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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 15, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EST

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. involving harrison for, what happened the actor tried toed land his plane. >> the grammy award winner you just saw on ncis new orleans, the influence that's rising star having on today's music. >> a russian spy ship seen off our coast. and officials say it will likely venture near our shores again. that ship spent a big part of today off the delaware and new
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jersey coast. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in our satellite center following this story and what experts say it all means. david? >> good evening, a lot of people talking about this. there is no indication that this spy ship has anything to do with the resignation of president trump's security advisory general michael flynn. the ship is about 70 miles off the coast to coast of the united states in international waters. >> david martin is the national security correspondent for cbs news, he's been on beat 25 years with the network and is watching the ship movements. >> having russian intelligence ships off the coast of the united states was in every day occurrence during the cold war. >> reporter: it eventually stopped. and martin said it picked back up a couple of years ago. the ship left cuba and was likely set to travel to the
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connecticut coast before heading back to cuba >> >> here's what the russians are good at. mind games, and they play three dementia chest >> ed lives in philadelphia and is a former member of the u.s. intelligence community. he spent tonight in russia and studied intelligence matters. >> it's all part of vladimir putin being vladimir putin. testing limits and seeing what kind of reaction we'll get from the new administration. >> the vessel itself is used to collect intelligence from radars and other electronic emissions some from military bases up and down the east coast. the practice goes both ways. >> you can be sure that there are american aircrafts and american navy ships collecting intelligence on russia and china right now >> the same ship was spotted off the coast in 2014 and 2015. but not last year. >> are they acquiring any kind of major intelligence? no. this is what you consider
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harassment operationsing. >> find the we learned officials at the white house and pentagon are monitoring the ship's every move. reporting live david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. new castle police are investigating a kidnapth and assault in brandywine. the victim tells police forced her into a car at the top of the hill apartments last night. investigators say the suspect punched the victim as he drove her to an atm on march road. the suspect returned the victim to the apartment and left the scene. police are searching for a dark-colored suv. anyone with information is urged to contact police. a suspect is facing charges tonight for an attack on a septa police officer grabbed and kissed a female passenger. alexandria hoff is live at headquarters with more on this. alex? . >> reporter: this is odd but i'm told it's not entirely uncommon
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for female officers to be approached aggressively. she turned on her body camera and took action. >> he kicked me. >> you're going to back up right now. >> almost become accustomed to it as a police officer that people are disrespectful but this was personal violation >> 3:30 monday afternoon, a female septa officer were activates her body camera after a man forcibly attempts to kiss her. back. back up. >> just want to kiss you. >> reporter: it happened at the 69th street transportation center while the officer was on routine patrol. despite the fact that the suspect was larger than her, officials say after calling for backup, the officer was able to turn the man around and make an arres arrest. the suspect has been identified as 53-year-old man said to be well-known to the police department for prior arrests.
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>> you're going to back up right now. >> she did a fantastic job. it was just one of those things where i was -- i was personally aggravated that one of the people that i work with was treated so disrespectfully. >> reporter: this suspect has been charged with multiple offenses including assault. reporting live from septa headquarters alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." jury convict add maple shade man of killing a man from 1979. he confessed to choking. his attorney said that hernandez was mentally ill and made it up. the 6-year-old vanished on his way to school on may 25th and his face was the first to appear on milk cartons. his family said they finally have closure. >> i am truly relieved and i'll tell you it's about time. it really is. about time. >> took the jury nine days to reach a verdict. earlier prosecution ended in a
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mistrial after all but one wanted to convict. >> we learned nearly 20 correctional officers are leaving the job after a deadly hostage siege at the james t vaughn correctional center as john carney reveals who will lead the investigation into the incident. he tapped henry rigidly to leave the probe. a staffing crisis is to blame for the up rising that led to the death of lieutenant steven floyd. prison guards have been calling for improved security. since his death, 17 guards have quit or filed for retirement. >> how do we keep it open? >> i'm telling you all the correctional officers are watching intently because we're not going to stand just for another panel. >> the preliminary report on the uprising and recommendations for improving prison security is expected to be completed by june
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1st. tonight congress is calling for an investigation following the forced resignation of former national security advisory michael flynn. white house said flynn misled vice president pence about his conversations about russia's is ambassador during the transition. flynn reportedly was caught on surveillance talking about u.s. sanctions against russia but told the vice president he did in the discuss the topic >> we got to a point not based on a legal issue but on trust with a level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded where he felt he had to make a change. >> more trouble for the president's council, kellyanne conway today, the office of government ethics told the white house conway should be investigated and disciplined for endorsing ivanka trump fashion line. chris christie had lunch with trump today, sources tell cbs news the president and governor had a serious talk about how the when i say is and is not working. they also according to the
