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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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eye on things. >> we are starting to heat up at this point, 322, we have a very serious accident that may go in details in a little bit. it sound like it will be closed for quite sometime. at least weather will cooperate for us generally seeking. i do think you'll notice win today, however thankfully not caliber like what we saw monday but it will be a blustery day. just a dose of mid-february reality but then we will warm things backup later in the week, specifically in the weekend. the that is something to look ahead to but for now lets go out the door heavy winter coat required, i would get as far as packing little ear muffs, scarves, gloves, all good ideas here because even though it is generally quiet out there on storm scan you have to factor this a wind chill value here today. currently in the low to mid 30 's as a whole, mount pocono at best 20. those are actual air temperatures but not the about 10 degrees off anytime win blows and that is anytime here to take. windy, colder day by comparison certainly we will
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see a mix of sun and clouds and i would say gusts will peak as high as maybe 35 miles an hour, meanwhile, coming up, i did promise there is news of the thighs warming trend and that will deliver a thighs taste of syringe for us this weekend. overall pretty quiet pattern, so i would say more than anything for right now it is wind that makes headlines and then, the temperature swings, that will seriously come later in the week. meisha. thanks very much for that. we are looking outside right now, live shot, at the burlington bristol bridge. we're still wait fog that are to opened. scheduled to open up at 6:15. we will let you know that it does, you can see it is still down and driving over. it is an area that gets busy. alternate to the delaware river bridge. this is where we have a very serious accident. this is 322 eastbound, eastbound side which is left-hand side where we see headlights, this is where it is closed at i-95. it sound like one lane has now just been blocked off on the westbound side, so 322
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eastbound at 95 is closed, one lane down on the westbound side, involving tractor trailer, jeep, and entrapment and serious injuries. this is delaware county use an alternate around this concord, concord is your best bet a heads up on this we will let you know if we get reports in but use alternate directions moving in the eastbound direction and avoid westbound side because it will get very busy. i would say to do so. we have construction maintenance in delaware county blue bell avenue closed over i-95 for support beam repairs. that is a safety issue. big red flag. chichester avenue will be your best bet there as well. then we have another construction area out there still new jersey turnpike southbound at 322 that right lane block, lingering until around noon so carry through our morning rush until noon and i will tweet out when that does clear, jim, over to you. new this morning five people are quick questioned after a police chase end right in front of the state police barracks on belmont avenue.
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philadelphia police tell us they started chasing a white acura on alden avenue in cons creek after reports of the shots being fired. they took one person into custody at that location but then car took off, down the schuylkill expressway. eventually police stopped the car and took four others in custody. this morning a suspect is in stable condition after he was shot by philadelphia police, this happened around 8:30 on shelf even avenue in lambert street in west oak lane. plainclothes officers spotted two men leaving a location known for drug activity. when those two men went to get in the car, car alarm went off police investigated and they say one suspect ran down a alley with a gun in his hand. >> as the officer approached entrance to the alley way, heal turns with the officer with the handgun pointed toward officer at whiz point in time that officer discharged his firearm. male goes down in the alley way. officer go in the alley way, male still has the firearm in his hand. >> officers say natalie suspect is in the hospital,
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other suspect was taken into custody. immigrants making a statement across the country today foreign born employees won't be showing up for work as part of the the day without immigrants. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabaos is live at ninth and federal in south philadelphia where local businesses will be impacted by this protest, good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning this day is meant to protest president trump's immigration policies, and we're told close to 20 businesses in this area have of south philadelphia alone plan on taking part. these are stores and restaurants but this day of protest goes beyond this type of business, it also could impact construction sites and schools, some school kid who may in the the go to class either. >> we are very happy that our communities no longer ace frayed, our communities are ready to flight. >> reporter: olivia vasquez works here in philadelphia a hispanic outreach group. she and her collogues are ready to make sure their voice s are heard during the nationwide day without immigrants. >> this is just a
