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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 16, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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let's get you out the door with the check of the weather with katie and meisha with traffic this morning. >> good morning. road are looking good. i the 95 is heating up for the the first time this week. ninety-five has looked really slow all week. really crazy. a lot of construction. >> weather looks like it will cooperate for guys and girls with the hard hats but we will to have deal with the wind out there today. not caliber what we saw this week, it the will be tough to beat that but it is noticeable for you throughout the day. we will be seeing gusts as high as 35 miles april hour. on storm scan three we have a couple speckles showing up here, it it would appear like we have snow showers out there but counting on our weather watch tours let me know if you are seeing any flakes. most of this is not verifying at the ground. it the is that wrap around any moisture, and indeed chill that comes in the way of the storm system that got its act over new england and where our wind is picking up from and why that wind has turned northwesterly and chill settled in. it is all coming this one
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system. twenty-six is current temperature outside pleasant valley middle and high school here in broad heads villain nice dark sky and interestingly registering in at a wind flow of none. i have seen wind seed in the 20's around much of the region so don't go by that. keep in mind it will be somewhat blustery here as we send kid off to school, bundle them up, throughout the day. we will see sun, cloud, intermittent of the two throughout the take and dose of mid-february reality. forty-three is where we expect to top off and we feel in better than 20's when we factor in that wind. >> thanks very much. good morning, everybody. we're looking at i-95 at cottman you can see what we are working with there. we are just talking about that at the desk. we are looking busier on i-95. heads up. overall we are looking a little bit busier then typical schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction past belmont, it is a
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headlights here looking fairly typical on the schuylkill as well. again heating up quicker then what we have seen all week long. interesting to see what happens as we push more toward our rush hour hain hour, between 7:00 in the morning hour. construction maintenance here this delaware county blue bell have avenue closed for support beam repairs. that is a safety concern. use an alternate. chichester avenue is going to be your best bet so heads up that will cause us slow downs this morning and construction in new jersey 42 southbound between route 130 and 2951 to two lanes block until about right now. that should be clearing anytime soon. i will confirm when it does so more construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound at route 322 that right lane block, blocked until right around noon time, jim, over to you. new this morning a police chase that started in cobbs creek and continued on the schuylkill expressway, and this front of the state police barracks at belmont avenue and monument road. police initiated chase after officer heard shots fired and they stopped a man that got
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out of the white acura. that man was found with the gun, four people inside the car were in custody and being questioned in southwest detectives. suspect is shot after allegedly pointing a gun at police. it happened around 8:30 on shelf even avenue in west oak lane. plainclothes officers spotted two hen leaving a location known for drug activity. those men went in a car, car alarm went off and police investigated and say one suspect took off with a gun in his hand. >> as the officer approached the entrance of the the alley way, the male turns the officer with handgun pointed toward officer at whiz point in time that plainclothes officer discharges his firearm male goes down in the alley way. the officers go in the alley way. male still has firearm this his hand. >> officers took the suspect to the hospital where he is in stable condition this morning, other suspect was taken into custody. as part of the day without immigrants, some foreign born workers plan on walking off the job today to prove a point to the president. >> eyewitness news reporter
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jan carabao is live at ninth and federal in south philadelphia where local businesses are also taking part in the the nationwide protest, good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning. business owners here in this part of the south philadelphia alone tell us that some 20 stores and restaurants won't open up their doors yesterday meaning close to 800 immigrant workers won't show up to their jobs this day without immigrant won't only impact restaurants and stores across construction sites and some students may not show up to will school either. >> we are very happy that we are no long's frayed. they are going to fight. >> reporter: olivia vasquez, worked in philadelphia, hispanic outreach group, she and her collogues are ready to make sure her is somes are heard during a nationwide day without immigrants. >> this is just a demonstration of what will happen to the city and every where else in the the country as this continues to happen. >> reporter: social media campaign has gained steam across the country from california to the delaware valley, the movement is in response to the white house
