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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." well, take a look outside. some people are wearing winter coats, some other, just shorts or jackets, one of those weeks, right? still winter, feeling a bit like spring, and good news, maybe, it will only get warmer, good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan, specking big warm up, some of russ looking forward to t let's see what has katie and in store for us, liver on the cbs-3 skydeck, i know we're both looking forward to it.
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what about you? >> i would say i absolutely a.m. is it much atypical this time of year? yes, in a big way, already expecting daytime highs to reach almost 20 degrees above nine average, low to mid 60s, so already on pace to warm up substantially, keeps going from here. so, a little bit later in the show, we going to talk about where we ends up peaking. today when it all gets underway. now, earl think morning, we had few spotty showers, we had more than anything a lot of clouds. but now it really has brightened up, you can tell by the squint that i have going on right now starting to see that sun really break through the clouds. let's take a look at storm scan, at the moment, not much it really report. any of that, shows thursday sharks had worked their way through the poconos, northern lehigh valley all pretty much exit dollars off to the north and east, at this point there are still some clouds to report but the sun coming through nicely. meantime temperature change at least since high noon yesterday, isn't that impressive yet. give it time. i do think that with time we're really going moderate up
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nicely just before we hit noon. actually only at 49 degrees, already built up to 53. i think we have another 10 degrees up our sleeves before said and done. obviously much milder day. nearly 20 degrees above average with the projected hyatt 63, normal high is 46. it is turning sunny, with every passing hour, and with nice light south winds, good stuff. it feels really comfortable outside. so if you have any outdoor plans, keep them later today. maybe today would be excuse to make some if you haven't already, guys? >> sounds good, thank you, katie. meanwhile, in other news, a system outage created massive backups for passengers flying on american airlines out of philadelphia international airport. this morning, the problem is now fixed, but as "eyewitness news" reporter trang do explains, delays left some flyers frustrated as they waited hours to get to their gates. >> come back to the ticket counter. >> massive line snake through terminal c at the philadelphia international airport, as hundreds of american airline
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passengers waited to check into their early morning flight. >> this is my last, you know, this is ridiculous. >> airline spokesperson said the issue scheduled from overnight shutdown did not come back on at 4:00 a.m. as planned. >> with systems down, many passengers were left waiting in line for hours, as agents manually checked people in, and planes being grounded. >> very frustrating. you know? our friends has diabetes. he's worried about his medications. you know, so standing in line for two, three hours, little scary. >> pass inning her to come to the aid of elderly man who fell ill while standing in line. >> the gentleman said he was standing too long, he got light-headed. so we called for assistance for him. i don't know where he is going. i'm going to go check on him to make sure he gets where he is going. >> issue resolved around 7:45 a.m. still left flyers wondering about the vulnerability of the on line system. >> it is scary, you know? depend on technology.
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it is a great thing, blue it goes down we're in trouble. the more we rely on it, the worse it will get. so something to think about in the future. >> shortly after systems came back on line, the faa listed the grounds stop for american airlines flight to philadelphia, but this is likely to have ripple effect throughout the day. from the philadelphia international airport, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> a person struck and killed by train on septa broad street line during the morning rush, it happened just after 7:00 this morning, at the busy station. septa suspended service in both directions between walnut locust and the at&t stations, full service resumed on the broad street line. ntsb continues to investigate what caused yesterday's train crash at septa 69th street station. the mark frank for line trains collided in the rail turn around loop causing some of the cars to derail, third train nearby, three hurt, one critically. train service on the mark frankford line is back in service. >> the investigation continues this noon, into a fiery fatal
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crash in montgomery county. take a look, this happened last night, around 10:30 at the intersection of ashton and black rock roads upper providence, they say the car hit multiple trees before catching fire. another crash to tell but there is one on the pennsylvania turnpike, the accident involved two vehicles on the northeast extension there is happened just after midnight. walton road, plymouth meetingment landed on the highway to rush two injured people to the hospital. at this point, there is no word on their conditions. well, secretary every state, rex tillerson, head today mexico today for his second foreign trip as the nation's top diplomate. meeting expected to help students with relationship building between the two countries. correspondent craig boswell at the white house with the details. >> secretary of state, rex tillerson, kicked off the day meeting with australian foreign minister, julie bishop. >> thank you, guys. >> the meet something expected to help ease tensions between the us and australia, after reports of a contingent phonecall between president trump and prime minister malcolm turnbowl earlier this month.
