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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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a driver, gunned down. the disturbing discovery police make up side a call with call to investigate shots fired overnight. came at worst possible time fire breaks out at peddler's village in bucks county just days before christmas. the the two shops where workers are cleaning up this morning. remembering victims memorial will grows near a place where truck driver rammed through a berlin christmas market as a hunt for that driver, intensifies. today is wednesday, december 21st, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. today is first day of winter. let check your morning forecast with katie and traffic with meisha. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> we're all back together. >> katie, welcome back.
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happy hump day. happy friday to me. >> you stinker. >> yes. >> roads are looking okay but we will talk about a the water main break an it actually happened yesterday that will affect your commute this morning. >> and it is still chilly outside, i wouldn't be shock to see slick spots but it is an overall very, very quiet pattern. we will take you out to the quiet the town of bethlehem they call it credits massachusetts city and we have tranquil weather there right now at well as every where else. things on the chilly side so it is still winter coat weather but today my friend marks the official beginning of the winter, and actually just over an hour, we will see the winter solstice take effect. 5:44 in the morning on the nose is when that happens and then there it begins, the time when we will see the days get longer with every passing day. today is shortest day of the year, for amount of daylight but things are quiet. we have a little deck of cloud cover overhead but it the is chilly despite that blanket
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the of clouds. the temperature is 28. eighteen in millville. we have a little clearing it will do a number on you here, knock those temperatures back. we are at 22 in mount holly. twenty-five in willow grove. as day progresses we are looking at a typical day here, mid 40's, the spectation with some sunshine around the region as a whole, it is typical here, mid 40's where we should be and with the quiet weather on tap, no problems in sight certainly at least not weather related ones when it comes tour travel. meisha, back over to you. i'll take 40's after what we were experiencing. >> it has been very chilly. >> thanks very much. good morning. what we're looking at is overnight video of a water main break. take a look, this is columbus boulevard near queen street, two lanes are still block for your morning commute this morning. what was happening was that water coming up to the road surface and so cold it was freezing over making it very slick. good news we have a lane opened now, ramp was closed 95
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to columbus boulevard that has now reopened so that will not affect you at all. we are dealing with just one lane close another at columbus boulevard, that being said it was very, very slow around that area yesterday. we will give yourself a couple extra minutes today no matter what. here's the vine still closed west and eastbound still looking quiet, dark this morning but we know that will eventually opened up around 5:00 o'clock hour. we had an accident cleared, we will not spend too much time on this we are all good there. construction the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at delaware river bridge. sixteen minute stoppages, that can start to slow you down. also, but more in the 5:00 o'clock hour would i say. more construction on the pennsylvania turp pike westbound between washington and norristown that right lane is block there jim and rahel, back over to you. a new news this morning a deadly ambush leaves a man dead in west philadelphia. >> now police are looking for clue that is could help them track down the killer. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at 51st and
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market, good morning, trang. >> good morning. >> reporter: this 51st street still blocked off as officers continue to process this scene but take a look down the street here. the car involve was park a couple cars down there where you see a number of police cars gathered. so many unanswered questions at this point. police do not the know identity or motive of what appears to have been a targeted act. here's video of the scene from earlier this morning, this happened just after 1:00 a.m. police received a call about a man shot on 51st near market. office's arrived to find a man in his 20's or 30's sitting in the driver's seat of the block 2015 toyota camry park with the engine running, and he had multiple gunshot wound to the head and pronounced dead on the scene. chief inspector scott the small says gunman fired five shots from outside passenger side with the semiautomatic gun. >> it appears based on five shell casings that the shooter was in very close proximity to the victim and was firing, from point blank range and due
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to the fact that this victim was hit multiple times in the head, it appears that he was the intended target. >> back out here live, looking way up here you can see, a police camera and there are multiple, police cameras and private cameras here on this block that detectives hope can help them identify the shooter they are not yet identifying victim but say that the car he was in was registered to someone else. for now we are live in cobbs creek i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel back to you. just about two and a half miles at 60th and almond streets in southwest philadelphia another deadly shooting overnight n this case man was shot several times in the chest and abdomen, and the killer did getaway. police say robbery have been motive. they are reviewing video from nearby surveillance cameras. investigators are trying to pinpoint was sparked a fire at peddler's village in bucks county.
