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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 1, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. sunny, breezy but katie says its will get blustery plus she's tracking weekend snow. and, good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to get your day started in our morning minute. narcotics officers received information that there was going to be an abduction. >> acting object that tip, officers in place and saw entire abduction unfold so they acted quickly to rescue this young woman. search is on for four men caught on tape attacking a man
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in south philadelphia. >> i'm keeping another promise , to the american people, pie nominating, judge neil gorsuch. >> speculation is over, president trump interest tuesdayed his nominee to the supreme court. >> this nominee to the supreme court is the worst nightmare. >> there can't be anymore of these executive order. >> he has got more. >> is this your donald trump impression. >> i thought this is how men trust now. >> the president sets mens fashion and this is i saw inauguration super long tie, dead animal on hood, boom. >> i still don't understand the super long tie thing, someone needs to work on that, i don't know. >> the tie, there is a certain length. >> two great forces collide.
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katie fehlinger, hi, katie. >> i like. that thanks, guys. we are expecting a quiet pattern to see how weather will cooperate or not. generally i think it is very cooperative in terms of what is going to to in terms of the impact. it will be a cold couple taste , although today isn't terribly harsh. i'll slain. first and foremost see what is going on storm scan. you can see movement of the cloud. priest is noticeable on the sky deck, and we are getting shaking camera action here too because of the wind blowing that camera around. but you will not have to tiehl with wet weather here, where we can have have a passing snow shower and we are still cold out that way. we are still off to an okay start, quite frankly. 41 degrees at this time have the year is not bad. that is normal high on february 1st, but of course we will see a to more get shaved off of that before sun comes up and then rebound. thirty-eight is temperature at
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willow grove, cold in quakertown where it is 27, regardless we are going to eventually warm up, to 48 degrees. that is the spectation for hovering in the upper 40's there lunchtime until kid ride home, 48 is the expected high. keep in mind breeze will blow so this is not shorts and t-shirts weather but it is partly sunny, dry but you will note that is breeze, that is a pattern that will be settling in for us, for a couple days. the wind is noticeable from here really right to the end of the week and then as anchors mentioned meisha snow coming our way this weekend. coming up i'll let you know when to expect that. >> all right, katie, not that i particularly want anymore snowy would rather talk about how mild it is but all right if we have to good morning everyone happy hump day. what are we talking about here since 1:00 o'clock hour we have had an overturn tractor trailer still out there 95 south ramp to northbound blue route that ramp clearly is complete thely closed right now, crews are still out there
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working hard to get this cleared up but it is taking time, it is a has i have overturned tractor trailer on its side and by the way, we will zoom up on there you can see debris all over the roadways. quite the mess. they are still out there working trying to get that cleared up but until they to, you have to stay away from this area, number one and number two you'll start to tropical less than posted seed head up on that if you make your way out the door. that is i-95 south to the ramp to the northbound blue route that ramp is closed by the way what are we looking at here? this is schuylkill near king of prussia we are lag at blue route, baltimore pike and media swarthmore and they are both looking good. would i say schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction may be heating up quicker then i blue route but still looking okay. schuylkill will get very busy and our first look into new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road we are looking good but we are certainly starting to heat up now. you can see plenty neighbors out there, just letting us know that when we move in the 6:00 o'clock hour you might drop less than posted seed, in your morning commute this
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morning, rahel, back to you. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch meets with lawmakers on capitol hill today. last night president trump officially nominated the 49 year-old to fill late antonin scalia's seat. gorsuch hopes the outreach will help him secure confirmation but tells are already vowing to block the pick. president trump has celebrated his supreme court pick on twitter to go the announcement he tweeted hope you like my nomination, judge neil gorsuch for you had supreme court. he is a good, and brilliant man, respected by all. meanwhile back here in pennsylvania, senator pat toomey, facing backlash for not connecting with the people dozens of people rallied outside his harrisburg office tea handing natalie senator pick up the phone, protesters are demanding answers regarding president trump's immigration order. toomey's office say they have spoken on multiple occasions and continue to offer to meet with people in the offer. syrian refugees who re settled in northeast philadelphia took part in the the special event at reading
