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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the "eyewitness news" team is working on this story, we will have the latest for new a live report coming up, at 6:00 o'clock. our other top stories, the independent, across our region , strong gusts have brought down power lines and toppled trees, like this one this mt. airy. we are under a wind advisory, right now. if you have been outside, at all today you know what we are he's talking about. very blustery conditions, good evening everyone aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will check with kate bilo in a moment but first greg argos live in south philadelphia with a firsthand look at the trouble, that this windy wet ther has caused, greg, certainly powerful. >> reporter: it is, there, jessica and ukee. we're in jefferson square and you can see trees all around he a few hours ago these things blowing in the gusts, still pretty windy right the you this but nothing like it was just a to hours ago. leaves, blowing, bags flying, but not so serious nuisance of
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a windy afternoon. but the wind is no joking matter, especially when it turns from a nuisance to a danger. >> of course, tree just felon my car. >> reporter: kevin's car heavily damage blown over in the powerful gusts monday morning. >> it is all that weight. why couldn't it not blow the other way. >> reporter: weather service issued a wind advisory, 25 to 35 miles an hour sustain wind, with gusts, topping highway speed at 60 miles an hour. in montgomery county, this tree overpowered, blocking ash born road in elkins park. the gusts, snapping this one on wolf street this south philadelphia, damaging this park car as well. >> rocking back and forth, you know, it was just brutal this morning. >> reporter: nearby a messy morning. >> wind was very bad. things were blowing all over the place just for us sitting out here it seems like it is 10 to to degrees colder then normal. >> reporter: this is why plenty of people bunled up. >> when the wind blows, it is i wish i bundled up more.
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>> reporter: most severe wind are blowing away. >> it was pretty windy but now it is pretty nice day. >> reporter: you heard there most powerful gusts basically over for this region, great news, that advisory, expected to expire in just about one hour. we're live here in south philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. wind is being blamed for power outages, in the region. right thousand peco is reporting just under 5,000 outages, and del marva has 363 homes and businesses, without power, and ac electric reporting 182, ppl54 outages in our area and pse and g reports, scattered outages. how long does the windy weather stick around? well, meteorologist kate bilo is here, she's got answers, kate. >> reporter: jessica as greg said worst has come to an end, with you we have strong gusty wind through this evening especially and gradually
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diminishing tonight. culprit thinks very strong storm over coastal new england and canadian maritime province , just dumping snow, epic blizzard over portions of saint john's, down into nova scotia and into maine, we are around the back edge of this with high pressure building in behind this way very strong pressure, that is creating these strong gusty wind and take a look at these numbers. schwanksville reported a 63 miles an hour wind gusts earlier today. vineland new jersey 58 miles an hour. morris, 57 miles an hour. chatham at 55. 52 miles an hour gusts measured at philadelphia interest international airport you can see damage reports. three large trees snapped or up routed in fair view pennsylvania. tree down in west brad forward township and tree down on valley road in abington. the here's your wind advisory until 6:00 this evening. for another hour or so, we will still see sustain wind in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range and just got topping, 50 , coming up we will tell you when wind diminishing and if
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you worry about it the for your valentines day plans tomorrow. for now back over to you. kate, thank you. woman fights back against a robbery suspect in north philadelphia and it was all caught on surveillance video this happened friday inside china king take out restaurant on front and lehigh. that victim had just finished using an atm when another would hand came up and grabbed the money month. man struggled for some time before that suspect got the away. if you recognize that woman call police. now to the video of the fiery crash involving a school bus, this is at lower state and horsham road in horsham. a van collided with a hatboro horsham bus, while it was transporting students who attend a local parochial school. you see that van burst into flames. no students were injured, here and it is unclear if anyone inside that van was injured. a few months ago we told but a little girl who was hit and killed while crossing the street, it took weeks for police to track down hit and run driver. now, her whom is fighting to get the a law on the books