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president trump expressed his frustration about obama admit deal that would allow immigrants into the us from australia. >> previous administration does something, you have to respect that, but you can also say why are we doing this? that's why we're in the jams that we're in. >> secretary tillerson has had closed door meeting with president trump here at the white house before he sat down on trip to smooth relations with another us ally, tillerson will join homelands security secretary, john kelly, in mexico, to meet with the foreign minister tonight, and mexican president, enrique a, tomorrow. the meeting comes on the heals of new guidelines from secretary kelly, which dramatically increases the number of undocumented immigrants at risk for deportation. and an order to design construction after wall along the us-mexico border to begin immediately. mexico insists it will not pay for the wall, no matter what president trump says. craig boswell, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." members from congress and
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all over the country feeling pressure from their constituents. many home on break right now, are holding town meetings like this one in california. some people are protesting president trump's million cyst, and cabinet selections. others worry about the repeal of the affordable care act. and are waiting for details on a replacement. it is clear people on both sides of the aisle want to make their voices heard. people who are so worried about the aca being gone, been closed minded about being row placed with something that is even better. >> choice. >> one of the biggest things we want to do is continue to apply pressure for our police. >> in savannah georgia one town meeting run by congressman buddy carter was so pack, some people weren't even allowed inside and they were not happy about it. president trump tweeted that the angry crowd at some town hall meetings were planned out by liberal activists. well, they say you got play to win. so you better get out and get your paul ball tickets? jackpot $403 million.
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tenth largest powerball jackpot in history. lucky win here takes the cash and wins all numbers walks with nearly 24 million. we have to warn you though, not easy. odds every winning, one in 192 million. but hey, somebody's got to win. so take a chance? >> i'm in the offers pool. yep. i'm covered. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," time to close up shop. but the dakota access pipeline protest, not going quietly. why authorities say it is dangerous for them to stay. wild and scary video. now we do want to tell you everyone is okay, but see what happens when a tire comes flying off a highway and onto a sidewalk. mover news is ne
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this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?"
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>> welcome back, heavy rains have caused serious needing in san jose california. at least 14,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, and officials were forced to shut down a nearby highway, route 101. last night authorities went door-to-door ordering thousands to seek higher grounds, at least 225 residents were taken to dry land. dakota access pipeline, in the end camment near the standing rock sue reservation in north dakota, only few hours left to clean out. >> ordered the camp to close by 3:00 this afternoon, there is concern, nearby river could flood the area, some protesters have lit fires at the site, they say, that it is considered sacred, so being burned properly, instead every being thrown in the trash. >> well, for the fourth day in a row, vandals have targeted washington dc monuments. now, this time, some saw graffiti with permanent
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memorial, memorial, washington monument, also hit. national park service says it is likely the same person responsible for each case of vandalism. >> i hope they catch them. bell still ahead on "eyewitness news," new video of harrison ford's plane making potentially dangerous mistake. >> what an expert says ford routinely does that leaves him vulnerable to mistakes. a look at his other flying incidents next. >> a head, looking forward to the upcoming weekends, expecting sort of half and half type of forecast where we end up with very spring like rain, thunderstorms situation on saturday, especially in the afternoon and evening. that comes with a cool front. will knock us back to dose of reality by sunday at least the sun returns, but will actually feel more like february should by that point with highs at best in the four's. stay there, we're coming right back though with record, at least, challenging values on the thermometer in the days ahead. i'll let you know stays the warmest after the break.
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>> welcome back, scientists working out navigation issue that forks dollars space x a delivery to the space station today. the supply ship less than a mile from dock whg the problem was uncovered. nasa said that neither the space station nor its six person crew was in any danger, it successfully unmanned monday, will attempt to make the delivery tomorrow. >> man is lucky to be alive after a freak accident in brazil, i want to warn you, this video is very graphic, but again, the man did survive. now, watch closely, as the man, walking on the street, when suddenly a run away tire slams into him. knocking him face down into the concrete.
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the tire apparently came from a car on the nearby highway, the man suffered head and chest injuries, expected to make a full recovery, which i find hard to believe. but police are still looking for the driver of that car. >> meanwhile, in washington dc, a driver is lucky to be alive as well. this police body camera shows officers rushing to the scene after burning car. as you can see, they break the car window and pulled the driver to safety. the car apparently ran off the road, struck a light pole and the car's engine compartment caught on fire, the driver was treated in the hospital and released. from the road to the skies, nearly released images capture the moment harrison ford plane touched down at california airport last week, the alarming video shows the main just missing passenger jetliner sitting on the runwa runway. kris van cleave picks up the store. >> i shows harrison ford close call with a boeing 737. last monday, his bright yellow single engine husky came in for a landing, flying over dallas bound american airlines flight 1456, with 110 passengers, and six crew, wait
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to go take off from john wayne airport south of los angeles. air traffic control cleared the 74 year old actor to land on runway, instead landed on parallel taxi wayne known as charlie. then reportedly asked air traffic controllers, was that airline he err meant to be underneath me? >> helicopt ever, sorry, husky 890. >> acc audio obtain by "tmz" seems to show ford confused about the type of aircraft was he was flying 20 minute before landing. >> i never asked that question until after i've done it. >> ford famous for his on air aviation, has found trouble in the air before. >> engine failure. immediate return. >> in 2015, he was critically injured when an engine failure forced him to crash land on a santa monica golf course. and in 199, the experienced pilot crashed a helicopter
