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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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is allowing it to bring in residual showers and still threat of the treeing rain in monroe county specifically. rest of us too warm. see that in the temperatures in a second that freezing rain advisory going now until 7:00 so just about an hour left on this but the temperatures continue to climb looking at localized storm scan snapshot here with our tri-state sweep, there is not a lot of weather to track, guys but we will have a va from the vehicles around the last couple of hours, rolling through, rain across our region. while we are winding down essentially, yeah, it is residual impact aftermath that we find in the wake of the system that leads to trouble spots. forty-four is your magic number there millville to ac back to dover, little bit colder into those suburbs as is typical but just cold enough in monroe county you have to watch for possibility that wet weather could have frozen on contact especially untreated. next couple of hours, more
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cloud then anything here but we should see that sun try to break through before it is all said and done. 53 degrees is our high. well above average. that continues to be, a theme, so while cloud hey linger today tomorrow looks like a fantastic excuse to get outside with more sunshine and still keeping that warmth but keeping in mind there are several storms that we have to dodge in the days ahead and let you know which days bring rain just a little bit later on, meisha. >> i will be outside, no question, thanks very much, katie, good morning, happy wednesday. we are looking at wet roadways slowing you town just ever so slightly. here's 422, taillights moving in the eastbound direction at turnpike both moving in the east and westbound side what you'll be working with. we will see break lights on the eastbound side slowing down that is what we are seeing in most air contracts we are looking at this morning including new jersey. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road to 295, you can see some sheen on the roadways and headlights and taillights,
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and on the windshield and so that is where we get our slow downs from. heads up, we have an accident out there in towamencin valley forge road at allentown road heads up for those in and around that area take it easy, slow, give yourself extra time n letter southford we had an accident here but that has been since cleared so we will move along. we have construction project still out there until how much , long standing 1295 southbound to ramp to route one southbound in trenton new jersey and that is lingering until march 15th. we will have more in the next 15. jim and rahel, back over to you. reward is being offered for an arrest this is the case of the local solder who was brutally beaten. >> it happened after mummers parade on you this careers day "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at south philadelphia where the attack happened, good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. there is a $7,000 reward for any information in this case, austin freeney's mother says this is where he was attack as she says he was targeted
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because he was talk about being in the army and wearing an army jacket. >> it has been a nightmare. i still wake up with nightmares at night. >> reporter: laurie freeney will never forget brutal attack that landed her 19 year-old son in the hospital late night january 1st following the hummers parade, laurie was with her son austin , his brother and girl friend at third and oregon in south philadelphia. austin was on the phone and then mentioned being in the army, he was even wearing his army jacket. that is help she says her solder/son was attacked by a stranger, just after that person made negative remarks about the army. >> i don't understand how in your own country you put town men and women that fight the for you. fight the for your freedom. >> reporter: whori says austin 's attacker was not alone, she says there were eight or nine others watching and some tacked their group before running away. >> just a bunch of boys, i would say there 18 to 20. >> reporter: as the investigation continues the philadelphia crime commission has announced a $7,000 reward
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for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. >> we're outraged by it. here's a fellow who has been training to row tech this country and isn't even safe in his own country. >> reporter: austin continues to recover, he was rush to the hospital that night with multiple injuries, including a broken jaw, and as he, heels physically, whori continues to heel emotionally and hopes that this helps. >> i just hope that someone comes forward that it sets tonight to a path to come forward and headaches them pay for what they did. >> reporter: now austin is back at for the for the bening in georgia recovering from his injuries and set to get a station assignment very soon and that has been delayed, again, there is now a $10,000 reward in this case. anyone with information should call police. we're reporting live from south philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you this back inside to you. in other news this morning a murder suspect is arrested in virginia and await
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extradition to philadelphia. police in nor will foulke found karl howard, curled up in a closet inside of a home yesterday. he had been on the run since september when police say he shot and killed a man on the 3100 block of kensington avenue. developing story this morning, former president george hw bush is hospitalized overnight. we second to learn more later today. officials in houston say the nine two-year old is in stable condition and is expect to be released in a couple days. bush was the nation's oldest living president and suffers from the form of parkinson's disease and uses a wheelchair to get around. 2015 he spent a week in the maine hospital after falling and breaking a bone in his neck. president-elect trump will be back in washington d.c. for events preceding his inauguration. the last night hours after his cabinet nominees faced contentious nomination hearings mr. trump held his first event of the nation's capitol. here's cbs correspondent henna daniels. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump took to the stage
