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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 21, 2017 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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watching. she achieved a lot by shining a spotlight and worked just as hard when the cameras were gone. >> and kate and william's kids have a role in the wedding. an attendant and the flower girl. we will have a wrap up of all the festivities on monday. let's talk about pirates of the caribbean. we got a first look at the fifth installment. >> action. >> action. >> i think what we've done here is come up with surprises. things that are more bizarre, dark, even. >> where is he? >> i think it will have that element of surprise. >> no pressure, johnny. but how do you top that classic original? it spawned 14 years of sequels and $4 billion in box office
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booty. how about 700 extras, more than four months on set and a budget that hit $230 million. >> do you think robbing a bank is easy? >> something huge happening every day. it had an energy and a force that i have never experienced before. >> reporter: it was overwhelming for brendan dwayne. so he turned to the 25-year-old who takes over for kyra knightley who takes over. >> we were in awe of all the actors and sets and things and turn to each other going it's crazy. >> thursday they invaded hollywood for their premiere. and since johnny is often said he and jack sparrow have a lot of similarities, he tests the cast with jack or johnny. >> who is naughtier? >> jack. >> jack. >> who is the biggest prankster.
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>> me. >> johnny. >> who takes longer to get ready in the morning? >> jack is never ready. >> who likes the rum better? >> jack. >> johnny would kill me if i tell the truth. >> johnny. >> jack still got him. >> i want to be him. >> you are in your head. >> it's scary in there. >> we'll be talking to jack and the pirates crew next week on "e.t." but let's talk -- >> getting nervous. we have been sending this one all over the country on a wild ride to see if he has what it takes to conquer some of the world's biggest challenges. they're so nice you have to see it twice. can cam become a ninja warrior. >> i'm at texas free running academy and i am training with american ninja extraordinaire jessie who is going to show me a couple things.
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hopefully not that. >> she's going to make history. >> my training started where every course begins, the floating steps. >> ready? >> give it a shot. >> feeling good. feeling confident. i'm okay. whoa. after a few more tries i think i've got it down. >> so good, right? >> i think i pulled a muscle. i'm okay. >> next, jessie tested my upper body strength, agility and balance. >> woo. >> yes. >> not pretty. not pretty. but effective. >> ninjas train in all different ways from rock climbing, trampoline, pretty much anywhere but a gym and jessie does it with her pet pig in the living
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room she has renovated to a ninja gym. after one more two-hour training session it was time to try the real ninja course. >> we are in cleveland now. i'm telling you right now it's getting real and my ninja on the ground, the one that is going to help me through this is ninja natalie. >> showing she is among the best. >> i'm going to be with you on the sidelines. i want you to listen to me. because i'm going to help you out with the cues. slow it down, speed it up, breathe. this is going to be fun. >> before i knew it, the stage was set. the sun was down an i was up. it was my moment of truth. >> first up tonight! the man from "entertainment tonight," it's going to be the first one to tackle this course. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, cameron
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>> bounding here! >> push off! nice, cam, good! >> now on to the rolling log. >> we know that cameron has -- -- >> hold on for your life. >> oh, my! >> come on! >> cameron looking clean shaven often goes with the stubble he says makes him look more manly. >> forward, forward! >> oh, no! no, no, no! >> and that was some "entertainment tonight." i think cameron got a glimpse of his own handsome reflection in the water. you can see him look downgoing i look good. a hard impact but all in all, a great effort out of cameron. >> it really was, matt. >> i went down on obstacle
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number three. >> it was a -- >> it was kind of can. i'll take that. >> good job. >> i should be happy, right. >> that fall was impressive. >> full marks on the fall. the thing is i know i could have gotten further. they did invite me back next year as an actual ninja. the new season of american ninja warrior kicks off on june 12th. >> we wihave so many more challenges. >> can cam outrace josh duhamel? or can cam make it as a chippendales dancer? >> yeah! >> and that's nothing. can cam survive his biggest fear? >> she's pointing at me. how the stars of "this is us" are spending their vacation. a look at the extreme adventure with bear grylls.
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try new herbal essences and let life in" ♪ the cast of will and grace having a good time celebrating the news that they are coming back to nbc this fall. "this is us" is moving to thursdays at 9:00. >> the gang on that show is also very tight. but is there romance on screen becoming true in real life? you know we went to get to the bottom of that one. >> if people are falling in love with jack and rebecca. why can't milo and mandy date? we are close friends and that's what we do. >> there are rumors that milo is dating a boy band ex.
