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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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lieutenant steven floyd is being remembered tonight, including this special tribute to his family. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. candle light vigil honoring lieutenant floyd as you saw is beginning at this hour. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies live at smyrna municipal park is where the community is gathering, alex? >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: this vigil is hosted by correctional officers association of delaware but we have friends, family members and community members here as well. i would say natalie crowd has grown to at least 300 it is cold out, this is not work that corporal michael stanford and his wife are used to but they are not foreign to an environment that is sometimes cold, unforgiving. they are prison guard at james t vaughn correctional center in smyrna. >> we started in may of the year 2,000, you know, 16 years ago almost 17, and it is horrible the way things went. >> reporter: now tasked
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withholding a vigil for their long time friend, collogue lieutenant steven floyd, initially one of the four hostages, he was found unresponsive inside of his facility early thursday. this afternoon his body was transported from the medical examiner's office guarded by fellow law enforcement personnel. lieutenant floyd did not have an easy job, but for many here , that goes without saying >> he deserves so much more, then the way he was treated and we're hoping that, you know what i mean, we will see justice in the situation and for right now we're more focusing on honoring him today >> reporter: again, this vigil is just about to get underway, more people lining up to join, right now, lots of hugs, lots of tears, we will have a full report for you tonight at ten and 11:00. reporting live from smyrna, delaware alexandria hoff, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. there was a special honor earlier today for the family of lieutenant floyd, the doc commissioner presented a medal of valor to lieutenant floyd's son, his son in law and grandsons were also there.
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the 16 year veteran was remember for his bravery during the corrections officers graduation ceremony in dover. officials say he warned other guards about the ambush. >> he was able to safe lives of several co-workers and that just speaks to the type of person that he was, he was an extremely selfless individual. >> the circumstances surrounding the prison standoff remain under investigation. we have learned that it could take until well into the spring before the delaware river bridge, that connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes reopened. engineers are planning to jack up the structure before repairs can begin on a crack found in the trus, two weeks ago. turnpike officials say that installation could last through the end of february. barring any setbacks the bridge could reopen in early april. now natalie bridge will be closed for at least the next eight week you will need another way to get around,
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your best alternates are taking burlington bristol bridge, trenton morrisville bridge or the scudder falls bridge. well, this is new video just in for cherry hill within where one person was who hurt after a fire. chopper three flying over keystone industry on hollywood avenue. we are working to find out exactly what the hazardous materials are, now the company makes dental cosmetic and vent nature i products. the fire is under control and is there no threat to the community we're told. nomination of the betsy devos for education secretary has cleared another hurdle in the u.s. senate. senators voted 52-48 to cut off debate this morning setting stage for a final confirmation vote, next week. meantime in center city philadelphia today protesters against her nomination took to the streets, outside of the office of pennsylvania senator pat toomey. toomey has said he will vote to confirm, devos. one philadelphia teacher is using senator toomey and his yes vote to raise aware
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ness about her opposition , to devos. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in our sat center with more on that, greg >> reporter: jessica, good evening. this philadelphia teacher is concerned about how devos will handle the department of education, and with the senate making the final decision about devos's appointment this teacher is getting creative in hopes of the getting senator pat toomey's attention. >> empowering and reempowering teachers in a new way. >> reporter: betsy devos is president trump's pick to head department of education. her nomination is controversial because of her support for charter schools and tuition vouchers using public fund and experts say a it will be a close nomination vote in the senate. >> i said i started a fund raising campaign called buy senator toomey's vote. >> reporter: one philadelphia teacher is doing everything she can to show her opposition to the nominee. >> i'm not planning to bribe the senator but raising money for series of educational charities. >> reporter: catherine fritz set up this go fund me account with the goal of raising
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$55,800. the amount that she says natalie the devos family fund donated to toomey's senate the election campaign, and in just one day, more than $38,000 has been donated. >> i mean it has been overwhelming. >> reporter: money won't be going to bribe the senator, it was already stated that he plans to support the nominee but rather to educational charities in our area. thursday on dom giordano's show or wpht, toomey reacted to the news. >> a philadelphia teacher has launched a go fund me page to buy pat toomey's vote on betsy devos. >> it is so funny. look, i give her credit for the humor. >> reporter: fritz say there is a serious side to her satire. >> maybe we should pay attention to where money initial our politics. >> reporter: we did digging and receiving campaign contributions from nominees and their organizations is quite common on both side of the aisle. former president obama's treasury, commerce and epa secretaries all donated cash toward his reelection campaign