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at preinauguration dinner last night thanking foreign dignitaries in attend answer. >> we have great respect for your countries. >> reporter: praising his cabinet nominees. >> we have put together a team i think the likes of which has never been assembled before. >> reporter: mr. trump's pick for education secretary billion air betsy devos was grilled tuesday on the millions of dollars that she has donated to the republican party, as well as her potential boss's controversial comments on would hen. >> president-elect trump was recorded bragging about kissing, groping, trying to have sex with woman without their consent. if that behavior happened in the school would you consider it a sexual assault. >> yes. >> interior secretary nominee ryan zenke was asked about climate change which the president-elect once called a hoax but later distanced himself from that hoax. >> climate changing man has influenced, i think where there is debate is what that influence is, what can we do
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about it. >> reporter: all eyes will be on georgia congressman tom price today mr. trump's choice to lead the department have of health and human services. vocal obama care opponent introduced legislation that would have benefited a medical device company, days after he invested in it. in a interview with "fox news" the president-elect is down laying plans by some democrats to boycott his inauguration on friday. >> what happens to their tickets? i hope they will give us their tickets. >> reporter: nearly 60 democratic lawmakers say they will skip the event. henna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". end with the inauguration just days away members of the somers point and ocean city police departments are expected to leave for washington for d.c. later today. the extra officers will help met the tro police with crowd control during the event. new jersey officers assisting are very experienced in handling large summer crowd but they say heading down to d.c. will definitely be a first. >> this is our first time going, so we don't know what to expect down there, and
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there is a lot of police across the country going, it is tight security and they are very well organized and -- >> wildwood, middled township and atlantic city are also sending officers to washington stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the inauguration of the president jump, jessica dean will have live reports from the nation's capitol tomorrow and friday, and you can also follow us on line at cbs and on the cbs local app. president obama holds his last news conference today and is expected to face questions about his legacy and allege russian election hacking. yesterday command inner chief stopped by white house briefing room to thank his press secretary josh ernest. and one of the president's bam a's final acts in office commuting sentence of chelsea hang, former u.s. solder who admitted to leaking classified secrets to wikileaks. he was serving 35 years in an all heal army prison in kansas she will be released on hey
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17th. presidential act reduced sentence served but does not change the conviction. technology is changing way we shop, coming up how you can go to the store and buy on line at the very same time. plus they have been standing to offer centuries but now crews are ready to cut down these giant redwood why it is race against time to take them down. look at this little girl stuck inside a chimney, see tran particular rescue and find out how she got there in the first place, when we come back. blank i care what time it is. >> i know what time it is, it is precisely 6:09. we will be back. blank
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"eyewitness news". >> crews in california are scrambling to clean up after severe weather. >> well, timber might be appropriate there that california redwood dated back to the civil war, now it was taken down yesterday, because it was uprooted and threatening home in santa crew s, teams are trying to keep up with landslide. >> if we have a major landslide, there is very few systems that could be able to protect against that anyway. >> they hope a temporary fence can held back landslide more rainy weather is in the california forecast today. snow, freezing rain batters pacific northwest, many drivers have been left stranded along icy roads near
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port rand, oregon. significant ice accumulations have created treacherous road conditions, and ice storm warning remains in effect for parts of the washington state, until tomorrow morning. we also may see rain around here but katie, it looks like it is moving out. >> we have got several additional storms that will work their way through and turn back to the west, that one storm system eventually impacts us too. here's that ice storm warning we were mention ago cross washington state and spilling in oregon here. major issues, continuing for this part of the country from yet another storm system. when we put it out, still a lot of snow, good snowfall intensity too in eastern oregon and washington but very heavy rain, ate immediate coastline too. then there thinks guy within down across eastern texas, the arclatexas and lou san all a meet. and then, another storm that brought in the rain yesterday. it is still trying to exit. because it is intensifying
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leaving it is likely to bring us a left over shower. let's talk snow. another update the here. this winter we have had just over 5 inches, seasonal average for the entire winter is two 2.4. incidently last january that major storm we had, brought us two 2.4 inches interestingly you have this and that is how we ended up with the better part of the total from last year at 27.5. still a lot of winter to get through but we have got even off to a slow start. it is not looking like snow is in our future because it stays too warm. the high only hits 53, or it not only hits 53 but sky rocket past what is normal here for better way to put that. thirty-six the night time low under a couple cloud and then hits keep rolling. tomorrow a great day to get outside, 50's continue right into authentication week but rain comes again friday, late this is day at earliest and then gannon sunday late in the day as well. it could also on friday impact inauguration. we will tell you how it goes.
