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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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claims it is costing people their jobs. but tonight mayor jim kenney is standing by it and responding to criticism. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at city hall with both side of the debate. anita? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, city leaders expect this tax has pulled in 2.3 million-dollar, in the first month, but businesses say it the is costing them, shop rite says it had to cut 6,000 employee hours and soda sales in the city are down about 50 percent. similar story for others we have spoke to across the city to day. >> it is a bad tax. >> reporter: about two months in philadelphia's 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks isn't so sweet for some business owners and customers. >> i hate it. >> reporter: vicky landers say she's an avid coke drinker but refused to buy soda in the city limits since tax's implementation on january 1st instead getting it from new jersey where her hotter lives.
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>> they are going to go across city line avenue. >> reporter: business owners of david day of the beverage company seen decline first hand. >> we are down 30 percent in philadelphia they buy 3-liter in a shop right for $1.39. the taxis 1.53. but the mayor wants it. >> reporter: sources with the teamsters union say layoffs are imminent and some workers seen their take home pay tropical by 50 to 70 percent because they are moving less product and some members have quit. the restaurants are feeling pinch too, josh kim, owner of spot gourmet burger, says sugary drink sales at the his shop has gone down 10 to 15 percent. >> if you read legislation bottles. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney as beverage industry is misleading the public. >> it is them trying to hold on to their wealth. we are asking for a little bit of that money to educate poor kids. >> reporter: the administration, says that while much of the honey will
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fund universal rek some money will go elsewhere, meantime, legality of the sweet and beverage taxis currently under appeals in commonwealth court and those arguments are expected to be heard april 3rd live at city hall, i'm anita o h for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" there are new questions about why technology did not step into stop the septa train accident, at 69th street terminal. four people were injured, one is in critical condition. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us from upper darby tonight with more, joe, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. those technological safe guard do exist on this line, and septa says so, itself. the questions tonight remains, why did yesterday's collision even happen in the first place among the dozens of miles of elevated subway, regional rails septa says technology is in place to monitor speed of trains, and substantially decrease possibility of the collision. on the system 10 out of the 13 regional rail routes have
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positive train control or ptc, system is multi layered with track signals, on board training equipment and central command center all relaying data. broad street and market frankford lines have a related technology called automatic train control, or atc. that system is in lays in the horseshoe loop of track where a train slammed into two other trains on tuesday morning. but questions persist about how the collision happened, it is automatic train control was present and working. >> it is not safe they will have a problem with their trains. they have had problems fixing trains. all of a sudden now this happens. >> reporter: sources say veteran operator george mink was behind controls of the train. he is now in critical condition. septa wasn't allowing on camera interviews, and the national transportation safety board also declined our request. in a transportation system recently riddled with structural issues and mechanical concerns, were two
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separate sets of trains, some riders have expressed frustration. >> there is too many people on the el. we have people standing. they should have enough people on there, everybody should be in a seat. and you got people rushing for doors and knock people over, and somebody will get killed one of these days. >> reporter: we mentioned positive train control and septa tells us there are three regional rail lines that do not have it because they share service with amtrak. the those lines are the trenton line, wilmington/ newark line and paoli/thorn tail line. as for george hinge he remains in the the hellly induced comb on in lankanol hospital according to our sources. we are live, i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. police released surveillance of two has being ed gunman wanted in connection with the home invasion, in juniata park, in which the victim was left for dead. and, video was taken inside the victim's garage on neilson
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street friday night. one of those suspects is wearing a camouflage jacket, the victim was working on the garage door opener when they walk in. police say they assaulted victim and tied him up and found two days later. call police if you recognize those suspects. j and b poultry market in south philadelphia is accused of violating poultry products inspection act. justice department has filed a civil lawsuit against owner of the business, accused of selling chicken stored in un sanitary conditions, and was out safe handling instructions as required by law. government now seeks a permanent injunction, to prevent further's alleged tainted chicken sales. a delaware father and son impacted by the separation, caused by incarceration, are promoting healing, through a two hand stage play. as reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells you, the lookings is going nationwide.
