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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 6, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: mass murder at a u.s. airport. >> it was mass chaos. >> everybody was running. >> pelley: a gunman opens fire in fort lauderdale, sending travelers running for their lives. more than a dozen have been shot. >> five people have succumbed to their wounds. >> pelley: a suspect and arriving passenger is in custody and has exposed yet another hole in airport security. also tonight, u.s. intelligence tells president-elect trump russian hackers worked on putin's orders to help trump win the presidency. and michelle obama says good-bye. >> being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. and i hope i have made you this is the "cbs evening news"
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: the year begins with another mass shooting in america. the scene this time, a busy airport in south florida. a gunman opened fire early this afternoon at a baggage claim area at fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport. 13 people were hit. at least five of them have died. a suspect surrendered. he is identified tonight as 26-year-old esteban santiago, a former army national guardsman. he had flown to fort lauderdale on delta airlines from alaska, via minneapolis. a local official says he removed the weapon he used from a case he had checked. federal sources tell us that two months ago, santiago walked into an alaska f.b.i. office, and the agents there were so concerned about what he was saying, they sent him to a mental hospital. david begnaud is in fort lauderdale and begins our
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coverage. >> reporter: this cell phone video captures the momentes after shots rang out at the baggage claim area in terminal number 2 of the fort lauderdale international airport. a lone gunman opened fire on passengers, leaving five people dead and eight injuredded. some of the wounded found shelter outside while they waited for help. hundreds more ran for safety on to the tarmac and airport roads, taking shelter near cars and up against buildings. >> everybody took off, and they said-- >> they said a shooter. i mean-- >> reporter: eyewitness mark lea was 10 feet away from the gunman. >> he, like i say, just walked into the door, did not yell, did not scream, just started shooting. we thought at first it was firecrackers and then we realized it was gunshots and by that time people were yelling and screaming and trying to get out of any door they could, hide
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under chairs, hide under luggage, anything else to get out of the line of fire. >> i heard a lady yell for help and i saw people running and i just ran. >> reporter: the shooter has been identified as 26-year-old esteban santiago from anchorage, alaska. according to officials, he was carrying a military i.d. eyewitnesses say the gunman ran out of ammunition and laid down when the police came and arrested him. one broward county official is reported as saying the gunman was a passenger on an incoming flight. he retrieved his luggage at the baggage claim, walked into the airport restroom, loaded the gun, and then opened fire. fort lauderdale sheriff scott israel: >> we have the shooter in custody. he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. the subject is being interviewed by a team of f.b.i. agents and broward sheriffs' office homicide detectives. >> reporter: about an hour after the initial shooting, there were reports of more gun fire. police moved in and people took off running yet again.
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but those reports were unfounded. there was also a bag found near a set of railroad tracks that was detonated. but, scott, we're told that bag is not connected to the gunman. and if it looks really quiet behind me at the airport, that's because the air space is closed. no flights in or out of fort lauderdale right now. >> pelley: and the full details on all of this overnight on "cbs this morning" "tomorrow. david begnaud, thanks very much. josh has late-breaking information about the suspect's background. what have you learned? >> scott, here's what we know. investigators say that esteban santiago has no known connection to trump and that the 26-year-old new jersey native got into an argument on one leg of his travel from alaska to florida. the motive remains under investigation. cbs news has also learned that two months ago, as you mentioned, santiago walked into an f.b.i. office in anchorage, alaska, claiming that his mind was being controlled by the c.i.a. and the u.s. government, and that he was being forced to watch isis videos.
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anchorage police in a follow-up to that f.b.i. encounter later sent santiago to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. santiago also has a long military history. he deployed to iraq it in 2010 and was a member of the alaska army national guard, scott, until august of last year, when he was discharged for unsatisfactory performance. >> pelley: josh elliot covering the story all afternoon. josh, thank you very much. we spoke earlier today with a witness to the shooting, mike starobinsky. he and his family were returning from a cruise.