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>> thanks very much. good morning. so we're talking about that rain, slick roadways we have not all morning long. happy hump day to you. looking at vine bird eye view of the vine at i-95 a slow crawl of the vine and i-95, people jumping out there early , which is a good sign. we have a lot of vehicles and we will get issues. that is what we are seeing here. i-95 south past academy that far right lane is block and with this camera lens zoomed out we have been seeing that backup that is playing in and factor the gaper delay too. for any of you at your home jumping out there give yourself an extra, 20 to 30 minutes right now extra time because you will have brake light in this area then we have another accident involving an injury, chichester avenue near i-95 head up for those in and around this area. we will need to take it the easy. another accident towamencin valley forge road at alley town road giving us a sneak peak, lots more to talk about in a bit but first we will take a quick break, stay where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news" will be right
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welcome back, now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> the quakertown community school board and area residents got their first look at development lance for you this elementary and middle schools this hill forward township. 126-acre cities just off of state route 309 and is part of the 134 million-dollar master
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land, to spread out over 13 years to build two new schools and renovate several others. on the trent page of the reading eagle then none partisan congressional budget office and congress joint committee on taxation tuned that a insurance premiums will sore for millions of americans and 18 million more would be uninsured in just one year if obama carries killed and in the replaced. latest million word readers atco burn elementary school were honored for their achievement, ben depasquale and lay lah williams were presented plaques by brookhaven, bureau council. i love young readers. read, read, read. that is a look at news ape headlines there around the delaware valley. well, a little girl's curiosity gets her stuck in a big way. >> fire fighters were called out to rescue eight year-old there inside a chimney. she climbed up a pole outside the home and either fell down chimney or slid down it, fire tighters knock out bricks and freed her but after 30 minutes
6:20 am
she did only suffer a bruce but do not try that at home. that could have been a lot worse. >> would i freak out i have claustrophobia stuck in the chimney. >> wow. up next e-mail hacked. >> what to look for to protect your information, plus this. shopping at the stores, i'm roxana is a bear i this new york and we will tell you how, technology is changing the
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welcome back everyone our weekend watch, you know as we get closer to the weekend things do tend to come into focus and at this point saturday looks dry right now. cloud granted but we will see sunshine as well, remains mild but by sun take especially toward evening another storm arrives bringing up fresh round of rain, guys. thanks, katie. g mail users is there a new hack specifically targeting you and tech experts say it has been effective. here's how it works. the attacker send you an e-mail using compromised g mail account of someone you know, it includes an image attachment and when you click it, it will open what appears to be a g mail sign in page and it even says accounts dot at the top. but it is a fake. the it opens up with a strange looking url with spaces followed by text to the far
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right. look for that to protect yourself. >> good to know, jim. imagine shopping for your next box of cereals through virtual reality goggles. roxana saberi found out that the future is coming fast. >> reporter: technology may soon change the way clothes are made. this 3-d printer can knit a costume sweater. >> no seems on the sleeves, none on the side body, so there you go. >> you could make in addition to sweaters, can you make hats >> most definitely. >> reporter: winter is made by japanese firm shim a sanki and being used by eileen fisher n2 hours a sweater can be design a printed out. >> it is just one of the hundreds of the innovations un veiled at that the retail federation expo in new york. >> it feels real. >> reporter: ever wanted to see how an appliance will look at your home, augmented gives shoppers a glimpse. retailers are using technology and the company hopes to start offering it in the u.s. real
6:25 am
soon. >> wow, that is a hazing. >> reporter: this virtual reality may change the way we shop. shopper mx device could help retailers tea side where to place products in stores. >> this shows what will capture, consumers attention in the the first three to five seconds. >> reporter: in a few years it might be ready for consumers allowing to shop from the store from the comfort of your living room. >> see how many calories golden grahams are. >> people are shopping on amazon and all of the rest but in virtual reality you have a opportunity to interact with products. >> reporter: that can bring more sales and customers more options. roxanne a saberi for cbs news, new york. i hear way british say goggles it is googles. >> yes. >> well, put down your breakfast, we are about to gross you out, coming up why philadelphia is the most rodent infested, city in the nation. and title we don't necessarily want. president obama will be out of the white house in a