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now once again fritz is not actually going to attempt to pay senator toomey for his vote, all of the money will go to local, educational organizations, and at last check just a few minutes ago the total amount raised is more than $42,900. i'm leave from the sat center, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you for that. more protests are planned for tomorrow in philadelphia over the president's executive order that bans immigrant travel from seven muslim majority nations. the protest is expect to start the at 1:00 in the afternoon at thomas payne plaza mayor kenney called president's order unconstitutional. >> the problem is that the policies are thwarting the ability for to us attract innovation, attract students, to the universities in our city, it has thrown everyone out of kilter as to what to expect and if he wants to conduct policy, he should draft legislation have have congress draft it and sign it. >> reporter: mayor attended inter faith prayer service in
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feltonville with philadelphia 's muslim community. a new report uncovers widespread cheating at the pennsylvania state police academy. according to the state inspector general, instructors gave test answers to cadets, also tests were not changed from year to year. inspector general started investigating after reports of cheating came out last year. state police are now working on a computer based test with random questions. the search continues tonight for the man police say stole a woman's car with her baby inside. police say natalie suspect caught on surveillance video made off with a toyota rav4, left running with the baby in the back seat this happened 5:30 yesterday at eighth and mckeen street in south philadelphia. the man dropped the baby off unharmed just around the corner. the suspect is believed to be in his 30's with a thin build and goat tea. philadelphia police say they have cracked a year and a half old murder case. officer arrested james jones and charged him with killing 22-year old stephanie is a cow
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ski, shot the to death in her home on aramingo avenue in port richmond in july 2015. jones was in prison for a different crime. these six men are all charged with running a gun trafficking organization, in montgomery county. the district attorney there says natalie hen illegally bought guns, and then sold them to other people, they are all behind bars, tonight, police are still looking for jennifer bender who was also charged as part of that crime ring. well, fish fight with a feds is getting underway in new jersey. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh tells us tonight it has to do with big changes to the summer flounder harvest. >> we are dazzled, dumbfounded >> reporter: for 69 years ray scott has had a small bait and shop in the owner says that could all be washed away. >> we're here in the wintertime. there isn't a boat in the slip but if they don't get this legislation changed it is very possible that we will look like that all next summer. >> reporter: on thursday
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atlantic state marine fishery commission voted seven-three to limit flounder harvest for upcoming season, pointing to over fishing, and declining numbers of the fluke. but critics like bob martin of the new jersey department of environmental protection disagree. >> we don't believe they have both current data, and actual date that they are collecting. >> reporter: martin says new jersey collects its own records and show steady flounder stock over last 30 years. >> we think this is not the fair and right. >> reporter: here's how regulations could break down for our region. limit of three flounder fish at 19 inches in the atlantic ocean and three at 18 inches in the delaware bay for the season. and compare that to the year before, when the enthusiast was limited to five fish at 18 d four at 17 inches in the bay. >> what it will do is triple the fishery and that will make a huge difference in my business. >> they are angry, they are upset, they realize that thinks their livelihood. >> reporter: in a statement the atlantic states marine fishery commission that in part by your action we struck a balance between the need to reduce harvest while taking
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into account the social and economic impact to our stake holders. the regulations still need final approval from the national ocean and atmospheric administration and incoming secretary of commerce. in margate, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". massive plane gets moved to the new home in philadelphia historic moment is captured and when you can see it the for yourself. did you note is a lot of people wearing red today including all of us? it is all to raise awareness about heart disease in women, the unusual symptoms you might not know about, before a heart attack. also chowing down at wing bowl, the record setting performance that did not involve a single wing, kate. >> and we are in the middle of the february freeze, temperatures felt sub freezing all day and it will only get colder as we head into tonight and the weekend i'll tell you how long the chill will last, don. >> donald trump, terrell owens and hall of fame, and in one sentence, we will hear from to
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and find out what team is making a play for jahlil okafor could the big fellow be on the move later in
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massive 19th century painting will greet visitors at the new me seem of the american revolution in old sit >> crews framed the 16 by 19- foot hand painted copy of the french artist cudare's your town, depicts george washington and french general, giving their final order before the battle in 1781. it was last major land battle of the revolutionary war. it is located at top of the museum's grand staircase. museum of the american revolution at third and chestnut opens up april 19th.
