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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 15, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we are in for a windy, wednesday, across the area today, but soon it will feel like syringe. katie's here to tell us what temperatures will be going way up. >> good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a minute. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. terrifying armed robbery, caught on tape, now police need your help tracking down a suspect who held up a lawn try math in east mt. airy. >> police say all three men appear to be, in their late. >> a russian spy ship off the coast of the new jersey and delaware. >> all part of putin being putin testing limits. >> reporter: white house and pentagon are keeping an eye on the ship's movements. >> america has a you this top dog five-year old rumor won best in show at west minister
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dog show. looking to philadelphia lieutenant of jobs in this administration, the rumor has it that his pick for ambassador to australia is trump's supporter and friendly grocer with the dark secret, patrick park, ambassador to austria, why? he is obsessed with the sound of music. that is not how this works. is that how it works now. i have seen the lord of the rings 50 times to that make me ambassador to dondoor. >> oh, stephen colbert. >> keeps it going. >> what will it look like today. >> not pad at all. we have a few minor issues were two separate disturb ans one to the north and one to the south and they both trigger a little bit of wet weather. i'm not concerned about much, however i don't think you need umbrella here this is city but we could still see a stray shower. we can see cloud cover biloing in across the region here and sussex and cape may county
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getting in, parts of the kent county getting in on a light rain tall, just a morning hours for that, meanwhile, around the rest of the region you may end up with a spotty shower of sorts, maybe a snow shower this is poconos and likely rain shower here in the city but it is nothing widespread, many will end up try here today. just worth mentioning because we have those two disturbances thereby. thirty-four is current temperature at till i international, in the 20's for mount pocono in allentown and in hillville we are below treeing but now crack ago above 30 degrees there. thirty-nine at barnegat light, and win flow out of the south but will turn more off shore as day progresses. with that said you may see a shower at the shore points especially this morning, and anywhere else it the is in the afternoon that i think any passing rain or snow showers would happen, i actually left philadelphia dry for that very reason because it will be so spotty in nature but it is mild too. up to 50 for a daytime high. and as we look forward to our area headlines here yeah, we
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have passing disturbances but that is it they are passing us by. no major storms in sight. it will be a chilly even to the workweek. wind picking up with time here but i promise a nice trade off as things are scheduled to warm up and warm up very significantly. hint, hint. meisha. >> we like the sound of that. >> all right, thanks very much >> good morning everyone we are looking outside to the pennsylvania turnpike at 309, and we are looking at 309 at pennsylvania turnpike. we are getting you juxtaposition of those two to see what you are working with both of which are looking very good, quiet, most of the the places we have been looking at all morning long, all week long have been looking like this. but you can see it is looking like this. it will be very not the slow moving but quick moving, if you will, everyone traveling around at posted seed and getting where they need to go in great time, at this point, as i was saying, looking like that all week long. we are in great company this week. i really can't tell you why that is, great week to be driving around. accident here at boulevard
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northbound inner drive at good naw street, head up this isn't slowing you down too much but it might get just a little gaper delay. we have construction on the boulevard as well northbound between rhawn street and winchester avenue within lane block here just a heads up on that. still very dark outside. more construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound near route 322 that right lane is block until around 6:00 a.m. another half an hour with that plus we have this going on, an accident investigation in new jersey route 47 this both directions at shunpike road all lanes block. use alternate route nine is your best bet. and then we have a down tree in easton still out there, route 611 northbound between durham road and syringe hill road, all lanes are also blocked here. use an alternate here as well. your best betties river road. we have a down pole in egg harbor route 30 eastbound or white horse pike, pamona road that right lane is block there rahel and jim, over to you. right now surveillance video of philadelphia police
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want to you see, three men rob bing a laundromat at gunpoint. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in east mt. airy with the chilling video footage, trang. >> reporter: good morning, yes , police say these three men all appeared to be fairly young in their late teens or early 20's. police do have pretty good surveillance video to go off of. they are hoping someone will recognize these guys and call police. lets get straight over to that video. this started saturday night around 7:00, police say three black males entered honk's laundromat on the 6700 block of chew avenue and one of the men points a gun at a male employees right in front of the customer and then lead him away. men then direct the 47 year-old man to the office where they demanded money. they demanded that he open up the coin machines. they made off with an unknown amount of honey, fortunate the ly though no one was hurt. another interesting clue investigators say one of the men referred to another man as green, several times and they are hoping that might help
