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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  February 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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developing right now a celebration involving philadelphia police and dirt bikes. and chopper rushes a two-year old boy to the hospital after being injured in the hit and run. and a busy weekend for president trump, after a rally on saturday another busy schedule this sunday. today is sunday february 19th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. another beautiful day, on tap today, meteorologist justin drabick is here with the eyewitness weather forecast, happy sunday, justin. >> yes. >> someplace as approached 70 degrees yesterday. >> close to tying a record, and 68 for philadelphia, 69 was the record. we have cloud this morning but
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we will get sunshine back out and feeling em press i have. it is cool, if this were september, october, we would be cold but here it is, february. >> yes. >> people will be out in short s today. >> i'm sure. >> get close to 70. more on the way this week too. so this warmer air not going away anytime soon, locked in the mild pattern for next six or seven days. this morning cloud over the city, cold front moving through the region through the day to day not producing any rain and maybe a sprinkle south of the city. just a form of some cloud. there was no true cold air behind it. cooler air does not arrive until tomorrow. it is not that cold. the west wind at 8 miles an hour. that will keep us mile. the wind down sloping off the mountains which heat up the air a little bit. where we have clearer skies up north, it the is cooler, 45 in allentown, mount pocono but those are coldest spots the. close to 60 for wilmington, philadelphia, 55. quakertown mid 50's, doylestown, palmyra, new jersey, big difference
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compared to yesterday at this time we were in the 20's and 30's. we have clouds over the delaware valley right now, maybe a stray sprinkle, south jersey and delaware, and a lot of that probably not even reaching the ground so increasing sunshine through the morning and afternoon. wind will stay out of the west /northwest so no influence from the cool, atlantic ocean, looking at these temperatures 8:00 o'clock hovering around that 60-degree range but by mid afternoon we're well in the 60's, and that may even be too cool, i think it could get close to 70. sixty-eight the forecast high for philadelphia so record is 68, so good chance of tying that but it is mild every where across the region. we're talking near 70 later this week. i'll let you know in the few minutes. jan, back to you. justin, thank you. a man is hospitalized this morning after he stabbed several times in several times stabbing happened around is 11:30 near south 13th and spruce streets. man was taken to jefferson hospital. no word on his condition this morning or a motive for the the stabbing. police are still searching for a suspect.
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a man is in the hospital after an overnight shooting in philadelphia's brewerytown neighborhood. gunfire erupted after midnight near zezel b more avenue and north dover street. the 509 year-old victim is currently in critical condition, police have not the released details about possible suspects or what may have sparked the violence. four people are hospitalized right now after a shooting in west philadelphia. shooting happened just after 9:00 o'clock last night near market street and north conestoga street and taken to penn presbyterian and in stable condition, in word on who the shooter or shooters may be or on a motive. the sound of the possible gunfire leads to a police chase and this morning a police officer is recovering after getting hurt during that chase. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at hahnemann hospital this morning where the officer is being treated right now, cherri, do police have they made any arrests. >> reporter: good morning, jan , yes, they have, two men
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are in custody, both of men were riding on dirt bikes when they were caught by police and that scuffle, and capturing one of the hen is what led that female police officer to be in the hospital right thousand. lets take a look the at the video that we have from the scene, on saturday night, as you can see, it is taken in the 2,000 block of judson street this north philadelphia it was just after 7:15 p.m. yesterday. that is when officers arrived and heard what they believed to be gunshots. they then saw several men flee the scene on dirt bikes. they were heading in different directions. so police from the 22nd district and highway patrol split up to pursue them with the police chopper, overhead, now police chased the suspects multiple blocks and they caught one suspect at front and gerney. they caught a second suspect near third and allegheny and it was during this scuffle with the second suspect that the female high waste patrol officer suffered non-life
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threatening injuries. police recovered a third bike near fifth the and erie and driver there got the away on foot. police say no officers fired their weapon during this pursuit, officers shut down the area of the scene which is near 23rd and diamond for quite sometime but they were unable to recover a weapon or to determine whether any shots were fired at all. back out here live we understand that female officer is still recovering, we understand that she's likely to be okay, no word yet, on what if any charges will be filed against those two suspects which are currently in custody. live at hahnemann medical center cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very busy night in philadelphia, thanks, cherri. meantime a pleasantville police officer is recovering this morning after an accident involving her patrol car. investigators say she lost control of her suv and crashed in the utility pole on route nine near adams avenue early sat the day morning. now it the is unclear what
