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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 27, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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were so gracious. i can't imagining in their position and having to do that. >> and the same can be said for the cast and crew every moonlight who celebrated their win after first believing they had lost. well, today is monday, february 27th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. live report on the the cars mishap in just a moment, but first, let's get to katie with this morning's forecast. good morning, kate. >> i starting things off on nice quiet note. skies are nice and clear, eventually when the sun does come up, have to battle some sun glare, but at least for now it is all tranquil across the region, 33 the current temperature at the region, mid to upper 20's around the outlying suburbs, dover, in at 30 at the moment. so off to chilly start certainly. but, if the chill isn't the thing, going to end up with warming conditions, as the week progresses here, in fact the day already warming up. i checked the daytime high mid 50's, one day hits the 70s, coming up i'll let you know that happens and couple of rain chances along the way. >> sounds good. thank you so muchment happy monday to all of you.
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looking outside, the ben franklin bridge, westbound direction, looking good. looking just as it should now cracking into the 5:00 hour, one of the areas that we know will get little busy little later. right now enjoy the open load ways, if you can get out there basically anywhere we look. same story here, schuylkill, tail light moving in the eastbound direction, here near girard, westbound direction see what you are working with, both directions looking good. same story here, 59 south at cottman, overall looking good. jim, over to you. >> it was hollywood's biggest night and it ended with hollywood's biggest mistake. >> danielle nottingham live in los angeles with more on the no, ma'am we are all talking about this morning, good morning, danielle. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. that's what you call a surprise ending, right? everyone thought this morning we would be talking about the political statement, or the academy making improvements, in diversity, representation. but, the announcement for best picture could easily qualify for the best and worse moment of the night. >> la-la land.
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>> in one of the most shocking moments in oscar history, la la land was named best picture. and as the cast made their way to the stage, an envelope mix-up. >> moonlight. best picture. >> the biggest prize of the night, best picture, actually went to the coming of age film moonlight. centering on the struggles after gay black man growing up in miami. >> it made a very special feeling, even more special. >> hill wood honored diversity at last night's 89th academy awards, after two years dominated by the oscars white controversy. moonlight star made history, becoming the first muslim actor to ever win the best actor in a supporting role award. >> as an artist my job was the same, and it is to tell the truth. >> viola davis earned best supporting actress for her role in senses. >> i love my skin. i love my voice. i love my history. >> when tinseltown's biggest show comes to a close, the star studded event like the
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elton john foundation party here in west hollywood. >> each year it is better and better. >> others attended the governor's ball, oscar's official after party, as well as vanity fair annual event where the talk of the night's oscar club dominated the evening. >> my heart went out to everybody involved. >> la-la land of course they got a lot of love this evening. and moonlight was a great movie, as well. >> the musical la la land ends six of the 14 oscars it was nominated for including best actress for emma stone and best director for damian sauce he will. >> and price water house coopers the firm that handles the academy awards released a statement this morning apologizing for what happened, and saying the presenters were given the wrong envelopes, and they're investigating how something like this could have happened on such a big night. live in los angeles, danielle nottingham, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, danielle, thank you. a lot of people want to know that. >> no shortage of sweeps from
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last night, jimmy kennel couldn't help but take a jab at the president sending out tweet hey, you up? >> former oscars host billy crystal, tweeting, amazing ending, which that had happened on election day. >> and the big la la land mix-up definitely that of steve miss universe flub, made light of the situation at the oscars tweeting: hey, have your people call our people. we know what to do. >> thank you. >> and as you can imagine, the morning papers are having a field day with this mishap here. today's new york post, the headline says it all, they call the blunder incredible. >> and take a look, new york daily news that is that this message for the awards show, shows la la land jordan holding up the cards with moonlight's. >> this morning's daily news, there is front page,
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headlines, fake news. >> boy. >> well onto local news, meantime another jewish cemetery is vandalized, this time hitting close to home. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in philadelphia's wissinoming section where police say hundreds of tombstones were toppled over on saturday night. good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, rahel. at this point police say too early in the investigation to classify this as a hate crime. but they say the tombstones here is he cemetery definitely targeted, three christian cemeteries within walking distance of here and all left un dubbed turned. >> many hands work together sunday to right a wrong. hearing that vandals overturned upwards of 300 headstones saturday night at jewish cemetery mount carmel, people of all faiths assembled in wissinoming to raise them up again. >> this is not just a round about topple so many headstones clearly is a concerted effort.
