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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 29, 2017 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. i just backed out. >> tonight on "eyewitness news" tragedy in north philadelphia. there's a lot of green anne stormscan 3, we're tracking as it moves through the area, we'll show you how long the showers will stick around as we get closer to memorial daily. is brown is off. i'm greg argos. a grandmother did not survive the fire, >> i looked out the window and saw a bill ball of fire. >> reporter: around 4:40
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neighbors aawoke to the home at a home engulfed. >> like an oil rig was burning, huge flumes of smoke. it was like an inferno. >> they jumped to safety >> fire officials confirmed three people have died including one adult and two young children. 30 philadelphia fire department vehicles and about 100 firefighters raced to the scene according to adam teal, fire commissioner. firefighters have been able to rescue one of the kids but he died at hahnemann. to account for missing family member, commissioner keel said his crews had to conduct a dangerous operation to get into the unstable building >> this is what we do and we're going to do our best >> after two weekends in a row of devastating fatal fires in
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philadelphia, keel is urging the community to be vigilant about fire safety. >> we really are imploring everybody to take charge of your safety. check out those tips, be carl with electrical wiring, open flames a man collided were hi us a dirt bike. the ask the happened shortly before 7:00. 33-year-old man was transported to temple but it is not clear if he was the driver of the dirt bike or the car. no word on his tonight, it comes as philadelphia police complete a successful atv and dirt bike round-up. congratulations to the control on rounding up 39 illegal vehicles and making several arrests. philadelphia police say a
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19-year-old was shot seven times on belmont mansion drive in fairmount despite the number of times he was struck, doctors say he's in stable condition at presbyterian. no word on who fired those shots. authorities say two people are dead after a shooting in the home in the city of kensington section, investigators say the shooting happened around 9:00 a.m. this morning, a 54-year-old and a 49-year-old were found shot. no arrests made, anyone with information asked to contact police. it might not be the most ideal weather for memorial day celebrations but didn't stop 134 from enjoying the day in the city. alicia nievez was in penns landing for the first annual penns landing waterfront day. it's not the shore but there is beauty and being at penns landing this memorial day weekend. >> it flows. it's economical, and i knew that
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it would be a, i guess, a nice spot to be. >> the music. >> reporter: despite wet weather people enjoyed live music plenty of food like hanging out in the urban beach lounge with an outdoor skating rink. >> so far really nice, i was surprised about the band. >> energying and something better than staying at home on a rainy day. >> the big lure that brought people out >> the washington family like many partied the night away dancing in the rain saying they wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else this memorial day weekend. >> easy family fun, you don't have to go with the traffic, go to the shore.
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>> the traffic heading to penns landing certainly a lot better than the traffic heading to the shore. and i'm not sure about the fireworks the fireworks here were is joy to watch. alicia ni cbs3 "eyewitness news." to see show go twice >> theound. meteorologist chelsea is iat ca >> a lot me that. look second part of the day things better. so it r we have heavier downpourar shor may we're seeing some on the ma. some heavy downpours areas could end up p of rain.
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heading into tomorrow morning, we've seen about three 10ths in places like wildwood. there is more rain into tomorrow morning. meanwhile temperatures are in the 50's and 60's. of 61 in philadelphia. 60 in allentown, 58 in trenton, 61 me atlantic city, it is going to be a soggy start to memorial day but the showers will be moving out. we'll talk about the timing coming up in just a bit back to you. . budweiser r clydesdale horses arrived in delaware county. rode down state street in media. the fire and police departments led the parade. tomorrow another parade is scheduled in media at 10:00 a.m. with performances by the marching band 20,000 meals were packed to combat hunger.
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value point church in glen mills packed bags filled with rice, veggies and a mixture. they will be send overseas. pastor eric said this is the church's way of giving back. >> as a church, instead of just talking about helping people and serving others, we get the chance to get active and pack these meals and they go out around and it's a wonderful thing and our church loves engaging in this. according to the food and agricultural organization almost 800 million people don't receive the food they need to live a healthy 95 >> latest navy skydiver killed in new york today. after noon over the hudson river. military officials say the sky divers parachute failed to open. he was a member of the.