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but a source says that report is full of inaccuracies. >> are you happy in your own love life right now? >> everything keeps rolling. >> the cast stayed close with a giant group text. mandy is shooting a thriller. justin hartley is planning his wedding. >> can you tell me the pearson family is going to be at your wedding? >> i hope so. >> as for krissy metz? she has been busy taking on the haters. >> you don't understand what it took to have the courage to put the dress on. it's my body. i can wear where what i want. >> and sterling k. brown is filming the predator and faced one of his biggest fears on running wild with bear grylls. >> raccoons. they freak me out. i know it sounds -- >> this is going to be dinner. >> oh, god.
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are you kidding me? this is weird. oh, boy. i would have rather killed a deer. >> i wouldn't do it. besides eating raccoon in the wilderness he has a bio pic of thurgood marshal. coming up, the can cam challenge continues as he challenges josh duhamel in a maserati race. >> you told me we were going miniature golfing. >> who will win? can cam survive his biggest fear,
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well, welcome back, everybody, now hold on i got to give you your lights. you have been having quite the week here, my friend. earlier we showed you cameron's attempt to become a ninja warrior.
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>> i got four hours of practice. i made it half way through the course. not bad. >> it was cam kind of can. and then we upped the ante. can cam outrace josh duhamel in a maserati? >> come on. three, two, one. >> we are here at little springs international raceway. the wind is blowing and the cars are going all over the place and josh duhamel, car racer extraordinaire. >> it's josh and me duelling it on the track. >> bring it on. >> i had reason to be confident thanks to time spent four days earlier with a secret weapon.
5:20 am
that's my instructor. the location, a track in west palm beach florida with a maserati racing instructor. >> gentlemen, engines on. >> forward. >> forward. >> slow in fast out. >> slow in to a turn, fast out of the turn. sorry, josh. i got the intel. woo! as for my competition, josh has flashed his need for speed many the transformers franchise. in the audience for the fifth installment may be his son axel. >> i'm on the fence whether i should bring him. he's 3 1/2. is he too young? >> i would take him. >> i may damage him for life. >> do you think this suit will make me go faster. >> what is this? and are you wearing underwear? >> i'm naked under this. >> my friends call me grandpa
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because i drive so slowly. i'm slow playing you because when i get out there i'm going to kick your [ bleep ]. >> we can bleep that. our first race. eight turns in 8.6 miles, top speed, 115 miles an hour. >> full throttle. go, go, go, go. >> you said you were a grand pa driver. >> you're up. >> now it's my turn to teach grandpa a lesson. >> to the left. good job. there you go. left, lefters left, throttle, throttle, throttle. but josh takes it by just over a second. i go first on the next test, the slalom. >> here we go. josh is off like a banshee. and he wins barely.
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the final test comes with a twist. a slalom driving backwards. >> yeah, he's faster backwards. >> for the last half, grandpa takes a little shortcut. >> oh, no. >> woo! i crushed that last one. where are all the cones? >> i win by over four seconds so i'm the overall winner, right? >> the official winner is josh duhamel. >> what? you're the -- >> it looks like can can't beat me. >> i guess it does. >> that was a lot of fun. thank you. >> i'm not going to lie to you, that one hurt. that one left a mark.
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i had no idea. >> i have seen you drive faster out of this parking lot on a daily basis. >> i can handle fast cars. but snakes, now that is where i draw the line. >> i'm glad you are still here with me after this one. but we got you help from a pros for this one. bindi irwin, the question is, can cam tame snakes? >> i'm overcoming some of my fears today with the irwin families who are bringing -- scary yet adorable, apparently, species. no, no, really, for real. >> that didn't make me feel confident about what i was getting into. >> how sweet is this diamond python. >> i would use a different adjective probably. >> i'm going the take his little head here. >> he's grabbing on now. >> he's just going to hold on to you like you're a tree. >> how quickly can we get an
5:24 am
ambulance here? >> bindy has been handling snakes her whole life. she got her first snakebite at 18 months old. i wasn't ready for what came next. >> this next snake, his menu item is other snakes. since you have handled the other snakes you have to wash you up. that snake, a five foot indigo python. >> do i look comfortable right now? >> yes. >> it's preparing. >> he has never eaten a single person. i swear. >> feeling pretty good. then i saw this. what? what is happening? okay, okay. slow -- slow movement. a 14-foot albino retechlated
5:25 am
python named lemon. >> this is a snake big enough to eat a person. >> yeah. >> she is a sweetheart, too. >> she grows to be the longest snake in the world. >> is she hungry. >> she is shedding her skin. she is just about done shedding. she'll need something the size of a small goat when she is done shedding. >> she's pointing at me. >> she's totally fine. promise. >> we have her forked tongue senses heat. >> how -- please, please -- >> you can do this. >> what's happening? >> you're praying. >> you're totally fine. totally fine. >> i want to swear so badly. but i'm not going to. note to self, never do this again. >> the only thing i have to say is that cam can handle snakes. congratulations! you did it!
