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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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greg argos is live in overbrook where kay uses played out. you spoke with the eyewitness who was there to see it all unfold. >> i did, jessica. i spoke with father matthew fail even a priest at this parish at intersection of the woodbine and 63rd street. that is where he witness that had four car crash, seconds later, he witnessed a shooting father matthew bailey was walking toward church from the rectory when he heard the crash. four vehicles smashed up they are 63rd street and woodbine in overbrook. >> their collisions or something, as a reese, headache sure that there is nobody that has serious injuries or somebody need sacraments or something. >> reporter: more commotion coming up blocks south on 63rd , and then we hear yelling up the street and people saying stop him, come back. get him. don't let him getaway. >> reporter: police say who man who caused this crash driving through a red light ditched green sedan he was driving and ran down the street. he tried carjacking the driver
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of this white vehicle but was unsuccessful but not before trying again, after spotting a 4-inch septa truck. >> he opens up the door of that septa vehicle. >> he pulled me out of the truck. >> reporter: start punching him. initial victim who is at the carjack gets out. >> reporter: back to the driver of the white sedan initial carjacking victim, and conceal and carry permit holder. he seeds the driver being assaulted and gets out to help the driver chases the suspect back toward the intersection with a four car crash, happened. >> some of the witnesses, to the collision, even some of the people in the the collision, then tried to get in front and stopped him and watched through them and people were still shot so they tackled him. >> you were able to tackle him >> yes. >> reporter: suspect gets up and driver of the white car, now guns drawn, confronts him correctly. you have a struggle and gunfire. what is going through your head. >> i don't know. it could have have been much worse. >> reporter: back here live, this is all that is left of
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the suspect vehicle, his bumper here at this intersection, big mystery right now it this, for investigators is why this suspect did all of this. police say he did the not have have a, rap sheet or a weapon at the time and his car or at least is what left of it was not stolen. that is the big question tonight why this person did all of this, this afternoon. we are live from overbrook i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, greg. spring of home invasions has residents in one chester county community on high alert police say in all of the cases , the robbers were arm. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us live in uwchlan township with more on where the investigation stand tonight, gentlemen, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, beginning. police say that the investigationness to these three home invasions are very active, at this point. of course, they want to get the these armed intruders off of the streets and into custody and in fact the police chief here tonight tells he that they are very lucky, nobody has been seriously hurt
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or worse. a quiet rural uwchlan township chester down i word of three home invasions and armed robberies has left for sleep his nights. >> i think you clan township has a low crime right. >> reporter: generally rob darling is correct but just down the street in the last week something out of the usual, two armed men, stormed a home, and then detectives say they demanded money and electronics. >> and one of the assailants was not only armed with a handgun but armed with a stun gun style weapon as well and actually used that on one of the adults in the home. >> reporter: this latest case from aston place has striking similarities to the home invasion and robbery in early nova long buyers road in uwchlan township and third case that happened in upper uwchlan township this october. this one instance the homeowners were tied up. >> we clearly have some very dangerous individuals out there, who are armed with
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handguns who are not afraid, to go inside the homes of albeit a total stranger and rob them at gunpoint. >> reporter: police say robbers wear masks and gloves, victims in each of the cases have been unable to provide a good description. word of the home invasion, has changed some habits. >> well, in the house the door was unlocked and then when i go to bed i would lock the doors and now i'm locking doors all the time. >> all the time. >> reporter: at this point police are not linking all three of these cases together, their strongest hunch is that these armed robberies and home invasions are not, random. reporting live outside uwchlan township police department joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a man is on trial accused of scarring a woman to death during a home invasion and robbery this northampton county. prosecutors say 29 year-old taylor caused 76 year-old carrie smith to suffer a fatal heart attack during a robbery
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in 2012. taylor's defense team is arguing smith recovered from the heart attack and died of lung disease. trial continues tomorrow. president-elect donald trump sent an hurry to day doing something he has not done in six months, taking questions from reporters, in a formal press conference. mr. trump criticized the press for reporting unverified claims that russia has compromising personal and financial information about him. the president-elect was also asked about russia's medaling this is presidential elect to help him win. mr. trump for the first time greed with the intelligence community's conclusions. >> if putin likes donald trump , i consider that an asset not a liability. we have a horrible relationship with russia. russia an can help us fight isis which is number one, tricky. i heene if you look this administration, created isis by leaving at the wrong time. >> the president-elect also said that he would be turning over his personal investments to a trust, and hand over