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demonstration of what will happen to the city, and every where else in the country, as this continues to happen. >> reporter: social media campaign is gaining steam across the country from california to the delaware valley. the movement is in response to the white house led raids last week, that resulted in the deportation of hundreds of un documented immigrants. >> we are criminals but we are not criminals. we are workers. we work very hard. >> reporter: david pena a south philadelphia restaurant owner said his store will stay closed even though that means thousands of dollars lost in business. >> i decided to close my business because we want to support all of the people, all of the immigrant people. >> reporter: a day without i am bryant is meant to she how important immigrants are to the local and national economy but not everyone sees it that way. cuban immigrant will alfreda gessa says staying home from work or missing work or school
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is miss guided. >> i think movement should be to reform government, as fares embrace system is all about because that is what the issue is. >> reporter: a lot of businesses do plan to close today and some big businesses are supporting the cause. hoe say gares who owns a lot of the top restaurant is here in philadelphia and all over the country says in part we support the right for hospitality employees, and, industry employees rather to have their voices her. we are in close communication with any employees, who planned to participate thursday and we are doing our best to mitigate against any potential impact to our guests experience, and we will not take any adverse action with any employees, who choose to participate. of course, we will continue to cover this story but for now we are live from south philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now back inside to you. well, it is second high profile shake up for trump administration this week and drew p u.s.der withdrew his nomination for labor secretary and now the president is looking for someone else to
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fill the job. >> reporter: this morning president trump is shopping for a new nominee to be his labor secretary, in i dramatic turn off events, on wednesday, trump's pick for the job andrew puzder with drew his name from consideration. republicans raised concern over fast food executive's failure to pay taxes, for five years on a former housekeeper, who wasn't authorized to work in the u.s. >> i believe that he made the right decision. >> would i hope natalie next person who is nominated will be the subject of a lot better vetting. >> reporter: development came two days after the president's national security advisor michael flynn was forced to resign over fall out from conversations he had with a russian diplomate about sanctions in december. >> mr. president are you going to answer any questions burr associate's contact with the russians during the campaign, sir. >> reporter: during a news conference with israeli rhyme minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house mr. trump dodged questions about his administration's alleged communications with russian officials during the campaign.
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before backing away from the u.s.'s long standing policy, favoring the two state solution between israelis and palestinian. >> i'm looking at two state, one state and i like the one that both parties like. >> reporter: mr. trump's israel envoy pick david friedman is expect to face tough questions on the issue at his is that the confirmation hearing today, at least five former ambassadors to israel are already urging law make tears reject him for what they view as his extreme views on mid east peace. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news russian spy ship is apparently moving up the east coast, it was reportedly spotted off coast of connecticut yesterday, pentagon says ship is this international waters 30 miles from a naval submarine base. earlier the ship was spotted off coast of delaware in new jersey. the vessel itself is used to collect intelligence from radars and other electronic emission from his military
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bases up the east coast. pgw worker is hurt after a bizarre accident involving a police car this west philadelphia take a look, chopper three over the scene at corn are of west minister avenue and marco street yesterday afternoon that is not far from where west minister meets lancaster avenue. police say an officer was chasing a car when people got out and ran off. the officer left the car in neutral to chase them but then car rolled backward. pgw worker tried to stop it but ended up beneath the car. he has been treated for a broken leg. well, coming up an inferno in new zealand. >> hundreds of people's vac waited find out how many homes have been lost to the flames. plus ashton kutcher testifies in the the senate hear what he had to say about an issue he is passionate about. what could be better then grown men dancing with their daughters, we will take to you a northeast philadelphia dance studio for more on these dancing dad and their girls next.
