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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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born in brooklyn new york and raised this southern california more shore started acting at 17, and within a year was married and pregnant. she was already divorced, six years later help she got her first big break playing laura petary a wholesome wife on the particular van dyke show. >> it was best fun you could not wait to get to work in the morning and hated to go home. >> reporter: moore married a television execute any of 1962 and they formed mth entrieses, first tr series was mary tyler moore show. >> this is our associate producer mary richard. >> reporter: set in minneapolis it was one of the first prime time rams, to feature a single working woman >> you can start tomorrow. >> well, that is just, wonderful. so long, see you tomorrow. >> reporter: it the lasted for seven seasons and it was a career headachier for the cast who had their own mtm spin off s and also spent time together even decade later. >> it was fantastic.
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a lot of it was tone mary set. she was just wonderful. >> reporter: 1980 audiences saw an unfunny side of more shore. >> you know, she had a poem and she could not come inside. >> buck never would have been in the hospital. >> that is enough. >> reporter: she played an icy grieving mother in the film ordinary people, she won the golden globe and nominated for an oscar but that same year her only son, died from an accidental gunshot. moore had her own struggles with alcoholism and diabetes and devoted much of her time to raising awareness. >> i have struggled with my disease, and confronted its tyranny every day of my life. >> reporter: in 1983 moore re married and continued acting in movies, stage and small screen, often to critical acclaim. her career span more than half century, but she will always be remembered as the girl who turned the world on with her smile. mary tyler moore was beloved by many.
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we caught up with some on the streets of philadelphia today who remembered her, as a real ground breaker. >> well, what sticks with me is how real it all was, for every day, and in my life, and how things were because it was so close it hit home. everything that he did hit home. >> i remember watching the show and it was so avonguard that she was on, she was single, she was working, and, you know, she was just what a personality. >> reporter: the chairman and ceo of cbs corporation leslie moonves released a statement saying mary tyler moore was a once in the generation talent. she will be long remembered as a gifted actress, television pioneer and a role model to so many. cbs has lost one of of the very best, to ever grace our air waves, and our industry, has lost a true legend ape friend. well, on the edge of disaster, residents in one montgomery county community were in for a rude awakening before the sudden the earth gave way. a massive sing hell opened up
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between two homes on brooke road in the glenside area of cheltenham township. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has been at that scene all day, and live with more on the has i have clean up, joe? >> reporter: wells, jessica, good evening. it has been quite busy scene ongoing out the here on brooke road in glenside, right now, this trent end loader is, basically removing the parts of a tree that went town that hole, and then it is going to back fill that hole, with the stone, in the meantime, all of the utility underground, will also have to be, reconstructed >> it is huge. >> reporter: from the air, and here on the ground, there was no cutting its size. >> it is a huge sinkhole in someone's front yard. >> reporter: that huge sinkhole opened up around 4:00 . >> amazing what i saw. never had anything like this happen, like this in the neighborhood before. >> reporter: sidewalks, drive ways, two front lawns in this glenside neighborhood collapsed in the crater. >> my god it is so scary.
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very frightening. >> reporter: home to the right has been up for sale. we are told it is unoccupied but family living here woke up to a loud rumble, and then got moving. >> they had trouble with their door so they were worried about the house. they don't want to go back in the house. >> reporter: it is believed a ruptured 6-inch waterline played some role in storming the giant sinkhole. but with all hand on tech, there every utility, serving the area, there was no time wasted in trying to solve the problem. that started with back filling the hole with cement. >> once we begin to pump concrete in the hole we will get a sense of how deep, how bigot the is and how quickly we can start to stabilize this even more. >> reporter: light pickup truck that was just above the sinkhole caught in the limbs of this tree was eventually pulled out of the hole, and all of this as nervous neighbors watch, closely. >> it is really unsettling to know it has been going on for a while and just the ground
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cave out there underneath. >> reporter: okay. looking back live here on brooke road, of course, most of the neighbors in the middle of the morning when this happened did go off to work. now they are out here observing this very busy clean up, again, it is happening very slowly, in stages, and once they are able to go ahead and back fill that road, then they have to take care of all of the utilities. then that means those customers still without water, and, rebuilding, the gas service lines out here. that is very latest from glenside joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". joe, thank you. dow jones industrial average surpassed the 20,000 mark for the first time. dow jones jumped up 20,000 at opening bell and never looked back. it ended up closing up 155 points, at 20,068. the nasdaq and s and p500 also finished the trading day, sharply higher. president donald trump will make his first trip on air force one, tomorrow. he is coming to philadelphia for the annual republican congressional retreat.
