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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 18, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. good morning, ladies. >> still coming in we will have a wet commute, i would say it is something we are starting to see problems with already. i know we need rain. the grass needs rain. >> yes. >> yes. >> they all need rain. i want them to have it. but i don't want it the for our morning commute. >> yes. >> exactly. >> but, thankfully at least there is not too much more left. >> good. >> at this point. the va from the vehicles will still get you even if it is not the actually raining but looking at storm scan three it is starting to empty out. i want to put things in motion here what you'll notice here, pretty tease event batch of rain that rolls throughout of ocean and monmouth county in the last few hours as well as burlington, ocean, this was just in philadelphia county. things will begin to empty out here. while we will not see a lot of
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sunshine rain itself will stop and be left with the va from the vehicles and damp start to the day. with that said, notice temperature in mount pocono. that is indicative of you have this cold air at the surface but it is another shower that comes in or drizzle. it could still trees. there is still, a freezing rain advisory in monroe county specifically. the rest of us are in the clear there that but still again damp albeit mild in the 40's already in palmyra, mount holly and here in philadelphia as well. the kid are going up waiting out at the school bus, what they will want to have is still a coat the because we are technically above average but this is coldest time of the year. fifty-three for ride home is well above the normal and certainly milder then average. again, don't expect so much sunshine we will start to see things clear out, meisha. >> thanks so much, katie. good morning, happy hump day, clearly you know already that something is going on mr. i tell you but it is an accident that happened last night
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around 10:30 in west conshohocken. we have clue is still cleaning up fuel spill. heads up because route 23 is closed between sweetland road and bullock street. use an alternate. matsonford road is your best bet, would i say stay away if you can, i'll let you know when that clears but that is getting in that area right now forty-two tree way north bound at creek road to 295, heads up , we can see headlights, showing you that spray, that will pose some problems this morning, so you will absolutely want to give yourself some extra time and make sure windshield wipers are working. forty-two freeway in new jersey we are heating up a bit , make note of that, jim and rahel, back over to you. a local solder is recovering from multiple injuries suffered in the beating after a mummers parade >> a reward is offered with the hope that leads to an arrest in the case. jan carabao is live at third and oregon in south philadelphia where the attack happened, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. private first class austin
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freeney was right here at this intersection in south philadelphia on new years take when he was assaulted. now his hotter is talking about what happened. this comes as a $7,000 reward is now offered for information that helps bring his attacker to justice. >> it has been a nightmare. i still wake up with nightmares at night. >> reporter: laurie freeney will never forget brutal attack that landed her 19 year-old son in the hospital. it was late night january 1st following hummers parade, laurie was with her son austin freeney, his brother and girl friend at third and oregon in south philadelphia. the austin was on the phone and mentioned being in the army. he was even wearing his army jacket. that is when her solder son was attack by a stranger, just after that person made negative remarks about the army. >> i don't understand how in your own country you put down men and women that fight for you, fight for your freedom. >> reporter: laurie says austin's attacker was not alone, she says there were eight or nine watching some even attack the rest of their
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group before running away. >> bunch of boys i would a 18 to 20. >> reporter: now as the investigation continues the philadelphia crime commission has announced a $7,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. >> we're outraged by it. here is a solder who has been training to protect this country and isn't safe in his own country. >> reporter: in the meantime austin continues to recover. he was rushed to the hospital that night with multiple injuries including a broken jaw. as he heels physically laurie continues to hope emotionally and hopes this award will help >> i just pray to god that someone comes forward that it really makes someone come forward and make them pay for what they did. >> reporter: now austin is back at fort bening in georgia recovering, he was set to station assignment very soon but that has been delayed. again, anyone with any information should call police there is a seven you this dollars reward in this case.