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caused the officer to lose control of the suv, you canaling see the vehicle is totaled. investigators tell "eyewitness news" that the officer suffered minor injuries. a two-year old boy is in the hospital, this morning, after a hit and run in ambler, montgomery county. the crash happened yesterday around 5:00 o'clock in the evening at spring garden street, and benknockburn avenue. "eyewitness news" shows the video being air lifted from the scene. he was at a park with his parents when he ran into the street, officers say the driver may not have realized just what happened again. >> you know, operator, realized that they struck the child and just kept going. >> reporter: police say that the driver was last seen going south on main street in a dark colored suv. we are awaiting an update on the two-year old's condition this morning at children's hospital of philadelphia. investigators are trying to pinpoint exactly, with sparked an apartment fire in
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bucks county. this is vel phone video from lake view terrace in fair less hills lake view boulevard, 7:00 last night. it damaged building e but thankfully no one was hurt. new this morning iraqis hot move against isis once again. eye rake forces launched an operation to retake western half of the mosul from the islamic state group. last month iraqi forces took control of the eastern mosul but west remains in the hand oven trench extremist. quick has ter mind of the 1990's terror plot on new york city landmarks, has died in a federal prison. omar abdel rohman known as brian shake was serving life sentence for, conspiring to plot bombings target that targeted the u.n., george washington bridge, and the lincoln and holland tunnels. omar abdel rockman was 78. woman behind the supreme courtland mark row verse weighed decision has died.
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norma mccorvey was lead plaintiff in the case that legalized abortion back this 1973. she was in her third pregnant i during that case and she gave the baby up for adoption. mccorvey later became a born again christian, and then join group opposed to abortion rights. mccorvey died of heart problems in texas and she was 69. well, today is in day off for president trump, he is interviewing at least four procedures section important national security advisor, yesterday, the president held a rally in florida where he resume his attack on the reporters who cover him. kenneth craig was there. >> ♪ >> reporter: president donald trump was back this his comfort zone rallying supporters at an airport hanger this time in hell born that. >> i hear your dehand, i hear your voices, and i promise i will deliver. >> reporter: president trump was quick to defend his first month in office as he ramped up his attack on the media. >> the dishonest media, which
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has published one false story after another with no sources, even though they pretend they have them, they make them up in many cases. >> reporter: thousands of president trump supporters waited in the blazing sun for hours for attendance to the rally. >> he made all these promises to us and he is doing every single promise that he mentioned and that is one thing i have always believed with president trump, when he says, is going to happen. >> this is not first time president hassle rallied here at this airport. thousands of his supporters also showed up this september, in a county and state that helped him secure the presidency. >> this is my 14th rally, and i have been to three mike pence rallies. >> why so many. >> i just like to support donald trump. >> reporter: across the street hundreds of the demonstrators protested against him. >> the russia things seems very suspicious and republican congress is complete thely un willing to pursue that. >> reporter: supporters told
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us that they were eager to hear shore about the president 's promise to create jobs, especially in the aerospace industry along that 's space coast, former home of the that is a shuttle program in a county where many of those jobs have dried up. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". supporters of the affordable care act are taking a stand to save the nation's health care law, house democrats organized a national the day of action and held a heat nothing new york city. >> in new york alone 1.6 million of our neighbors who became conferred through ac a will see their health insurance taken away. >> affordable care act has made a positive difference in the lives of every day american all throughout the land. >> meantime house speaker paul ryan says republicans will introduce legislation to repeal and relays obama care when congress returns from the
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break next week. well, it may not feel like polar bear weather outside but people will be taking part in the polar bear run/walk this later morning. the it will take place at the sees aisle city beach. it will be much colder. runners and walkers bring their families and then they go to an after party in a heated 10t but that party just might be on the beach today. money raised will go toward autism advocacy and family services, the event starts at noon. is there still so much more to cover here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", southern california gets a break from the wild weather but not for long. the philadelphia region gets a break from winter and it seems that in one wants a cure for spring fever. and if you are lucky enough to have a three day weekend for president day, what are the chances you can spend it outside, meteorologist justin drabick has eyewitness weather meteorologist justin drabick has eyewitness weather forecast in just at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts.
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and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters.