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that may help with future investigations. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh picks up the story in overbrook for us tonight, anita? >> reporter: that is right, ukee we are here at 63rd and lansdowne where this hit and run happened. now, since then the family has moved out of the neighborhood so that guillen a's siblings do not have to relive this tragedy walking to school every day but their fight for closure and justice is not over just yet. through pain. >> it is hard. it was, devastating. >> reporter: iisha pool his e has found purpose. >> i have a fight in me which will not dianne it will not stop. >> reporter: november 18th at 63rd and lansdowne avenue a hit and run driver killed her daughter eight year-old jay anna powell, it took police two weeks to track down suspect driver 24 year-old paul wood land in his highly damaged nissan altima which was dropped off at a auto body shop nearly 20 miles from the crime scene. >> it is scary not knowing,
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not getting no answers, right away. >> reporter: that is why poole is working with state senator anthony hardy williams to create a jailer to sand current am era leather to include hit and run advisories >> we will introduce a bill immediately. >> reporter: also under the proposed bill, they have to notify, and, and, suspected of being, involve in the hit and run. >> the first thing that you will do is try to get this car fixed. so i believe the jay alert you will get answers sooner then later. >> reporter: while answers have not the yet to acceptance >> for the person behind bars, i will never forgive him. >> reporter: this mother's home is jayanna's death marks birth of her legacy a way to bring hope and healing to other families. >> she's here because she's in our hearts. her spirit is around. she will be forever living on.
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>> reporter: jayanna's parents say senator williams are expected to hold a press conference tomorrow at 10 at red's auto collision at forty-fifth inn baltimore. we spoke to the manager there who tells us that he offered to host the press conference there because he supports, this proposed legislation. for new live from overbrook i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and a new jersey woman out for a walk this her neighborhood walks a frightening discovery. pamphlets recruiting for ku klux klan. promotional fliers were weighed down with dry rice they were found yesterday morning in cinnaminson, burlington county. it is not clear how many neighbors received the fliers but several were found along driveways on lenola road. "eyewitness news" has also, been told police are investigating a flier there in moorestown. police are still looking for vandals who hit a cemetery in philadelphia's bridesberg neighborhood. nearly three dozen, tomb stones were toppled overturing weekend at holy redeemer cemetery. when neighbors hade shocking
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advertise coverry, they then placed those headstones upright. they now sit the with orange hashingers while waiting to be repaired. a new jersey judge declines to throw out evidence , seized after the arrest of three pennsylvania residents, who stand accused of traveling with a cash of weapons. john ramsey, dean smith and kimberly orange were pulled over in june near the holland tunnel. officer testified that he stopped them for traffic violations but the defense lawyers argued natalie stop was unnecessary. all three defendants are seeking plea tiehls that avoid possible jail time. a new national poll find that more than half of the americans are not satisfied with president trump's first weeks in office. of those surveyed for gallup poll 55 percent say they dis approve of the president's job performance, 40 percent a have prove. and the negative numbers come as the president hosted a third world leader, this is since his inauguration. president trump welcomed canada's prime minister justin trudeau to the the white house
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monday their first face-to-face meeting. >> america's deeply fortunate to have a neighbor like canada >> relationships between neighbors are pretty complex and we won't always agree on everything. >> reporter: two are opposite in many ways, prime minister trudeau is a lynn rally with whose country has taken in 40,000 syrian refugees, while the president, works to restore his travel ban. >> we cannot let wrong people in, and i will not allow that to happen, during this administration. >> the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. >> reporter: two world leaders covered a lot of ground but trade talks dominated the conversation. president trump promised to renegotiate nafta, trade agreement between u.s., mexico and canada. >> we will be tweaking it, we will do certain things that will benefit both of our countries. it is a much less severe situation, then what has taken place on the southern border.
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>> millions of good, middle class jobs on both side of the border depend on this crucial partnership. >> reporter: in 2015 canada and u.s. exchanged $575 billion worth of goods with each other. during today's meeting as two leaders also announced launch of the canada u.s. council for advancement of women entrepreneurs. that partnership meant to spur growth of the female owned businesses on both side of the border. president trump's word from the campaign trail were used in open court today in the hearing for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. defense lawyers argued bergdahl cannot get a fair trial because president called him trait or during different campaign and media appearances the his terence want their client's charges dismissed. army sergeant is accused of endangering lives of other soldiers when he walked away from his post in afghanistan in 2009. prosecutors say that reasonable observers would understand that the president 's campaign comments should not be taken literally.
