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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 9, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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rain is as well, and, pretty quickly here, it is very fine these snowflakes. they are not light and fluffy. you can hear them when they hit the surface. >> people try to keep at least one of our two main runways opened. >> the storm's expected to create significant travel headaches. >> but philadelphia top carrier american has cancelled many flights out of philly international. >> any chance to go right away , to end things. >> do you have any robert deniero merchandise? anything with his face on it. >> no, no. >> i'm good. >> two for 14.99 if you don't break another one i'm losing money. >> you are paying for it.
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>> it looks like a greek wedding where they are break ing the plates. >> this weather makes me want to break some late, because yesterday, katie, i don't know , today, i don't know. >> decided to take your before picks. >> i cannot wait to see them 1:30 in the afternoon. i didn't park my car in the same spot. but i will, i will go back. i just thought about this. >> i took my before picture with my daughter, we went to the playground, riding the slide, and it was so awesome. so, i don't feel like my after picture will be in the same place. we will not go to the park today. maybe sledding later on and hopefully whom i is not too exhausted after storm coverage lets take a look, there is a lot happening. we have heavy precipitation falling in one way, shape or form either rain or heavy snow , a little hint of pink still showing up on the dividing line between the two and just south of i-95 is where we have begun to see heaviest of the snowfall starting to accumulate here
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and accumulating rapidly. keeping in behind some road crews could not do job ahead because it will start as rain before snow. looking out over palmyra cove nature park or from that location from center city sky line you cannot make out sky scrapers even if you wanted to visibility has trooped because we have low cloud cover, falling precipitation, look at it coming down at broadheads ville one of high favorite cameras this morning because snow has been falling for hours at this point. we are still seeking, anywhere from eight to locally a foot worth of snow across that part of our region. looking at current wind seeds right thousand they are pretty persistent, net that is breeze walking out the door today and you do need extra time. even if it is starting as rain it will eventually turn to snow, 20 miles an hour wind currently sustained at philly international. it is a breezy very raw start to the take and in terms of the heavy, wet snow it is through late morning in toward
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very early afternoon and then it is over. then we have retreesing, taking lays after then, it is a whole slew oftive rent impacts that come, most obvious i would say is four to 8 inches of snow but retrees ing, possibility of power outages with the wind and heavy snow weighing down those lines it is all stuff to consider. certainly the shovels are required too. >> yes, i'll tell you right the now literally every 52nd my traffic row tuesdayer is leaning over to he saying more changes, her accidents, more of this happened. bear with us. there is a lot to cover. snow coming down 422 at valley forge and getting very busy. basically any interstate highway it is starting to get busy. a broad that you should give yourself extra time this morning. you will need at least an extra 45starting right now, i would leave 45early because you will be traveling very slow and visibility will be an issue you. we have an accident 309 thort before pennsylvania turnpike pulled off to the shoulder be prepared for gaper delay there
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then we have speed restrictions coming on, and by the way that accident i just showed you on 309 there is two accidents in that area now. one north, one south, same area. speed restriction this is play pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension 78, 422, 222, 176 and 309. snow is coming down, visibility issues and speed restrictions. you can only imagine how slow it will take to get from point a to point b and mass transit, we will cover this all in the next 10 to 15, jim and rahel, back over to you. live snow coverage continues in lehigh county where first of the snow started falling just a couple hours ago. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live, and trang we heard you say earlier from a guy you spoke to, us pennsylvanians are the hearty stock, are you of the hearty stock, how are you doing out there. >> reporter: rahel, i was born and raised in pennsylvania and i can tell you i'm in the part of the that hearty stock that he is talking about but yes,
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still lots of people who are part of that heartier stock including chuck a big channel three viewer and you guys, he came here on foot to do what, chuck. >> get a newspaper. >> reporter: he really needs to be informed about the news. that is dedication. >> yes, absolutely, yes. i watch you guys, you, every day, you, meisha, jim donovan and katie fehlinger. >> so awesome. chuck, you greeted me and said not a snow person. >> no, i refer nice warm weather but it is what it is, you know, we have been fortunate so far this winter, hopefully this will be the last one, first and last one. >> reporter: we have been hearing that from people saying we were to for a storm like this. what are your plans for rest of the the take. >> nothing really, just wait until it stops and get my snow blower out and clean up the mess. >> reporter: will you go over to my house as well. >> i would in a heartbeat, if you lived in this area, i would.
