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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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in the city. philadelphia is number one in the nation. why more rats and mice are making your home their home too. >> some nights it doesn't seem real because of how much it just impacted my family. >> a mother praying for justice. her son a soldier was brutally beaten in south philadelphia after the mummers parade. there's now a reward for information leading police to his attackers. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm ukee washington. tonight we are hearing from the victim's mother and what she says led to her son's attack. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is at the scene of the crime third and oregon in south philadelphia. david. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, it will be a a brutal few weeks for this family as you can imagine and tonight his mother private austin freni's mother told us she was shocked when she found out that there would be a reward. >> it's been a nightmare. i still wake up with nightmares at night. >> reporter: laurie freni tells "eyewitness news" she was with her son austin his
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girlfriend and her other son following the mummers parade late that sunday. freni says austin was on the phone talking about being in the army while wearing an army jacket when a stranger made a negative remark to austin about the army. >> i don't understand how in your own country you put down men and women that fight for you. to fight for your freedom. >> reporter: but austin's attacker was not alone. she says there were eight or nine more watching some even joined in assaulting the rest of the group before taking off. >> just a bunch of boys, i mean, from i'd say 18 20's. >> reporter: freni called police and an ambulance rushed austin to the hospital. the attack left him with multiple injuries including a broken jaw but just a few hours ago, laurie discovered a glimpse of hope when the philadelphia crime commission announced a $7,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the attackers. >> we're outraged by it and we want to see this case brought to justice. >> reporter: john appledorn
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is president of the citizens' crime commission in philadelphia. >> here's a fellow who has been training to protect this country and isn't safe in his country. >> reporter: he says donations came in immediately in this case. it's a way to at least temporarily allow laurie freni to move forward as she continues to process exactly what happened. >> and i just pray to god that someone comes forward, that it really sets it into effect for someone to come forward and make them pay for what they did. >> reporter: private austin freni is back in georgia at fort benning georgia being tended to by medical professionals this evening. if you have any information, you can give philadelphia police a call or you can call the citizens crime commission their tip line, that information again, that reward $7,000 tonight for the arrest and conviction of those attack terse. reporting live tonight in south philadelphia, i'm david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, david, thank
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you. philadelphia district attorney seth williams is that hit with a record setting fine from philadelphia's ethics board. the $62,000 fine the largest ever from the board is for williams failing to disclose five sources of income and 89 gifts over a five-year period. the gifts include add $45,000 roof, plane tickets, vacations suits and watches. williams will also pay the city about $2,800. the value of the gifts he received that were prohibited under the city's ethics code. >> this is a very significant fine and i think people can judge it for themselves. >> williams issued a statement reading "it was wrong to fail to fully and accurately disclose the payments and gifts i received. i apologize to the people of philadelphia, the hard working and talented staff of the district attorney's office my supporters, the friends who supported me and asked nothing in return and most of tulle my family who have had to endure unwarranted attacks for my
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shortcomings ." >> charges filed in a deadly shooting inside a philadelphia bat. officers say 28-year-old edward morgan a security guard shot and killed the manager 44-year-old christopher johnson last night. it happened at sharon's little spot on boyer street and woodlawn avenue in east germantown. the shooting stemmed from an argument between the two. a man wanted for a murder in kensington is now behind bars in virginia. police in norfolk arrested carl howard today after they found him curled up in acolous seven. he's been on the run since september when police say he shot and killed a man on the 3100 block of kensington. howard is waiting to come back to followed face murder charges. authorities have captured a suspect wanted in the murder of an orlando florida police officer. 41-year-old markeith loyd was pulled from an abandoned house today ending a manhunt that began january 9th. authorities say that's when he shot lieutenant debra clayton outside a wal-mart killing her. loyd was wearing body armor and carrying two handguns when
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he surrendered after a s.w.a.t. team surrounded him. it's a betrayal of trust that led to the rise of wikileaks. tonight president obama commuted the sentence of chelsea man hog was serving 35 years in prison for leaking u.s. secrets. the former army intelligence analyst was convicted in 2013 and will now be released may 17th. manning who went by the name bradley while in the army expressed remorse for her crimes and the commutation application. defense secretary ash carter says he did not support the president's decision. >> donald trump is now in washington, d.c. as he prepares to be sworn in as the nation's 45th president. organizers say they're planning for nearly a million people to attend friday's inauguration but the list of those boycotting the historic event is growing and the president-elect is getting more support from russia. president-elect donald trump was in that washington, d.c. for dinner with diplomats and ambassadors. >> we have great respect for that your countries.