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coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 it was a night of music tributes and female em how many. >> ♪ >> it was adele verse beyonce at grammys last night, who came out on top? plus an inside look the at some of the best moments, and fashion live from los angeles. also a new twist on a anxious practice how some people are losing weight without exercise. in fact, they just lay around watching tv. leslie? well, ukee, pitchers and catchers report to clearwater for spring training to take but we are at hottest place in clearwater, florida, trenchy's you won't believe the celebrities who come here. we will talk to the owner up next. and here's a live look from our parkway central library camera, you see it is flags flapping in the win. library camera, you see it is flags flapping in the win. more on the wind advisory and
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for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. you knew it would happen. >> last night there was a special, grammy addition of car pool karaoke.. >> ♪
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>> that is when you can sianni sing along with that that. neil diamond joined and then you see jennifer lopez, tim mcgraw, keith urban, jason dur ulo and, and, little blue ivy, beyonce little girl there what a moment. >> so good. >> so many people. >> yes. >> right. >> it was quite a night, funny moments like that one and also show stopping remembrances of stars we lost last year. >> even a star studded tribute to the bee gees. event entertainment tonight nancy odell joins us from a look the at the big moment from los angeles. >> you have to say grammys were billed as a battle between two of the biggest stars on the planet. that was one of the big moment to see who would take away at ward adele or beyonce and music's biggest night, well, it had us at hello. >> ♪ the hello from the
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outside ♪ the. >> adele opened up the grammys and swept the major award. >> hello, adele. >> twenty-five, adele. >> hello. >> singer now only artist to win album of the year, record of the year and song of the year, twice but singer's emotional will restart that stunned the audience. >> one year to the day since her last grammy performance was derailed when a microphone fell in the pea pan owe adele again a tribute to the late george michael and then stopped herself. >> i'm sorry, i cannot mess this up. >> reporter: adele also seemed to confirm a secret wedding to long time love sigh hon conn neck i, it has been a source of much connection but fans took net is of this. >> my husband, my son, only reason i do it. >> reporter: for get all that rivalry talk adele posed with jay-z and as he she walk
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upstage to accept her album of the year award adele looked at beyonce and mouthed i love you >> i can't accept this award. my idle is beyonce, lemonade album is just so monumental, beyonce, so monumental. >> paris jackson stunned, on the red carpet in her split dress and very different look from her first grammy appearance seven years ago. carrie underwood and faith hill were twin nothing their gowns, both with cut outs but it was beyonce who was the ultimate lady in red with her sequin gown and bee required more than numerous fittings since her measurements were constantly changing. >> she's so beautiful. >> tonight how beyonce daughter blue ivy stole spotlight from car pool karaoke to a kiddy purse with a jaw dropping price tag. you keep and jessica we will have have have all of the coverage. >> i notice that kiddie purse, nancy, thank you.
