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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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found live. >> a tragic end in the search for 14 year-old girl missing since july and tonight, as investigators search for answers her mother is being named a person of interest. officials are also asking for the public's help in getting to the bottom of this gruesome crime. hello, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in doylestown with new information in this case, greg >> reporter: jessica, we have learned a lot of new information about this disturbing murder this afternoon like you mentioned this young girl's mother is considered a person of interest in the murder, although, right now no one has been charged with homicide in her daughter's death but investigators police from three counties tonight need someone's help your help in solving this case. july 11th sarah packer walked in the abington township police department and reported her 14 year-old adopted daughter grace packer, missing >> sadly what was a missing persons case has now evolved into a homicide investigation.
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>> reporter: now district attorneys in three counties bucks, montgomery and luzerne are frank in their plea for help finding more information about the killings. >> we're at a point where we're coming to the public, we're coming to you all in the media, and asking for your help in getting the information out because we need more. >> reporter: hunter's found her dismembered body in the woods in luzerne county october 31st but it took weeks and her dental record to positively identify her. >> in one at this time has been charged with her homicide >> reporter: but grace's mother has been charged with endangering welfare of her child and obstructing justice. investigators say she has not cooperated with the investigation by taking months to provide pictures of her child. she did not tell police she was moving from abington to bucks county and even continued collecting the girl 's social security check after police knew she was dead >> there are suspicious activities that have gone on. >> reporter: judge lowered packer's bond, and she could be out of jail real soon if
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somebody sees her getting on the bus or a plane we'd love to know about it. >> reporter: investigators are looking for more help, asking anyone who has seen grace or her mother together in june or july of this year to call police. >> let us be the judge whether that information is significant or insignificant. >> reporter: once again if you happen to see the mother or her daughter, in any of these counties, these three counties in june or july this year, pick up the phone call police. we have posted a special number investigators set up on our web site at cbs if you have any information. for now, we're live from bucks county in doylestown, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. former star of the mtv reality show 16 and pregnant is dead of what is reported to be an apparent drug overdose. twenty-three year-old valerie furhman was found dead in the friend's bathroom yesterday in california in township chester county. she was arrested one week ago
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after attempting to flee police. she leaves behind a seven year-old daughter. new jersey is to tiny surveillance cameras to families who suspect a home health aid is abuse a loved one. today in trenton, consumer affairs released these videos of abuse that show benefits of the new safe care cam program. the state is lending $3,900 hidden cameras to families for free so they can gather evidence. authorities will use the video to prosecute abusers. >> if you have a loved one that is being cared for by somebody and you see this type of conduct, you are disgusted, horrified, you want someone to act on it. that is what we're trying to do. >> reporter: in new jersey reported instances of abuse like these have more than doubled in the last two years. now our top sports story bird playoff hopes are over but there is still a lot on the line for one team in south philadelphia tonight. eagles hoping to keep division rival giants from clinching a playoff spot.
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sports director don bell, he is live at the link to tell us about that. >> it is bitter liz cold here on the field. not too bad outside the link but down here it is windy, interesting to go see how that effects knits's play. this is an interesting situation playing on thursday night. thursday night football great for fans but crummy for players. here's why. not enough time to recover after and preparing for your next game. we took a look at eagles for practice they had three days. typically they have six days to prepare. you heard veterans throughout the league really, rail against these thought, the idea have playing on thursday night football. guys like richard sherman in seattle. we talk to guys in the locker room about the situation, guys like malcolm jenkins. >> thursday night games are not in the interest of the players but there is money in it and it comes down to us and money, they will take the money. >> it is exciting to be on national tv, something new, something different. this point of the year it goodies to mix it up, change it.
