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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute >> we're on verdict watch as jury deliberates fate of david creato, junior, camden county father accused of killing his three-year old son. >> verdict could come today as jury will have first full day of deliberations. face-to-face at the vatican president trump meets with pope francis midway through his first overseas trip. and remembering the victims of the concert terror attack in manchester, england as british prime minister raises terror threat level from severe to critical. >> this means that their assessment is not only an attack remains highly likely but that the attack may be imminent. an airport emergency in newark, new jersey passengers evacuate a plane after an engine goes up in flames. >> odd to do show like house of card that does not seem as crazy as reality anymore.
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>> as christopher walken might say, it is crazy. >> all right. kevin spacey on life imitating art. >> well, katie, rain chances continue today. >> they do indeed, thankfully do i not need my umbrella out here but there are many that are waking up, walking out the door to showers that are somewhat steady. that is true for parts of the west and northern most suburbs outside of philadelphia but there are showers working through new jersey, delaware as well. we will go to the maps. we will show you where things are active, primarily steady rain coming through right now across southeastern, pennsylvania, in rain drops just a moment here on the deck as i said that i felt like i feel one but as morning progress these is moving out. you can see back edge to the wet weather out there our temperatures are very uniform. fifty-seven, magic number for 95 corridor let alone garden state parkway there we're all
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in the mid to upper 50's but there is wet weather to dodge. go in the place like doyletown , quakertown, pottstown, all of the towns at 55 appease. even willow grove and mount holly. as the day goes on we will see not only wet weather make its exit but cloud break for some sun. i don't think we will see bright, sunny skies this afternoon but hey at least it dries out and we will see some peaks of sunshine. the thing is thinks a brief break, guys even though we will dry out for rest of the day and good portion of the night. another storm is already, looming, so meisha, later on i'll let you know how long that gets here and how long it is expect to last. >> that would be good to know. very good morning. happy wednesday, we are looking outside, schuylkill at girard taillights moving in the eastbound direction, headlights moving in the westbound direction. we are working and heating up just a little bit right now, 202 headlights in the north bound direction between swede forward road. in all these shots just how wet, and dampness even without
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rain coming down we know that can slow us down. it might, later as we move more closer in the 6:00 o'clock hour and 7:00 o'clock hour. at around 5:33 in the morning this is what we are dealing w 202. lou g you look quiet. then a split for you, blue route at route one taillights moving in the northbound direction and then 95 at airport taillights moving in the southbound direction. you can see both again everything is looking very wet in terms of the congestion levels we are not seeing those anywhere really. 422 there was a couple spots that looked like they were heating up but that is what we're working with this morning. would i still leave early? yes. sometimes you cannot travel at posted speed when it is so wet on the roadways. then we have got some construction wilmington, delaware, 495 look at these, 495 south ramp to edgemore road closed, 495 north between route nine and 12th street two lanes blocked between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and north bound between route 13
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and 12th street two right lanes are blocked and that will hold until 6:00 a.m. i will confirm when that clears or begins, rahel, back to you. overseas, president trump is in italy after meeting pope francis at vatican this morning. twenty-six previously clashed on various issues. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in the news center with more on the significance of this morning's meeting, good morning, jan. >> reporter: this meeting could ease tension between president trump and pope francis. those at the meeting earlier this morning report the mood was stiff at first with the pope rather stone faced at times, but during the gift exchange the mood did lighten considerably. president trump continued his nine day foreign trip at the vatican where he was welcomed by swiss guard and then taken to meet pope frances. they shook hand and posed for photographs ahead of the private meeting behind closed doors. president trump and pontiff have not always seen eye to eye during u.s. presidential
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campaign, the holy father called out then candidate trump saying anyone who concentrates on walls and bridges is in the a christian. >> the pope says something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't christian, okay. he is questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: last week pope francis told journalist he hopes to find common ground saying in part what can the world expect peace, whatever the topic or whoever is in front of me, whoever that person may be, it is peace. also at vatican today first lady melania trump, daughter ivanka and her husband jared kushner. so what were those gifts that they exchanged? pope francis gave the president a metal that symbolizes peace with books about family, home, environment and joy of the gospel. president trump gave the pope first addition set of the doctor martin luther king's writing, they highlight doctor king's message of love,