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"eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us in center city. greg, lawmakers rolled in to town earl ter day. >> reporter: that is exactly right there, ukee. right the now annual retreat is being held here at loews hotel in center city on market street as you can see under heavy armed guard. protesters starting to gather, all of the while republicans inside hashing out their plans for this session of congress. turning on to market street, u.s. senators, members of the house of representatives, and their staff arriving at the lo ews for the annual g.o.p. retreat. under heavy guard, congressional republicans, planned to hash out the agenda for coming term now under republican control of the congress and the white house. >> it is great in the beginning of the term like this so we can get on the same page with respect to the agenda. >> reporter: three day joint republican meeting kick off wednesday afternoon, with a closed door luncheon, speaker of the house paul ryan and
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michigan. outside protesters gathered to gain issues that are important >> this is part of my resistance. >> they are concerned over president trump's stance on climate change. >> he shut town all of the information on climate change, and, to me, that is equivalent of, book burning. e limb that iting the facts. >> nearby ruthmoon i want to ensure the republicans plan to appeal affordable care act does not leave millions without health care. >> if they are going to repeal it, i want to replace it, right away, not replace it, not repeal, and then run. >> reporter: not everyone though is protesting. >> i think, that he is going to be here for us. >> some proudly letting the the press in and g.o.p. know of their support.
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i'll tell you how it means the city of philadelphia will not receive federal funding. i'll slain in just about one hour. we're live here in center city , i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". many road closures will be in effect when the president is in town tomorrow. thirteenth from chestnut to market will be closed starting tomorrow morning, and market street from 11th to juniper, and 12th, from chestnut to arch will also be closed, those closures are expected to last through most of the day. and if you take mass transit, septa is also making some changes to the presidential visit, market frankford line trains and city trolleys will not be stopping at 13th street, that station will be closed tomorrow, and septa riders can enter at 11th or 15th, for a full list of service adjustments you can look on cbs back in washington
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president trump is working to make sure he is making good on campaign promises. he focused on voter security, immigration and voter fraud. >> president trump signed an executive order to start building the wall along the mexican border. >> the secretary of home land security, working with myself, and my staff, will begin immediate construction of a border wall. >> reporter: he tells abc's david muir that mexico will pay for the wall eventually. >> the american taxpayer will pay for the wall at first. >> all it is we will be reimbursed from a later date the there whatever transaction we make from mexico. >> reporter: white house is focusing on immigration. >> the president's talked extensively about extreme vet ting. >> reporter: president took executive action restricting immigration from countries that harbor terrorist and wants undocumented immigrants already in america, deported. >> we will restore the popular and successful, secure, communities ram, which will help ice agents target illegal immigrants for rehalf.
