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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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nightmare her suv stole when her baby in the backseat. >> and cellphone anxiety. do you have an unhealthy relationship with your phone. when she should put it down and when it is actually good for you. >> and first tonight, tragedy in delaware a state mourn as i correctional officer killed during a long prison standoff. and tonight, new details about what happened inside the prison during a tense 18 1/2 hours. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> sergeant steven floyd a 16 year veteran died in the up rising. >> he was among the four employees taken hostage at james t. vaughn correctional in smyrna, delaware. >> the investigation into the deadly standoff is just beginning, david. >> reporter: ukee, it really is just engineing authorities say any one of the 120 inmates could have killed sergeant steven employed. they have to look into that.
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that's their top priority now. we're learning more new details about what happened at the prison complex behind me. >> unrelenting panic on the campus of the james t. vaughn correctional center from 10:30 wednesday morning until early thursday morning when authorit authorities found a correctional officer dead inside and it happened after hours of negotiations. >> i thought you were going to set them out for me what happened? >> we have to regroup, man. >> authorities busted through a prison wall 5:06 thursday morning with a backhoe. inplates flooded with water to create a heavy barrier. after police got in prisoners were on grounds outside. >> the fourth hostage sergeant steven floyd, was found unresponsive. >> authorities called sergeant floyd a hero. one who warned other employees to get out safely before
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prisoners took complete contro control. >> my prayers all day yesterday was that this event would end in a different resul result. >> reporter: the 18 1/2 hour standoff gripped members of law enforcement and others on the outside eager to learn what was unfolding behind the walls and now we're getting a better ide idea. three male correctional officers and one female counselor were taken hostage wednesday morning around 10:0 and two officers were released and one at 2:25 in the afternoon and other before:00 at night and other employees not held hostage were rescued on a building roof late at night. thursday members of the correctional officer's union called for better security measures and complained about a staffing shortage inside the prison. department of justice statistics put delaware as number five when it comes to over crowded prisons. >> there's been recent dry runs at the facility where the
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inmates are testing and prodding to see what weak points are and we still have concerns amongst facilities. >> authorities found inmates protecting female counselor hoingt tanl inside. she made it out with minor injuries. now, we remember sergeant floyd and ask tough questions. >> as far as accountability, we're accountable. we take ownership of this. we own. it. >> and delaware governor john carney only took office a few weeks ago and says this investigation will be very much on the forefront of his agenda over the next few weeks and it will take a while because as i said, 120 inmates officials are looking at. they're not saying exactly which weapons were used only will say the inmates had sharp weapons inside that prison. reporting live tonight in smearia, i'm david spunt, cbs eyewitness news. >> law enforcement across delaware turned out as sergeant
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employed's body was moved. we're awaiting autopsy results. delaware governor jorn carney ordered flags flown at half staff. >> will be a candlelight vigil for sergeant floyd tomorrow night smyrna municipal part tomorrow night at 6:00. >> police are searching for a suspect that stole an suv with a baby inside 8th and snidener south philadelphia and the suspect dropped the baby off unharmed at 9th and emily streets. the baby was since reunited with her mother and eyewitness news talked with the woman who found the baby on the street. >> i crossed the street and i was seeing the baby and i called the cops. and i say, somebody left a baby outside on the corner. and then the cops come and i carried the baby because she was trying crying. but thank god she's fine. >> police are searching to a blue 2014 toyota rav 4. >> a story of bravery.