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we have great respect for our world. >> reporter: it was his first inauguration week events but about a quarter of house democrats planned to boycott his swearing in on friday. >> i do not intend to attend the upcoming inauguration. >> reporter: the protest follows mr. trump's weekend feud with georgia congressman john lewis. lewis charged mr. trump's election with not legitimate because of russian interference. those boycotting said they want to send mr. trump a message. >> there's nothing for me to celebrate. >> reporter: mr. trump brushed off the protests during an interview on fox news. >> that's okay because we need seats so badly. i hope they give me meteorologist, david murphy tickets. >give me their a pren moscow putin accused the obama administration of trying to undermine trump before he takes office. he said those who spread fake allegations are "worse than prostitutes" referring to rumors about trump's behavior during a past visit to russia. putin added he's confident the
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u.s. and russia will establish normal relations. trump has been tweeting his inauguration will bring record numbers of people to washington and he's working to make that happen. the trump team is posting ads on facebook and twitter encouraging people to go to the inaugural festivities. members of the somers point and ocean city police departments are leaving for washington, d.c. tomorrow. they will help the metropolitan police with crowd control during the inauguration events. the officers have experienced handling big summer crowds. >> this is our first time going. so, we don't really know what to expect down there. there's a lot of police officers from across the country going. it's tight security. they're very well organized. >> wildwood middle township and atlantic city are also sending officers to washington. stay with cbs3 "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the inauguration of president donald j. trump. i'll have live reports from washington, d.c. on thursday and friday. you can also follow us on and with the cbs
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local app. >> more of president-elect trump's cabinet nominees are facing tough questions on capitol hill. today confirmation hearings began for interior secretary nominee ryan zinke and education secretary nominee betsy devos. sung key was asked about how he would handle problems of sexual harassment within the park service. devos said she would continue to champion school voucher programs if confirmed. four more hearings set for tomorrow. josh shapiro assumed the role of attorney general today. in his inaugural address the former montgomery county commissioner said his staff will sign a code of conduct and that he's appointing a chief integrity officer an chief diversity officer. and delaware swore in democrat john carney as the state's 74th governor in dover today. in his inaugural address he asked for cooperation among lawmakers to help tackle some of the state's biggest challenges. governor can't and kearny previously served two terms as
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lieutenant governor. today in new jersey lieutenant governor kim guadagno entered the race to secede chris christie as governor. she kicked off her campaign in monmouth county and says she's a fighter for working families without mentioning christie by name she criticized his proposed $300 million statehouse renovation saying the state cannot afford it. philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the nation but it's number one when it comes to a not so desirable topic. >> rats. and mice. we are plagued with rodents. straight ahead at 11:00 our nicole brewer looks into why the pests are such a problem here. kate. >> and we are entering a nice mild stretch of january weather but not before still a few showers and some fog out there tonight. i'll tell you when the sun returns and just how warm it will get. >> it's been very difficult for us, but we kept fighting. >> a local woman didn't give up. neither did her family. how she got a life saving transplant even when the odds were stacked against her.
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>> plus, spice up your life. the food an a new study says you should be eating more of when "eyewitness news" continues. >> ♪
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>> philadelphia landed a top spot on a national list but this one is not much to brag about. >> new survey figures show the philly area has the most rodents. yeah, we're talking about mice and rats. >> nicole brewer joins us now with the pesky details. how bad is this? >> it's pretty gross. pretty disgusting, guys. we're learning that nearly one out of five homes throughout the philadelphia region say they've had a rodent problem in the past year which means we have dealt with more pests in 2016 than any other major metropolitan area. shining the spotlight on a pesky problem.
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bloomberg analysis finds the philadelphia region worst in the country for rodent infestation. >> ooh. wow. pretty disgusting. >> that doesn't sound good. >> the census data recorded bite american housing survey shows 18 percent of homes throughout the philadelphia camden and wilmington metro area reported seeing mice or rats, the most of any city studied. >> the fact that philly is the worst, yeah, bad. >> that's kind of disturbing and i'm wondering why here and what's causing it. >> got emergency calls. >> rich foreman a technician for dynamite pest control would know. his family run business has been removing pest from homes in the tri-state area for nearly 50 years. he says new construction stirring up the road dent population under ground. >> 33 need somewhere to go so they come up above ground and they go into our homes and facilities. >> oh really? okay. >> you're disturbing their homes, building places where we hadn't before. >> with philly tops on the list followed by boston new york and d.c., foreman says colder climates could be a factor. >> that's why they're finding
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our households to bury themselves in. >> then there's the issue of sanitation. >> trash is a problem in that a congested area like the city. >> what can we do. >> empty the trash baskets of baskets make sure your trash put s put in a nice and neat pile. >> also recommends sealing cracks inside and outside the home something that would deter rodents and roaches claw found in just 7 percent of homes in our area. >> lovely. >> that's good news. >> oh, is it? okay. [laughter] >> so, i reached out to the health department here in philly to see what role it might play. a spokesperson told me they don't deal with mice but do have a hotline for rats and will send out a technician free of charge. find that number on our web site i mean i-thought the roach thing at least it wasn't number one. i think we were 13th on the list for that. >> people watching at home you're looking around your house. >> i know. >> i had dealings with two rodents in my lifetime. >> willard and ben.
