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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 20, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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tonight angelina jolie's breaking her silence about brad. speaking for the firrt time about their split, her eeotional a and exotic weekend with their kids. then, concerns for david cassidy. slurring and stumbling on stage. his new claims about his health today. >> plus, mariah carey gives me the real scoop on her new romance. >> golly, what exactly do you want to know? -p>> they say they're a couple. why her ex, nick cannon, is not buying it. and our new interview with the "bachelor" bad boy, chad. sounding off about the show. >> it is super boring. >> now for february 20th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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>> angelina jolie speaks for the first time of the dramatic end with her marriage with brad pitt, on the verge of tears. >> angie was out this weekend more than five months after the apparent altercation on a private plane that changed that family forever. occurred that led to your separation. we also know you haven't said anything about this. would you like to say something? >> it was a very difficult time and -- and we are a family and we will always be a family. >> after a dramatic split, angelina jolie seems to be finding common ground with her ex,,brad pitt. the actress who attended a premier and press conference in cambodia with her six children.
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loved cambodia in the native language. [ applause ] >> the movie "first they kill my father" tells a story of a cambodia genocide. maddox is from cambodia and is working on the film. she filed for divorce last year citing irreconcilable differences. >> we are forever will be a family. that's my -- that's how i am coping. i am coping with finding a way to make sure that this somehow makes us stronger and closer. >> after all the drama, here is& the question -- has the custody battle hurt brad's image and rock-solid.his career? pitt is executive producer for "moonlight" which is up for an oscar this weekend. at the golden globes, he was greeted by a huge round of applause. he could barely get his words
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out. >> "moonlight." >> reporter: right ow brad is allowed visitation but angelina has primary custody of the children. over the weekknd, three of the kids got to experience something exotic, a taste of the camboddan crickets, and spiders. >> you want to share a spider? >> no. >> it's actually really good, the flavor. also out this weekend, jay-z, beyonce and blue ivy. there is no slowing down the queen b. she was glowing with those wo babies on board. the carters surprising fans as they made their entrance courtsidd to nba's all-star game yesterday in new orleans. >> beyonce and her baby bump making her second appearance. the queen announced she's having twins. the five-year-old blue ivy got swagged from the team's mascot who stole tte show.
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>> kwee love the look on her face. >> beyonce's just like every other mom, shooting video of the whole thing. but not like every other mom. that $450 gucci bag and the ripped jeans, beyonce looking casual and elegant stttement just taking in the game while blue ivy munched on some cotton candy and played on her mom's phone. beyonce and jay-z weren't the only superstar parents at the all-star game this weekend. that's john legend with little luna on his lap. john peeformed at halftime. meanwhile, kim kardashian spent the weekend undergoing laser treatment to remove stretch marks and this is how she shared the news. >> kim clearly back to her old social media ways.