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>> pelley: there was nothing to stop the shooter from doing what he did. our transportation correspondent kris van cleave has the latest on gaps in airport security 15 years after 9/11. >> reporter: investigators believe the gun used in the baggage claim shooting was checked as luggage, something the t.s.a. allows but requires the gun to be unloded and locked in a case. it and ammunition must be disclose to the airline prior to checking. since 9/11, airports have seen a dramatic increase in security, but many parts of the terminals, like check-in and paggage claim, are outside the secured area and remain vulnerable soft targets. ron hosko is a former assistant director of the f.b.i. >> one of the great challenges of a soft target is it's like squeezing a balloon. and where i tighten up my
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security in one place, the balloon expands somewhere else, and presents itself as another soft target. >> reporter: and he says securing areas like baggage claim in every airport would be a multibillion-dollar investment. >> we have to put it in that broader perspective. you're more likely to die in a car accident on your way home than to be in ay terrorist strike at a u.s. airport. >> reporter: immediately after the shooting, airports across the country increased security, that includes airports in the new york city area, miami, and los angeles. scott, the l.a.x. police chief said they'll look at lessons learned from fort lauderdale to look at the kind of changes they can make in laz to make the airport safer. >> pelley: some were told the safety place to be was in airports and they stayed on the planes for hours. kris van cleave, thank you. in another major story tonight, u.s. intelligence has concluded that russian president vladimir putin ordered his military to
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help donald trump win the election. today, the director of national intelligence took the unusual step of releasing an unclassified version of an investigation that details computer hack, propaganda, and fake news articles. president-elect trump was briefed on the classified report today, but he concluded that the hacking of sensitive democratic party files had no effect on the election. homeland security correspondent jeff pegues is following this. >> reporter: the 25-page report states directly that russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the u.s. presidential election. it started as a grudge against hillary clinton. putin blamed the former secretary of state for inciting maz protests in russia against against his government in 2011. payback was information warfare that was multifaceted. it included twitter campaigns, propaganda, and fake news. and the hacks of state and local
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electoral boards and the democratic national committee. today's report was a declassified versionave longer report that was shared with president obama and president-elect trump. that classified document detailed interceptes of russian officials congratulating each other on donald trump's victory. it also identified the russian actors who gave stolen data from democratic officials to wikileaks. investigators point to the close relationship between wikileaks founder julian assange and the russian news network rt, which airs in the u.s. the report says a russian media executive went to london in 2013 and met assange in person. u.s. intelligence says rt and wikileaks have collaborated several times since. as mr. trump became the g.o.p. nominee, the name o nature of te russian activities changed. >> there's nothing i can think of that i'd rather do than have russia friendly as opposed to the way they are right now. >> reporter: u.s. officials
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believe putin and the russian government developed a clear preference for him, and then aspired to help president-elect trump's election chances. but the kremlin still believed clinton would win, and it already put together a twitter campaign with the hashtag #democracyrip, to discredit her victory. late today, the department of homeland security declared election systems to be critical infrastructure which will give the agency greater oversight over their cyber-security. but, scott, no one believes the russian attacks compromised the vote tally. >> pelley: jeff pegues in the washington newsroom, jeff, thank you very much. mr. trump was briefed today by the directors of national intelligence, the f.b.i., the c.i.a., and the national security agency. jan crawford has that. >> reporter: calling the the briefing with top intelligence officials constructive, donald trump acknowledged russia, china, other countries, outside groups, and people are continuously trying to mount cyberattacks against the u.s.
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but he declined to say whether he accepted the intelligence community's conclusion that vladimir putin directed the attack. on thursday, director of national intecialtion james clapper, who is among top officials briefing mr. trump, stopped short of saying the hacks had an impact on the election's outcome. >> certainly the intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on choices the electorate made. there's no way for us to gauge that. >> reporter: in a statement, mr. trump was adamant. "there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election, include the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines." the briefing came as mr. trump for weeks has cast doubt on the intelligence community. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: before the meeting, which lasted nearly two hours, he told the "new york times" he believed the intense focus on the russian cyberattacks was a political witch-hunt by his opponents to undermine his presidency.
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"they got beaten very badly in the election," mr. trump told the "time." "they are very embarrassed about it." vice president-elect mike pence was also in the meeting. >> we're going to take aggressive action in the early days of our new administration to combat cyberattacks and protect the security of the american people. >> reporter: now, despite his public criticism, mr. trump also said today, scott, that he has tremendous respect for the work and service done by the men and women of the intelligence community. >> pelley: jan crawford for us tonight. thank you very much. during the campaign, mr. trump also said that he would stop illegal immigration by forcing mexico to pay for a wall. but today, it appears mr. trump expects american taxpayers to pick up the tab. first. nancy cordes has that. >> we will build the wall 100%. ( cheers ) >> reporter: it was perhaps his most memorable campaign
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promise, uttered hundreds of times on the trail. >> and who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> they may not know it yet, but the answer is mexico. >> reporter: but today, mr. trump appeared to acknowledge that americans, not mexicans, would likely write the check, claiming, "any money spent on building the great wall for sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later." it's the latest campaign reversal for mr. trump who has also backed off vows to ban muslim immigration, create a deportation force-- >> because you'd be in jail. >> reporter: ...and prosecute hillary clinton. >> i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. i don't want to hurt them. >> reporter: the wall came up today because g.o.p. lawmakers are looking at reviving a 2006 law that authorized but never funded a 700-mile border barrier. cost estimates range from
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hundreds of millions to more than a billion. indiana republican luke messner. >> listen, it's big dollars, but if this is a priority for our country, then we should fund it. >> reporter: on "cbs this morning"" trump's senior adviser, kellyanne conway, insisted there's been no flip-flop. >> and if congress is trying to find different ways to fund this project that can is a top priority of president trump, then they should do that. >> reporter: it was never totally clear how mr. trump planned to force mexico to pay for a wall it doesn't want. it's even less clear today, scott, how he could come pel mexico to repay the united states after the wall is already built. >> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill. still ahead on the cbs evening news, steve hartman on the road. plus an emotional good-bye from the first lady. and old man winter threatens a rough weekend. has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®.
