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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nearly 200,000 people in california are ordered to evacuate, as the nation's tallest dam threatens to unleash controlled flood waters. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beyonce takes the stage at the grammys, but she is not the biggest winner last night. we will take a look who snapped the top award at the most memorable moments from music's biggest night. >> well, today is monday, february the 13th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. can i not get that beyonce song out my head. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, what a windy morning it already has been. >> i dressed like that when i was pregnant. >> yes? >> i love walking around,. >> i mean, already some comfortable, why not make yourself more comfortable, right? >> good morning, everyone, big eye roll on that one. >> katie says, we have downed
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polls, downed polls, downed trees, downed wires, kind after mess out there. >> i believe t even though it is a dry forecast, some of you might even see a snow squawl rolling through here, northwest breeze picking up, so we're warning a storm actually depart right now, that's the whole reason the wind is getting into high gear. we have pressure gradient setting up out there. that's where the possibility of residual snow squawl may come f you can see it reflected in the next couple of hours, for the most part, you will see some sunshine, but dealing with shaky cameras, one of the ones that we always go when we know there is wind. outside whitfield elementary school, out in berks county that wind is whipping, 33 the current temperature, and right now even though that does say southwest wind at 8 miles per hour, that's not the norm. here is your norm. it generally is 20 to 25 heck even to up 30 miles per hour, sustained wind flow, too, guys, this is a sustained wind. so this will send your trash can or anything else that's not secure flying down the
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road, may end up doing a manhunt for your material for your own property later today when you get home. so if you're not careful about it, just keep in mind you might be on a little hunt later this afternoon. high wind warning, also posted, so you have wind advisory, everywhere else, including philly, but high wind warning for gusts to 06 miles per hour, and in all of the counties in the orange, see some sunshine today, it is seasonable with temperature, meisha, but the wind, that's the xfactor, if you're not prepared for it. >> we were talking about this little earlier, to keep your winds around you driving around with everything casino every blowing around, trees coming down, made for dangerous situation. good morning, happy monday, the vine not closed but overnight construction looking, in the westbound direction, on the schuylkill looking okay. wall notice, is how jittery this camera is because of all of the wind. some of the cameras actually going out because the wind is actually knocking the breath right out, so to speak. so this camera, we're hoping it doesn't go out on us, but just heads up if you want to look at the vine, looking eastbound side, starting to heat up little bit as well.
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ninety-five south at girard, push in the southbound direction and northbound direction, looking at you, southbound direction the one that is heating up quicker than obviously the northbound side. i would say still traveling at posted speeds but probably won't be for too much longer specially push into the 6:00 hour. busy monday morning, we kind of expect that. then, pa turnpike westbound, between delaware valley and bensalem, construction, right lane is still blocked. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you, meisha. high wind could cause big trouble in the philadelphia region. >> utility crews are on stand by, as should be ready to move outdoor items indoors. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live along the ben franklin parkway, where, trang, looks like the flags are whipping around behind you, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, are h can i be one of those outdoor items that gets moved indoors? let me tell you, seeing strong gusts, out here, and thank goodness for the earmuffs, keeping my hair in place. take a look as you mentioned, these flags along the parkway here really whipping. it is a significantly colder, feels significantly colder
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than what the temperature would suggest out here. so definately bundle up if you are headed out to work. also, as meisha mentioned, you want to use caution while driving. definitely felt the car rocking and rolling on our way out here. gusts also strong enough to bring down trees as well as power lines. but ahead of wind advisory, city officials encourage the truck to also anchor down materials, like fences, signs, also encourage property owners to secure their patio furniture and any items outside that can break lose and cause damage. people i caught up with early this morning, definately noticed the wind, but, weren't too bothered by it. >> pretty bad, the winds, but i'm a big guy, winds never going to blow me down the street at all. >> seriously? >> maybe somebody thin can blow down, but a big guy can hands it will a little bit. >> and fortunately no report of any damage here in the city but this wind advisory does go on until 6:00 p.m. tonight. so we've got quite a ways to go here.