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whenever, where ever we will get you up this morning. maybe doing a little belly dance to go shakir but never the less, we will all be back in a couple
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. welcome back everyone. more than 1,000 people have been forced from their hems due to a massive wild fire in
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new zealand. >> city of christ church is under a state of emergency as crews battled these fires and flames. it the began earlier this week but quickly spread overnight. emergency crews are hoping for a change in wind treks to slow down flames, 11 homes have been destroyed. crews are racing against mother nature in oroville, kalas they try to secure emergency sill way before the rain starts. yesterday, two helicopters trooped bags of gravel on a erosion point while officials continue to release water from the reservoir. lake levels were last reported at 26 feet below the emergency spillway, officials are confident that it will hold during the storms. that is some good news for those folks. >> meantime back here at home a chilly day on tap but a change is coming. >> yes, nice warming trend by the upcoming weekend here, rahel, and as we are walking out the door this morning you will need your nice heavy winter coat especially if you have a long walk to school, maybe wait outside for a while for a train or something like that, you will want the extra
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winter weather accessories as i said here today, i may self brought out ear muffs, scarves and gloves. you will want to think about doing the same. 30 degrees. the westerly wind outside whitefield elementary school here. i saw shaking the on the camera. not quite as shaky as monday with the really heavy duty wind gust that is you saw but you can see them peak as high as 35 miles an hour. we have a storm system that develops itself, two pieces, one to the north and one to the south yesterday and they merged and have since formed a big snow storm across atlantic canada but wrap around moisture and wind flow is what caused our temperatures to drop off and wind to be cranking go through the rest of the day. what is good as we look forward we are going to see high pressure replace that system, and the wind will ease up and we will end up with some really nice weather here, saturday, sunday as well as monday, high pressure, we love when the giant h is right over our area. it typically means very fair weather and that is what i expect looking forward. take to you that eyewitness weather seven day lose win, keep the chill on try but
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overall a more comfortable day that said and then look at that flirting with or exceeding 60 degrees, right through the holiday weekend. so we could not have planned this bet fur we tried, meisha a little taste of spring for presidents day. >> absolutely, cannot beat that. thank you very much, katie. switching gears a little bit we have live chopper three over a very serious accident here on 322, it is 322 eastbound at i-95, right now you guys. it is closed. we have one lane block on the westbound side, i would not doubt if that gets some very busy conditions in the westbound side. this is in chester township delaware county involving a tractor trailer. we have reports of very serious injuries in and around this area as well. it was just the left lane for a while there on 322, eastbound on i-95, and now it is completely closed. it sound like that will be closed for quite sometime. so i would say, as usual, avoid the area if you cannot, if you have to take it you will to have use an alternate concord or chichester is your best bet but take a look, this cost not look good, at all,
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involving a tractor trailer and a jeep, and even tran. and another just injuries. heads up, void it, use the concord or chichester, withes bound side only one lane is block and slowly getting by. it will be very slow, in this area. rahel and jim back over to you >> thanks, meisha. ashton kutcher is using his star power to call on congress to act against human trafficking. the actor arrived yesterday for a hearing on efforts to end what is being called modern day slavery. kutcher is passionate about using technology to fight the human trafficking delivered an emotional testimony. >> the right to pursue happ iness for so many is stripped away, it raped, it is abused, it is taken by force, fraud, coercion, it is sold for the momentarily happy this is of other. >> kutcher is co founder of thorn digital defenders of children a organization that focuses on technology to fight sexual exploitation of children. thousand is a good time to
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change your pass word yahoo is warning some users that their accounts have been compromised , at this time by a cookie attack. officials say investigation turned up evidence that hacker infiltrated accounts by using forced cookies this happened between 2015 and 2016, it is unclear how many users are a tech, the announce. comes months after yahoo revealed 1 billion account had been compromised through 2013 security breach. so do you have any shopping lance over the long presidents day weekend? if you do here's what you can expect from the sales this year. when it comes to sales, presidents day offers some of the biggest shopping discounts early in the the new year. >> presidents day is a great who will take for stores to headache some sales and what is otherwise a very quiet shopping season, but shoppers can take advantage of that. >> reporter: ben glasser with deal news to the come say some sales are already underway. >> we are seeing best buy