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>> reporter: president is also trying to strip, federal funding, from sanctuary cities that shield undocumented immigrants. president trump announced on twitter that he wants to launch a massive investigation into voter fraud, the president told congressional leaders, that he would have won the popular vote if not for three to 5 million illegal votes for hillary clinton. >> i frankly feel very sad, about the president making this claim. i felt sorry for him. i even prayed for him. >> reporter: tells dispute this claim, they say they will launch their own investigation they sent a letter to the election officials in every state, asking for the names of everyone, suspect of voter fraud. the group that runs elections, told cbs news, it is not aware of any evidence, that supports the voter fraud claims, made by president trump. also tonight, the associated rest is reporting mexican president enrique pena nuet theo is considering canceling his trip to washington in response to president trump signing that executive order to start building the wall along the
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mexican board are. outside white house activist are protesting president trump's executive actions to advance a a rolfe of the keystone xl and dakota access oil pipelines. they say pipelines are a threat to the environment and the rights of indigenous people. >> secret service agent is under investigation for misconduct after allegedly suggesting on social media, that she was not defending president trump if someone tried to shoot him. the secret service came to trump's aid several times during the presidential campaign. authorities say that senior agent kerry owe grady made the now deleted post on her personal facebook page. ogrady posted that she supported hillary clinton and would not honor federal law that prevents agents from airing political views. long time pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah is about to spend his first night in prison. and this is a photo of the shot where fattah will begin serving his ten year sentence at a prison in northwestern, pennsylvania. he was convicted on racketeering charges, related to a campaign loan.
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he turned himself in today. actor wesley snipes served three years in the same prison he was released in 203. and coming up on "eyewitness news" the sunnies out, but we are still feeling effects of the nor'easter down the shore some beaches and huge tropical off from the sand right before the ocean. find out what emergency crews are doing to get ready for the next storm at 5:30. some love it, some hate it , but everybody has got to get groceries we have some tricks to make it the easier to get you in and out of the store quickly, tori. >> here's one more elementary, it is a special helper that helped the reading class read a little bit better. >> guys, don't tell them who it is. you have to tune into find out
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a frightening scene in ecuador after a factory slowed ded, sending fire and de price in the air. that explosion was preceded by a stream have flames shooting from the building and then, that huge fireball appeared. fire destroyed three shed after the factory in ecuador and mix of variety of frozen food, and unknown what caused that explosion. we have all been there, you decide to make a quick stop, quick stop at grocery store to pick up just a few things and then get out, and, line and you are just waiting, waiting. >> there could be some ways to
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speed things up. jim donovan, shares some expert advice. >> grocery shopping is a slow process when it comes to the wait at the check out. >> there is so many people, that just hate, standing in line. >> personal finance expert shawnee, says a little strategy can get you through the line faster. the first tip if you have just a few items it may be faster to get in line behind a fellow shopper with the full cart rather than a express line with several shoppers. >> maybe three or four or five of you standing in the line and all of you had five or six or eight items and then just happened to stop and then getting your debit card and checking your receipt and then bagging you. >> reporter: day of the week and time of the take you shop, may be important too. >> if you go on a wednesday, you will, fair a little bet better. >> head to the grocery store at dinner time. >> also people you would normally be competing with, they are home, eating great time to shop. >> kerry saintville says you can speed up the process by,
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lining up grocery for cashier. >> you can turn bar code heading toward the scanner so they are ready to go check you out, you can see, where your bar code is and that you give her the opportunity, to move a little bit faster. >> and if you do get stuck in the long line it is not quite as bad as it seems, researchers say people overestimate the how long they actually wait, by 36 percent. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. there you go, there you go >> um-hmm. >> i woke up, i stopped on the way back home and cup of tea and everybody was, there. >> it does put people in a good mood. >> my goodness. >> they are smiling, yes. >> yes, exactly. >> like la la land i was skipping down the sidewalk, sunnies shining. whole new world. we have got temperatures on your way back down again, it is a trade off, we can have sun, or mild weather at this
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point, most of us would pick sun, cold, offer wet and mild. here's what is going on outside right now, this is a shot from our brand new camera at parkway central library and you can see how beautiful that sunset is. yesterday we didn't see much, a lot of cloud, out there today, completely different story. today did not the disappoint, it was worth the hype and you can see beautiful sunset in the sky there. it is fading, from that light blue to that deep orange, sun looks to have just gone below the buildings, there. another nice looking sunset the at the tophawking junior/ senior school in bern ville where it is still 50 degre temperatures. we are about 15 degrees above average across the entire area today, but that is not going to last much longer. tomorrow we will still be a mild bay but tomorrow is a transition day. it is not going to go feel as warm as cold front moves through the area you can see what is going on nor'easter finally has departed, still producing left over snow in portions of maine but no problems for us. here's front we are talking about. do you see storm producing snow across great lakes and