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hosting a star-studded good-bye party tonight. and earlier today, michelle obama gave her last speech as first lady. julianna goldman looks at her legacy. >> may i say for the last time officially, welcome to the white house. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama fought back tears today as she offered a closing message to america's youth. >> so don't be afraid. you hear me? young people, don't be afraid. be focused. be determined. >> reporter: she touted her program for secondary education, one of the many initiatives she launched as she danced her way through late-night tv to tackle childhood obesity. >> turnip for what. >> reporter: promoted healthy eating on social media. >> you guys count. >> reporter: and used her celebrity to inspire physical fitness. michelle obama didn't want her husband to run for president and had a rude political awakening when she was politicized as angry and unpatriotic for these
6:48 pm
comments in 2008. >> for the first time in my adult lifetime, i'm really proud of my country. >> reporter: seven years later, she talked openly about that criticism as the first african american first lady. >> was i too loud or too angry or too emasculating? >> reporter: but mrs. obama turned into the democrats' not-so-secret weapon, and last year delivered a blistering takedown of donald trump after video showed him bragging about sexual assault. >> this is not normal. this is not politics as usual. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: she and her husband now leave the white house to mr. trump. >> being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. and i hope i've made you proud. >> thank you! ( applause ) >> reporter: but today, mrs. obama said, she'll always hold on to the power of hope. julianna goldman, cbs news, the white house. >> pelley: coming up, millions in the path of winter storms.
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>> pelley: the west coast is bracing for another wave of snow, ice, and rain. john blackstone is in the sierra nevada tonight. john. >> reporter: the deep snowpack here in the mountains this winter could go a long way towards solving california's long drought, but the whiteout conditions that have blairvegetted this 400-mile mowbtin range is also a disaster in the making. there's another extremely wet storm expected this weekend that will bring warm rains that could melt the snow too quickly, causing massive floods. that's what's worrying residents the most. instead of bringing drought relief, scott, all this snow may bring devastating floods. >> pelley: john blackstone, thanks. there's also severe weather ahead in the east. in upstate new york, blizzards that started wednesday could dump five feet of snow. storm warnings stretch from louisiana to cape cod. north carolina, georgia, and alabama have declared states of emergency because of the threat of snow, ice, and rain. coming up next, steve hartman
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>> pelley: we end tonight with an ode to the repo man. steve hartman had the mim "on the the road. >> reporter: if you need to feel loved, jim ford says this is not the job for you. >> you're going to have people try to run you over with their car. >> reporter: for the last 20 years, he's hazy worked as a repo man outside st. louis. >> my car now. >> reporter: but this story isn't about his most disgruntled customers. it's about his most grateful. >> he was wonderful. >> reporter: wonderful? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm talking about the repo man. >> he was wonderful. i mean, he's the kindest man i ever met in all my life. >> reporter: stan and pat kipping live in red bud, illinois. stan, a navy vet and retired janitor, is in the early stages of alzheimer's. >> i love you. >> well, i love you, too, baby.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: they say they've never been rich, but they've never been this deep in debt, either. most devastating blow came just a few months back when they realized they couldn't even afford the $100 monthly payments on their '98 buick century. >> when he took the car i just said, "god, do whatever. whatever you think is best for us." you know, god works in mysterious ways. >> reporter: well, if he's working through a repo man, that's the most mysterious of all. >> that's right. >> they're like america's grandparents. i saw my grandparents in them. and i made it a block before i pulled over and called the bank and i asked them if i could pay off-- pay off the past-due amount. >> you must have cleaned it up a lot. >> reporter: jim returned a few days later. he had the car detailed, the oil changed, even put a frozen turkey in the front. he also start aid if, which covered the late payments and then some. >> we paid off the whole car. >> the whole car! >> you have no car payment anymore. >> oh, my god! >> paid the whole thing off.
6:58 pm
>> and then-- >> reporter: finally, he gave them an envelope with the extra money, more than $17,000 extra to date. how has this changed your outlook on life? >> there's good people out there. he's our guardian angel. >> reporter: there are good people out there, guardian angels and sometimes you find them in the most unlikely places and professions because, although kindness is rarely a job, no matter what you do, it's always an option. steve hartman, "on the road" in st. louis. >> pelley: lot of good people. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. and i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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tonight, hollywood says good-bye to two legends. ♪ as the stars pie thei s pay the to carrie fisher and her mom, debbie reynolds. we have details from her son. >> they'll be together here and in heaven. >> plus, kim kardashian speaks the first time. >> they were going to shoot me in the back. there was no way out. then,,think you've seen it all from cher? think again. new music, new career, new movie. why she's ramping up her career at age 70. >> i never expected to live this long. >> aad whht to expect at the golden globes this weekend. must-see moments and who is wearing what. as ben affleck looks back at his first globes with matt damon. >> to mom.


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