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control of his business, to his adult sons. political experts say that decision by trump is a step in the right direction but still raises concerns. >> the problem is that the trump boys are going to be with donald trump a lot, it will be inevitable that they will ask how is your day and what are you up to? if he gets involved in any of those kind of conversations it creates a conflict of interest >> experts also said that tone set in today's news conference could be a glimpse into how trump administration hey interact with the media. there will be much more on president-elect trump's speech tonight on the "cbs evening news" coming up at 6:30 right here on cbs-3. many in the medical community are concerned about donald trump's belief that is there a link between vaccines and autism. trump met robert kennedy junior. kennedy says agreed to lead a commission on vaccinations safety under consideration. doctor paul offit at chop says it is unfortunate that he is an international expert on vaccines and says that 17
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studies have proven they to not cause autism. >> i would say if all of the things people worried about causing autism vaccines are single best studied entity and they to this is cause autism. that is one thing to scratch off the list. >> like many doctors, there offit is hoping president-elect trump will turn to medical experts, for advice on vaccines. president-elect donald trump will be sworn in as our next president, a week from friday. keep it tuned to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for very latest on the inauguration day event. jessica will be there. you can also fine latest anytime on line at cbs philly .com. well, new jersey governor chris christie's attorney says a criminal misconduct complaint over the bridge gate scandal should be tossed out. attorney argues is there not enough evidence for a judge to proceed. complaint was filed by a former teaneck fire fighter who said christie failed to act to reopen the lanes, ordered closed in 2013. fire fighters claim there was plenty of evidence from the federal trial convicting two
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former christie aid. the judge said she will make a ruling by friday. well, blast have of winter weather is gone for now, it is warming up, meteorologist kate bilo joins us from the weather center tracking unseasonably high temperatures. and some rain, right. >> some rain coming in right new we are seeing it track across the region. here it is, you can see rain moving in lancaster county, chester county, a bigger system that will be affecting us overnight the but it is a warm front. once this moves to the north we are talking about temperatures more than 20 degrees above average for tomorrow. quick timing on the rain it arrives through 8:00 p.m. between now and 8:00 when rain will over spread region. heaviest between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. and taper after two and most will wake up to sunshine on your thursday and get ready to break out possibly the lightes jacket you own a big warm up and then a cool down. we will talk snow by week end in spots, i'll have latest on that coming up, ukee.
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>> thanks, kate. also ahead, recovery celebrated, how story of one man's journey to sobriety is impacting addicts all over new jersey. why governor chris christie chose to highlight this addict's inspiring message during his state of the state address. if you rent in philadelphia you have noticed the numbers, where city ranks on the list of the fastest growing rent, in the nation, that is up next, ton ton. last time sixers made the playoffs joel embiid was still in high school, but big fellow has big dreams, what his head coach is saying about his loft i goals coming up later in
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chris christie says he is dedicating his remaining time in office to tackling the crisis of drug addiction. >> during yesterday's state of the state addressee shared his personal experience with a south jersey man who was on the road to recovery. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has his story. >> this will be my office. >> reporter: haddonfield that it i have aj solomon is a
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young entrepreneur about to launch his first company. >> other entrance to the front conference room. >> reporter: new jersey supreme court justice lee solomon and dianne solomon, aj got a shout out during governor christie's state of the state address tuesday. >> for aj when he was 11 years old, actually attended his party. >> reporter: right out of college he got a college on christie's event preparation team. he had a charmed life. but aj had a secret. he was a tool blown heroin addict. >> mess of the time i was full on withdraw hard to get to camden to what i needed for day and then get to trenton. >> reporter: his addiction started at 19 when his dad got in the bike accident. >> they prescribed him oxycontin. he didn't like the way it hade him tiehl. i like how it hade he feel. i to all of it. that was it. game over. >> reporter: college collect his addiction festered but afterward living at home his parents figured out what was going on. his option where is live on the street, or go to rehab which he did several times.
