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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 11, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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sunset snoet ♪ gwen's taking over hollywood. new details on george and amal clooney's pregnancy surprise. >> i almost started crying i was so happy for him. >> we're with george's best buddy, matt damon, revealing how they kept hollywood's biggest secret and george's new dad missteps. >> are you out of your mind? >> then on grammy weekend, we're with host james corden. >> i don't know. >> what he's telling us about beyonce's performance. inside her baby bump reveal on national tv. >> are you kidding me? >> plus taylor swift's ex tells all. ♪ tom hiddleston answering the burning questions about their relationship. was it real? >> i'm pleased to say you heard it here first. then christie brinkley back in her bikini at 63 with both her daughters.
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behind the scenes of their new photo shoot. >> i can get very emotional about this. and an "e.t." exclusive. mariah carey after burning her wedding gown. her guide to surviving a split. >> there was a fire pit. there was a dress. what's the big deal? >> now this is "entertainment tonight." hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> congratulations are in order for george and amal clooney. [ applause ] the talk has confirmed that the 55-year-old superstar and his 39-year-old attorney wife are expecting twins. >> this is the photo that sparked the pregnancy rumors, taken on january 9th. amal in a flowy floral dress. since then, she's been spotted out wearing loose-fitting clothes, a change from the crop tops and jeans we've seen her in. >> when are the babies coming? >> aren't you nice? >> the twins are said to be due this june.
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george's pal, matt damon told kevin frazier he knew about the pregnancy but kept his mouth shut. >> will you give him any advice? >> i've never had twins. he's in for it. we had them one at a time, you know. that was plenty. so, you know, look, it's going to be a huge challenge. i mean, you know, one baby cries, wakes the other one up. i mean it's going to be on in that household. >> yeah, he's not 30. it's tough. you want to sleep. >> yeah, he doesn't sleep a lot anyway. he'll be all right. >> here's the first photo of the barely there baby bump. amal on february 2nd at a conference in barcelona. love how in this shot, she strategically uses a binder to hide her tummy. >> he never even said don't tell anybody. he told me. i'm sure he knew i'd tell my wife, you know. my wife goes to amal immediately and congratulations and then, you know, the way to not let a secret get out is you don't tell anybody. you know what i mean? >> george kind of broke the
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pregnancy rule when he dropped the baby news to matt last fall on the movie set of suburb i conwhich clooney directed. >> i said how far along is she? he goes eight weeks. i'm like don't tell anybody else. don't you know the 12 week rule? of course he doesn't. just shut up, man. four weeks later, i'm like, we're good, right? other big news this weekend. katy perry, lady gaga fresh off her super bowl blowout, and beyonce performing while pregnant with twins. >> i can't wait. host james corden is ready. here is what goes into music's biggest night. >> will we see you sing anything with beyonce on stage? you have no idea because we saw her rehearsing. >> i know nothing about it. i don't even know in i've got a dressing room.
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>> how can the host know nothing about the show? >> because i'm in it for like 17 minutes. >> i love you. >> here is a night where adele and beyonce are going to be in a room at the same time, on the same stage at different points, nominated for the same award. i just don't know -- i don't know if there's been a grammys like that in a long time. ♪ >> we learned beyonce's performance sunday night may include the singer dressed in gold, appearing on a giant turntable. the theme? beyonce's journey and evolution with actresses playing her in different stages of life. but don't look for any high-flying acrobatics or over the top stunts. beyonce's pregnancy after all is considered high risk due to her age, 35, and the fact that she's carrying twins. >> she's pregnant with twins, and her tummy did not look tiny when i saw it. >> it's not tiny. i saw it last night. she looks more weighty than ever. she looks so beautiful. >> sunday on cbs, some very special tributes to george