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. forecasters expect more rain in southern california tomorrow through mid week. but for now it is getting a brief reprieve from storms that has killed three people, flooded roads and triggered mud slides. as danielle nottingham reports it was most powerful system to hit the region in years. >> this was the scene around southern california saturday, a up rooted trees piled on cars and buildings and muddy fields and highways. a man was electrocuted in this l.a. neighborhood when a tree felon a power line, and came
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crashing down. >> mother nature came to strike. >> reporter: storm packing wind of up to 80 miles an hour began early friday quickly turning parking garages into waterfalls. water rushing from the mountains triggered mud slides drenching rains were too much for roads to hand this will 20-o cars. >> there goes the car. there it goes. there goes the car. >> reporter: driver was rescued before the second car fell in the massive hole. flooded highways, trapped drivers and rising waters. this man climb through a window to escape. another waited on the roof of his car for help. the driver in the car behind him was drowned. and air travel was at a stand still, santa barbara airport was completely flooded, the storm forced hundreds of flight delays and cancellations, through saturday. tan yell nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". some incredible visuals out there. back here at home we are
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enjoying great weather this weekend, weekend like this can sure give anyone a case of the spring fever, philadelphia's fairmount park was pack with people jogging, biking or sitting back and relaxing on the nice syringe-lake day. one couple we talked to took their five month-old outside to enjoy fresh air. >> it is gorgeous. we are enjoying this three day weekend, taking our daughter out for our first bit of sunshine. >> having the family out, it is just nice, to enjoy the weather. >> for vendors at rittenhouse farmers market, the good weatheres is equaling goodbyes a lot of people will be out there today doing shopping, eating out, a great day on tap >> perfect timing for it to be the weekend, again, temperatures feeling more like mid to late april, and we could set new record today and we are seeing the sunshine breaking out in areas to the north. if you are in philadelphia and areas south you are looking outside the window sane is what going on we have clouds. clouds will thin out. there is sun to the north.
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poconos we are looking at big boulder lake there. full sunshine. nice day, to hit the resorts, skiing, riding. you could probably ski in short sleeves today with temperatures in the 50 ease, and then that has been the trend this month. once again february is running well above average. look at these numbers. the high and low together yeah , we had cold days but still 5 degrees above average. it looks like we will finish off the month above average. we will not the put a dent into that number but it will stay warm. we could use precipitation, highest temperature for the month was yesterday we got to 68 degrees. if you were out in the morning we will start off at 29, a huge spread, 29, 68. >> low temperature was 22. it happened a couple times in the month. here's where we are right now close to 60. forty-five in allentown. forty-four mount pocono. we have clear skies to the the north, so that allows temperatures to drop off a little bit. it is in the coal. already at 59. it will not take a whole lot of sunshine to really warm us up today. west wind over the lake, if you have at shore, we will enjoy mild air.
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no problems reaching the 60's along the coastline. we had more southerly wind. we have a cooling effect. different to take. batch of clouds over us right the now, little front to the north, we will swing on through, it doesn't bring change to the temperatures today though. maybe a syringe will or two central, northern delaware, south jersey, there is clear skies, so increasing sunshine through the morning. is there a front not producing much, cold air up to the north of us, it starts to slowly move in on monday but president day looks great, high pressure park over the northeast so up and down east coast no problems for the extended holiday weekend here, into tuesday, starting off dry , maybe late afternoon on tuesday we will begin to get a shower, not a big deal. once that system passes we will warm it up again, in the middle of the end of the week but today, these are record we have to beat. all have these are breakable even atlantic city, this is inland work that west wind we could get in the lower zero seven's, allentown 63, a good shot at reaching or shattering that record and good shot at reaching 68 degrees for philadelphia.
