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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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family fleeing just in the nick of time and tonight we are hearing about their escape good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in haddonfield with their story and a look at damage around the area, greg. >> reporter: it really is incredible. right now there is silver lining in all of this, take a look, you can see, the extensive damage, fortunate thing, that all of this home has most damage in our entire region despite that severe weather. second floor you can see just basically gone and the family is inside, saying that they have escaped alive. the storm is gone but sure left its fingerprints behind. this queen village crews removing this tree which damaged two cars. >> all of a sudden we have to figure out how to get to work. >> reporter: at community college of philadelphia, this welcome sign turned into an unwelcome hassle. wind ripping it from its perch >> walk in, and see the thing, wind blowing it, and then wind
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stops, and then just covered me up. >> reporter: then there are homes with major damage. "eyewitness news" first showed you this house monday in aston , delaware county, sideswiped by a fallen tree and owner safe but gone but now her home is conn determined. and it haddonfield, new jersey perhaps the most severe damage >> we heard thousands, we heard cracking noises. >> reporter: owner dave says he and his wife inside their now crushed bedroom. >> all of a sudden we heard the entire tree smashing in the roof of the bedroom. >> reporter: running for their lives the massive tree which sat near corner of the rot, tearing through everything around them. >> we ran out of the bedroom, we saw the tree smashing into the bedroom, behind us, we got to the hallway entire roof caved in. >> reporter: fortunately they got out without a scratch. something out of the movie. >> absolutely, like indiana jones. >> reporter: all night about making plans to salvage your home a lot of insurance work, rebuilding work, engineers, architects.
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>> reporter: tuesday afternoon so very happy to be able to start rebuilding. >> 100 percent lucky, definitely traumatized last night, thankful that my wife and ira live and we realize we got out. >> back here live you can see the extensive tam age of this house, so much work to be done home owner says he is not sure if the home will have to be completely torn town and rebuilt or just the second floor will have to be reconstructed. we are live here from haddonfield, new jersey, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you for that. montgomery county family escape unharmed when a large tree felon their home last night and smash in the roof of this home on the 200 block of concord drive-in up are pottsgrove. the home owner says natalie family heard a large crash and then they all quickly got out of there. >> my wife was inside the upstairs bedroom, and just left the office about 15 seconds before the tree hit and came through the ceiling.
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>> home owner says big tree was one of the two that felon to the property, during the storm. the clean up is also underway at new jersey shore tonight where there was both flooding and beach erosion. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in north wildwood where he has more on the after hat there, cleve. >> reporter: good evening, jessica. somewhat of a normal high tide now after such a extreme storm surge from the nor'easter, that caused flooding as you mentioned and also beach erosion that just here in north wildwood could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. like a liquid chisel, rough surf from a pounding nor'easter carved ten to 15- foot cliffs in the dunes of north wildwood. >> wind and how long it lasted impacted our beach significant ly. as you can see behind me dune system that we have rebuilt just after june of last year it gave us a year of service and did its job last couple days but it took a beating in
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the process. >> reporter: that same wind was gusting above 50 miles an hour, ripped off the sign and part of the roof, at the pennsylvaniaville beyond, in ocean city. >> it was, yes, how long. >> reporter: street flooding was other big issue at the shore, many streets were impassable during the predawn high tide and schools opened up on two hour delays. >> nice to be here. >> reporter: doctor matt took this video monday afternoon when flood water came in so fast that his patients who came in the front door on his third street practice had to leave outside the back. >> it came up quick. >> reporter: how has it affected your business. >> cancelled yesterday, not sure about this afternoon we had to cancel this morning. it is toughen on a regular storm. >> reporter: across west avenue brad kelly was cleaning up the sand and other debris washed up around his house. >> yeah, you want to live on a island you have to put up with some minor inconvenience and that is how i look at this.