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>> i traveled this path before >> reporter: out of the ashes, tells the story of absentee incarcerated parents. >> i cried out to that boy with tears in my eyes and said what am i to do. >> reporter: it tells story of the children left on the outside. >> what are youing to go do if your dad's on the run or is occupation involves cocaine and a gun. >> being in prison for he was a painfully enlightening period. >> reporter: coal harris did four years in the smyrna prison a price he paid for a life on the streets. harris was 21 at the time and his son amar was just two years old. >> it was normal to me. that was my life report report through letters, phone calls and visits, the the two kept in touch but was not until half is came home in 2008 that the true healing began. >> when he finally did come home and we finally met, it was overwhelming but it it was , it was awesome.
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>> reporter: with patients and hard work the two, rebuilt their bond. >> it was no magic pill. it was just time. >> reporter: it work so well they decided to drama ties their story on stage in the form of family therapy taking a presentation, to churches and other venue is a cross the area. he also founded out of the ashes llc, adding the row deduction to the the national father hood initiative. how does it feel to be on stage and creating with your son. >> it is, the most, fantastic thing ever. >> reporter: for amar. >> it makes me feel like we are making a difference. >> reporter: by showing family how to heel. >> i love you. >> reporter: in wilmington, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> making a difference. wild life surprise for drivers along atlantic expressway. >> pair of bald eagles with a nest as big as the bed of the truck as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us tonight this soaring pair has been delighting the south jersey neighborhood for years.
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>> it is just amazing. >> reporter: majestic, inspiring, word used to describe seeing bald eagles in their natural habitat. in the whitman square section of the washington township residents like frankly oniti has another word, neighbor. >> if you didn't know it was there you would see it. our eyes go to it. >> reporter: witnesses say nest has been in the wood between whitman square and atlantic city expressway for several years. a surprise driver alerted us when he saw enormous nest so close to the the busy highway and the homes. >> such a beautiful sight at this time of the year and in the fall. >> reporter: nest has been identified by new jersey bald eagle project as turnersville nest. record show pair has two baby eaglelets and say they cannery pro tuesday each year it is quite possible that these two are protecting eggs right now. >> what do you think of having eagles for neighbors. >> great. >> it is great. >> they are really thighs. >> wing span is so beautiful
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and it the is just a sight to be seen. >> reporter: according to new jersey's division of fish and wild life bald eagle in new jersey has rebounded from just one known nesting pair in 1907 to more than 150 active nests meaning with eggs currently. in washington township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we continue tonight, fight against fat, when we come back. i'm trying to achieve that ultimate look i'm going for, even though i'm slimming downey have those stubborn area i cannot get rid of. >> this local police officer needed a little extra help to blast away that stubborn fat, our stephanie stahl shows us high tech technology and the way it works. results are in, story we have been keeping a close eye on could bristol beat out the competition in the nationwide, campaign, and what would this win mean for the bucks county boro, kate. >> we are entering a stretch of above average warmth, we have been there already but gets warmer as we head toward
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weekend i'll tell you when it heads back to normal coming up , don. he is here today but will he be gone tomorrow? nba trade ted line is less than 24 hours away, and what sixers big man jahlil okafor is saying about the waiting game, that is later in sports.
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well, elementary school students were treated to a unique mentoring opportunity today in delaware county.