6:26 am
few days so is what next? we will tell you where first family is headed right after the inauguration, what is this >> from planned to reality how likely is president-elect trump's reality of a border walk. i'm chris martinez. we will look closer coming up. all right. we are looking outside another rainy start to your wednesday morning and because of that we are seeing problem spots not to mention speed restriction restrictions and i'll have those updates coming up. we will stay right where you are, c
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good morning are one i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon at 6:29. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. i don't understand how in your own country you put town
6:30 am
men and women that fight for you. >> a reward is being offered in the case of the local solder brutally beaten after the mummers parade. private first class austin freeney was right here in south philadelphia on new years day when he was assaulted. developing right the now former president george hw bush is hospitalized in houston this morning. we're told he is this stable condition. president the obama holds his final news conference. >> in doubt he will be asked about his decision to commute sentence of chelsea manning, former army intelligence analyst serving time for leaking u.s. secrets. >> ♪ >> all right. >> time for a cool down. that is james corden and kate
6:31 am
hudson pushing their fitness to the fitness on the late, late show last night. >> how titting because we were talking early about katie and twins using them like dumbbells. >> yes, yes, indeed. >> that doesn't sound right. >> we're resource full around here. >> but it really works your arms we will put that around carrying around two, 20-pound hugh hands. >> we love them. >> let's put tonight context. but, regardless, guys we turn our focus to weather what we're finding is a generally clearing sky with time here today. we have been dealing with left over damp road and showers and some spritz out there, some drizzle and for hose part this is beginning to wind down, although aftermath from yesterday's warm front passage is still with us. as we look here at visibility readings, classic cloud deck is very low, it is like somebody swiped sky scrapers from frustrates. 2 miles visibility at ac airport but under a hyle in
6:32 am
millville as well as lancaster and seeing these values change the it may come up traveling that you run into a patch of fog and clears out traveling highways. please keep that in mind. rain is winding down, however. we can expect that. the other than spray from the vehicles and left over puddles things are beginning to get better. forty-two at the airport. thirty-three by comparison in mount pocono and calm wind, fog likely to settle in a couple spots here this morning but still also keep in behind if anything else comes threw up in the mountains monday re county specifically on thort it could freeze on contact. take time high hits low to mid 50's from the the shore up to philadelphia and as sun breaks through those clouds certainly well above average for standard here but that is, meisha a theme of the forecast for many days yet to come. >> sound that way, all right, katie, thank you so much. when we have rain we will have slow downs and problem spots because of it. what we're looking at, an
6:33 am
accident on i-95 south past academy right lane was block causing some significant backups. that has moved out, moved off to the shoulder but it is still very slow moving around that area and as we are's talk about it is wet as well. give yourself some extra time. that is not only problem we have, we have this accident as well in syringe field route one state road at rolling road another accident there a lot the of these extent we have been seeing are clearing out tearily quickly. that is good news. they are showing up, on our maps. we have another accident in towamencin valley forge road at allentown road heads up there and construction as well blended in with the accidents we are seeing. 422 westbound between sanatoga and arm and ham are boulevard, left lane block, this will 2:00 p.m. that will linger through our morning rush. because of the wet surface because of the rain we are going to be getting or did have 35-mile an hour speed restriction on two bridges. the betsy ross and commodore
6:34 am
barry bridge. give yourself a couple extra minutes. in the world of the mass transit patco speed line running modified schedule between 9:15 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. so check those on line and leave your homes early, rahel and jim, back over to you. suspected cop killer is under arrest ending a massive manhunt that lasted more than a week. markeith lloyd was in the bandages and white jump suit as he walk late last night. he had minor facial injuries after resisting arrest be, he is accused of gunning town deborah clayton when he tried to arrest him for murder of his pregnant ex-girl friend. he was taken into custody lieutenant clayton's handcuffs >> she risk her life for this community that we love so tear ily and to put her handcuffs, on the bad guy, that she was trying to catch, when she was killed, is just significant, meaningful, to her family. >> reporter: police found lloyd hiding in a house where he was wearing full body arm