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but for now, liver from the ben franklin parkway, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. meanwhile, developing now, mandatory evacuation, the tallest dam could fail. 770-foot dam, 150 northeast of san francisco, as hena daniels explains, failure could be catostrophic. >> an emergency order was issued in northern california late sunday night, as thousands of people living below the orville dam were told to move to higher grounds. >> i just got a text message, and alert, saying get out as fast as you can. >> traffic was back up for miles, with many gas stays cents running out every fuel after nearly 200,000 people from eight area towns were ordered to evacuate. >> everybody literally through everything in their cars and they were gone. it was like a ghosttown. >> late orville is one of
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california's largest man-made lakes. record storms have forced water levels so high that the emergency spillway was used for the first time since the dam was built 50 years ago. officials say the spillway is doing exactly what it is designed to do, but earlier last week the department of water resources found errosion damage, in the top of the spillway. officials hope to plug the hole by using helicopters to drop rocks, hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." the united nations security coins ill likely to meet today off north kariya latest missile launch. have request add meeting of the council, over the weekends us strategic commands says it detected and tracked the missiles that flashed smooth see between the korean peninsula and japan, says that's intolerable. us is behind japan 100% says president trump. >> president trump meets with justin trudeau at the white house today a mid growing turmoil within his own inner
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circle. cbs has learned, comes after flynn mid less senior administration officials about discussion every sanctions with the russian envoy prior to the inauguration. >> so were you one of the millions of people who strayed up to watch the 69th grammy awards right here on cbs-3? >> con sense this is morning, adele stole the show walking away with the night's biggest awards, and the singer won best song, best record, best albumn for 25, even owned up the show with the award winning hit. when excepting one of her awards adele gushed over her lover for her competitor, bees ansy. >> i'm very humbled and very grateful about my eyes of my life, this albumn to me, the lemonade albumn, so monumental, beyonce, so monumental. and so well thought out, and so beautiful, and so bearing, and we are about to see
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another side to you that you don't always see. and we appreciate that. >> you are a light. and the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make me black friends feel is empowering and you make them stand up for themselves. and i love you. i always have. and i always will. >> speaking of beyonce, the singer took home two grammys of her own last night, beyonce foration won for the best music video, expect and the mother of twins gave dazzling performance of two songs off of her albumn lemonade, which took home the crown for the best urban contemporary albumn. up total for nine awards. >> one moment from the grammys everyone will surely be talking about this morning. >> yes, it happened during the presentation of best pop duo. >> few years ago, and it was before josh and i were able to make money playing music, and we were no one at that time. he turned to me, you know, if we ever go to the grammys, if we ever win a grammy, we
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should receive it just like this. >> definitely following through on that. that was 21 pilot, giving their acceptance speech in their underwear, last night, when their names were announced dropped their.before headed to the stage. much more on the grammys coming up from a live report at about 6:35. >> you know everyone in the audience, what are they doing? what are they doing? >> and i heard james cord on joking maybe he should drop his pant. >> well, still ahead, we will take you inside the most pricy home for sale in the united states. rahel, get ready to put in a offer. listed for $250 million. >> no big deal. plus, you know with that we have to use cross country skis to get around, where another winter storm dumps another 2 feet of snow. in the. >> are you smarter than a six grader? probably not. not this group at a school in delaware county that hopes to make some big money. you can help them next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> running against the winds ♪ >> we are bake -- waking up against the wind, katie says don't attempt to do you remember your hair today. it is not that kind of day. we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> these are images of quick spreading wild fire near oklahoma city. >> many forced to flea their homes.
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firefighters responded about 11:30, sunday morning, continues to spread at this hour. multiple fire crews from all over the area have been called in to assist. so far farm structures and campers have been burned. >> another snow day in the northeastern us, days after the big he he is storm of the season dump up to 19 inches, winter storm warnings now in effect from new york to maine. forecasters expect another 10 inches every snow in boston, and up to 2 feet in portland. parts of the region blizzard conditions are possible. not going to complain about the winds, katie. >> yes. that's right. >> not after watching that. >> i know, you can't, we will talk a lot more about the winds in a seconds. but doesn't that just make you want to think spring here? so can we give you little bit of countdown, just craving warmer weather. we will see moderation in the seven day, but 27 short days until daylight saving time begins, spring begins in 35 days, and matter of 50 to 53 days until the average high of 60, opening up at home with the phillies.
