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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 10, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, february 10th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." see you in court. a defiant president trump fires back on twitter after three federal judges rule against reinstating his travel ban. rb congressman jason chaffetz face off with fiery o protesters last night but there was one thing they agree on. >> kellyanne conway was wrong. millions are strugen after a massive snowstorm slammed the northeast.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. it is unlikely the court battle over president trump's travel ban is over. the administration suffer a setback yesterday, though, when a federal court of appeals unanimously ruled against reinstating the ban. the justice department says it's considering its options. hena daniels is here in new york with the details. good morning, hena. >> good morning, anne-marie. president trump is vowing to keep up the fight after a major setback over his travel ban. speaking just after the ruling the president said the decision was political. president trump is not backing down after a three-judge panel in san francisco refused to reinstate his travel ban. >> we have a situation where the security of our country is at stake. >> the justice department had
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argued the seattle court that halted the order last week overstepped its bounds in weighing in on a matter of national security but the court of appeals disagreed thursday ruling that the government has pointed to no evidence. >> we are a nation of laws. those laws apply to everybody in our country, and that including the president of the united states. >> the president immediately responded with an all caps tweet, writing, see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. senior white house adviser kellyanne conway addressed the reporters at the white house. >> we look forward doing that. >> reporter: it's still unclear what action if any president trump intends to take. the government has 14 days to ask the court to reconsider its decision or file an emergency appeal with the supreme court. the travel ban was set to end in
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90 days so it could expire before the high court decides to take up the issue. the president could also reissue the executive order with some modifications. with the ban still suspended, people from the seven majority muslim countries can continue entering the country. anne-marie? >> hena daniels here in new york. thank you so much, hena. breaking overnight, the war of words between the u.s. and iran is escalating. the president of iran says its country will stand up to war-mongering in the united states. today president hassan rouhani said some inexperienced figures in the region and america are threatening iran. they should know that the language of threats has never worked with iran. today iran is celebrating the 38th vrz of the 1979 oust tur of the shah. also the president is taming his tough talk on china.
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in a phone call last night mr. trump agreed to respect the "one china policy." before taking office mr. trump questioned the longstanding policy acknowledged by the u.s. that there's only one chinese government, beijing, and not recognizing taiwan as a nation. it's recorded this morning that national security adviser michael flynn discussed sanctions imposed by the obama administration with the russia ambassador but yesterday a spokesman told the "washington post" he could not be certain that the topic never came up. last month in an interview with cbs news, vice president mike pence said flynn did not discuss the sanctions. >> what i can confirm, having spoken to him about it, is those
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conversations that happened to occur around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> but that still leaves open the possibility that there might have been other conversations about the sanctions. >> i don't believe there were more conversations. >> okay, okay. >> the fbi continues to examine flynn's communications with the russian ambassador. republican congressman jason chaffetz entered territory last night, his own district. it was standing room only at a town hall hosted by the utah rep. protesters packed the auditorium urging the chair of the house oversight committee to investigate trump. a key issue for the crowd, mr. trump's still unreleased tax returns. chaffetz did manage to get a few cheers when he spoke out against kellyanne conway's promotion of
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ivanka trump's clothing line. >> they need to investigate it. with kellyanne conway, it's wrong. it should never happen again. >> that sentiment was shared by chaffetz' cow leagues on both sides of the aisle. >> i'm going to give a free commercial here. go buy it today, everybody. go buy it online. >> reporter: it was a sales pitch for the boardroom rather than -- >> this is a textbook violation of the federal ethics rules. >> chris lew is a former obama administration staff. he was told on day one an employee shall not use his public office for the endor endorseme endorseme endorsement. >> reporter: the republican chair of the oversight committee