6:35 am
or, he had two guns, one had a drum that could hold 100 bullets. a reward is offered this is case of the local solder brutally beaten after the mummers parade. nineteen year-old private first class austin treen i suffered multiple injuries including a broken jaw. his hotter says several people attack her son at third and oregon in south philadelphia. she said it started when someone made a negative remarks to him about being in the army. >> i don't understand how in your own country you you the down men and women that fight for you. that fight for your freedom. >> we're outraged by it. we want to see this case brought to justice. >> reporter: citizens crime commission announced a $7,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and convictions. austin freeney is back at fort bening georgia where he gets medical care for his injuries. d.a. seth williams is hit with the record setting fine for philadelphia's ethics board. $51,000 fine is failure to disclose five sources of income and 89 gifts over a
6:36 am
five-year period. gifts included a $45,000 roof, lane ticket, vacations, suits, watches, williams will also pay city $2,800 the value of the gifts received that were prohibited under the ethics code. >> i think the public can be reassured that the ethics board is doing its job. we are enforcing the public integrity laws and when we find violation there is will be consequences and officials will be held accountable. >> williams issued a statement reading it was wrong to fail to fully and accurately disclose payments and gifts that i received. a pol guys to the people of philadelphia, hard working talented staff of the district attorney's office, my supporters, the friend who supported me and asked nothing in return and most of all to high family who have had to endure unwarranted attacks for my shortcomings. in less than four hours former cabinet nominees will sit down for their, hearings. they included south carolina governor nikki haley, trump's pick for u.n. ambassador,
6:37 am
oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt, who trump pick to lead epa, and georgia congressman tom price, chosen for secretary of health and human services and billion billion air wilbur ross pick for commerce secretary. six other nominees will have hear hearings after the presidential that you go racial. one of the president-elect trump's signature campaign promises was to build a wall along u.s./mexico border. while he still insists on building many experts question would it be effective. cbs correspondent chris martinez takes a closer look at the issue. >> reporter: wire line fencing , 18 feet high stretched along the u.s./ mexico border in san diego but it doesn't always stop people from trying to get through. >> day or night, border patrol agents. >> james neilson showed us where people attempted to cross over or even cut their way through. >> this is not something that has been tried once they are doing this over and offer again. >> you can see cuts here.
6:38 am
>> reporter: that is reality of border barriers according to experts who question president-elect trump's land. >> we will build a wall. >> reporter: somees hates an nearly 2,000-mile long wall along u.s./mexico border could cost $25 billion but mr. trump says it would be less than half that amount. >> mexico in some form will reimburse us. >> reporter: immigration professor manual pastor believes wall would do little to enhance security. >> people have a higher wall, higher ladder. what you need on the border to ensure security is more board patrol agents. >> reporter: even will trump's cabinet pick for home land security agrees. >> physical barrier in and of itself will not dot job but layered defense. >> reporter: agents say manmade barriers can help slow down illegal crossers. >> we have that time to make the apprehension. >> reporter: but they stress more hand power is what is really needed to secure the
6:39 am
border. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our current president is planning a getaway after he passes the for to much president-elect trump. >> president obama, michelle and their two daughters will be traveling to palm spring for a family vacation. they plan to leave, and, it will be president's final trip aboard presidential aircraft. well, coming up, philadelphia company that will no longer accept cash as a form of payment. plus, mice, rats, and, and why they rang us the most rat infested city in america, path the path. good morning, guys, we are leave here at city fitness in fishtown we are rolling out getting ready for another work out because who doesn't like to stay in shape in january. we will talk to this lady right here fabiana1 of the fit es chicks in philly we will tell but it coming up.
6:40 am
>> ♪ um-hmm. >> that helps with energy, jim >> i agree. >> maybe we should start working out. >> i disagree. >> we will work on that we will be right back.