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>> reporter: well, thanks, chuck. appreciate it. thank you. so yeah, people are out and about. chuck's on foot, road conditions as we talked to many drivers pulling into this gas station not ideal with it really slushy, snow but i'm telling you it is like clockwork. actually this road leading up to 476, pretty clear, just because we have seen snow plow s coming through here. you never know who you run into in the parking lot, in white hall township but now back to you in the the studio. >> thanks, trang. >> got to get those newspapers >> let's shift east where snow is coming town quickly. >> "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in blue bell, montgomery county and joe, how are you holding up. >> you know, josh our assignment desk just texted me the same question. we are doing great. it is not raining any shore. it is snowing which, of course , has been in the forecast for several days, lets go and show you what the
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roads look like. that is route 202 dekalb pike here, saint helenas off to the right and montgomery county community college to the left. we have seen traffic moving just fine, wawa parking lot here there is slush down on the pavement. we have seen lots of private towing contractors out here filling up getting ready for a very long day stretch of work but it has been snowing for about an hour, there is wraps an inch on the ground, very little grass anymore basically covered up and it is slower paced down here for this hour on a thursday morning but the snow has certainly not kept people away. i see some of meisha's coffee daters in the wawa, so they are out here, meisha getting a hot cup of joe and we're continuing to monitor things. but, penndot talked about visibility being an issue with
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this and with the wind, we definitely see that is coming through, it is just how wind whips up this snow. it is hard, difficult to see at times. now back to you. >> joe, i'm happy to see you have gloves. are those your gloves or did you steel them. >> reporter: they were lying over on the ground here i just went over. no one claim them. >> you got to to what you have to do touring snow coverage. >> i bet his parents called him what are you doing out there. >> momma holden is watching, you know that, joe. >> reporter: i know, and when scarves on, hats on, we're good. >> don't want a call there your mom. katie and lauren are hard at work coming up after the break. >> meisha. >> you guys we have snow, sleet, ice, if that doesn't get you out the door i don't know had will. we have accident speed restrictions, flight cancellations, all those updates coming up, rahel. all right. pat and tori are back and this
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time it is all gravy or should we say sauce. >> we will show you their latest cook off when we come ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit, from voya. i'm the money you save for retirement. who's he? he's green money, for spending today. makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. lets take a look, our video journalist jim spearing spotted some very dedicated runners just a short time ago,
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downtown west chester, campus of west chester university just after five, two were running in the snow and by all accounts they seemed to be enjoying it, they are not slowing down at all. we are keeping an eye on the winter weather. >> our pat gallen is live from the far northeast with the scene there, good morning, is it still raining? it looks rain. >> it has changed over from rain, to sleet, and really pelting us. taking a look down here this isn't my best dance move, it is a slick sidewalk, that i assume natalie roads are the same way because they were not treated overnight the because of the rain and it has changed over. it seems like change over is happening. when it is cold like this you want something hearty. you want a good meal. a good heel is what we have cooked with our moms, myself and vittoria woodill in a special taste with tori, we did sauce verse gravy. here is part one of that battle. back in november tori took
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home crown in the thanksgiving pie off. >> winner winner chick up dinner. >> time for another path the path verse tori, diana is back , mom, we lost, it was a pie off, not good, not good. >> are you ready. >> we will win. >> this is italian gravy, it is not sauce but gravy. that depend who you ask. >> would i say gravy is brown. >> right. >> sauce is red. >> right. >> sauce is sauce and gravy has meat in it ape that gives it it flavor. >> each family recipes originated from the same region in italy, but styles we grew up on could not be more different. diana and i used meat in our gravy while tori and lose weise grew up with no meat. >> first thing we start with is the best. >> plum tomatoes. reason i like them because when i was a kid, my mother used to, mom mom, she used to jar her own tomatoes.