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people identify these suspects for now we are live in east mt. airy, trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> trang, thank you. time is 5:36. in business news why banking stocks are headed to the stratus fear. >> what is new on the star bucks menu? money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, futures are pointing to a little bit of the lower open, but market are at record high levels. to you jones rose another 92 points, nasdaq jumped 18, banking stocks are booming, shares of the goldman sachs, bank of america and jp morgan chase are way up as trump administration takes step to roll role back banking regulations like dod-frank law , goldman sachs alone is up by 37 percent, since the president's election. janet yellthis back on capitol hill for day two of the testimony about the economy, yesterday she said more interest rates hikes are coming this year as long as
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the economy and job growth stays strong. yellin did not rule out an interest rate hike at fed march meeting but most suspect natalie fed will in the raise rates until a heating in june. we will learn more about the economy to daze when the government releases retail sales data for january. star bucks is shaking things up by testing, coffee and ice cream drinks. for now they are doing it just in california, those drinks will cost between five and six dollars, and they will include all the ra thick malt shakes, floats, and hot coffee poured over ice cream. i guess frappuccino's don't go far enough. >> i don't know if i approve of that. >> why not. >> you know what ice cream and hot chocolate is one thing but coffee, i don't know. >> are you serious. >> they are the best things in the world. >> i'll try it the but i'm not the so sure. >> coffee ape ice cream. >> i also like hot and cold.
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>> i don't have a problem with that but it is coffee element are the ice cream. i have had ice cream this hot cocoa and that is great. i'm reserving. >> you are talking to a man who eats frozen grapes at the same time every same time. >> frozen grapes. >> down here in my little baggy. >> and has a flip phone. >> thanks. >> i will keep trying. >> we will talk to you tomorrow. well, here's something else to look forward to. >> yes. >> amazon could use parachutes for its delivery drone service >> oh, no. >> they will drop stuff on your head. >> on line retailer received a patent that suggest the company is considering keeping its drones high above homes and using have nets, parachute s or spring coils to release delivery while in mid flight. it is not clear when drone delivery will launch, but amazon is conducting tests oversees. >> i will be first one to get hit with the gallon of milk thaw deliver to your house. it has been a good 2017
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for casinos in atlantic city. new jersey officials say seven casinos in atlantic city won 204 held there gamblerness january. that is up 7.7 percent. all seven posted increases, caesars was up, get this 41 percent. internet gambling brought in another 18.8 million for the month which is up more than 28 . >> good news there. president trump will host israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house, this is as his administration fields new questions about russia. a report published in the new york times overnight claims advisors to mr. trump were in contact with russia during the campaign. this comes a day after president's national security advisor michael flynn was forced to resign over conversations with the russian ambassador about sanctions. well, up next actor harrison ford's scare on the runway. >> also ahead take a look this 11 year-old has lengthy of reason to celebrate valentines day we will tell you special gift that she received just in
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time for the holiday. and if you are looking to replace your windows but struggling with the cost i'll show you alternative that could save you thousands of dollars we will be right ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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sports illustrated issues hit stand but this years cover girl has been revealed, it is kate upton. take a look sports illustrated tweeted these stunning photos of the model/actress. she previously grazed it in 2012 and 13. upton has been labeled curvey by industry standard and she's disagreeing says that beauty comes this all shapes and sizes. she looks fabulous. tell but a close call for actor harrison ford at a california airport. investigators say ford flew his small plane over a 737 at john wayne airport in orange county, he then landed on a taxiway where an american airlines lane was waiting. now, representative for ford declined to comment, ford has been involved in several crashes over the years, most recently in 2015 when his vintage lane crash landed this santa monica. chance the rapper announced a tour of north america after taking home trophies for best new artist, rap album and best rap performance at the sunday's
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grammys. he had a good night. artist tweeted on tuesday thanks for everything, the 37 city tour kicks off april 24th in san diego and save the date because he is set to perform at firefly music festival on june 17th. i have to say, pretty sure he will be at the made in america and that was first time i was really introduce todd him. i didn't realize it was him. fantastic performance. >> yes. >> he was on colbert a while ago. >> yes. >> he is big now. >> grammys will definitely to well for you. >> yes. >> we are looking ahead to a quiet day all things considered. we have two separate disturbances that are close by forecast could be worse, and so, yeah, i have to look at glassies half full. it is not bad at all. if you are in the city taking a different view from skies scan , from our rooftop overlooking spring garden and broad street intersection here still quiet.