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i need to promote my new busi can make that business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen. welcome back everyone, two college students are thrown over board, during a fishing tournament in georgia. >> and scary moment all captured on camera, lets take
6:44 am
a look. twenty-one year-old hunter bland and connor young were on a boat going 55 miles per hour , when the hydraulic steering system malfunctioned and they are going to both be okay, they were wearing life jackets and had a few bumps and bruises. well, philadelphia's number one. >> but not nothing to brag about. >> national survey shows that the philadelphia area is worst in the country for rodents infestation. bloomberg analysis found one out of every five homes in the philadelphia area reported a rodent problem in the past year which means we dealt with more pestness 2016 then any other major city. sanitation experts say construction is partly to blame. >> it the stirs up the rodent population underground and they need somewhere to go. they come autopsy above and go in our homes and facilities. >> that is why they do it. >> for hand gave homeowners helpful tips to avoid unwanted guests and recommend taking garbage out regularly and
6:45 am
cracks inside and outside your house to tea ter rodents there invading your home and making your home their home. >> speaking of the the rats did you know meisha once had a pet rat. >> i don't know where you were going with that one, jim. >> yes, wait a second. but i did know that. only learned it for first time this morning. >> yes. >> we learn fun facts about our entire team every single day. >> every day is a learning screens. >> it is. >> another tippy would suggest is get two cats and i have in the had a rat problem at my lays. that is helpful. but, one thing that we have been dealing with now is also some rain, when it comes to our weather forecast. it is certainly going to slow you down, pretty much over work we have a lingering shower but more than anything we have this haze, damp out in germantown avenue in chestnut hill sent from phil chapline. you see that halo effect. obvious sign that the rain moves through and wetter then this, according to ed who sent this in from, new jersey. so thanks, guys for sending in
6:46 am
the pictures. let me take you to some of our rainfall amounts, just a short list here a half inch fell in mount laurel where carrie is reporting from john in perkasie about a half this much as well as jenny in cherry hill. looking at area temperatures, it is off to a milder then average start certainly. we are finding 30's and lower 40's. a chillies out there but for january this isn't all that bad. we want to talk warmth. lets look at the what we expect for tail end of the month here western half of the united states, very likely to stay much below average. through the four corners, nevada and a oregon and washington but here on our side very often it is opposite of what is happening out west and that is what we are seeking northeast town in through del marva peninsula and even into virginia expecting much above average temperatures. that is already reflect this is next seven days. so taking a look at storm scan what is up here just way these storms are rolling in here way pattern is setting up will keep us above average, warm pattern here.
6:47 am
system number one is making its exit left over showers this morning. here's next one that comes in late in the day try. here's next one that comes in by sun take. so the train continues and it is interesting that we can see three separate systems that will affect us already on the happen. tomorrow looks like a gem of the the day for late january, mid 50's and sunshine. lease get outside and enjoy that. next system comes in friday. it will be over d.c. right overtime of the inauguration through second half of the day as well. just rain expect. it will be too warm for anything else. the partly sunny skies for your saturday but, working on this every other take plan. on sunday that other storm we were just showing you out west will be finally making its arrival bringing in p.m. rain that will link inner to monday meisha. >> all right, thanks, katie, good morning everyone. happy wednesday, looking outside right the now another accident that we have, now this one particularly is on the schuylkill eastbound before gulph mills. it is pulled off to the shoulder. head up. we were looking at a large piece of debris blocking the
6:48 am
left lane. that has been moved out, it looks like a possible bumper something of that nature. it looks like left lane you are now cleared but you will slow down and it is slowing town because it was blocked by that bumper whatever it was in the roadway. take a look at how many vehicles are out there, we will give yourself at least half an hour in that area. another accident in north wales 309 bethlehem pike at nap road head up around that. you have to give yourself extra time there. in syringe field we have this accident on route one state road at rolling road. another head up there. we have wet roadways we know we will slow down, you have to leave early. plus we have construction as well, we will talk about that in 15 minutes, rahel and jim, back over to you. well, one of the hottest restaurants in our area is taking a step back. >> planning to grab a healthy salad at sweet green bring your credit card or debit card , paper money is in longer good there beginning today all locations will accept plastic, only or the sweet the green app. sweet green has several locationness our area
6:49 am
including 18th and chestnut, washington square west and university city, plus location ness ardmore and king of prussia. and another big step in center city, this one celebrated by a rittenhouse square, signs banning parks on the wall came down yesterday, and original idea was to, one million-dollar rail renovation but critics included philadelphia mayor jim kenney blasting the ban on social media. and long time thousand it is 6:00. and gayle king joins us live with preview. and, i'm a loyal watcher for five years, five full years, gayle. >> we have full trust. >> yes. may i say you have a good taste and may i say once again you are right, hello, rahel. we have a lot coming up. we have latest on former president george hw bush's condition after he was hospitalized, plus charlie will be in the white house
6:50 am