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this little area of showers, moving through western pennsylvania, down into maryland, and into portions of kentucky and tennessee. that will begin to come through tonight and tomorrow morning. and then we will start to feel wind switch and then pick up tomorrow afternoon. so lets talk about what to expect. temperature wise still above normal, beautiful evening, 52 in the city, 50 in allentown. 38 degrees in mount pocono. tomorrow morning we will wake up to some showers for your morning commute, that is when front comes through, and then cloud will break for some sun but once sun comes out the wind pick up and wind could gust over 30 miles an hour, again tomorrow in the afternoon. here's what it looks like overnight cloud increase, and tomorrow morning, just that thin line of showers, not much , and showers down the shore at 7:00 a.m., northwestern suburbs as well 8:00 a.m. we'll showers in philadelphia, so a little bit of the slow down for morning commute and then sun comes out , through the afternoon, here at 12:00 but wind picks up and watch how wind switches wind tonight are out of the south on you southwest out ahead of the front. tomorrow afternoon by five or six or 7:00 we will see more
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west northwest wind, wind gusting to zero to 35 miles an hour and that is bringing the cold, right back into the philadelphia area. it has been a while since we have been below average. overnight the low 43 degrees, it is above average high for this time of the year, that is how skewed we are above normal tomorrow, cloud, sun, breezy, shower especially in the morning, and we will hit a high of 56 but with the wind picking up it will not feel quite as warm as today and temperatures will drop through the course of the afternoon, and then notice how we start to drop, the mercury, through the even of the week and into the weekend, friday cooler with some sun at 46, and sat take seasonably chilly, 42, full day of sun and 42 is actually still 2 degrees above average. we are not talking brutal arctic cold here. just what it is supposed to feel like. >> appreciate it. so lets go old school, anybody remember the pickle sauce onions on a sesame seed bun, special sauce. >> sold. >> coming up how you can get your hand on a bottle of mcdonald's special sauce, we will tell you, what you need
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to say, to get it for free, don. nick stauskus, aka, and the rest of the sixers smolders hot up next, the reason, why you should add a steady dose of sixers basketball to your tie it. we will be coming right
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breaking news from germantown chopper three is live over a reported animal attack, on the 5800 block of brush road. one person was rush to einstein medical center where we are trying to learn that person's conditions. it is unclear what happened to the animal involved in the attack, more information as it comes into us. don bell, he is joining us now and, there is a dealing. >> there is a dealing. >> there is a feeling. >> it is running through the city. >> i had a feeling. >> you had it for a long time. >> that is fair. >> i'm starting to think we have spent a lot of time together, maybe too much time, we to not plan this. this was not coordinated. lets talk about the feeling in
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the air. public service announce. , sixers are becoming, a thing yeah, i get it, they have been hot trash for three years and you tune them out. well, it is time to tune back in. they have won seven out of nine, excitement is real. >> on the floor for first time , a lob. >> very upbeat right now, it hasn't been this way for a long time. >> reporter: been a long time since there were this much excitement about the innings isers. >> energy, and in the a reen tonight was just amazing. >> i ain't never seen nothing like that. >> the crowd was unbelievable. >> reporter: sixers were dead last in attendance two years ago and now they have fastest growing attendance in the league. the fans are starting to trust the process. >> the parking lot is pack. there is a real energy in the stand. you know, the stand are filled to the ceiling watching these guys. phenomenal the athletes we've got out there and just the general exuberance of not just the crowd but the team itself,
5:26 pm
it is really a lot of fun. >> reporter: sixers have won eight games this month, they won ten all have of last season. they are built around budding superstar joel embiid, and injured rookie ben simmons who is still waiting to make his debut. >> people are excited about the sixers and they should be. what they are doing right now it is pretty good stuff. obviously they are turning corner. they are not all the way there ben simmons hasn't join the team yet. >> i'm a believer natalie sixers will go higher, believe in the process, we are getting better and better. could even be layoffs. >> love it. >> did he say playoffs? he did. sixers in milwaukee tonight, highlights at 11:00. their home game against houston begins friday, nearly sold out. >> i have have to say, people are now talking about it, you know, you hear it more and more. >> that is right. >> is there room on the band wagon. >> plenty of room. >> these guys getting on me because i called them hot trash before but you have to admit they were one of the worst of all time. >> it was rough. >> nice to see them where they
5:27 pm
are right now. >> through thick and thin. >> as far as i can see. >> coming up in the the next half an hour a talk that helped children learn. >> we will show you how, cleve is this. the calm after the storm, beach towns surveying their damage caused by nor'easter i'm cleve bryan coming up how soon until a major replenishment is on the way. a bag of tortilla chips that knows if you are drunk, and calls you a ride? how it works he we come
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with the nor'easter in the rear-view mirror, communities along the jersey shore are getting a better look at beach erosion left behind by the storm and some communities, cliffs of sand have taken over the beach. shore towns are already working to get the beaches back to normal. the the news continues at 5:30 , good, i'm jessica dean.