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we're reporting live from south philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs three eyewitness naus. man arrested in virginia ace waiting to come back to philadelphia toys face murder charges. police arrested karl howard after finding him curled up on the closet. he has about on the run since september when he shot and killed a man on the 3100 block of kensington avenue. developing story right now former president george hw bush is in a texas hospital this morning. the forty-first president is now 92 years old, the nation's oldest living former president , and officials at texas medical center in houston say they will rove more information, later today, but they say he is doing fine and he is expect to be released from the hospital in a few taste. earlier mr. burba announced he would not attend friday's inauguration because of his health. president-elect donald trump will return to washington d.c. later today for more preinauguration event last night mr. trump held his first event in the nation 's capitol hours after his cabinet many in minute knees faced contentious
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nomination hearings. cbs correspondent hena daniels has latest on the incoming administration. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump took to the stage at the preinauguration dinner last night thanking foreign dignitaries in the attendance. >> we have great respect for are countries. >> reporter: and praising his cabinet nominees. >> we have put together a team the likes of which has never been assembled before. >> reporter: mr. trump's pick for education secretary billion air bet thecy devos was grilled, on tuesday, on the the millions of dollars that she has donated to the republican party, as well as her potential boss's controversial comments on women. >> president the elect trump was recorded bragging about kissing and groping and trying to have sex with woman without their consent. if this behavior happened in the school, would you consider it a sexual assault. >> yes. >> reporter: interior secretary ryan zenke was asked about climate change when the president-elect once called a
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hoax but later distanced himself from that view. >> climate changing has been influenced. i think where there is debate what influence is and what we can do about it. >> reporter: all eyes will be on georgia congressman tom price, mr. trump's choice to lead department of the health and human services. vocal obama care opponent introduced legislation last year that would have benefited a medical tea vice company, days after he invested in it. in an interview with "fox news" the president-elect is down laying plans by some democrats, to boycott his inauguration, on friday. >> what happens to their tickets? i hope they will give us their ticket. >> reporter: nearly 60 democratic lawmakers say they will skip the event. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the inauguration of president donald trump. our jessica dean will have have live reports there washington d.c. on thursday and friday and remember to keep up with us on line at cbs and cbs local app.
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president other bam aholds his final press conference today, command inner chief dropped by the white house briefing room yesterday to thank his press secretary john ernest, it is expect that the president will be asked about the russian hacking situation among other things, after leaving washington the obama's will fly to palm springs, california on friday. well, president will no doubt be asked about his decision to commute sentence of chelsea manning, that is the former army intelligence analyst who is serving 35 years in prison for leaking u.s. secrets. betrayal of trust led to the rise of wikileaks. manning who event by the name bradley hyle in the army will now be released may have 17th. she has express he had remorse for her crimes. defense secretary ash carter said he did not support the president's decision. in addition to manning president obama pardoned former vice chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff, retired four star general james cartwright. he pled guilty to making false statements to federal investigators in 2012 when he was questioned about leaking top secret information to two
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journalist. the information was related to the u.s. efforts to cripple iran's nuclear program. prosecutors were asking for two year prison sentence. well, up next why workers are rushing to remove these giant trees some more than 200 years old. also ahead ground opens up beneath a driver we will tell you what has to be done before that giant truck can be removed. plus this... >> well, unique way to break ground we will tell you what is coming soon at this construction site. tuesday's gone, it is wednesday. >> it is wednesday. >> i know the holiday throws us off. >> but we are happy you are with us this morning.
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>> we will be right back.
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and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. time is 5:12. welcome back. >> crewness california are cleaning up after weeks of flooding and mud slides.