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>> thanks, nancy. >> we will see you tonight. well, catch it tonight on entertainment tonight right here on cbs-3 at 1:00 p.m. we have got kate here, my gosh, outside today, this could blow awe way. i was in the car and rocking the carries how strong the wind was. >> our producer monica was, i kept you out the sky deck today, and don't want to you blow down 16th street. that could be up six stories, very, very windy out there. the wind have gradually diminish and will continue to do so tonight the but worst of it has been this morning. we have had wind gusts over 50 f the area, and even tonight we are seeing gusts up to 40 miles an hour. that is still strong enough to income down tree branches as they get weakened all will day , could still be in store for some scattered power outages this evening. but things are getting better. lets look at is what going on out to bethlehem. i wanted to show you this because you can see flags really flying in the breeze, not as bad as it was but still gusts to 30, 35 miles an hour
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up in the lehigh valley, and the flags moving briskly right now, some cloud cover up there we have seen sun peak out here and there during the course of the day but tomorrow looks like a much nicer day with more sunshine as high pressure wedgees in overhead. storm scan three does show system producing this wind is still snowing, and in portions of maine, they have gotten about over 19 or 20 inches in parts of that area, heavier snow autopsy cross canadian maritime province, we are feeling win around back edge of this but it will be a repeat performance later this week as another storm ramps up over northern new england and fade yen maritime province wednesday into thursday and creates another strong pressure gradient. here's what it looks like. tightly packed isobars around that storm center. high pressure building in behind it. wind blows from low to high pressure. it creates a funnel effect like when wind blows through buildings in the city. wind narrowly blowing through high and low pressure centers and creating strong gust this is evening and tonight. wind advisory in effect until
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6:00, then it will expire but wind will not shut off completely. they will still be strong throughout the overnight hours peak wind gustness abington on our neighborhood network 62 miles an her there, little creek and dover air force base 48 miles an hour, point pleasant beach had a gust of 48, international airport 52 miles an hour. now we're seeing gusts in the the 30 to 40 miles an hour range, better but still very blustery outside tonight. the wind do gradually die down overnight and tomorrow at noon barely have have any gusts to 10 to 15 miles an hour. pretty nice valentines day, call it sunshine for your sweetheart 48 degrees, lots of sun and temperatures 5 degrees above average. today was slight thely below but the month so far has been in the red, and it looks like we will climb back there as we head toward weekend. we will have more about that, in our next half an hour. mainly clear with less wind down to 29, and tomorrow morning clouds and then turning out sunny, milder and not as windy in the afternoon, and then we could see a few rain or snow showers blush the
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coast on wednesday as that system i mentioned misses us and then wind ramp backup on thursday but as we get true that we will have a little taste of early spring. >> we will take that. >> yes, that works for me. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it still ahead on "eyewitness news" are you a netflix cheat er. >> it turns out a lot of people are and they do it more if they knew they don't get caught. what is netflix cheating ? we will tell you, don. >> i need to know. fresh cut grass and blue skies , pitchers and catchers have reported which means the boys are back in town. our first live report from leslie van arsdal at phillies
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all right, you are here which we were thrilled about. >> i feel like there is a but. >> but i feel like leslie got the better assignment. >> yes, yes. >> maybe you would rather be where she is. >> what makes you say that. we got in the 50's. it is not that bad. >> calm wind, ocean, warm
5:25 pm
weather. >> the ocean. >> the weather here, it is brutal. we just talked about it. not so much in florida. it is a great place to be not only because it is beautiful but because baseball is officially back. the leslie van arsdal joins us live from clearwater beach where spring training is underway, she looks miserable. leslie? >> ah, it is terrible here, don. i'm just awful, really could not be any better. seventy's, low humidity. i'm here at french y's the hottest place in clearwater. let us show you why, people dine, and just, look out in the ocean. but real reason we are here, we have to work pitchers and catchers reported to day. first work out will be officially tomorrow, you see some of them getting in a little work today. this is a very young team but one that people are very excited about. when players are not working, let me tell you what they are doing. they are coming here to french y's and i, have the owner, i have frenchy with me
5:26 pm
right now. how are you doing, today. >> welcome, welcome. >> let me tell you, this is an unbelievable restaurant top here, what makes this so special. they have the great, view that we're looking at right now of the beach. >> the sand, the view, but frenchy is all about fresh fish, fresh grouper sandwiches , fresh grouper sandwiches and we're all about fresh. >> reporter: also a lot of famous celebrities stepping in here. can you drop some names. >> we've got, if there is a celebrity in the area and they are coming to the beach, good chance they are stopping by french y's. that could be anybody from vinny lacavalier, derek jeter, and bunch of the phillies layers, believe me, most of them have been here. >> reporter: number one thing we have to get, grouper sandwich. >> oh, yeah, for sure, in doubt. hands down it is what we are, grouper sandwiches to the philadelphia, the safe hoagie and grouper sandwich is
5:27 pm