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>> reporter: so, speaking with several town officials, throughout the new jersey shore they say there was not widespread flooding into businesses or homes like that storm, this time, last year, when they say it is pretty typical, strong nor'easter. hopefully tomorrow, they won't see nearly as much flooding as they saw this morning. reporting live from north wildwood, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. after wet, windy start to the week storms are moving out , of the area, and lets go over to meteorologist kate bilo in the weather center with an update on that. >> good to have optimistic weather news after a stretch of wet, gray weather for past week or so now. we are finally seeing this system exiting but there are still a few showers across the area tonight. you can see back edge of the the low producing shower activity the especially across south, central new jersey, even snow showers up through poconos, and some nasty wintry mix from portions of maine and canadian maritime province. zooming in you can see showers around the city, stronger in
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persians of new jersey, scattered syringe also back to the west. nothing to be too concerned about outside tonight but you can see this will all move out quickly. 7:00 o'clock it weakens. by eight or 9:00 it is gone. at 11:00 we will track a clearing skies outside as we go through overnight hours. that is good news. peak wind gusts to day no where near as strong as yesterday but we did see gusts up to 35 miles an hour, still a blustery day, temperatures right now in the the 40's but feels like the 30's thanks to the gusty wind, much better news for tomorrow, you will love it, i'll have it with the seven day forecast coming up. >> we will check in a bit. after months of rehab lieutenant with the philadelphia sheriff's office is finally heading home. he was severely injured in an elevator accident at the criminal justice center, and new is there new information into that investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in center city with the details on that, joe. >> reporter: jessica, good evening, lieutenant owens left
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rehab today after spending six months there. he is still in use of the motorized wheelchair and the sky is the limit about his progress but that new lawsuit you referenced is painting a somewhat troubling picture of the state of elevators inside the cjc. two hours after sheriff's lieutenant owens was released from the hospital his attorney , sued the company, that manages the criminal justice center and two elevator corporations. >> it was august 4th when lieutenant owens was critically hurt. he left courthouse on a stretcher. owens elevator catastrophi cally failed and catapulted through the shaft roof. after five months of rehab lieutenant owens thousand uses a motorized wheelchair. >> i feel better then i did then when i first got here. i'm just happy to go home, after all of the sporty got. >> reporter: elevator incident sparked a wave of safety questions, working to uncover what may have went wrong, cbs-3 a avenue in september
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filed open record requests with the state's department of labor and industry. agency has injuries tics over elevator inspections, statewide, and that request was denied. the state wrote those inspection record were now part of the investigation, and could not be released. >> do you feel safe in that building with those elevators? >> as far as i'm concern those elevators are not safe enough for my deputies to go through that door there. >> reporter: lieutenant owens is suing cjc building management firm u.s. facility, and shindler elevator companies and the philadelphia municipal authority. the suit alleged natalie elevator conditions were dangerous at these defective and among list of other problems there was a failure to inspect the l straightors. >> i think that it need to be overhauled. i think they need to have a new ross zest in updating the equipment. those elevators were not safe and that is the reason why the incident happened. >> reporter: well, city of philadelphia said it could not
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comment directly on the suit but tells us all remaining elevators have been examined, cleared, part of the statement read quoting we are working on continuing improvements to the elevators inside building and safety of those who work in and visit the building is absolute top priority. well, contacted today the state department of labor and industry says that they still could not release the record for elevator inspections, we have much more on this story, including what the elevator company's could say. you'll find all that information at cbs live from center city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities say one person is in custody in connection with the violent home invasion in philadelphia's chestnut hill section. a stolen hyundai elantra with ties to the early morning weekend break in has been located. philadelphia police say a armed man entered the home on chestnut hill avenue on saturday through an unlock door before going in the bedroom. man then ordered a heal victim
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to stay in bed while he sexual ly assaulted a female victim in another room. person of interest has not been charged. former pennsylvania congress hand chaka fattah will begin serving his ten year prison event isens tomorrow, fattah was convicted on corruption charge these june, he is appealing. the 60 year-old must surrendered at fci mccain in lieu is run, in western pennsylvania, near the new york border. jurors found fattah took an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan and then used government and non-of the funds to repay it. philadelphia mayor jim kenney has signed legislation that bans employers from asking potential hires to provide their salary history. supporters say that law is a step towards closing the wage gap between men and women. but chamber of commerce and others say it goes too far in dictating how employers can interact with potential workers. mayor kenney says he is confident the law will withstand legal challenges. we have an update tonight on the delaware river bridge closure.
