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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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neighborhood. "eyewitness news" starts right now. good afternoon everyone i'm ukee washington. deadly shoot age other gunfire prompted a lock down at nearby chester high school, that is where we find "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves live with the latest on this investigation, alycia. >> reporter: there is a lot for police here in chest ter to sift through. literally at the scene of one shooting they were being called to the scene of next shooting. this happened four times, today and end result, a loss of a life, loss of the chester high school student's life, he was killed just a few blocks from here. authorities at at this hour choosing not to release his name to make sure his relatives have been note filed the city of chester reeling from a morning of violence that began with the chester high school student being shot and killed. >> from our accounts, you know , good kid, goes to the high school, was a, football
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player from what i understand. >> reporter: authorities believe 15 year-old high school football player was simply walk ago long 11th street on his way to school. >> this is a horrendous loss of life, this is devastating, that a 16 year-old, child, can be walking, to his high school , and be gunned down. >> for someone to make sure that we provide condolences to the parents, and the family of the young man who lost his life this way. >> should be sitting in classroom, should be bettering himself, academically. but, unfortunately he is not. >> reporter: unfortunately deadly shooting at 7:58 this morning was just beginning of the gunfire in the city, but within four hours authorities were called to three more shootings nearby, the last one an officer involved shooting. all of the gunfire nearby forced high school to be on lock down all day. >> dropping them off and picking them up because it is unsafe out here.
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>> reporter: so far this investigation, authorities believe that this shooting of the 16 year-old is unrelated to the other three shootings. they are treating his a a separate homicide investigation. reporting live, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three ex-penn state officials are getting jail time for failing to report now convicted child sex predator jerry sandusky. graham spanier, seen walking in to court this morning and vice-president gary schultz, were sentenced to two months in jail. former athletic director tim curly received three months. rest of their sentence will be served on house arrest before sentencing prosecutors said that all three men cared more about themselves, then about protecting children. more on penn state the board of trustees you nan lust i approved sweeping reforms for greek life on campus. greek misconduct will be handled by the university, and not fraternity panels, and they are going to cut down on social events, and they will be, zero tolerance for hazing. and fraternity and sorority members will have to sign,
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behavioral contracts. the reforms comes after the death of sophomore timothy piazza who died in february at a fraternity house after a fall attributed to drinking, and alleged hazing. delaware governor john carney has released preliminary report from an independent review, into the february's deadly uprising at james vaughn correctional center in smyrna, delaware. report described the state's maximum security prison as dangerously overcrowded, critically under staffed and poorly run and managed. on february 1st, inmates took three correctional officers, and a prison counselor, hostage, lieutenant stephen floyd, was killed. a roof fire force eat vac ways of the acme market in bensalem bucks county. fire fighters were called to the 2300 block of the boulevard around 11:45 this morning. we're told everyone was able to get out of the store safely the fire was placed under control, at about 25 minutes, and while it remains under investigation, authorities say that some workers were on the roof, before the fire started.
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well, comedian kathy griffin speaks out at a news conference today was at time tearful she apologized for video that depict her holding a likeness of the president trump's severed bloody head but also criticized the first family. >> what is happening to me has never happened, ever in the history of this great country, which is that a sitting president of the you had and his grown children and the first lady, are personally i feel personally trying to ruin my life forever. >> griffin called the president, a fool and a bully and said that she's dealt with older white guys trying to keep her down for years. griffin has lost endorsement deals and performances including two cancelled appearanceness north jersey, and one in williamsport, pennsylvania. the trump administration is defending the president's decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement , as some condemned the move. today epa administrators scott
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pruitt says decision puts america's interests first with respect to environmental agreements and international discussions. he added the u.s. isletedding the world in reducing cashing on emissions. a team of young dragon boaters are preparing to compete tomorrow but they are a few members short. some were injured in last month's bus crash in maryland. reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio shows you how boaters are working to overcome adversity. >> the healthy dragons have been on the water for weeks, getting prepared for saturday 's independent dragon weeks, both regatta. >> what we mostly focus on is staying on time. >> reporter: manned with six, seven and eighth graders from lingo elementary and henry school they are a well oiled machine but their boat typically has 22 passengers. today they are short, more than a half dozen. >> you may notice something awful happened, but they all want to be here for each other >> reporter: seven members of the team were hurt in a bus accident, in maryland, two
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weeks ago, the incident, injured nearly 30 students and teachers, from the henry school. >> she's doing good. her leg is healing. she has stitches on friday. >> amani daniel was a sister and her sister kayla and henry , hurt her back and leg in the accident and is still healing. >> she's still sensitive after the crash. >> reporter: she won't be competing with the crew. >> it is sad that they don't get to do what they wanted to do. >> pretty tragic to know that some of our team members have gotten into a terrible accident. >> reporter: but the entire team is rallying, thanks to their coaches, from the philadelphia flying phoenix. >> we have pulled together to become a team, and kind of paddle for them, and paddle through adversity. >> reporter: with seven leg paddlers age 17 and 18 boat they have more work to do we will be trying harder to do this. >> reporter: they will do it together, shoulder to shoulder