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understanding, peace. up next for president trump, he will sit down with italy's president and prime minister before meeting with natoal is in brussels. live from the news center jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". time right now 5:36. in business news this morning, how the manchester terror attack is impacting the stock market. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with the numbers, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. futures are pointing to a higher opened. investors are shrugging awful terror concerns from overseas. dow jones rose 43 points yesterday, nasdaq up five. target reached an 18 and a half million-dollar settlement over that massive data breach from christmas 2013. hackers stole credit and credit card info from millions of customers. settlement money will be divide add monk 47 states in d.c., mostly based on their population. apple wants to take a bite out of android smart phones, company is using web site to tell customers how to switch,
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top of the page, it says life 's easier on the i phone and then questions that pump up best features of the iphone at the bottom you can find out how to buy an apple. candy co are trying to capitalized on americans appetite for spicy food, skittles and star burst will be rolling out spicy versions of their canned which fiery water melon and flaming orange think should be available later this year. jim and rahel. >> that is wrong, wrong. >> it is like hot tomialies. >> don't touch classics, my star burst, i don't need them like they did an upgrade on the star burst, i'm not a skit tles. >> what do you think, jill. >> reporter: i'm not a skittl es fan i like star bursts and i think this one is okay because they will still have the original and it is just like the sour patch kids, maybe i'm confusing sour and
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spicy. >> i think you're right, hot hot tomialies. i also love spicy foody do not like spicy stuff. >> only time will tell, thank you so much. >> we will see. on to other things is there something new brewing in trenton. >> new jersey capitol city business to get first ever star bucks. >> first ever. >> first ever, yeah. >> coffee chain says it is part of the plan to invest in 15 under served communities across the country. star down the street from the state house is scheduled to open later this year. aim sure a lot of people will be happen bye that. that construction you see isn't all for nothing. new report is naming market east as most desirable retail location in the country. the report released by real estate research firm jll put up and coming neighborhood ahead of the popular destinations like new york's fifth avenue knew and san francisco union square. they spoke to an expert who told us that he is not surprised by the news. >> i think it is a time that has come and i think economic ally this city still offers a great deal. i think square foot rent,
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rents for apartments and so forth if you look at new york, san francisco, boston, we are still economically viable and i believe that is part of why the growth is here. >> they were based on new construction growth potential and rental rates. report found that market east rental rates average $50 per square foot while new york city is fifth avenue knew district averaged more than $2,000 per square foot. bodies of the four climbers have been found dead in the 10t at highest camp on mount everest. sherpa rescuers made the discovery last night. there are no details on who they are or where they are from, 10 people have died so far, in this years climbing season. well, united airlines plane catches fire, in new jersey forcing passengers to evacuate this happened last night at newark liberty international airport. airport officials say plane was taxiing for take off when engine caught fire. passengers and crew escaped using emergency slide. officials say five people suffered minor injuries in the evacuation and the airport was
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briefly closed as a precaution search is on for an arsonist who authorities say set a rowan university frat house on fire. flames consumed the fraternity house on hamilton road in glassboro last week. three people, escaped the flames. fraternity is over a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. police say aid wooden fence down the street was also set on fire. family of slain singer cristina grimmie is expected to refile their lawsuit begins venue where she was killed. florida judge, dismissed lawsuit yesterday, and the 22-year old musician you may recall who grew up in marlton, new jersey was shot to death by a fan last year after performing in orlando. the gun man then fatally shot himself. grimmie's family says more security should have been in place at that venue. a philadelphia man has a new chance of freedom of serving 24 years in prison for a crime did he not commit. >> shawn thomas was met outside state correctional institution in factville, schuylkill county yesterday. earlier in the day the philadelphia district attorney 's office vacated his
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conviction and life sentence. thomas told "eyewitness news" he is now focusing on family. >> rebuild my relationship with my daughters, my mom, my nephews, you know, stuff like that, stuffy didn't do before, i do now, being that i was a teenager when i got locked up and i'm a grown man now. >> in 1994 thomas was sentenced to mandatory life without parole for 1990 murder for a man in north philadelphia lawyers with the pennsylvania innocence project helped free thomas, using evidence that prosecutors have in the seen before next month the district attorney's office will hold a hearing to decide if it will retry thomas for that case. up next we will look at who will be performing at parkway. and fcc made a decision, find out if late show hoe stephen colbert will face a fine about a joke he made about the president. >> ♪
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>> katie fehlinger is very excited. >> yes. >> tom cruise. tom cruise getting back in the danger zone. toll but plans for sequel to top gun next.