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top official for turnpike commission says today natalie bridge will be closed for at least two weeks. a major crack this is steel beam led to that bridge closure that connects new jersey and pennsylvania turnpikes. as we continue tonight a scam alert for parents in south jersey. >> when we come back what police this camden county want to you look for to avoid getting ripped off. plus... >> possible to put one of these monitors on a infant you could have false alarms and that would unnecessarily cause anxiety, fear in the parent. >> prom toys track your child 's vitellines but do they dot job in local health experts share their concerns and our stephanie stahl will break it down, done ton. worst luck there is on the last day of his first training camp ben simmons breaks his foot. now what. update on the number one pick in the nba draft. we will hear there the head
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a warning from police tonight about a fake letter, that is circulating especially in the pennsauken area. the letter asks for donations for the special education department in camden catholic high school this cherry hill. police say it is a scam. if you get the letter do not give any money and contact the authorities. on the healthwatch tonight concerns about popular device that is monitor vital signs of babies in homes. >> some local doctors and researchers say for healthy babies they are unnecessary and potentially dangerous. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins us now to explain. >> reporter: lots going on this one. babe hoist do need monitoring at home usually get that equipment from doctors. these devices we're talking about are sold on line directly to parents, the makers say that they are not medical devices and they are only designed to rove information to parents. but doctors at children's hospital of philadelphia say they are potentially harmful.
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>> this is a small monitor that is placed on the infant's left foot. >> reporter: chop neo know to go doctor elizabeth say vital sign infant monitors are designed to give peace of mind easy way to make sure infants are okay, except. >> we have no idea whether they are accurate or whether they are reliable. and so that is a huge question that need to be answered. >> reporter: the doctor and researchers from the institute which provided some of this video wrote an article for the journal of the american medical association, and expressing concerns about the monitors, that have become very popular recently. >> they are not held to any f.d.a. regulatory starrard. so we really have no eye tea, how well they do what they are meant to to. >> reporter: device made by a variety of different companies are supposed to monitor things like heart rate, blood oxygen levels and rest celebration. information that is then sent to a cell phone app. >> you could have a lot of false alarm and that would unnecessarily cause anxiety, fear in the parents. >> reporter: she says parents
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who are fine have been hospitalized for observation, because of the monitors, and there is also concern, that they could miss something, giving parents a false sense of security. >> american academy of pediatrics has been fairly consistent in their recommendation that is there is in role for home monitoring , for healthy babies to prevent sids. >> reporter: now we reached out to one of the makers which said it has done extensive product safety testing, has tens of thousands of satisfied and, and families, and to be clear. and monitors. >> and, vital sign monitoring. >> and, new parents, obviously nervous. check with your pediatrician about all this if you have questions. >> all right. >> thanks. >> monitoring that very closely. >> yes. >> yes. >> always think peace of mind is a good thing but causes you unnecessary stress. >> no doubt. >> yes. >> amen to that. >> kate has your forecast. >> it is getting better, that
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is upshot to all this, we do still have a few showers, if you find yourself out and about put your windshield wipers here for next couple of hours don't be shocked but we are getting this system out slowly but surely and we have better weather to look forward to at least sun returning through end of the week. lets go out to our brand new camera atop parkway central library any center city, city is lit up, much quieter night then last night. we height have seen win driven rain but now it is looking good. everything is all lit up, quiet night, beautiful city of philadelphia. thanks, guys for that. beautiful area. and not outside right thousand system pull as way. we have scattered showers, worst of this has pushed up in the canadian maritime province and portions of maine, very back edge with a to light scattered showers, they are a bit stronger over herser county and burlington and ocean counties, few light snow showers in the poconos but this is all making its way off the coast and will wind town