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michael and friends. we hear that bruno mars will be one of several artists honoring prince. >> all i can tell you is he will burn the place down when he plugs in that guitar. >> oh, and we have so much more on this weekend's awards. adele versus beyonce. who will win the battle of the big voice? plus our grammy fashion flashbacks. altogeth all of that just ahead. moving on to other news, the oscars are a few weeks away, and i got to spend the day with the nominees as they got together for an annual luncheon and to take one epic photo. >> the 89th academy awards nominees class of 2016. [ applause ] >> i was talking to one person and said, well, you know, this is my seventh. it was actually eighth with the picture. the guy next to me says, my 21st. >> that would be sound mixer andy nelson. 21 noms and two wins. in total, it was 167 nominees right next to oscar, super
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casual in a sweatshirt and jeans was pharrell williams. taking it all in. >> i'm excited to be a part of it. octavia wasn't far from me. natalie portman. it was pretty cool. >> natalie due very soon with her second child was given a seat right in front next to octavia, emma stone, and matt damon. across from matt sits original star nominee justin timberlake. in the back, ryan gosling had his arms crossed. in front of him, nicole kidman and dev patel were smiling side by side next to director nominee mel gibson. michelle williams around casey affleck while her "manchester by the sea" co-star was a little star struck. >> when we stepped off after i came up to him and said look, man, i wanted to let you know i'm so grateful that we were touching elbows during that photo. it made me really emotional. >> do you ever get star struck? >> i remember years ago i met
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jimmy stewart. >> that was the guy. >> sidney poitier, i met him when i was a kid. >> cocktail mostly ruled like emma stone's stella mccartney jumpsuit. come oscar time, all these nominees will be stepping up their game. quickest to get out of his oscar outfit might be denzel. >> i was with you backstage after your s.a.g. award win and wondering how did you celebrate? >> i put my shorts on. >> you go hit the streets and do all of that when you're younger. i was home. get out of that monkey suit. >> denzel you are still a rock star in my eyes. everybody is looking forward to the oscars this year. last years acting winners, leonardo dicaprio, brie larson, and alicia vikander will present this years acting awards. meanwhile, supermodel
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christie brinkley is getting a couple of honors herself this weekend. she is back in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue, and christie could not be more thrilled with the beauties posing with her. >> this is a real full-circle moment for me, and i can get very emotional about this. i really can. >> christie chokes up talking about her daughters, 31-year-old alexa ray and 18-year-old sailor, seeing her in that sexy red bikini, hard to believe christie is 63 years old. >> they have alwasailor has alw do this and alexa couldn't imagine that would ever happen. they're so loving it. >> in the caribbean, christie appears to be standing on water. the trick? she was actually perched on a wooden box. >> oh, my gosh. amazing. >> christie set a record, appearing on three consecutive covers starting in 1979. >> how many years ago i was that
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insecure girl and hoping that, you know, i would be good enough, you know, for the magazine. so to see my daughters now having the same thoughts that i had and to be able to see them actually be there on the job, like definitely a big moment. >> alexa ray, a singer, is her daughter with billy joel and sailor's dad is brinkley's ex peter cook. >> it was really fun. >> it was definitely entertaining, a little bit of a reality tv moment. >> can i just take a minute to say that ain't fair. >> it's amazing. >> it's ridiculous. >> right? >> wow. okay, well the swimsuit cover will be reveal the next week. listen to this. if you want to meet christie, she'll be at the s.i. vibe in houston on the 17th and 18th. >> we should go. coming up, mariah, lady gaga, plus matt damon and his man bun. secrets from the set of his new
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...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. ♪ you think you're the first woman who tried to tame him. >> "fifty shades darker" is in theaters this weekend, and there's one line in the movie that inspired our carly steel to have a little bit of fun with the stars, jamie dornan and dakota johnson. >> we're going to play a little game called spank you or thank you. >> send a taxi to pick you up at the airport instead of coming to pick you up. >> rude. >> does every guy know how the picture of their wife -- >> oh, my god.
