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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 30, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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dled your home and auto insurance, so you're saving a ton. come on. you don't want to start your new life in a dirty old truck. man #3: hey. man #1: whoa, whoa. flo: sorry. woman: oh. flo: you're safe. you're safe now. woman: i think i'm gonna pass out. can you stop using the bullhorn? flo: i don't make the rules. can you stop using the bullhorn? >> right now at 11:00, tigers woods arrested on a dui charge. now the champion golfer is speaking out and what he says led to the arrest. end of an era a classic philly diner serves its last meal tonight. why it's shutting down and what comes next. and first, the holiday weekend comes to a close. it's a quiet night down the shore as people get ready to head back to work and school. make sure you keep the
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umbrella nearby. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> let's get right to meteorologist lauren casey who is tracking more chances for rain, lauren. >> reporter: yes, even more we had more rainfall today picked up tenth of inch in philadelphia and total is now well over 6" of rainfall just this miserable move may and you can see nearly 3" above our average in philadelphia and clouds in place and at least we're dry for the most moment and that's confirmed on storm scan 3 and it's becoming more dense and widespread as we head through the overnight period. and more rain chances as we head into the day tomorrow. overnight tonight could locally reduce visibility and greatly so could see patchy mist and early drizzle and patches of fog and caution. evening commute so he isolated thunderstorm best of i-95 and rain tomorrow will be more scattered than widespread in nature and we doe have
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improvement in the forecast as we head into the second half of the week. talking about some sunshine and feeling some 80s and i'll let you know what he to expect in the full eyewitness forecast coming up. >> all right, lauren, thank you. >> this is the mug shot of the man who was once greatest golfer in the world. tiger woods was arrested in south particular do on suspicion of dui and tonight the golf champion is speaking out to his fans. >> what wodz says is reason for his arrest. >> tiger woods released a statement saying alcohol was to the involved early monday morning and negative reaction to medication is to blame. woods ina apologized to fans but is it too little, too late for the manuel avilay once considered the best golf in the word? >> you can call it tiger wood woods' latest bogey. hi was arrested in jupiter island, florida, for suspected
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du sglixt are you kidding? >> are you serious? >> are we talking about the tiring woods? >> what do you think about that. >> it's not tiger's first time making headlines for something other than golf. in 2009 his marriage fell apart after "action news" his then wife learned of an affair and chased him out of the home swinging a golf club. >> it was interesting to see how far the brand has fallen. >> marketing professor thinks this arrest could be a turning point for tiger. >> what point is this going to be the low point where he is finally able to come up and sort of be a rising phoenix from the ashes. >> i don't think he'll ever be what he was. >> reed says tiger could start by getting healthy and then back to the green. >> there's anp opportunity. >> since fans are able to consider athlete's talent separate from his or her issues. >> this process of pulling those things apart is called moral decoupling. >> that's what we love about him, his ability to play.
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>> for tiger most say it's too late for a redo. mulligan is out of the question. >> it's difficult to get back everybody's trust. celebrity have their peak and then it's gone. >> he got caught. he was living large. and he could do no wrong. nothing could tough him and been -- ever since. >> a turn around aalways possible. woods apologized to his fans and experts we spoke with says that's the first step of coming to your issues. >> we're following breaking news right now. double shooting leaves one teenage boy dead in kensingto kensington. the 14-year-old victim was shot multiple times and 16-year-old boy shot in shoulder is being treated at an area hospital and gunfire start around 9:30 on the 2,000 block of east orleans street. at this time there is no word on any suspect or what may
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have motivated the shooting. >> well, at some time the search continues for a suspect and motive behind the double murder of a brother and sister in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood and adult pair was found shot inside her home and eyewitness news reporter david spunt joins us live. >> ukee, police are looking for a suspect this family is devastated eyewitness news learned this is a close knit family and tonight they want answers. >> really miss my sister and brother. >> philadelphia reginald fi finny is liveing a fight mayo mayor. his brother and sister were shot in the head. now a teddy bear with the words gone but not forgotten are outside the home. >> they didn't have to do that the my brother or sister she wasest person in the worl world. >> florence pment ompae and her brother were siblings and he was close to them. >> i called thevrm day. he called them sunday and no answer.
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something out of the ordinary he tells eye wution news and then discovered the worst possible news. neighbors on clear field street are also in shock. >> oh, my god. i'm still crying today. >> authorities continue to put the pieces of this gruesome puzzle together as reginald cleans up the blood inside. he's up signatureing to do it to protect other stiblings of the pain. >> if you know who did it please, please call the police and let them know. please, please, turn yourself n please that's all i can say. and if you do have information, police want to hear from you. remember, you can remain anonymousment reporting live tonight from police headquarters, david spunt, contribution 3 eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. >> first responders in pottstown rescue a woman from the schuylkill river thanks to a key piece of equipment in the water. >> whose boat is that? tell them to deploy that here.