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never too young to get excited about reading. "eyewitness news" at southwork school in south philadelphia. kindergarten students received their first library cards today. the it is part of the cities effort to improve, promote, early literacy. over next few weeks school officials plan to expand their library card registration effort to all of the cities kindergarten students. today is go red for women. to raise awareness about heart disease. don't know if you know it but every 80 seconds a would hand died from cardiovascular disease because they do not realize is what happening. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on one of the go red for women events held to take. >> yes, is what with all this red. >> why all of the red. >> now you know. >> reporter: really important cause, go red for woman is part of the february's heart month, american heart association says that 95 percent of women have at least, one risk factor for heart disease and almost half do not know about those risks. well, going readies all about
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spreading awareness to change that. >> my mom passed away at 42. >> reporter: sharing personal stories, and life saving tore, it was a sea of red for the heart short health fair at lanning thaw's heart institute >> this was always thought that heart disease in women isn't as important as men. >> reporter: sandy abramson go red for woman champion says while there has been progress, women are still not fairly treated. >> women get less stress tests , women get less tests and interventions. >> i never had classic symptoms. every woman i meaty tell them that. >> reporter: mary kay has had three heart attacks and in cardio rehab, monk unusual symptoms women can have jaw and neck pain, or an upset stomach. >> it is very scary. you don't want to believe it is happening. >> reporter: now doctors say that 80 percent of cardiac events can be prevented with things like diet and exercise and it is important to know your numbers. cholesterol, blood pressure, and bm i and keep those
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numbers in good shape. the reason numbers are so important you do not feel things like cholesterol, or blood pressure. >> but when you see them in print. >> that is right you have to check them out. >> and women, everyone in red, that is why, it is go red for women. and, it is cold right now. >> we're all coordinated tonight. red park, break that out. >> there you go. it is on the cold side on your try night the in the city, it is frigid out there. not only is it cold and not coldest we have ever felt but when you factor in those wind chills it is coldest it has been in quite sometime we're talking about feels like temperatures heading toward teens very rapidly tonight into tomorrow morning. the here's a look outside right now we will go out to our roof campaign everything all lit up in center city, no friday night if you don't mind being chilly on you the there you need all of the layers that you can find because that wind, it will find any skin you have exposed and make it feel extremely cold outside
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tonight. center city looking good if you are heading out for your try night lance. storm scan shows you don't have have to worry about dodging rain drops or snow flakes and leave umbrella at home a few lake effect snow showers to the north, a few flurries trying to move through here and there earlier , most of that not reaching the ground if you see a few flakes, picture it drifting from the sky you know that is why we are dry tonight temperatures right now 19 in mount pocono. it is 28 in allentown. thirty-three in philadelphia looking at these numbers and think it is february, it is winter, this is pretty normal for this time of the year and it certainly is but factor in the wind and the wind, gusts to 20, 25 miles an hour, wind about ten to 15 making it feel like only the low 20's right now. feels like 18 in allentown. feels like just 8 degrees right now in mount pocono and only going to get colder as we head through overnight hours. so high pressure in control for your saturday, it is a cold day, wind die down just slightly and it is a full day of sunshine. it is bright. we will have the sun streaming in the windows but when you stretch outside you will
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realize the sun will in the do much to warm things up for tomorrow. here's the system we have been watching since the beginning of the week at one point it looks like it could be a bit more potent for sunday, and, now, it is and, sunday, and, and more so. >> and more cloud, and milder, more fun saturday, but it is colder, it is a trade off. monday looks like a nice day, breezy, quiet, mostly sunny and here comes our next system lurking off to the west and that gets here on tuesday, into wednesday, so what to expect, tuesday into wednesday , we are talking a pretty strong, slow moving storm, it will bring periods of the rain and strong gusty wind but the high will be in the 50's, both days, so this looks like a rain maker, and a wind maker as well but does not look like a typical winter storm that we generally would see in early february. overnight gradual clearing, breezy, cold, down to 22, tomorrow is sunny, cold, brisk , at 34 degrees, abe
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you're witness weather seven day forecast shows extreme cold below average temperatures doesn't last long , but right back to the 40 's on sunday and monday, 50 's on tuesday and then wednesday, we have rain and wind and then get knocked down again next week. real roller coaster coming up. >> we will get backup, come on , we will get backup. >> don's up next with sports. >> spring training by wait in ten days. >> how about it. >> phillies at a world series champ, potential home coming for jahlil okafor and terrell owens believes he tea serves more votes what to is saying about the hall of fame up next in
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well, you know, the sixers , they are getting a lot of attention. >> yes. >> when you get on a hot streak and people pay attention to you. >> they like your people. >> your people. >> and then the rumors start. >> and then they want some of your people. >> that is exactly what we're talking about. good news it is february and sixers are visiting miami.
