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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 17, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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right now at 11:00 a double dose of winter. a second night of bitter cold at crews prepare for a wintery mix that's expected to make for a slow saturday morning on the road. plus this. oh, say can you see? >> a second chance, the singer who made headlines when the sixers pulled her from singing national anthem returns to philly. >> to tip or not tip?
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that's the question. who you should always remember around the holidays and how much you should give them. we begin with a mixed bag of winter weather that could make for a difficult dicey travel situation. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. we have live team three coverage. alexandria hoff is out were road crews are preparing for the term, but we'll start with lawrence casey who can tell us what to expect through night. >> as we head throughout the overnight period, activity is going is it start to pick up. temperatures we are well below freezing. 26 in philadelphia, 24 in allentown, teens in the poconos, temperatures will be warming as we head into the latter pardon of the overnight period. we do have at winter advisory until 11 a.m. lehigh valley until 2:00 p.m. saturday we're expecting sony a, why and a transition to rain, stormscan 3 showing us some
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returns to the north and west, a lot of this is videotape approximating before hitting the surface, you're probably seeing a few flurries in the lehigh valley and poconos as we continue to saturate the atmosphere as a warm front is lifting across a large portion of the area, we will see that snow falling to the ground and what to expect as we head overnight tonight, midnight periods of lane start to develop and then becoming steadier across the area after about 4:00 a.m. continuing until about 7:00 a.m. we're gigots a transition over to freezing rain sleet rain and snow mixing in. and then after 10:00 we'll change it over to all rain then tapering for the afternoon. some of our latest models are indicate that we could see a prolonged period of freezing rain along the i95 corridor with amounts possible to a 10th of an inch. that will create hazardous conditions on the roadways and sidewalks. we'll talk more about the storm system how much snowfall to expect and your full forecast coming up in a few. with the wintery mix set to
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arrive soon, road crews said they're ready to deal i were whatever. alexandria hoff is live tint the latest and how penndot and the city of philadelphia are preparing. lex alex. >> reporter: officials call it timing of all. almost ideal simply because it will not be falling on a weekday rush hour tarjt they say they are concerned about people potentially heading home late from holiday parties or waking up early to shop. >> before snow hits pavement, lots and lots of salt drops first >> loaders, we're filling it is up with rock salt. >> reporter: philadelphia streets department loaded up vehicles ready to attack snow, silent freezing rain, whatever order it may penndot is gearing up. stock mid 122,000 tons of salt. which will be disturbed as
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needed by over 450 plow trucks. >> preparations began yesterday as they laid out a de-icing bryan ton roadways which a combination of rock salt and magnesium chloride >> our average trucks cover about 40 miles. for them to cycle around and get back to the original starting point takes about two to three hours. >> reporter: according to penndot salt is effective for three, four hours before crews must circle back. if drivers must head out in these condition >> allow six car lengths behind our plow trucks. >> reporter: never attempt to pass a plow. overlooking i76. alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you so much. be sure to wake up tomorrow morning our team goes on the air at 5:00 and they will be tracking the latest on that wintery mix headed our way. in conshohocken a dispute ended on the man who relies on
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the use of a wheelchair stabbing his aunt to kathy re death. it happened this morning, investigators tell "eyewitness news" the victim was stabbed more than 20 times and that she had a troubled troubled relationship a bucks county judge. judge john wallet man lower southampton robert h o o v e r are accused of laundering more than $400 cash. the men allegedly took $80,000 in money laundering fees. police arrest one suspect and are searching for another in a robbery at the parkinson's casino december 11th. authorities say 33-year-old jason and miguel soto robbed a 73-year-old woman in the casino's parking lot. valard is behind bar, police are searching for soh, to.
