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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 31, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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much of the areas wake up up to lower visibility and dense fog as we look live at the parkway in center city but it will clear just in time for possible thunderstorm. doesn't that sound great. i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a minute but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute iceland's put on ice. >> we should be in ice land by now. >> dream trip to the hot tourist destination delayed. icelandair first none in stop flight out of fill hits a big snag there were safety issues so they were returning to boston. >> philadelphia police searching for a family member after a seven year-old is found unresponse with a bag over her head in olney. and apology from comedian kathy griffin. >> i'm a comic. i crossed the line. >> after an image of her held ing a fake bloody head resembling president trump.
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u.s. reaches a milestone in missle defense calling its first intercept test. now that the rocky statue is, blocked off what is plan b. >> go in the museum. >> any ideas for you. >> no. >> maybe next time it is an excuse to come back. yep, no up close selfies with rocky for next two weeks, statue is block off for sight improvement. >> hopefully by that time weather should be warmer, maybe more sunny, right, say it so, say it so. >> it will warm up. we have that going for us but i cannot promise a break between systems at lee by tomorrow though we are looking ahead to really nice weather. we should see a nice sunrise for a change but it is very dreary right now out here and we do still have fog, across the region. looking at storm scan at more localized zoom right on the out kits of our area, some showers, thunderstorms have been firing up.
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that will be our storm, later honor our system later today and story will be that we have a shower, thunderstorm to dodge throughout the course of the day. meanwhile visibility levels are low, at or under a half mile from wilmington, up to trenton, down to a half mile at ac airport, millville checks in at .3 of a mile and not much better in allentown or mount pocono for that matter. technically airport 6 miles visibility but behind me i cannot even make out top half of the center city sky line. that is strictly an observational site that means that you know whole city, doesn't necessarily to have check in at 6 miles visibility fifty-one in atlantic city. calm wind. key ingredient we need for that fog to form and ample moisture to work with. that is noticeable. as the day goes on we do bryant up for more sunshine. much more then we saw yesterday. heck we saw any at all. we will take anything we can get. thing is we will have a shower , thunderstorm to dodge
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at some point and is there possibility that some downpours come through briefly grant budd heavily, meisha. >> katie, thank you so much. umbrella, maybe sunglasses too , little bit of everything, good morning. happy hump day to you. katie talked about visibility issues, fog and it is showing up and most of our camera shots. look at the schuylkill, this is one of the better won. it doesn't look as bad in this one as other once. schuylkill near spring garden pushing toward city you cannot see center city at all, taillights moving in the eastbound direction but plenty of headlights and taillights out there for being 5:30 in the morning it will be a busy morning and because visibility issues we have to pump our breaks. boulevard at wissohickon taillights in the southbound direction both you can see are looking okay in terms of the construction but just that fog we are contending with. ninety-five headlights moving in the southbound direction, looking okay in, delays at the airport right now, i will let you know if we hear anything. you'll be first to know. no cancellations or delays. speed restrictions on the new
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jersey turnpike between delaware and nyc reduced to 45 e fog and that is in the only place being hit, betsy ross bridge also has some speed restrictionness place, so you will to have slow down as well this being said, you can see how much green showing up, obviously still traveling at posted speed but won't be as we hit would i say around the later 6:00 o'clock hour when we will start to heat up and fog will not help us out. rahel, back over to you. icelandair is investigate using first ever direct flight from philadelphia to ice land didn't reach its destination. flyers waited for hotel vouchers at logan international airport in boston this morning. fail's mayor jim kenney was also on the flight. icelandair said passengers and flied a tenth ant reported finding rubber and they made an emergency landing in boston to be safe. it was heading to the ice land 's capitol. south jersey man is facing charges this morning after police say he stole a woman's car with her child, still in the back seat. authorities have identified the suspect as 31 year-old
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pedro ortiz, and police say woman left her car running as she ran in the gas station along the 400 block of west landis avenue in vineland, yesterday. that is when ortiz jumped in to her car, and then drove off authorities later found the cara bandon with the child still inside, police track ortiz down a short time later and arrested him. this trenton mother faces child endangerment charges. that is after police say that she burned her baby, with a cigarette. police say 23 year-old vanessa owens sent text messages to the babies father saying she would physically hurt and burn the baby. when officers arrived, they noticed burn marks on the babies face. that baby is being cared for by the state. >> very unfortunate to hear. that hopefully that baby will be okay. >> horrible. 5:35n business news a make over for mcdonald's big mac. >> are you a fan of mcdonald's >> i do like their fries. >> do like their fries too. >> amazon we know is biggest retailer in the u.s. but just