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shooting spree left eight dead. the suspect shot and killed the victim. investigators say the shooting occurred three separate locations, 35-year-old willie corey spoke to after being arrested confessing to at least part of that rampage. (inaudible) he has been identified at 36-year-old william burrr. the fbi is looking into possible hate crime charges against a man accused of stabbing two men board a portland train. jeremy joseph christian will make his appearance in court
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tuesday. of he stabbed three men after yelling anti-muslim slurs. christian is now being held without bail. president trump has returned to the white house after a nine-day trip abroad. focused in washington will likely return to the unfolding investigation involving contact officials had with russia before and after the election. >> president trump launch add tweet storm about last week's special election for montana's congressional seat related to the terrorist attack in manchester and the media. he tweeted it is my opinion that many of the leak coming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the fake news media. whenever you see the word sources say and they don't mention names it is possible those sources don't exist but made up by fake news writers, fake news is the enemy. the tweets came following when
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he tried to establish secret back channel communications with russia in december. the information came from anonymous officials >> i think any channel of communication back otherwise with the country like russia is a good thing >> democrats disagree they want kushner to explain the actions >> to have the president of son-in-law a key player trying to stranger back channel with the russians through a russian facility. you have to ask who are they hiding the conversations from >> federal investigators and congressional committees are looking into how they may have med he willed into the election and what kind of connections they may have had. wendy gillette. cbs3 "eyewitness news." still ahead, at
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ceremony decades in the making. my age wasnd survived and everybody that coul serving. >> how his dream of finally cam. >> exercising. find out how many avid runner laced up for race. orms moving in what does this mean a holay wee. how i helps blind and visually imp
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northwest china, they were found wondering by local police officers who had to slow down traffic and drive them off. they found and exited and got the camel to safety. back in the air, british airways resume flights from britain's two biggest airports. the computer problems created chaos leaving planes grounded and thousands without a way in and out. they told travelers not to travel unless rebooked. both airports anticipate days of
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additional delays as they get back on excel. a memorial service was held in manchester in memory of 22 people killed by suicide bomber last week. david walker the bishop. read out the names of all of the victims. >> we're going tomorrow making began hurley. courtney boil, phillip trom, ally mccloud, >> today, two more arrests were made in connection to the bombing. a total of 13 arrests have been made so far. police say more members of the attacker network may still be a the large. meanwhile marathons in
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england remembers the violation of a terror attack by end sending don't look back in anger. the run started with a moment of silence and many runner wore yellow ribbons to remember the victims. an 89-year-old man ran 12 miles with 40,000 others in brussels. he participated in the 20 of brussels and has run the 38 times. when he was 90, he says he doesn't plan on running again. he completed the marathon and finished in less than three hours. >> . a 89-year-old away away veteran. it was one decade in the making graduated from high school. he joined the u.s. navy back in 1944. missed graduation.
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so this weekend school officials made graduation possible giving him a cap and gown and the diploma he learned some 70 years ago. >> i don't know how you would put it in words. but it does mean a lot to me. >> my grandfather fought in world war ii and they've been gone for awhile. it was emotional i graduated along with the seniors of the 2017 class. great day to graduate >> age is only a number. we dealt were you rain this evening and tonight it's become very soggy out there have not here's a look down the shore and there have been plenty out there despite the rain you can see the sheen on the cram and on the boardwalk. a pretty damp down there at this hour, some spots picked up over
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three times of an inch of rain includes a place in dover also burnville, impressive numbers. rehoboth beach three tinges reported in wildwood. i believe the majority he wanted's seeing a quarter. the warm front is making way through. we're starting to see a couple of pockets of more moderate and heavier rainfall near reading and also down the shore. we got yellow that's popping up on the map here, moderate rainfall down near cape may and avalon. messy setting up and we can see pockets of couple of rumbles of thunder in the first part of memorial. more moisture to be swinging our
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way. temperatures seasonal philadelphia. 77 with our official high temperature and that is what is considered normal. reading, 77. 76 in trenton. wilmington, 74. atlantic city 73. current checking in in the 50's and 60's. thanks to the clouds and the rain, 60 in philadelphia in the 50's and in trenton, 53 in mount pocono, 60 wildwood. temperatures checking in in the 50's and 60's. 59 in cape may, 60 in stone harbor. 60 in ocean city. how will thing play out overnight and into memorial day. here's 11:00 we're going to continue to see showers and pockets of heavy rainfall. northern new jersey up into new
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york. pockets of heavy rainfall. heading into the afternoon a potential for a stray pop-up shower or thunderstorm. most areas end up staying relatively dry. improving weather is in the forecast. i think we'll see peaks of sunshine. you can still have the barbecue and fire up the grill. here's looking at your forecast. we're going to be looking at improving weather morning showers followed by peaks of sunshine high temperatures around 70. forecast, overnight low 60, showers and thunderstorms possible memorial day 78, morning showers followed by break of sunshine, quick check at your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast. 79 as we head to tuesday, 80 by friday and 80's in the forecast next weekend. >> as long as the afternoon tomorrow is good for grilling >> that's what it looks like lesley van arsdale way look
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at sports. the sixers may not have won but all the losing hasn't affected the
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phillies had a little hope. not looking too good. hanging on for a little while. to say they're struggling is a big under statement. worst record in baseball. lost 22 out of 28. game tied up in the fourth. patrick leaves the yard two homers in the game, they regain lead in the fifth, this one will leave the building, five rbis, they hit five homers, sack eflin sent to lehigh valley after the game. phillies lose 9th straight series for the first time in 20
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years. . spite not having a winning record, this is a hot comedy, for yours said they're worth 800 million dollars. josh harris bought the team for 290. it took bernie simmons last season still not played a single game. in the zone, it's, yes, two and six, is one of the reasons the phillies had a 17 record, they allowed 31 home runs, kevin from the bucks county courier times will be joining me. depressing numbers >> it's bad. >> i know. >> thanks so much lesley. still ahead on "eyewitness news." a school in new york making sure children with himmed sight has the same opportunity with everyone else. it's an opportunity to be
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nearly 300 students are learning to see the world in a new way. each one at the new york institute for special education has their on ipad through blue tooth. the tablets a can enlarge font and provide complete voice overs >> it's kind of great to be a part of that >> the best thing a teenagers go is you get to to do your homework on the bus >> the possibilities are now endless. chelsea is back with the last
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check on your work week
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asian elephant calf, it's
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the first to be born in nearly seven years. the latest arrival is the mother's second and the baby was thriving within moments. they continue to decline globally. that guy is doing well. looks like. >> let's take a look at what you can expect for memorial day. seasonal. morning rain and showers but improvement by the afternoon for their barbecues and grilling out you can see breaks of sun as well. improving is the theme. >> that's "eyewitness news" thanks for joining us, remember we're always on at cbsphi let's hand things over to the sports zone. have a good night. joanne . eagles are the champion of the worl


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