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in the next couple of hours and the sun will return. doppleres hated rainfall over last 48 hours you can see heavier rain over portions of ocean county, hon how the county where we saw, two to two and a half inches of rain. philadelphia we had close to an inch, three-quarters of an inch all told there yesterday into today, and some heavier amounts over an inch near 2 inches in atlantic city but this is moving out. we will have a stretch of dry weather and count are act west weather, and this shows the system continuing to work out tomorrow, high pressure, wedge es in we will get one nice try sunny hield take, tomorrow is beautiful, and i'm hoping it will not end up like last week. to cloud here and there. we were supposed to have nice sunny day, cloud won out. tomorrow sun does win battle. heading in to your thursday we have a cold trent without much with it. few syringe also. you will feel temperatures tropical and wind pick up. wind are strong again tonight,
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tomorrow wind die town almost completely and on thursday they will pick up as colder air moves this and heading through end of the month and start of the february we will see more pieces of that arctic air mass to the thort, shifting to the south, and as well we will this is make any promises of any winter weather it does look like her favorable pattern for winter storm activity to develop heading in the start of february. overnight gradual clearing is chilly, 34 degrees. tomorrow is mostly sunny, mild , pleasant, beautiful take , lots of sun on the way, just knocked temperatures down by ten plus degrees as we head in the weekend and next week but i'm exited to see some sun >> you and i both, come on. >> trade off, isn't there. >> yes. >> we are talking about the sixers. joe joe, big ja and ben simmons trio of injury updates coming your way. sports version of taxi cab confessions see what happens when this cabby realizes who is this the back seat of his
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car, sports coming up
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host clippers in 35 minutes. joel embiid is out with the knee contusion and earlier today jahlil okafor was downgraded he had soreness in his right knee. he had surgery on that knee, back in march. meanwhile, number one overall pick ben simmons got good news today, scan of his right foot shows he is healing well, however, there is no timetable, for his return. really can't wait to coach him. you know, the history with this town, waiting and myself, you know, 25 years old and maybe longer. from a human standpoint, personal standpoint i look forward to coaching him, helping him and teaching him how to have navigate here.
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>> we look forward to it. speaking of forward, always forward, cabdrivers they don't spend time looking in the rear view. focus on the road, not on the past. but, the one cab in washington pick up a group of passengers. they made small talk. they asked driver by the way who his favorite quarterback was, and then, this happened. >> i don't know. >> elway, elway. >> would you know who he was. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> why don't you turnaround. >> how are you to go, man. >> oh, come on, man. oh, come on hand, that is john elway. >> yes. it was john elway, just chilling in the cab. he went on and on, john elway is great, he is this, he is that, he had no idea, that john elway was chilling this is back seat. >> how about that. >> he made good on his word, if i saw him, i would know him he turned around. >> take a picture, take your glasses off by the way, show
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my boys. >> wonder if he asked if he will get tony romo. >> denver, yeah. >> good stuff, thanks. up next, brand new book nooks. >> where these reading spaces are shown off and volunteers who made it
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volunteers are making sure reading can happen every where in the city of philadelphia. >> today in northeast philadelphia the department of prisons accepted new book nooks for visitors lobby of all jails, they are stock with brand new books provided by scholastic, 150 book notes, formatter inn day junior day of service to be distribute add cross city of philadelphia as part of the city wide initiative to boost, literacy. and thanks for watching "eyewitness news", at 6:00 have the we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" tonight help for manufacturing industry, how auto nation could bring jobs back to america, also, more on the nominations for this years academy awards. there new york here thousand is scott pelley, take care tam ly we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president doubles down on a falsehood. mr. trump says millions voted illegally. but officials in 50 states say it didn't happen. >> so i would urge the president to knock this off. >> pelley: also tonight, mr. trump signs off on oil pipelines and presses auto executives for more jobs. a new h.d. satellite. >> greater resolution with a higher speed will allow us to see in real-time storms and events as they're occurring. ♪ i'm reaching for the heights ♪ >> pelley: and the oscar nominations are out. >> i had no idea they hired. >> quite a few women working in the space program. >> pelley: and this year hollywood looks a lot


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