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>> upper darby's highland park students participated in a program with employees at headquarters. pennsylvania congressman pat meehan was on hand, beyond the school walls event. it was hosted by big brothers, big sisters independents. latest weapon in the battle of the bulge, it is on cbs-3 healthwatch. non-surgical procedure that takes less than half an hour. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the south jersey doctor who is using this. >> reporter: yes, very interesting. less invasive is big thing for zapping unwanted fat. this new technology, uses laser to to the contouring and might be advised when you see one of the first patients, for a south jersey doctor who is using this new laser. the chris denchuckies in good shape. the four three-year old from south jersey is a regular at crossfit and ride miles every day at his job as a police officer on a bicycle but still >> i want to get rid of my
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unwanted fat the that i cannot get rid of it. >> reporter: even the super fit have stubborn fat pockets. >> aim in the the losing weight quickly like i was, so i want to be more tone body. >> reporter: there william million inner voorhees has a solution for chris. >> you can do four areas at a time. >> reporter: sure sculp melts fast, roar starts with the series of frames, laced around chris's midsection, and then lasers are attached so the laser beam stays directed at targeted fat. >> there are lasers wents out and it goes one to two sonometers below the skin and it will kill your fat the cells. >> reporter: chris say there is a tingling sensation, warmth, and then cooling repeated over 25 minutes. >> we are seeing a significant amount of results. i had it done. i feel good. >> reporter: these are results after two months from other asians. how many inches did you lose would you say about. >> one to two. >> reporter: hours after the treatment chris is back working out and feeling good.
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>> i'm looking to get in better shape 2017, looking to get the in the best shape of high life. >> reporter: now skeptics say there are no independent medical studies that prove sculpture works to melt fat. it is just f.d.a. approved for use on the abdomen, some of the side effects include tell rare i swelling, numbness and bruising. doctor miller charges $1,500 per area that is done, i house say chris was a trooper, to let us absolutely see him and he is already in good shape. >> yes, indeed. >> good luck to you. >> yes, not bad. a big win tonight for bristol boro in a contest that supports small businesses. >> wow, cheers erupt add the bristol riverside theater today as crowd learned that bristol boro was winner of the small business revolution contest. this is a story we have been following for weeks now. the win in the competition sponsored means boro will get
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500 you this dollars for revitalization efforts. >> this is just start of the journey. we he will go on another transformation together. you thought we worked hard to get to this point we are about to to the hard work. >> bristol won in part because of its strong, grass roots campaign to encourage the public to vote in the contest. there was an organized effort to target schools, churches and library, even stayed opened late so that people could vote, congratulations. >> what a difference that can headache. >> no question, no question. >> yes. >> yes, indeed. kate has our forecast. >> yes. >> what do you think. >> oh, high goodness. >> well, well, well. >> well, here we go again. >> i just can't believe it. >> this will go down as either number one or number two warmest februaries we have ever had in philadelphia, it has been warm, so far and warmest days are still to come if you can believe that, in the next three days we are talking about zero seven's possible across the area
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tomorrow, and friday, and then gannon saturday. saturday is day to watch when a cold front moves through and it will bring a little bit of change. the lets start out identify side and people still outside skiing. even they warm weather is in place ski season got a earlier start this season which is good news because last winter was so warm, in december they weren't able to get out early but this winter they had a jump on the holiday season, lots of snow. it is tough to make snow over next few taste. you can see they are loving it still at jack toes big bold inner carbon county tonight. storm scan three shows us quiet conditions across the north east where we have cloud issues here and there but this batch mainly missing us to the south, clipping delaware overnight and to the north a to showers along the new york/ pennsylvania border should stay away as well. this next boundary, over here over great lakes could drag a few scattered showers through the area tomorrow evening, and then for the the most part rest of the week as i'll show you is pretty quiet. saturday we have to watch.