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how big? i almost exclusively get my goods from amazon. jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. futures right now pointing to a lower opened here, yesterday the dow jones lost 50, nasdaq fell seven, amazon stock hit a thousand dollars a share for first time ever putting retailers market value at double that of wal-mart and 15 times that of target. uber has fired researcher in the self driving car unit involve in the ongoing lawsuit with waymo, former self driving division of google. they alleged that anthony lewandowski down loaded trade secrets before he founded a start up purchased by uber. uber says he missed deadline to help with an internal investigation. and mcdonald's is putting chicken big macs on the menu in australia it has been part of the mcdonald's so-called secret menu for a while, customers asked for it and
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mcdonald's made it. they have made it official. it comes with everything you get with the burger. i sabrin it to the u.s., jim and rahel. >> i'm not a huge fan of the big mac but i do like that spicy orange sauce. >> special sauce. >> i don't know, i like the big mac. >> chicken big mac. >> do you want the chicken on there? >> reporter: i would take it. >> okay, all right. >> as well as fries. >> thanks, jill. check with you tomorrow. energy company that runs the 3-mile island nuclear power plant in dauphin county plans to shut it down by the year 2019. excel on corporation blames five years of financial losses and inability to sell the plant's power supply into the regional grid. 3-mile island you may recall was part of the partial melt down in 1979, considered war commercial nuclear accident in u.s. history. man accused of killing two good smart tans on the train in portland went on a rant during his first court
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appearance. >> free speech or die port land, you have no safe place. this is america. get out if you don't like free speech. >> two male victim confronted jeremy christian as he shouted anti muslim hate speech direct at two teens. that is when authorities claimed christian stabbed and killed both men, third man was also stabbed but is recovering prosecutors say christian confessed to the stabbings. people talk about this today, comedian kathy griffin is apologizing after posing after she is holding what looked like president trump's bloody, severed head. >> hanna daniel has more on the controversy and the backlash. >> i went too far. i made a mistake. i was wrong. >> reporter: in an apology video posted on twitter, kathy griffin is begging for forgive ness after images of her holding severed head of the president trump, surfaced on social media on tuesday. the images too disturbing, i understand, how it effects people it wasn't funny, he get
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it. >> reporter: celebrity photographer tyler shields released this video from their photo shoot of griffin blankly staring on the camera, and then slowly lifting up what sem manies the head of the donald trump for all to see. during a photo shoot the comedian was unapologetic. >> how am i not afraid to do image that is make noise. >> reporter: bipartisan backlash quickly follow. donald trump junior tweeted disgusting but not surprising, this is the left today, they consider this acceptable. imagine a conservative did this to obama as potus. chelsea clinton tweeted this is vial, wrong, and has never been fun toy joke about killing a president. cnn anchor anderson cooper, who has worked with griffin multiple times for the record i'm appalled by the photo shoot that kathy griffin took part in. it is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate. the secret service says it is investigating, tweeting it monitors social media, and threats made against its
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protectees receive the highest priority. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". out west infamous love story between married teacher and her student may be coming to an end, philip, has filed for separation from marry kayla latourneau. she was sent to prison after her sexual relationship with her 13 year-old student. they married in 2005 and have two children together. week after a terror attack at her concert ariana grande is returning to manchester england this weekend to perform in a benefit concert. one love manchester concert will take place, sunday at an outdoor stadium in manchester. katie perry, ferrell, cold play and miley cyrus air monk artist whose will perform. proceed will go from the concert will get to support those affected by the attack and their families. olivia newton johnnies once again fighting cancer. her tour and, spread to her
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lower back. newton john had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, she was declared cancer free after under going chemotherapy and a partial mastectomy. here's something you should know, moreset album is getting broadway treatment. we will tell you next. meet a woman who gave up her day job to create a fashion line based on pot, why she said there is a big market for marijuana merchandise. >> okay. and we will tell you where some officials are hoping to ban classic drinking straws and who they think it will help when we come
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i got to tell you alanis moreset album is hitting a stage, it will feature hit songs from the 1995 album including you out to know and ironic. it sold 33 million copies and won for album of the year. musical debut in the boston area next year. and, singer john legend who has a philadelphia connection, his television project ended autopsy wrapping up its second season. wgn announced cancellation of underground, drama explores lives of key figures involved in the underground railroad, debuted in march 2016 and drew a record number of eye balls to the growing number. network, who was executive producer, is hoping to find a new home for the show. students at a high school in chandler, arizona have a