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sales having started earlier this week and that is one of the most popular we have seen all season. >> reporter: at best buy and other retailers expect big discounts on lap tops and tv's big box stores like target, cost co and wal-mart you'll find deals on kitchen wear and small appliances. same goes for specialty retailers like williamsonoma. watch out format trust sales too, presidents day is second only to memorial day for snag ging a mattress deal. now is time to stock up on winter clothing especially outer wear. >> second year in the row that a mild winter has hit the retailers, really hard with leaving them a glut of winter clothing, so they are really desperate to off load that stuff. >> you would think that following valentines day retailers would be discounting jewelry, long way too but deal news say that often isn't the case. many stores take a break from aggressive bargains that were for weeks, aimed at romantic shoppers. thousand some of the most
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inspiring images you are likely to see today. >> that is dads dancing with their daughters to show off sophisticated moves. fill dance center in northeast philadelphia posted these videos, oh, my god of their daddy and daughter ballet class from valentines day. now some people would be embarrassed to watch their dad dance but these young ballerinas loved it, and so did millions of other people who checked it out on line. >> this is good stuff. >> i have to say i love the daddy dance, there is something about seeing the dads just busting moving and not care and just own it for his daughter who can put on some tights and some sweats. >> yes. >> they got some moves under those jeans typically. >> yes. >> you got the some moves. >> keep it up, dad. >> i dance in the elevate the or. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning cool new technology that makes it possible for some blind people to see again. we will show you how this headset works in this morning
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's healthwatch. and coming up in our 6:30 half an hour we will go live to beautiful clearwater florida, pat gallen will talk to phillies catcher cameron rupp about spring training we
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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we have breaking news in philadelphia's grays ferry is section where a fire tighters are battling a blaze on south eding street. we got this video in the news room. fire broke out just after 5:00 t three children and two adults were rushed to the hospital, this word on their condition, fire is still not under control, stay with "eyewitness news" on air and on line as we follow this breaking news story. new for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> front page of the burlington county times, governor chris christie signed legislation to tackle new jersey's drug addiction crisis new law mandates that insurers regulated by state cover first six months of in patient or outpatient treatment, for substance abuse. it also limits initial dose of
6:25 am
prescription pain kill tours five days. from the intelligencer with only 130 pennsylvania labor department workers taking phone calls and processing unemployment compensation claims, it is creating a big backlog. new chair woman of the senate labor committee plans to introduce legislation in providing temporary funding to replace or rehire 500 labor department work hours were laid off in december. in the times herald or mother of sorrows church in bridgeport is under going demolition. church was built in 1926 and closed in 2001 when the parish was merged with st. augustine. and that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. in tonight's taste with to ri you will meet an 11 year-old boy named leo. >> spirited home chef who loves to cook with his mom and sister. it is cooking that has become a happy happen tonight their house with added benefits because leo has autism. >> i kind of describe it like having adhd, and he was very
6:26 am
interested in cooking. that was one of the only ways i could engage him. >> in their house they don't see autism they just see leo. our vittoria woodill not only had a seat at their dinner table but she favored a recipe from the cookbook his mom wrote inspired with cooking with leo and his diet restrictions. taste with tori served with a big helping of the a mother's love right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile coming up next on "eyewitness news", the video that has a police officer under investigation, trang do. >> reporter: this traffic stop video has gone viral hear cursing and threatening for yourself coming up. lust studying brains of the children with adhd what researchers just discovered that is different from other kid, meisha. rahel, we have a serious accident on 322 involving a tractor trailer in trenton and serious injuries plus slowing down our majors. i will have those updates coming up.
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but first we will take a quick break. stay right where you and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> police chase that started in cobbs creek end in front of the state police barracks at belmont avenue and monument road. police initiated the chase after officers heard shots fired. put your hand in my face and i will knock you out. >> video that has gone viral, atlantic city police officer threatening two men during a traffic stop. >> many are questioning whether the officer's use of strong language and profanity is justified. >> they will never get it the. >> foreign born workers in our
6:31 am
area and across the country are taking a stand today. >> this day womb immigrants will only impact restaurant and stores but it can slow down construction sites and some students may not the show up for school either. >> so much so white house staffers have been using a secret chat app, called confide, to arrange messages as soon as they are red. better idea, raises presidential tweets. >> the thing about twitter once you put it out there. >> it is staying there forever >> is that right, katie. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> think before you tweet, e-mail or do anything on internet. >> or text. >> if it is on the internet, it is never going away, keep that in behind, kid. let's take a look what is going on outside, beautiful beginning to the morning in the nation's capitol.