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that's so cute. >> they buy you a g-string. >> what's a g-string? >> like a really fancy thong. >> oh. i should know that. i'm a grown woman. >> they buy you sexy underwear. >> spanks for that. >> yes, we got it. a man and sexy underwear. >> "fifty shades darker" is all about these two gorgeous stars taking their romance to the next level. but it's not just what they do. it's where. ♪ for this lavish masquerade ball scene, they didn't build a set. they shot in this real multimillion dollar canadian mansion. filming was so top secret, they used an alias title. here it is printed on the wrap party's invitation. the party was held at the fairmont hotel vancouver where this infamous scene for the first movie was filmed. ♪
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>> and we will be seeing more of jamie and dakota. they're both presenting at the oscars on sunday, february 26th on abc. now to a movie starring matt damon and his man bun. remember matt's business in the front, party in the back look from a while back. it was all for his role in the great wall. kevin frazier sat down with him to talk about the movie and his hair transformation. >> the man bun, the leather, what was that like? >> all new. all new experiences. >> what did your daughters think of the man bun? >> they loved it the first week they were into it and then they kind of forgot about it. it took like 12 hours to put it in. it was extensions glued in. >> you got a weave. >> yeah, i got a weave. ask th and then i had to care for the weave. that was the issue. i have a whole new level of appreciation for my wife and daughters, you know. then it's like when you sleep, like the first night i went to sleep, all this hair, right, is
7:15 pm
all over my face. and it's not your hair. you know what i mean? and then you're like whose hair is this? who is this person? >> i've been a fool. done with it. >> that hair is because he plays a mercenary soldier in the film he calls a full on battle monster movie. for the stunt work, ep needed to be in great shape. >> does it get tougher as you get older to do these kind of action movies? >> much, much harder. it's a much stricter diet and more energy expended in the gym. like when you're 25, you know, you can kind of do anything and you're 25. you know what i mean? like you're going to be fine. but when you're 45, it's no joke. >> that's still young, matt, with five ladies in the damon household, you know he's been cooking up holiday plans. >> valentine's day coming up. how do you handle that? >> well, it's great. you know, the kids, they'll come home with little hearts and stuff that they make at school, and i'll do something special with my wife that doesn't involve the kids. >> and on the way, super bowl.
7:16 pm
sigh who was melting down. >> i can't eat. i can't sit down. >> plus -- >> yes. >> this is us star chrissy metz introduced "e.t." to her real life boyfriend. what she thinks about the public's interest in her personal life. >> i'm like is it because i'm a big girl and it's like who is her boyfriend? is he overweight? >> then reese out with her
7:17 pm
7:18 pm
thank gosh for yoga. >> i know. i'm this close to -- >> never going to happen. >> looking fine. >> chrissy, don't do it. don't do it. did you see this week's this is us with chrissy metz' character staring temptation right in the face. >> kevin fraser talked about everything going on in her real
7:19 pm
life. >> you auditioned for mike and molly. >> i love melissa mccarthy. >> you guys have similar spirits where you're comfortable. >> i've heard that. you know when somebody is comfortable in their skin because they make you feel at ease. >> that's such a great compliment, and i think she's incredible. but, yeah, i remember auditioning for the role, and i was like, this is funny. wow, there's going to be actual like real plus-size people on tv, not like let's pretend i'm a plus size at a size 5 or 4. >> chrissy's road to stardom has not been easy. beforehanding the role on this is us, she was an extra on my name is earl and had a role in american horror story, freak show. then hollywood stopped calling and the 36-year-old found herself broke with only 81 cents in her bank account. >> i've gone through the really hard, difficult times of wanting to quit and wanting to give up. for a long time, it was like you're too heavy. you know what, you're too pretty
7:20 pm
to play the big girl. i don't know what that means. >> she has a strong bond with her tv dad milo ventimiglia, but things are more com plited with her father who she said hasn't been a part of her life since she was 8 years old. >> when my iran parents got div, there wasn't a relationship. now he's like, oh, congratulations. my mom is like, now he wants to show up? i'm like, mom. >> are you giving him a second chance? >> i'm trying to. >> on the show, chrissy's character, kate, is getting her own second chance. she's newly engaged to toby but meets someone new at fat camp and things get interesting. >> toby. >> first day, huh? >> just got awkward. >> excuse me? >> are we going to see a love triangle on the show? >> so -- no, no, here's the thing. isn't he so cheeky, that boy? those little dimples. i can't tell you how many girls
7:21 pm
have reached out and said we love toby, but that duke is hot. >> you are as sexy as hell. >> i think he's like the devil on the shoulder. i don't know if he's necessarily going to be a love triangle, but you never know. >> but you have a new man in your life. >> yes, i do have a beau in my life who is wonderful and supportive, and he's not an actor, which i think is helpful. >> chrissy's boyfriend is a cameraman who works on "this is us." the couple of five months stepped out together for the first time a little over a week ago. >> is it a little weird that people are so interested in your love life? >> it is. i don't know if i should be offended or not. is it because i'm a big girl and it's like who's her boyfriend? is he cute? is he overweight? i know there's genuine interest, and maybe it's my fault because it's been sort of a secret. but not intentional. >> you understand when you say, this is a secret, in that sense it's overdrive. >> just because i'm not telling
