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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." right now at noon, the trump administration has another vacancy to fill after just three weeks on the job, flynn resigns as national security advisor. the shake up comes after evidence surfaced every flynn's conversations with the russian officials. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. submitted his letter of resignation late last night. craig boswell at the white house with the latest developments.
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>> retired general michael flynn is out as the national security advisor, flynn has been caught on surveillance talking with russia ambassador to the u.s. against sanctions against russia prior to president trump taking offers. in his resignation letter, flynn wrote, i inadvertently briefed the vice president elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phonecalls with the russian ambassador. white house counselor, kellyanne conway, told nbc "today show" that is what cost flynn his job. >> in the end it was misleading the vice president that made the situation un sustain job the department of justice told the white house a month ago that general flynn hadn't been truthful about the phonecalls and warned that could make him vulnerable to blackmail by moscow. >> at that moment he still had the complete trust of the president? >> i'm telling you what the president has said, which is that he has accepted general flynn's resignation, he wishes him well. >> on twit they are morning president trump seemed more upset about the leak saying that was the real story.
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president trump named keith kellogg to be the ago g national security advisor until permanent replacement is named. >> at threes three candidates, very strong candidates, that would be considered for permanent position here. >> general kellogg is one of the three finalists for the full-time position along with retired advice admiral robert harwood and former cia director petraeus. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> breaking news into the news room, director of the secret service joe clancey will retire next month. cbs has confirmed he will step down march 4th. went to archbishop carroll, taught at father judge high school in northeast philly, took on as acting rest ignite or, to 14, named by director by president obama in february . >> in other news this noon, new jersey governor chris christie and his wife are in washington dc for lunch today with the president around 12:30. this comes days after christie had said he had no intentions of joining the trump
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administration. christie announced the lunch on his app to the governor radio show last night. but wouldn't reveal the purpose of the meeting. >> it would not surprise me at all, an hour with him socializing, talking about our families, life in general, if he want to talk about certain business, or get my input on anything, he's never been shy to ask, if he asks, i'll offer. >> despite being one of the president's top surrogates during the campaign last month christie confirmed that he had turned down several job offers in the administration. some are speculating with so many staffing issues these days, christie may be back in play. well, it looks like a lovely valentine day on tap. it gets even better with another winter warm up on the way. meteorologist, katie fehlinger with more on the rising temperatures, good news, kate. >> i definitely. have to wait couple of days before the real warm up that's in the seven day here rahel. but it is not terrible out there right now. we are still seeing a deck of cloud cover right over the cbs-3 skydeck, but not
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everywhere. if you go far enough north, actually just county or two away skies are beginning to clear out nicely from philly on north. but take a look, first and for most here at the live neighborhood network, yes, pretty bright up this way. still some snow on the ground, temperature at 33 degrees here at pleasant valley middle and high school up in broads heads ville, and very modest breeze, i notice it here on the skydeck, too, but nothing compared to what we saw yesterday. quick peak at storm scan3, i wouldn't worry about the moisture being thereon storm scan. not actually verifying, but what we will find here the clouds thing, see it happening already up in the lehigh valley and definitely showing that reflecting that, up in the lehigh valley, some of the field cameras we've got up that way. looking at the current winds speeds, somewhat happen adder ass -- haphazard, that's the key, that's why i show this to you, recall same time yesterday well into the 20's, even 30-mile per hour range, for sustained winds speeds, much higher gusts. that is a memory at this point. although, coming up, we will
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eventually start to see the wind picking up. i'll tell you about that little later on. for now little bit of of what we would expect to see on valentine forecast. bright for the beach base, as it were, down at the shore. up in the poconos, more sun already. very delightful for your darling. here in the city upper 40's, smidge above average. we do expect those clouds to break for sunshine for your sweetheart. i know we're dripping with sarcasm and teddy bears and cuddles here, guys. we send it back into you. >> my cup runneth over, katie. too cute, thank you. >> in serious news, families every inmates at the vaughn correctional center in smyrna, delaware are voicing concerns about the inmates safety. they say phonecalls and business remain restricted two weeks after correctional office ers steven floyd was killed during hostage stand-off of the some families say they're possible about possible mistreatment of inmates. total of 17 staff members have reportedly quit since the february 1st stand-off. delaware governor john corny says independent review into
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the stand-off will begin after the criminal investigation is finished. >> we first told but this story yesterday. now senator anthony williams announced his support for jail err the hit-and-run advisory that was sent vehicle descriptions to the public. you may remember powell struck and killed while crossing the street in philadelphia's overbrook section. well, it took police nearly two weeks to find the suspected driver, 24 year old paul woodlan. jay alert would be expansion of the amber alert system. >> well, this noon, fire officials are working to pinpoint what caused a fire that damage add row home in philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood. chopper three over the scene on the 600 block every east cornwall street. firefighters called there around 8:30 this morning. the fireplace dollars under control within 30 minute. no injuries were reported. >> investigators are looking into whether a faulty heater sparked a fire in frankford yesterday that killed a six a year old woman. her body was found on the second floor after home on the 5200 block of ackland street.