clearwater beach. >> i will to have get the a grouper sandwich. coming up at 6:00 we will talk with and i macphail about the upcoming season and he has a lot to say, don't miss that, guys. >> leslie, thank you. >> i almost forgot the we were talking about baseball by the way. we were talking about baseball , that is at 6:00 but right new we're talking about fresh grouper at frenchy's. >> miserable thanks, don. nearly 200,000 people, evacuated, because of the spillway, in danger of sending a wall of the the water in the california town. hear the panic residents who had to flee their homes to leave most of the belongings behind. >> get benefits of the good work out, by laying around watching tv, we will show you new craze, that is heating up
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a massive crevis in the nation's largest dam in
5:31 pm
northern california has forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate as authorities, fear the dam's emergency spillway could collapse. but so far the immediate threat has been subsided. news continues at 5:30 i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. california sheriff says repairs on the damaged spillway may be needed before evacuation is lifted just as region braces for more rain. >> crews in northern california are trying to figure out whether the spillway at oroville damage emergency backup can keep rushing water from flooding towns down river. weeks of drenching rain and erosion are testing the spillway's connect to the tam which is the nation's tallest. the 770-foot oroville dam is key part of the california's water management sitting at head of the feather river with lake oroville behind it. last week officials notice a 200-foot long gash this is dam 's main sill way. on sunday water from the rain swollen lake threatened to overwhelmed eroded emergency
5:32 pm
spillway so officials ordered nearly 200,000 residents to evacuate. >> everybody, literally threw everything in their cars and then they were gone. it was like, that is a ghost town like walking out no movie and everybody is gone. >> reporter: for now the water levels at the dam are dropping taking pressure off emergency sill way and officials are releasing water through main spillway to lower lake's water level before more storms arrive on wednesday. >> i'm a little bit scared. >> we're trying not the to go near flooding area so we can go home but we will probably be stuck down here. >> reporter: crews started loading rocks into bags that helicopters could drop to sure up the damage spillway. entire california national guard is standing by to deploy , for the first time since los angeles riots in 1992, all 23,000 soldiers and air men have been put on notice. a huge winter snowstorm is sweeping through new england, canceling flights at most major airports in that region. in maine over a foot of snow
5:33 pm
has tall even since last night , some areas receiving up to 20 inches, with wind up to 35 miles an hour. and authorities are urging drivers to stay off of the highway so snowplows can clear the road. >> our biggest concern, moving toward is what is happening with all of this snow. we're worried about snowplow drivers blocking bend or snow falling off roofs and we cannot stress enough to make sure your heating devices are properly vented throughout the rest of the week. >> well, warnings are in place until 7:00 p.m. for mid coast and coastal regions of maine. we have been reporting on bow, bow since her birth and now she's leaving washington zoo this washington d.c. and moving to china it is part of the deal between zoo and chinese government n2000 china loaned the the parents to the you had. it was agreed their cubs would return to china by the time they turned four. beau will join other panda as at a breeding facility in
5:34 pm
china. well, imagine, getting a full work out without lifting a finger. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight a new twist on this anxious practice. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to show us how it works, please explain. >> please. >> it can be good to be true. >> reporter: you know, people say they lose weight and get better skin with this therapy. get this, all of that is required that is a good sweat, and, watching tv. ryan wise is getting a work out without moving a hull. >> that is great. >> reporter: this shape house puts a new twist on the anxious practice of sweat lodgees, instead of the tents heated by fire or stones. >> are you all set. >> reporter: an attendant tucks you into a 160-degree blanket. >> i'm just generally less, irritable, less stressed and then there is weight loss aspect of tight. >> reporter: luxury detox is gaining popularity with promises of glowing skin, and burning calories. >> it has that effect like you
5:35 pm
know, general wellness which allows for better sleep, better digestion and better thought process reports. >> reporter: people are inside infrared blanket for an hour but last 10 to 15 minutes that have most impact. experts though say, sweating should in the replace exercise , and it is not recommended for pregnant woman or people with heart disease. >> when heat demands are excessive and your body cannot cope with it, due to conditions, due to your medical condition, due tour age, you will reach a stage where you can get a mild heat stroke at best or at worst you can get even a fatal heat stroke. >> reporter: heather catania hits this urban sweat lodge once a week. >> you can lay down and burn a thousand calories watching your favorite shows on netflix >> reporter: she's already dropped 10-pound and says her skinnies soft, and clear. now doctors say that weight loss with the hot blanket probably won't last, each session, after the shape house
5:36 pm
cost about $45 and therapy is also available at some spas and salons. some people might say wouldn't you to the same thing if you sat in the sauna. >> take your phone chillax in the sauna and clear the screen a little bit. >> yeah, got it. >> thanks, stephanie. first african-american woman's electric to wilmington city council was honored today >> the path i fail even was appointed this 1967, a marker commemorating failan sits in the community garden at tenth and pine streets. she was first appointed to the city council to fill midterm vacancy. she was subsequently reelect by her conn sit wents for two additional, four year terms. still to come on "eyewitness news", preparing for unthinkable, you may already have a will but experts say you need to prepare for what happens to your on line life, after death e hail accounts, social media, jim donovan shows us what to to right the now to protect our identities, and more.
