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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 28, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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live from the cbs-3 broadcast send nerve philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well, in just hours, a local nurse will face a judge. we'll tell you about the disturbing thing this man is accused of dock to at least one patient that dermatology office. and, new video, the moment the plane goes down in call cam straight into a house. a place where it was coming from and the incredible story of survival. >> and the efforts to clean up a vandalized jewish cemetery continues today. we'll explain how you can take part as police continue to search for the people responsible. well today is february 28th, fat tuesday, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. all of that plus a place to go for mardi gras fin tonight. first forecast with katie and the roads with meisha. >> good morning, happy tuesday. roads are looking good. they're looking nice, dry right now, hopefully stays
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that way. a lot of construction out there. we'll get to all of that. >> it won't necessarily stay that way all day, showers will develop, but the warmth beginning to build in the area. as we start things offer by taking you outside to storm scan3, clouds are out, there helping to keep temperatures little milder after this morning, as well, certainly some green speckles showing up across specially parts of the area here, not necessarily actually verifying at the ground level, but a lot of moisture beginning to build up in the atmosphere. taking a look at the temperatures, off to mild start here. 50 degrees, both millville, wildwood, 51 atlantic city, mid 40's going into philadelphia and the i95 corridor. but regardless, mile beginning to a february morning, yet again for us, here, and we're very likely going to continue this trend up on the thermometer. mid 60s the expectation, both in philly and at the shore, there will however be showers along the way specially later tonight. some of you might see couple of raindrops this morning, nothing terribly widespread. if you want to take the umbrella along for your travels throughout the day i
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think you will be able to get away with that, no umbrella required, but more clouds building out there today, definitely milder. but there will be some showers to dodge as a warmfront. let's -- that's through the area. >> thank you so much for that. looking outside dealing with the vine, actually not closed i don't think it was closed overnight. i did see some construction crews out there, kinds of pull off to the side and my way in actually but it was this is the closed overnight for the construction, looking good, still very dark out, there hopefully homing to keep levels light moving deeper into the 5:00 hour. right now no worries on the vine. looking okay, looks like the construction crews that were out there casino every pulled off to the side. doesn't look like they were out there any more. we do have construction, schuylkill eastbound past south. right lane compromised, see the cones in place, construction crews out there. one of the areas in the morning even in the 4:00 early 5:00 hour can absolutely start to trip us up. schuylkill around here south
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street will start to get little busy. then also construction in new jersey, 295 north between 42 and 168, one, two lanes block, should lift around 5:00 a.m. jim, over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. this morning local nurse will go before a judge facing some disturbing allegations accused of videotaping patients, while they were changing. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at yardley outside of the offers where the nurse works. good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim, authority believe they're at least eight victims and say there could be even more. they urge anyone who is at this practice and feel they may have been victimized to contact lower makefield police immediately. that's exactly what a 17 year old patient did earlier this month. she told police she was undressed inside a treatment room, at penn medicine dermatology in yardley when she notice add iphone on the floor recording her. investigators say that phone belongs to 45 year old james close, the nurse technician assigned to her treatment session, a search of close's phone uncovered 18 videos,
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four of the teen, the rest were of seven adult female patients, of this practice. >> i'm afraid there may be more. that's my concern at this point. we want to make sure we take care of the victims that we have. make them feel safe. try to get them to re-establish some kind after trust at least in the criminal justice system, if there are any other victims throughout we want to make sure we serve them, as well. >> we did reach out to pen medicine spokesman gave us this statement, we are appalled by the action of this former employee. and we are cooperating fully with this investigation. meanwhile, being held at the bucks county jail on $100,000 jail. expected to appear in court via video conference, at 9:00 a.m. this morning. but for now, live in yardley, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. police are investigating a violent home invasion in chester county after robbers left a 72 year old woman tied up for four days. east brandywine township
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police were called out to the 1,000 block of creek road sunday morning, police say the victim found assaulted and bound inside a closet. she told police she was getting out of her car last wednesday when grabbed from behind. now, police are now looking for the victim's stolen 2013 silver fiat 500. it has pennsylvania tags. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> the jewish federation every greater philadelphia is on a mission to clean up mount carmel cemetery. nearly 100 head stones you may recall were overturned and desecrated here at the jewish cemetery in wissinoming over the weekends. now the jewish federation is posting volunteer days, where people can help repair the damage. you can find the volunteer schedule at jewish meantime police are still looking for those vandals. >> the national museum of american jewish history has lawn connect project, on twitter the they announced missn to reserve stories, invites anyone burried at mount carmel
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to shake purr tours and stories, it can be sent to the e pail address on your screen. >> president trump is ready for his prime time address to a joint session of congress, first since taking offers. the president says he'll reminds lawmakers of what he has accomplished so far, look at what's next, delivering on campaign promises, talking about his plans with the nation's governors on monday. also expected to talk about his proposed budget which would give the big boost to the military. >> and the president has invited several guests to sit in the house chamber, megan crowley diagnosed with a rare disease as a child. so her father found the pharmaceutical company to find a cure. the widows of two california police officers killed by an immigrant illegally in the country. the meriweather became the first member of her family to graduate from high school and college. marine mccarthy scalia widow of supreme court justice antoine al skee a, and shaw, senior, father of football star killed by an immigrant.