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a woman fight back inside a upper darby laundromat. the gun man is inside the laundromat on garrett road where a woman was working the overnight shift. daequan brooks locked her in a bathroom and tried to rain her at gun pointen a scuffle broke out. >> i grabbed the gun ands way like live or die so i wrestled them with the gun and gun went off. i knew i was not hit i didn't feel anything. >> victim one scum, zero. >> she shot brooks in the arm and ra ran across the street to the 7-eleven. brooks collapsed near the laundromat and was arrestd president trump used his alliance at the national prayer breakfast today to start a war of words against arnold schwarzenegger. and after being introduced by mike bernett producer from his
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show he took a dig at schwarzenegger. schwarzenegger reresponded on twitter. let's starts with what the president said. >> the ratings went right down the tubes. it's been a total disaster. and i want to just pray for arnold if we can for those ratings. >> why don't we switch jobs you takeover tv because you're an sdmert ratings and i takeover your job and people can finally sleep comfortably again. >> later, president trump said he has to talk to u.s. allies and add sayreyes to get things done. >> and tonight senator pat toomey will vote for betsy devos embattled nominee for secretary of education and the senate pushed back the confirmation vote until monday. in the meantime they approved nominations of scott pruit at epa administration tore. dates have not been scheduled yet. >> and football is top of mind
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with the super bowl coming up this weekend. >> right now there's a big push to change the game for young players all in the nail of safety. >> nicole brewer is here with what the changes are and how it might affect the sport, nicole. >> reporter: this is called modified tackle ukee and jeff and governing body of football hopes it cuts back on injuries and convinces parents not to let their kids my tackle football which has seen a decline in the ages 6 to 12. >> from concerns over safety to fewer students willing to play they decided it's time to change the game. >> anything to make it safer is a plus. >> we have to protect the child first. >> as part of pilot program usa football will change several rules in small number of leagues for ages 5 to 14 and determine which adjusts should be made nationwide. >> some attempt has to be made. >> dr. michael falcon a sports injury specialist who treats
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company concussions agreece can changes inclueing smaller playing field featuring 7 players instead of 11. >> it's more of a skills game thainl pact. >> kickoffs and punts could be theed along with special teams. >> largest impacts are on kickoff and punt. >> that's part of football. >> there's a the love injuries from that why not. >> the three point stance may become a things of the past. >> probably eliminate a lot of kids using their head hitting with their head down. >> finally, mandated position rotations. >> i tonight know if i agree with that. >> not everybody can play quarterback sdm and players of equal size. >> i don't know about that. i think skill has a lot to do with it. >> dr. falcon believes both are well intentioned and may not be practical and while he supports any changes that have end goal off safety officials hope officials don't go to far. >> i like the game the way it is. i don't want them to diminish
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that. and still give kids a chance to learn at the high school level. >> now, if approved the changes we discussed won't go into effect for several years but the organization felt it was important to fwet the ball rolling now. and i believe several studies do show that players that start attack football at early age are more susceptible to injury later in life. >> safety 1st and fun and comradery too, but safety first. >> how many hours a day do you spend on your cellphone? >> for the average american it's several. but how much anxiety do our smart phones cause us? our alexandria hof breaks down the good and bad and what age group is on the phone the most. plus this. >> i have something right her here. >> a cheesesteak with a twist. vittoria woodill has the mout mouth-watering story hint the recent creation of port richmond sandwich and why they're selling by the thousands. even with strange name.
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casey. >> and temperatures take quite the plunge as we head to the weekend. we'll be dropping down well below average and it will feel even colder than that as strong winds from the norm and west pick up and i'll tell you about a potential storm for next week and what it could bring us coming sfwlup and going home, francis the dog was found inside a trash bag badly injured and tonight how her recovery is going as she meets injured and tonight how her recovery is going as she meets her new family.
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we have smart phones with us all the time even by the bedside. >> without them we can feel lost. our cell phones causing aping sighty in our livltz. amex andrea hof is live with more on how our phones are changing the way we think and the way we feel, alex. >> well, fist of all the average american will spend nearly one third of waking hours fluid to their smart phone and if you think that teens are the ones driving up the stats think again. because the highest usage has been attributed to adults ages 25 to 54. >> jay swizer is anomaly. >> it's weird to me we're all keked all the time to the tiny
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boxs in our pockets. >> she got her first cell hope to ever a few months ago and is still adapting to live on the grid. >> my commute to and from work everyone is on their phone all the time it makes me uncomfortable. >> iphones over icontact has become status quo. >> they walk, they text, and they bump into you. i saw a woman fall off the curb. everybody is trying to help her up and she's trying to grab her phone. >> being snapted kengted in this world is important. opportunities and projects and deadlines are always coming. >> i have to check it and see what's going on i have to know. >> it's connection anxiety. >> the device that we don't want to become a prisoner of i it. >> temple university proves are frank farley says addiction when it comes to smart phones is hard to define due to widespread chronic use. but he says it should be taken seriously when it begins to train to areas, sleep and relationship. >> a negative of social media
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is the sheer amount of time spent at it and are we in danger of losing the human touch? the physical connection? >> to combat this some like nelijah gill experimented with phone-free days. >> i found something else to take up my time. >> on individual level it may be rewiring our pains a stawdy from the uk based kiperski labs termed digital amnesia she found smart phone users more willing to forget information they can find again on smart devices and dr. farley sees potential in this. >> really what the social media phenomena is doing in a sense is liberating us for creativity. liberating us for innovation. >> think of it like dumping information on to a hard drive and free spreeing up space in our heads. >> i think we're right now in a renaissance of creativity. >> speaking of renaissance, there is still another way to stay connected not distracted.