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>> reporter: overbrook couple offered their prayers. >> my heart is broken. it is shocking. it is discusting. it is frightening it, bridges back memories of what was done in europe to our people. >> as night fell, community members from across the city held a vigil at the cemetery, to show the world the hateful acts won't be tolerated. >> every human being has the right to rest into cents peace, to see this happen in 2017, cowardly hateful act like this, justice cussing. >> i know in philadelphia we will all come together. and we will help to make this right somehow. >> and the anti-deaf mission league and the fraternal order of police are both offering up reward money leading to arrest and conviction in this case. this morning, that total stands at $13,000. for now live in wissinoming, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank -- trang, thank you. >> dozen came together to
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support those dealing with the recent string of vandalism. "eyewitness news" in narberth park last night, where residents held a candlelight vigil. those who carom say it is important for minority communities who feel marginalized, to stick together during trying times. bill cosby will appear in montgomery county courtroom this morning, cosby's lawyers want to move the trial out of montgomery county. they say the case will receive too much media coverage for cosby to get a fair trial. the judge will now decide if there are grounds to move the trial or if other jurors should be brought in from outside the area. cosby charged with drugging and assaulting andrea constand at his home back in 2004. one other could testify at his trial. >> delaware county community or delaware community i should say continues to mourn the tragic death of two young officers, 23 year old robert lafonte and 23 year old james watts of the dover police department died yesterday in a single vehicle crack. they say lafonte lost control of his jeep which hit utility pole before it overturned
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annie jacket the watts who was not wearing a seatbelt. family members are devastated. >> fun, full of life. he was always a bright spirit, always willing to help out. probably one of the best of us. >> he loved being a police officer. it is a huge hole, huge hole for us. >> to. >> reporter: neighbors on the street where it happened tell "eyewitness news" that several fatal accidents have occurred there in the past. police are still investigating what caused that crash. >> well, president trump is ready to sign his new order on immigration and refugees on wednesday. today he meets with the nation's governors at the white house. a day ahead of his first address to congress. the governor's dinner sunday night, the president said he plans to offer details on how woe overhaul obamacare. the president is also looking for a new nominee for secretary of the navy. his choice has withdrawn from consideration. potential federal and state budget cuts get the attention of philadelphia's city council. a council committee scheduled
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the hearing after president trump announced plans to remove federal funding for sanctuary cities including philadelphia. mayor jim kenney won't change the city's immigration policy. congressman brendon boyle is ready to explain what the financial loss of obamacare and other federal programs would mean to the city, along with the cost of the crack-down on immigration. this meeting starts at 1:00 this afternoon in council chambers. >> well, still ahead, we will tell you how authorities will try to fix this massive damn in california. >> also ahead, we are getting a look at damage left behind from saturday's storms, that includes a tornado that touched down, tell you what happened top a local church. and find out where the green beer is already flowing ahead of saint patrick's day. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> of course we will be talking about the oscars big mistake all morning long. but there were some other memorable moments, too. we'll have some of them for were you we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ >> nearby residents had to evacuate as a result of this dam, will now clear the debris, once finished will let the water flow again. >> and staying now in california, zero nine households are without water following a mud slide. it ripped apart this water main last week, in a town every clayton, and county officials say the road is still sliding. they can't fix it, since the road also close today cars, the affected residents have to walk back and forth with gallons every water. >> we're -- we have two horses, we don't have enough water for them. we have to go down the creek and carry the water for
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horses. >> my home went down from 45 minutes to two hours 45 minutes, my commute. >> wow, local authorities say they'll continue bringing up water until the main is fixed. >> national weather service confirms tornado turned down, tore the roof of of several homes in luzerne and lackawanna counties, ef2, winds speeds of 120 miles an hour. wrightsville presbyterian church not immune to the damage. the congregation long standing bell fell from the tower. >> came off, been there since 1900, the storm of this magnitude, topple it. >> no one underneath t the national weather is err advice says strayed line winds damaging mostly farms, farm buildings in lancaster county fortunately, no report of injuries. >> it really sipped through our area on saturday night. require looking upgoing oh, good, here comes. >> yes. i remember being maybe on the fence about going, i stayed home. >> good, that's good, because yes, any time you hear thunder
