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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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to wait up for a story, this is it. these kids and the marshmellows tells you about your life >> a high end heist police on the mainline say thieves are target luxury cashes and growing concern about how they're pulling off the crime. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. the string of thefts is happening in radnor township. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live to explain why the critical have r are having an easy crime. alex? >> reporter: well, honda civics are the most stolen but not here in radnor. here thieves are target luxury vehicles and the way they're stealing them is frightening. it's in this just a string of high end vehicle thefts, it's the volume and method in which they're being stolen that prompted police to caution the residents >> we don't want anybody to get
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hurt, engage them. they are professional it's. they should be taken seriously. >> reporter: the luxury car thefts began last year and revved up in 2017 taking place in the evening and overnight. >> they're taking a lot of time to pick out high end vehicles such as a range vehicle, high end mercedes, high performance jeeps. >> reporter: some were locked in driveways with keys inside but in more recent cases these criminals taken to breaking into homes. stealing keys and the car. >> these individuals are getting a lot of money for these high end cars >> it does get a lot of attention. definitely. >> jennifer own as range rover which is among the models being targeted >> i would urge's people to make sure they're putting them on and sleeping with them on. >> reporter: police second that saying alarms have been the only sure way to deter these thieves so far. of course, it is crucial to keep
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your vehicle locked and inside of a car and lock all the doors and windows. we're told neighbors municipalities are being hit as well. alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you new tonight a multi-vehicle accident involving an airport shuttle bus. this happened on north prince boulevard in essington. five people were injured. a cargo flying into a building in upper darby over impartial road fear long lane one person rushed to the hospital a fire break out in bucks county. the small fire caused by an electrical malfunction started in a classroom and quickly brought under control. control officials say crews will be working through the night to clean up. and we're told the building is expected to be open in time for classes tomorrow morning. tonight, astronomers are celebrating a major discovery and it has many people here talking about it. seven earth size planets are
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orbiting same star. the hunt begins for signs of life. all eyes are on space tonight and we have the perfect view from high atop the cbs broadcast center. that's where david spunt is live to show you the planet. >> reporter: there's a lot of talk about space and satellites tonight with this new news. it's not unusual for nasa to hold a news conference, but what officials said today is incredibly rare >> i'm so happy, maybe we'll be able to communicate to another life form we thought was never there. >> reporter: the excitement is real. seven new planets with possibility of life. 40 light years from earth. that's 235 trillion miles from us >> it gives us a hint that finding a second earth is not just a matter of if, but when. >> reporter: the seven planets surrounded a star called at that
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pointist one. liquid water and life might exist. a store specializing in the astronomers. it's a subject continues to gain new popularity with each discovery >> it's probably one of the few fields of science with a singles glance you can have your breath taken away >> it's much smaller than our sun. if our sun is a basketball it's a golf ball >> it opens the door for us to look around for other stars of this time. >> reporter: don and eric pits with the franklin institute said even though the new discovery may be 40 light years away, ground and space telescopes will be able to study the star and its planets >> we have no information about at all about whether or not it has an atmosphere and we i have no idea about any possibility whatsoever about life. >> reporter: astronomers say the good news these new planets are so close to one another, that if they can't find life on one,
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they can quickly move to the other. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. police release surveillance video of two masked gum were the wanted in connection with a home invasion in juniata park. the victim was left for dead. you see one of the suspects is wearing a camouflage jacket. victim was working on garage door opener when the suspects walked in and police say they assaulted the victim and tied him up. he was found two days later. call police if you recognize the suspect a 30 year septa employee remains in critical condition following the train accident in upper darby. george activated the emergency mode at the last moment in hopes of preventing the crash.
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investigators from the encounters were on vacation. regulators tell "eyewitness news" they will wait to pass judgment >> nothing is 100%. it's just like anything else. it has work. takes time, nothing is perfect. >> thes before and market frankford lines have a technology called ats or automated train control which is supposed to prevent accidents fears of layoffs are growing in the wake of philadelphia sugary drink tax. they're projected $2.3 million in revenue. that's 30% of what the tax was expected. sources with the teamsters' local 830 tell us layoffs. they're moving less product. the mayor says it's all fear mongering. >> in a shop rite for 1.39.