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forget chocolates and champagne how about bug inspired treats, yeah, i said it right. we will show new 10 minutes. the kate? never too early to look ahead to the weekend. weekend looks fantastic. we're expecting sunshine across the area where we have temperatures on their way up. nice taste of spring. fifty's on saturday. we can get to 60 degrees in parts of the area on sunday. so we have to get through cold , windy week and then nice
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that was my last thought was for my wife, for her in the the to watch me die in our bedroom. >> second from death and still thinking of his wife, straight
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from the heart right before valentines day. coming up at 6:00 this september drivers shares his amazing story of survival with our stephanie stahl and shows how he is helping spread aware ness, in a unique way at 6:00 o'clock. verizon's unlimited data land is back, company re launched the plan today after getting rid of tonight 2012. >> one line will cost $80 per month, excluding tax and fees for family of four, unlimited data plan cost about $180. >> change replaces several veer ice on higher plan offering, existing customers get to keep their own lance, all that stuff gets a little bend your brain a little bit. more and more couples are get their netflix fix, without their significant other. company says 46 percent of streaming couples worldwide, have admitted watching their favorite show, alone. and 60 percent of those surveyed say they would watch even more shows, without their other half, if they knew, that they could getaway with it.
5:42 pm
>> listen, feel like if you have two separate schedules and you need to catch up. >> sometimes you have to do what you have to to. >> talking about secret thely watching it. >> yes. >> indeed investigation continues. >> so toll up. >> well, after the break how to land your digital identity after you are gone. >> things you can do now to protect
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30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ well, most families prepare for the unthinkable with a will but your money, your belongings aren't the only things to consider, in the event of your death. three on your side's jim donovan explains why it can also be important to arrange for the care of your digital life. >> reporter: still hard for karen to look at old photos of her dad. >> we didn't know at what point we were going to lose my dad. >> reporter: greg suffered two devastating strokes in 2009 have after a week in a coma the six two-year old woke up
5:46 pm
but his memory was suffering. >> my brother and i tried to communicate with him via these paper, pen, anyway to get into this e-mail account where he ran his business from. >> reporter: greg could not remember his yahoo pass word his entire business was tied to his account. within a month, the company collapsed. greg died, in 204. >> you're dealing with idea that your dad might not be there the next day and also trying to make sure thaw are doing the right thing on his behalf. >> reporter: dan ackerman is senior editor for c-net and says you can do more than just share your pass word. >> i would go to each individual service that you use, social media service or something like google where you have different services thaw wrap in together and look for appropriate page on each one where you can set up your legacy contact or your wishes what would happen tour account and information after you die. >> reporter: protecting your digital after life is a relatively new concept, part of the plan also includes adding your digital life to
5:47 pm
your will. >> as part of your statement you should set up a data scooter in your will has permission to access your account to either give them pass word information ahead of time or you may make them an authorized user of your account. >> reporter: this is important because many e-mail providers and social media companies have policies which prohibit them from giving them anyone access to another person's account even in the event of their death. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. the times we live this, right. >> yes. >> to unusual valentines day treats in japan. >> yes, imported giant water bugs from tie land were on the menu for valentines day event at a bar in tokyo. i love a giant water bug. bar serves up whip cream, cocktails with insect body and inners for the event which organizers say brought in around 90 people. most popular were cranberry and water bug cocktail, and carmelized worms with walnut.