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the last night flames tore through a building with two businesses, nut kettle and saint jude's store. the fire fighters had blaze under control and the blames did not spread to other merchant or stores. the timing could not have been worse. >> i grew up here. i lived here for 40 years. peddler's village is a big thing for our family. >> hate to see a business catch on fire this time of the year. all of the businesses, as they typically do. it is a shame. >> fortunate thely, no one was hurt, rest of the peddler's village is opened for business as usual today. and staying in bucks county now one person is dead and another injured after a fiery crash in croyden. two vehicles collided at river road and first avenue last night. chopper three was above the scene in bristol township. officials say crash caused an suv to overturn and two people inside were ejected. as of right now names of the victims have not been released police are looking into what caused the crash. new jersey state police hope you can help them track down a murder suspect from cumberland county. the investigators say on monday jeremiah mo thenel l
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murdered his estrange wife tara owe shay watson. police say he was last seen driving a 1994 blue chevy s10 pick up with new jersey license plate as x91-gjv. happening today, a preliminary hearing for hand charged in the deadly hit/run of the little girl in overbrook. investigators say 24 year-old paul wood land struck and killed, eight year-old jay ann a powell as she walk home at 63rd and lansdowne last moth. police arrested wood land earlier this month after investigators found the heavily damage car at a body shop in frazier, chester county. also heading to court today two women charge in the connection with the robbery of the bucks county pizza shop. investigators say robin soto and cassidy ramos served as look outs touring a robbery at this pizza and pasta shop in levittown last month. police say soto is mother 2069 robbery suspects and ramos is pregnant girlfriend of one of them.
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customer shot both suspects, one died at the scene. septa riders will be treated toia pretty cool light she when they stop this spring garden. delaware river waterfront corporation unveiled the completed spring garden street connection project last night. lighting at spring garden station and new sidewalks. project took three years to complete. well, it looks like, scuba santa will be splashing over to cooper hospital to visit very special patients. >> adventure aquarium scuba santa is scheduled to make a special trip as he takes a break from his pool and aquatic friend to spread who will take cheer a long with than a elf helpers santa will be stopping by pediatric unit of cooper university hospital hanging out candicans and spending time with little ones >> good for scuba sanity. who knew he could scuba. >> remember how parents were upset because grinch kicked out of an appearance at neshaminy mall this weekend. >> the grinch may have been in a california town as well.
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>> customer said where is the tree? what do you me where is the tree? it was so sad. >> hear how people of this community are dealing with a real life grinch who stole their christmas tree. talk about amazing video deadly explosion, we will take you to mexico where fire works tear through a market leaving more than two dozen people hurt, stay with
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isis claims responsibility for the tragedy in berlin as a massive manhunt is underway for driver who plowed in the crowded christmas village. authorities say that the truck was hijacked. the initial driver was found shot and stabbed to death in the passenger seat. now police at first detained pakistani asylum seeker but had no dna evidence to link him to the crime so they let him go. shortly after a man was set free, isis claimed
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responsibility. >> families go and children go , and children, and i remember all these people. >> memorial marks the spot where victims died, police are urging people of berlin to stay alert. meanwhile dozens are dead after a chain reaction explosion rips through a fire works market north of mexico city. twenty-nine people were killed and another 72 were hurt in the explosion at the markets, some of those hurt were burned over 90 percent of their bodies. at the time of the blast the market was crowded with shoppers, buying fire works for the holidays. once the fire was under control rescue crews combed through ash, charred metal searching for victims. still no word on what triggered that blast. the murder trial of the former nfl trial aaron hernandez will begin february 13th. judge denied former patriots request that they delay his trial for murder of two men in boston. "eyewitness news" testified in court that hernandez was the
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trigger man. hernandez was serving life septemberens for 2013 killing of the odin lloyd. fedex van carjack on camera in glendale arizona has been recovered in phoenix. surveillance shows federal innings driving hopping in his truck but an armed man does too. struggle over control of the wheel, caused the delivery truck to go around the corner and hop a curve. the driver says second suspect ran up, put a gun to his head and fedex employee gave up. >> sad thing is, it is gifts for little kid or toys and stuff on there for christmas. >> people are idiots now. they don't care, about human life or anything. it is totally ridiculous. >> fedex says it is grateful no one was seriously injured and fully cooperating with police. the company did decline to comment on whether the truck had a gps tracking system. in california, search is on for real life grinch. >> someone stole a christmas tree that was placed outside laserville news company, that
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is just outside sacramento. having the tree in front of the historic building is a long time tradition for the area. while the grinch may have stole christmas tree, he did not steel the christmas spirit >> i'm very angry and if i get my hand on those rascals, it just shows that people really do care. >> and anonymous donor provided a new christmas tree for the news company. tradition of letting the community help decorate the christmas tree outside, began in 1998. good for them. >> how perfect did she summit up. >> yes. our little rascal is here, 4:44 with the weather. >> hey, is something wrong my hair. >> good morning, welcome back, thanks, guys. i got you. i make fun of jim all the time >> all the time.