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take a look how it actually feels outside. buzz kill immediately if you are thinking about spring, feels like the 20's, the mountains of course colder feeling more like single digit territory. high wind warning, for all of southern new jersey, the whole southern half of new jersey and the entire state of delaware, gusts there could pick up as high as 60 miles per hour, in the only is the lawn furniture going to get blown over, see downed branches, wires, already have report of that, and as well as leading to quite a few power outages, again, southern half of the region, but also wind advisory for the rest of you, everyone in this in some way shape or form, the difference here is that with wind advisory, gusts may peak as high as 55, as opposed to 60-mile per hour, so not too much difference here. but, regardless, we want to report exactly as the national weather service has indicated. meantime, strong winds is the story here today guys. you don't have any major storms say for the next several, but see little bit of movement on the thermometer, lots of sunshine for valentine
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day, cooling to the low 40's, and look at the nice moderation. for the weekends, looks like good weekend overall. >> looks beautiful. lots of sunshine, look at that, 50 saturday, but we're only monday so let's slow our roll. forty-two at creek road, take a look how busy it is, 42, approaching, 295. this will start to slow you down. you are still traveling at posted speeds but you will not be for too much longer. in fact, you might be dropping little bit. for those of you jumping on four it, start to give yourself little extra time. blue route southbound approaching route 30, no problem, big thumbs-up on the blue route basically anywhere i look. still looking good. and we do have this downed tree, wilmington, heads up on this, actually this is the construction, pa turnpike between delaware valley and bensalem. right lane blocked, but we do have downed trees still out there blocking, so one of them rockwood closed at washington boulevard. you will have to use an alternate, shipley road probably your best bet. another one out here gladwynn, as well, waterford road at
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woodbine avenue. all lanes are block here, as well. you will have to use this alternate, ashland avenue to get around. blowing debris, downed wires, downed polls. jim, rahel, back to you. >> philadelphia says a city known for his history, in some cases the history is sitting right in front of them. >> old factories, a bandon churches, crumbling buildings in the shadows of the booming construction project throughout the area. tonight at 11:00 our greg argos took his keys and checking out these hidden treasures y some people consider them brighted properties, the city, a transformation, right before our eyes. >> if a building can be re purposed or reused we will clean it up, safer the blight, put it on the market for reuse. if the build something in such disrepair it is un economical to fix it, we will take it down. >> we low love to be able to reuse them, you know, sore of keep philadelphia, philadelphia. >> it is an inside look you will see tonight only on cbs-3
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at 11:00. >> well, you know jim they say there is an app for many almost everything out there. >> group of local student saw need and they hope to bring their idea to life. pat gallen here to tell us more in our healthcare report. very smart kids. much smarter than i am. gardening can be a time consuming hobby. but student at northerly middle school in aston think they can help bring yours to life and keep it that way with a app they are working on there is app could win them big money. >> facebook, twitter, instagram, hugely popular mobile apps. kids at local middle school are hoping to reach people with their invention, as well. as part of the verizon innovative learning app challenge, sixth graders from northerly middle school in aston have devised framework for impressive program. >> kids have to ida problem either in their school, in their home or in their community, then they have to figure out a solution for that, why it is unique. >> while it was a group effort, caitlin came up with the initial idea for a
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gardening app. >> i was in the house, she pulled a muscle in her arm, she wasn't able to get around to her garden, so when i was around i would help her. but i wasn't always around. so when we in classy thought of this app to help her with her guard glenn it allows for your grander end to flourish even when you can't be there. >> like find people nearby to help you with your garden. and it gives you like fact, and points about your plants. >> says that set in motion a chain of events that saw the school win best in state, $5,000 from verizon, and tablets for each student in the class. if they win it all, some of the brightest minds in the world will get involved. >> first place guests do get to go to the white house, and get to work with a group of mit professionals who will create the app, create the coding for it, and the app will be a real thing. >> so of course, you can help the student with a click. go to app challenge.esa
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opinion go vote f they get the most votes they'll win $16,000 for their school program. you can also text garden to the number 22333. guys, voting runs through tomorrow. so will you click, please click. >> jumping now? >> clicking right now. vote, help out these kids, it is awesome. and sixth graders, the only middle school kids out of the entire country to get this far. >> you know what i love? i love that the creator was inspired by her neighbor, by want to go help her neighbor, so sweet. >> exactly. will help each other in some way. >> appreciate it. >> up next. this mega mansion could be yours for the knot solo price every only $250 million. we will take you inside to see what else you get besides the house. >> and jim, you still haven't gotten mia valentine gift, just saying. plus, february is heart health month. doctor rob will join us to tell us why it is so important to eat healthy and what foods
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if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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>> welcome back everyone, never too early to be looking ahead to the weekend, right? right now, it actually looks like the weekend will ends up being pretty nice one. expecting sunshine, temperatures to climb, temperatures actually that will be well into the 50's, high for february standards. guys? >> katie, thank you. and now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the intelligence err, doylestown township at old colonial green, reaching an agreement. unhealthy trees were cut down in the complex, at last count, the township wanted 231 trees planted to replace them, the homeowner association planned on planting 176. >> from the bucks county couriers times with only few days left to vote on line, bristol borough is poised to take home $500,000 on main street, for revitalization services, all smart of the business revolution contest.