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it has been a quick week but it has been a good week. >> you hear different in approach from a veteran like malcolm jenkins verse guy like carson wentz. you hear youthful exuberance from wentz. i looked at his numbers from north dakota state n his junior and senior years combined he tossed for a total of 540 times. through 14 games of this year, 544. so, hopefully we don't see that wear and tear rear its ugly head here tonight against new york football giants. that is store friday lincoln financial field i'm don bell. coming up later in sports we will hear from merrill reese, voice of the eagles and get his opinion on this match up, back to you guys. >> all right, db see you in a few, thanks very much. it will be a little chilly as fans leave the stadium nut but we are in the winter warm up. kate's outside on the skies deck with more on those temperatures, kate. >> ukee, it is cool, chilly, it is how december should feel but today was a step in the right treks after a very cold start to the week, cold finish to last week. temperatures heading upward.
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we got to temperatures in the 50's today and we're still in the 40's. not too bad. you will want coat heading out to the eagles game. temperatures 44 in the city, 41 in reading. thirty-two in mount pocono. if you are outside thinking it doesn't feel like 44 degrees, it is because of the wind. the is there a brisk wind which is making it feel five to 10 degrees colder when wind picks up. there that is wind northwest ten to 15 miles an hour. kick off temperature tonight for eagles game 38 degrees, we have got clouds, and generally mainly clear skies so it is pretty comfortable outside and much more comfortable then previous nights have been. storm scan three is clear but as we zoom toward west coast here's our next system, it is brewing down in the four corners region and that is heading our way for the holiday weekend. coming up we will time out best times for your weekend travel, there is only one day part to avoid. i'll tell what you that is. we have threat for freezing rain in one or two parts of the area, i will break that down and warm up continues just how warm it will get for
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christmas day? the start of next week. we will have that with the seven day forecast, back inside to you. >> thanks, kate. princeton university has cancelled rest of the season for mens swimming and diving teams, administrators announced team members posted vulgar, offensive material, on the team's electronic mailing list, anonymous complaint alerted school to the materials. the university says the racist comments involved women's swimming and diving teams. this is third ivy league team suspension since november. mayor kenney has revived a commission on asian american affairs. he made that announcement at a press conference in center city today. commission will advise mayor on issues and policies, impact the asian american community in philadelphia. including, crime. for months authorities have been investigating at least a dozen armed robbery, targeting asian owned businesses. back in august 2 men were arrested in connection to those crimes. >> we have heard and we know that this is so prevalent it
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is openedly discussed and that is there even rap music that wraps about how easy a target asian american homes are as targets of burglaries. >> one family is still recovering from a violent home invasion in olney on monday night, the residents of that home, believes that they were targeted. today president-elect donald trump named south jersey native kelly ann conway white house counselors. conway is first woman to lead a winning presidential campaign. meanwhile president east electric is focused on foreign policy during meeting at his florida estate today. today mr. trump tweeted quote united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time that the world comes to its senses regarding nooks. the gift of life donor program which serves our region will 26 very important people at this years rose parade from california. nine year-old size on harvey will be riding on the float belong to go donate life
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america, he was first child in the world to receive a double hand transplant, by surgeons right here in philadelphia also on the float 29 year-old torey picks, we told you how gift of life secured skin grafts to save her life. an emotional home coming in harrisburg, we will tell you heart warming moment, all about it. >> happy new year and happy hanukkah. >> these children will be sending holiday well wishes come christmas day, where they spent the day baking sweets and brightening spirits on december 25th. plus connecting with the community in bucks county. officers were handing out toys and they even brought santa when we come right
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the police and fire departmentness morrisville bucks county came together to make one family's christmas a merry one. community members donated gifts, which were distributed to a family in need this evening. children had a chance to meet and speak with santa claus before opening up one, just one of the many gifts. the hope was to give one family a christmas they would remember for a long time. of course, santa left, the same way he got there, inside of the chimney. a heart warming reunion in harrisburg caught on camera. that is dylann arriving home
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from basic training in georgia , and embracing his son dylann was away for three months and will be returning to service after the holidays. i'll tell what you it certainly looks like he will be enjoying his time with his family. nicely done. ever wonder what some people are doing on christmas day if they don't celebrate. >> jewish children and adult from a northeast philadelphia synagogue have baked sweet treats to spread holiday cheer and john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio has their story. >> attend religious school at congregations of the synagogue here in the bustleton neighborhood where singing hanukkah songs while making christmas cookies. >> ♪ >> we roll them. >> what did you put on top of it. >> chocolate chips ape syringe also. >> reporter: cookies will be
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delivered to those working at hospitals in the area on christmas day. >> they work on the holidays and they can't get home with their families. >> how do you think they will feel when they get these cookies. >> happy. >> reporter: sherry is preschool kindergarten director and she said good deeds that the congregation is doggies called a mitp46789a. >> it means a good deed and the point of the our program is to be able to be able to teach children we can help repair the world one good deed at a time. >> reporter: trades will be packed with the variety of cookies made not only by kindergarten class but older students and it is all for the congregation too. by end of the day 1,000 cookies will be made by other volunteers, they will be package, ready for delivery on christmas day. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i'm sure they will be well received and happily eaten. with christmas around the corner salvation army is making sure thousands of local children will have something to wake up to on the 25th.