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finally exhausted and planning to commit suicide he felon his knees on an airport shuttle and cried out to god for help. >> people say you have to earned iser to something. i surrendered to the fact that i was what i was and that was enough of a starting point. >> reporter: aj completed rehab and work in the recovery field. now after several years gaining screens he plans to open up an outpatient facility this gloucester township called victory bay recovery center. aj apologized to the governor and let him share his life's story as christie announced a series of measure to i am roof recovery resources during his last year in office. >> we love you aj. i'm thrilled how you those to spend the rest of your life. >> i was trying not to cry, that many people knew my story so it is different for sure. it it is humble and gratifying >> reporter: victory bay recovery center will 40 to 50 people at a time and hopes to have it opened next month but also marks for him three years, sober. in gloucester township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". jim kenney is making an effort toward solving the cities opioid crisis. mayor joins a task force on the top nick center city this morning for their first meeting. group is task with coming up with i plan to reduce opioid abuse, dependens and overdose, in city residence. >> lives are cut short, families are destroyed and we cannot let this continue to have happen. developing a solution requires a coordinated effort. we must dress this issue, three fold roach, education, educating the public, a kicks, and preventing overdoses. >> task force will present their fine goes and recommendations for action to the mayor within the next three months. new report suggest the city of philadelphia has second highest inly rent increase in 2016. according to the apartment search web site adobo, rents roseanne average 4.2 percent over the course of the year. this came in second to
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columbus, georgia which averaged 5 percent. rally raleigh-durham north caroline, long beach, california and cots dale, arizona trailed behind. >> let's talk about philadelphia and tri-state area and weather, nice day to take. even nicer tomorrow. >> i just asked how do you feel about six to degrees in the middle of the winter. like it, no way, winter should be cold. retweet if you think this is awesome. >> okay. >> how much so far. >> we are getting more retweet s. but, i feel like one day, one day it is something you can enjoy it. it will get cold again. we have plenty of winter still to come. ending winter to day there would still be people on board with that but we're not. this is just a one day, burst of very warm air, tomorrow, and we felt it start today but tomorrow, 62, the forecasted high. lets start with the rain coming through tonight. you can see it on storm scan three. thinks a warm front. today was mile. we got back to the 50's to take. above average by 10 degrees.
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this warm front comes through we will see another warm up, tomorrow, and then it stays mild through try, as well. timing on the rain, moving between thousand and 8:00 p.m. it will be steady first in our western most suburbs as you can see chester county, lancaster, berks county seeing light rain begin, so if you are trying tonight and takes you west along the turnpike you are already running into some wet weather. in philadelphia we are dry. light rain will start to make tonight here within the next hour or so. and then this is bigger system , kind of lining autopsy cross portions of the state of pennsylvania, hard land and west virginia, and also have the cold front associated with it. that will come through our area tomorrow afternoon, but that will come through dry. temperatures well above average for 50 degrees in philadelphia. forty-one in allentown. 46 degrees in wilmington. temperature change in the past 24 hours, yesterday, it wasn't too bad but still 15, almost 15 degrees warmer, right now then it was this time yesterday. big increase here. lets time this out, as we head
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toward 9:00 when rain will over spread the entire area, the shore could still be try at nine but steady rain happening here in philadelphia slow go on those road. 10:00 o'clock we will see it shift to the thort, still some scattered light to moderate rain for poconos, lehigh valley at midnight. maybe shower overnight but tomorrow sun pops out. here's the associated cold trent. it advertiseled as it gets in shower by poconos tomorrow evening and most of us stay try but we will those that is drop gannon try. tomorrow's high, say it again, 62 degrees. that is our typical high in hid april. definitely no where near typical high for early january , normal high is 40. as we head through next couple days cold is not getting in but eventually it permeates on saturday and weak disturbance will try to tap in the cold and bring light snow, they showers, saturday evening or sat take night. toss than the look like a big deal accumulation wise, that is good news, and look at the this as we look forward in time january 19th to the 25th
