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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." whether our roller coaster weather in full effect this noon. first up, a case of spring with wet weather and warm, very warm temperatures, storm scan3 is tracking the rain after the system moves out. see a different storm that will eventually move in. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. start with the rain. meteorologist, katie fehlinger to tell us how long it will stick around. >> you know what actually looks as though the worse of
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the rain already beginning to make its parts. into the northeastern counties, still going to find some of that rain. but, for the most part, we are less, at this point, system left us with some damp roadways, even in some of the spots, little sunshine trying to break through. take a look at storm scan. yes, the bolt of heavy rain, kent county, salem, atlantic, cape may county, didn't get too much down that way, really is again the brunt of the storm system. that is going to bring that rain here today. so, while it is still quite dreary outside, in bernville, berks county, you've got the gray skies, you can tell it is damp, little hazy off in the distance, take a look at margate, for example, sun gleeming off of the open ocean water. so it depend where you are, what you will see overhead at the moment. even here in philadelphia it does look like not only is the rain going to taper off but the sun will peak out. as the day progresses it get
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nicer and nicerment probably already heard the rumors, that there are some snow chances, coming our way, specifically into thursday morning. right now it looks to me like southeastern pennsylvania, and north central new jersey, where we will end up with the best chances for it, coming up little later on, we will show you you on the maps, and how much we will get, more importantly, guys, we will time it out. >> oh, boy, katie, thank you. the debate over whether to confirm president trump's nominee continues in the senate this noon. take a look, life look inside senate chambers in washington dc democrats seek to delay the vote by using the maximum time allowed under senate rules for nominations. two republican censors said they'll vote no all lou winning w all 48 senators, mike pence would have the tiebreaking vote, and he has said i'll vote for betsy de vos. >> showdown for the order prevent immigrants from seven
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majority muslim countries from entering the us. will hear argument over the executive order. weijia jiang tells us what both sides say it at steak. >> president donald trump executive order that prohibits travel to the u.s. for refugees and citizens from seven predominantly muslim countries faces important legal test later today. and appellate court will hear arguments. this morning the president said he is ready for long legal battle. >> we will take it through the system, very important to the country regardless of me or who ever sees at a later date. we have to have security in our country. >> in court papers filed monday night the justice department argues it was within mr. trump authority, saying congress has granted the president broad discretion, and the order was pursue and the to broad granted statutory authority. but lawyers for two states that sued to stop the ban warns the appeals court the
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ban would unleash chaos again, separating families, standing our university student and faculty and barring travel. a decision could come immediately after today's hearing, or within the next few days. but what ever the outcome, legal experts expect the site to end up in the supreme court. when a federal judge temporarily suspended the travel ban on friday, some people saw the affected count ribs leading into the us leading to tearful reunions at airports nationwide. >> people have been sad, angry, upset, happy, so i think it is emotional roller coaster for the family. >> emotional ride that isn't expected to end any time soon. in washington, weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." now "eyewitness news" will continue to track developments in the travel ban for update stay with us on air and on line at meanwhile, president trump claims news organizations are intentionally ignoring
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terrorist attacks, has released a list, quote, executed or inspired by unquote the islamic state group. that list includes ambush attack on an officer in philadelphia, was covered locally and nationally. >> vice president joe biden is not taking much after break between jobs. he is now involved with two local universities. biden has now officially been named the benjamin franklin presidential practice professor, the university of pennsylvania, he'll focus on diplomacy, foreign policy and national security, he'll also bring the same expertise to the university of delaware. university of delaware launched the biden domestic policy. >> just minutes ago, pennsylvania governor tom wolf joined state lawmakers on the floor at the house in harrisburg for his biggest speech of the year. he announced his 2017-2018 budget proposal which includes big plans for education and treatment funding. >> today's pennsylvania schools are beginning to recover from years of chronic under funding.
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we've taken a new more aggressive, more effective approach to fighting back against heroin and opioid epidemic ravaging our communities. >> governor wolf also promised to work on reducing the $500 million deficit. >> commuters dealing with day two of septa rail car shortage on the market frankford line. septa took out nearly 100 cars out of service over the weekends after inspectors found cracks. trains are now running few cars short and with longer wait times until the transit authority gets them back in service. septa provide some stations with shuttle buses to help alleviate over-crowding but rider experience has been varying based on the station. >> it wasn't too bad. it was a little crowded, little more crowded than usual. still on time. so no issues with that. >> shuttle buses they have, only if it is too crowded. i don't know what they consider crowded. it is a nightmare. i have to leave 20 minutes earlier just to get to work on time. >> septa has not given a time line for running at fall
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capacity again. last summer's regional car rail issues took months to repair. >> overturned tractor-trailer shutdown busy i95 onramp during the morning rush. chopper three over the 495 at route 420 in tinicum township, tractor-trailer landed on its side, now police tell us the driver was not hurt. it led to some delays earlier, but it is all cleaned up now. >> and in chester county, around the same time, this ups truck overturned, but lost some of its load. chopper three also over this scene, as first responders assess the situation at routes 30 and 202 this morning. at this point it is still unclear what caused that crash, but no injuries were reported. >> a fast moving house fire in philadelphia's harrowgate neighborhood claims the lives of two dogs and leaves seven people homeless. this is viewer video, showing the intensity of the fire on the 3500 block of jasper street. firefighters were called there around 1:00 this morning. authorities say the homeowner and a family of six next-door escaped without injury.