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terminal market. those refugees joined hey fair resident for cooking demonstration and dinner last night as part of the series called breaking bread, break ing barriers, that aims to bring cultures together through food. >> the most important thing that we can say right now is sending a clear signal of welcome and being opened to everyone that wants to be part of the philadelphia community here. >> the cooking demonstration where is led by cammal family of cammal's middle eastern sessionties and jack mack david of jack down home diner. they work together to create a menu to fuse syrian dishes with typical american favorite s. 5:36. in business news, how to get something different, from the atm. >> and how well apple did in the last quarter. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. futures pointing to a higher opened after two town days for
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the mark. yesterday to you jones fell 107 points to close out the month. nasdaq though was flat. federal reserve wraps up two day pol willcy meeting this afternoon and analyst suspect they will leave interest rates as is a little bit licensing tore see how president trump's economic plans affect the economy, present making a hoff last month fed raised short term rates for the first time since december 2015. it looks like apple sales slump is over, apple sold 78 million iphones this is last quarter, that is more than second, huge tea manned for its shore sensitive, bigger iphone seven lust model and apple says sales were vanning for its new mackbook. if you are taking out cash to buy lunch, there is an atm that lets you skip a accept. check out mcdonald's atm this boston it difficulties senses three big macs as part of the one take row motion to push mcdonald's new mini, extra large big mac sandwiches. >> i will try mini. >> i have heard of cup cake
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dispensers. >> cup cakes too, can you work on that for us, jill. >> reporter: tomorrow, i'm on it. >> send me where ever that atm is, i will travel far and wide thanks, jill. check with you tomorrow. >> one, two, three cup cakes. new jersey casino control commission says develop shore wants to reopen former revel casino still needs a casino license, but, glenn straub said he will tight it this court. he lance to have ative rent company run casino under the that i am ten and in the meantime straub still plans to open up rot as a hotel on ten 20th. results of the latest crash test of four electric and hybrid vehicles hey advise you. >> plug in hybrid came out on top but two other brand had shortcomings, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live this morning with the closer look, good morning, jan >> jim and rahel, good morning insurance institute for highway safety tested four cars made by toyota, chevy, tesla and bmw.
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here's how they faired. the four vehicles crash tested by insurance institute for highway safety, and only the toyota prius prime and chevy volt earn 2017 safety plus a war. both are plug in hybrid with front crash prevention systems with the the prius standard on every car. >> nice thing about toyota prius rhyme you can get top safety pick plus safety performance without having to choose any options. >> reporter: all electric tesla model s raised some concerns in the front crash test. >> it moved too far forward in the air bag and head hit steering wheel through the air bag. >> reporter: experts did not test it for trent crash prevention because they are upgrading its software. bmw i3 fell short because its seats and head restraint got a lower ranking. >> one of the consequences on have the trent rear crashes is injury that people commonly referred to as whiplash and we
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are trying to mack sure natalie seat and head restraints prevent those injuries. >> reporter: insurance institute the for highway safety says tesla and bmw are aware of the problems and fixing them. they say experts have yet to find any safety problems specific to electric or hybrid cars. they can be just as safe as any other vehicle on the road. >> tesla goes on to say that its model s owner can expect to have their crash prevention software update in their cars computer by next couple weeks. reporting live there university city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. meanwhile, up next, to breast cancer research, we will have details in the healthwatch. and johnny dep's lavish lifestyle tea tails in a new lawsuit, how he allegedly spend on wine, each month. >> wine. >> oh, high. >> check out tom hanks new car sweet ride see picture that caused an entire town to purchase a vehicle for the actor, that is next in got to
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weeks after johnny dep sued his former manager for allegedly miss helping his finances, they tea side to sue him right back. the managers alleged that it is actors lavish lifestyle which reportedly cost two million-dollar a month that
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ate up his earnings. other senses include, 75 million-dollar on 14 residence s, 18 million-dollar for a yacht, and $30,000 a month on wine. >> hello. >> how much do you spend? >> zero, i don't like wine. >> oprah winfrey fans this is for you she's making her return to network television joining cbs family, as a special contributor to 60 minutes. she's road to begin work on the show she had admired for tech cade. executive producer jeff fagger called her a perfect hit for the hit news broadcast. she will remain chair and ceo of her cable network own. her first report is scheduled to air this fall. cannot wait. singer/song writer ferrell williams family has quickly green from three to six. he and his wife welcomed triplets. they join his eight year-old son rocket. williams is promoting his work on the sound track for oscar nominated film hidden figures. also a very good fan of that. ed rendell hosted a movie screening in center city last