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while practicing auto rotation. no one was hurt. >> this is a pretty big mistake. it will be almost like you and i kind of entering the freeway the wrong way. >> retired airline captain said ford's tendency fly without a co-pilot leaves him vulnerable to mistakes. >> this could have been very bad, if he had actually struck that aircraft, it would have been a major disaster. >> says another challenge is ford flying both helicopters and airplanes, the faa is investigating the incident. ford could face punishment facing warning, or up to suspension or loss of his pilot license. the actor has declined to comment. kris van cleave, washington. >> i think he should just buy a plane ticket and sit in the back. >> or at least get a co-pilot. >> yes. >> we have each other whether things go wrong, you snow katie, take it away. >> good point. we have backups, really good point. i bought two clickers, you no
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snow? always have backups, especially if that situation. >> i'm with you. >> how do you feel about some spring weather, guys. >> i think we're all on the same page. >> i think all on the same page. there are a lot of folks longing for cold weather of the just won't happen. we have to deal with the cards we're dealt. and you might as well make the most of it. >> now i've seen a lot of pictures say from some of the eyewitness weather watchers, for example, the buds already beginning to blossom out there, whether it is on the trees, or the daphodils starting to shoot-out from the ground. it is crazy, about this time of year you begin to see that. but, there you have it. this may end upgoing down as one of the if not the mildest february that we've ever record recalled here in philadelphia. so we will see how we ends up. regardless very warm air in place for the next couple of days. we take you outside here, start things off by taking a shot from central park library, we do have shot of the ben franklin, or the franklin institute here. and looks like there is still little hint of cloud cover. sun trying to break out from that. we will end up with very pleasant afternoon all things considered. temperatures definitely beginning to rebound as we had
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anticipated. it will continue to climb right up until about 3:00 p.m. where we probably end up peaking into the low 60s. meanwhile up next, storm scan3, showing yes signs of life. warmfront lifting in. again, a look over the last few hours, see the clouds trying to disperse. we did have couple of showers early this morning. those have since lifted away to the northeast. and now just left with the linc err clouds, which will continue to break. meanwhile all the way out to the west coast, which at this point, when you have storm system over the inter mountain west, peaks of the mountains kind of mess up the radar. you won't necessarily see really good organization on a west coast storm system. but eventually this will pull out from the front range, really show signs of development, and eventually become our next big story, in terms of wet weather. but i say for now the big story continues to be the warmth. meantime, take a look what happens in the next couple of hours, you can see how the skies really brighten up here toward evening. we end up with probably sun glare. trying to travel westbound, maybe on the turnpike to get home this evening. but cloud up again tomorrow
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another disturbance, tomorrow evening, especially, may inched up with a shower, rumble every thunder, then see what's starting to unfold friday. we will not see snow. simply going to be too warm. but his is a storm that will bring in next round of some showers, possibly spotty one friday, but specially saturday. then into the afternoon and evening. here's where we currently stand. fifty-three at our airport, well off to the south here, well into the seven # zero's in charlestown, mid upper 60s from nashville, rally, birmingham, some of the warmth will actually build our way. meanwhile outside we go, where looks like trying to find something with the metal detector here, in margate. clouds have definitely just sort of hungered in here. and even though they should break with time, still gloomy beginning to the afternoon. but it will become sunny everywhere, as the day progresses, 63 the expected hi, drop it back down to about 46 tonight which by the way is our normal daytime high. and that's our overnight low. meanwhile looking forward, warmest day of the pack, comes tomorrow. we will come awfully close to that, though, friday and saturday. so at least flirting with if
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not actually at or seeing 70 degrees for three straight days, in february, and then afternoon and evening hours of saturday, some pretty decent rain and thunderstorms will rumble through here, at this point, i'm not expecting severe weather. i'll let you know it changes. big drop on the thermometer will finally come sunday. which means we need to enjoy the next couple of days. >> oh, bingo. >> katie will like this, several new frogs discovered in india. smaller than most coins in your pocket. the seven new species found after five years of searching in a mountain range, southwestern india, the frogs measure only about two to 15 millimeters long. unfortunately, scientists say, they may be in danger, and facing considerable threats. >> that is small but mighty. >> yes. >> i had a turtle once. i didn't have a frog. >> i bet our traffic reporter meisha has, every variety of turtles, frogs. >> yes. >> well, coming up: why it is
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>> in the age of instant gratification, are children still learning self control? >> enter the marshmallow taste, exercise from preschool age student, the idea pretty simple, one treat now or if you can wait get two treats
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later on. our nicole brewer spent time at saint francis cabrini catholic school to see what a marshmallow can teach us about our children's personal and professional success in the future. you know some days you really look forward to. >> some? for some today, my fall into that category, national margarita day. the tequila triple second lime juice concoction served on the rocks, taken frozen with or without salt. i don't have to tell you that. so, i prefer salt, so does katie, maybe you have sweet tooth. no word on why today is margarita day. >> let's just take it and run with it. >> who cares? i wish we had samples. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues, we're always on line at the young and the restless is next. no, there are no margarita's un here. >> but now we can go get some. it is happy hour, right? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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