6:25 am
bristol borough holds 4500 lead over second place, red wing, minnesota. >> mercury, people took part in the polar plunge at the brandywine picnic park this weekend. the water was bone-chilling, 39 degrees. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, there are mansions all over the world, but none like this one. >> the price yes, sir homes for sale in the u.s. could be yours for the low, very low price of $250 million. you could be the new owner of this southern california estate. what say you, jim? >> no. >> no? 38,000 square feet, 28-foot long television set. theater and bowling alley. outside there is a collection of exotic cars worth 30 million and it is all yours. also, two wine cellars. >> this doesn't even look like a house, that's not warm and friendly to me. ya, that's not good. >> i'll pass. i'm sure they were waiting for my call. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," discovery one south jersey neighborhood that has a
6:26 am
community on edge. >> nearly three dozen tombstones are vandalize in the bridesburg cemetery now neighbors are taking action. plus this. >> adele sweeps the grammys and makes history in the process. i'm chris martinez outside the staple center in los angeles, wrap up of music's biggest night coming up. >> we are starting offer with very windy morning, downed wires, downed treats, blowing debris, plus updates to the market frankford line, all coming up. first a quick break, where ever you are, cbs-3 "eyewi
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>> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> the wind indeed going through my hair. >> fortunately though the winds is working with me this morning, it is blowing through my hair, instead of blowing it forwards. we are definitely seeing a lot of strong gusts out here.
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>> i just got a text message saying get out as soon as you can. >> residents in northern california are seeking higher grounds the the lake oroville dam is in danger every failing, prompting mandatory evacuations. >> popular center city monument, will be removed, to be restored. >> we have a wintertime, st. luke bert's cheer team are national champs. >> i was a cheerleader. >> you know she was. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and of course, carpool karaoke on the floor of the staples center in los angeles. >> jim, gets ago loft praise this morning, following his
6:31 am
hosting gig at the grammys. katie and jim earlier, i said i don't think james cord on has dropped his pant, but i've been sent video, so apparently he did drop his pants at the grammys, but not a good day to do that, it could be draft i. >> right? you are too much, my friend. one of those days we heard in the morning mink, not the best hair day either. so i would for go the intricate hairstyle, do yourself a solid on a monday morning, and just get out the door, what did you say? >> and put on some clothes. >> always helpful, too, we don't want you to end up in jail. so a look at what's going on outside at the moment. it is actually going to end up being a nice bright sunny day for the most part. see the lie of day starting to climb over the horizon here, 34 degrees, northwest breeze at 17 miles per hour, this one, liver neighborhood network shot outside of middle township high school isn't one of the most staked camera,
6:32 am
well secure, you won't see it jostle around. but meisha has a lot of cameras rocking and rolling because of the high wind warning posted until 6:00 tonight. where all of these counties shaded in orange to the northwest of that, a wind advisory, everyone is going to experience that win today. may just be little less harsh, go further to the northwest, regardless, currently up and down i the the a, 40-mile per hour gusts currently being reported. so you're going to notice that, maybe jostle your car little bit, traveling the highway here at fast speed. so, keep that in mind. very windy day for all of us. bit more sunshine, the closer you are to the shore, or cloud cover the further north and west you travel. maybe even a stray snow squawl out there expecting mid 40's across the region, at least in the city, and down toward the shore. certainly colder though as go up through the mountain us terrain. meisha, over to you. >> katie, thank you. yes indeed. we certainly are seeing a lot of our cameras shake around out there. very, very windy. because of that, weaver downed trees, debris flying around, road signs flying around, as women.