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any. rendell joined others for showing of miss sloan which stars jessica chas tane, john litgo and sam waterston. it premiered last year. and, washington lobby who takes on gun rifle organizations. proceed will benefit the seized fire pa. how about this, tom hanks fans in the city, gave the actor a gift he will never forget, because, they bought him a car. not just any car a rare communist era car, it started when he began posing next to the car. when residents where vehicle was produced got win of the admiration they organize a fund raise tore buy, refurbish and send hangs the car. >> that is awesome. seeking of generous, this dep thing, two million-dollar a month in senses. i would freak out when i get a high electric bill. >> i know that bless my mind. >> we were discussing, doesn't he have a vineyard, and turned
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tonight to wineo. >> i thought, i was embarrassed because toy one glass a night. >> see that is fair. >> i hear it goodies for you. >> it goodies for you. >> we will get doctor jen and doctor rob on that, and they would agree. >> how is weather. >> it is breezy as we go out here they put that up quickly. they want to us move on, don't they. there was a blanket of snow. that has had a chance to melt on the ocean city boardwalk there but it is quiet. we have a tranquil start to the take overall, say for that chilly breeze and what technically end up being a milder then average day. reason why i say technically because you have to factor in that wind even though it is not super strong it is enough to notice it. it is february 1st. as we check with our weather watchers they are reporting a chill in the eras well. we have a handful of lower 40 's. remember for this time of the
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year lower 40's is where we should top off. quite a variety. we have 20's, and some 30's, lower 40's. i want to zero in here this new jersey to start off. we will check with our most loyal weather watchers, ed, he has a clear sky in chesterfield. he has light wind at 37 degrees but he did mention that it is kind of calm out that. we to think we will begin to see a lit built of the wind picking up every where fit hasn't already. our reports from delaware ran -- delran, just a couple of clouds over there and he did mention that we are looking at a real winter day. just because of the fact that wind will be picking up. one more for you you, 39 degrees comes from barbara, she's out in willow grove. cold start. clear skies. her dew point is relatively lower by comparison at 27 degrees. let's go ahead and switch gears and take a lot at storm scan which is at the moment still very quiet. we have lake enhanced snow shower activity going on here in lake erie and ontario. rest of the the great lakes.
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look at the picture overall across the u.s. there is not a heck of a lot the on track, no major storms, a little bit of the wind driven, you know, snow coming there here but generally thinks a quiet pattern. while we are going to notice the wind in the next couple of days, there are going to see sunshine. taking it forward to today's forecast clouds, sun, partly sunny, split the difference there, breezy, milder day up to 48 degrees, factor in that wind it will get you. later in it we will drop down to the the 30's under the clouds but it is still chilly, sun goes down at 5:11, this evening so it is getting later and later. meanwhile tomorrow's groundhog day and i have a feeling that in western a, phil may see their shadow because they will have similar forecast, lots of sunshine and staying sunny through sat the day but that is slow to climb. sunday still cold but thinks our next shot for snow but it toss look like it will be a light round of snow, meisha. >> katie, thank you. we love, our sunshine, and we don't have it yet, still very dark and early we are looking at a sign, looking at
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i-95, headlights this is southbound direction near betsy ross bridge we are starting to heat up a steady flow of headlights now. you're still traveling at posted seeds but moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour we will start to slow town. here i-95 taillights moving in the westbound direction, westbound, eastbound the vine is looking pretty good, closed overnight for construction between schuylkill and broad, that is no longer, that has been since cleared. overturn tractor trailer been out there since 4:00 in the morning. ninety-five south, northbound blue route, that ramp is still closed. crews are still working out there to get this cleared up. big tractor trailer turn on the side and we saw debris all over the roadway. as they clean this up, as i said that ram is still closed and it will start to slow you down a little will bit but not slowing you town just yet. it was a little bit in the morning and a little bit of the hiccup and then filming itself out and now we're looking okay. delaware memorial bridge northbound we have overnight construction, one left lane is open, between, 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and this will linger out there through friday and then we will talk about more delays coming up in a little bit, jim, over to you.