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well, i got to tell you tom cruise once again feels the need, the need, for speed. he told an australian morning show that filming for top gun two will likely begin within the next year. katie, did you hear that. >> oh, my god i'm so excited. this time saturday marks 31st anniversary of the original film that propelled tom cruise to superstar come. people are excited about that. they say they will not take action against stephen colbert for a risque joke he made about president trump. on may 1st broadcast of his late she comedian made a joke suggesting president trump and russian president putin engaged in a sexual act. remark prompted quite a bit of backlash against colbert with trump supporters calling for colbert to be fired n a statement, fcc says they have reviewed complaint and concluded there was nothing actionable under fcc rules. and comedian jon stewart's
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highly anticipated show on hbo will not happen after all. citing technical issues hbo and stewart said in a joint statement they will not proceed with a short firm digital animated project. while that show won't pan out, hbo has future projects planned with stewart. i have been waiting for this story all morning long, queen of r and b mary j. blige will head line this years welcome america festival at ben franklin parkway on independent day and philadelphia's mayor jim kenney is a big fan, let's take a listen. >> we don't need no hateer nation. >> applause. >> as you can tell, i love mary j. blige. wow. i think we have achieved this great celebration over the last 24 years and i see no reason why this won't continue for 25th rendition. >> mayor go on, go on.
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there will be a tribute to philadelphia's very own boys two men and new philly pops band will make its debut. welcome america festivities begin june 29th. >> very nice, well done. >> i got to say politics aside i will give him a big round of applause. >> he lives in my neighborhood very nice guy. when he does things like this it surprises me. >> yes. >> mary j. blige. >> amazing. >> i will tell you my sister in law, absolute favorite artist of all time, so i have a feeling she will come up and check this out. >> okay, i have a feeling you will be talking about rain. >> yes. >> we have got some rain in the forecast for multiple days , more systems to track. >> listen i just planted plants in my flower pots and stuff so i'm not complaining. >> i know but we have a holiday weekend. lot outdoor plans. >> it will not rain during the weekend. >> let her get there.
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>> i will let her get there. >> i cannot promise you that. >> lets take a nice look at the proverbial light, that is crystal star, funny you should ask. it may not be christmastime but beautiful light always shines at top of the south mountain. it is just beyond the lehigh campus off in the distance. still clear you can make out star at this point but this particular camera shot is being taken all the way back across the valley, on main street so there is as we watch the zoom out, you can see moravian college campus unfold before your eyes. we have a great start to the day. we have had rain and other locations around the lehigh valley let alone rest of the delaware valley. lets check with the weather watchers who have wet weather to report. we will show you a couple pictures, phil chapline sent in what looks like a dry start to the day. did he report no rain in chestnut hill where he is reporting from but wet weather on the map. we will get to that.