5:26 am
>> well done. >> okay. starting to sweat a little bit. >> have you lost your mind? >> you know, we should have had a heart rate monitor on me so people could see how high my heart rate got. i was terrified reliving it. >> i can't imagine. you are a good one. we have one more can cam challenge and i think you want to stay tuned for this one. >> no. no. totally wrong. >> can cameron make it as a chippendale dancer? and will he bare all on their stage? >> then crawford's look alike model daughter doing an imitation of her mom. >> she does cindy better an i do. >> closed captioning provided by --
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runway models on the runway? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money evan saved by switching to geico. i would not wear that lace. hmm, i don't know? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer... ...than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper and now try bounty with new despicable me 3 prints. in theaters june 30. if you are just joining us here are the top five stories, katy perry joins "american
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idol." >> she was just named a judge. >> we got the details from james corden after he taped this carpool karaoke special. >> on the day we shot she had to make up her mind that day. we talked at all out in the car and talked about other things she never talked about publicly before. >> number four, jessica simpson gets real. >> it's important for me to let every woman feel included. because i have been every size. >> she has been a size 4, a size 12 and everything in between. this weekend she says how she turned her struggles into a $1 billion fashion empire. >> you think these are big now, you should have seen them a long time ago. i have been every size. number three, taylor swift's new guy. ♪
5:31 am
♪ but i can't make him stay. >> say hello to joelwood. according to reports, the secret british actor boyfriend that taylor has been dating since march. this is the last time we saw taylor. she went home to nashville for mother's day. and she hopped on a private jet that landed in london where joe shares a house with his mom and dad. >> number two, the passing of sound garden's chris cornell. the 52-year-old died in detroit wednesday night after taking his own life. the two-time grammy winner helped create a genera of music, the seattle sound. >> it's a dream come true. >> brad pitt opens up about brad pitt. tuesday in new york a thinner brad in baggy pants made light of fans' concerns for him.
5:32 am
he said i'm not suicidal or something, there's much beauty in the world. there's a lot of love and a lot of love to be given. brad says he is keeping the ship afloat and figuring out the new c configuration of the family. go to for the latest. the daughter of cindy crawford is following his mom's footsteps. >> she is wi15 and doing charit work and talking for the first time together. >> what is the one thing that people would be surprised to learn. >> she is the most easy going person. >> she is not going to demand hair and makeup. >> she's my new pr. >> they both look flawless and you know the comparisons about
5:33 am
how much this mother and daughter look alike. it doesn't bother them one bit. >> i heard you have a spot-on imitation. >> i drew on a mole and i channelled my inner cindy. it's the hair. it's really the hair. when i do my hair in a side part -- >> she does cindy better than i do. >> i sat down with them as they hosted a best buddies brunch. the charity supports those with intellectual disabilities took the occasion to shine a spotlight on mom. >> if you child has any kind of issue that keeps them out of the main stream that has to be so much harder for a mom and so much more to worry about and so much greater a challenge. i think those mothers for them to be extra specially recognized is a great thing for me to do. to celebrate my mother's day. >> cindy is a global ambassador and has been critical to the success of the organization
5:34 am
according to the founder. >> cindy has been involved over 20 years. she is a great name but she really gives her time and energy and recruits people and gets people engaged and leads by example and showing her kids how important it is. >> your kids don't always maybe listen to you. but they watch you. >> that is true. because i remember seeing she would take me to the hospital to visit the kids and i can give some kids or a smile then i would do it in a heart beat. >> the mother's day brunch raised $300,000 to benefit people with intellectual disabilities. now to a hollywood husband dishing on his celebrity wife. >> they have starred together in a ton of films including bridesmaids and ben is telling all about his life with melissa on and off the set.