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temperature outlook has us still much above average. so one little stumbling block this weekend we will go below average for one day and then it looks warm again for a long time, at least by winter standard. period of rain tonight not that cold, tomorrow, beautiful , 62, partly sunny, day to get outside and energy because as we head in the weekend sat take much colder, light snow in the evening possible, and then we are back to warm again, back to the 50 's by next tuesday. >> wow. >> all three are on the love it, stage. >> i'm breaking out shorts. >> i got shorts ready. >> flip-flops. >> yes. >> bam. >> definitely trusting warm for sure. guys, whole lot to get to, shirley temple and highly questionable tattoo, yes, we have latest on joe joe and sixers. plus a man of his words pays up, sports coming up next
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you did have a stat, that you were, touting during the break for the sixers. >> owe h, yeah as far as making playoffs. >> how many wins. >> would i like to see them get between 28 and 32 wins, and an eighth seed. >> playoffs. >> you got to go way up. i love the optimism. >> i have never had a shirley temple before in my life. >> you are missing something. >> joel embiid bid on full advertise play against knicks, in honor of joe joe team is selling his favorite drink the shirley temple for five dollars along with notes on how to vote for embiid. that is tonight at the center. sixers are suddenly hot, they have won three out of four. over weekend embiid said he thinks that they can make playoffs: playoffs. their eight games out but breath the breath brown likes his swag. >> i love the mentality have of it. we talk about like layoff mentality, syringeling into
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everything that we to, how you think, how you act, prepare, look the at a scout tape. they have heard me say since they have met me that the playoffs and regular season are completely a different sport. it is not enclose. that requires a hardened mind and hardened way to see the world. so that mentality i applaud. >> meanwhile the knicks, have been a dumpster fire lately. they have lost eight out of nine, derek rose went awol and in show for an actual game. he was fine, and he is expect to start tonight. >> it is big because it is the next game. we're in a funk, we have been there. we have to find ways to win, win games. >> all right. to the ice now we have got to keep our confidence high, and keep battling. that is what flyers captain claude giroux said following the team's ninth lost in 11 games. they are off today and a host vancouver tomorrow. former eagles offensive
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coordinator sean mcdermott will finally get his chance. he will be the next head coach of the buffalo bills. he spent six seasons as carolina's defensive coordinator. bills by the way have not made the playoffs since 1999. last century. longest trout in the nfl. speaking of the playoffs, catch the afc division round saturday, right here on cbs-3, houston texans will visit new england patriots, coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. when keeping it real goes wrong, philly's thumb one pick mickey moniak was drafted in the top ten. so his trend ethan abrams had on get his autograph tattooed on, his back side. >> um, um, um. >> and he did it. >> now, one sided bet, abrams is a pitcher at columbia university. he is, you know, if he gets drafted in the top 20 round, mickey will get a similar
6:26 pm
tattoo, right over -- >> back there. >> back there. >> thanks, ton ton. >> cbs news just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and guess contact great to be here in philadelphia. here's "cbs evening news". president-elect trump accuses u.s. intelligence of using tactics against him reminiscent of the nazi's. mr. trump laid out a elaborate plan to distance himself from his business empire. his choice for secretary of state told senators where he stands on iran, russia and china and nearly a million more american cars are being recalled, for defective air bags. we will have those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening
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can you sing or play an instrument? you and your band could be the next opening act for bon jovi. >> ban is coming in march. they are holding a contest to choose band or singers to open for them on their upcoming tour. interested artists can up load videos of themselves performing hughes i can. >> live nation will select ten finalist bon jovi will then pick winners to perform 20 minute sets to enter your ban, head to cbs and search for bon jovi opening at contest. i am a in. philadelphia funk authority we are back together. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten and then at 11:00.
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up next, "cbs evening news", take care family, we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: he comes out swinging. >> i think it was disgraceful. >> pelley: at his first post-election news conference, donald trump lashes out at u.s. intelligence. >> that's something that nazi germany would have didn't and did do. >> pelley: reporters... >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> pelley: and the candidate he defeated. >> do you honestly believe that hillary would be tougher on putin than me? >> pelley: also tonight, the president-elect promises to build a wall between the white house and his financial empire, but critics say it has cracks. defective air bags, hundreds of thousands are added to the recall list. and flooding of biblical proportion, but not


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