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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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city of brotherly love and sisterly affection but outside those opposed to the president made their voices heard. tonight, his comments about the city sparking a response from mayor jim kenney. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage for you tonight, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has been following protests all day but we will begin with greg argos with more on what the president had to say, greg well, jessica it was a very quick, trip here to philadelphia. for president trump. he was in town for just about three hours, spending most have the time at least hotel about a block away from the area meeting with congressional republicans. he made a speech which included a change to an immigration policy which could affect each and every philadelphian. >> the forty-fifth president motorcade, went through center city. after arriving loews hotel to dress top republicans for the annual g.o.p. retreat.
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>> great to be in philadelphia i went to school in philadelphia. >> reporter: president trump mentioning his election day win in pennsylvania. >> there is no path to victory for trump in pennsylvania. except, we won. >> reporter: trump laying out his plan for what he wants to see accomplished in congress, including appealing and replacing affordable care act, renegotiating foreign trade teams he thinks hurts american workers and bolstering national and border security. >> the immediate the removal of criminal aliens. they will be gone, fast. and finally, at long last, cracking town on sanctuary cities. >> reporter: philadelphia is one of the 300 sanctuary cities in the u.s. places where local governments do not report illegal immigrants to immigration officials for non- violent crimes and president trump says he intends to strip federal funding from such places. >> it is time to restore civil rights of americans, to
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protect their jobs, their hopes, their dreams for a much better future. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney says he plans to peel any efforts to appeal any effort of federal fund coming to philadelphia. already now president trump taking action, just yesterday, signing an executive order, which would restrict, sanctuary cities from receiving federal funding, right now, it is unclear how much honey philadelphia could potentially lose. we are live here in center city, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. president trump's assessment of philadelphia's crime rate is drawing criticism. the president said this at the retreat to take. >> just look at the 30 largest cities, in the last year alone the murder rate has increased by an estimated 14 percent. here in philadelphia, the murder rate, has been steady, i mean just terribly increasing. and then you look at chicago, what is going on in chicago?
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>> that is why we will continue to stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. >> according to the philadelphia police department 's crime statistics, posted on their web site so far this year there have been 27 murders, that date ace updated through january 25th, that is 37 percent increase in homicide as compared to this time last year n2016 there were 277 murders in philadelphia, down from three from 2015 when they were 280. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney responded to president trump's comments in the statement saying in part our homicides are in fact, slowly declining and while we are not satisfied with even our current numbers, we are handicapped by republican refusal to inact any kind of common sense gun control and by their obsession with turning our police officers into ice agents. protesters hit the streets today in center city as president trump came to town. police and law enforcement responded with a big presence and "eyewitness news" reporter
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joe holden is live in center city with that piece of the coverage, joe. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. protesters continue to hold street corner here at 11th and market. there is also another protest going on down toward city hall members of the philadelphia police department continue to hold this secret service perimeter until all of the dip hates are out of town. speaking of dip hates we have been able to confirm the british prime minister ran into some traffic and that created a significant police presence to try to get her. and, thousands of demonstrators, taking over center city streets. >> we don't need no peace. >> reporter: their march was peaceful their sights set on one hand president donald trump. >> it is important to be here. the hand is not qualified for the job. >> reporter: for philadelphia police a constantly evolving play book on how to respond. >> we have a long day, ahead of us, so we will see what
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happens loews. >> commissioner ross is referring to the hotel home of the g.o.p. retreat and president trump's afternoon speech. protesters were held about a block from the hotel, perimeter blocked by two traffic trucks. this man briefly challenge police on being kept so far away, protesters promised a continued presence. >> kind of let everybody know that this is in the just a one day thing, a one week thing but it is actually until he is out of office. >> reporter: few blocks west at 17th and jfk a massive police response. a captain told cbs-3 that protesters tried to breach the melon building, locked doors kept them out. this man, donald trump supporter said he came down to observe thousands protesting the president. he is not worried. >> it will be the same. he will help people, go back to work and all that. i don't know i have throwing bad to say about the guy, let him do his job.