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the suspect in the june shooting of a folcroft police officer will be held for trial on all charge, 33-year-old dante brooks island fired seven shots at christopher doorman, he was responding to a call about drug deal, island is charged with co-counts of attempted murder and other charge. president obama held his final news conference before leaving for vacation in hawaii. the president addressed a variety of topics in the white house briefing room but russia and the hacking of the dnc and clinton campaign e-mails dominated the conversation. the president said he first confronted vladimir putin about russia's alleged role in the hacking during the summit in september. i felt that the most effective way to insure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out. there were going to be serious consequences if he didn't and in
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fact, we did not see further tampering of the election process. >> the president also talked about the civil war in syria. he blamed russia, i ran and the syrian regional for the killing of civilians president-elect trump tack his thank you tour to orlando. he thanked voters like pennsylvania florida was crucial and mr. trump's upset victory over hillary clinton last month. he spoke about job, taxes, terrorism and trade. >> and if a company wants to fire their workers and leave florida for another country and ship their products back, there will be consequences. not going to happen anymore. >> president-elect trump continued to challenge the cia determination that russia was behind the cyber attacks. amid that debate,
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president-elect trump met with out going hoax jay johnson at trump to tower, the team did not reveal what they talked about. prior to the meeting. they said the president-elect received an intelligence briefing from his incoming national security advisory mike flynn the signatures are back in the spotlight. the singer who made headlines returns to take center stage, natasha brown joins us with the story tonight. natasha. >> reporter: good evening to you, we can tell you there was arousing applause for severth streeter after her performance of the national anthem. a couple of months ago she tells us she wasn't sure if this performance would ever happen. ♪ oh, say can you see? >> reporter: for singer song writer, seventh streeter this moment is long overdue, she's stepping into the spotlight to
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sing the national anthem anthem >> she should be able to come back and sing the national anthem >> she's written songs for chris brown, ariana grant day and others was set to sing on october 26th at the sixers home opener because was told she couldn't perform because of the we matter jersey she was wearing >> the organization is telling me i can't because i'm wearing a we matter jersey. >> reporter: after national scrutiny, the sixers organization apologized heed and and violent re violated her back to sing. we caught up with her after the performance >> my heart was beating 100 miles an hour for put a good reason, i'm happy that an unfortunate situation was able to be turned around and become something positive. i was proud to sing the anthem tonight and wear my we matter jersey. >> i came back to philly from we matter jersey. she put the controversy behind
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her. >> i love my country. i have to always say that, i lovemy country but i just want it to be better. i want it to be better and fair to everyone so that's what this jersey represents >> it says a lot about the organization. it's hard to go back on your word, when you know you've done something wrong, you make amends. it's a positive thing. before the game even started. seventh streeter along with the sixers organization gave out toys to children with the bidens girls club of if my. live at the wells fargo center, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you at the wells fargo center, a tribute to former sixers star alan iverson.
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the team honored him for his induction into the basketball hall of fame. lesley van arsdale will have all the details coming up shortly in sports. also straight ahead. it's the season to spread holiday cheer. when it comes to tipping, how much should you give >> nicole brewer breaks down what's appropriate and what you should never do. a local military family gets the best gift they could ask for. father home from oversees may be the homecoming to remember. a car van of pickup truck on a mission to make the season brighter for those in need. the important delivery they made today lauren casey is keeping a close eye on a system that's expected to bring it a wintery mix overnight and into the morning. when it clear out and
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sglofrjs season informaling find stretch new numbers show people are spending at a slower pace than last year, tomorrow is super saturday. it's considered the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. an estimated 66% of americans are expected to so that tomorrow. 'tis the season where we find ourselves asking to tip or not tip >> if we should tip, how much? >> you can get confusing >> nicole brewer is here with what's appropriate for those who provide a service to us all year around >> this time of year, ukee washington and jessica, it's not just the standard 20% tips you give service industry professional, it's about saying thank you to those who work very hard to help you out year around. ♪ >> when it comes to holiday tipping,'tis the season to be generous. >> i think tipping is crucial. >> it's night to show people around that you prohibit what they're doing >> especially around the
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holidays, i think that'tis the season to give >> sometimes it's hard to keep up >> i don't know who i'm supposed to tip anymore >> which is why the institute published this to tipping guide, a list that includes ongoing service providers from your pet groomers to pool cleaner. >> if you have all hair to stylists they recommend the cost of a normal visit >> i don't know why. i don't know. >> evening pay's is suggested for the baby's sitter >> you can't put a price tag >> the dog walker gets up to one week's wage. >> if you park in a garage, ten to 30 bucks for the attendant, if you have a housekeeper, the cost of one visit. postal workers can't accept gifts worth more than $20. child's teacher a gift card instead of cash >> if they're doing something that makes your life easier around the holidays, it's nice to share generosity.