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thanks, meisha. watch this in just 34 seconds robbers managed to steel $200,000 in jewelry. they heist happened in a store in fort lauderdale mall on monday. 1.1 of the robbers threatened owner by saying he had a gun. the that is when owner threw a chair at robbers. one was caught a short time later in a getaway car. today in the healthwatch scientists find a new way to approach breast cancer research. doctors in the uk are now mapping out the the shapes of breast cancer cells. they say that they are studying how these cancer cells effect patients genes. team believes their research will help other doctors choose best treatments for breast cancer going forward. researchers are urging women to be aware of the risk of colon cancer. in a recent study they found woman with high blood pressure , high glucose levels and poor cholesterol levels were at the higher risk for colon cancer, if their weight was healthy. senior citizens from tulsa , oak air taking their show on the road, and
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organizers say that their app has they are healthier, happier and having fun. >> ♪ >> that is the line dancers at town village retirement community packed them this every where they go, they practice at the community twice a week and perform every chance that they get. >> next thing you know they are line dancing, turning and smiles on their face, their coordination is improving, their muscle memory. >> seniors say they love it, in the only a wonderful way to exercise but a fun bonding experience for dancers. pretty good too. while you slept supporters of the west minister choir and college of been singing their hearts out. >> they are having a 24 hour choir performance. they have a few hours to go. >> ♪ >> the protest, hearst long performance, excuse me is a protest.
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rider university is considering selling west men stir choir college campus in princeton. the idea is help close a 13 million-dollar budget deficit. >> we are having this hughes california, pleasant afternoon , evening, night, of music to make our statement that keeping our campus, keeping news princeton making music together is a very important thing to us. >> the performance is taking place at presbyterian church that began yesterday morning and will end at 11:00 a.m. today. well, coming up next a whole new spin on sea food. >> we will show you more of this under water restaurant and tell you how many clams you have to shell out to dine there. when we come right bac
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dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. (woman 2 vo) i don't know what tomorrow will bring but i'm doing what i can. (avo) ask about namzaric today. ♪ i want to thank our producer vincent for that musical selection. >> yes. >> well, even though you are supposed to wait an hour before eating before you go in the pool, a restaurant in belgium is changing rules. >> this restaurant feed you at the bottom of the swimming pool. it is called the pearl. for 99euros a person, 106 american dollars you get full
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course meals including lobster , salad, champagne. they serve 16 kinders since the restaurant opened at the end of last year. >> ♪ under the see >> how to they make a profit off this lays. >> very expensive. >> say hey to the new resident of the london zoo. that that is deedee, tiny baby , giant ant either, and with that there is a special teddy bear that has taken on a role of surrogate mom. giant ant eaters are not endangered but they are vulnerable. the ant either's natural habitat is amazon basin of south america. >> interesting. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> making the local eighth grader's tv dream coming true, class project putting him on tv this morning. see what pat gallen will give him to do next live on the air
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y28f8y y12fy well, a woman is abduct leaving work but philadelphia police rescued her and make an arrest we are live with the search for more suspects and why police believe they are wanted for other crimes, as well: >> i have selected an individual whose qualities defined really and i mean
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closely define what we're looking for. >> president trump announced his pick for supreme court justice in prime time, hear there him and find out how he could make history if confirmed. cold start to february, temperatures drop and there is another chance of snow to talk about. today is wednesday, february 1st, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha getting us out the door, ladies, good morning. >> good morning. road are looking good, nice, and try but we are still dealing with the overturn tractor trailer we have been dealing with for a couple of hours, still out there. take a while for those things to get picked up. >> at least weather is cooperating for the most part. i don't have any wet weather say for passing snow shower here in the mountains but it will feel chilly. here's a live look at sky scan three overlooking center city from our very own station headquarters, all is clear, it looks like a quiet start to the take. this is a camera that is very well situated on the roof, so we haveom


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