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led raids last week that resulted in the deportation of the hundreds of undocumented immigrants. >> this is like we are criminals but we're not criminals. we are workers. we work very hard. >> reporter: pena this south philadelphia restaurant owner says his stores will stay closed today even though that means thousands of dollars lost to business. >> i decided to close my business, paw we want to support all of the people, all of the immigrant people. >> reporter: day without immigrant is meant to she how important immigrants are to the local and national economy but not everyone sees it that way, cuban immigrant alfred getz says closing businesses, staying home from work or missing school is miss guided. >> i think the movement should be to reform government as far as the immigration system itself because that is really what the, what the issue is. >> reporter: still, lot of businesses will be closed to day and some big businesses
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are supporting the cause, jose garces who owns a lot of top restaurants in philadelphia and all over the country says in part we support right for hospitality industry employees to have their voices heard, we are in close communication with any employees plan to participate today, thursday and we are doing our best to mitigate against any potential impact to our guests experience, we will not take any adverse action with any employee who chooses to participate. of course, we will continue to follow this story but for now we are live from south philadelphia, jan car bay other for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel, back to you. meanwhile a mexican woman tries to avoid deportation has taken refuge. the request of the woman to stay in the u.s. was denied by immigration officials. government is considering mother of three and enforcement priority because of two misdemeanor convictions , previously. judge issued for her deportation in 2011. she turned to this unit tear yan church for sanctuary. >> but this punishment is to go is literally ripping this
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human being away there her family, way from her three children who need her. >> under president trump, immigration agents have begun deporting undocumented residents hoff criminal convictions, she was convicted of forging social security documents to get a job years ago. senate was supposed to hold a confirmation hearing for president trump's nominee for labor secretary but instead president is looking for someone else to fill the job. the as hena daniel reports this is second high profile shake up for trump administration, this week. >> reporter: this morning president trump is shopping for a new nominee to be his labor secretary, in a dramatic turn off events yesterday trump's pick for the job andrew buds certificate withdrew. republicans raised concerned over the fact natalie food executive failure to pay taxes for five years on a former housekeeper, who wasn't authorized to work in the u.s. >> i believe that he made the right decision. >> i would hope natalie next
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person who is nominated will be the subject of a lot better vetting. >> reporter: development came just two days after president 's national security advisor michael flynn was forced to resign over fall out from conversations he had with a russian diplomate about sanctions in december. >> are you going to answer any questions about your associate contact with the russians touring the campaign sir. >> reporter: during a news conference with israeli rhyme minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house mr. trump dodged questions about his administration's communication with russian officials during the campaign. before backing away against u.s. long standing policy favoring the two state solution between israelis and palestinian. >> i'm looking at two state, one state and i like the one that both parties like. >> reporter: mr. trump's israel envoy pick david friedman is expected to face tough questions on the the iron you at senate confirmation hearing today. five former ambassadors to israel are urging law make tours reject him for what they
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view as his extreme views on mid east peace. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, pgw worker is recovering from a broken leg this morning after a police car rolled over him in west philadelphia. chopper three was over the scene at west minister avenue and mar cost street yesterday afternoon. police say an officer left a patrol car in neutral to chase down a couple runaway suspects that police car began to roll backwards, that is when a nearby pgw worker tried to get inside rolling car to stop it but got stuck underneath it the instead. he was treated at penn presbyterian medical center. coming up the atlantic city police officer is under arrest after this video emerge s on social media. >> hear what he is accused of saying in the live report. also an explosion and panic, neighbors cut off electricity and sends flames shooting in the the sky. we will tell what you caused the malfunction just ahead. hear from the resident forced to flee these flames as
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wild fires continue to burn in new zealand. >> ♪ the time to wake up, rahel. >> shake me up, wake me up whatever you have to do to get me out of bed i guess. we are in for another windy day to day so hold on to your hat. >> why are you looking at me like that? >> yes. >> katie's forecast is coming up, stay with us.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. welcome back everyone this may look like a volcanic eruption but we're looking at eyewitness video of the explosion at a substation in washington state. 10,000 people were left without power after officials say a fault in the power line sent sparks, flames, flying high this is air. officials believe the 45 behind explosion have been due to the weather, no injuries were reported in that incident this massive wild fire in new seal land has forced more than 1,000 people from their homes. >> meantime state of emergency has been declared in the the city of christ church as crews battled the fire. it began earlier this week but quickly spread overnight.