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>> for our tomatoes we passed on puree. >> we start with crushed tomatoes. >> add many bold flavors. >> we need lots of cheese. if you want to start grating. >> celery, carrots, onion ready. parsely. >> parsely. >> yes. >> plus a few advising spices. >> dash of cinnamon and nut meg. >> i didn't know that. >> yes. >> over at wednesday ill, tori and louise go heavy on graded garlic. >> maybe a little bit more garlic then normal. >> and fresh basil. >> yes. >> rip it the a couple times. >> with each of the sauces i am isering on the stove. >> probably have meat this it. he looks like a heat meet either. >> competition is heating up. >> see that pat gallen, it smells like success. >> tastes good to me. >> are we good. >> perfect. >> yes. >> so that is part one of pat
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verse tori we have outstanding judges meet us at villa derome a in the italian market and let's just say, they know what they are doing. they know what they are talking b they know taste. they have done it before. so see part two of pat verse tori it this at 11:00 on cbs-3 hopefully i can watch. hopefully we can make it because it is getting nasty with the wind whipping, still not snow here in northeast philadelphia, it is sleet, it is pelting us, it is getting slippery. people are driving at a normal clip. i know meisha has been telling people to slow down. i agree. it is getting slick out here. i'm kind of jealous of trang and joe they have beautiful scenery of the snow, guys. >> i'm surprised you said cinnamon and nut meg. >> that sound good. >> yes, cinnamon and nut meg a little bit of the family recipe, little dash, that is all you need.
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>> go to your house for dinners. >> did you bring any examples for us. >> for my house it was sauce and it was out of the can. irish are not known for their cooking. >> neither are ethiopians. >> yes. >> let get over to katie because we have been expecting this for a couple of days now and still can't wrap your head around this. >> i though it seems so bizarre to go from what we saw yesterday. we have had 70's in a couple spots, brand new record for books but this is a snapshot of what we are currently finding. notice line that goes right just south of i-95 here where dividing line is. i know pat gallen is here in philadelphia not finding total change over yet but it will take lays. we have to check with our weather watchers and they are reporting, quite a bit of a variety out there, let's just say this morning. we will start off well up to the thort, might imagine what keith is finding this sailors
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berg straight up snow. he has about 2 inches. that was over last 40. he may have close to three, because we have seen some snow falling rates of an inch per hour down that way. out to the south we will go out to 32 degrees from john jenkins, yeah, it echoes what rahel just said, plane weird what is going on out there, in the at whose fear but he too finding some snow and go to one where we will go down to southern new jersey for that where greg wood reports just some rain in ocean view. he did say he had a heavy town pour, flash of lightening and thunder in rolled through and that was just within the last five minutes. definitely things are happening out there. let's put storm scan into motion. this snow tall is intense where we get dark shades on the tail end of the loop you will find intense snowfall rates accumulating quickly and will win battle. snow will strong arm us even if it started off as rain. delaware, south jersey still finding rain, even you will see these temperatures take a
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look into future radar 6:00 a.m. in the 40's at hose, mid to upper 30's. change over will take lays if you have have not seep it happen and we are down near freezing hashing near 8:00ah. we are all basically going to be seeing snow and it will continue to accumulate quickly but guys by 11:00 a.m. this hey be done. so window of opportunity will dwindle with time for us to see accumulation but regardless i still think we have to stick to our guns i still think four to 8 inches for philly, tell co, chester and rest of the area more like a coat to go two on the lower end here down near shore point we will continue our cbs-3 storm watch coverage with meteorologist lauren casey outside on the sky deck. she gets trooper award for going out there so often. my hats off to you high trend. >> we need the hats today but conditions, it is heavy sleet right now in center city philadelphia, and likely will continue as we head into about the next five to 10before i
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imagine we will be changing over to some sleet or some snow but conditions right now, temperatures are dropping, extremely quickly and for today it is going to be snow in the forecast. temperatures really struggle as we head into it this, mainly clear, frigid with temperatures dropping in the teens. that means anything that falls today is going to retrees so we will be contending with that snowfall that had has accumulated and that chicago layer on the overnight period and into tomorrow morning. check out our temperatures right now north and west of the city mount pocono, 22 degrees. can you believe we were in the 60's yesterday. we were at the 36 degrees right now, in philadelphia, and as we head throughout the day-to-day, all regions are going to be dealing with the snow coming down, a high temperature of only 33 degrees , in philadelphia, down the shore, you are seeing rain right now, and quite a bit of thunder ongoing right now but we will see that change over in the next couple of hours, poconos it is all snow for you, so meisha, yes