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>> reporter: we're back live here at 11th and market where again protesters are in the middle of the street, traffic across center city is crippled because mostly all of this, and trying to get various diplomates out of town. latest stats for philadelphia police no arrests, no citations connected to these demonstrations. live from center city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". supporters of the president trump waved at presidential motorcade as it arrived back at philadelphia international airport this afternoon. the president then made the quick flight back to joint base andrews and back in washington tonight. >> be sure to stay tuned for "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, he will have much more from president trump's visit to philadelphia, it is coming up at 6:30 right here after we sign off. taking a look now at the weather, a windy day, it is turning into a blustery night, meet the role goodies kate bilo is in the weather center tracking changes, kate. >> it is definitely getting colder outside as we speak, the wind has died down a bit, but it is going to stay strong
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through tonight and into the weekend as well, not 40 to 50 miles an hour gusts like we felt today but strong enough to make it feel five to 10 degrees colder then thermometer will indicate. cold northwest wind, moving over great lakes we have scattered snow showers across much of the new york state and western pennsylvania. that is tonight. an indication natalie colder air is here and it will be here for a while. wind are still strong, wind advisory has expired but we have a 37-mile an hour gusts reported at this hour in wilmington. the gusts to 29 in philadelphia. 30 miles an hour in lancaster. still 29 miles an her gusts in dover. so definite the liz still blustery outside tonight, not as bad as it was earlier when winds gusting between 45 and 50 miles an hour in many spots , all across the region. temperatures have dropped as well, so again, expect gusty wind through the rest of this evening, tonight will feel like the 20's, temperatures dropping back to the the 30's. wind stay strong. cold start to your friday morning and it does stay windy , cool, for your friday, does that last through weekend though, i'll tell but that and
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as we head into next week another chance for possibly some snow, i'll tell you when coming up, ukee. thanks, kate. new jersey state police investigators are still following leads to figure out the source of a dumbbell that smashed through a driver's windshield earlier this month. they tweeted an update to daze that read quote detectives have not discovered any evidence that indicates that this was a deliberate act. investigation continues. seven five-year old jack decarlo was driving along the new jersey turnpike in salem county on january 9th when the 509-pound weight hit him in the head. he died tuesday night. the victim's wife who was in the passenger seat suffered minor injuries. brandon bostian, engineer involved in the may 2015 amtrak derailment the is suing the rail company. he claims amtrak failed to address reports that people were throwing projectiles at trains. in the lawsuit boston said -- bostian was left disoriented and unconscious when something struck his train. federal investigators say
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nothing hit the train and bostian was distract. eight people died in that crash and more than 200 others were hurt. toxicology results were released for engineer at control of another amtrak train that crashed in chester last year. national transportation safety board report reveals the engineer tested positive for marijuana and opioids. april 3rd amtrak train 89 collided with a backhoe on the track. two amtrak employees on the ground were killed. forty-one train passengers were hurt, in the report federal investigators also cited a lacks safety culture that they believe contributed to the crash. a bucks county judge ordered a new trial for death row inmate, alfonso sanchez was quick of murder in the 2007 shooting deaths of lisa diaz and menendez thomas in warminster. both victims died of gunshots to the head inside a street road apartment. authorities say natalie crime was drug-related and an appeals court ruled that prosecutors failed to turn over lab reports of dna
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testing to sanchez's defense team. as a result the district attorney's office requested a new trial. police are investigating how two pit bulls got out of their owners home and attack a 96 year-old in philadelphia's germantown section. police say witnesses found the victim being attacked on 5800 block of rush road just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. that woman had severe bike injuries to her, right eye and face. her condition is unknown. millions of americans struggle with their weight the but that may in the be their only battle, when we come back factor that could increase their risk for health problems and study was done right here in philadelphia. and this massive montgomery county sinkhole may natalie headlines, tonight an update honorary pair efforts and what may have caused the ground to open up, ton ton. flyers to something for the first time in a month and a half and it is a good thing we have latest on the fly guys and their game tonight, against toronto, that is late inner sports.