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cbs live coverage of the president's address tonight. you can watch it starting at 9:00 starting cbs-3. also streaming it liver on meantime, new jersey governor chris christie is ready to unveil his final budget today. he is expected to address funding for schools, and the pensions every state public workers, they have until july 1st to approve the spending plan. christie's address is at 2:00 this afternoon, jim? >> new surveillance video shows the moment a plane crashed in southern california neighborhood killing three people while injuring two others. the plane went down on the way back from a cheerleading competition at disney lands, officials say a woman was thrown from the plane, and actually found inside the house the plane had hit. mirrage just lip, she suffered only minor injuries. no one on the grounds was injured. >> when we got here, we saw a lot of people panicking, things -- neighbors exiting, exiting, firefighters were taking people to safety.
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>> now the names of the victims have not been released yet. the cause of that crash remains under investigation. well the school district of philadelphia opens its kindergarten pre registration today for the school beginning in the fall. parents and guardians should schedule children five years old on or before september 1st. children six years old but did not attends is say should also be registered. >> already talking about next year already. random person getting a chance to conduct the philadelphia or orchestra. >> will happen during pre pop up concert tonight. guest will be led on stage to lead the orchestra. tickets were gone quickly when they went up for grabs. tonight at the verizon hall. includes performances from the garden state girl choir and new jersey boy choir. well, old-man-winter has been relatively nice to us here in the delaware valley lately. >> yes, it has. but for the pacific northwest, not so much. we will take to you seattle where people have been dealing with snow for several days.
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and the region's snowy stretch will make for seattle trademark rain. >> tanker truck crash closes interstate for eight hours, the dangerous cargo it was hauling, that special crews had to help with. stay with us.
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>> delaware state police investigating three vehicle crash involving a dart bus that sent six people to the hospital. take a look. chopper three was overhead where investigators say two cars and dart bus collided on i-95, the bus ended up in the grass near route 141 in new castle county of the told the crash happened before 6:00 last night, knowledge of the injuries are life threatening. well, interstate five is open again in downtown seattle. it was closed for more than eight hours after a frightening truck accident. a tanker truck caring propane overturned near the i5-i90 merge. about 10:00 yesterday morning. three people were injured. listed right now in stable condition. hazmat teams had to handle a leak in the propane trunk, but everything will be ready for
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this morning's commute. meanwhile folks in seattle getting slammed with winter weather cents some areas are hit with thunder snow. then couple of stormy days in washington state, snow showers started early sunday morning, carried over into yesterday. the areas mountain passes were reportedly hammered with snow while other areas closer to sea level saw little or no accumulation. temperatures are expected to rise by tomorrow bringing back seattle's usual rain and dreary necessary. >> i guess you can look forward to rain if what you had is snow? >> exactly. >> interesting how your perspective will change, right? >> well, would he might even see few snow showers before the week is said and done, but the bigger story will be the warmth and also some strong to severe thunderstorms that come our way on wednesday specifically. already tomorrow. that's with a cold front passage, very potent one at. that will so we start things by getting you outside. more region wise zoom on storm scan, up through up-state new york little bit of moisture starting to creep in there.