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have you heard of them? [laughter] >> no. >> uh-uh. >> okay. >> got nothing. >> that's a google thing. michael jackson wrote a song about one. >> i knew there was a musical reference. >> own two. >> a planned protest found in a celebration inside a popular philadelphia park. a small lunchtime crowd of people came tout o rittenhouse square this afternoon to applaud the removal of new signs that bans sitting on the park's inner walls. the signs went up in an attempt to protect a $1 million renovation to the park's railings. those signs came down today after critics who included mayor jim kenney blastd that ban on social media. >> on the health watch tonight you may want to add some spice to your life. new research shows eating hot chili peppers could help you live longer. researchers analyzed data from 16,000 americans. they found the risk of death dropped 13 percent from people who ate chili peppers to those
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who did not. more research is need as to why. you may want to add coffee to your diet. it's good for are heart. new study says drinking one cup of coffee every day could be the key to increasing your life span. that's according to researchers at stanford university. they found that caffeine fights off the process that leads to cardiovascular disease. well, tonight a south jersey woman is recovering from a kidney transplant she desperately needed a trance plant almost didn't happen. >> we first told you about 19 ya' saria a little over a year ago. she was scheduled to get a kidney from a stranger who ended up being a match. a last minute medical complication brought that to a halt and that left nina's mother who lives in the republic of georgia and she wasn't allowed in the united states. new jersey senator bob menendez got her humanitarian parole making the transplant possible. >> it's been very difficult for us. but we kept fighting. >> i want to thank my grandma
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for saving my mom. now we can swim and have snowball fights. >> nina and her mom are both doing well. her some other heading back to eastern europe in a few days. >> let's get our forecast now with kate and the four us on the show went out earlier tonight and when we did the rain was coming down pretty good. >> yeah, it was. >> it was. >> it was pouring. it was gloomy. it was gross and we walked out of the event we said -- i said at least it's not all that cold out and the woman said well, it's not very warm, complete right, right. >> 'cause it's kind of a cold and -- i was like you know, what you're right. in the mid 40's it's cold, it's raw. it's been pretty ugly. not a ton of rain though. we added to our monthly total. it's been a wet stretch for us in the month of january and more rain chances on the way over the next several days in the seven-day forecast but the good news is tonight's showers are going to be moving out. we actually do have at least one nice beautiful mild sunny day to tell you about. you always need one in your forecast. let's take a look at what's happening right now outside
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and this is just about what it looked like earlier. it is foggy, damp, low clouds. you just don't want to be out on the roads if you can help it for too long tonight because conditions are not great. low visibility and again with the road spray and everything just a little bit wet it's going to be slow going tonight and even into tomorrow morning you're going to have to watch for that patchy fog during your morning commute so center city looking not so lit up tonight and can't even see the tops of the buildings or the middle of the buildings for that matter. storm scan3 shows the rain lessening a bit. that is good news but we still have this complex of showers moving across portions of lancaster and chester counties right now moving into delaware county and headed once again for the city. so you can see within the next hour or so you might see some heavier downpours. see those pockets of yellow an indication of where the heaviest rain is coming down. over chester county right now, west goshen township into delaware county and just over the border into northern delaware as well. this will slow you down on the schuylkill here through the next couple of hours but we'll get it out of here tomorrow. and even though tomorrow turns
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out cloudy it will be a dry day. temperatures in the mid 40's. cape may new castle philadelphia and in pomona and you can see on our map here the one spot i want to point out is mount pocono where it is still right around freezing and while the rain has slowed down a bit with temperatures close to freezing especially in monroe county tonight you still have to watch for the threat for some icing. isolated icy spots on the roads up there. the rest of us will stay above freezing all night. so, scattered showers, some light rain, drizzle, patchy fog. that will continue into your wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon maybe a break of filtered sun here and there. doesn't look like the nicest day. the clouds will win the battle but generally dry. thursday we clear it out, we get the sun back much nicer day. that's the day to plan your outdoor walk or jog. here's our freezing rain advisory still from monroe county pocono pines,