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that will be the forecast high , for the front to the north, we have mild air in place, that front does move through tomorrow, and then as we start to get more northerly wind flow so that cooler canadian air buildings back in it is cooler but still 10 degrees above average. not a big change in the numbers. but close to the record high today 68 degrees, maybe break nothing some spots, increasing sunshine mid to late morning around philadelphia, we will see mostly sunny skies. tonight cooler air starts to rise, low of around 42 for sit is i, 30's in the suburbs but overall a great presidents day , get outside, continuing to enjoy thighs weather, mostly sunny, high 54 degrees, tuesday could be that late day shower that will be the coolest day with a high near 50, we will warm it up, close to 70 thursday and then record on thursday is 75. best chance for some rain would be on try and saturday but still mild over the next several days, jan, back to you what a great holiday weekend, thanks, justin. 7:19. time to see how traffic is moving with amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi
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there, amanda. >> it is a great morning to take a drive, live look the at i-95 approaching the blue route and most roadways look like this, looking good, your other majors are clear as well as schuylkill, 202, 30, turnpike, mass transit moving smoothly, only minor incident we have an eye on is in new jersey at 130 southbound past high street there is a down pole there and it has right lane block and it isn't causing any significant delays at this time. the here's a live look at 42 freeway in new jersey everyone moving along, fine. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler back to you. sticking with traffic a grim statistic from the transportation researchers, more people are dying in traffic accidents nationwide, "eyewitness news" hilt reporter stephanie stahl talked to the researchers and has more on how our region faired in the study. >> traffic trends are going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: national safety council's ken, says that despite stronger laws against
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distracted driving, an increased safety equipment in cars, traffic deaths are up 6 percent nationwide in the last year. >> we will see pedestrian deaths going up 9 percent, we will see deaths involving young drivers going up nearly 10 perfect sent. >> reporter: second year of the truck trend many states saw traffic deaths shoe up in the last few years including new jersey where motor vehicle deaths are up 8 percent since 2014. researchers say there is more alcohol related deaths and a disturbing trend in distract driving. >> about five years ago we were mess concerned about about cell even if conversations. since then we have seen a shift from drivers shifting away there cell phone conversations which were dangerous enough, to even more dangerous activities, like texting and using apps while behind the wheel. >> reporter: he says younger drivers are taking some of the biggest risks. >> nearly 5 percent have young drivers, at any given daylight moment are texting, or doing
7:22 am
other activities with their phones. so we have to be very defensive when we're behind the wheel. >> reporter: good news delaware and pennsylvania are bucking the trend in those states, motor vehicle deaths are falling. researchers say that fatal traffic crashes tend to increase when the economy is strong, gas rises are low, luring more drivers on to the roads, so researchers were seeking traffic deaths to go up after the recession, however, they say that doesn't explain why deaths have listen , this much. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning we could all use an extra hand or two in the kitchen, now a robotic chevies available to help lighten the load. jim donovan takes us inside a robotic kitchen. and the mummers, they are not just for ringing the in the new year see what else they are celebrating coming up in our next half an
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you're short on time or talent like i am or just have the latest gadgets you may consider a new addition to your kitchen. three on your side jim donovan takes a look at a robotic chef preparing dishes that could becoming to a kitchen near you >> reporter: something revolutionary is simmering in this kitchen a robotic master chevies whipping up a meal. >> it looks like from the kitchen for a future feeling. >> reporter: but future is here with the robotic kitchen. >> you can choose the 300 sets
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>> reporter: only human involvement is the republican. you measure, prepare ingredient robot adds them, mixes them and controls temperatures. it mimics movements of the original chef and has library of a hundred recipes. with the touch of the button you can pro tuesday it exactly as the master chef would have cooked it. company is taking this model and making it small tore fit in homes. it could be available this 2018 but it won't be cheap costing as much as $100,000. >> in a couple of, i don't know years, maybe five years it could be at the a very attractive rise level for more homes. >> reporter: until then the rest of us will keep cooking and serving ourselves. once robotic kitchen is installed you are in the stuck using it all the time. appliances workman you'llly this way you are tree to do cooking yourself if you feel like it. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> but only if you feel like it. in the next half an hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a
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woman accused of stabbing an eight year-old girl in collindale makes her first court appearance. the find out why the victim's family is defending her. space x tries to launch its latest project after stopping count down with just seconds to go, justin. good morning, everyone. waking up for cloud cover for parts of the region but enough sunshine will get us close to record breaking warmth or close to it, we have a couple of more times for that later this week i'll show you seven day come up.