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>> okay, guys. we are just about, 4:44, exactly 60 minutes away from winter officially being ushered in. it is a milder day, jim, don't worry, we are ushering in the season with what is typical but it is shortest amount of daylight we find all year long , only nine hours, 19 minutes and 58 seconds not that we are specific or anything. regardless this is shortest day of the entire year, however, we will look forward and we will start to tack on extra seconds and eventually extra minutes to the amount of daylight. today is where it bottoms out and then gets better. of course, we have a holiday and we want to give you a sense of how that shapes up too. storm scan very quiet, at the moment i don't foresee a major storm system anytime soon. that is great news for so many of us that will be outside traveling, whether it is today , next day, there is a shot for shower for tail end of the forecast but that is kind of it. temperature change in the last
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24 hours, mount pocono stand out like a sore thumb a at 20 degrees, milder, since this exact same time yesterday, so these are your actual air temperatures, but rather, it is surplus that we found since yesterday. so very chilly, scranton but it is technically a little less harsh. a that is reflects on the thermometer we are talking 28 degrees at the airport. not terribly windy there but we have a noticeable breeze in mount pocono despite that temperature change from yesterday, it is going to feel cold with the west northwest breeze at 14 miles an hour. looking forward, we are going to see potential for a shower come saturday especially by sunday, i expect quiet weather , partly sunny skies and it is mildest day of the next five, meisha, 50 degrees on christmas. >> that will feel great, lieutenant of people will love that, katie, all right, thank you so much. good morning, happy wednesday, what we are looking at is overnight video of the water main break columbus boulevard near queen street, two lanes, are still block, so yesterday, all of the lanes were blocked which was really
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causing havoc in our area i had to drive by it yesterday on my way back from work and it was an absolute mess. two lanes are now back opened, ramp was closed 95 to columbus boulevard that has now reopen. it the is getting better. just know we are down to one lane and it will slow you down there construction delaware 141 southbound ramp to 295 north is closed until 5:00 a.m. kind of around this area 95 north between route 141 and ml k boulevard, two left lanes blocked there. that should be lifting around 5:00 a.m. i'll confirm and let you know when it does. construction between fort washington and norristown on the pennsylvania turnpike right lane blocked there and more on the pennsylvania turnpike ease wound between downingtown and valley hill road. that right lane blocked there and we will have more to talk about in 15. jim and rahel, back to you. here's a question, do you hate making your bed in the morning. >> yes. >> i don't, i like making my bed. apparently, there is something you may want to add to your list to santa if you do make your bed, details in this morning's money
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welcome back. time is 4:49. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. it was supposed to be golden years but many senior citizens are saddled with debt, tell us about that. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. the seniors are getting social security benefits garnished to pay back student loans. report by government accountability office find many are having as much as 15 percent taken out and being hit with additional fines. under current laws borrowers under 50 who defaulted on their loans are required to pay debt with a portion of their social security. i will point out that a lot of people co sign for their children's loans and if the kid don't pay the adult do that is why these seniors are having these issues. for those who don't like making their bed in the morning i understand there is a new solution. you may sleep better knowing
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you don't to have make your bed but smart dubay promised to go roll in to place for a perfectly made bed. you can set a time tore get it done from an app on your phone it works with your own bedding and you can order it on kick starter, starting in may. back to you. >> um-hmm. >> what happens if you hit the button while still in bed does it wrap you up in there. >> you guess you won't be here for 4:30 show. >> thank you, hena. it is fall now, fall now, but it -- it really is still fall, we have how many more minutes. >> about an hour. >> okay. >> and katie will tell us what we can expect in that first hour, of winter and also the first morning of winter, hey there, katie. >> we are expecting to see quiet conditions but is there a shot for wet wet ther leading up to christmas week ebb and i'll let you know when to expect that chance c