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i'm ukee washington. new jersey reporter cleve bryan is in ventnor tonight with more on just how bad the erosion is, cleve, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee and jessica. many shore towns like ventnor had to close off their beach access because of dune destruction like here where we see chest high drop off. all this caused by the nor'easter. >> what were round mound are now collapsing cliffs after ventnor's dune system took a hit from the nor'easter this week. >> you can see that we had, 6 feet of that elevation, cut out, by recent storm, it is not a huge damage to our dune system but dune system, can its job. >> reporter: north wildwood where drop off is taller than a basketball rim to ocean city , to ortly beach where walkways look like sky ways. storm surge and wave action caused widespread beach erosion at jersey shore.
5:32 pm
and if you lot the at dunes they were carved out and got the deeper in the dune system. >> reporter: good news for atlantic city and ventnor that nearly, 70-mile beach replenishment that goes from ac to longport is funded and expect to start within months. as they will tell you it is not much fun going to the shore without the beach. >> you know, you can go anywhere else and gamble, but where do you go for a beach and ocean. >> we love the shore, we met, my wife and i met in atlantic city. >> atlantic city has a soft on the in the heart. >> we have faith it will be restored. >> you can see a beautiful night for walking your dog right here, people do use the beach, when weather permits. they don't they exactly when beach replenishment will begin , they are hoping, within weeks, and when it is ton there will be three to 15-foot
5:33 pm
high dunes here. live from ventnor i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" well, prince of wales is releasing a book on climate change, prince charles co authored the book simply titled climate change with an environmentalist and climate scientists. he says natalie beginners guide is an attempt to answer questions and give people basic scientific information on the topic. he hopes readers around the world, especially those in the united states, will take the time to read it. >> it effects what they are and i hope natalie book will find readers, who might wraps be skeptical about the need for decisive action, will nonetheless be willing to keep an open mind. they will be discussing strategy, with president trump
5:34 pm
, tomorrow help he visits the city. chris stigall of talk radio 1210 wpht is joining us from the retreat in center city to talk more about it. thanks so much for being with us, you know, i want to start out with the relation hip between congressional republicans and president trump, because, this is a different scenario then we have seen in the past when a party is in power, and then they have the president in the executive branch. they are not seeing eye to eye what do you make of their relationship right now. >> reporter: funny how winning heels things. you find. it is true though that certainly the speaker of the house paul ryan, not an early trump fan didn't buy in early, but since, we're told they speak, a lot. and this congressional retreat , is supposed to highlight, the fact that they will come together that they share a lot of similar goals now, and things like, border security, things like a stronger tea fence, tax policy , you presume those things will be discussed here this week. and you mentioned some of
5:35 pm
the things, that they, can find some common ground on and move forward with. we just heard speaker ryan saying there is no evidence of voter fraud these claims natalie president is make going that is the reason he lost the popular vote. what do you think about that, in terms of the diversion, if republicans are trying to get focused on these, agenda items then we have this voter fraud thing on the other side and how toss that all come together. >> the remarkable thing about donald trump thus far has been while he will say one thing on twitter and have a lot of the folks in the media like us talking about voter fraud, he is continued to churn out executive action after executive action. he seems to be very capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. so it has been sort of interesting to go watch, media reaction to him verse things he is doing that are not the related to the things we are all talking about. i don't know that it involves congressional republicans so much. he says he is implementing an investigation, i presume that goes through his, the
5:36 pm
department of justice, ultimately run by jeff sessions, so to be the extent that congress would have anything to say about it or to with it, i don't think they have much. >> chris, we are running out of time, thanks for being with us. we will be following events over the next couple of taste. >> sure will, jessica, back to you. keep it right here on "eyewitness news" and cbs we will have continuing coverage of the president trump's visit to philadelphia tomorrow. a former surgeon general was in philadelphia today, to speak at, medicine to take part in the workshop. they have learned about ultrasound and electro cardio gram machines, cpr and practiced discussions on bone health.