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it is sunday february 19th , good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao. meteorologist justin drabick is live, on the cbs-3 skies deck this morning with eyewitness weather. the justin, how sit feeling not like february, right. >> in other like that spring feeling in the air, hear bird chirping, the temperatures comfortable in the 50's. we never dropped off because of the clouds that kind of held in warmth we had yesterday and we have cloud cover over the region right the now but we will thin out. we will see increasing sunshine throughout the morning and then off to the races close to record high temperatures once again today. compared to yesterday at this
7:31 am
time huge difference, almost 30 degrees warmer in philadelphia, 33 degrees warmer in wilmington. if you were outside at this time locations were above freezing in spots, even 20's in the suburbs. even 11 degrees warmer in mount pocono so that is a sign of how strong this warm air mass is moving in. fifty-nine in the airport in philadelphia, wilmington. forty-four cooler spot in mount pocono, lot a the suburbs, nice, comfortable mid 50's in quakertown near 60 in mount holly, new jersey. batch of clouds mainly from the northwestern suburbs on south through delaware beach. we will thin out over next few hours, could be a syringe will in delaware, southern new jersey as there is a weak cold front passing through the region today but that front will not bring a big change in the temperatures. nice westerly breeze coming off mountains, town sloping wind that means it will warm up a little bit so no influence from the cold atlantic ocean. increasing sun, feeling like late april with temperatures ranging 20 degrees above
7:32 am
average. that will put us near record territory with a high of 68 degrees, that is the record , lower 60's at the coast 50's and then poconos. couple days with near record numbers later this week we will show you seven day in a few minutes. >> thanks, justin. police chase in north philadelphia ends with two people arrested and one officer in the hospital. now police are trying to figure out the details of what happened before that chase. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at hahnemann hospital this morning where the officer is being treated. so cherri what sparked all of this. police heard what they thought were gunshots on the north philadelphia street as they were respond go to a call yesterday evening, and then they saw several men take off on dirt bikes. they ended up following them, in pursuit. take a look at the video that we have here, for you, as you can see, it comes from the 2,000 block of judson street in north philadelphia, there,
7:33 am
22nd district and high waste patrol officers persued those men that i mentioned on dirt bikes with the the help of the a police chopper overhead, officers caught one of the suspects, at front and gerney, they caught the second male suspect near third and allegheny, and it was during that scuffle, with that suspect, that the female high was patrol officers sustained non-life threatening injuries. police recovered a third bike near fifth and erie, the driver there got the away on the foot, police say no officers fired their weapon during this pursuit but they are still investigating, still investigating whether any gunshots were actually fired. as you can see officers shut down the area of the scene which is near 23rd and diamond for quite sometime on saturday , but they were unable to recover a weapon. back out the here live it the is unclear, whether the two suspects who are in custody will face any charges, and if they do face charges what they
7:34 am
will be, but we will be told again that female officer, who sustained non-life threatening injuries is currently recovering here at the hahnemann medical center. live at hahnemann, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is good news, thanks, cherri. a fare dispute between two cab drivers turned violent up on the side track forward terminal, police say one driver pulled a gun and shot other driver who was pulling out a knife. driver with the knife was shot in the head, neck, and stomach , there is no word on that person's condition this morning, police arrested the driver with the gun, and they say he had a permit to carry the weapon. a man is recovering this morning after he is shot this both legs in east mt. airy. shooting happened yesterday afternoon near crossan street and east philomena street. he was shot times in one leg and once in the other leg. officers took him to einstein hell. police have not announced an rest or what led to had
7:35 am
gunfire. a judge has set bail at quarter million dollars for the delaware county woman charged with stabbing an eight year-old girl in the face. mejia bryshere hid behind pair work yesterday. prosecutors say she stabbed the girl with the stake knife inside of the home on hack dade boulevard friday afternoon. police believe a dispute over baby-sitting may have led to the attack and it is unlikely that the girl was intended target. family members are defending bryshere. >> it was a mistake. the she's not a criminal. she has a child. >> unaudible. >> she didn't intend to stab her. >> no, she did not. >> reporter: the judge scheduled bryshere's preliminary hearing for february 28th, police say the girl is expecting to recover. meantime a popular south philadelphia sandwich shop is back in business after a burglary. john's roast park resumed serving customers on snider avenue. early friday burglars broke in the business through the exhaust system in the roof.