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remember you are close enough to actually get struck by lightning, guys, remember the time of year when we start to talk about those things. so, make sure that you take care of yourself. go inside from the thunderment meanwhile we actually is another chance for severe storms later this week, into wednesday, specifically. so we start things offer by taking you out to a view of bethlehem. this is from hotel bethlehem, roads nice and dry out there way, skies are nice and clear, visibility is good. no fog. nothing like that. all is calm out there. and that's the other thing, wind has also pick up in the wake of the cold front, that brought the storms saturday. winds really kicked in yesterday. that has since tapered off. let's take a look at storm scan, wide zoom for you. things all tranquil across the tri-state area. go back out toward west virginia, ohio, see the clouds specially starting to build in here. a sign of the warmfront that's going to be lifting in and bringing next chance for some rain. but along with that warmfront, and the rain it bridges, it will liver up to its name, ends up with very significant warming trend yet again. almost like every single day
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we evening out either plus ten or minus 10 degrees, if not little bit more than that. so, even though today already starts that trend talking mid 50's, we will get even warmer than this, especially on wednesday. now, when you have a clash like this, with blues, purple contouring on the map, collide withing greens, yellow, orange, you have a clash goes on, and there will be very potent cold front passage that takes place sense. -- wednesday, so looking ahead wednesday specially wednesday evening would bring in additional thunderstorms that could be locally severe or at least strong. so it will be something that we want to monitor in the next couple every days, keep you posted but for now, let's talk about spring time. this is is certainly going to feel that way. getting ever closer to whether we would actually spring forward on the clocks, daylight saving time, sunset time, by sunday march 12, will be at late as 7:04 in the evening. so, if you are like us, you got to go to bed super early, black out shades are your friendsment meanwhile temperature change in the last 24 hours definitely noticeable. specially millville,
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15 degrees colder than it was this same time yesterday. twelve minus 12 in allentown, and as that is reflected on the thermometer, tack temperatures starting offer in winter like territory for a change, 30 in atlantic city, nice calm winds. it is chilly by comparison certainly to recent days. yesterday was the first of a stretch here. look at this, already warming right back up to the 60s tomorrow, and 70s by wednesday. doesn't last long, but yet again we'll flirt with records. >> enjoy it while we have t all right, katie, thank you for that. and good morning, we are back at it this monday morning. looking outside, the blue route, taillights moving in the northbound direction, the northbound direction at media swarthmore. you can see both moving in the northbound or southbound direction right around the blue route. looking pretty good basically anywhere we look. blue route just headed out there now great company. looking good there. also the boulevard, pushing in the southbound direction, i would say starting to heat up levels a little bit. see how many headlights are out there pushing in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill. then once you jump on the
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schuylkill moving westbound at city avenue or the boulevard, this is casino whatever you are looking at there as well. heating up ever so slightly, mondays busy there is one will be no different, right now however. like i said about the blue route, good company there. ninety-five, taillights moving in the southbound direction at the airport, what we are looking, maneuver around the airport looking good-bye the way everything at the airport seems good. seems calm right now. but just always remember to check the schedules on line, of course taillights moving in the eastbound direction, near collegeville, looking good there this morning, as well. rahel, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> front page of the burlington county times, willingboro man has been charged with death by auto in the alleged dui crash that killed a burlington high school student last may on route 130. 443 year old ricardo j patterson the third faces up to ten years in prison, antoin timbers, jr., tenth grader and a member of the school's junior rotc, was walking along the road when he was hit. >> and also, in the burlington