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i had to bring this to you because it is absolutely stunning. the lets take a look here, a light beginning to pop up over the horizon outside capitol building, just, one, 200 miles or so down i-95 from frustratesa couple of streaks of cloud really beautiful shot and we're promising a pleasant sunrise here as well. we will go to storm scan three zooming things out as tri-state area here at philadelphia international airport. we have a couple cloud. that is story regional wide. but you'll see this mixed bag of cloud, sunshine throughout the day and that is why we are seeing such a beautiful beginning to the morning with that sunrise because of the way the cloud are helping to diffuse the color dispersing. temperatures right around treeing give or take a couple degrees but as this wind is picking up it the is not that harsh on the sky deck but it is just enough that it the really headaches you feel a lot colder. every time that wind blows. knock 10 degrees off for feels like value anytime win blows here it will feel more like 20
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's as a result for majority of the day, down in d.c. we're right on par with the folks down inside the capitol. as day goes on expect some sun , cloud, mid 40's for highs so dose of mid-february reality here, but i promise another nice warming trend and let you know when to expect that later on we have live chopper three over a serious accident in delaware county chester township. take a look at 322 eastbound at i-95 is closed you guys. one lane block in the westbound direction and thinks involving a tractor trailer, entrapment and serious injuries. use an alternate concord or chichester is going to be your best bet, around this but yikes, take a look at this as crews are out there right now. i can tell you right now this is a very serious situation, if you can avoid this area at all cost i would highly recommend doing so if you cannot just know moving in the westbound direction you can see you have one drivable lane
6:34 am
but crews will be out there for quite sometime. we are hearing reports this is actually indeed closed for quite sometime. the heads up. we will switch gears and take a live look at ben franklin bridge pushing in the westbound direction, toward center city. we are looking thighs, but i will say ben franklin bridge right now is one area that is starting to heat up as we push into center city. quite odd this week i would say that today, thursday, or friday, eve it is one of our, most quick picking up days of the entire workweek thus far. we don't see. that it is usually-through wednesday. today seems to be the day that is busiest both on the ben franklin bridge and on i-95 and on the schuylkill and head up on this as well, i-95 support beams for repairs. chichester avenue is your best alternate. jim and rahel, back over to you. now, to video you may have seen circulating on social media, atlantic city police officers angry profanity filled tirade during a traffic stop. >> and on the video it has sparked internal affairs
6:35 am
investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is here to break it down for us. >> reporter: this morning. this video has been views thousands of time, posted to facebook on tuesday night. many are questioning whether the officer's use of threats and profanity was justified, lets take a listen. >> i will explain this one time and one time only. i will... >> cell phone video starts in the middle of the traffic stop and it appears natalie unidentified atlantic city police officer was agitated when one of the two men began recording the interaction. the officer tells the men he is wearing a body camera and demand they stop recording. the as heard in the video he then threatened to knock them out, if the the men do not comply with his orders. >> i will knock you out. do you understand me. >> do you feel me. >> yes, sir. >> police department says natalie language and tone used by our officer in the video is
6:36 am
concerning, and it is not condoned by this department. the officer involved has been placed on administrative assignment pending the outcome of the investigation. the cities police union is also weighing in, saying that night time traffic stops are dangerous, and adding it is imperative we will remain in control of the scene, sometimes, in order to regain that control, strong language is used, and i have faith that the department will do a complete investigation of the entire stop, and not the brief clip going around on social media. police department says it will have no further comment until the close of the investigation, meanwhile, they are asking anyone with any information about this even count tore contact the atlantic city police department's internal affairs, jim and rahel, back to you. >> trang thank you. driver faces charges after this crash that sent a husband and wife to the hospital in gloucester county, new jersey. police say 41 year-old amelia or telling a of monroeville struck 57 year-old steve an cannon and her husband six two-year old john cannon as they rode bicycles on dell
6:37 am