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this feels like the upper end of what's expected? if you're short and money, >> just say thank you, and spread and love and cheer >> in general, people like money a lot but like being treated well >> emily post backs them up on that, saying if cash tipping isn't within your budget gratitude can be shown in a unmark of ways. it institute recommends homemade gifts an handwritten note goes a long way. >> when is the last time you got a >> someone who wrote out >> take care of those thigh take care of you. hugs and kisses in clayton new jersey. family and friends cheered lieutenant colonel jim garcia as he returned home from a six month deployment to saudi arabia. this family knows sacrifice,
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sons followed dadly footsteps into the military. he told our cleve bryan he's thrilled to be home for the holidays. >> you were just with your new grandson, what was that >> pretty awesome. >> are you surprised how are you feeling >> definitely surprised. i was just looking to get home. >> got a lot of people who care about you? >> he's a member of air force and the new jersey air national guard. welcome home. for the 10th straight year toyota teams up with philabundance >> a couldn't have i of 75 toyota pickup truck headed to citizens bank park, carrying more than 300,000 pounds of food will feed thousands. one of the taking part was sponsored by cbs3. and we also want to remind you the joy of sharing toy fest
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is underway. pick you have a toy and drop it off at one of our toy fest locations. you can find a list at fest or you can drop off the toy right here at our cbs3 next tuesday. that's our big drop-off day. collection runs from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. lauren joins us. going to be dicey. starting tonight in the first half of tomorrow morning, expecting snow. freezing rain. sleet, rain, something for everyone in the forecast. as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. it's the calm before the snow and temperatures are 26 degrees. we're well below freezing. we'll be gradually warming up through the overnight and well warming into tomorrow afternoon. winds out of the south, pumping in a little bit of moisture, that six miles per hour breeze making it feel like 19 at this hour, brutal this morning,
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bottomed out at 16 in philadelphia. two in mount pocono. 12 in allentown and our windchill temperature got to 0 in center city. neighborhood networks showing us we did have breezy conditions but not those awful winds gusting to 50 miles an hour that we had yesterday gusting up into the 20 miles per hour range. temperatures 24 in the loyal and teens in poconos. we do have the warmer air mass to our south it's going to gradual work its way into our neck of the would decide winter weather. for now flakes breaks off to the west, much more moisture up wind we're going to go see a warm front. it's going to start to break out from south to north supposed to west from east as we head not next several hours the snow will start to develop after midnight and become steady and overnight low will kind of hit that right
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around midnight and then gradually warm things up and dicey tomorrow morning, snow transitioning to sleet and over to rain. check that out. we'll be about 20 warmer by tomorrow afternoon at 47 degrees. but tomorrow morning, stay home. stay in bed, enjoy the coffee, a little breakfast in bed before 7:00 a.m. after 7:00 a.m. icy and slippery. afternoon improvement but rain and ponding from melting that's going to go on with temperatures warming up to mid to upper 40's. future weather showing us activity starting to ramp up. 4:00 in the morning, snow coming down across a majority of delaware valley including the shore and parts of delaware. snow falling into 7:00 hour. we could see a longer period of that along the i95 corridor and increasing those icying amounts then as we head to 8:00, 9:00 hour, we'll see a transition
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over to rain by 10:00 across much of area, all rain and as we head into midday, starting to taper off from west to east, as we head into the afternoon and evening conditions quieting down tremendousing but the first half of saturday is going to be a tough go snowfall accumulations, center city philadelphia, included in that. about an inch to two as we head up to lehigh valley about two to four inches maybe six inches in the poconos, we'll see a dusting down the shore and across parts of delaware. 59 degrees on sunday, we're not going to get outside in it much we're going to see periods of rain especially second half of the day, by monday, chilling offer after the last couple days, i think 37, 39, 44, not so bad. >> 37, 39. thanks, lauren. >> lesley up next with sport.
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>> i have a question, should doug pederson hit carson wentz for the ravens game? take the night off or play under
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. the super sixers and lakers a lot of them to see lath iverson. the sixerses came into the game, the lakers lost eight in a row,
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ben simmons watching the action from the sideline, no word when he'll be returning. sixers trailing 13-0, joel embiid. scoring 15 points, julius randall, nobody in his way, with the lay-up right there, with a type of points and later on, old friend lou williams goes in. sweet lou. 18 off the bench. sixers shot 36%, lost 100 to 89. at the half, the sixers held a ceremony for alan iverson, the answer inducted induct i do not the hall of fame. gave the fans everyone re everything he had. played a lot minutes. times changed players are giving games a rest. how would alan have reacted if he was told to sit out a game? >> probably major problems. probe get finded a lot from my
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verbal abused. it would have been a tough situation for the organization because i would have fault and clawed. i can rest after the game >> eagles will not have darren sproles on sunday, he'll be out with a concussion. kenyan barner will see lot of action. alan barber is listed at questionable. if he can't go, i sack will filling in. carson wentz will have to face one of the best defenses in the league. the eagles playoff chances about nil should doug pederson consider sitting carson >> not at all. listen, you know, i'm a big believer in we finish this thing out the right way. we play our guys.
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the guys that have been there all season long, and he's been a big part of that. i don't want to necessarily do that right now with him, i don't want to send that type of message not only to him but the team. he's the leader and we go with the guys that have battled and got us to this point. >> no rest for carson. >> he played every game likely it was his last. >> verb abuse. >> wait until you see who's on
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south jersey maximum you will recognize the face. check it out. that's our own jordan reed gracing the cover for the winter fashion issue. looking good. >> i thumbed through it a little bit. you talked about what you like about living in the regional and south jersey >> i love south jersey. so nice of them to include me and it was so much fun working with them. thanks guy >> congratulations, very nice. >> lauren? >> the good news for the upcoming weekend is a warmup with high temperatures soar to 60 by sunday. we will start off with snow developing could see a period of freezing rain and sleet creating hazardous conditions a break from the
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late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james door and. we'll have complete weather coverage, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. >> have great weekend. good night family, sleep well. gyp
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