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unique tradition. >> three. >> it is jim donovan, you asked on their last day of school they gather up their papers and then throw them down a stairwell, graduating senior, catch it all on camera if you thought that the janitors would be left to clean up that mess, um-hmm, no , the seniors left that daunting task to the upper classroom and what a job that will be. >> i was thinking someone should not have to clean up that. >> i think, sometime, you know , when we have had that. >> yes. >> we had a great show, just like done witt. >> throw it up in the air like mary tyler moore more, everything. >> mike drop. >> yes. >> yes,. >> but way cooler. >> yes. >> are we done with this rain. >> no. >> trying to avoid this. >> yes. it will be a break at least.
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we will see some sunshine, tomorrow and most of friday, we look really nice. that is not necessarily where it totally end, but there is a new storm looming for the weekend. let me get you out the door first and foremost right now. this is a shot from our rooftop, you can make out the blinking lights that are from the traffic stop, lights there but, you know, look closely, right. definitely much more poor visibility here in the just in the spring garden section of the city but pretty much every where across the delaware valley. watch for that fog to trip you up, slow you down, if you travel over riverbed and even a little bit more dense but with that said i'll get very same kind of reports from the eyewitness weather watchers and even reports of drizzle and that is where we will turn our focus and start off. mild 60 degrees to kick off the morning at fran's house in nottingham but 98 percent humidity, virtually no wind, that will allow fog to form. did he report he has drizzle out there too. lets keep it further south
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here for this particular, check in with the watchers, we will go into the extreme southwestern new jersey a new member of the program jamie sent in some fog, dividing creek, new jersey, representing, down near the bay area. 61 degrees for her. she did say it is pretty foggy outside her window as well at the moment. she is hoping for some sun. i think we can deliver. just don't get too used to it because this unsettled pattern seems like it will continue. looking at storm scan at this more regional zoom we will see heavy thunderstorms that moved out to see, another batch working their way east heading toward 81 and actually starting to hit that red way at this point. we will get on that before the day is said and done. not a wash out but we will see showers, storms bubbling up as the day goes on. looking forward in our future weather cast here we will start to see included break, fog lift, sun comes out but again, long the way these showers, thunderstorms start to fire up. here's 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.
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it is very scattered in nature but it will be out there. now looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day thursday and friday look great friday night, early saturday we have to allow for a sure or storm. saturday should feature sun. still a shot for shower or storm. best chance for more wet weather comes on sunday, meisha. >> on this ride together, roller coaster, ups and downs. >> umbrella, sunglasses, this is where we are talking about it, as well, fog this morning, is going to slow us down. so this is showing you new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road taking north bound approach and head toward 295, you have your neighbors out there, not so much congestion as of yet, cracking in the 6:00 we will build those levels but tapping your breaks because of the fog out there, it is pretty dense in our camera shots that we cannot see what we are looking at. 422 it is higher, 422 taillights moving in the eastbound direction is what you'll be looking at okay, but still the fog is out there blue route, route one same
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story here. headlights moving in the southbound direction. then of course we have construction, dealing with the vine close another overnight, closed every night, tonight, thursday night, again, 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. between schuylkill and broad street for 18th street bridge, they are demolishing that bridge, last of seven to be demolished over the vine, and mercon trucks which we will talk about in about 10 minutes , jim, back over to you it appears more women are diving into the medical marijuana business but not all of them are selling pot. jeanine moss gave up her job as a advertising execute turf create a luxury purse line. the bags have odor controlled compartments for woman who want to be discrete about smoking medical marijuana. >> we want to smell like chan el not cannabis but it was an opportunity to put all my skills together and i think that is true for all of the people coming into this field. >> that is entrepreneurial. >> she sold thousands of purse s and accessories since
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launching the business more than a year ago. >> okay. >> politicians in california are trying to ban stores from using plastic straws. three berkley city council members introduced ordinance this week. they want local cafe toss serve bamboo straws instead of plastic won. they say americans are throwing out 500 million plastic straws every day. not everyone thinks this will have a positive impact. >> this will just end up hurting businesses, rather than actually making a big environmental impact. >> there are alternatives. cost should be passed to the consumer. it is actual cost of your drink. >> business owner says more sustainable straws are expensive while plastic straws each cost a penny, paper straws go for eight cents a piece. >> never knew that. >> yes up next how police officers saved the day for a young man on his birthday. plus horsing around, in traffic, quite literally we will show you this wild scene in new york city yesterday when a carriage horse got loose. doesn't that look familiar?