7:22 pm
you doesn't mean i'm keeping it from you. >> you think he'll be okay once all the madness hits. >> i don't know how he's going to handle it. i don't know if he's ready. i wasn't sure if i was ready. then you're on the train and it's moving. and, honey, that train is -- like i'm like what? >> i love that girl. i really do. did you know that chrissy actually used to be a talent agent? >> that is such a tough job. >> it really is. she said doing that job really helps keep everything in perspective. >> no question about it. to some a-list ladies. i'm talking about nicole kidman and reese witherspoon. >> they star in big little lies debuting next weekend, and they were at the cast during their premiere where reese had a special date. >> i love that you brought your daughter. she's beautiful. >> thank you. she's a sweetheart. >> reese's 17-year-old ava was her look alike date. reese threw on her mom skills
7:23 pm
for the movie. >> all trying to be the best parents we can possibly be. i think it's always that question, am i doing the right thing? am i disciplining the right way? and in this show, it kind of brings up a lot of questions. >> nicole kidman and keith urban made it a date night. both she and reese were intrigued by the idea of a seven-episode series based on the best selling novel. >> as the story unravels, you go with it hopefully. i hope people watch all seven hours because it's meant to be watched as seven hours. >> nicole and reese are executive producers and hired their close friend laura dern. >> she's like my best friend. >> awkward. >> laura just turned the big 5-0 on friday and got birthday advice from her mom, actress diane ladd. >> my mother has made her age 20
7:24 pm
years younger, which means she was like 11 when she had me. i think i'm about 44 this year. >> my mom does that too. she's been saying for years she's 29 years old every year. >> i'm doing it too. is that wrong? >> nothing wrong at all. you look good for 29. >> thank you very much. >> reese and nicole are teaming up again. they have optioned leanne more arty's next novel, truly madly guilty. >> looking forward to it. up next, our super bowl rewind with lady gaga. how she really pulled off her epic stunt. >> i was really happy. >> behind the scenes with what you didn't see during the big game. >> i can't eat. i can't sit down. >> plus taylor swift's ex tells all. >> uh-oh. ♪ >> tom hiddleston answers the burning questions about their relationship. was it real and the story behind that iheart t.s. tank top. >> closed captioning provided by --
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five is michael jackson's mom the victim of elder abuse? that's the claim katherine jackson is making against her nephew, trent lamar jackson in these court papersment katherine claims trent accessed her bank accounts without permission, stayed rent free in her calabasas home, estranged her from her children. trent jackson did not return our calls for comment. number four, scarlett's date night with her mom. scarlett johansson was honored wednesday night for her work with amfar, her first appearance since reports she separated from her husband of two years. >> i really couldn't think of anybody else that i'd rather be with me here tonight than my mother, who has been incredibly inspiring for me. number three, britney ae 8-year-old niece maddie aldridge. she suffered a terrible atv accident last sunday. her condition improved during
7:29 pm
the week, and on friday, maddie's stepfather posted this photo of her on a helicopter and wrote that she's heading home as she continues to recover. britney thanked fans for all the support and called it a miracle. now, number two, kelly clarkson's cancer scare. listen to this. this week kelly revealed that on the same day of her first grammy win in 2006, she was told she had cancer. >> i completely cried. i was like, wow, i'm so young. i was just completely freaking out. >> kelly went on to win two gram applies that night, and she said she went back to her doctors the next day and get this. they apologized for mixing up the results. she never had cancer. from clarkson to clooney and our number one story this week. george and amal are expecting twins. the talk's julie chen broke the news. >> the 55-year-old superstar and his 39-year-old attorney wife are expecting twins. >> george told his buddy, matt
7:30 pm
damon, who kept the secret. >> they're going to be great. they're going to be awesome parents. those kids are lucky. >> will you give them any advice? >> it's going to be a huge challenge. you know, one baby cries, wakes the other one up. i mean it's going to be on in that household. >> he's not 30. you want to sleep. >> yeah. he doesn't sleep a lot anyway. he'll be all right. >> go to for the latest. we have more news on this grammy awards weekend, but let's talk about another big star, shall we? the super bowl. >> what a game. that was an amazing game, and it was an amazing halftime show from lady gaga. kevin frazier spoke with gaga just moments after she left the field. ♪ >> what was it like being suspended in the air? >> you know, i just -- i made a decision about a month ago that i was going to do it. i went for it. >> gaga made that grand entrance look easy, but you won't believe how she actually pulled it off.
