58 pm
fragile the connections are. >> process of being able to put himself back together and put life back together and to be able to find class rally with beauty to rebuild a new life, i just love the idea of that journey. >> reporter: a trip with love, time, death, something that these movie makers will provide a ride of a lifetime. >> you are not hear to take me, are you. >s no, howard. >> profound connection to everything. >> reporter: kleenex alert for some. >> yes. >> get ready. >> so, the film, i'm not going there, film, my man card, the film stars kate wins let and michael pena. collateral beauty is in theaters right thousand. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. we are dealing with the bitter cold and now we are gearing up with a wintry blast, lauren. yeah, another frigid day across the delaware valley.
5:59 pm
we have a huge warm up in store for the um coming weekend but we have to get through snow, freezing rain, and sleet first, i'll let you know when flakes start to fly, and when to avoid travel in your forecast coming up. three bucks county officials facing charges what this judge and two law enforcement officials are accused of doing. i used to call it medication roulette you would see which one would come out and then decide to take that. >> reporter: but new testing could end the guessing game and treating mental health issues, our stephanie stahl shows us the special testing that is being done right here in our own area and, here's is what happening, preparing for a wintry mix, road crews are ready, as winter weather inches closer to our region but when will it be moving into our area, and what will it bring? good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean.
6:00 pm
we have team three coverage tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is tracking preparations for the storm but we will begin with meteorologist lauren case which more on what we can all expect, lauren? >> reporter: thanks very much. well, to expect everything a little bit of everything from this system that moves in overnight tonight, and then stays with us through our saturday. temperatures will be warming up throughout this evening. so we will go from snow, to sleet, to freezing rain, to all rain, but today, it was just, cold, and a lot of it. wind chill this morning, 14 below in mount pocono, two below in reading. we had a wind chill temperature this morning in allentown at one below. we have bottomed out with the wind chill in philadelphia at zero this morning. and then conditions right now, we are still a very cold, you can check that out, 24 degrees in philadelphia, 24 in the least high valley, still hanging on to teens in mount pocono but thankfully that breeze hazlet up, wind speeds calm to light across the region despite that we are still dealing with the brutal wind chill temperature feeling more like 15 in


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