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it will be an extremely, tough day on the roads, to say the least with the snow coming down, and this wintry mix which is not very pleasant. >> no, would i imagine it is not very pleasant but you look adorable, i have to say, like katie said, you get a gold star out there. we are looking at roadways. i can tell you there is so much to cover this morning. would i typically say pack your patients but that doesn't give it justice. you need your serenity, everything else. lets go right outside. we have got three accidents right now on 309. we have two northbound, one southbound, you are looking at a accident north bound before pennsylvania turnpike pulled off to the shoulder but again there are three accident in this area. so right around this area traveling northbound or southbound it is going to get very slow and it is already very slick there. we have speed restrictionness play 45 miles an hour restrictions on most of your highways. i really mean that on hose of
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them. 5 miles an hour, you're down in the betsy ross and walt whitman bridge. so we have speed restriction this is play you know how slow you will have to get from point a to point b not only because we will have to but now we have speed restriction ness play as well. then we have got all of what is going on in mass transit. septa subways are your best options, path companies running a special schedule from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., new jersey transit cross honoring also rail service delayed and 15 minutes, and philadelphia airport is also tweeting out natalie majority of the flights are cancelled. speaking of that, right now we will check in at airport for a look at how weather height be impacting our flights so joining me live on the tonies airport spokesperson, dianne, good morning. >> good morning how are you. >> good morning, how are you. >> good. we are hearing cancellations are in effect. can you tell us where? what is going on right now. >> okay, right now we're still waiting for the snow to to
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arrive. it is raining pretty hard down here right now but as you mentioned most of the the flights this morning have been cancel. airlines started canceling flights yesterday in anticipation of the storm today. so they were able to get out in front of this and reach out to their passengers and hopefully be able to rebook them on alternate flights. bottom line if you are lanning to fly today please check with your car year on flight status updates and if you need to re book. >> what do you think is best way do you think they should call in the airline or to this on line is this i though i have run into problems with that. >> they can try both ways actually and see which works the fastest but you know, with the technology maybe it is quicker on line but they should try both. >> hard to predict but how long do you expect these cancellation toss last.
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>> welshing that is up to the airlines and also the weather conditions. we have our crew is here alternate and certainly once it begins snowing they will be able to go out and get rid of the snow and make sure that everything is keeping the airport opened and operational it is up to the airlines how they are going to begin their flight ops again and certainly once they do start flight ops again obviously aircraft will have to be deiced. so, it is going be challenging and keep in behind, of course, philadelphia is not only city impacted by this storm. >> that is right. >> there are many other cities , on the east coast that are being impacted by this storm so it really does create a domino effect. >> it is a very these i morning thanks so much for all that information, stay safe, and we have got a lot shore to cover here on cbs-3 eyewitness
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niece news so stay where you are, we
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scary moments for passengers in i had help air heavy snow and white out conditions caused their plane to slide off runway, plane tried to make a turn on the taxiway, one tire slid off and
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got stuck in the mud. forty-seven passengers and four crew members did make it out safe but many were left stranded with no idea when next flight would be available as of 10 last night crew where is working to pull that plane off the runway so carry indeed coming up our storm watch coverage continues in the next hour of "eyewitness news", katie updating forecast and we will time out today's s i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®.
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well, look at all that snow, snow is coming down, across the area winter storm warning is in effect. >> and if you have a -- if you november the scene rain just yet in your area be patient, it is coming, or as jim donovan is saying it is coming , and promises to headache the best of the morning commute. >> that was meisha saying that >> it is thursday, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. also all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed, hundreds of other closures. see those at bottom of the screen. also on cbs philly to the come >> very busy morning for katie and meisha. they will get our day started. >> it feels like such an under statement even toss than the it feel so busy, katie. >> incredibly busy. >> i will just say give yourself an extra 30 to


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