7:36 am
the owner tells "eyewitness news" that thieves took thousands of dollars in cash and money ear mark for charity , customers had been helping to replenish the money well, the mummers have kick off mardi gras season in manayunk. >> ♪ >> sixteen string bands and costumes strutted down main street, the mummers also performed in stores, restaurant and bars in the neighborhood, and it is an annual tradition, this is now in the third year, congressman bob brady was this years grand marshall, the mummers also collect donations from spectators, proceeds are going to the mummers string band association. we still have have a lot more to come on cbs-3 eye witt these news, space x halts count town just second to go why they stopped and when it could launch. villanova makes history as they go after seton hall straight ahead in "eyewitness sports". and one warm day deserves
7:37 am
another, doesn't it what about the rest of the week? justin drabick's eyewitness weather forecast is just minutes ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. chrysler is recalling some of its cars because of drive shaft bolts that can come loose in all wheel drive models. auto headachier says affect cars include the 2014 to 2017 dodge charger, chrysler 300 equipped with all wheel drive, and chrysler says drive shaft bolts can come lose increasing risk of the crash. the chrysler will notify owners and dealers will then
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relays all drive shaft bolts for the cars free of charge. well, space x will try again this morning to launch its rocket from the kennedy space center in florida. last minute trouble forced private space agency to halt count down with just 13 seconds until lift off. fountain is waiting to sore on a space delivery mission. on the facebook page space x says its next launch is at 9:38 this morning. from rockets to cardboard, students attempted to sail in those cardboard boats yesterday as part of the drexel university's seventh annual recycle regot a teams of three built their vessels using cardboard and race add cross recreational center pool some students got far, other ones however did not get very far, drexel's inter mural sports program put this fun event together. >> they should get outside, get their exercise in, justin. >> i'm with you, why not.
7:41 am
temperatures 60's, some spots in the 70's. we will have more sunshine around. great the car wash weather if you didn't do it yesterday, enjoy it, nice days, extended period of mainly dry conditions, energy that nice car, and throw the top down today, comfortable temperatures this afternoon. compared to yesterday morning, we will call it 20's and 30's from our weather watchers in the backyard. we are well in the 50's. upper 50's, showing up in berks county right now in helen davis, 57 degrees. mostly cloudy skies but we will see that sunshine returning from north to south, today, around philadelphia, similar numbers, mid 50's for the city, we will go to new jersey right now where kenneth martin willingboro 56 degrees and then temperatures uniform across the region. a couple of cool spots here we will go up to lawrenceville, peter furron at 48. mostly cloudy skies at the moment. close to 60's at this hour in northern delaware and to the coast, james house in ocean city, 54 degrees. he will have a west win. so even along the coast should
7:42 am
have to problems reaching the 60's at least at some point this afternoon and we will, we will see some sunshine. lets go to the shore, live look, overcast right now, we are waking up with those temperatures as we saw in the mid 50's. good day, morning for run on the beach, morning jog on the boardwalk or bike ride, we see some people out there right the thousand. we will see sun returning by late morning, early afternoon. temperatures kind of, all over the place this week but staying above average, so today, well above the average high of 45, into the upper 60 's. we will take a hit monday/ tuesday. tuesday will be the coolest day but still above average of 45. really around 50. it is off to the races again, especially thursday, the warmest day of the week, the way it looks like right now, three chances of tying or maybe even breaking a record, it will be tough later in the week but today, good shot of making it and breaking it. sixty-eight its the forecast. that is the record setback in 1948. forecast high for wednesday, 65. forecast for wednesday, 70. thursday will be tough but you
7:43 am
never necessity things can change, but there you go challenging record, three times this week. clouds over us right now. we saw that on the camera in ocean city. they will thin out moving to the south and east. clearing skies in allentown poconos. good sunrise this morning. the not much happening on the computer model, high pressure builds from the north today, cools us down for presidents day but look at that you're dry. traveling tomorrow, hitting resorts doing skiing, shore, no problems. tuesday we will see cloud roll back n maybe a shower in the afternoon, not a big deal not everybody sees it, weak cold front and it moves through and then warm front kicks by and we will see more warmth on the way challenging more record. today, well in the 70's, it is mild, cooler side, and then even allentown should have to problems getting in the lower 60es a. tonight cooler air does return , where we will get down to the 30's for suburbs and then tomorrow's high still this is bad for february. we have low to mid 50's, up to 40's in the lehigh valley. well above average this time of the year. check this out, our contour
7:44 am
freezing temperatures in color everything that is not in the color above freezing, we have one shot at getting close to freezing, tuesday morning and i doubt that gets in the city. that is mainly north of the city. cold just stays to the the north to the rest of the week. probably not until next sunday we will see typical february conditions return to our forecast. break from the cold. sixty-eight today, close to that record. good chance tying it, increasing sunshine through the day, tonight partly cloudy , colder, 42 for city, 30's in the suburbs, here's that extended forecast, quiet, no big storms over next few days, that shower tuesday, in the 50's and then 65 to 70, wednesday, thursday, and then larger storm comes in friday, saturday that brings us a better chance for rain and then behind that system, jan as i said sunday we will see cooler air returning. so i think we will see colder finish to the month. >> we will enjoy it while it lasts, justin, thank you. 7:44. time to check roads, highways and go over to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning.