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county times, an old church property has been turned into a blasting film. developer of the former property is letting county swat teams practice with explosives at the site. the alter and other parts are concentrated. >> from the reading eagle, thousand of people attended memorial service for albert boscov at reading san stands err arena. boscov you may recall died february 10th at the age every 87. he seemed so much enjoying his work often burst into song. i believe his favorite was zipity do-dah. >> that's a look at the headlines from around the delaware valley. >> a new york bar is getting ready for saint patrick's day. >> may be little early, but time for green beer somewhere. fifty-fourth annual green beer sunday a cause for celebration at cold man's bar in syracuse, new york, starts with what they call the world's shortest parade featuring irish
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dancers, music, of course the coleman tanker truck. saint patrick's day only about three weeks away. meanwhile, in china, a different kinds of celebration, china pink has made its appearance in the southern part of that country. and that is just one of the blooms in the spotlight after spring like temperatures early this year, and tourists are headed south to catch the early glimpse of spring. >> and, nascar is back on track. >> highlights from yesterday's daytona 500 next in sports. also ahead, how local gymnasts are doing more than just competing. tell you about their fundraising goal when we come back.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning with jim donovan, rahel solomon, katie
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fehlinger, pat gallen and meisha johnson. >> welcome back. thanks for waking up with us. >> the sixers face the best team in the nba tonight. here's lesley van arsdall with your morning sports. >> the sixers play the goal end state warriors led by seth curry and kevin did your and the tonight at the center. here are the warriors practicing at the sixers practice facility saturday. first team to clinic of spot in the playoffs. best record in the league. andre iguodala says the 6ers are just few steps away from being a great team. >> the team right now is not too far off. specially with centerpiece they have right now, big fan of his, actually looking forward to meeting him. i haven't met him yet. big fan of his. >> you can see that things are finally turning for them. and it is exciting for obviously for the fans here in philadelphia, for the league, too. >> flyers defenseman brandon manning could be suspended, have hearing today for hit to
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penguins rookie jake, early in the second period, saturday night lost, no injury on the play, also no penalty. manning has no prior history of supplemental discipline. that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall have, a great day. >> kirk bush celebrating first ever win at the daytona 500. ended the competition with a pason the last lap. bush is on the racing team co-owned by former driver tony stewart. the next race on the nascar calendar is at atlanta motor speedway next sunday. well, non-profit sport breast cancer survivors received half million dollars thanks to group of gymnasts. >> thousand of gymnasts closed out the pink invitational yesterday. three day competition. the competition founder the breast cancer survivor who started an organization to assist women undergoing breast cancer treatment. >> what these young girls in the families are doing to help our women in the community, absolutely impact full, and
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they're making a difference, they're changing lives, and filling a gap of, you know, what is, isn't included in the standard of care right now. >> now, the organization specifically raised money for women to get treatments like acupuncture and nutrition consultation. coming up: to spend onto save. in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," what expert are recommend that do you with your tax refunds. plus this. >> president trump responds to allegations of russian interferance in the election, i'm roxanna, in new york, details coming up. >> and also this morning, we are remembering actor bill packs ton who passed away yesterday. see how one of his most famous co-stars paying tribute to him. katie? >> already looking ahead to upcoming weekends, a loft us, meantime, but it does look like at this point high pressure is going to rule the roost for the weekend. so bright and sunny skies expected right now for both of those days. chill in the air saturday, very likely below average, if you can believe it. but we should warm right back
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>> will march be coming in lie a -- like a lion? >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first here's what you need to know to start your day in our
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morning minute. >> a surprise twist at this year's oscars. >> there is a mistake, moonlight you guys won best picture. >> moonlight wins best picture following an envelope mix-up. >> marion -- what happened. personally i blame steve harvey for this. >> they're going out to people's ancestors. >> vandals strike another jewish cemetery. >> more than 100 braved those knocked down at mount carmel cemetery in which is no, ma'aming. >> police say too early in the investigation, to classify this as a hate crime. >> meets at the white house today, also expected to sign a new immigration and refugee order, this week. >> this job, they require you to be somewhat economical with the truth. >> hollywood is mourning the sudden passing of bill paxton, the actor died following surg


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