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emergency crews are hoping for a change this wind direction to slow down the flames. eleven homes have been destroyed. >> but just wanted to come and make sure that it has been accelerated or have have they died down at this time of the night before maybe getting a couple hours sleep before the morning. >> and about 130 fire tighters are battling the flames from the ground, while crews in 14 helicopters and three planes fight the fire from the air. wow, scary. >> time right now very scary. time is 5:14. what a difference, i was walking my dogs, bundled up. >> you have to be, and it is february. we have been spoiled lately. we can all appreciate that and understand that. we are about to get spoiled again with some very warm air but the next two taste we will wrap up our typical workweek here with very chilly air in place, and storm scan shows wider zoom, over live zoom we have two disturbance one
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passing to the north and south yesterday, they have joined forces, and we have good snow falling across nova scotia, atlantic canada and eastern maine and the in the rest of the the thort earn new england on the heels of that we have counter clock wise rotation of low pressure this is northern hemisphere send ago this wind flow from the north and west and that means it is coming from the colder place as it pertains to us and will end up with a mixture of sun and included but notice chill in the air and wind that has pick up, in the wake of that storm system making its development. so what are we talking about wind speed wise? i don't think we are talking about anything like what we saw on monday, thankfully but noticeable for sure, from the northwest wind flow and we will end up with ebb in some spots wildwood for example, win speeds peeking as high as 20's through the of afternoon higher gusts to 35 miles an hour, this evening, it begins at least to taper off and it will have tapered off nicely
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come noon time tomorrow if not sooner then that. we will get a break from the wind tomorrow but still keep the chill this is seven day. for now here's where we stan with the current wind gusts as high as 20's but within the last hour, and certainly mount pocono still reflecting this we have seen a happened full of zero plus degree wind chills. we have seen that winter coat more snugly here today. it is colder day as well. high of 43. closer to where we should be later it this dropping down to 26 still breeze which a couple cloud. here's some good stuff we will flirt with or exceed, the 60- degree mark for three straight days and perfect timing with sunshine, it all falls on a who will take weekend, isn't that wonderful, meisha. >> i love when that happens, thanks very much, katie. good morning. it is gateway to our window or friday eve, boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction we are looking good here at fox street. fairly quiet. that is what we want to see pushing in the 5:00 o'clock hour. just a heads up, where we have construction maintenance in delaware county, it is four
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support beam repairs that will give a big red flag for safety issues. blue bell avenue closed over i-95, we have to use this alternate, chichester avenue is your best bet in this area it will get slow as we progress through morning, we will see construction crews out there giving us a gaper delay as well, then we have, some more construction lingering this morning, new jersey turnpike southbound at 322 that right lane is block. this will be lingering out there until around noon time so carry us through the entire morning. the head up on that and then we have construction on the pennsylvania turnpike that is still out there westbound between bensalem and virginia drive, two right lanes are block here head up lots of construction. good news is in accidents yet, this morning, rahel, back to you. good news indeed. well now for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> from the cover high risk child red for is under arrest after authorities say he lured children into showering with him at mercer county community college. officials say natalie 23 year owed adam wolf, posed as a
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maintenance workers this is college physical education building. he told young swim their chlorine levels in the pool would cause damage to their bathing suits. reading eagle a berks county couple charge in the november death of their two-year old daughter has given up custody of six other children. the jonathan and grace foster faced charges of involuntary manslaughter after they failed to seek medical care for her daughter. she died from a treatable version of the pneumonia. hundreds of protest testers showed up at delaware river basin monthly meeting washington historic park they were protesting franking and proposed pipeline. that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. and up next, pat's here with sports, hello there patrick. >> good morning, phillies position players, join the pitchers and catchers in clearwater. we will hear from the gm and what the season might hold and the flyers, well, they laid way too late for morning crew to watched and if you missed it, we will get you caught up