6:33 am
heads up it will slow you down little bit this morning. first camera shot, 95 south at cottman, looking okay, actually, push in the southbound direction, is that you looking barely? i might jinx the drive. take a look at this. southbound direction for minute there, i have to get my bearing, northbound side, taillights moving in the southbound direction toward center city. you are looking very nice out there this morning. so, i typically don't say that to 95 in the southbound trend, but big thumbs-up. headed out there great company. we do have disable vehicle here, 95 north, near route 420, near the airport, pulled off to the right shoulder as you can see, flashing lights, slow you down little bit, gaper delay, also starting to seat bulk of the congestion. pushing northbound direction slowing little slicker than the southbound side, drexel hill, state road, claireton road. and a lot more to talk about coming up in the next ten to 15 minutes, back to you. >> in other news this morning,
6:34 am
ku klux klan family lets found in one south jersey town. homeowners in cinnaminson found the flyers and called "eyewitness news." the flyers were folds dollars into zip lock bags and waited down with dry rice. unclear how many neighbors got them, but we spotted several along driveways on lenola road. neighbors we spoke with made it clear that the clan is not welcome. >> it is justice heartening, really disheartening, because i don't think there is any room for this in our society today. i think it is, to me, like neanderthal thinking. just so backward. >> now, "eyewitness news" contacted the number on the flyer, we got automated message saying that you have reached the white nights of the ku klux klan. cinnaminson police say if you have any information about these flyers, please give us a call. cemetery in the bridesburg section of philadelphia is vandalized and neighbors are livid. relatives arrived at the holy
6:35 am
redeemer cemetery richmond street sunday to find headstones toppled over. the stones that were damaged had been mark down with orange tape, family members every those burried in the cemetery call it discusting and an insult. >> this is the only memory people have of their families that are gone now. and you pretty much just kick it over and like no respect for human live at all. >> and "eyewitness news" did reach out to police about the vandalism. but at this point no further information is available. >> well the 59th grammy awards was one not to miss here on cbs. adele was champion of the night but hon orders one of her top competitors in a emotional speech. >> cbs news correspondent chris martinez live with more on the tributes. good morning, chris. so 6:35 our time it has to be what 3:35 your time. what a long night for you. thanks for being with us so early. >> reporter: that's right, that's exactly right, but you know what? it is well worth it. what a great night it was. this is music's biggest night, this year, certainly delivered.
6:36 am
no denying that this was adele's moment last night. five nominations, she won all five. as you mentioned, very emotional speeches. one every them even bringing beyonce to tears. >> hi, everyone, hi, hi, hi,. >> huge night for adele at the 59th grammy awards left her nearly speech less after winning best song, best record, and best albumn for 25 and her song hello. which she performed life at the beginning of the show. >> ♪ hello from the other side ♪ >> while on stage, she honored beyonce, who was competing against her for the top award. >> the lemonade albumn was just so monumental, beyonce, it was so monumental. and so well thought out, and so beautiful, and so bearing, and we will get to see another side to you that we don't always see. >> ♪ i made you cry ♪
6:37 am
>> earlier, a pregnant beyonce performed a medically of two songs from her albumn lemonad lemonade. >> ♪ >> artists also paid tribute to some legends, who passed away last year. >> ♪ >> adele honored george michael with a new a rangment of his song. >> she asked to restate it -- restart it, feeling she was giving sub par performance. the time, and bruno mars, honored prince, playing his song, let's go crazy. >> ♪ >> and it wasn't just a big night for adele. it was a historic night, as well. she becomes the first artist ever in grammy history to sweep all three top categories twice she won best record, song anal bumm last night, it is first back in 2012. jim, rahel, back to you. >> just amazing vocalist, how
6:38 am