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a priest ace pol guying after sharing a meme mocking quote fat women who participated in saturday's march in washington d.c. >> reverend patrick mcdowell says he impulsively shared me me showing overweight marchers with the caption in one day trump got more fat woman walking then michelle obama did in eight years. seventy-four year-old said at 5-foot six, 230-pound he was not in the position to criticize people who were overweight. obese people faced increased health risks when they are subjected to fat shaping according to new research from the university of pennsylvania. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on the study released to take. >> reporter: it was released today. millions of americans struggle with their weight, it is men to increase their risk for things like diabetes and heart disease, well, this new
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research ace fat shaping can also, increase, those risks. researchers from penn medicine say obese people are stereotyped as being lazy, un attractive and to blame for their excess weight. according to a new study the shame they feel can increase risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease. >> when people are exposed to messages of blame, shame because of their weight and internalized them that may create risk for poor mental and physical health. >> reporter: rebecca pearl at penn center for weight and eating disorders did research with 159 obese people, they worked with a weight bias internal says scale which is when people believe, negative stereotypes. >> we found that people who had the highest weight bias internal says scores had three times greater odd of having metabolic syndrome and six times greater odds of having, high triglycerides. >> reporter: researchers say those health risks were above and beyond those associated
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with obesity and that when people feel shame because of their weight they are more likely to avoid exercise and consume more calories, to cope with the stress. >> it is important, for example when providers are discussing weight with their patients to be sensitive to this issue. >> reporter: penn researchers say body shaping is a widespread problem, often seen in cyber bullying and comments hade, about celebrities. that research was public in the journal of the obesity society. >> interesting study. >> thanks, stephanie. residents in cheltenham township, montgomery county are still without water tonight the after a has i have sinkhole opened up. >> this was the scene this morning. crews saved a white truck sitting dangerously close to the tip of the sinkhole. the large sinkhole swallowed sidewalks, and front yard, and pennsylvania aqua is urging, residents to boil water until further notice. derrick pits from the franklin institute say sing held like these are caused by limestone dissolves and that causes land to collapse. >> look at that shot.
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kate joins us with our forecast and that nor'easter has been gone but it left behind some win. >> win moving in, today was thanks to the cold front that blasted across the region you may have noticed showers, a glummy, damp start to the day, but this cold front didn't have a ton of moisture with it but it kicked up the wind machine. >> sure did. >> turn on those win machines this afternoon and winds gust afternoon. now natalie sun has come down we have seen winds come down a little bit but will still stay blustery breezy, brisk and chilly right into the weekend. we will go to bethlehem where flags are flying there in the hotel bet ham. i use that for my barometer for how windy it is outside. even though wind advisory was no longer in effect and never was for areas off to the north this far it will be a blustery night and witt will make it feel colder when you wake up tomorrow morning. storm scan three shows another impact of the strong wind, lake effect snow showers, come down wind from the great lakes and you can see from
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binghamton down toward scranton wilkes barre we have light snow showers moving through this evening, most of our area will be spared, these will in the travel quite that far, but in the far north and west suburbs a stray sprinkle will or brief snow shower or squall cannot be ruled out. the wind are strong and carrying that moisture right along with them. the as far as, temperatures are concerned it is cooler, then it was last night, still not bad, we're not feeling the full cool down, until we will get through overnight the hours and into tomorrow. still sitting at 47 in philadelphia, 44 allentown. 45 degrees in millville. but we did add another rain drop to our calendar out identify today, inly total 3.06 inches but with that rain that came down this morning more green then blue on the calendar so far. it does look like at least end of the january will stay without a rain drop, it will stay try through next several days but as we head into next week we are tracking chance for perhaps some snow. typical january chill as we head toward weekend, windy, cooler for your friday, saturday dry as well thanks to high pressure in control,
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breezy, chilly with high in the 40's. the sunday a to more cloud, less wind, high in the mid 40 's and note thinks front coming through that will knock temperatures back yet again replenishing cold early next week. so talk about your wind tonight 15 to 20 miles an hour , tomorrow, when sun comes out it heat up ground causing more imbalance as air starts moving more. wind will speed up through the afternoon in the next couple of days. ten to 20 with gusts up to 30. sat the day till that brisk west win at 15 miles an hour. when we wake up tomorrow morning it will feel colder then it has been. low to mid 20's in the afternoon, in the feeling any better than 30's and same story sat take wake up feels like temperatures in the the 20's and afternoon teams like temperatures once again only in the middle 30's, despite the highs in the 40's. overnight, blustery, a few clouds, 35 degrees, tomorrow mix of sun and clouds another windy day and stays dry through the end of the january but as we head into the first day of february, kick off that month on wednesday with a chance for some snow.