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called conway's comments wrong, wrong, wrong, clearly over the line, unacceptable. the white house appeared to agree. press secretary sean spicer. kellyanne has been counseled and that's all we're going to go with. >> reporter: it comes a day after president trump blasted the retailer for dropping ivanka's brand. they sent a letter to the office of government ethics, calling on them to determine whether conway should be disciplined. the file say will be up to her boss, the president, but they noted in this letter that he has a conflict of interest because conway was hocking his daughter's products. nancy cordes, cbs news, capitol hill. lawyers for guadeloupe garcia de rayos said there is no way for her to return to the u.s. she was deported to mexico
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yesterday in what activists say was part of trump's crackdown. she was granted leniency by the obama administration. she has two chin who are u.s. citizens. >> this is the worst thing. it feels like a dream, but this is reality and we have to face it and we're going to keep on fighting for what we want. >> i feel really bad i can't see my mom. it was like last night i felt so empty without her. >> reporter: the mexican government said the arrest of garcia de rayos is the new reality for immigrants in the u.s. well, the biggest storm in the northeast to hit this winter has blown out to sea but for many reaccidents the effects will be felt for days. more than 55,000 people in eastern massachusetts lost power. some areas got over a foot and a half. an suv going really fast ran off a snow covered road right into a
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house. the home suffered significant damage and the residents were forced to leave. more than 4,000 flights were cannes. ed in the u.s. yesterday. more rain is forecast for today for already saturated california. in northern california a mudslide rolled down a hill into a house. there are flash flood watches and wind advisories in the bay area. and further to the east all the rain and melting snow created flooding issues. area residents said they have not seen this much water or rather water this high in 60 years. >> one worker is missing this morning and two others are hospitalized after a scorching fire in louisiana. a national gas pipeline exploded last night just west of new orleans. 60 homes were evacuated and highways were closed. sex workers were cleaning the pipeline when it erupted. the sheriff calls it a blowtorch. >> the problem is it's high pressure for several miles. so this could burn for hours.
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this could burn for days. >> the 20-inch pipeline is owned by phillips 6. drilling is under way for plans to carry a pipe under the reservoir. developers now have the final okay they need to finish the dakota pipeline. the native american tribe is suing to block it but the federal judge won't hear arguments until monday. and coming up on the "morning news" now, awkward encounters. why owners of uber looking cars are finding strangers trying to climb into their back seat. and zookeepers in japan try role playing in an escape drill. this is the "cbs morning news." and 40-50% off sleepwear like $23.99 pajama sets. plus take an extra 15% off and get kohl's cash. kohl's. tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure.
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she gave them a run for their money but was eventually caught. a mistake on uber cars and the air system. the "washington post" reports that president trump is interested in privatizing air traffic control. he discussed the deal yesterday with airline executives. mr. trump thinks the system is totally out of whack. lawmakers are decided about reduce congressional oversight. "the new york times" reports that security will be tightened around the eiffel tower. the plan calls for new walls and an extension of the control perimeter at the base. they say the walls will be made of bulletproof glass but paris officials said that has not been finalized. "the wall street journal" says some customers of ride-hailing services are climbing into the wrong cars. car owners say people have
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jumped in thinking they're drivers of uper. ride hailing services have more than 2 million drivers worldwide. npr has noted songs by prince will be under napster. napster's announcement means the deal might include other streaming services. prince dislikes stream and had only agreed to a small deal with title. still ahead, scoring snafu. a dallas player scored a goal that his team would rather forget. (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you. what's gonna happen if he doesn't? store is the store get your romantic on. kay jewelers. right now, save up to 30% on select diamond fashions...