did the crowd react to adele starting over during her george michael tribute? >> reporter: well, she got a lot of support from the crowd. a lot of applause. when she stopped, start over, then finished the song, as well, you could tell she was very conflict in the that moment whether she was doing the right thing or not, but the crowd seemed to support her. a lot of support and love for her this morning on social media, as well. >> loyal fans. >> great night. thank you so much, chris. and of course, another big part of the grammys is the fashion. music's biggest stars walked the red carpet in a range of looks that went from old to classy, simply outrage us. >> s looks that got top honors, jennifer lopez as you can see here, adele, we saw a lot of bright colors, metal inning, the best part of the grammys is that anything goes. so, let's talk about some of the most talked about looks. >> let's start off with katy perry. she a belong now apparently. >> yes, she debuted the new platinum look on the red carpet. >> what is she wearing on the
6:39 am
booth zero many -- bottom? >> fetters. >> a look. >> well, fresh off her superbowl performance, lady gaga showed some skin last night. >> never one to shy a which from showing skin. went into full mode, lot of black leather, later performed with metallic. something about that performance. >> now, that's award robe malfunction just wait to go happen right there. >> well, here is one of the talk presser last night, singer songwriter got political with her make america great again dress. >> now she says the dress is all about love, but there was a lot of negative feedback on twitter, peel were wondering if we were going to be hearing about politics, with all of the award shows, apparently making a statement there. >> look at this one. what or what is this? >> that was a genuine jim donovan question. what's this? well, this, jim donovan; seal owe, came in ensemble, i guess look like oscar or maybe a
6:40 am
villain in a superhero movie? i guess depends if you're a seal owe fan? >> ya, that outfit. what the heck is this one? this is like oh -- >> careful. >> most of the things where the kids run around? >> katie, twins, big fans. that's though the new artist out of la. she said the idea came from the dress came to her in a dream. not apparently memories from -- >> now the question i have is how do you sit down in something like that? >> very strategically. >> i think? well, coming up next, good news for some septa riders who take the market frankford "el" line. we will tell but a change made in time for this morning's commute. >> also, about heart health in what's up doc's segment of the doctor will talk to us about food you should have in your die. >> the hold on to your hands, waking to up a very windy morning. from the ben franklin parkway, live look, and windy
6:41 am
conditions here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think someone needs to tie trang down. she is teach i. she could blow down the avenue of the arts, she can blow off the museum stems. i mean, we need to hold onto her. >> this just in from. , trang do being cabled down to the live truck by cables. can't believe it, trang! >> ♪ >> ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the sun is out. >> with wind gusts, utility at this crouds are ready to fixed down powers lines this morning. >> cents, a warning to bring
6:45 am
some of your outdoor stuff indoors. trang do live on the ben franklin parkway, where right hine her, look how strong those winds, are thigh, trang. >> hi, rahel, jim. despite the odds, i'm still standing, i've not blown away despite strong wind gusts, feels so much colder out here than what the temperature is suggesting, but take a look here, you can see, just how fast these winds are whipping. you're going to have to use caution while driving. i tried to open the live van door, pretty difficult. one of those types every days and gusts strong enough to bring down trees as well as hauer lines, ahead of the wind advisory, city officials encourage the trucks inside to tie down materials, and also urge property owners to secure patio furniture, any outdoor items that do break loose, cause some cage. people i talked to walking around early this morning, say they definitely noticed the wind, it woke them up, but didn't seem to be too bothered by it. >> the winds is indeed blowing
6:46 am
through my head. it is a little winnie, going little too fast. >> little cold but wintertime. it has been mild, most of the season, so if this is what we have to look forward to, this is it. >> fortunately, no reports of damage here, in philadelphia, but people reporting about 3800 power outages in the area, particularly, in delaware county. and we have quite awhile to deal with these windy conditions, but for now, liver from the ben franklin parkway, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," and i'm going inside now, talk to you guys later. >> tie yourself down, tran. >> nice to see you're still there, tran, looking good. katie checking in with the weather watchers so we can see the flags behind trang there, what are they seeing? >> the watchers definitely reporting a lot every wind. and planning what it feels like, too, so if you haven't actually stepped out the door yet, these guys give us good idea what it will be like when