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couple clouds overhead. is there a chill in the air. it is not terrible outside. it the is not all that breezy just yet. we are finding temperatures, generally right around, 30, give or take, and, a handful of degrees, around the city of philadelphia, but as we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers we have more variety, as we tend to, when we go out in the pine land areas down toward the shore points, we will take you very far north here. it is up to bass, pa where charles has 30 degrees under clear skies. he has a report where there are 3 inches worth of ice and snow on the ground up that way because it has been chillier up that way. lets go to the south here and take you just outside philadelphia, next door we will go to cardington where bill is checking in with cloudy skies and 29 degrees. he had advice of letting your car warm up, great advice but it is milder then we had seen, in recent mornings, and it is cold enough, but you want to give that extra time if you can. lets go to one more 32 from david this morning in clementon, where there is just a couple cloud overhead but you may have a bit less cloud
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cover depending on your location but we do also have two disturbances passing you by here. we will call it the partly sunny. this rain is pretty light, and will remain confined to the south, most counties of delaware and new jersey. second disturbance off the two thort you can see bringing in snow across upstate new york especially these two systems will join forces and this provides the cold this one provides moisture, they will merge over new england and we end up with a blustery wind that picks up on thursday especially but that wind will getting as early as later this afternoon but won't be as harsh tomorrow. cold settles this. we will see a drop on the thermometer come together and we will then thankfully make up very quickly. friday still chilly. by saturday and then sunday that jet stream will lift back to the north and bring witt a nice warming trend. as we move forward in the forecast we will, i think sees your smile, getting broader and broader. fifty-two by sat the day in the sunshine. sixty on sunday. my personal favorite of the forecast, and keep mid 50's
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for both monday and tuesday. meisha, in major storms in sight right now, i can dig it. >> that is awesome. sunday is 60 degrees, that is so much to look forward to. good morning, everybody. we are looking outside at schuylkill eastbound past belmont. we are dealing with the police escorting this tractor trailer over here, it doesn't look like they are moving right now but we are getting word b just a head up moving out right now it is still very dark. tractor trailer, off to the side of the road, to the shoulder and it looks like there is police activity surrounding this somewhere, somehow, you might get flashing lights, gaper delay around this area so just heads up on that. we're talking about fire department activity in east germantown north lambert street at west toronto street, again, just a heads up, still dark, you might slow down or tap your brakes passing by that. also we are dealing with the accident that is still out there roosevelt boulevard northbound inner drive at good naw street, head up here. they are not blocking you completely but you will have to pay attention now that we
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are pushing toward 6:00 o'clock hour and more vehicles are out there and will start to tap on the brakes. we are dealing with construction as well northbound between rhawn street and winchester avenue one lane blocked there and mercon trucks on the new jersey turnpike southbound near route 322, that right lane is block until 6:00 a.m. another 10 to 15 minutes or so jim and rahel, back to you. drivers near los angeles are treated to a freeze car wash after a car crash. lets take a look, water was sent in the the air after a car slammed into a hydrant. one person was seen driving in the the water for a free wash. driver of the car that hit the hydrant was not hurt. no word what caused the crash or how much water was spilled on the street. >> that is what you called making lemonade out of lemons. >> yes, indeed. whether you are trying to keep your house warm in the winter or cool in the summer your heating and cooling system is the biggest energy user in your home but invisible shield could help make your home more energy efficient n this week's angie 's list report what you should know about window film. >> installing high efficiency
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windows can be a great investment but it is also very expensive and costs thousands of dollars the looking for a more affordable option window film is a great alternative. >> reporter: solar window film is a thin material applied to window glass which filters out solar energy. >> window film will be much better option in terms of the improving performance and matching performance of a new relays. window typically of a fifth of the cost of going through the relays. of those windows. >> reporter: jay dunbar says what he spent on window film was made up within three years in energy savings but he noticed one thing immediately, no more uneven temperatures throughout his house. >> first thing that we noticed because we have them applied i think in late fall we noticed it got cold, our bedroom wasn't 10 degrees colder then rest of our house whiz was very nice. >> reporter: you can install window film yourself but doing that could void your window
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warranty, film installers will replace your window warranty with their own, they will also install a film without bubbles which will prevent cracks or peeling. some will let you transfer warranty if you sell your house. window film could help filter out dangerous uv light and protect your furniture there fading from sunlight. for more information from angie on installing window film visit cbs angie's list. candy and card shaped like hearts popular valentines day gift but an 11 year-old girl in los angeles received the real thing for the holiday. mcdonough was born with the heart defect, she received a pacemaker when she was just six years old but it stopped working so she was put on the list for a heart transplant in december, and yesterday, that wait ended. >> unaudible. >> simple as scratching her head. you can tell, it is dip rent.