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authorities tell "eyewitness news," several other relatives were able to make it out safely. >> scary moments inside disneyland parking garage, fire breaks out on the second level leaving seven people injured, and charring eight cars. the structure was immediately evacuated and firefighters put out the blaze in about an hour yesterday. officials estimate the damage around $180,000. no word yet on what sparked that fire. nearly 200,000 people evacuated from their homes in northern california, are still unable to return. >> and if an emergency spillway fails, wall of water could flood their homes, john black stone more from california where officials may have failed to fix a problem they new about in 2005. >> officials in california are rush to go fix the damn's two spillways. both the main ones, and the emergency back up. >> so far, evacuation still in place, because there is uncertainty, and the norm is
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better be safe than sorry. >> governor brown says he's unaware of newly surfaced report from 2005, a motion filed with the emergency regulatory commission warning that if the emergency spillway was used, it would cause significant errosion. monday the agency ordered the department of water resources to convene an independent panel, that determined the cause of the spillway failures. >> it was chaos, rushing out. >> those evaculated say they want answers, too. >> i'm no engineer, i don't ever want to be. but i don't think it was handled right at all. >> meanwhile workers are taking measures to shore up the emergency spillway. crews are trying to reinforce the errosion damage, using bags of heavy stone, air lift dollars by helicopters, while letting out lake water faster than it is coming in. it is a race against the clock, as storms are forecasting to hit the region later this week. >> when do you let people back? >> i would anticipate we will be able to make a decision
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relatively near future. but the bottom line is i want to make sure that the decision i make keeps people safe. >> the sheriff told me he has the final word on lifting the evacuation order but of course he is taking plenty of advice from those who are fixing the dam and those studying its safety. john black stone, orville, california. >> coming up hollywood actor reveals another battle with skin cancer. have that for you coming up next. >> also, love is in the air at the famous love park statue. but, time is running out if you want to visit this iconic symbol. we'll tell you why the statue will soon be on the move and where it is going. >> and they are the best of the best. take a look what you can expect as the top dog is crouds tonight at the we
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>> actor hugh jackman has a message for his fans. he posted this picture of himself support ago bandage, another basil cell carcinoma thanks to frequent checks, and amazing doctors, all is well. the fifth time doctors have removed cancer cells from jackman's nose, in the post he reminded fans to always, always wear sunscreen. >> big valentine day bash is underway at dilworth park, to bid a temporary farewell to philadelphia's iconic love sculpture. you're looking live at the party which runs noon until 2:00. first 200 guess also receive red roses, also here to hear about love stories that gannon septa. last chance to snap selfie
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with the love sculpture before it leaves for restoration tomorrow. well, famous best in show will be selected tonight at the westminster dog show. some of the classifications announced their winners last night. take a look. the german shepherd narrowly missed winning it all last year, back this year, and winner of the herding group. miniature poodle and norwegian won their group last night. they and the winners of three more groups face-off for the top prize tonight at madison square guard glenn that german shepherd is gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> i had a german shepherd when i was a kid. >> what was his name? >> cleo, cleopatra, yes. what are you laughing at, katie? >> dream vacation before it even starts. >> still ahead at noon, told their slip was, or their trip, was canceled, before the ship even left port. katie? >> oh, that can't be good. folks, still looking ahead to the upcoming weekends, it is looking at this point like we will end up with pretty nice weather not the upcoming weekend, not only anticipating sunshine, wall-to-wall, but
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also a warming trend. we will end up ten to 15 degrees above average. coming up we will see little roller coaster ride unfold here. i'll walk you through the pattern change right after the break.