5:35 am
>> what is the best thing about being married to your wife? >> i love her to pieces. she's the greatest. she is just a really nice person who is fun to hang out with. >> no hard feelings, right? >> they met studying improv 19 years ago. so you have to believe it has rubbed off on the couple's girls. >> my kids do skits around the dinner table. my daughter has a character she calls the businessman. she's like hello, i'm the businessman. it's her take on what a businessman would be like. >> can you see a little bit of the comedic and the acting in your daughters? >> yeah, i can. you know -- >> you're so excited. >> i get nervous about it. it's a tricky business when you get into it. but they are funny and great kids. if they wanted to pursue that, they should when they're 25. >> ben shares more parenting
5:36 am
insights in his book, being a dad is weird. melissa wrote the forward. >> i know this is a love letter for your parents especially your father but is it more of a love letter to your daughters. >> absolutely, and to melissa. it's about the adventure of it all, how i grew up and the way i'm different than my dad with my girls and i'm probably weirder than my dad, even. but he is a weird guy. it's a big happy mess. >> straight ahead, the new dirty dancing. we're with the cast. plus our new can cam series gets steamy. can he strip down like a chippendale. >> you know what would help me? if we all did it to
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welcome back, everyone. dirty dancing the remake is coming to abc next week and the original is turning 30 years old this week. >> i went and talked to the stars of the movie and asked them that very same question. you were trying to -- it's okay. it's going to be okay sfwchlt i totally get it. i'm a fan too. i'm with you. >> it's not the same but it's something that people love. why not bring it back? >> abigail breslin says that the
5:40 am
tv movie is longer by about 40 minutes they altered the ending by adding more story lines. as for recreating patrick swayze's line. >> nobody puts baby in a corner. >> real talk. how many times did you practice nobody puts baby in the corner? >> real talk? >> zero. >> on camera -- ruined the take. >> they can edit around it. i'm so sorry. >> still makes me want to dance. >> that's what it is supposed to do. >> absolutely. the sound track to the tv movie is out and in addition to the cast singing you can hear lady a antebellum and sia. come on now, we're down to the finals for "dancing with the
5:41 am
stars." how does rashad jennings do it? i found out the hard way. >> i don't train to get jacked up. i train to be an nfl running back. >> so basically if you trained to make your body look good it would be better than this. >> it would look different. i would say that. yeah. i woke up at 6:30 a.m. to get here at 7:00 a.m. the weight room earlier and now we're going to hit the field. >> are we done? i mean is that -- >> we just warming up. think about sticking that butt out. >> like a horse having like a seizure. >> next up, resistance running.
5:42 am
>> it was like a ski workout. >> then there's the sled. 200 pounds, plus the weight of rashad. >> push this thing! going back. >> and to finish the 45-minute workout, sprints. >> a photo finish. you got it! you got it! >> in addition to his daily 3 1/2 hour training session he spends five hours in the dance studio rehearsing. he is determined to take home the mirror ball trophy. >> she is magnificent. >> who is the one couple that you would be like, if i could just remove this couple i'd be in? >> if i could i would like to remove all of them. >> still to come, the bay watch stars kiss and tell.
5:43 am
>> greatest thing you have ever tasted that's what it is like kissing me. i mean kissing her. >> what is it like looking in her eyes? >> it's crazy. >> is cameron baring all as a chippendale's dancer? it gets steamy. >> no, no. totally wrong. >> that is under the category i can't believe i did that. we'll find out coming up. but first this weekend in the "e.t."ette -- birthdays. we have big names, diana ross, "e.t."ette -- birthdays. we have big names, diana ross, barbara does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. welcome back, everybody, so far we have had cameron tackle the american ninja warrior. that was pretty good. you tried to tame some snakes and you raced josh duhamel. >> like a kid in a candy store other than the snake. >> what else could you do? we're going to crank up the heat now, we're going to have you conquer this challenge. stripping. on stage. with tyson beckford. i'm ready for this one. can cam become a chippendale's dancer? ♪ >> what's the craziest fan experience that you've had here at chippendales?