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sources talked about a role for governor christie in the administration going forward. governor christie also met with vice president pence the man who replaced him as head of the transition team. on twitter, vice president pence called governor christie, a friend. >> "eyewitness news" has confirmed secret service director joe clan si will retire march 4th. he graduated from arch bishop carol then villanova and taught at father judge. president obama planned a secret service director in 2015. first lady milania trump said she will keep the white house garden, the first lady vendors said she's committed to continuing the transition of preserving the kitchen and rose garden, the 1500 square foot plot provides fresh food and vegetables. crews continue to release
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water from california troubled damn. authorities have lifted an evacuation order for nearly 200,000 people living below it. crews are confident they have sufficiently reduced the lake level behind the damn. but the threat of it failing is not over. heavy rain is expected this week and could put more stress on the damaged spill ways. crews are working to care the damage. fire seth williams through a new jersey marina damaging more than a dozen boats. firefighters found severaler burning on the dry dock. the fire was placed under control less than an hour, no injuries were reported. cause is now under investigation. a scare on the runway involving harrison ford >> we'll tell you what happened at a southern california air force that now has the actor under investigation >> sick of the monthly cable bills? certainly not alone. and tonight's top three tuesday jim donovan has what you need to
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know. >> a quiet valentine's day but cloud are moving back in and the return of gusty winds come tomorrow morning. i'll tell you how strong, which days they will feel no better than the 20's and when we rebound. the best places to find love in philadelphia. nicole brewer tells you where he is people are most likely to find romance and the biggest turn off for singles in our area when we come back.
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sglshgs nifty successful matches are made. >> single or spoken for, most of us have an idea of what we want in a partner. >> confidence >> happiness. >> and this valentine's day match is making it easier for those still searching in the seventh annual singles in america. the dating site revealed the top turn-ones for the singles beginning with entrepreneur ship. >> lot of go getters, phillies singles appreciated people who didn't like social media and picked up the phone >> getting a phone call is so much more personal and so much more intimate >> top five, bin. watching the same tv shows and using creative emojis. >> i use it once in awhile >> someone who complains and
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facebook and posts too many selfies. >> not surprising best place to flirt is the bar but the grocery store is a close second. >> you got bananas? >> when it comes to finding love that last the laundry mat and library >> i have a washer at my house not anymore >> if you're needing the best dates and simple day-to-day life >> erica is that a plan three-day rule for singles said if you're looking for love make it a point to look like it. >> i think it's important to kind of just is shift your body language a little bit. >> the lawn mat, library. kaplan said the same could be said for love. it doesn't often comes in the package it would expect. it's important to keep an open
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mind. this survey looked at 5,000 singles ages 18 through 70. so a wide range of people. and some interesting -- >> really interesting >> thanks nicole. a close call for harrison ford. the faa is investigating why he flew over a passenger jet at the california airport. air traffic control cleared a small plane to land. however, instead of landing on the designated runway, the pilot landed on a attacks way where an american airline plane was waiting. you may remember when in 15 he was injured when his plane crash landed. a young break-out star performed on ncis new orleans. ♪
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>> with her smash hit. she may you may have seen her on the grammies. she walked away with her first yes, i am for best country solo performance. we talked with her on the radio from 92.5 xtu. >> she came if texas, decided she was going to be a song writer, had songs, went down to sell her music. didn't think she was going to be a star. humble beginnings are usually amazing foundations for super stardom. you could tell when we first met her she would be on her way. she had this certain air about her. >> she written songs for several big artists including timmy grew and kelly clark son. one household bill people universally hate. the cable bill. while dumping the service isn't for everyone, it's much more doable than it used to be.
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>> jim donovan looks at three things to keep in mind if you're considering cutting the cord. >> it's the high cost of cable have you thinking about cutting the cord >> i don't want to say that much for cable >> i just listen to my husband when he says raised the rates again >> there's option for anybody that wants to cut the cord. it's a matter of what you're willing to sacrifice in order to have that >> joan said there's several things to consider first. beginning with your internet access. >> unless you want to use your mobile phone to watch all your tv you're still going to need high speed broad band access >> then there are the devices >> a lot more people are definitely moving for streaming devices >> if you don't have smart tv that can automatically stream >> you may want to consider a apple tv they provide the greatest amount options of what
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streaming channels. >> if you want the bare bones basic >> it starts at $20, it means you can watch broadcast networks in your area, totally for free after you paid for the antenna itself. >> reporter: if you're a sports fan, realize your options will be much more limited cutting cable >> you'll have to pay more than you might think to get it over the web. you can still get live televised tv through the web. because it's expensive the license also an expensive kind of content to stream in most cases. >> reporter: it's hard to beat bundle that is include phone internet and cable. but if you don't mind less choices, pull out your cal clarity and do your research. i'm jim donovan. cal
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nothing too bad in the forecast and we reply our reward and i'll tell you latest outlook from the climate prediction center has warmer than average temperatures for the next eight to 14 days. it looks like a nice winter warmup. we talked about this during our winter outlook in november. late february, early march could feel like early spring and that's what it looks like at least moving forward over the next couple of weeks it's got start feeling more like spring and winter around here. so maybe the groundhog didn't get it right. here's a look outside we'll take you out to our parkway central library. everything is lit up. beautiful tonight. a lot of people out late for school night. it's a good night for a date night. folks still walking around the city. maybe getting home and wondering wondering what to expect. we got decent weather.