5:37 pm
and, they did these workshops inspired students to pursue, careers in health care. meanwhile a group of students from chester community charter school is taking their, love of legos, to new heights. >> in our einstein health care report tonight kate bilo tells is that the the students just want a robot building competent thetition. >> this is all of the culmination, of months of hard work. >> reporter: playing with legos, taken to a new level. you're looking at the bionic beast, a group of science students at chester community charter school. they just won big at regional first lego league competition. so first lays in robot performance, and second overall from mechanic designs this year theme, is animal allies. >> our direction, was, identify a problem, that happens between, animals and humans when we interact. identify your faux and then fold them. >> their award winning project focused on a playhouse for cats. so far, the project is working >> the cat how's recollect or
5:38 pm
anything like that, yes. >> of course, students enjoyed building with legos, who wouldn't. but being a part of the science team is a great learning experience. >> what drew me is engineering part, because, my goal here was to build a robot, and i built robot from scratch and when they said we will why going to use it i was so happy i was like my baby, is switching. >> science. >> like when we get into it, like it is stuff that should be so amazed by. >> reporter: team now moves on to the regional championship at university of pennsylvania, and teams from all across the area will compete, we wish them luck. from einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist kate bilo. >> yeah, good luck family. good luck. pope francis firing a church official and all over handing out birth control. you might be surprised at who was on which side of the issue we will have details in less than ten minutes. running for their lives, hit show hunted moves to wednesday night if you missed the preview, we will fill you in on what it is all about.
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>> frito lay introducing a special bag for its tostios's. >> it has sensors that can sense small traces of alcohol. if alcohol is deal ticketed the front of bag will turn red and users can tap their smartphones on the bag to call an uber. mcdonald's giving away 10,000 free bottles of its special sauce tomorrow. now the give away is all part of a promotion top introduce to new big mac sizes the grand mac and the junior mac. in order to snag one, customers have to say they're the big -- there's a big mac for that. only select locations are
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participating in the give away while supplies last. >> how about this. bag though. >> that's wild. that's wild. >> that's crazy. >> just put your phone on it. >> technology. >> i'm telling you. a dog who helps children learn how to read. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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♪ oh, it'[car horns]y... ♪ [angry shouting] excuse me! [storm siren] when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like traffic, crime, natural hazards, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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>> pope francis takes swift action against the lead of aonian and comment catholic order. a spokesperson for the knights of malt tam says the pope requested and accepted the resignation. he worked with charities that handed out condoms to the poor. pope francis opposed that firing and supported the distribution of the condoms the. the pope has now appointed a commission to investigate. well, tonight cbs's new competition series hunted returns with app special two hour episode. >> the show challenges teams to go on the run as fugitives while an elite group of investigators is on their trail. >> we got to get out of this city as soon as possible. >> i think we can do it. >> i think people that doubt that we can do at this time but i really think we got thi this. >> ♪ >> team heads up. we have two more citizens who are now considered fugitives.