5:48 pm
hmm, come on now. >> what am i getting by eating that bug, you know what i mean >> earlier in my career i had a chance to eat check late covered ants. i was than the going there. i still won't go there. no. no. it is not happening. >> some people say it is good. >> it is pro teen. >> gets stuck in your teeth. >> happy valentines day everyone. >> big giant bug. >> all right. >> lets talk about the weather >> how the wind has hopefully died down. >> wind advisory was just cancelled, so we are cancelled about a half an hour ahead of time which is good news. wind dropped below advisory status. we shut off wind machines complete thely outside but it is still blustery but not as bad this morning. that was worst with gusts over 50, 60 miles an hour. now everything has started to diminish, and tomorrow looks like a much better day. here's a look outside on a beautiful sunset, on this monday, in center city we are looking live from our parkway
5:49 pm
central library camera toward western sky, the sun has set but again looking nice out there, right now, and days are getting longer, longer and those average temperatures are starting to right as well. average daily high is 43 degrees, up from 40 in mid-january. owe we are seeing average temperatures rise, taste will get longer as we start to head towards partly at least closer to syringe. the it is still winter for now but we have some spring-like weather in the seven day forecast. i'll get to that in a moment. lets start off with the eyewitness weather watchers reporting temperatures in the mid to up are 30's. we saw just slightly below average, cold night tonight but generally speaking a breezy night, does not get quite as cold as a clear calm night because cold air is not pulled town as much, wind mixes up atmosphere more. alan in delran, new jersey. 37 degrees. windy cold day. milder wet's head. looking forward to spring. you and me both, alan. nice warm day on the way. sunday will be warmest day in the seven day forecast. he send us this shot of the
5:50 pm
cloud there in riverside, new jersey. it was a nice looking day. everything is moving very, very quickly. these cloud moving by thanks to those strong wind in the autopsier atmosphere. barbara lane in willow grove at 36 degrees. barbara says dew point is 18, very dry air, with that northwesterly wind, a lot of beautiful cloud formations outside and loved this one, count cardinals here we have one, two, three, four and i saw one sneaking down right about there, william sending this of the cardinals enjoying yesterday and rain and bloom. we had more sunshine out there here's a live look at storm scan three. not a whole lot unless your name and canadian maritime provinces, new brunswick, saint john, city is, pretty epic blizzard right now, just dumping snow and that band of snow is not moving. strong storm impacting that area we will get wind on the back edge of that storm and that has hade it so blustery to take but most of the the snow missing us to the north just lake effect snow showers
5:51 pm
across new york state. that is it. we have a try stretch on the way as we will see over next few days. temperature wise across temperature map here we are in the upper 30's for the most part. mid 30's north and west. still brisk north westerly wind. tomorrow is a dry day. then unin the afternoon. near miss on wednesday. we have one little post to the north and south but they don't meet up so this stay off shore , we will pick up gusty win late wednesday into thursday, so speaking of spring, 27 days until start of the daylight savings time, 35 days until start of spring and we are counting down to the phillies home opener an average high of 60 degrees, and so far we are only checking in at 8 inches of snow this winter, well below our seasonal average of two 2.4 inches. overnight, wind diminish. we will drop down to the upper 20's. for tomorrow cloud giving way to sunshine for valentines day milder day, then we will stump a little bit thursday into friday as that system ramps up over new england but we will rebound nicely. look at saturday, sunday and
5:52 pm
presidents damon, we could be near 60 by part two of the weekend, ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. philadelphia is known for its history and some cases history is sitting right in front of us. >> old factories, bandon churches, crumbling buildings, stay in the shadows of the booming construction project throughout our area tonight on "eyewitness news" at 1:00 our greg argos gets keys to explore some of the hidden treasures. he will explain why they considered them blighted rots, how city is balancing the old with the new and why we will continue to see transform haitian right before our eyes. >> if a building can be re purposed or used we will clean it up, bait blight and put it on the market for reuse if a building has fallen in to such disrepair that it is not economical to fix it we will take it down. >> we would love to be able to reuse them and keep philadelphia, philadelphia. >> see what developers are doing to turn things around, and, some of their success