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"eyewitness news" at salvation army center in west philadelphia where people were still dropping by to pick up gifts for their loved ones earlier today. salvation army has been distributing gifts the at various location as cross the city over the last week and today was the last round of gift distribution before the holiday. >> they get to pick two toys per child, plus they get a stocking, and then we have very, very nice things donated here that are sent out for them to pick from and it will make their christmas that much better. >> hundreds of community toy drives including our own the toy fest which so many of you participated in resulted in the collection of more than 30,000 toys, and gifts, for children. so those of you who helped out , thanks very much. you can see where they went. >> right there. >> kate bilo, christmas, kwanzaa, hanukkah, it is all on. >> it is all happening within a three day span here. we don't get that much overlap but it begins saturday at
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sundown. christmas sunday. and then on hon. so that means everybody is hitting the road whether you are doing last minute shopping or heading to grand mom's house or mom's house for upcoming holiday. you need to know when best time to go will be. that is what i'm here for. we have great weather conditions all together even in the weekend. there is one time you hey want to avoid but talking rain for most of the area. not talking snow or ice. that is good news. weather generally cooperating with thinks mass. unless you're hoping for white christmas in which case it will not happen. we will take you outside to a time lapse video starting the day with cloud cover in broad headsville, pleasant valley school. it is cloudy start to the morning. but then watch cloud deck just really start to move out there it goes. once clouds moved out it turned out to be a beautiful take, lots of sunshine and milder by far then it has been past several days. right now 37, there in the poconos. storm scan three clear for now , we have our next system right here brewing across four
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corners and that is heading our way for coming weekend. very fast moving system, so just get out of the rockies overnight tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow cuts across the country and head toward us in philadelphia, by early saturday morning. good news it will in the slow down when it gets to our area it will continue to move quickly. quick hitter and then out of here. most of the christmas weekend will be pleasant but we do expect some rain especially for first half of the saturday here's what that looks like. future weather again for tonight clear, in problems outside. everything looks good. tomorrow is a beautiful day to travel, completely try, lots of sunshine, clouds don't start creeping in from the south and west until 6:00, this time tomorrow night, clouds will move in, full day of sun. light rain showers get in here saturday morning at 4:00 a.m. through the poconos region and then steady rain moves this by 8:00 and over wents the area. by this time we are above freezing. colder spots in the mountains, poconos, northern lehigh
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valley when this starts could seizes sessionally on bridges, overpasses, untreated surfaces but changes over to rain. by noon or 1:00 we will see this move out. by 1:00 it is off shore and breaks of sun return for the later part of the day. two and eight, showers arrive, ice to the north, period of rain from 8:00 a.m. to noon. it is rain, not worst travel after 1:00 we will see that clearing. we will give you green light for tomorrow's travel, saturday morning just yellow, rain for most and then saturday late afternoon and through the day sunday clear, dry and beautiful. tonight's slow 31, chilly but not as coal, tomorrow lots of sun less ant at 47. watch for that rain christmas eve and christmas take mostly sunny and beautiful at 50 degrees and sundown just if time to start hanukkah on saturday the rain will have moved out. still a few clouds lingering but not too cold at 45 degrees a lot of icons happening over
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weekend, lots of holidays, we are light going up look at that warm up 50's sunday through tuesday, whoever has santa for warm weather, you are getting your wish, back to normal by middle of next week. >> thanks, kate, santa. post season chances are over forbidder but they are playing for pride. >> didn't done bell, he is live in south philadelphia tonight. >> it is cold, windy and that may favor eagles. coming up next in sports we will talk to the voice of the