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>> kaboom. that is redwood tree near santa cruz that has been there since civil war that was uprooted touring storms and threatened homes in the neighborhood. california road crews say they are doing the best that they can. >> if we have a major landslide, there is very few systems that could be able to protect against that anyway. >> teams installed temporary fence to prevent more mud slide, southern callus expected to see more rainy weather today. and this looks like your average construction project, right but this is actually a seven story keep hole in california and it is a giant sinkhole. the it opened up a week ago and continues to get wider each day. officials blame a broken drainage site it will cost the sit irv grass valley two and a half million-dollar to fix. pretty penny. another sinkhole outside an auto shop they are atlanta, georgia hole swallowed this 55,000-pound truck as it trove down the road in the town of oak wood yesterday. the driver is okay. truck was carrying 1600 gallons of water which
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workers must pump out before lifting the truck out of the water. that is crazy. >> imagine driving and falling this is earth. snow and treeing rain batters pacific northwest with the ice storm warning for parts of the washington state. >> here's a look at dangerously icy roads near portland, oregon. many of been left stranded as significant ice accumulation has created treacherous road conditions. all of that crazy rain is creating giant ice sickles and although they may look beautiful these ice crystals are pretty dangerous, experts are warning homeowners to get rid of the ice to protect their homes against water damage. those will hit you this is head. i have had a few fall off my house before. >> those are weapons. >> no kidding. >> on the road and you need a weapon. >> i will not complain about a little rain. >> let's not give people ideas , rahel. >> i always like think back and go back to the christmas story when ralphy blames an ice sickle for shooting his
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eye out with his bee-bee gun. the the evidence melts away on that one. so you guys were just talking about all that is going on in the west. another storm pummeling that area, right thousand, and actually end up being one of the next systems, there is several in the pipeline that will head our way. you can see it at the moment. this is decent snowfall intensity across oregon, washington, heavy rain, west of the hundred tane range here at immediate shore and yep, california gets on it again. this storm will eventually roll south east, start to blossom over southern plains and then head our way into next week. there is this guy next one in the pipeline for try night and we still have a storm that is trying to make its exit right thousand. at this point it is still trying continue on tense tie. we may have showers. we are not the seeking much past morning timetable but if you do see a shower or spray that is wide we had rain overnight and continues to make its exit. now january, as in total at
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this point as a month in total has seen decent rainfall. we have had dreary days, a lot of rain to track here from the second right through seventh there was measurable rain that did not amount to much. inly total is still under 2 inches, however, it is still led obviously to quite a bit of dreariness for beginning of the 2017. current temperature in philadelphia is 42. look at how mild just off to the south low to hid 60's from atlanta, charleston, birmingham. we are not talking 60's but we are seeing that warmth spill in as a warm front from yesterday is drawing it north. that will allow clouds to settle in. it is very foggy at this hour outside pleasant valley, hid will and high school. there is a couple of showers rolling through here as well, enough, in monroe county specifically a treeing rain advisory last until 7:00 for that area. rest of us, it is too warm but monroe county specifically freezing rain advisory until for the next say two hours give or take. the mostly cloudy skies but a
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morning shower is still possible. high of five . that is banner of the the tore cast for me. so much milder then average. tonight dropping down to 36 under a couple clouds, and as we look forward not a single will day, either, hit what is typical as daytime highs. very mild right through this stretch. but again a few shots for wet weather down the road, meisha. >> we will take those 50's, thanks for that. good morning everybody. happy hump day to you. we are getting over this hump together. good news this accident right here we have talk about all morning long, cleared, bye-bye , see you later, west conn show who can then accident is clear. we are looking at the vine, that overnight construction project, moving in the west and eastbound side we are looking good, that being said i want to call your attention to the sheen on the roadways letting you know it is wet, with that rain, what does that mean is this it will be slower today, again unfortunately. we have seen brake lights jumping on the schuylkill in the westbound direction, eastbound side, we are looking okay but give yourself extra
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time you will need it this morning. ben franklin bridge let me back out of the way again sheen on the roadways starting to build up a little bit pushing in the westbound direction toward center city. because of that we have 35 miles an hour speed restriction in place for two bridges. betsy ross bridge and commodore barry bridge. heads up. leave your house early. the lease drive carefully. rahel and jim, back over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> on the front page of the burlington county times moorestown school system is opening its doors for students from outside of the district. beginning in september, it will offer a tuition based program, the annual cost will range from 13 you this dollars for kindergarten up to about $15,000 for high schools. district officials say move will generate revenue to fund programs and initiatives. in the advance of the bucks county, lower makefield supervisors approved a land development plan for a 20-acre site that was part of the matrix development along big