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the tax is 1.53. the mayor wants us to absorb it >> this is them trying to hold on to wealth. we're asking for a little bit of that money to educate poor kids in neighborhoods. >> the case concerning the lee gallty of the taxes current under appeal in the commonwealth court. argument are expected to be heard the week of april 3rd. federal guidelines aimed at protecting the rights of transgender students issued by the obama administration in may said transgender to student should be allowed to use public school bathrooms and locker rooms matching the chosen gender identity. this caused lawsuitses and it will be up to states and school districts. philadelphia said every student needs to know their rights will be recognized and uphold. this will not change any school
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district school john kelly are in mexico tonight. they are delivering president trump's new orders on immigration to mexican president enrique pena nieto. among the new directives, immigrants caught at the mexican border would immediately be sent back to mexico. the white house believes the meeting will be productive >> i would argue we have a healthy and row government >> mexico is threatening to take the fight over to the united nations. vice president pence rolled up his sleeves and joined clean-up efforts in st. louis today. more than 150 head stones were did he say created over the weekend. nation has seen an up tick in the attacks on the jewish community. vice president pence says he and
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the trump administration condemned the acts of hate in the strongest possible term police began arresting protesters refused to leave near the dakota access pipeline. some put up a fight in north dakota. the army core of engineers ordered the camp to close due to safety concerns this fine. this marks the end of a seven-month long protest over the environmental impact of the oil pipeline. will eventually span across states and move crude oil through the midwest. a big win for bristol bureau in a contest that supports small bitses. big time cheers erupt to do the rivers side theater as the crowd learns bristol bureau was the winner of the small business revolution contest. this is a story we've been following for weeks now. the win means the bureau will get $500000 for revitalization
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efforts. the town went i was the r all out to get the public to vote in the competition. congratulations. nicole brewer is putting preschoolers to the test. this exam involves marshmellows. so why the sugary treats? and what it says about future success >> we're going to make you wait a few minutes to see this story. but once you do, you'll thank us. we know exercising is good for your health but why new research said the work-out could be bad for libido >> we're approaching 70's more than one day in the 70's in february. i'll tell when you we can approach a record and when thunderstorms roll through and bring us back to reality. powerball tickets out we'll have the winning number for the 445 million dollar jackpot when "eyewitness news" continues.
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your gym routine could be ruining your sex life. according to researchers a new study says intense exercise could lower a man's libido.
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they think it has to do with physical fatigue and lower testosterone levels tonight's powerball jackpot is an estimated $445 million. we found many people out playing favorite numbers. "eyewitness news" in winslow township in new jersey, get your tickets out. the winning numbers were drawn moments ago and here they are: 10, 13, 28, 52, 61 and the powerball is 2. you could see these again at and we wish all of you who played good luck. we live in an age of instant gratification, need an answer google it. quick delivery, am son. this is where the marshmellows comes in an exercise in delayed
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gratification for preschool students >> nicole brewer took the test to a local classroom and found interesting results >> can i just say how cute these kid were? ukee and jess, wait till you see them. a group of preschoolers in west philadelphia took part in a modern day marshmellows test. our experiment was not scientific, i have not a psychologist but we followed the basic rules of the test and listed an expert for insight around our findings. inside st. francis regional catholic school, a test, but not the kind you'd expect: right down here at this desk. >> no number two pencil, just a selection of snacks. >> pretty sill, cookie and a marshmellows. which is your favorite >> marshmellows. >> the marshmellows?
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>> reporter: the rules are simple. eat one treat now or if you can wait. get two treats later. we explained this a couple of times. >> reporter: if you wait till i come back, you get two. if you decide you can't wait until i get back, if you absolutely have to eat a cookie, ring this bell then you only get one cookie. armed with a bell and the freedom to choose their own fate these four and 5-year-olds didn't know how long i'd be gone or how long they'd go without their favorite treat. we set the clock for ten minutes. which to some, seemed like an eternity. as the clock ticked, so did derek. coming up with playful ways to pass the time. when the temptation became too strong. he turned around to avoid it altogether. brad preferred to take air bites, while kia slapped her hands and sang song, blowing
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kisses to the camera. anything to fill the time until >> you waited. >> there were successful distraction strategies >> dr. evan a psychology professor studied the topic of delayed gratification. he said the marshmellows experiment first conducted in the 1960's does reveal a lot about our children. >> something so seemingly so small could have the such a big impact, so many years later >> from higher satscore -- dr. michelle found those who waited also had lower rates of addiction and less likely to divorce. what does it mean for the kids who couldn't wait >> he's testing out his decision to eat right away >> dr. foreman refuses to believe they're doomed to fail >> some children are hungrier. >> he said there are several
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factors and ads that self control can and should be taught especially at the age of instant gratification >> maybe that's as important as teaching reading and writing, mathematics, because thrall go on to have better happier and healthier lives >> there have been follow-up studies to the original test including one from the university of rochester in 2012, it found that trust in the person offering the treat greatly impacted the child's decision to delay gratification. in fact, there were four times more likely to wait. dr. foreman said this proves that self control is not predetermined but based on on our environment and our experiences. something the original study didn't take into account. >> that was great. i loved watchings that. >> i was smiling whole thing >> that was my old elementary school. thanks for having