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neighbors were stunned by the flames. very bad, very bad, never i see something like that in my life. never i see something. >> red cross is assisting the displaced family. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but authorities say it does not appear to be suspicious. >> snowy conditions aren't stopping fans from welcoming the patriots back home to boston after their come back win over the atlanta falcons. >> team and coaches are riding in duck boats, paths record setting win. multiple police agencies and the n fl are investigating the disappearance of tomorrow brady's superbowl jersey. that jersey could be worth thousands on the black market, michelle miller has the latest from boston. >> he did it. patriots win the superbowl. what a come back. >> the greatest superbowl come back of all time with number 12 and the new england patriots in the record books.
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>> we're bringing this sucker home. >> the vince lombardi trophy now back in foxboro. as tom brady's number 12 jersey, is no where to be found. >> this video taken in the lockerroom after the game shows the confused quarterback searching for his jersey. >> anyone see it on ebay ... >> brady cemented team owner bob pratt. >> at a press conference monday morning, brady down played the apparent theft. >> what can you do? i'll take the ring and that's good enough for me. >> but wasn't good enough for texas lieutenant governor, dan patrick. he called on the texas rangers to help solve the case of the missing jersey. saying in texas, we place a very high value on hospitality and football. it is important that history does not record that it was stolen in texas. this isn't the first brady
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jersey that has been stolen, we're told back in 2004 that a team employee actually lifted the jersey, and later returned it after legal action was threatened. as for superbowl 51, and that jersey, well, the n fl says it is looking into it. michelle miller, cbs news, boston. oh, the plot thickens. well, a cover girl who graced sports illustrated issue decades ago is back. >> we'll show you her latest cover that will be on news stands soon, and who she is posing with. plus, dangerous dog food f this product looks familiar, don't feed it to your pet. we'll have details on an important recall coming up. pat? >> i'm pat gallen here in old sit which my man koran, we will tell you why juicing is so important, and why it is taking over philly. is that right? >> yes, sir. >> that is beautiful. got to love the
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>> recall involves hung of beef dog food sold between june 6th, including right here in pennsylvanian other states. maybe you have noticed, but juicing is becoming more and more popular. new business in northern liberties is drumming up plenty of juice. >> old city, you know, so flexible, using local
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ingredients to improve ingredients with every step. pat gallen went behind the scenes to mix-up drinks. >> as more and more people are turning to fitness, also turning to healthier diet. juice is making tasty concoctions, thanks to own or. so i stopped in to see what the process like. >> yes, here we're cold pressed juice company. we just very intentionally take local ingredients, or ingredients that are organic, or things just good for your body, put them into a recipe, and put them in a bottle. outcomes a product. >> they're certainly doing just that, how to stripped come to be? >> what got new this business? >> that's a great question. a trip to la is what spawned this whole idea. i felt philadelphia really could use, you know, something that was healthy but also thousand juice properly. >> using this $27,000 juice err that looks like a cannon, those recipes have proven to be an irresistible mixture. utilizing interesting
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ingredients, like bee pollen, tumor i can root, it is tasty and good four, as is the very -- berry found in the amazon. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is fantastic. >> i'm glad you're enjoying it. >> not just saying that. >> i'm not just saying that. >> this place a tasty. leaves people feeling good. >> do you come here a lot? >> i do, couple of times a week. >> i love this. after i drink it i would feel really nice. >> monday through friday? >> yes. >> i love it, man. >> i do. >> pat gallen, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> certainly healthier than a milk shake, that's for sure. >> doing good. well, she a cover girl at age 63. christie brinkly is back on sport illustrated swimsuit issue. this time she has brought along two very special guests. >> we'll show you the photo after the break. first, a peak at our weekend
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forecast, katie? >> guys, looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, and i have to tell you looking like it may be on the unsettled side, especially sunday, chance for rain showers, mainly more clouds on saturday. but, in the meantime, throughout the entirety of the weekends, i'm expecting the temperatures to do a rebound here, but before that can happen we have to come crashing down, along with that crash comes some snow. which we will discuss right
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most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. >> new video every president obama, enjoining dangerous water sports now that he is out of offers. he learned to kite board while vacationing last week on
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caribbean islands, owned by sir richard branson, studied the pasttime for two days before headed out on the waves. >> look at him smile. he is so proud of himself. >> he is like thank goodness i'm away from washington right now, taking a break. >> oh, but the weather, going to be mild. >> really. >> we're everywhere. have you guys ridden in the king d a/k/a h? >> no. >> the tallest roller coaster in the entire world, and i believe our weather pattern will resemble it. we go way up, then come crashing down, and it all happens like that. so, let me get you out there. we will show you what's going on. at the moment of course we've been tracking some rain. looks like the bulk of the rain is starting to make its exit off to the north and east at this point. let me take you out here first though, to a shot, i know this is very strange looking shot. anybody guess that camera, what are we looking at? anybody? >> jack frost, big bowledder? >> well done you. it helps that it says jack