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temperatures right now on a southeasterly flow temperatures feel thighs, 58 in allentown. fifty-seven in reading. fifty-four here in the city right now. forty-eight this dover. still we have gotten rid of the easterly wind we have had over past few days bringing in wind off that 42-degree ocean water and that has allowed to us warm up today and keep it coming tomorrow, and broad southwest flow across much of the northeast and temperatures every where, well above the average. taking a look at future weather we have got quiet conditions overnight. there is that stray shower that could clip delaware or new jersey shore. tomorrow morning we will start with fog and some clouds, but sun returns in the afternoon, most of the day is dry, and just a few scattered showers, maybe rumble of thunder between six and 9:00. those hoff on out and then it is turning out to be a quiet take, just patches of morning clouds, breaks of sun, we are looking at temperatures 25 degrees above normal, stray late take shower or thunder shower, forecasted highs this is upper 60's and lower 70's all across the happen here for
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your thursday. i want to take to you sun take you can see try is a quiet the day, friday afternoon to problems here. saturday watch what happens, we have a few showers, cloud that will be warm, steamy but by afternoon this front starts to rip across the state, this will get here in the late afternoon and evening and could feature thunderstorms with gusty wind. keep that in mind making your saturday lance. overnight watch for patchy fog 46 is our low, tomorrow 71, 71 it is february. morning fog then some sun, very, very warm day and that stretch continues low 70's friday and saturday as well, and most off the record look safe, tomorrow kind of the descrepancy, one at airport 69 but we will hit 75 back in 1874 in the city of philadelphia, it looks like we won't break that record, one day back to the 40's, and warm up again. >> i remember that, i had high shorts on. >> yes, good day. >> thanks, kate. >> all right, don bell up next with sports. >> we are talking about college hoops, two huge reasons to be motivated.
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nova with a has i have battle on the main line. plus why is joel embiid nervous about the nba trade deadline?
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like sand through hour glass these are trades of our leave. jahlil okafor will learn his fate, deadline for nba trades is tomorrow at 3:00. okafor has spent last 18 months dealing with rumors, to take, he he was at practice with the sixers who to not play this will try when they host wizards. indiana pacers are reportedly the latest team to be interested. big ja knows he could be on the move real soon. >> just keep my phone on, you know, obviously everybody those the deadline is coming up tomorrow and one of the guys that could betrayeded. just waiting to see where i end up or if i end up here then so be it. >> tough spot to be in. >> joel embiid, is not only
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process, he is future of the franchise. he is out with the tear and listed as taught full for friday and sat take but his humor this perfect health. this way will sixers deal him but ejected about impending deadline. >> obviously i'm scared, i don't know what will happen, so for me or my team hates, i love them all. for he hopefully i'm here and high team hates are here and we can lay great basketball when we are all healthy and when we all play. hopefully we will keep the same group and you never necessity what can had. >> joe joe we think you are safe. they were stone cold embarrassed last time flyers faced capitols they got blown out five to nothing. two hook up tonight at the center highlights at 11:00. butler upset villanova back in january, they handed wildcats their first loss this season, and fans stormed the court to celebrate. tonight, they play at the
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pavilion, nova can get pay backs but they can also win their fourth straight out right big east title. >> definitely remember getting beat. it is in the revenge but just respect. you know, they are capable of beating you, they are laying great basketball right now. >> good game. >> oh, yeah. >> can't wait for that. >> lets do this. >> when we come back happy birthday, mr. president, he was the original. >> we will show you where and how they were honoring george washington on his big day. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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our nation's first president, george washington celebrated a birthday today. >> philadelphia's new museum, nature was a memorable occasion. "eyewitness news" at the museum on the american revolution in olde city. museum doors do not officially opened for another two whose but earlier, in person ticket buyers enjoyed a slice of cake with president washington on his 200 eighty-fifth birthday, on the first day of ticket sales, nearly 18,000 tickets for museum were sold. a lot of interest in that. >> yes. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight nasa scientists have discover seven earth sized land et cetera that could be capable of supporting life, chip reid takes a closer look. in for scott pelley here thousand is anthony mason in new york, take care family, we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: prosecutors put it bluntly-- >> he is a monster. >> mason: "60 minutes" told you about this doctor sunday. today, he was charged with sexually assaulted nine female gymnasts. our dr. jon lapook has the latest. also tonight, it's president trump's war now. will he send more ground troops to fight isis? >> i've always been encouraged if we need more, we will ask for more. >> mason: what this refugee wants the president to know before he closes the door to america. >> all over the world, it's taught to be the country where people who have no hope, that's where they go. >> mason: and do we have neighbors we never knew? astronomers discover seven new planet they say cou s


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