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>> i am a victim of a flip phone. >> my mom has one too and lovers. it well this is interesting. according to researchers at informate the most popular ways they're end someing time on devices not talking, texting or using social media apps it's playing mobile games. reporting live in the sat center, hof hof, eyewitness news. >> interesting, thanks, alex. >> appreciate it. >> after a day of announcing on instagram she and jay-z are having twins beyonce has another big reveal. she will perform at the 2017 graham my awards next weekend and has already been spotted rehearsing for the big show. beyonce is up for nine grammy this year including album and record of the year. you can catch the grammys sunday february 12, 8 p.m. here on cbs3. >> in tonight's taste with torrey, vittoria woodill these port richmond section of philadelphia, a neighborhood known for strong polish root.
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>> and a new spop on the philly cheesesteak. we're talking a wol lot more than with or without. >> you'll find gal and comal house on a press type corner of port richmond where folks have elbows up on the bar and faces in good food. >> people are lined up out the doors we cannot keep them in house. >> they've been on mere months and there's been a certain item selling out. >> the witnesser what. >> witnesser witoski. >> kill bassy out of the casing we slice down with melted cooper cheese sauce and on the rolls. >> owner says they sold more than 3600 witowskis in three months. >> we knew we had to do something with the polish roots in the neighborhoods. me and my partner were at his house mess around and two fat
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guys got together and worked out well. >> it sure did. >> this is it the witowski. >> that's what they're lining up out the door for. >> beautiful thing. >> if i could borrow a few of to you carry me out after i'm done. >> yes we sglil awesome. >> oh, my god. >> that aawesome. >> melts in your mouth. that's as i great roll. >> man that is so good. >> do i have stuff all over my place. >> unbelievable. >> and since here let's check their prized frenchp fries. >> heaven in a basket. got a lot of flavors and texture and lover in here. got a lot of love in here. >> piping hot french onion soup. >> the whole bar is watching. that's what beautiful onion soup does has everyone looking. >> that's awesome. >> their wings. >> warping you'll need a little help with getting up. >> can someone wrap up my
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witowski. >> and now i present you, the wit or witowski ladies and gentlemen. >> you have a whole tre. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> kate you're sal vait nothing onion for wit or without. >> i'm a wit. >> we'll pass it down. >> wit or without. >> i'll take wit. >> popular with the wit you? >> i'm whatever you got. >> okay. i'll give a wit and i got some without but let me tell you, it is experience to say the least and we'll nod a snackin. >> look at that. >> look at that. >> looks good. >> late night. >> vittoria woodill you enjoy that and we'll enjoy this. >> good. >> always greet see you. >> greet see you. >> i saw that tre sitting throughout and found pregnant lady holy grail that giant cup of spicy pickles. >> they hooked it up. >> you have a job to do first. >> i do. >> yes. >> it's groundhog's day.