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oak road. land calls for building, 62 age restricted town houses on the rot fewer then 165 multi family homes that were originally proposed in the 2006 court settlement. from the trentonian for first time in 31 years trenton 's st. patrick day parade will not march on the streets. the committee attributed the parade's cancellation to rising costs. >> that is sad. >> don't like to hear that. >> no, never. that is a look at newspaper headlines there around the delaware valley. up next, pat's here with sports. >> good morning. good innings isers. yes, feels weird saying that but they have won six of their last eight and they are getting national love. we will tell but that plus a ben simmons update withe maine gis, next up in
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welcome back thanks for starting your day with us here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> patrick's here with sports. >> one sixer is getting
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emotional, i think i made that term up. >> i like that though. >> copy right it or whatever. >> we will see if that works. >> amazing what a superstar can do despite having fourth worst rorrer at 13-26 joel embiid and 76ers are getting national love. their game january 27th against 32-12 houston rocket has been flexed, from seven to 8:00 p.m. and will be moved to espn. some are speculate ago this ben simmons may make his rookie debut. he has people guessing on his page showing a photo on the court with ie -- emoji has been sidelined since the pre season with a broken foot. sixers were at practice getting ready for philadelphia native kyle lowery and raptors in town tonight, and it will not be an easy game for toronto either. sixers won six out of eight and there is a buzz surrounding the team. >> it is a lot better then it was especially when i was here
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these last few years. we have high spirits. guys are getting the job done but at the same time guys have to know it is halfway through the season at this point. there is a lot more basketball and stretches we have to go through. we have to stay mentally focused. >> tomorrow we will know who the nba all-star starters will be and if joel embiid was able to make the list during the last tally, he was 16,000 votes behind kevin love for top three spot the in the east among forwards. the just 25 minutes her game embiid is averaging 20 points and eight rebound. head coach brett the brown says he is deserving. >> how can you not want guys saying are you kidding me. defensively jaw dropping type competitive lays. offensively a menu of skills and a variety of ways to score just look at the numbers. when he is on the court or he isn't, you know, look at just on the impact he has on a team
5:25 am
, how can he not be a legitimate consideration for this game. >> gotti love that accent. curt schilling is on this years hall of fame ballot and today we will learn if he makes to it cooperstown. hall of fame class of 2017 will be announced tonight at 6:00. meanwhile phillies manager pete mackanin, miguel franco, first base man tommy joseph and aaron nola will be at citizens bank park discussing off season and spring training which is just a few weeks away philadelphia flyers would like to forget the last month. they have lost nine out of 11 and fallen out of the playoff spot in the eastern conference they are on a much needed bye week and head coach dave hakstol thinks it can help. >> maybe this break is best thing for us for everybody to get away for a couple of days and be able to come back here friday night, after a short break. it has been, you know, a tough stretch. it is tough mentally. little tough physically.
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maybe the break will clear that. >> golden state warriors will be leaving oakland for san francisco in a few years. they took step one yesterday. the unusual ceremony featured dancing construction equipment , warriors broke ground for their $1 billion privately funded arena the 18,000 seat chase center is set to open up in 2019. >> you know who is always a star of their game, riley curry. >> steph curry's daughter. >> so adorable. hopefully she will headache more appearances. >> what do you think of dancing construction equipment >> at least they have rhythm. >> from your face, jim. >> she thinks i have no rhythm >> you did play the at card beyond. >> i do have some.
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coming up, next half an her of "eyewitness news" a whole new take on a rat race. >> this is very gross, our area apparently topped the list for rodent infestation find out why it is bad here. plus we will have more on the record setting fine philadelphia district attorney seth williams has agreed to pay. and keep your cats at home , why local fast food shops are going plastic only, hi there, katie. rahel we are getting closer to that weekend and things are starting to come into focus how things will play out. i should say saturday should be thighser of the two weekend taste but should stay dry with flashes of sun, however, sunday yet another storm system headaches its arrival and brings more rain to the area by that evening and we have another storm before that even gets here, to tell you about, stay there we will have that on the other
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morning showers will be giving way to some clouds today as we look live at center city. the katie is here to tell us about another mild stretch for temperatures. won't that be nice. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> i pray to god that someone comes forward. >> a mother praying for justice after her son, a solder isru


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