providing room with josh ernest. they have a lot the to talk about including decision to commute chelsea manning's sentence and his advice for incoming press secretary sean spicer. we are taking a look at differences between president-elect trump's current lane and, the one we although as air force one. effort to try to save historic artifacts and louisiana wherever hour, listen to this, is destroying piece of land about the size of a football field. that is huge. those stories and more we will see you at 7:00. jim, did your mouth fall off when you said size of the foot the ball field. >> i was thinking about the plane. do you have a private plane, gayle you really should have one. >> yes, i have a private lane and it is called united, hearn , delta and jet blue. i have a private lane. >> keeping it real, gayle. >> have a great day. >> see you guys. >> prince william, princess kate and prince harry continue their push for mental health awareness. royal trio appeared at a
6:51 am
briefing foreheads together, a campaign that they launched last year during the even, duke of cambridge urge people not to keep quiet and carry on but to speak out when they need help. well, group of young people who live with disabilities are reaching out to help those who cannot help themselves. >> as ukee washington shows us in this weeks story of brotherly love they need help but have the power to make a difference. >> reporter: these young people have serious disabilities but they help the community in their own special way. daunte jones and sarah goldberg have autism and don't always speak. that doesn't stop them there being able to help meals on wheels, in audubon, camden county. >> everybody is working together and everybody is happy, and, you know, just a friendship. >> reporter: with guidance sarah and daunte load packaged meals for delivers i part of the day ram by duran which trains people with autism and other disabilities. >> it gives them on site training as far as coming to an actual work site. >> they have to make sure that
6:52 am
the food is right, safely pack , and then crystal sanders an assistant supervisor drives and walks them to the doors of the senior citizens who need meals. >> we go out and help other people as we help them. >> reporter: sarah and daunte stop and deliver a meal for patricia cross. >> it means a rot. >> reporter: every week a dozen others duran volunteers make the same kind of live is. >> i think more chances that they have to actually be a part of the community, it helps them feel as though that they are part of that community. >> reporter: if you would like to share story of brotherly love contact us through our web site at cbs brotherly. see you tonight i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 eye witt these news. if one of your new years resolution toys get in better shape we could have inspiration you need. >> pat gallen is in fishtown where one woman has used her fitness to turn her life around and her formula for success can help you to the same, hi there, pat. >> good morning, yeah we are at city fitness in fishtown,
6:53 am
beautiful new building and it is january. we have been working out a bit this month and trying to keep you motivated. when i learn about the story of fabiana, this is someone i want to present to the people because you are motivational in your own right. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, you have like a million followers on social media how did you do that. >> well, it started simply by me sharing my story and i feel like he sharing my story has given woman hope. not just women but also men. it is pretty exciting. i love to post my story my journey and share my life because i'm just as normal as everyone else. >> we are showing awesome photos you have been posting on instagram. you turned your life into a business. >> i did, thank god and it is going so well and most exciting thing about it is i love it. i'm extremely passionate. i'm passionate about helping
6:54 am
women become, feel confident and beautiful regardless of what age they are because i feel like we are all entitled to it. once we achieve we can take over the world you are made i had with two kids not always with a six pack. it took work to get there. when did this begin when you jumped in and said i want to be this way. >> you know it started after i had my check child. i was once that overweight mom , married, and i just could not take it anymore. it was then i realized i was this in control of my own life and it is not he then no one else can do anything. turf do it myself. i took charge. it wasn't easy. it wasn't g but it started very, very slow and i started sacrificing the things that i really, you know, that weren't really as healthy that i enjoyed. i started removing them there my life.
6:55 am
once you sack files, it just becomes normal. >> getting in that rhythm. >> that is right. >> people want to work out at home can you show us a move or two that is easy for people to to while sitting at home watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the band are one of my favorite because they are very easy to work with and extremely, and, upper body, and let's go. >> okay. >> we will lean back, like put your arms in the back. >> i will do one. >> and bring your legs here and then we will bring them up , from here and make sure you always want to keep your core tight because having abs doesn't mean you have a strong core. you want to focus on keeping that belly button in. >> i will bring these bands back to the news room we're all doing this, she is come join us and show us thousand use these things.
6:56 am
everybody back on the row tuesdayers on air talent, you get ready she's coming. >> get some bands. >> she says. >> guys, yeah it does work. >> pat, i have done a work out with her with one of my girlfriends, she will have you feeling sore for days, weeks. >> yes. >> fabiana is fabulous, thanks , allow to you bring back the band. we will be right i just got back from best buy and learned that about 50% of people overpay on their cellphone bill. but then a blue shirt reviewed my cellphone plan and saved me $40 dollars a month! did you say $40 dollars a month? that is a lot of money. come into best buy
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where a blue shirt will analyze your cellphone bill and help find a plan that could save you money. stop overpaying, it's easy at best buy.
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6:59 am
well, thanks for joining us, cws this morning is next. >> have a great day.
7:00 am
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