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just watching her smile now. it is totally different. >> her family says valentines day will be even shore special , for the family right now. >> very sweet. >> well, there is a new best in show this morning. >> see more of the winner after the break and find out what her connection is to a major star.
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♪ >> welcome back everyone. a german shepherd by the name of rumor takes home the top rice at west minister talk show. >> rumor no shore, as meg oliver reports rumor won title a year after missing out on the top honors. >> one hundred and forty-first annual. >> reporter: it all came down to this. >> the german shepherd. >> reporter: five-year old rumor won best in show after missing last year at west minister. >> how does that feel? >> it is overwhelming to be quite honest with you. you know, it will take a few days to sink in. >> reporter: competition was intense, it started with nearly 3,000 dogs. after two days of prepping their pooches, the best in each breed competed for the
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coveted title. >> each breed has a standard natalie dog has to adhere too and, you know, there is different interpretations but a very unique contest. >> reporter: beautiful dogs dazzled the crowd from max the prince around the ring to author witch terrier. rumor's owner said. >> we thought we would retire her at that point in time but we were looking and we decided to come back and give it one more shot. >> reporter: like super bowl winners rumor will take on hardware as top talk, a polished bowl and trophy but real rice, serious credentials on the breeding circuit. meg oliver for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and i love the fact natalie podium behind the dogs always say german shepherd dog what would it be, german shepherd cat. i don't understand why they are wasting that word. these are things i catch when i watch these things. >> i grew up next to the german shepherd beautiful but was not very nice.
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>> i love german shepherds. >> so does meisha, that was background sound. coming up, using technology to help, children with autism overcome their difficulties, see how it works in the healthwatch. do you see something different, we will tell you something america is doing for the first time in its 31 year history.
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i'm on does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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an explosive new report this morning, on intercepted communications between president trump's aid and russian intelligence officials , but when it happened is sparking the more controversy. in the meantime russian spy ship is spotted off the coast of new jersey and delaware find out what it was doing there, plus this. i'm chris mar teen necessary oroville, california where officials have lifted an evacuation order for nearly 200,000 people living near a damaged dam. we will have latest on the repair efforts coming up. that is good news, today is wednesday, february 15th good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> it is a party in the world of travel, guess who is out there. >> construction. >> construction.
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>> yes, a lot of it. >> they are all out there. >> beautiful weather, and not blocking much but you have to pay attention because it is so dark outside. that can sneak up on you. >> sun should be coming up, and that will help matters but we will not see a ton to take. we have two separate disturbances and one visible at local level where we have rain showers through southern most counties. this isn't lifting too much further north, but starting to shrink through sussex, kent and cape hey, maybe encumber land and atlantic counties but that is it. that is piece number one. other is snow shower to the poconos, and a stray rain shower this afternoon for rest of the region in the city. i don't think you need umbrella here, folks. it is not just one of those days. garden state parkway for example, southern most section of the route one in delaware, wraps you'll see damp roads but it really is just this morning and then wind down. thirty-three current temperature in


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