7:45 am
>> good weather that justin was just talking about is transferring over to great driving conditions, this is a live look at schuykill westbound at the boulevard, great morning for sunday drive no matter where you are heading. the mass transit looking great this morning so just a heads up for folks need to go least lion septa tomorrow the city bus and trolley routes will modified on a week day scheduled tomorrow. river line in new jersey will operate on a sunday schedule tomorrow during the holiday. here's a live look at the vine very minimal volume means great time for sunday drive-in morning. the in the traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. well, it is big night for nba all stars and villanova tries to make history in the big east. here's pat gallen with "eyewitness sports". >> reporter: big east conference has been around for 38 years and no team has ever won the regular season crown, in four consecutive years, villanova was looking at history by clinching a share of the big east with the win over seton hall. eric pascal would start for
7:46 am
darryl reynold but it didn't started because jay len bronson was all over the place bronson had 22 points, 10 assists and did not miss a shot seven for seven. nova would pull away. miguel bridges misses through but josh hart with two hand, cats up 22 at the that point. for good herb another chris jenkins hits a triple. he was five of six from the beyond the arc. he also had 22. nova rolls rolls, clinches a share of the big east 92-70. basketball hall of fame announced this years finalist and legendary villanova coach rollie has mean owe is on the list. he coached nova there 1973 to 1992 winning national title in 1985. the eight two-year old is still coaching. he is currently at kieser university in florida. other notable finalist include chris weber, tracie mcgrady, rebecca lobo and chester's beau ryan. let's explore, lasalle against st. joes, doctor john, he would be happy with thinks
7:47 am
team's effort, that is jordan price from deep one of his five, three's, the explorers up big. bj johnson would get in on the fun as well, alley hoop right there, lasalle gets win at gola arena 83-68. tonight nba all-star game starts at 8:00 p.m. last night in the big easy, nba's best leapers and launch ers were out as dunk contest and three-point shoot-out took center stage. in the three-point shoot-out, reigning champ clay thompson went out early which opened up the door for eric jordan who knocked down 20 to beat irving of the cavilers. glenn robinson the third slammed it for the win. former 76er is your champion, the all-star game again tonight at 8:00 p.m. david aldrich reports that the 76ers pulled jahlil okafor ought of the line up because they thought they had a deal with the portland trail blaze ber thaw trade never materialized. okafor was then held back, he eventually joined sixers in
7:48 am
boston right before the all-star break. joel embiid says he hopes they can make it work here with big ja. >> we have a lot of talent. we can use everybody. unaudible. that should be our goal. but we should be back. we have a lot of talent. anytime you have a lot of talent we have to find ways to make it work. february has in the been kind to the philadelphia flyers. they have lost five of their last six games this month including the first two legs of their western canadian road trip. that trip, concludes tonight the in vancouver, and the team will be without jordan wheel who sits with an upper body injury. dale wise will take his spot in the the line up and says he is ready to contribute despite being a healthy scratch the last two games. >> you know, we have these first couple games of the year , he is playing well, never want to sees a guy get
7:49 am
injured. i'm obviously happy to get back in the line up and it is a pretty opportunity to play and try to headache the hose of it. >> now that is your sports i'm pat gallen and enjoy this beautiful take. and tomorrow night right here on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 athletes syndrome. here's a preview there health reporter stephanie stahl. >> reporter: wednesday ago this almost didn't happen because the bride, was sidelined by a mysterious illness that strikes people who work out. >> i have never thought that something like that would happen to me. >> we see that people after intense exercise. >> reporter: i'm health reporter stephanie stahl that triggers this exercise syndrome and how to avoid it monday at 11:00. how do you know when your doggies stressed? this morning's pet project animal advocate carroll erickson has subtle signs of your dog being stressed, that erickson has subtle signs of your dog being stressed, that is when "eyewitness news" at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet.