5:53 pm
stories, an inside look, you'll only see it in on cbs-3 at 11:00. still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" many people buy their significant others chocolate, flowers, jewelry, some buy lingerie. >> our vittoria woodill introduces to us a woman who designs her own line and shows
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
two years after debuting on the catwalk madeline stewart, a model with down syndrome makes another debut, launched her own fashion label at new york fashion week. since her first appearance on the runway she has changed the way, people view down syndrome the name of the collection is 21 reasons why, by madeline stewart is a nod to her 21st birthday this year, and the extra copy of the chromosome 21. >> look at her, that is great. >> looking for race minute gifts why not give gift of love and lingerie. >> our vittoria woodill shows us a lays where you cannot
5:57 pm
only buy but even learn to hand craft your own lingerie, with help from a local designer. >> ♪ >> reporter: meet, patty flannigan, lingerie designer by madeline lingerie. in the only is she a lover of pink, but she has a passion for making and teaching, lingerie. >> i started selling, when i was 18, when i was diagnosed with breast cancer. six months after she passed away i was in her linen closet just kind of rummaging around. it was christmas break. i discovered her sewing machine. i took to it my local taylor. her that i am was meisha, to learn how to so. one lesson turned into a two year apprenticeship with someone who worked for kristin dior. >> reporter: flash forward to the present and at 29 she create i had a recognized brand she feels is guyed by her hotter's love which still fills the room. >> this is her prom dress, which actually still has the tag from iowa. i i just feel like she's here
5:58 pm
spiritually. she's still here. telling me to keep going. >> reporter: many intimates are sold at urban outfitters where she spent seven years before branching out on her own and other local boutiques. her simplicity brand pattern can be bought at your local craft store. >> my over arching theme is to provide women with lingerie, whether it be through sewing your own or buying your own, and these are from the collection. >> reporter: it the is her workshop that empower women to learn that they too can make their own lingerie. >> when they discovered that they can make them their own and they are like my gosh i never had a bra that fit me my entire life. thinks life changing. >> reporter: it must be a cool feeling to pick up a piece and show thaw they have don't. >> yes, and they light up when they see that they have ton it even if they didn't do it perfectly they are like look what i made. >> right. >> reporter: if you would like a chance to hold up something and say look what i made, you can make your own lingerie as well in one of her workshops.
5:59 pm
cost is $315 which includes a catered lunch, giveaways and more, a lot of one on one time with maddianne everything you need to get crafted. for a link to the maddie's web site visit cbs >> very talented. >> i feel like as women you don't really think i can make this. >> your reaction is to just go out and buy it. >> but to create it. >> thanks, tori. >> good stuff. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> he would have my leg tearing my leg up. i started hollering. >> terrifying attack a camden woman bitten by a dog and it didn't stop there. the dog, then reportedly attacked teenagers, we will tell you the shocking place that happened. the son of the quick child molester jerry sandusky is behind bars, the accusations that he is now facing. plus, down trees just some of the damage left behind after whipping wind, blow through the region.
6:00 pm
the the look at hardest hit areas, kate. >> wind advisory has been cancelled. wind now dying down, which is good news but we have another, windy day this week to tell you about and then, we will take to early syringe in the seven day forecast, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it is 6:00 here's is what happening jerry sandusky's son arrested jeffery sandusky was taken in police custody, fac ing a slew of serious charges. sandusky hit with more than a dozen counts including sexual assaults of a minor. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get over to natasha brown breaking down these charges in the cbs-3 stat center. good evening, natasha. >> reporter: more than five years after jerry sandusky, former penn state coach was first arrested on child sexual abuse charges,


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