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welcome back. thanks for waking up with us here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat's here with sports. flyers played late on the road this calgary. >> we cannot get any winning teams in this town. >> bad night. >> it was, yeah. >> well, scoring has been a big issue as ovulate for flyers and that was no different last night. they were out west playing late and they took on calgary flames. flyers got off to a good start nick cousins lit lamp a minute and 30 seconds in the game but
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over the final 58 minutes and 30 seconds, nothing. the flames would score three unanswered goals to beat flyers three-one. they are right back at it in edmond ton tonight at 9:00 o'clock. we figured we would show you this we love dogs. shayne gostisbehere wishing his flyers happy birthday on instagram. the his french bull dog pippa turned one. we show you this for no other reason other than it is extremely cute. surging sixers took three game winning streak into last night's game with the celtics who are on a bigger roll this one had feelings of the old rivalry of the 80's. in boston, jahlil okafor still on the team, he laid 17 minutes and scored just four points. they called this guy the holmey, dario saric, he had 20-point, 11 board. that bucket got sixers to within one but they would come up short, just too much isaiah
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thomas. he had 33 for celtics. they beat sixers 116-108. both teams have a week off, nba all-star game is this weekend in new orleans. phillies single game tickets go on sale at 9:00 including home home opener friday april 7th against washington nationals. phillies position layers, will report to clearwater, our leslie van arsdal is in sunny florida and reports on the gm 's plan for the upcoming season. >> phillies gm math the math klentak met with the media for first time and addressed several issues and says there is a lot to be excited about. team has a good mix of young, good players, solid veterans that they can learn there. he also addressed the rebuilding process and he understands the fans are not patient. >> this is a passionate town, passionate fan base that wants to win. so to i. i'm passionate about what we do here. i want to win too. i necessity our helping does. i know our players too.
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that alignment is a good thing i think we all recognize it doesn't happen overnight the but we are taking steps to get where we wanting to. >> reporter: position players are set to report here later today with the first full squad work out on friday. reporting from clearwater, leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". >> what is that back tropical, leslie. coming up at 6:30 we will go live to clearwater joining us here on cbs-3 three phillies starting catcher cameron rupp will talk about a fun little change in his off season training, the greatest show on earth, returns to philadelphia, for the last time, beginning tonight at wells fargo center, of course, you may remember last month when wrinkling brothers announced it is ending it run forever, last show will be in may in new york city so thinks your last chance to enjoy world famous circle news town this weekend, ahh, kind of the shame, i will be their life tomorrow morning hanging with some clowns. >> end of an another awe might say. >> it is.
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>> how long. >> ten some years. >> yes. >> i have said we work in the circus. >> we do work in a circus. >> i like to think of myself as a clown. >> we don't take ourselves seriously. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we will go live to wall street for a check of the the business headlines. >> we will tell you how much the power ball jackpot will be this weekend, get ready. cursing and threats, i'm trang do live with the traffic stop video that has gone viral and prompted an investigation. and a stand out student, 50 years in the making hear from the 71 year-old philadelphia would hand who proves it is never too late to finish what you start, katie. rahel, chill has settled in the on sky deck but we have a great looking week 10 look forward to not only will it be sunny and milder then average but holiday weekend so hopefully three take for many of us, we will be right back with the full forecast and also talk about this really nice pattern and how long it last as of
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cold day to take but relief is in sight, a live look at center city on the left and our camera on the right were out last night as wind continues to whip. look at those flags. katie's here to tell us when we will get a taste of spring.
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won't that be nice. good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a minute but first here's what we need to start your day in the morning minute. >> they will never get it. >> immigrants are taking a stand nationwide they plan to walk off the job as part of the day without immigrant protest. business owners here in this part of the south philadelphia alone, tell is some 20 stores and restaurant won't open up that doors today >> put your hand in my face and i will knock you out. >> reporter: video has gone viral atlantic city police officer threatening two men in the traffic stop. >> many are questioning whether strong language and protent used by officer is necessary. president trump is looking for a new secretary of labor as ceo andrew bus bus inner. >> it is service of his wife in 1990 peering on the talk sh


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