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. >> right at center. look out. oh, no. >> things did not go as planned last night for the dallas stars. they replaced their goalie with an extra attacker after a penalty was called, wu the puck ended up in their own net. they put it in their own net. the ottawa crowd, of course, liked that a lot. their senators scored a 3-2 win. on the "cbs moneywatch," a
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cyber hacking at arby's, and the rumor features for the iphone 8. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. president trump said, quote, he'll make a phenomenal tax announcement over the next two or three weeks. the promise of tax cuts has driven a rally on wall street. financial institutions and energy stocks led yesterday's surge. the dow gained 118 points, the s&p finished 13 points higher, the nasdaq hit 32, hitting its third record high during that week. hackers reportedly stole credit card information from hundreds of thousands of arby customers. over 350,000 credit and debit card accounts may have been breached. arby's says it's eliminated the software that's infected its system. major upgrades are in the
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works for the iphone, but it will come at a price. the tenth anniversary iphone will have wireless charging and 3-d sensors, but according to kgi securities, that new iphone will cost more than $1,000. and huggies announced a new line of diapers for premature babies. they're small. they're officially called huggys ne-yo primo baby diapers. one out of ten babies born in 2015 was born premature. what a great idea. anne-marie. >> thank you very much. jill wagner at the new york city. well, still to come, rolling out the red carpet. we will get an inside look at this sunday's grammy awards ceremony and show you the celebrity swag. r life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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hollywood clooneys have twins on the way. george clooney and his wife amal are expecting their bundles of joy in june. they have not confirms the story though. the perennial bachelor and the british u.s. rights attorney were married three years ago. and the grammys are l.a.'s biggest party this weekend and late late show host james corden said he's nervous about being the emcee with some of the biggest stars in music. "the late late show" james corden kicked off the 59th annual grammy weekend helping to roll out the red carpet as this year's new host. so what will a hosting by james
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corden be like? >> horrific, i melania. giefb not idea. >> reporter: the tony award winner says he's nervous and just hopes do his best. >> it will be fun if it goes well. if it doesn't, it will be me crying my eyes out while i eat an in and out burger. >> >> reporter: the stage is said. this is where lady gaga, bruno mars, and adele will be watching the show. >> reporter: there are extra perks for the performers. free beauty products, electronics, and veechb indications worth thousands of dollars. gifting guru designs these select swag bags with star power in mind. >> whenever ricky martin and faith hill come through, it's stuff for their kids. >> reporter: all tallied up it has a price tag of $30,000. danielle nottingham, cbs news,
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los angeles. we hope you join us sunday night for the 59th annual grammy awards right here at 8:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. central. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. for 60-65% off all fine jewelry like $19.99 pendants and 40-50% off sleepwear like $23.99 pajama sets. plus take an extra 15% off and get kohl's cash. kohl's.
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a woman from the united arab emirates got a dream. >> it's not often you see members of the national hockey league practicing with a woman. meet the captain of the women's united arab emirates team who discovered hockey six years ago. >> the speed, the passing, the scoring, it's amazing. >> you love scoring. >> i love scoring. >> that's not the only crazy thing. she also does this. peter who is a former capitals
4:26 am
all-star who was in abu dhabi saw her and was mesmerized. >> reporter: he recorded it, posted it, and it went viral. the capitals invited her to d.c. and this week she saw her first nhl game, saw superstar alex ovechkin score a goal and then she met ovechkin face-to-face. it's a moment she'll remember for a lifetime. the next day it got even better. they skated together. do you feel like you're having a dream? >> it's better than a dream. >> reporter: she loves hockey so much that back home she even referees' men games. >> in my life two games before coming here, we had two fights. the first one did not end up well. i got punched in the face. >> reporter: but nothing deters her from her mission to tell the world, especially young girls and women how important it is to
4:27 am
find your passion. >> find a goal and keep chasing it. >> reporter: set a goal and never give up. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> she is cool. our top story. the justice department is reviewing its options after a federal court ruled unanimously not to continue president trump's travel ban. following was a, see you in court. they can appeal the case to the supreme court. the appeals court rejected the government's argument that courts do not have the authority to review the president's immigration and national security decisions. the three judges also said that it targets muslims, raises serious allegations, and created significant constitutional questions. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a look at how the airline is dealing with the uncertainty over the fate of president trump's travel ban, plus an update on the circus
4:28 am
performers' injuries in a high-wire fall and caroline kenne kennedy, u.s. ambassador to japan joins us in the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this morning. i'm an ma degree. thanks for watching. thanks for watching. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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breaking news only on three, two elderly women tied up and terrorized inside of their home. we're live with how police made the quick arrest. >> new developments on neighborhood evacuated after tanker truck overturns, and spilled fuel in bucks county. and a day after snow hits the region, the concern today is the bitter cold and icy sidewalks, no bones about it, in center city this morning, and for good reason. women, today is friday, february, so good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. hands full of schools opening late after yesterday's storms, we have the delays at the bottom of your screen. >> now, let's get your day started with a check on traffic. >> happy friday. i was going to say if we made it through yesterday we can handle the chilly temperatures today, right? but it is going to be ice out there, on my way in,


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