7:31 pm
here's how she did it. first, that patriotic open. ♪ god bless america >> it was actually taped a week beforehand. that was gaga on the field sunday just before it was played to the audience. then as the taped performance starts rolling, you could see gaga being hoisted up in the dark. she is actually suspended in the air for 55 seconds before her life performance, which is queued by that type. there were 300 drones in all, each equipped with an l.e.d. light. intel, the company behind the show, has had some practice. its drone team just wrapped a three-week show at disney world, and last year the company set a record in australia, flying 500 drones at this show there. before the show, gaga arrived in a golf cart with her father at her side. then a quick pep talk. >> what did you tell everybody before you headed out on the field? >> i told them that their talent
7:32 pm
belongs to them. today was about sharing his wisdom with the world. ♪ >> the singer, who earned props for performing live, rocked three looks during her show, all by versace. first a body suit with knee high boots. then she added this gold jacket with shoulder spikes, and finally a crop top with sparkly shoulder pads. ♪ when it was all over, gaga looked relieved. she hugged her mom and dad and her sister too. and look at this. she presented everyone involved with the show with a single red rose. >> i was really happy. >> speaking of being really happy, gisele had the most epic freak out reaction to her man's big win. here's the mouth wide open, shake your hair in your face
7:33 pm
move. drop the phone. the air high five. but what you didn't see on tv was this moment. in the midst of the chaos, gisele couldn't find her 7-year-old son benjamin. >> your mom's looking for you. >> reunited, the entire family made their way onto the field for the emotional moment. >> you dedicated this game to her. she has got to be beyond herself right now. >> they're all happy. it's nice to have everybody here. >> oh, but check out who wasn't there. die hard patriots fan mark wahlberg walked out during the third quarter after getting tons of hate on social media. mark explained he had to leave because his son wasn't feeling well, but before the game, it was mark who was losing it. >> this is it right here. to be able to win five, to cement yourself unquestionably as the best ever of all time. it's incredible. >> how are your nerves right
7:34 pm
now? >> i can't eat. i can't sit down. >> don't worry, mark. captain america, chris evans celebrated enough for all of us. got to love his reaction to the win. but can we just talk about chrissy teigen live tweeting the whole game? >> chrissy teigen live here on the sidelines. we are in the 25th quarter. things are happening. >> the 31-year-old model also unknowingly gave viewers an eyeful. chrissy tweeted her response. >> john, how crazy was that game? >> amazing. >> incredible. >> how crazy was that? >> oh, my god. from maybe being one of the worst games ever to one of the -- the best game ever. made history. come on. rise up. >> from usher recreating the same falcons jacket he wore when he was 5 years old to elton john giving love to gaga, fans showed their support. but can we cry a tear for selena
7:35 pm
gomez who was the third wheel at her viewing party. what is the weeknd. >> the weeknd is performing at this weekend's grammys. we'll see john legend hit the stage and adele and so many others. >> can't wait. >> taylor swift, this week her ex tom hiddleston broke his silence on their romance. >> it sold a ton of tabloid magazines, but was hidel-swift one big fakeout. let's hear tom's side of the story. ♪ >> smoldering eyes, chiseled, all handsome in a suit. the new shots of tom are everything to his fan, but it's this shot, wearing an i heart t.s. t-shirt wanting an explanation. ♪ >> quote, it was a joke among friends. the 35-year-old says he actually slipped and hurt his back that fourth of july with taylor's squad. he got a scratch and wanted to protect it from the sun.
7:36 pm
a friend handed him the statement shirt. he put it on to make his friends laugh. looking back, he's surprised it got so much attention. >> how is it going? >> really good time, yeah. >> taylor didn't want to come hang? no? >> that was the shy and polite a couple weeks after the incident. he didn't say much then. so why is he talking now? maybe because he's got a new movie to promote or for a good cover story. a gq writer says it's because tom knows the romance known as hiddle swift will follow him until he addresses it. was it real? tom says, quote, of course. it was not a tactical p.r. move. did taylor want a regular relationship with a guy who was eight years older? he says she did. who helped tom get over the breakup? chris hemz worth gave him guidance. hugh laurie checked in. is tom still heard broken?