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stormscan 3 shows clouds creeping back into the region after we finally suppressed them today. now, they're back. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy through overnight but a storm is brewing. here are the two pieces. this is so close to being a major winter storm. it's just not. we got one piece to the north one to the south and they're going to come together to late to make the connection to bring any appreciatible weather. >> 36 in philly, 39 in wildwood, it's been a mild february so far and as we head to the weekend. you see the stretch when temperatures got to the 60's, last week, looks like we'll be heading back there again, so just a few above average days peppered in here, most of february will end up in the red. two pieces of energy, one north one so to the south, that moves away. and then the cold front comes through midday with chance for a few scattereded rain and snow showers.
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most of us stay dry. not baying deal. you can see this connection, if these two systems would have phased off to the new jersey coast line. heavy snow for new england, we get in on the windy pattern on the back edge similar to what we saw yesterday but we don't expect the wind to be quite as severe. gusts could top 35 miles an hour tomorrow evening right through the day thursday. tomorrow midday. front comes through, the wind pick up and we'll feel that thursday and we'll make the feel colder than the thermometer indicates. tomorrow feels like temperatures drop and we wake up feeling like the teens and even in the afternoon not feeling better than the 20's despite highs in the 40's. if you're out and about 34 on this valentine's day, tomorrow breezy with sun stray shower those winds picking up through the afternoon and evening, thursday is blustery and colder feeling like the 20's all day. but we get through that. friday, less wind seasonal and
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then there's the good stuff. saturday, 52. sunday, 60. and even early next week, president day. this is the beautiful weekend. 50's and 60's in the february. >> all right, don likes it >> i'm fired up about the weekend in general. but the way you sold that. i can't wait. can we start now? a lot to get to. more buzz to watch the birds and also a potential clue in the big ja trade. also a potential clue in the big ja trade. and a close look at the phillies (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate.
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(colonial penn jingle) . first official work-outs, six young starting pictures and pete mackanin says he likes what he sees
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>> we got a good blend of young and more experienced put it chambers put it >> healthy. he's ready to go. >> i'm all good now. been throwing and no pain, no nothing. no hesitation about anything. picture did he have zach said he too feels great >> very times, you know, been able to walk on -- feeling goodly i feel great >> jared >> is the oldest. >> get right now a little bit better than last year. >> reporter: mackanin said he has no idea who the starting
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pitcher, opening day. lesley van arsdale eyewitness sports. >> tonight we talked to a source with the sixers. they plan to have jahlil okafor in uniform in boston, on monday, big gentleman. did not travel to charlotte because the team was hunting for a trade. so now he's suiting it. did they strike out on a deal? will they showcase him before the february 23rd deadline? so many questions. college hoops, st. joe's visiting the hawks, lamar kimble picking it up. charlie brown. three of his 19, the rams respond though. jay lewis pouring in a career high 34 points st. joe's losing by 10. quiet night on the ice. flyers are off. they start a three-game road strip in western canada tomorrow. bird watching comes at a price. the eagles raised prices for
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season tickets for the first time since 2014. they went up by an average of 70 bucks. the birds haven't won a playoff game since 2008. >> ok. >> yeah. >> thank you, don. >> up next, t
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special valentine's day event at the franklin institute >> dubbed the wine lab. the interactive workshop. couples look at the science behind wine. attendees got to examine the compounds the flavor and test their own palate. it happened next to the giant heart. after all, it is valentine's day. kate? weekend watch is at some really good stuff to talk about. sunny skies both saturday and sunday. and temperatures on the way up. it is going to feel like a
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little taste of early spring out there. temperatures about ten degrees average on saturday. and 15 to perhaps near 20 degrees above average on sunday. as much of the area approaches the 60 degree mark. a fantastic
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stephen colbert followed by the morning crew. for kate, don, everyone i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at >> have a good night and sleep well. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the wonder core smart system. you've seen it all -- miracle pills, crazy workouts, and those unbelievable claims of incredible weight loss. but none of it has even come close to working for you. well, quit wasting your time and money and get the body that you've always wanted now by doing it the smart way. that's right -- with wonder core smart. the wonder core smart is the revolutionary new fitness breakthrough designed to target your entire core like a laser, focusing on your upper, middle, lower abs and your obliques. in fact, wonder core smart is so effective that it's guaranteed
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