6:24 pm
the bad news heat have won nine in a row. hottest team in the nba, pun intended do you see what i did game's tomorrow night. jahlil okafor's hometown team apparently has a deep interest , chicago tribune is reporting natalie bulls of chicago, they have reached out to the sixers about a trade. okafor is in his second year, and appears to be the odd man out, in the front court that features joel embiid and nerlens noel, and, yeah, stay posted. keep you posted. with the phillies opening up syringe training in ten days they will have a newly minted world series champion in the out feel. they signed cogh land, he was 2009 rookie of the year. he has a batting average, at citizens bank park of 303. brian dawkins is one of the greatest safeties to ever play the game. tomorrow night we will find out if he makes pro football hall of fame in his first year on the ballot. year two for to, terrell owens did not get call to the hall
6:25 pm
last year. second all time in receiving yards and third in receiving touchdowns. not getting the call, this is what he compared it to. >> it is equivalent to the presidential election this year, like the popular vote verse electoral vote, you know what i mean. i was than the that popular with the media. that is why i didn't get in. but if you look at stats it seeks for itself. that speaks more so then anything. >> saying stats don't look. >> pep rally for falcons starting quarterback matt ryan at hissal had matter penn charter. ryan was a 2003 grad of the school and students celebrating his trip to the super bowl during lunchtime. very nice guys. meanwhile st. mary mag land school in wilmington, delaware holding a pep rail for falcons linebacker paul warlow. he graduated from eighth grade there and paul turning a lot of people in the area into falcons fans. >> a lot of eyes on that. >> turning into falcons country it looks like.
6:26 pm
>> we look like we are falcons fan as well, we are all in red >> new england, i don't know. >> thanks, man. >> up next, a first at wing bowl record setting performance that didn't involve eating a single fios is not cable.
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well, last hour we told
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you about the wing bowl winners, notorious bob, downing 409 wings. >> yes. >> today another contestant set a record in a different competition, check out, molly skyler she gobbled five and a half pound of stake in three minutes and 17 seconds a new world record before that she defeated he will winning door in a five minute wing eating face off. she's a two time champion as well. what? >> yeah. >> she was just internalized all that. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 back at ten on our sister station c w philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , tonight the iran respond after u.s. issues new sanction as begins the country following their missle tests launch, what could this mean for relations between the two countries. and new details from paris what authorities now about the suspects who tried to attack, on the louvre museum, and why france's president says it was
6:30 pm
a terrorist attack. we will be back >> we gathered an unbelievable amount of intelligence. >> pelley: but now it turns out some of that intelligence seized in an operation that cost a navy seal his life was available online back backin 2007. so tonight, the president hits the iranians with new sanctions for testing a ballistic missile and warns them, "you're playing with fire." "el chapo's" caravan to court. the mexican drug lord and frequent prison escapee complains about conditions in a new york jail. and steve hartman with the man who wrote the book on the new england patriots. >> so i wrote the book that you have in y


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