5:47 am
>> probably the underwear. we have a box back there for underwear, trinkets. >> that they throw at you? >> yeah. i've had two but one wanted her underwear back at the end of the show. >> have you ever dated a fan? >> not a date-date. but we have a flirt lounge where we can flirt with them. >> a while back. you had mariah carey. did she get a kick out of it. >> she gave me $300. >> you're not supposed to tip us, but she was like take the boys out for a drink. >> there are rules. you have to rehearse up to four hours a day but most important is the sixth rule all must be at least 6 feet tall and have a six pack. an 8-pack is good too. was i up for this can cam
5:48 am
challenge? tyson put me through his boot camp. lesson number one, how to do the shirt rip. >> grab right here? >> no. totally wrong. >> so that was a bit of a fail. can i get another shirt? >> i'm a little excited. we're going the make you a chippendale yet. >> you know what would help me if we all did it together. count it. >> three, two, one. yeah! >> lesson two, the workout before we turn it out on stage. >> we like to work out before we hit the stage. >> they do this one hour before show time to get the muscles popping. then i put the clothes back on
5:49 am
and the show begins. tyson puts me to the test. >> i'm going to bring up a special friend. where's cameron? let's go, buddy. all right. >> this is it, my moment pec flexing, shirt ripping truth. [ cheers and applause ] yeah! yeah! >> cameron! >> finally the encore and my reward. >> the adrenaline was pumping. i did all right? >> you did. you graduated my brother. >> really? the bow tie and cuffs. my wife will like that.
5:50 am
>> yes, she will. >> can cam. >> can i put my shirt on now? >> no. >> all right, now, i got to call myself out a little bit. that one was the least outside my comfort zone. i felt kind of comfortable up there. >> i want to know what you did with the collar and cuffs. >> i still got those. you can see the experts at the rio all suites hotel in las vegas. you don't want to miss it. >> maybe cameron will show up on stage again. >> let's talk about these hot bodies, shall we. the gang from bay watch. their movie is out on thursday and duane "the rock" johnson is where kevin frazier went and got to talk to all the stars at their premiere. ♪ >> i mean, everybody came. this is what happens when you have a premiere in your
5:51 am
hometown. >> dwayne's family included his mom, and daughter. >> it's got to be amazing watching your child -- >> absolutely not. oh, my god, no. no. so embarrassed. >> with her look alike sister. >> look at the eyes. >> all the girls in the family. >> i text pictures of posters you're in. i'm so excited. >> my parents and aunt and uncle are here taking this all in. >> my mom went to my cousin's engagement. >> also in on the party, david hasselhoff and pamela anderson, both who have cameos in the movie. >> does your life go in slo-mo like that? >> yes.
5:52 am
>> i had do a scene with the rock. and the first thing i did was get in the gym for six weeks. >> dwayne more than manned for the movie, locking lips with zac for this scene. >> you got say it was like -- zac efron has soft lips, guys. >> who kisses better? >> are you being serious? >> obviously the rock. >> she was a better kisser, for sure. but it was funnier to look up and see dwayne's face. >> look up and seeing alexandria's face had zac smitten. she was tweeting pictures of the two of them. >> what is it like looking in her eyes? >> it's crazy. it's a different blue. >> there were long looks and kisses between -- >> is dwayne being asked what is
5:53 am
his kiss -- >> i would like to hear that answer, dwayne. >> tell me, dwayne, what was it like. >> imagine your favorite milk shake. i want you to add the greatest thing you've ever tasted, mixed all up. and that's what it's like kissing me. i mean, kissing her. >> kidding of course but it's the rock has to feel good about himself. he had just flown in from the set of "rampage". >> how are you balancing this? >> it's crazy. but i have to keep the family close. where i go, they go, and i go to work. >> they have become close. and alexandria said it wasn't romantic kissing zac. that's hard to believe. she says there was too much chlorine in the water. >> that could take the romance out of the kiss. >> down,
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travel consideration provided by -- look at all the stars with birthdays this weekend.
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mr. t is celebrating turning 65 and now take a final look at the choices. who is the only female performer to have a number one hit in the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s? that is cher, who is 71 this weekend. monday on "e.t." >> a big day. >> miley, cher, celine, backstage at the billboard music awards. >> i can't wait. >> monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the hollywood news go to our website, >> before we go, check out this new video. >> it's for cheat code's new song "no promises." it's been streamed 75 million times and the group is on tour. >> i promise you, you're going to like it. >> that's a promise. ♪
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♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. we're following developing news this morning. a violent night in north philadelphia. eight people are shot. returned to area hospitals. we're liver with the latest from police. somebody please come forward and somebody please tell me who did this to my on. >> a mother pleads for help to find a gunman who shot her two year old son. and the eyes of the muslim worlds will be on president trump today, as he delivers a big speech on islam in saudi arabia. >> today is sunday, may 21, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo, cloudy day yesterday. will the sun make appearance today? let's get right over to meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast, good morning, pat. so what's


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