sigh drive-in franklin township yesterday. susan cannon is in critical condition, or telling a faces assault by auto and other charges and behind bars this morning. a medical marijuana facility bureau posed in northeast fail but resident are speaking out against the plan. park wood civic association held a meeting at saint an slam church last night. 125 square foot facility will be used to grow, process the plants. it would be located on the 14- acre industrial lot on byberry east industrial park. the company behind the plant is owned by the the children of the late ed snider, founder of the philadelphia flyers. well this morning president trump is looking for a new nominee for labor secretary. andrew puzder with drew his announcement yesterday. it came ahead the of the confirmation hearing scheduled for today. the republicans have raised concerns over his failure to pay taxes for five years on a former house keep shore was not authorized to work in the u.s. well, you would have
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plenty of money to invest if you hit the lottery. >> it is being the operative word. jackpot will be worth more than 310 million-dollar when numbers are drawn again saturday night. oh, boy. just because in one hit last night's jackpot does not mean you didn't win something, something like maybe a million-dollar. winning power ball numbers are five, 28, 33, 38, and 42, and the power ball is 19. see numbers anytime at cbs still ahead in this morning's healthwatch a vitamin that can fight against the flu. also, is this really cool. i think so, head, allows blind people to see we will see how this works and what it costs. lust, remember the mug shot, ladies of that so-called hot felon that went viral, well, there are new pictures making headlines we will show them to you next. pat. rahel, just ahead we will head down to lovely clearwater , florida to check in on spring training and joining us live phillies catcher cameron rupp who will help get us ready for the
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welcome to your health with joan lunden presented by centers for disease control and prevention. >> hi. i'm joan lunden. diabetes is an epidemic sweeping our country. but fortunately the cdc has created the national diabetes prevention program to help. today i am joined by dr. ann albright, director of the cdc's division of diabetes translation and sandra mar inwho has participated and had great success. i can't wait to tell them about it. first, ann, why did you see a need to start a program like
6:40 am
this? >> with 86 million americans that have pre-diabetes and 90% don't know it, small lifestyle changes can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. that's great news. national diabetes prevention program provides really vital support that people need so they can increase their success with the program. >> i think support is a key word. people get turned off when they hear there is a program to help with your problem. how did this work for you, that support system? >> with me, i began with the diabetic prevention program. they got into details about how to moderate eating habits and exercising and try to make your overall health, manage yourself. >> what has it done? tell everybody. >> what happened was the good news was i was almost 300 pounds and now i am 196.
6:41 am
i am starting to cook healthier, eating more healthier. instead of doing a lot of frying foods, i do baking. i broil, put more vegetables on my plate instead of trying to get that chocolate cake, i try to eat a banana or apple. >> they taught you about portion control and what to order when you go to a restaurant. they taught her how to put into effect all the healthy eating habits into her daily life. thank you thank you for developing this program. good success to you. >> yes. >> if you want to know more go to we'll see you next time. >> sponsored by naccd with support from the centers
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well come back. january yellconcluded her testimony and says economy continues to advance, two reports, under scored that improvement. >> but what does that mean for you? cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is live with a lot at results. good morning. >> good morning. >> jill, let's start with the numbers honorary tail sales and inflation. >> well, here's good news retail sales actually increased in january, every category, showed i am o except auto dealers but their business does tail off after the holidays. sales were up a solid 5.6 percent from the the year ago. government also report that had consumer rises were up 2.5 .
6:43 am
you may think that is weird that is good news but we have always been worried that rises are staying too low, we are worried about deflation. when we strip out volatile food, energy core prices up by 2.3 percent. one little down beat note i hate to report but let's just say, hourly wages when we adjust those wages for inflation, they fell in january. that is mostly because we saw higher gas rises. real wages, that means when we adjust for inflation, they are flat over the past 12 months. we are hoping that accelerate because job market its tightening up. >> how does this all impact the fed? >> reporter: you know what, janet yellin testified and she said every fed meeting is live what does that mean? it means hey at any heating they can raise interest rates. if we continue to see improvement with this data, we are likely to see the federate rates, faster, and more frequently then previously thought.