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the it looks like a weak clip per system but they come through and could produce snow , depend on the timing, we will keep an eye on that still way in the the distance something to watch for start of the february and then ground hogs, that is something to watch. >> oh, phil. >> don't let me down, phil. >> yes, come on, dude. >> early spring around here. >> thanks, kate good don's up next with sports. >> thanks, guys. >> big five hall of fame puts a you this class we will tell you who is going in. flyers looking to go in the all-star break on a high note, can they make it three in a row in sorts up next.
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flyers on the ice and they are trying to get something started and going here. >> yes. >> it has been a while. >> like in your inner thoughts because that is what they are talking about. can this is win ten without win three, in 35 minutes, flyers will look to extend their modest winning streak when they help toronto happy he will leaves. last night goalie steve mason pitched a shut out against
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rangers at the garden, orange and black with consecutive wins for first time in six weeks. mason says it is something natalie team can build on, after that rough stretch. >> you though, we have had two games here this is last couple taste on the road, against two goal hockey clubs and to come away with the four points, it is something to build off. >> we have to focus shift by shift. you cannot jump ahead. toronto is a great team, been playing really well. we cannot look past them. we have to make sure we are ready. >> seven new members of the big five hall on fame, jameer nelson, abraham jabber, lynn greer, randy foy, george grabbling and bill lion. ceremony is on april 17th at the palestra. will the big fellow make it to the big easy? nba all-star game reserves will be announced tonight, coaches have the final say, who knows, if joel embiid makes the team maybe, he can raise the cat. >> oh, to you didn't.
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>> we went there. >> it is a thing, people, go with it, #raise the tag. go put it in, instagram, whatever entertain yourself. from raising the cat, to tiger on the prowl, do you see what we did there, farmer insurance open at torey pines, tiger woods with his first tour event since august of 2015, 14th hole, lifts out, and i miss that had face. >> i do. >> he is so disgusted. then on the 15th, still thinking about that putt, yanks that one into the crowd. not where you want to be. right now he is four over through five holes and you can see last two round of the tournament this weekend here on cbs. hopefully, tiger will be there >> it is good to see him back though. >> good to see him back. >> still has that look. >> that face though. >> yes. >> he is a competitor. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. when we come back a baby hippo in a baby pool but this isn't all fun and games. >> where this adorable an hall is receiving a around the clock care and why when we come
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vittoria woodill enjoy good food and fun in the spot called writers block rehab. meet man behind the restaurant with the quirky name and see how it was inspired by the writings of his favorite authors, and his world travels that is it this on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. well, premature baby hippo born at is that the i zoo is receiving around the clock care. >> that hippo was born six
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weeks early, she wasn't expect until march, now she ways ace 29-pound and too weak to stand so she spent time in the pool with the help of the zoo keepers and that will help her build muscles and maintain, optimal body temperature. >> um, um. >> water therapy is a hazing. >> yes. >> everybody, everything, every animal, all creatures. >> that is great. well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" and tonight tensions over border wall, mexico's president cancels a meeting with the united states, while the white house proposes a tax on mexican goods to pay for the wall. plus a report from the border as residents and local leaders weigh in. >> from new york here's scott pelley, take care tamly we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the battle over the wall. the white house seemed to call for attacks on mexican imports to pay for it before walking it back today. and the president of mexico canceled his summit meeting with president trump. >> unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. >> pelley: also tonight, the view from the border. >> can you imagine having a city with a huge wall there? it's not very inviting. >> i think it failed austin callaway every possible way a police department can fail a citizen. >> pelley: an apology for an unspeakable crime nearly eight decades later. and she made us


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