6:47 am
you walk out the door. we keep joking about poor trang getting blown away. another watcher up and adam, peter, we met him in person. one of our in-studio weather watchers a couple of months ago. and he is a smaller guy, like he actually said, he is literally getting blown away, as women. so he is toying with the idea of maybe tying a rope around his waist, so he doesn't blow away either. down into delaware here, where we are finding some of the strongest winds that i've seen among the watcher reports come in from jason, in middletown, where it is sustained 30-mile per hour wind right now out of the northwest, 34 degrees, you factor in that kind of wind it, feels nothing better than say 21 degrees, keep it in mind, you want to be knocking ten to 15 degrees off for windchill value. let's zero in on the city, shall we? we go to 35 degrees this morning, comes in from john, nice clear sky in philadelphia, and 24-mile per hour sustained winds, with gusts think point only as high as 30 miles per hour, but i'll
6:48 am
reiterate, those gusts basically peak 65, 60 miles per hour across the region here today because of pressure gradient, having departing area of low pressure, high pressure trying to work its way n the great yen sets up inbetween like winds tunnel that gets set up naturally between the areas of pressure, that's where it is coming from, we take a look at the eyewitness weather seven day, at least the winds will ease up later tonight. it is not completely gone tomorrow. but heck of a lot milder, actual lie bound to the upper 50s for the for both tomorrow and wednesday. stowe look like lots of sunshine from here right through the mid toll late part of the week here, ups and downs of the thermometer certainly. but weekend right now meisha is looking pretty fantastic. low, mid, even upper 50's, sunshine. >> looks beautiful. all right, but that's a long ways away, katie. doesn't it feel like forever away just waking up on a monday, movement looking outside, i have to till the boulevard actually looking pretty good too. looking at 95 push willing in the southbound direction, big thumbs-up there. boulevard looking not too bad
6:49 am
either push in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill. so, overall, a lot of the roadways actually looking good. still traveling at posted speeds which is real nice to see on monday morning as we approach our main hour of the rush hour at 7:00 in the morning. and then, take a look, route 55 northbound, after route 553. we have an accident here. it is causing some slow downs there, without that crash, i don't think bee would see quote the slow downs we're sealing, heads up just walking out the door. you will need to know. that will also drexel hill, downed wires here, state road at clairedone road. not the only area we're seeing downed wires because of all of the winds. also seeing it in wynnewood. wynnewood road near city avenue. then of course we have downed trees because of the heavy winds this morning, as well, seeing them in wilmington, rockwood road still closed at washington boulevard, you will have to use that alternate. shipley road probably your best bet. another downed tree gladwynn, waterford road at woodbine avenue. all lanes blocked right now, this is another area where you will have to use alternate,
6:50 am
ashland avenue will be your best bet. when we look around here, see where it is very, very slow moving on the schuylkill, time censors for you, heads up, market frank forwards line, 21 strains now available up from the 16 that we saw last week. jim, back over to you. >> thank, meisha. time 50:00. a lot l coming up on cbs this morning. >> kale king joins us live with a preview. gale, did you enjoy the grammys? >> now, how did you know, rahel, i stayed up? because i certainly d andy enjoy the grammies yes, yes, and yes. i thought it was such a great show. all the way around. >> did you stay up? i bet did you not. >> i watched highlight this morning, i tried to be responsible. >> there go. >> and i go to bed at five. so i'm no fun at anything. >> i heard that about you, jim. it is good to see you guys. i'm just kidding. we're in northern california, nearly 200,000 people are being forced to evacuate because of of the tallest dam may fail, that's not good.