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>> back on "eyewitness news," apologizing for a guests delayed, supposed to be on trip to the bahamas, but coast guard found safety problems on the ship before it left port from florida yesterday. life saving equipment was the cause of the delay, not the
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ship's engines. well, can you imagine? we had to dig out of that, more than 2 feet of snow on the ground in maine, resident had to apparently climb on their roofs to clear it off there, some towns have received 30 inches, and all of this snow fell on the heals of another storm that's dumped 19 . we did see at least a part of that here in our region. >> we did. it was mainly the winds that was the issue. you know, there is actually another storm about ready to hit maine? >> whoa! >> i don't think we will see any major storm. we will -- you're so funny, wait a second? >> i know, the weather is constantly evolving, but i still don't see any major storms in site for this legion. impact from that same storm, definitely two, separate pieces of the puzzle eventually will be lining up to bring us more wind later in the week here. but, by the time we hit the weaken we actually see that system long gone. nice warming trend. so something for everybody in this forecast, little up,
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little down, and i want to walk you through everything. we start things off by taking you outside. yes, what i promise you, the sun shining nicely here up in northampton county look from hotel bethlehem, did i see the flags that are in the foreground there waiving ever so slightly, and gently in the breeze, there they go, right on q. we don't have any kind of major wind issues out there today. very far cry from what happened yesterday. i was asking on twitter what kind of crazy wind stories do you have from yesterday? i was at the gas station, the win literally slammed my car door shut as i was trying to push it open to get some gas. nut. i saw all of these garbage cans, just scattered all around the roadway, crazy. but thankfully that's over now. meanwhile, we do have that sunshine, still little bit of left over snow. there it is, still couple of piles of snow left over. here in bethlehem, in terms of snowfall, you know, we are, i guess you could say, at a deficit. thus far for this winter at 8 inches even in philadelphia, today, the season average is just shy, anyway, of 2 feet. last year, for the entire
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season, we ended up with 27.5. but the bulk that far came from one big snowstorm that came, and end of january if you recall. so we could still ends up with big one that will send the totals into, you know, the teens, if not 20-inch range here, at this point i don't see is that in the near future, eventually a storm developing from two separate pieces of energy, so the first storm that came through yesterday, across northern new england, out toward atlantic canada now what was responsible for that wind really cranking into high gear. let's look at the wide zoom. oh, we got nasty weather start to go erupt across east texas, still very heavy rain, nasty thunderstorms that will traverse the southeast from the united state. one piece of the puzzle. this joins up, with the cold air that's funneling in down across just north of the great lakes region, across the canadian border here. those two pieces do come together. they join forces, they become the next storm system. that's what's going to get our wind going again. we take you early tomorrow morning, two pieces of the puzzle. i think we are delta very
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glancing blow at worse. breeze will pick up. might see snow shower up in the poconos, perhaps some of this rain lift into the jersey shore, southern delaware area. generally, here in the sit, calling for partly sunny day, and bit after breeze. that will be it. then see what happens. another rounds of heavy snow expected up in maine, and that is what's going to get our winds going again. much like what just happened, storm across new england gets that counter clockwise flow going. the wind picks up. we end up with that side impact. that's what's going to happen here. thursday should feature more sun than anything, but you may again end up with some pretty vicious wind gusts out there. meantime, we are also seeing thermometer readings drop off. colder air gets bundled in here with the storm developing. and it looks like thursday and friday end up being the chilliest days of the next several. but it doesn't last long. notice what happens here. jet stream lift off to the north, bulk of the blue contours, actually go north of the canadian border, left with milder air as a result. meantime still on the cool side. minus the wind from yesterday, this does not feel all that