6:44 am
now hey that is great news if you are a safer, i will get more in my accounts. bad news for borrowers. if you are a borrower you may want to get going on getting that loan, most investors say natalie odd of a federate hike in march is just about 20 percent, one in three in may, 50/50 for june. one last wrinkle the president actually has to fill three vacancies on the federal reserve board. is there only seven members. that could reshape monetary policy. for more on what could be trump's big shake up at the fed, get to jill on >> thank you, jill. we appreciate it. new modeling sensation is a face you may have seen before. >> yes, look at your screen. >> do you remember this guy? yes, his name is jeremy meets whose mug shot made him the hot felon. now the three three-year oldies out of jail, he is walking straight and narrow as in the the runway. he was signed by a modeling agency on the basis of his mug shot. it was a good mug shot. meets strolled catwalk as part
6:45 am
of the fashion week festivity this new york and he called screens epic and said he would like to keep doing it. >> um-hmm. >> maybe he found his hidden talent. he has a source of income. the best of luck to him. >> i agree. >> i say if he can get on the straight and narrow path at runway, catwalk, so be it. >> sometimes people need second chances. >> i agree. >> wand fur they made him cover up that ink. >> i saw a picture and it does not look like it. he is embracing his ink. >> interesting stuff. >> i see jim's not going to say one word bit. >> he spent a lot of time looking at that picture. >> i'm just speaking on behalf of other would hand. >> i think a lot of other people agree. whether the guy is hot or not everybody deserves a second chance. i agree with that. lets take a look what is going on with the eyewitness weather watcher. we have a chill in the air but not a typical for mid-february we will take you further off to the south east new jersey region here because i really
6:46 am
love the comments, that he makes he he has thighs clear skies for starters here 34 degrees but this guy knows how to listen, pretty thighs out there for february but he #it, guys, think before tweet ing. he was listening earlier in the broadcast. so wise word, certainly. lets go out to the west and go across delaware river, bay where delores is reporting 31 degrees and couple cloud in insuring. she sent us a great picture this morning of cloud cover, so take that full screen, yeah , blowing in here with cloud cover but she mentioned it is windy despite cloud this morning. so factor in the wind chill, you guys, it is a chilly beginning to the day. in doubt. we will go to one more, go to this guy 31 degrees from phil with lots of clouds this is thort wales area. let's swing back to the maps nice wide zoom. here's low pressure, that develops as promised out over thort earn new england and counterclockwise retation means we will get that wind
6:47 am
flow on the back side of the low pressure out of the northwest and that will send colder air our way. with the wind we have to worry about the wind chill and, the fact that it is already going to be colder just technically on the thermometer. knock 10 degrees off of this anytime wind is blowing. forty-three for the high. that is where we should be. gusts as high as 35. then we will get to saturday, sunday, machine trifecta here, it looks beautiful with spring -like conditions for the holiday. >> look at that sun, thanks very much. switching gears, talking about this still out their life chopper three over very seer rust accident in chester township 322 ease bun right now at i-95 is closed, you can see crews working hard to get this cleaned out. one lane block westbound, involving a tractor trailer entrapment and serious injuries. you will to have use alternate to navigate around this, pushing in the eastbound direction, concord or chichester it will be your best bet but yikes, take a look at this. not to mention moving in the
6:48 am
westbound direction where we have one drivable lane. you'll have gaper delay. everybody will be tapping on their brakes taking a peak is what going on here. there is a lot of people outside their vehicles and their homes. if you can avoid that all together would i suggest doing so, jim and rahel, back over to you you. in the healthwatch for people who are blind or visual ly impaired a sunset or a land hashing are things that they can only imagine. >> reeve justly but now there is new technology that house people with visual difficulties to see the world, lets look. this is e sight 3a headset that has a video camera and it projections image from the camera in a way that can overcome causes of vision lost >> travel on my own, i just can't believe i can get to an airport go through customs and all by myself i don't have that someone holding my hand. >> person wearing the head set can control camera with the remote. camera can zoom in, out, and it cost about $10,000.
6:49 am
maker says it works best with macular tea generation and vision loss from diabetes. researchers are learning more about the the brains of children diagnosed with attention deficit the hyper activity disorder or adhd. new scans show that overall brain volleys smaller in those with the disorder. there is also delays development, of five brain region, and researchers, and more evidence adhd, is a condition. with the flu going around here's some good advice, research now shows that vitamin d supplements can help protect begins the virus. vitamin reduces respiratory infections by boosting levels of the natural antibiotic by in the lungs. vitamin d has been long known to have health benefits for bones and muscles. time right now 6:49. there is a lot come up on cbs this morning. >> norah o'donnell joins us live with the preview, good morning, norah. >> my doctor told me i was vitamin d deficient so i'm taking supplements too now too , they are good for you.