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remember she took a break after being robbed in and now we are seeing new evidence of the trauma kim endured. 7. >> reporter: a french news channel obtained surveillance and crime scene photos taken in and around kim's apartment after her robbery. >> the top suspect is nicknamed pop. investigators charged ten people with the heist of more than $5 million in jewelry. less than three weeks ago kim met with the french judge and attorneys in new york tt answee questions and try to help positively i.d. the suspect >> she got a description of their height and what they were wearing and one had blue eyes. >> this suspect used the code
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name blue eyes. these shown duct taped. >> and this concierge on duty that night shared these details with us. >> they're young people, you know? 15 r 16 years old. >> it chokes me up every time i think about it. >> on ellen today, kkis jenner reveals that while her daughter continued to film keeping up with the kardashians, reliving the robbery for an upcoming episode was traumatic. >> nobody can even get through the first five minutes without being hysterical. it is remarkable like to listen to her ttll the story. >> there is no way out. >> it is just rivvchet itin int vetti blsh speaking of coming back, david cassidy is back on stage this weekend. a lot of people have concerns about his health all over again. the former partridge family star says he is suffering from dementia. >> saturday night, by all
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accounts not pretty, he slurred hisswords, stumbled backwards. he also had wild hand gestures and was having difficulty with his guitar solos. last night in santa barbara, it wasn't much better. his ramblings between songs went on for more than eight minutes. now david says he is battling demeant shd dementia. in an interview with "people" magazine, he says he was in denial. he will stop touring to concentrate on his health. david's rep confirmed to us the cassidy is not on medication but is being watched regularly. the one-time pop idol first told us about his long-time history
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of substance abuse. >> i was an alcoholic. i would go sit alone and drink. he had arrests for driving under the influence in 2010, 2013 and 2014. but following last year's incident on stage david said he cleaned up his act. >> i feel grateful. grateful that i live with a disease and i have ii every day under control. >> david also told people that he is stepping back from touring. obviously wishing him the best. now, you may remember we told you how tom his relationship with taylor swift. >> people were aapreciative of the entire article and interview and i was very honored. >> we also heard from the cover story that he is quite a cook. this bolognese recipe went
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virrl. >> i can just about get an english breakfast hot on the plate. that's the tricky thing about breakfast is -- >> timing. >> -- timing. all timing. toast is hot so the butter melts on it. eggs are fresh. bacon is sizzling. sausages are good. >> listen to you. >> get it all hot on the plate statement is not an easy thing. >> in his new movie is he a master tracker from the british military looking for the giant beast. >> coming back from the vietnam war ad the sound track -- larson all join tom on location in hawaii, australia and vietnam. brie was kind of the director. >> what kind of stuff did you do? >> there was holding baby koalas. >> and giant snakes. >> she overcame her fears of koalas.
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>> i was a little bit afraid of snakes but i overcome it. >> i hear you. up next, george clooney's first interview about becoming a father. and are madonna he a twins following in her footsteps? then, mariah carey's new man. is it a fake reality show romance? what she only told me after
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okay, there is a bit of a similarity but they act very differently. lindsay lohan posted a side by side with a the little mermaid.
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l lindsey's made it very, very clear she wants the role. >> can i ut myself side by side with halle berry? >> very clear. kicking off tonight's baby theme, the 38-year-old actress surprised fans with his birth -pannouncement over the weekend. zoe posted this photo of the newborn on instagram surrounded by his big brothers, 2-year-old twins, adding #threeboysohboy. she and her husband marco never revealed that they were planning to add to their family. just last week at a laumpl for the latest issue of "l.a. confidential" magazine she told us that it was a lot of work just having two. >> there is no down time. that's when it becomes kind of crazy but it's kind of fun. next, madonna's newwtwins are already making beautiful music together. the 58-year-old singer posted
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4-year-oll daughters ester and stella writing, "a little night the material girl brought the girls home from the fran nation of malawi earlier this month and it seems like the family is already in perfect harmony. ♪ and finally, george clooney opens up for the first time about expecting twins. the actor tells a french tv station that he and amal are embracing parenthood with open arms and that his favorite part is "all my friends my age have already done this and they are laughing." we'll have more on george's parenting plans tomorrow on "e.t." still ahead, inside mariah carey's private tour rehearsal. talking all about her new boyfriend. ♪ my boyfriend come on. plus, celeb trainers give us gym gossip on their star clients. >> she come in once in
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louboutins. then one-on-one with "bachelor" bad boy, chad. >> the only reassn i caa make & myself watch it is so i can figure out which chicks i want. >> closed captioning provided by --
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i very much care for corrin.
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>> that's nick getting put on the spot by corrin's new eastern span - nanny. guess who's back? a guy that perfected that role, bad boy chad. >> we have heard that you are in talks for another season of bachelor in paradise. >> technically, i already agreed to do it. since chad's disastrous day in paradise which included drinking, fighting and passing out. >> now you are making me want to throw your ass down. >> life is a lot for the 29-year-old oklahoma native. >> i have only actually dated twice this year. i don't do the whole like blacking out. >> that's gone. >> i guess people thought i am murdery. >> at first, baddboy, it is awesome. having to explain yourself every day gets old.