5:47 pm
>> our rahel solomon spoke with the show's lead investigator robert clark and executive produce fer laura silva about what viewers can expect. >> week to week and almost moment to moment a lot of excitement thrill sitting on the end of their seats and asking themselves throughout each episode could i be a fugitive, could i be on the run for 28 days, do i have the skills and the mental wherewithal to compete for a $250,000 prize while being chased by the very best of the very best. >> what do you think the biggest challenge is. >> the big chest challenge is going to be disconnecting from your life, from technology intimate social circles your circle of trust over al 28 day period of time to disconnect completely from all of those things because we're just so used to being connected to our smartphones, our e-mail, social media, friends and family. >> you got to go dark. >> yeah. >> that's the only way to get
5:48 pm
through. hunted moves to wednesday nights. catch a new episode tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs3. >> i wanted to put out an apb for the sun but we found it for a little while. >> i got some tweets today what is this strange looking ball in the sky. should we look at it. that was the sun making a comeback. today was only the second sunniest day of the month. today made up for at this time. what a beautiful day to get outside. one spot active today the poconos. plenty of snow on the slopes. a great day to break out the skis or snowboard and head up to jack fros jack frost/big bouo it's a nice it night to be outside. not too cold. don't need the heavy parkas just a fleece or maybe a hat and you'll be fine out on the slopes tonight. our eyewitness weather watchers love this day and we got some great photos from them t you can see temperatures still in the low 50's but i want to show you a couple pictures i really like
5:49 pm
today. this one tra wayne hunter showing a red shouldered hawk looking for breakfast. i love this one. ed connor i imagine he says three ladies out for a stroll maybe heading out for a stroll. just a beautiful day there and things looking good. i like this one, too. john jenkins says traffic jam at the car wash. everybody is lining up to get their car washed on day like today. we don't have any rain snow or ice in the forecast to worry about. here's what we do have. a cold front moving in from the west. that system moving through the great lakes right now. front moving through western pennsylvania and and into the deep south. not a ton with it just a few scattered showers here and there. it will get here by early tomorrow morning and produce the threat for a couple of showers for your morning commute. here's what it looks like. future weather again showing where that front right now. as we head through the overnight hours it gets al little bit closer. not a lot of moisture with it. it may enhance a bit as it heads towards the coast.
5:50 pm
7:00 a.m. you may see scattered showers for the morning commute in philadelphia. that moves out quickly and we've got sunshine returning in the afternoon but as the colder air starts to move in that behind that front winds will pick up out of the north and west and tomorrow will be a blustery afternoon and much cold air on the way friday. you can see the lake effect snow showers as that will colder air moves over the comparatively warmer lake waters possibly even a flurry getting into parts of our area friday although most of us won't see that. we'll just feel a little colder. here's the average high. around 40. we were well above in today. we'll be well above that tomorrow as well. then we start to drop. still above average by a few degrees friday. right around the norm saturday and sunday and by monday we go below average for the first time in quite awhile f here's your late week cool down. you can see that bubble of cold air starts move in on friday. still cold saturday into sunday but this drop a little bit further down this jet treatment to our south monday. that's the coldest day in the
5:51 pm
seven-day forecast. a look at your overnight outlook. 43 degrees a stray shower overnight intoly tomorrow morning then clouds and sun turning breezy in the afternoon. your thursday high still 46 degrees. low 40's this weekend, still seasonable t monday and tuesday chilly but notice whatly a quiet stretch of sunshine we've got to look forward to. ukee and jessica, back to you. >> kate thank you the. a special reading program in north wales is giving elementary school students a boost in confidence. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill shows us app special guest a making it possible. >> reporter: it's just another day at school for luke a certified therapy dog who makes monthly visits tom gwen noor elementary school. along with his owner eli flick and reading specialist misses tara bryn. they make stop after stop picking up students for relaxed reading time. this program started a few years ago.