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>> police spotted a man with a boat not far from the woman in distress as he clung to tree branches and they quickly gained aaccess to the boat and pulled her to safe tich the boat's owner was long for the ride. >> i immediately called 911 and then came over to the dock and she grabbed ahold of the branch and i felt she would wait and i didn't go over and then they came and the rescue crew jump in my boats and we went across and got her and came back over. >> woman was taken to reading trauma center for evaluation. it's not clear how she ended up in the water. >> despite the dreary weather today crowds lined state street for a delaware county tradition. the borough parade brought out spectators of all ages. and the keynote speaker at the nearby veterans square was ralph gilatti a former prisoner of war in vietnam. >> this event in media is a great, visible symbol of our
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patriotic citizenry and it's our duty to remember. today's memorial day events in media capped off a weekend of other special celebrations. hundreds line the streets of bridesburg for annual memorial day parade. this morning festivities startinged betry ross bridge and included military and veteran's groups. philadelphia police and fire and pipes and drums also performed and parade floats and attractions are funded by donation from local residents. >> local high school students observed memorial day by placing nearly 650 american flags at the philadelphia vietnam memorial. each flag respects the fallen service members honored at the spruce street and columbus boulevard memorial location. high school participants were from girard and lasalle college high school and this morning they began the memorial day service in cherry
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hill, new jersey the ceremony included many other carole selections as well as a wreath laying. >> and president trump laid a wreath at the to. unnopz this morning and traditional memorial day remembrance. >> freeze. >> freeze. >> arms. >> afterwards the president. >> every family god is with you and your loved ones are with him. they do ied in war so we could live in peace. >> after the solemn ceremony president trump and mike pence greeted fallen soldiers at arlington national cemetery a president embrace aid woman's son who was killed in afghanistan and found a flower in his honor. >> president trump surprise also speaking out in defense of son-in-law and senior adviser jar he ed kushner.
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in a statement to the "new york times" the president said "jared is doing a great job for the country i have total confidence in him. some congressional democrats want answers and are demanding to hear from kushner directly about the aels. >> a classic philadelphia diaper served its final meal tonight. >> straight head tonight at 11 a little piece in center city closed for good why the decades old restaurant shut it down and how the owner plans to celebrate his legacy. >> benefits of exercise we hear about them all the time another reason to hit the gym and how it could affect a chronic issue. >> a memorial day swaim was out of the family when they considereded this in their pool. how they got that gator outside. >> a live look now downtown bethlehem, cool, gloomy end to the weekend. meteorologist lauren casey will tell you when the clouds
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meteorologist lauren casey will tell you when the clouds move out and sun returns.
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>> after 40 years an iconic 2 24/7 diner served its final meal and is closing up shop. >> off hover was at little pete's in center city where long time patrons made lasting memories. >> reporter: in every order over every plate and on every face a story is being shared.
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derrek hicks' involves a blizzard over 20 years ago. >> we walked maybe 20 blocks to get to little pete's it was open and we stayed there after a day. >> i need aid job and came to little pete he said okay i started with takeout. >> she made it to night manager. like colleagues she will take wortion elsewhere. it marked the final evening for little pete's iconic diaper. nearly 40 years of round the clock cuisine. >> finding another diaper that will be tough. >> eggs and toast that's life. >> after decade of service and years spent fighting off the inevitable it was confirmed in january that little pete's would be leveled making room for a central hotel. >> this rendering showcases glass building 13 stories
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high. >> this is like my home here. i spent more time here than home. >> his story began 1978, he, two brothers in inlaw opened little pete's after arriving from greece. >> this is a the dream of america you work hard here you can succeed. >> handshakes were had before the doors closed for good. the fairmont location will takeover as owners consider another city site. >> lutely for sure. >> to show love back to their customers little pete's will be hosting a block party next to the diner tomorrow afternoon. hof hof, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> lots of love for little pete. if you find yourself struggl struggling to get a good night sleep experts say exercise is the great way to beat insomnia and sleep apnea. one study shows exercise alone led to 25% reduction in sleep apnea symptom over a three month period.. doctors recommend two and a
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hof hours of air owe bic exercise and strength and training fing a couple times a week. >> and rise in itchry rachs caused by tiny hair. color contain -- they expected to continue nor the next few weeks as insects have. >> pool season is upon us and this is not exactly what you want to see when you dive into a pool an eight foot alligator taking a morning swim in this until it sarasota florida. wild life officials called a trapper who remove the gator from a pool. it will be relocate todd a more appropriate swimming hoxt yikes. we have been following travelelves of celebrity shark mary lee. the great white was swimming closer to our area. latest ping from the shark tracker app shows mary slee