7:50 am
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30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. back now with the cbs-3 pet project, carroll erickson animal advocate with the pennsylvania spca is here, carroll, good morning. >> good morning. >> great to have you. >> this is stella, a three month-old puppy and we will talk more about her but you love these hound ears, she's an absolute doll. but the thing i want to talk to everybody about to take we all know that dogs have a lot of emotion. they really do. sometimes they can be as stressed as we are but they
7:53 am
show it in a different way and height be a way you would never even consider. i have got video i want to show you, i want to tell you this dog was adopted yesterday , fortunately but this dog got out of the pennsylvania spca but exhibiting types of stress as animals do. and that means your doggies afraid. comfort your own dog, be careful of the strange dog with the tail town because they may be just so tighten. pacing, worried dogs, that shows just how worried they are, don't yell at them, even sick dogs will pace. if they walk away and avert their eyes they are in the being disrespectful they don't want to have a confrontation. give them that little bit of space. if they lip your lips that hey be way to say when i was a puppy you laughed at that i don't know your hood right now if i lick your lips will you laugh, get mad. if they can keep you calm then their world stays calm. urinating in the house if you have a pup that i does this, it is a, could be a medical
7:54 am
condition, get that check out first but it could be a very much about submissive signs. don't yell, speak quietly. anxious puppies if they are doing that give them space. when you walk in hey sweety but keep moving don't stop and stress them out by cowering over them. panting, your doggies over heated but it can be anxiety, stay calm yourself, don't say why are you doing that panting , stop that. that would be adding to it. the chasing their own tail, bull terriers, german shepherd s. to they are stopped there exercise and that sort of thing they may tea side this is something to to. it can be a compulsive behavior where you may, need some medication to stop the compulsive behavior and also increase the exercise. yawning, yawning in a doggies more likely stress then it is them being tired. it is like you going through your purse in the elevator, nervous about who you are with , that sort of thing. also dogs that might lick the
7:55 am
hair on the spine they can be very anxious and stressed. it is like trying to order goose bumps to come down, and all those great tips from the newsletter from the tufts university. >> very subtle. >> we have adoptable pets that you want to show you as well, thinking burr own dogs, maybe some of their signs, and this is a wonderful little puppy. six to 12 month-old pity puppy who came into the pennsylvania spca through cruelty. she loves jill. she just want to run and be with the person she trust. i hope that can be you because she need it. next one is a big dog, this is a one year-old dog who came through cruelty. she's a wonderful dog, shy but she does need experienced owners who are used to that breed but a beautiful dog. it could be a wonderful pet. look at the this old guy. they think he could be 21 years old. prince is looking for his
7:56 am
forever home, and we cannot confirm the 21 years but if he is legal, he is legal, we want to take him home. and we have this puppy, let me get my copious notes off my lap. i don't know if you can see her but great shot, thanks, mark. this is stella. she is look at her little white feet. >> cute. >> she's very long. to me she's a hound mix, three month-old but i think she has a lot of basset in her just based on the length of dog that she is but anybody who a president toes her hey have a great time getting her dna and finding out other things that she is, good size, wonderful. again she's a puppy. people love puppies. sometimes like to start on the ground floor with the dog if they can handle all of the teething and that sort of thing. >> she's ready for you. >> she would love an active family. she's a little angel, stella at the pennsylvania spca. >> and to adopt any pet visits
7:57 am
pspca, erie avenue headquarters, 5:00 p.m. on the weekend and one this will 8:00 . she's so adorable. >> also fishtown center, on frankford avenue we have dogs and cats available there as well. next week we will keep it the fair, talking about cats. >> absolutely. >> and signs of cat threats. >> thanks, carroll. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 here's what we have coming up at 8:00. well, are you sick of your in ly cable bill? who isn't, right? jim donovan tells you three things you need to necessity before you cut the cord. plus this weeks dream drive takes you to philadelphia's new butterfly pavilion meisha johnson has a sneak peak inside. if you liked yesterday's weather you'll love today, june continue will tell you how warm it will get when "eyewitness news" continues.
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developing this morning a philadelphia police officer is hurt in chase involving dirt bikes, we are live with the latest on that officer's injuries. a hit and run crash send a two year-old boy to the hospital. ahead, a description of the car, police are looking for. just a month into his president thecy donald trump is back in campaign mode. i'm kenneth craig in melbourne , florida with a look at his rally and thousands of people who turned out to support him, coming up.


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