7:37 pm
sure seems that way. he says, quote, i only know the woman i met. she's incredible. as for regret, tom says he has none because, quote, you have to fight for love. you can't live in fear of what people might say. a relationship exists between two people. we will always know what it was. coming up, adele's biggest grammy threat, beyonce. >> which mama could sweep the big three categories? plus law and order svu reaches a milestone. ♪ >> we celebrate its 4 hundredth episode. the countless star cameos and the current oscar nominee who got his big break on the show. then a mariah exclusive on her breakup anthem, burning a
7:38 pm
7:39 pm
7:40 pm
♪ a spinoff reached a major milestone this week. 400 episodes of law and order, svu have aired since the series began in 1999. we have the cast celebration. this is a gang that we have been with since the beginning. ♪ >> people come here, there's always like -- >> i'm a cop, elliott. >> i know. >> mariska has been putting bad guy behind bars since law and order svu first aired in 1999. >> this fulfills the 14-year-old boy inside of me. i love like playing cops and robbers. >> just to put it in context,
7:41 pm
classics like friends aired only 236 episodes. "m*a-s*h," 256. svu's 400 is way more than dallas, e.r., csi, and over twice as many as seinfeld. >> then what happened? >> i'm just happy to be on this, you know, machine. get to 3 65. >> to think creator dick wolf just wanted to survive season one. >> let me get through the first season. >> jackpot. >> how did they make it so far? >> it's a nice, happy, productive family. >> christopher maloney and stephanie march say the cast is like family. >> i made some incredible friends, and they're still in my life. >> another key, low cal. they've stayed in new york for
7:42 pm
all 18 seasons. >> there is nothing like it. love the energy. love the people. >> i had never worked on camera before this job. this was my first on camera job. >> like stephanie a lot of stars got breaks on svu like mahershala ali. >> you're wasting your time. >> his screen name was a lot longer back then. >> it was great working on such an iconic show. if you're being chased by the cops on svu, it's probably not going to end well. [ sirens ] >> in the second season, candy alexander played a police sergeant. >> any suspects? >> everyone was so lovely on this show. 400 episodes, congratulations. >> season four. >> 400 episodes. it was a kind of big let down. >> check out his defense attorney in a small part, viola
7:43 pm
davis, an oscar nominee now. >> yes or no? >> no. >> thank you. >> action. >> we were on the set when henry winkler played a conman. >> this particular show is appointment television for my wife and i. so we're very excited. >> kyle mclachlan has guested twice as a politician, also as a killer. >> when it comes on, social media still kind of gets on me a little bit. >> fearless when it comes to taking on tough issues. >> making me very unkwcomfortab. >> we just finished an episode called 911. i'm basically on the phone for the entire episode desperately trying to save this little girl who has been kidnapped. >> what does he do, maria? >> i don't want to talk about it. >> for episode 400, which aired monday, mariska herself directed.
7:44 pm
>> she jumped on both sides of the camera. >> we truly deal with the most important social issues and that is extremely gratifying. >> amazing. now, svu still has a little ways to go before it catches up to the original law and order, which logged in 456 episodes. still to come, our mariah carey exclusive after her wedding dress burning scandal. >> i don't think it's a scandal. >> the mother of twins gives beyonce some advice about her pregnancy. >> really hard having twins. >> then beyonce versus adele. who will win the grammy diva-off this weekend? plus our grammy fashion flashback with the most jaw-dropping red carpet moments. that's ahead but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which friends star once had a painting displayed at the metropolitan museum of art. is it i accept i don't race down the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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7:48 pm
not want to mess with mimi. ♪ >> the wedding dress moment is such a moment. what prompted that decision? >> it was a moment. how could you not? there was a fire pit. there was a dress. you throw it on the fire and burn it. what's the big deal? >> we're calling this mariah's guide to surviving a breakup. first you write a song about splitting from your billionaire fee yawn say. you call it i don't, and then you burn the wedding dress in the music video. >> is this closer for you? >> you know what, i think that everything is cyclical. it's like things come back around and people are happy and we go through things, and that's just the way it is. that's kind of the way i feel about life in general. >> #i don't is trending. i think it should be #don't mess with mimi. >> if you like it, i love it. >> the next step, you take your new boyfriend, backup dancer
7:49 pm