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>> that was great. the air is getting warmer, we're talking 70's for three days now as we head through the end of the week and into the weekend. major warmup. this is not new, this is -- this has been going on late last week. and temperatures above average through last weekend now the warmest air yet. here's a look at what's happening, take you to the poconos and reason i want to show you this is you can start to see how the snow is looking slushy and icy there, jack frost big barreled, a lot on slopes with temperatures above freezing and above average, you don't really have the cold to make that new snow. now the slopes still look good, probably fast conditions with the slushy conditions but you can see the slight melting beginning to happen in the poconos. stormscan 3 is clear for the moment. we do have the next system right here, producing showers,
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possibly snow showers over the great lakes. this will bring a few showers and possibly a rumble of thunder to our area tomorrow evening. for the most part tomorrow is nice. clouds are starting to clear it will start day with clouds and fog, end up being nice and mild thursday. you can see the clouds in place over the city. can't really see the lights as we look live from across the river. temperatures southwest slow, temp restaurant, above normal daytime high today, that's how far skewed we are above average 58 59 cleveland, 54 in washington, dc, we've been in the red almost the whole time this february, we've only had five days below average and those were not far,
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two below average, one degree below average, five, contrast that with the red, 23 above, 24 above. 25 above. and we've got three more days averaging about 25 degrees above normal on the way. this should go down as the number one or two warmest february ever in philadelphia. tomorrow morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshines few scattered showers and a rumble of thunder tomorrow night. we'll be tracking active radar clouds breaking for sunshine and temperatures about 25 degrees above average. i want to show you the change maker on saturday. saturday starts with a couple showers then a little bit of sun but late saturday afternoon here comes a strong cold front, could bring gusty thunderstorms and a noticeable cool-down. overnight. 46, watch for the patchy fog. our stretch of 70's begins. thursday, friday, saturday, low 70's, that's more than 25 degrees above average. saturday, that front will put an
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end to it. sunday, even though it's much colder, we're still two, three degrees above normal. looks like we're heading back to the 60's next week. this, again, this february should go down as the warmest on record because certainly feels like it >> it certainly does. >> all right. what the coming up in sports >> i do not believe what i saw. a villanova senior class never lost a game at the pavilion, tonight could be that night. (vo)have to happen?idn't i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself?
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the pain is real. jay wright said his second ranked wildcats still feel the effects of losing to butler in january. it was the first loss of the
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season. here we are at the pavilion. time winding down. jalen brunson knifing, nova up by one at the half. second half, different story. martin, drills the throw. that's part of an 18-0 butler run, up 60 to 49, nova trying to come back b bouncing butler's way, right there. unbelievable. villanova on the virtue of losing at home for the first time since 2013. they trail 70-66. with just seconds remaining in the game. sixers finally made a deal, but no, it's not what you think, jahlil okafor still calls philadelphia home. more on that in a few minutes. confirmed moments ago the sixers traded ersad to the atlantic hawks. and a right to swap another
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second around. both players involved are in the final year of their deals. the move creates minutes for dario saruc. meanwhile, jahlil okafor get back to him. remains sixers for now. reports say the pacers and bulls are making a late push. the deadline is tomorrow at 3:00. >> keeping my phone on waiting to see what happens. i know when the deadline is. coming up tomorrow, and i'm guys who potentially could be traded. waiting to decide where i end up. >> switching gears, the nhl trade deadline is a week away. flyers starting to look a loot like sellers. at least ten our teams scouts were in south philadelphia watching them play. take you to the highlights. no love for the camera man spraying him up with ice. the shot probably looked cool. flyers got down early and this
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one, getting picks up power play goal that makes it 2-0 in favor of washington. the flyers trying to rebound. braden schenn for the deflection. and the flyers losing big-time tonight 4-1, your final score and speaking of final scores, do we have a final score with novabia >> 72-66 with two seconds to play. >> it's over. the butler done it again. unbelievab ♪
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it's coming soon to the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now!
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very special event. kyw 1060 hosted it's game changer black history month reception. it's individuals or organizations that have used their volunteer efforts and community influence to make a positive change for people of color. honorees had the chance to get to know one another as well as meet familiar voices and faces from kyw radio and cbs3, among them kyw news radio cherri gregg. kate? thank you. time for the weekend watch and the weekend will put a bit of an
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end to the stretch of unseasonal warmth all week long. the rain and thunderstorms will arrive through the day saturday. best chance for a gusty storms saturday. the sun returns sunday but a bit temperature drop on the order of 20 plus degrees, sunday
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captioning sponsored by cbs have been hesitant to hold town hall meetings due to hostile crowds. >> do your job! do your job! >> no! no! no! ( laughter ) ( laughter )


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