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maybe some smash mouth nfc east football tonight at the link. bird are playing for pride but they do have a chance to throw wrench in the giants playoff plans. >> don bell and leslie van arsdal are both at lincoln financial field. we are close to game time, guys. >> ukee and jessica, playing for pride must mean something. we were chatting this is break that eagles have the eagles winning by one, favorite by
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one. not that we're into that sort of thing but interesting considering they lost five games in a row. >> this game is so meaningful for the giants. >> yes. >> eagles, you don't see them coming out falling flat here. >> no, you do not. >> you had a moment to chat with the voice of the eagles not too long ago and merrill has good insights to what is going on here. >> sure does. since this game doesn't mean a lot for eagles we will ask what he is looking for tonight >> i'm looking for cover to stay warm, leslie. the temperature isn't that low but when you come down here on the field it is bitterly cold and wind is just whipping through the field. i would say that is an advantage for eagles because giants are very one dimension al. they to not run the ball well at all. they have the number one run defense, in the national football league but number five defense, but last week against number one running defense, baltimore, eagles really rushed well, and we saw ryan matthews pick up 128-yard
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on 20 carries. i think we will look for running game to take over again this week. >> give us your keys to the game. >> keys of the game are run effectively with the giants. get to eli hang. last time they played him at met life on the sixth of october, they only sacked him one time. that is not enough. sixth of of this actually. they have to get to him. last year when they beat giants i remember five, six sacks at a time. they really had big sack performance is a begins eli hang. they have got to get to him. if he has too much time you know what happens. number 131 of the hose dangerous wide receivers in the national football league, odell beckham gets tree, gets behind the secondary, and however, however, the wind tonight vice definitely going to be a factor. >> no doubt, it is definitely a factor talking about that in a second. how about those flyers, they are up in new jersey tonight, meadow land taking on the devils. they have back to back
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metropolitan division games and last night they beat capitals three-two in the the shoot-out. a tremendous win. we will have highlights for you tonight at 11:00. you heard merrill reese talking about the wind but we talk about what it is doing to your hair. it is brutal out here. >> she was twirling ash, the whole thing going on out here. hopefully that doesn't effect caleb and the kicking game. we will find out. >> we are coming to you live from the link, blustery to say the least. back to you guys in the studio >> making me cold. >> you got to get up in that press box, we will see you late are. thanks very much. when we come back seniors celebrating the season in our area are treated to a visit the by a former eagle. we will show how who
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west philadelphia community center was treated to a surprise at a holiday party. >> garry cobb made an appearance as part of the alumni association's 12 days of goodness initiative at the pennsylvania lottery. party goers enjoyed a meet and greet autograph session, re fresh. s and good time by had by all. quite a crowd there. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly. we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". travelers at los angeles lax airport were off to a rough start for the holiday. see how bad it has gotten and how it is impacting travel
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across the country. scott pelley is next there n >> pelley: echoes of the cold war. fears of a new arms race today as donald trump and vladimir putin call for expanding their nuclear arsenals. also tonight, what is excessive force? ( screaming ) (bleep). >> pelley: a mother calls police, but she and her daughters are arrested. the world's most vicious war is revealed through the eyes of a seven-year-old from aleppo. >> . >> reporter: what's it like? >> bad. >> so the picture is in my head. my task is to get it out. >> pelley: and the photographer who shines a light on


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