bryan tanaka to the release party for your new single. >> what is the most romantic thing about tanaka? >> he's got a lot of amazing qualities. >> and footbalinally you stay f on your friends, especially when they're beyonce. >> as a mommy of twins, have you reached out to her? >> last time i saw her was during christmas. she came to my show. i wish her and jay all the best. it's really hard having twins. >> it is? >> there's nothing like it. they're the best. >> what makes them the best? >> they crack me up when they talk to each other, they have their own little conversations. they have like their own language. it's kind of amazing. >> mariah know how to leave the past in the past. by the way, i don't is out on itunes. by the way, talking about beyonce, she may be expecting twins, but this weekend we are expecting her to make history at the grammys. >> that's right. mrs. carter is up for the big three, record, song, album of the year. so is mom adele. so who is going to win this
7:50 pm
diva-off? i got some answers in "e.t.'s" green room. >> we're talking everything grammys. so much to look forward to, right? >> absolutely. >> but all eyes are going to be on adele and beyonce. >> one thing i do know, this sunday is going to be an epic showdown between the divas in pop music. >> they're nominated in best song of the year, best album of the year. beyonce, of course, for lemonade. and adele for her album, 25. ♪ my question for you is who do you think is going to come out on top? >> that is such a tough call. okay. to start, let's start with the hardware they already have. so beyonce has a whopping 62 nominations, making her the most nominated female artist of all time. she has won 20 awards. listen, we know the queen is keeping count. >> i unexpectedly won a grammy tonight. now the ninth grammy. >> that is beyonce from back in
7:51 pm
2006. here's the thing. if beyonce wins eight of her nine categories that she's nominated in, she becomes the most winning female artist of all time, taking the spot from alison krause. >> adele has 18 nominations and ten wins, so that's not a bad record. >> obviously the grammys are very close to my heart. >> here's another thing about adele. she has an oscar and a golden globe for the sky fall theme. that's going to be hard to beat. ♪ >> you know what, it's only a matter of time between queen bee gets those too. here's something they both have in common. these two powerhouses have so much love and respect for each other. >> i'm a huge beyonce fan. >> as far as bee's concerned, she said this about adele. when adele sings, you can hear it's coming from an unfiltered honesty and purity. >> the show airs this sunday on cbs. now, already the big winner in the new forbes list of the
7:52 pm
highest everyone earning nominees. adele tops the list. ♪ >> you can't talk about the grammy red carpet without bringing up lady gaga. her style statement through the years is go big or go home. from that futuristic armani prive gown to last year's electric blue dress she wore in honor of david bowie. >> she came in on an egg, and you came in -- >> with an egg on my head. >> i couldn't even sit down in the suv. i didn't want it to get smushed. >> nicki minaj is another fashion risk taker. in 2011 she did bride of frankenstein. >> katy perry's mint green gucci gown was so wild it made ellen
7:53 pm
degeneres's jaw drop. and none of us can see matador wearing outfit madonna who flashed her bare bottom at the crowd and didn't care. pharrell's grammy hat made a tamt and got its own twitter account less than a half hour after he walked the carpet. it also sparked tons of memes. and who knew cher wore the cut down to the belly button style 26 years before j.lo changed fashion history in that green versace gown. >> i felt like an energy. it was a weird feeling. >> what's happening? >> my dress was happening and i didn't know it. >> obviously a lot of green in here but what's going to be the color trend on the grammys red carpet? have to wait until sunday and find out. keep an eye out for a little su
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
travel considerations provided by --
7:56 pm
well, look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. taylor lottener is 25. arsenio hall is celebrating turning 61. and sheryl crow is 55. now, take a final look at your choices. which friends star once had a painting displayed at the metropolitan museum of art? that is jennifer aniston, who is 48 this weekend. you know, when jen was 11, one of her paintings was displayed at the met in new york. happy birthday. monday on "e.t." all eyes on are beyonce at the grammys. how she slayed, pregnant with twinz. plus all the grammy fashion monday on "e.t." we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our
7:57 pm
website, >> before we go on this grammys weekend, we leave you with the song of the year nominee justin bieber's video for his song, love yourself. >> he's up for four awards and ed sheeran actually helped write the song. >> i like it very, very much. enjoy this and the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:58 pm
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