6:50 am
we're on the connecticut shore with concerns that a russian spy ship is gathering fur bay u.s. submarine base. plus confusing best buy used by and sell by labels on groceries could soon be thrown out. the new effort to help you figure another out when food goes bad. only on cbs this morning lady antbellam will be here to announce nominees of the academy of country music award one of my favorite band of all time. we will see you at 7:00. >> i think i saw that on instagram, norah you posted that we're very excited about that. >> looking forward to it. >> i will to a little fan girl this morning. >> we will be watching. well, it that is time have the year again and while it may be chilly in philly, it is sunny and beautiful in clearwater f l.a. >> pat gallen is here to get ready for the baseball season way special guest. >> who is ready for baseball? i am. warm weather down there it looks nice. spring training underway in clearwater, florida, baseball is back. the last season phillies went
6:51 am
71-91 but they showed solid young tall event that can take them in the future. it will be on display as position players report with pitchers and catchers, having within there the last few days youngsters like miguel franco and jp crawford will be closely watched, but it is great mix of youth, veterans on the phillies roster this year. joining us live this morning from spectrum field in clearwater florida getting ready for a full day i'm sure is phillies starting catcher cameron rupp. how are you doing this morning a lot of jealous people up there. how does it feel to be back in clearwater. >> good morning, guys, it is great to be down here. i'm sure it is a little bit warmer down here then it is up there but we're definitely enjoying it. >> you have a huge task, and that is to bring along the pitching staff. there is a nice mix of veterans and up and coming talent. is what different from last year with the staff? >> well, everybody is a
6:52 am
year-older. you know, we had a lot of young guys. we have the youngest team in baseball last year. especially when it came to pitchers. you know, you have guys like clay buchholz who has won world series with boston, who knows, you know, ins and outs of pitching and thrown a no hitter in the big leagues. so these young guys, myself included will be able to learn from him, and you know, get the these young kid back on track and win some ballgames for us. michael kendrick and saunders, and miguel tran co, tommy joseph and odubel herrera, see what we might see there a line up as well. >> you know, we have a couple of professional hitters, i know that is something that pete wanted to add this off season. we have howie, and michael saunders, those guys have had
6:53 am
good careers and good years last year for both dodgers and blue jays. we will take some notes from what they can write to the table. >> you had a break out last year 16 home runs in 105 games we cannot go without seeing that huge hit you took behind the place plate for the reds but what click offensive lynn a defensively and what are you hoping to do again this year. >> i think just consistent playing time, getting back there every night getting every day at bats, it is huge. you build up confidence and get a routine and when i get your pitch you don't miss it. that happened for me fairly quickly throughout the middle of the year, i this think in june and july, i really hit a spot where i was seeing the ball really well and wasn't missing them. as far as behind the late just just being back there learning these pitchers. it takes sometime and there is
6:54 am
some rough patches in the early going but as soon as you get on the same page and rhythm, it gets pretty easy. >> cam, real quick you and yoga you guys are like best friend now. we saw you doing some crazy posts. >> you know, yoga and i are not really the best of friend, so it is over and i'm just laying on the matt and tired and hurting but you know, i enjoyed doing it. it is something different that i added. i filming i would give it the a shot, why not. so, you know, it went well. i enjoyed it. >> phillies catcher cameron rupp live in clearwater. we appreciate the time. good luck this year. >> thank you. all right. cameron rupp, looking good down there, in those yoga posts, that is tough. >> i think in his defense in one likes yoga when you are doing it. >> have of course not. >> on that note we will be right back with three to
6:55 am
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that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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before you leave us here's three to go. >> immigrants across the country are walking off the job as part of the take without immigrants protest, local businesses that employ immigrants are also taking part. >> president trump is looking for a new candidate for labor secretary, his nominee andrew
6:59 am
puzder withdrew yesterday and two republican lawmakers want an investigation into leaks coming out of the trump administration. phillies fans, phillies single game tickets go on sale today. >> that is three to go. >> and, tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. i am taking us all on a tropical trip. >> well, sort of, lets take a look. >> yeah, it is like a rain forest, what is temperature in here. >> we will keep it between 75 and 80 degrees. >> it is perfect weather to grow or to raise, a beautiful butterflies. dream drive is very first place to see this new attraction before it opens to the public, so we are taking flight tomorrow morning on dream drives at 6:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs this morning is coming up next. join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 at the 4:30. have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it's thursday, february 16th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." jool president trump reverses a long-standing u.s. policy on israel and the palestinians. the significant shift backs away from a two-state solution. a russian spy ship 35 miles off the new england coast raises concerns about cold war-style surveillance. how the ship may be targeting a navy submarine base and testing the trump administration. country superstars lady antebellum to announce the top nominees for the academy of country music awards. >>


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