6:51 am
plus, mark phillips in antartica, scientists, change on the land scale, all of the big he he is felt from the grammys in case you didn't stray up, why adele stopped and started her performance, we have them, those stories and more when we see you 7:00 on the don't. nine minutes from now, the clock ticking, back to you guys. >> we will be watching, thanks, gale. have a great show. >> thanks, gale. here is good news if you ride the he will. more trains running on the mark frank for train, allowing for another five to six minute. septa only has 16 trains in service last week, working on getting even more rail cars back on the track, stories came after cracks were found in some cars about a week ago. bus service along the he will has stopped. >> to keep out disaster, last friday whole 200 feet wide 50 feet deep opened up along highway 35, northeast of san
6:52 am
francisco, since then dozens every people have tried to drive to up have a look. resident say it is not safe. keep away. >> i absolutely under stands the curiosity, people who want to see it, but the fact of the mat is her this 150-foot section of road that's slid down the hill is not going to be fixed within the next few weeks. >> put it is putting stress on the road, already saturated. it has been real dangerous. >> engineers say they'll be on the scene trying to figure out what to do the hole in the highway. well, february heart health month. when it comes to the fight against cardiovascular disease, it is important to eat healthy. jim is here with doctor rob to talk about heart healthy food. hey, jim? >> that's right, rahel. family physician doctor rob danoff here with some foods that top the list for heart healthy diet. good morning, doctor rob. >> morning. >> so what's the correlation between a healthy diet and heart health? >> you know, we think food is medicine, so if we take in healthy food, good for us f we take in poor nutritional food, it is bad bad, side effect are poor health.
6:53 am
so that's why we want to eat healthy food to incorporate every day make it a hand it, we'll feel better. >> i tried the beginning of the year to upgrade my diet little bit. let's start somethings over here, fruits, vegtables? >> if we want to have start heart disease or decrease it, fruit and vegtables are a key, they have, anything dark blue, purple, very vibrant red it, has the ingredients in it, heart healthy, great for arteries, circulation, we want that. you put it in salad, breakfast in the morning, incorporate it every day. >> how many servings a day. >> fruits and vegtables, five to seven servings a day. and the thing about dairies -- berries, sprinkle them any anywhere. >> nuts? >> nuts have fiber, protein, they make us feel full. if you have one shot glass full a day it could help lower our cholesterol by 5%, really good for us, and it is very heart healthy. >> do you have watch out though, you don't want to eat too many nuts. because people then have
6:54 am
digestive issues with that? >> you know what, there is a lot of calories in them. but what you do saw take had a hands full or one shot gloss, a ounce a day, and it is heart healthy, good for cents, walnut one of the best nuts we can have as tree nuts. >> i try to eat two servings every fish a week. you have salmon here including cans? >> fatty fish actually good for us. not all fats are bad. a lot of times people say oh, i get fat-free. it is not the fat. it is the type of fat. we want it avoid any type of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. that's bad for us. but healthy fat, salmon, fatty fish, tuna sardine, excellent, good for our heart, better triglycerides. >> oath male? >> great for us, it absorbs cholesterol. decreases it, if we have this, i can lower a person's cholesterol by 5% over four to six month, will really help, may decrease the need for medication. beans, as much as we joke around them, really healthy for us, decreases shoeing a
6:55 am
levels, hems us feel full. loaded with iron. >> chocolate here. so you can have a little bit of chocolate and not screw things up? >> 1 ounce, you can have, once a day, dark chocolate, 07%, milk chocolate with added sugar no. dark chocolate, 70%, cocoa or more is healthier for us, good for our arteries. >> thank you, doctor rob. are you hearing that? dark chocolate for me for valentine day. big day for the phillies. we will be back with three t
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> here is three to go. >> people force from the their homes in oroville, california, a nearby dam appears to be in danger every failing. issued emergency orders last night. >> president trump meeting with justin trudeau today, the meeting taking place at the white house. >> phillies pitchers and catchers report to clearwater today first practice set for tomorrow. >> that's three to go. last check on weather. >> definitely a lot chillier than it is in clearwater, tell that you much. look at the wind gust, you got to knock ten to 15 degrees zero tore off i high winds warning, posted everywhere, guys. >> hold on to your hats, meisha. cbs this morning is next. >> remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. for more on that, have a great
7:00 am
day. we will see you back tomorrow. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 13th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." nearly 200,000 people in northern california are told to evacuate after a spillway at the nation's tallest dam threatens to collapse. the state's entire national guard is put on alert. and a grammy celebration full of politics and memorable moments. adele literally stops the show. >> i'm sorry. i can't. >> the british sensation swept the top awards but a pregnant bee aigner shined in an emotional performance. and we'll take you to one of the most extreme places on the planet. mark phillips is in antarctica


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