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off the coast of wildwood, 16 feet long and weighs 135 pound and another tagged great white pinged on saturday at the mouth of delaware bay near cape may. >> mary lee and the sixt sco kid. kid.shark >> sharks, alligators. >> be careful. >> watch where are you going to be cooling off. >> we'll be watching rain. >> more rain in the forecast. big surprise. this month has been so wet. hopefully we can kick the rain out of here as we head into june which begins thursday. let's change up the weather pattern to bring out the shades and pack away umbrella umbrellas. let's look at the weather computer. 64. our high temperature not current temperature now. our high temperature on this memorial day holiday inn philadelphia running 14 degrees below average. we topped at 61 trenton, 62 allentown and not the west
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beach day with high temperatures low 60s along the coast and south and west it did feel like official start to summer. pittsburgh near 80, 82 washington, near 90 wrich rich mopped and across portions of northeast with easterly wind flow off atlantic 61 big apple and high temperature only 54 degrees today in boston and you can see the streamlines indicating east wind over the ocean. ocean temperatures still quite chilly 62 degrees. we're at 58 now in philly and 56 trenton and 57 in millville. we did have, of course, more rain today, point pleasant picking up close to half inch. same in belmar and doylestown four tenths in burnville and pig up more rainfall nearly four tenths of an inch and it's shorely soggy may down the shore. check out accuweather rainfall this month 7.5" of rain. and that is nearly 4.5" above the average just for the mont month. we are getting a break from
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the rain now. cloud deck firm any place and light show in the delaware beaches if you look south and west and couple thunderstorms rolling across delmarva keeping it quiet precipitation wise throughout the overnight period. and watching coast. coastal flood advisory in effect jersey shore and delaware beaches and minor flooding as we head into the next hour or two as high tide arrives. visibility greatly reduced in poconos. visibility right now 1 mile and even down to quart he of a mile locally we had this persistent fog over the last several hours in higher elevations and fog setting in down the shore and visibility down to 6 miles right now in wildwood and so worst evening commute not terrible and passing shower or late day temperatures in the 70s and looking forward to thursday need to get out job in bike ride in after all the burger
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and and 60s and sunshine to look forward to cloudy conditions and areas of fog showers starting to work in. and into the 7:00 hour the shower activity tomorrow will be scattered in nature as opposed to widespread and thunderstorms especially west of i-95 and as we need tomorrow afternoon and breeng wrapping up waet weather as we head knee tomorrow night. for tonight, cloudy, areas of fog and mist down to 57 and for our day tomorrow, clouds, another chance of rain and below average high temperatures once again 72 and tuesday down the shore scattered rain and drizzle better chance of storms as we look through the poconos second half of the day high temperatures in the 60s. we shake the 70s as we head into once and we're up to 80 for first time in over a week an a half. and as we look towards the start of june on thursday, beautiful conditions. sunshine, low humidity. and 70 degrees. friday looking nice, too, before, of course, the rain return as we need saturday. >> of course. >> of course.
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>> yeah right. >> and next is a live look at sports. >> mike trout will miss time and there was a base brawl between nats and giant and could change of scenery help
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>> phillies starting a three game road trip with the marlins, to say they're struggling they have the worst floored baseball. to put tractor-trailer in perspective dominger pitcher alex wood has five wins this month. center fielder abdullah is in a 1-22 slump. and gordon eye grounderred in the first base bag and riddle scores and marlins take the lead. jim carlos stanton hits up the middle for base hit and speedy gordon able to beat the throw at the plate and it is now 2-1
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in sixth sderk dietrich with a long fly ball that goes into marlins bullpen. second home run phillies have given up this month. they had four or fewer hits in the last nine games they lost 23 out of 29 games. >> bad news for reigning mvp and native mike trout strained his thumb when he slid into second base against marlins. mri revealed the damage and he could noet need surgery. >> tempers flare this afternoon. bryce harper hit by a pitch from hunter stick land in the 8 pl and charge the mound and punches started to fly both guys got shot here and bench cleared and harper and stick land were ejected from the game. >> eagles resume otas at the novacare complex. fletcher cox expected to be there after no show for last
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week's practices and game one stanley cup finals peter love let is facing defender champions and under seven minutes left and his shot beat matt murry and nashville ties game after being down 3-0 and pengs came back four minutes left and jay getzel find that there and empty neater and game one of the series 5-3eu. >> astros game this bird decided he wanted a close up and personal view of it. he prer. ed himself in infield and hot dog, beer, popcorn, cas is is grass is fine with him. many muchato threw his gum at the bird. the bird has a twitter act at astros rally bird. >> you cannot scare the rally bird you cannot frighten him at all he's chilling out is there. >> great seats. >> checking things out. >> hi, guys. >> lesley, thank you. >> up next tonight
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>> home les veterans were given a hot meal in honor ever memorial day. >> according to the organization one fifth of hom homeless living in philadelphia served in the armed forces and more than 15 150,000 meals every year to people in need in philadelphi philadelphia. >> lauren. >> well, certainly has been a less than desirable end to holiday weekend and eyes focused on next weekend and looks like two different days, saturday shaping up to be a soggy day with rain and thunderstorms looking likely and also muggy conditions but looks like we'll see big improvement on the backside of weather system potentially sunday with sunshine and much lower humidity and high temperatures each day mid to
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upper 7
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>> and coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late, late show with james corbin. morning crew is back tomorrow 4:30 to 7 a.m. for everyone here i'm ukee
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