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frost big boulder on the screen. but yes. i want to just show this to you. it is such obviously on the camera lens, rain has been coming down. you can tell there is fog in the distance behind the camera lens. here is three until the middle, snow on the slopes. a lot going on in this camera. earlier this morning, as you take it next to storm scan3, we have some icing that took place, it continues across portions of the poconos, at this point carbon, monroe, northampton county have the freezing rain advisory, you're done with this, but still regardless messy afternoon up that way, even as the warmth is building in. looking at the edge of the storm system, there is pretty nasty line of thunderstorms that extends back off the map to the south here. we had couple of tornado watches, louisianna, for example, from this. but this storm is going to more than anything just usher in the warmth. and then, we come crashing down. so, wednesday, we really warm up nicely. you will see that in the seven day. but jump ahead. i know a loft are you chomping at the bit here to find out what the heck is going to happen. we take you all the way to
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11:00 come wednesday night. maybe 10:00 at the earl yells, some of the precipitation starts to advance in. it is really overnight, into thursday morning, that things get going. it may start off as rain for some of you, or straight up snow. but regardless, a lot of you may be waking up to accumulating snow into thursday morning. and clearly, as we take you all the way out to 8:00 a.m., 9:00, 10:00, 12:00 noon, that snow will still be here, important to note, this is a model. not gospel. but a good guy, that's what we can expect. once this pulls away, after lunchtime, lingering snow shower, snow squawl possible. let's talk about the factors that we are watching here. >> this continues tube involving forecast. because you are going to have couple of things supporting decent snowfall amount here. dropping temperatures overnight. the timing, that is coming overnight. and intensifying area of low pressure, and ample moisture to draw upon. working against us, the recent warmth we will have. and any shift in the track can totally make or break this forecast. so with all of that said, this is what we are speccing in terms of snowfall amounts.
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doesn't look like all that much, right, across the central sliver, one to 2 inches, little less than that, as you head farther off to the south. but it is possible that we get up to four plus maybe locally up to 6 inches, in this dark shaded area. yet this may change or stick with us, if this is what we are thinking at the moment. look at this. we will continue once the sky begin to clear to warm up from where we currently stands at 46 degrees. it is in the 70s in charleston, and places like little rock. now, i don't think we are talking 70s, but definitely get in on some of the nice warmth here, through the day tomorrow, showers taper off the rest of today. you should see at least little sunshine. then we clear it out at least into the overnight with just lingering shower. tomorrow not looking too bad for the daylight hours. it will be breezy, but i think we hit 63. that would tie the daily record, guys. then look how we come crashing down here. and again, with the snowfall. you go from one extreme to the next basically. here is my advice. set your alarm extra early for
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thursday morning, avenue feeling that you're at least going to see messy drive. maybe some delays, if not couple of school concellations, so it will be something to watch, and stick with us, for sure. >> okay. >> sounds good. we have been on roller coaster, that's what it would feel like. >> exactly. >> thank you, katie. here is the motivation to start getting in shape for the summer. if you had to guess how old model christie brinkly is today, you probably would have a hard time figuring it out. she looks timeless in her new sports illustrated swimsuit spread along her two daughters, the 63 years old model, yep, 63, her family will be featured in the issue coming out this month. she is no stranger to sports illustrated first appeared on the cover of the swimsuit issue in 1979. >> wow. >> wow. all we can say. we will be right back.
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>> this time some rowdy baby panda's are wrestling, may look serious but the fluffy panda's get great exercise this way, mama bear was nearby, wrestling with one of her panda cubs. there are only about 2,000 giant panda's left in the worlds. i could watch this all day long. >> what are the sounds effect? >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next. ♪
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>> nick: hey, hey! are you here to get day drunk? i mean, not that i'm judging. you do have a teenager in the house now. >> victoria: oh, very funny. >> nick: it's a little funny. >> victoria: well, my humor is exhausted, as is my patience. uh, but i did notice that you managed to leave christian with the nanny. >> nick: yeah. yeah, the, uh, separation anxiety is getting better every day. of course, christian was cool already. >> victoria: well, you want to be with your son, i get it. but 14 short years from now... >> nick: yeah, i know, i'm gonna want to go running out of the room. been there, done that. >> victoria: why is it so hard, nick? i mean, it's really hard. i think i would take diaper changing to teen angst any day of the week. >> chelsea: you didn't have to come in today.


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