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we have seen some moisture overhead as well. in the form every cloud cover. it has been very mild start to the day. perhaps see couple every raindrops, nothing really going to slow you down, how much, i would say for the majority of the day you will not need umbrella but later tonight more widespread coverage every showers in the area. so we zoom it way out. show you the storm in question here. you can see, obviously, some wet weather errupting across indianna, wisconsin, this will be that storm that crosses through our area, bringing with it some locally strong thunderstorms, very likely, an actual squawl line in the p.m. hours of tomorrow. now, at the moment, the time willing isn't exactly pinpointed. i do think we've got good chance though of the evening rush to be impacted by this. but what kind of stormy weather are we talking about? downpours and winds seem to be the main concern. if ever thunder there will be lightning accompanying that. could be frequent crowd to ground lightning out of the storms, possibility of some hail. tore made i can activity low, a lot will depends on the
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heating of the day available to us, and the timing with which these storms come through. but if the timing is on our side, or maybe against us, just say, we could get some real heavy duty thunderstorms rumbling in with daytime high for march 1st at 74 degrees. quite the clash setting itself up in the atmosphere. then we drop 20 plus degrees right away, from one day to the next, clouds will clear, winds kicks in on thursday, meisha? >> katie, thank you for. that will good morning, everyone, hammy tuesday. so, looking outside at some construction, schuylkill eastbound, past south street, see the right lane is compromised right now, weaver all of the cones out, there plus the crews are still out there waiting for them to go away because we know even cracking into the 5:00 hour tuesday this is one of the areas that will get little busy. what we are looking at right now, heads up just moving out right now though you shouldn't have any problems maneuvering around that. then we also have some construction jersey 295 north between 42 and 168. one to two lanes block there. that should be lifting right around 5:00 a.m. another area where we have some construction also lifting at 5:00 a.m., is route 42
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northbound at 295. one to two lanes are also block here, and again, that should be lifting right around 5:00 a.m. i'll confirm when they move out of the way. also i want to pull your attention to track work, board inbound platforms between nine a.m. and 3:30 p.m., this will be between radnor and hughes park. heads up on. that will make sure to check your schedules on line. we will be rooting that throughout the morning, as well. also more construction city avenue north and south between 63rd and kings grant avenue that right lane is blocked there. starts at 9:00 a.m. it goes until 3:00 p.m. and this is actually going to be out there all week with us. this will linger out there until friday. heads up on that. more construction on route one. we talk a little bye this yesterday. talking about it again today. route one north and southbound directions at oxford valley. >> this will start at 10:00 a.m. going to run you to 3:00 p.m. this is also one of those construction project that will be lingering out there through friday, as well. jim, rahel, back to you. >> everything is under construction. thank you, meisha. well, youtube hits a big
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milestone. >> yes, the incredible amount of video people watch each day in this morning's money watch report. >> first, a live look from burbon street, this mardi gras morning, people will be partying there all day long. and into the night. >> doing the manaquine show? >> i believe so. >> thereofly still. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. can a filet, or a new york strip ever be topped? well, no. but for our new delmonico ribeye, perhaps we can make more room at the top. you can't fake steak longhorn steakhouse tonight's special, steakhouse cuts. featuring, for a limited time, the new delmonico ribeye, our tender flo's filet, and the juicy new york strip. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo. only at longhorn. shouldn't mean choosing to spend more. dannon's whole milk yogurt is made with all natural, non-gmo ingredients with vitamin d.
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>> hena daniels joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning. so youtube apparently hit new milestone. >> reporter: they have. and it is a big one, the google video platform says that people around the worlds are now watching 1 billion hours of youtube content every day. now, the 1 billion figure is ten-fold increase since 2012, in case you were wondering, the most watched youtube clip, never will guess this, gang ham style with more than
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7.7 billion views. >> ya, i wouldn't have guess that. >> that was a hit. so, hena, starbucks obviously making a mark with mackee at owe. i understands the coffee chain has new spring flavors? >> just in time for the season, new limited edition drinks served hot or cold for this changing weather. now, flavors on the menu include coconut milk mocha, iced carmel match at owe, anacine minute almond milk all made with frothy milk or milk alternatives, and there is also expressoment back to you. >> love the front, the more the better. >> skinny vanilla latte, thank you, hena, check in with you in the next hour. >> coffee, coffee, coffee. >> well, weaver mild mardi gras in store for us. >> yes, but katie the question of course how warm will it feel today? >> definitely taste of spring that's for sure here as we are wrapping up the month of february. march is set to come in like a lion with the potential of severe thunderstorms, we'll walk you through the threat,
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and have the full seven day on the
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>> the franklin institute is getting it party started tonight for mardi gras theme. video of last year's event actually. >> this year's party includes a live performance by brass bound, will bring its soul full twist, guests enjoy cocktails, one or two, museum kicks off celebration tonight at 7:00. katie? >> and, rahel, looking ahead to pretty mild day for any of your outdoor plans, if you want to be out during the day you will not need the umbrella, but later into the evening, into the overnight, we are going to see couple of showers actually develop out there.