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that is like a mardi gras version of frosty. try to hear the beat. it has a sweet, little will rhythm to it. good stuff. yeah, doing the dance. >> um-hmm. >> jim's shaking his shoulders over there. >> yeah. >> i see him. >> guys, we are expecting very quiet weather out there, no snow, no frosty's in our future necessarily. there is a chill in the air on this first day of winter. storm scan nice and quiet, yet again i don't think we have to worry about wet weather here today or for next few. the eventually that will change, first day of winter do feature a tranquil pattern but there will be a shot for a shower come saturday, specifically. christmas eve but just rain shower, no ice or snow but it will be too warm for that. but good deal of sunshine to go with it. so, even though we're not going to see white christmas this year won't happen here
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anyway you can bank on some pretty tranquil conditions overall, which bode well at least if you have travel lance in the next couple days or certainly beyond that leading into the next week. look at this overall, it is just a warming trend, we are going to end up in the lower 50's, both sunday, and even into monday and tuesday here with generally again some pretty quiet weather. watch out for a shower potentially on christmas eve there and then by this time we hit early part of the week as well. in the meantime, expect some clouds to roll role through and quiet conditions, that said, over to you. good morning, everyone. i was talking about this and go over it, from a water main break that happened yesterday, columbus boulevard near queen street two lanes block all lanes were blocked that water main break had water on the the road surface treeing over that cold headaching for very slick conditions. now it is one lane opened. ramp closed 9520 columbus boulevard that has been reopen head up on that.
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we will get construction in delaware 141 southbound ramp to 295 southbound closed for next five minutes or so, let you know when it opens. ninety-five north bound, not far from where we talk about two left lanes is blocked until 5:00. that is lifting soon. we have construction out there we will talk about that in the next hour coming up in 15 minutes. jim and rahel back to you. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the catastrophic results a yum bow jetties sent into the flight path of another plane. she's back, dancing mom takes on the cheerleaders, this time in a video that has gone viral, we will be back at the top of the h
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new overnight a man is ambushed and shot dead while sitting in his car. police are looking for clues that could help him track down the killer. caught on camera, incredible video just in, shows moment before a deadly plane crash. germany mourns deadly christmas market truck attack investigators are still looking for the driver, u.s. law enforcement are reacting to i'm brooks silva-braga in new york with the very latest coming up. today is wednesday december 21st good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. first day of winter and it feels like it outside. lets check weather and traffic >> good morning, guys. >> good news is only ice we have on the roadway is from water main break. that is good news, katie. >> not every where, yeah. >> we don't to have worry about ice or snow in this forecast. we will see a warming trend taking place. so, no white christmas this year, however, it is tranquil overall. >> i think some people are
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upset by that, i would say anybody, yeah, 29 degrees is current temperature at this point outside palmyra cove nature park, it is not as harsh as yesterday, at 29, we are getting five or six more degrees, and not terribly freezing either. very modest, barely noticeable breeze out of the west or southwest and we will see it change as this is a live observation we are taking here but off in the distance we will see sky line, bank of clouds overhead but it is not really too low to the ground. you have very good visibility and that goes for the entire region not just across the river. looking at storm scan yeah quite a few cloud. we don't worry about this being a sign of anything yet to come. just some cloud. we are generally going to end up with quiet weather, not just today but for many days yet to come. currently standing at 29 degrees at the airport. there are a couple odd balls where it is colder then other places like allentown. any clearing that you see out there will allow to you cool down that


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