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bad. 37 degrees currently at the airport, i think we will have wherewithall to get you to the mid to upper 30's, but the wind flow out of the southwest, so as skies begin to clear out, here is the festive holiday graphic for you here. some sunshine throughout the second half of the day for your sweetheart, cupid's arrow, very apropos in place there. forty-seven the high for us. meanwhile take it into tonight. if you have date night plans scheduled, why wouldn't you, couple of clouds, nothing more, we drop down to 34 degrees. so chill in the air. technically, 34 degrees isn't all that bad for the standards of mid february. looking forward, again, no major storms. so you can breathe easy here, rahel. but you are going to see some evan flow on the thermometer, low four's expected both thursday, friday, as we hit the upcoming weekend temperature begins to rebound. look at sunday, flirting with 60. i think we will see sunshine both days, too, that will be good excuse to get outside. >> that's the type of flirting i like. 50's in the middle of the wintertime, katie fehlinger. >> i love it. >> i think we de is her that
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far type of weather after what we have experienced? >> no kidding. >> i'm with you. >> oh, all these experiences, we've had very mild winter. >> yesterday, some snow, some wind. >> even your hair was not affected. >> this doesn't move in hurricane force winds. >> well, continuing here, hugh hefner's son admits he made a mistake. after more than a year, playboy magazine is bringing back nude photos. playboy surprised the magazine world in october of 2015 when they discontinued the nude photos. pictures will be back with the march-april issue. >> so i thought this was interesting. i remember him saying back then that he thought that it was more content, he felt maybe if they could focus on more journalism, more story telling, they would bring back some revenue, apparently that's not -- >> not broken, don't fix it. you know? >> that is a very true, give the people what they want. >> well, you know here, we love our panda ace, at cbs-3. coming up: funny mother-child
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>> coming up, in honor of valentine day, we're talking about the science of flirting. if you're having trouble communicating with dates, we'll help you break the ice. that's tonight at 5:00. >> i will be anxiously watching. >> then at 6:00 regis philbin headed to the jersey shore. when and where you can see him, and the special role he'll v that's tonight at 6:00. >> tonight's top three tuesday at 11:00 are you sick of paying too much for your cable
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bill? well, maybe you don't like being locked into a contract, or want more chrome of what you watch? you're not alone, that's why more and more people are streaming video instead. >> there is definitely options for anybody that wants it. matter of what you are willing to sacrifice in order to have that. >> find out what you need to know before you cut the cable cord. that's tonight at 11:00. >> well, giant panda made a careless mistake at a giant breeding center in china sunday, and it was ought caught on camera. >> trying to put her baby uli in her arms, but seemed to loosen the grip, and dropped the baby. luckily the baby is okay. both the mother and baby don't seem to be too bothered by it. >> boy, sure i was dropped on my hedda few times but i'm just fine. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> for katie, all of us, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. you can visit us on line at cbsphi
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>> billy: what is wrong with you, huh? you gonna beat your chest and demand that victoria gives up her company because you feel like you're owed something? you're not owed anything, cane, so back off. >> victoria: i can handle this, billy. >> billy: you got a job, okay? you got a paycheck. that is all you are owed! >> cane: so when i was making things happen here 'cause you were too busy doing whatever else you do to bother -- >> billy: when was that, exactly? >> cane: every day! every day i've done more for this company than you've ever done for anything in your entire life! >> billy: you think you're such a hero, don't you, for doing a job that you were hired to do! >> victoria: i just said i can handle this. you're not helping. >> cane: i'm not gonna stand here and listen to this, okay? >> billy: so hand in your resignation, 'cause those are the options. get on board or get out! >> jack: you have an offer for me? i think i have everything i need. >> jill: come on, jack. you don't want fenmore's. >> jack: i worked my tail off to get fenmore's. i'm not about to walk away from it now. >> jill: yeah, but you got 49%, which is less than half, which


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