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>> it is groundhog's day and groundhog saw his shadow that means six more weeks of wipt are you guys and it will feel like it. make sure you have some comfort food to get through. it taking you to bethlehem where the flags are flying and it's light breeze and enough to make it feel 5 to 10 colder than thermometer ipd dhait evening and it's a chilly night. but a wayet night in bethlehem and quiet in center city as well. a live look outside, currently 5 in philadelphia. and but take a look at wind. it's northwesterly at 15 miles an hour and that's going to shave 10 off the top of temperature. feels like 2 6 outside tonight right now. definitely bundle up. when you head out tomorrow morning at the bus stop head out the door to work tomorrow morning and feeling like teens. you definitely need all the layers ready to go, maybe have them by the door in the morning and if your mornings are anything like my mornings. skorm scan 3 showing wrlly wind that northwest wind bricking lake effect snow to portions of
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new york state and none of that making it down towards us and clouds clearing and tomorrow looks partly to mostly sunny day and colder. temperatures don't really rebound much from these overnight lows. in fact if you step outside now that's what the warmest part of tomorrow is basically going to feel like. 35 now in philly. 9 reading and 28 lancaster and here's what it feels like again we have knocked 10 degrees off the top of temperatures and 6 current feels like temp in city and 22 reading and feels like 7, 7 in mount pocono right now. so cold start to february as we head into the weekend. it was not bad out there today and not bad yesterday and head into your friday and saturday that's when i would like to point out this black arctic hole of doom up there this is very cold air dropping down here for the next two days. and but then as we head to next week it flip flops again and we see a nice warm-up this warm-up coupled by advancing storm system and back to cold by the end of next week. we'll touch on that storm system in a second first i want to touch on sunday i should say because we've been talking about this potential all week
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tomorrow quiet. saturday quiet. sunday, i think it's non event. really non starter so to speak. system off to the north with snow showers. none of them making it in. we could see a tre one that's about. it next week, tuesday to wednesday a stronger storm moves in and we have a lot of warm air with it and could start as mix tuesday morning and mostly rain and wind tuesday into wednesday. it's one to keep an eye on. as far as tonight is concerned again it's cold out there down to 24 with a few patchy clouds and for tomorrow, clouds, surprise, brisk, cold, 36 is the high and your eyewitness weather day forecast it is cold again on saturday. 35. sunday, 42. just a stray rain or snow shower. monday quiet and watch for rain and wind tuesday and wednesday. but unfortunately snow lovers once again cold and storm just not connected. >> not getting together. >> and mostly rain. >> thank you. >> don up next in sports. >> we're talking hoops tonigh tonight. sixers had a half time lead in
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san antonio first time 2005 could they hold it whaeb carson swents doing take his ga ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back, two young studs both watched adds spectators. shane goose benched for the recent play and flyers he hos hosting monday treel in south philadelphia we go. pick it up second period. down 1ive 40. claude giroux twelfth goal of season comes on power play and tied at 1 and to the third now. fly guys. get offensive start of the period. and there matt reed he's 7th ever the season makes it 2-1 flyers adding empty ne netter from shawn cotouire they pick up two critical points.
11:26 pm
there on to hoops now. sixers on the road in san antonio. nerlens noel and embib out of the lineup for illness or injuries. embib will take part in the skills challenge during al all-star weekend. 2nd quarter against the spurs. 25 points. nice find for the sixers. great popular thought. sixers led he half. up by five. in the second qwai leonard all star making it happen. led the spurs with 19 and tony parker how old is tony parker like 99 tossing it up to dwayne edmund and they went 0 for texas and then dallas and san antonio, 102-86. big trade wnba. chicago sky traded the former star to washington mystics for
11:27 pm
second pick in draft and the super bowl festivities continue in houston. carson wentz joining the crew with mike and mike. he man's to walk with the quarterback crew. >> i'm going to see tom house and kind of see what they're all about in southern california. i seen they did good things with other guys and incredible list of guys they've worked with. again trying to see what it's all about. not going for a mass overall haul but trying to be more effective and efficient and see what it's about. >> carson said he took a month off from throwing the football. he through the pal more in this one stin with the eagles than entire career in college. >> i like his mind-set. >> like what he's doing. >> up next the amazing survival sto
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>> i dog found in frash back last month has hey new home sglont frances the talk sunday was found in the summerdale neighborhood january 18 suffering from a broken back and since undergone treatment and will require canine wheelchair but she does have a new family, kate. >> time for weekend watch now
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and we have cold and sunny conditions on saturday. temperatures 5 or 6 below arm and mid 30s in city and 20s in poconos and 38 down the shore. sunday little milder and more cloud around it's a gray day and watch for scattered rain and snow showers in the afternoon. little or no accumulation with these but again looking a little soggy late in the day with top prizes ofpounding than 50 thousand dollars?... how about winning... on the spot. we won! play cupid's cash, the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot. keep on scratchin'!
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>> our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7 a.m. for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> and thanks for watching have a good night everybody, sleep
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>> and thanks for watching have a good night everybody, sleep well s's' captioning sponsored by cbs ( ringing ) >> come on, pick up. good day. look, mr. prime minister of australia, we're not going to take your stupid refugees. i won huge. big league. my inauguration crowd was the biggest in the history of the world. i talked to all the best, most important people, and you're by far the worst. >> look -- no, you look, your country is full of jumping rats and your toilets go the wrong way. garbage. acdc is overrated, that's not a night. this is a night. >> i'm sorry. this is an outback steakhouse. >> oh, well then i'll take the bloomin' onion. >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight stephen


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