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>> um-hmm. >> we will be right back. you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed.
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mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip.
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long time diving instructor says he has never seen anything like tonight his life. >> but he sees his opportunity when did he see it, about 20 miles out from the main coast, when he lowered himself in the water. just as he did he saw a huge group of pilot whales and they swam up to him. ari says it was a won in a lifetime thrill. >> i started to see of pilot whales. it was a highlight. i was so excited to do it, i could not believe it happened to me. >> he was like a little kid in the candy store, like i was diving with pilot whales. >> wow. >> ari is hoping to see giant pod of whales again but he is at least glad he got it on camera this time. >> i don't know if i would be scared, excited. >> you know me with the camera , i wouldn't have caught any of it. >> new yorkers on the way home from work had something other than traffic holding them up yesterday. >> a horse was seen gallup go
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through the busy streets of manhattan. goldie is a 13 year-old carriage horse who bolted from her stables on west 52nd street as rush hour began. police tried in vein to catch the horse but goldie knew her way around the big city because she brought herself back home. how exactly did she escape. >> this was opened. special latch was opened because other horses were coming out. >> mischief us. >> yes. >> she came right down. >> goldie's greatest scape upset horse activist who say animals don't belong on new york city is traffic clogged street. goldie's owner dispute that saying she's happy, healthy, well cared for and safe. well, heart broken mother near fort worth, texas turns to her local police department for help. >> she was taking her birthday party for her son but apparently nobody showed up so first responders came through in a big way. the eight year-old wants to be
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a police officer when he grows up so his mom jennifer day went to a police station to see if an office wore cheer the young boy up. they sent everyone to the boy 's house, listen. >> everybody sings happy birthday and it was nice to do something like that and be able to be there and see that effect you had, the emotion he had. >> i'm really happeny isn't that what birthdays are all about. several fire fighters also showed up, in their truck, lights flashing, sirens whal ing and some saw the powe on line and they brought their children too so everyone enjoyed cake, pizza and took pictures in front. very happy birthday to him. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" saint guess rugby team is getting ready for rugby championshipness chester. our pat gallen is suiting up with them this morning. plus malls are closing all across the u.s. remember the old granite run mall, i actual do i, we will take you inside
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and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you philadelphia police are there when a seven year old girl is found unresponsive in a basement in a home in olney but that is not why officers were called to that house in the first place. more breaking news from afghanistan, death toll is rising after a huge, explosion
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iceland air flight is divert todd boston with mayor kenney on board. we are hearing from the passengers about what went wrong. it is wednesday, may 31st good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things on this wednesday, hump day. >> we are getting over the hump together you guys but we have your to a slow start because of the fog. it is very dense out there. we can barely see what we are looking at. >> it is a widespread issue. >> yes. >> i can't do anything about that. >> hilarious. >> yeah, fix it. >> well, you are a renaissance man let's make sure everybody knows that. lets look at storm scan we have wet weather to track right now up toward poconos but most widespread issue as meisha mentioned that is fog. see that in all of her cameras she will show you in a second here but lets just take a look at one of mine while at it. outside live neighborhood network here at junior/senior high school one of the more re met suburbs in ber


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