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that's the sign of the latest storm system on the move t does bring in with it some pretty nasty thunderstorms come tomorrow. at the moment, here, locally, just some clouds overhead, we do have some moisture obviously, in the atmosphere, through up-state new york rain and some snow showers falling there. you have some rain also out to sea at this hour, but with time there will be more showers that pick up. that will happen specially again tonight. meantime the warmfront has done its job, almost 30 degrees warmer in millville than we were this same time yesterday. that's obviously the anomaly of the rest of the region here. you are mainly into the teens for surplus at the moment for vast majority of the region, wildwood, atlantic city though, 22 degrees surplus from the same time yesterday. so what's that mean for the thermometer? fifty right now in atlantic city at the airport there, 45 at philadelphia international airport. and even in the poconos, 40 degrees, at this hour. now, as we look ahead in the seven day, yes, this isn't even the warmest it will get folks. seventy-four tomorrow. setting up a serious clash in the atmosphere as very potent cold front comes through. so similar, similar, what we
4:54 am
saw saturday, squawl line rumbling on in here, and it could come with timing that meets up with the p.m. rush. so, that is going to be something that needs to be monitored. at this point, the timing still needs to fine tuning which we will give you as we become more confident. p.m. issue tomorrow. main threat of the storms meisha will be gusty winds and very heavy downpours. >> yes, good to know for our evening commuters, that's going to cause some problems. katie, thank you so much. looking outside right now, good morning. by the way, ben franklin bridge, westbound direction, to center city. looking good, you get big thumbs-up this morning, looking good right now. looking dry. so that's good for our morning commute thus far. plus construction operate the schuylkill eastbound past south streetment looking at that right now, that's clearing out of the way right now. looking okay right there, right lane compromised, pulled offer to the shoulder. talking more construction in jersey, 295 north between 42 and 168, one, two lanes block,
4:55 am
should g lifting right around 5:00 a.m. another area lifting four had, 5:00 a.m., route 42, plus track work on the norristown high-speed line. heads up. boarding inbound, platforms between nine a.m. and 3:30 p.m. between radnor and hughes park, tweet that out for you, as well, check the schedules on line, plus construction city avenue north and south between 63rd and kings grant avenue. we were talking about that yesterday. talking about it again today. the right lane block between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. that's going to run us through friday. kind of the same story here, talking about this yesterday, route one both directions at oxford valley between ten a.m. and 3:00 p.m. that construction in that also will be lingering out there through friday as well. then the vine not closed overnight for that construction, looking pretty good. push into the westbound direction, toward the schuylkill, and also the eastbound side. this is what you will be looking at again. you can see the roadways nice and dry for now, and looking very, very quiet on the vine. then when we look, first look into new jersey 42 freeway
4:56 am
northbound at creek road, approaching 295, this is what you are looking at there. another big thumbs-up in 42. jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. coming up in the next hour every cbs-3 "eyewitness news," more on the local nurse that's facing some disturbing allegations. >> also, we go live to chapel hill for preview of president trump's address to congratulate err tonight. >> we are continuing to update our story, developing story, i should say. plane crashes into california home, now, there are fatalities, but also an incredible story of survival. we're back at the top of the hour. stay with us. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters.
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>> did i dis it is be allegations about an area nurse, and we'll tell you why authority fear there could be more victims out there. and new video released overnight shows a plane falling from the sky and into a california home. we've got more on this developing story including how neighbors rush to help the victim. plus this. >> president trump will deliver his first speech before a joint session of congress. i'm don champion of washington with a preview coming up. well, today is tuesday, february 28th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning, ladies? well, good morning, everyone, are you happy it is no longer monday? >> yes. >> that's right, actually looking real good out this morning, a lot of construction, no accidents to speak of so far. so hopefully we have good day on tap in terms of dry
5:00 am
roadways. >> we have storm system on the way, not here yet, we do have moisture already out there. warmfront lifted through, allowing temperatures to rebound nicely. see little batch of rain actually just off shore there. thankfully for the most part bypasses us, atlantic county for example you may find shower here and there. in fact, already, find that here and there. so, expect it might be a little bit after damp roadway here and there. i don't think you'll need the umbrella today. partly sunny skies expected generally then later tonight that's going to change as we see some additional showers picking up here. temperatures as they stands at the moment are very, very mild. 46 degrees at the airport, 39 in reading, one of the coolest of the pack, but millville, atlantic city already in the low 50's here, even in the outlying suburbs, mid four's to report. and in a place like palmyra of course, quakertown at 36, 38 degrees in pottstown, pa. as the day progresses expect generally just partly sunny sky. p.m. hours, evening, then into the overnight, there will be some showers that cross


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