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brodheadsville. your rain chances over the next seven days scattered showers tonight. our next chance comes friday evening. friday starts dry. the afternoon and evening featuring light rain or showers. doesn't look like much. then periods of rain sunday night into monday. but here's the overall trend all the cold is locked up way off to the north. jet stream is well to the north and we've got this mild stretch and it's not just a day or two of above average temperatures, every day through next week averaging about 10 degrees above normal. overnight patchy rain and drizzle watch for that fog, 41 is your low. for your wednesday morning shower then mostly cloudy, the high 53. thursday 54, average high is about 40. well above normal thursday and friday starts off beautiful but if you have plans after work friday night, grab the umbrella. it's any other going to look like it friday morning but rain comes in around dinnertime. the week generally dry, low 50's not a ton of sunshine but we'll take it. at least it's not snow and another chance for rain on monday. by the way the inauguration could feature a couple of
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showers. they may hold off until later in the in the afternoon. >> listening. >> i am. i'll be packing the rain gary. don is up next with sports. >> talking about a whole bunch of things. one flyers quest for a ring is a smashing success. and joel embiid's impact on the sixers felt not only in philly but nationwide. details coming up next in sports. >> ♪
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>> espn wants some of what you're having. the network is tell advising next friday's sixers game against houston. the team's first nationally televised game since early november. some are speculating ben simmons will make his rookie
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debut. stay tuned. sixers at practice today. tomorrow they host nova alum kyle lowry and the toronto raptors. the team has won six out of eight in and all of a sudden there's a lot of excitement in the building. >> it's a lot better than it was especially when i was there these past few years. a lot of high spirits. you know, guys are getting the job done but, you know, at the same time guys still got to know it's early -- halfway through the season at this point so it's a lot more adversity or positive stretches you can go through. you got to stay mentally focused. >> nba all-star ballots closed last night. the starters will be announced thursday. the reserves next week. and at last check joel embiid trailed kevin love by 16,000 points. he's average 20 points and eight boards per game. his head coach things the nba is crazy if they don't put him on the roster. >> how can you not walk out of the building and say are you kidding me? defensively jaw
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dropping type, you know, competitive plays. offensively a menu of skills and a variety of ways to score. and then just look at the numbers when he's on the court or he isn't. and, you know, look at just math on the impact he has on a team. how can he not be a legitimate consideration for this game? >> just look at the math. you heard the man. famous saying in sports it don't mean a thing without the ring. flyers forward wayne simmonds has taken that to heart. the all-star has proposed to his girlfriend this week and she said yes. be bad if she said no. i don't think we'd report that. the orange and black would love to win a championship ring themselves but first they have to break out of their recent slump. they've lost nine out of 11 and right now they're on a much needed five day bye week. >> maybe this break is the best thing for us for everybody to get away for a couple of days and, you know, and be able to come back here friday night after a short
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break. it's been a -- you know, it's been a tough stretch. it's tough mentally. it's a little bit tough physically so maybe the break will clear some of that. >> one place where that social media is not really celebrated the nfl locker room. the steelers are fining stud wide receiver antonio brown for posting a long facebook live video from their locker room after that win over andy reid and the chiefs. head coach mike tomlin called it foolish, selfish and inconsiderate. here'here at cbs3 we love it because there's more eye balls on their game on sunday. >> just in case you want to watch on sunday. >> wink-wink. >> that wasn't cool. >> thank you buddy. up next a party at citizens bank park.
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>> a kickoff party at citizens bank park for a cause very close to our hearts here at cbs3. >> ukee, kate, don and i all very proud to take part in our ronald mcdonald house charities telethon kickoff tonight at the phil needs diamond club a great opportunity to thank all of the sponsors for their support in 2016 and hopefully moving forward as well. proceeds benefit ronald mcdonald's house charities in the philadelphia region. kate. >> let's talk another time about the weekend because the weekend is always on our minds even on tuesday. we've got above average temperatures continuing through the weekends.
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heights will be in the 50's both saturday sunday but not a ton of sunshine. it doesn't look like a washout. that's the good news. but more clouds than sun and the chance for a couple of showers. looks like our best shot at picking up wet weather would come late in the day on sunday.
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>> coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. our morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for don kate everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean.
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have captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes billy eichner. mel b. and gilbert godfried. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey!


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