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drizzly for alan, in the delran area we have had couple reports of rain coming in but just regional wide here. so expect you might run into. that we will take it to one or two. fifty-five from john carroll reporting a light rain at this hour in the mullica area. and then one more in new jersey 57 from peter also in lawrenceville reporting some light rain. lets switch out to the maps. this is wide zoom on storm scan but just to show you a couple disturbances moving through. here's that first batch of moisture. storm system number two showing more organization at this point. that is getting in here late tonight and tomorrow especially for the pattern to just stay active we will get a break between systems before the next round of rain comes in. at this point we don't need any rain. because of that, is there a coastal flood advisory that will take effect at 6:00 p.m. tonight specific to the shore points. no worry about flooding but anywhere between seven or 8:00 d coming in because there has been so much rain based on
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tidal flooding. i don't think we will have rain falling from the skies. sort of the aftermath that comes in the wake of the rain but is there more on the way, late tonight and through the day tomorrow, probably lingering shower or two or three on friday, saturday is bright spot that day looks totally dry right now but showers may return as early as sunday. >> we have been talking about so much rain, lately. >> we have, you are right. >> we certainly have. >> good morning. happy wednesday, whatever, you know, mother nature, throws and heading gulph mills, and you can see, how many, and, also ahead, flooding roadways as, we have report from 6:00 we can, anticipate that especially if we have wet roadways, any talk of rain is always going to slow us down. just a head up, give yourself couple extra minutes as we dip in the 6:00 o'clock hour and move on. beautiful shot of 422. headlights moving toward route 29, you can see that hazy sky, it seems like fog, everyone has headlights on as they
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should wet red ways again, vine starting to heat up pushing in the westbound direction jump on the schuylkill, eastbound direction starting to heat up as well, we have had an accident blocking ramp to schuylkill much earlier this morning and then that has long since clear this is what we work with now. with lots of construction to talk about crews are still out there in the next 10 minutes or so, jim, back over to you. beloved teacher from delaware county could be on the path to sainthood. meet lag night at monsignor bonner archbishop prendergast high school in drexel hill discussed route to sainthood for father william atkinson. group is looking in the possible miracle to be attributed to father atkinson. he need 2006 after inspiring students. father atkinson was left a quadriplegic after a sledding accident in 1964. runaway suv with two girls inside crashes in western pennsylvania. the terrifying crash was caught on surveillance video in washington county. the girl's parents were
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attempting to push stalled vehicle to the side of the road when it started to role down a hill. >> i heard some screaming upstairs and went to my upper window to look out to see parents chasing the car down the hill, all i could hear was the four year-old screaming. >> because i said well, she had a black eye first time i saw her but probably scary. >> wow. >> children were safely secured in the back seat fortunately this he were taken to the hospital as a precaution. well, up next, see surprise waiting for one man inside of his, pantry. >> we have an update to a story we told you on monday, do you remember this sea lion dragging a girl in the water. apparently this video is not
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. sea lion pulling a girl to the water realitiled nerves around the world. >> tourist don't care, they are flocking to the canadian dock where the whole thing happened. we will take a look, dock is in richmond, british columbia have turned into a popular attraction, among spectators, parents, and children, some are even sitting on the same ledge where the girl was, before she was pulled in. >> i feel very safe. very safe. it is just an added attraction >> i think it is just exciting , that is it. you are not afraid.
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>> in you are not feeding them >> no. >> there are signs along the dock that is warn people sea lions bite can cause infection that lead to amputation of the limb or even death. >> i almost feel like i saw this coming. remember that story we reported about the alligator. >> and people show up. people are crazy. >> you might find a couple strange things in your pantry, expired box of snacks or something. >> probably not like a florida man found in his pantry, lets take a look. he found a 4-foot long, python lenny says he spotted it taking out the trash and then called 911. animal control showed up and put it in the pillowcase they burroughs from lenny. >> i thought, i told lady on the phone don't tell me when i tell you this. i walk in the pantry. >> lenny from brooklyn. >> that accent. >> he has to be from brooklyn. >> animal control says python
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gator land is that where it is , yes. see where it will live out days in the peace not in the pantry. >> full circle moment. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" snap chatties rolling out a new feature today. meisha ought to be happen bye this one. pat gallen goes swimming with sharks and you can too we will tell you about a first of the kind event this weekend, fun for the whole family, we will be right back.
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president trump meets with pope frances. we will tell butt visit to the vatican. uk officials raise terror threat there to critical in the aftermath of the deadly attack, highest it has been in 10 years. why they believe another attach is possible and eminent waiting for a verdict in the david create he junior trial. we are live with what the jury will be looking at on their first full day of deliberations. it is wednesday, may 24th, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things getting us out the door. >> h t


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