5:52 pm
>> eli came in to dom a little lesson on a book we had read in third grade about a visiting dog. we thought what better experience for the kids in my third grade class and the other classes to meet a real life visiting therapy dog. >> sometimes miley doesn't do what brown tells her to do. >> reporter: luke and the program have been a hit ever since. >> it really builds their confidence as readers because they all work so hard. >> there's been a number of studies that have been done that that show that kids read to therapy animals including dogs. dollar much better in their testing. oftentimes they're showing him pictures, they're pointing the words out to him. most of the time luke is fast asleep. >> reporter: some of these kids have been reading with luke since the first grade. now al little older in fourth and fifth he's become the friend that lets them just be themselves and be heard. >> he listens to whatever you say. >> he probably likes the sound of people reading to him. >> when i read to luke, he's not -- he doesn't like say
5:53 pm
when i get stuff wrong. >> twenty three like wants to kiss me since i foster. >> reporter: could you think of one word to describe luke, what word would you pick? >> cuddly. >> greatly. >> calm. >> i think he just likes to relax and sleep. [laughter] >> he does. he loves to sleep. in addition to bringing so much joy to the students you should also know that the teach terse love luke, too. i saw a few of them peeping their heads through the classroom door there will but luke does really amazing things for those students. >> isn't it amazing how animals can draw that out. >> so many good feelings. >> luke, love it. >> luke is the man. >> or the top dog. >> top dog. >> thank you vittoria. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" the art of the cart. the important work these volunteers do. >> and why it's so helpful for them and the others. it's this week's story of
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
in today's story of brotherly love a, tradition in cherry hill. >> a food pantry welcomes a group of volunteers getting lessons in job skills, and then kindness. >> turkey. >> at cherry hill food pantry clients are treated like valued, customers. >> it is a pleasant experience >> it starts at trent door where raymon serves as doorman >> because, i like to help. >> right over here. >> it extend all the way to the cars where buyers get help loading groceries there
5:58 pm
volunteers. >> or remarkable. >> reporter: these volunteers have developmental delays, they are part of an adult job program through bancroft, explaining their coaching supervisor matt roach. >> every thursday is their favorite take. they are working with communities. speaking with people. they are learning how to die specific job. >> i like to help bringing groceries out and in the store , or. >> even if you ask them to carry a bag. >> reporter: bank croft volunteers have become well men for their kindness and their skills hoping some of the 500 clients who come through the food pantry every month. >> they are people, just like me and you. >> makes me have a if conscious and tell my parents about it, and they are very proud. >> reporter: and food pantry, almost lost this team when another job, but in the end they were able to stay and keep lifting the load. >> just like me and you.
5:59 pm
>> if would you like to tell your story of brotherly love go to cbs that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now preparing for the president, greg? >> reporter: president trump expected to arrive here tomorrow in philadelphia, and already preparations are underway, in center city. i'm greg argos with the executive order he just signed and how it could affect how federal funding is coming into our city. living on the edge, home teethers dangerously close to a huge sinkhole in montgomery county. the reason it opened up and what it looked like before the ground caved in. and a recruitment revamped for the philadelphia police department, the changes that have been made, and how they are working. kate? it has been a beautiful, mild day to day but cooler air is moving in as early as tonight, i'll tell you how much cooler it will get and whether the sun sticks with us , "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
6:00 o'clock straight up. here's is what happening. top republicans are in town members of the g.o.p. arrived in philadelphia a head of the president's visit tomorrow security is tight, with president trump expected here tomorrow morning. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with what we can expect from the g.o.p. retreat, greg. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. we can expect two very different scenes, outside one of the roadblocks and you can see right here behind me some protesters, but inside lawmakers will be advertise cussing everything from immigration to health care reform. it is not exactly the g.o.p. convention but wednesday morning under heavy armed guard most of our country's republican leadership arrived at loews hotel in market street for 2017 congress of the tomorrow, g.o.p. retreat. >> it is right at the beginning of the term like this so we can get on the same


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