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>> why look for love on pare a reality show? >> you want to find someone else on the show. >> what does chad think of this season? >> when i watch the show, i don't really watch it. i don't know, am i supposed to say it is awesome? it is super boring. i hated watching it this yeer. theeonly reason i can make myself watch it is i am trying to figure out which chicks i want. >> a lot of people are putting you and corrin together. are you interested in that? >> do you talk to her? >> yeah. >> i knew she's going into this for nnw, the weight lifting fanatic is focusing on a new project, a diet and fitness website for women. >> 90% of the people follow me online are women so i figure, might as well help them. >> are you qualified to give a fitness plan for wooen? what gives you the background? >> i don't know, my abs i guess. let's move on to the life and times of the magnificent mimi. i stopped by mariah carey's
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rehearsal for her upcoming tour with lionel richie and we had a chat about everything that's going on in her life, including new music. i will to get a confirmation aboot that new boyfriend. it is her new song that's a diss to the former packer. >> tell me what do you want to know? >> what goes through your mind when you sing that song? >> i don't know what you mean. >> she knows how to play it. flashing that 35 carat engagement ring with the same attitude. >> peoppe are thinking this song is about one person. i was thinking about the other night, this is applicable to so many different people that have been in my life. >> come on, come on. >> maybe not so many but at least -- of course, mariah's moved on with her back-up dancer. but many including her ex, nick cannon, called her out saying the relationship was just a
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showman. >> the whole reality show is -- make. >> they like wrote the story. >> the billionaire does not know and here is the handsome young bachelor. >> you explained this to the world. okay? >> you referred to him as your boyfriend. >> i lways refer to him as my boyfriend. kevin, if i refer to him as something, then wouldn't i be whatti was referring to him aa? >> i don't want to go on tv and get it wrong. >> but you already heard me. >> i want to make sure. ♪ he's my boyfriend ♪ come on! >> mariah carey invited our camera into the private rehearsal with all the hit tours with lionel richie. 34 cities and many chances to sing live outdoors on stage and proved she is still the queen after after that new year's debacle. mimi showed up exactll how she says a malfunction with her
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inner peace was to blame. >> oh, this is on so i can hear the music. ♪ do you have a microphone yes we do ♪ ♪ okay. i know that sounds horrible. ♪ >> no. that sounded so good. put these in your ears, they're gooo. they fall out, you're foiled. >> she left to dubai this weekend and where she's performing and having a little o get away. mama knows how to get it in. remember this post of rocking fishnets and rihanna, well, mimi is one of a bunch of stars who style up to work out. >> ariana grande, she takes the cake. she came in once in louboutins.
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i said, you know, you want to skip today's workout or do you want us to get other shoes? she's like, noo no, i'm going to do this. -p>> working out in your louboutiis is when you know you're killing it. pritney does her reps wearing a cat bra. retail price, $58 and sold out. tracee ellis ross, the girl's got to look good even when she sweats. >> i never worked out before. we'll see. i hope i love the way it works. i just got it. look at the arrow. they're not the only celebs upping their fitness fashion game according to trainers. >> men are wearing workout gear expression. i love my clients. the fashion is moving toward lifestyle. >> gaga has had some of the coolest outfits to come work out by far. >> then there's the gear. taylor swift takes her almost $2,300 gucci bag to her workouts.
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khloe kardashian's gym bag is really a chanel back peak. >> what's the most expensive piece of workout gear you have? >> i wear ripped up t-shirts. >> i got to get those career padded biking pants.
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with her son maddox. >> and oprah is invasion in new zealand. >> as we go inside her new acting gig. >> and number three, miley cyrus enjoys her weekend on the farm while hermann liam feeling the paparazzi pressure. >> we are breaking down our prediction by the numbers. >> so there is 336 films eligible for best picture this year. >> ryan gosselin's oscars evolution from the notebook and back to its humbled beginning. >> daniel radcliffe. >> there she is. >> now, the insider, trackin


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