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, for a win. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, summer fest is back and today we are heading back on the road to highlight another great community. today we're taking to you chester county and the town of devon, devon, pennsylvania, may not, and may not be a big place and return to the 1890's when the and tradition in the suburbs of philadelphia began. our jessica dean is live at at thors show where it is all part of the fun. hi there, jessica. >> hi ukee. history is all over and i have found some friend here and they have got their cool cbs-3 summer fest shade on. girls, lou good. is what your favorite part of the horse show. >> i like the rides, and also like tending to the horses. >> if you can do a little bit of everything here at devon horse show and country fair. there is history, tradition all around. take a look back, 120 years, and it starts with the
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sprawling devon inn. lets take a look. all aboard. the journey to the philadelphia suburbs, began, in the 1890's. >> in the very beginning, the railroad was everything. immediately, the thought was to get people out into the country from the city. >> reporter: business people from the city, boarded trains, destined for devon, pennsylvania. packing up their families and paving the way, for summertime traditions. >> i have carriage ride, you had horse back riding, you had lawn tennis, later you had golf. >> reporter: hobbies for those staying at magnificent ins strategically place add long the main line. >> devon inn was probably the largest, most opulent of all of the inn is a long the railroad. people brought their horses and carriages with them when they came to recreate so a stable was built. >> reporter: stables to house enough horses for friendly competition. >> in 1896, first show was very, very successful and then
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it went on and evolved, to what it is, today with the different categories, not just showing horses for breeders burks more of a competitive nature. >> it wasn't licensing before visitors began to stay, and land began to develop. sunday school called devon chapel put up walls and put down roots. >> that was a significant development in that it showed the community was starting to acquire, substance on its own not just as a resort destination but as a place where people lived full-time. >> reporter: today you can still find a congregation of presbyterians worshiping there , lending their parking lot to the people on horse back. competing at devon horse show just down the road. >> wonderful, beautiful area, fundamental landscape is wonderful. >> all of the area, and that is what summer fess is all about, sharing in the summer and fun with you and let me tell you we got lucky today because weather is gorgeous.
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it is a beautiful day. we have a little bit of breeze lauren casey is here as well, we will check with her. lauren, how is the weekend sharing up. >> one day looking really good , one day is looking not so great but today, of course, a beautiful day here in devon. i brought the mobile weather lab with me such a, cool event , we did some shopping, i got a little ring that ace adorable but weather is holding out. there are some spotty showers but we have sunshine here, in devon and did some friendly looking cloud at this point. temperatures feeling nice and summer like. they are in the 70's generally and couple 80's over parts of the area. but as i was looking out, over devon, i saw, a beautiful fairy flying by coming to the horse show for 40 years, and we will talk to her, jessica, in just a couple of minutes. >> all right, lauren, we are looking forward to. that we have so many great stories to share with all of you. this has been going on here
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all day long. we are at a breaking point behind us but they are setting up for next competition which looks to be amazing. stand are filling up. beautiful night. we have more to tell but here in devon. summer if he in devon just getting started. still ahead we will take you inside the horse show to see what winning really means for these riders and we will take a closer look at some of the fashion worn not only by riders but by the spec taitors , stay with us.
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one of the areas biggest events for horse enthusiast and we are here tonight happily telling you all about it, it is an incredible tradition and i'm joined now by the chairman, wayne grafton and wayne, we're now in year 121. >> we are. >> of the devon horse show. that is a lot of history what has changed over the years. >> a lot has changed. our physical plans change from programs, they have change, we have become more sensitive to the need of the community. we have a lovely country fair with shops, a lot of food for everyone, and big place for the kid and games and of
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course our equestrian show. physically within the ground the horse show facility we have gone to all jumping which means that the young competitors aside from getting prize money will accumulate points to go on to world and olympic competition. >> that is what i thought was fascinating. we were talking about this earlier. these riders are competing in the world arena we're get something of the best in the world here. >> you are. the other evening we had four different countries represented, and i believe that there were four or five olympic riders from those countries that were here at devon. and it was a real challenge for them, to be brought in, mark phillips, captain mark phillips from the uk, who designed one of our course is. >> how about that. >> we are an international's questions tran event. >> very exciting. were you telling me that the winners were all women this year in the grand prix. >> one exciting thing about equestrian sports there is nothing that distinguishes,
5:16 pm
men from women. it is time, and faults, and, the ability of the rider and the horse, so last thing we had three women riders, that led the way, of the winners. >> i'll tell you just walking around here something pretty much for anybody, if you want to do the fair portion, watch it, learn about the horses, eat some good food. would i think this is perfect for a family. >> well, it is, and tonight is there a big surprise, that will be the budweiser horses perform, they will be here tonight and tomorrow night. they will go off around 8:00 o'clock. for those wanting to come out, enjoy a beautiful night at devon. >> great friday night indeed, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> we are looking forward took with you tonight and we have got great weather, which is really what you want when you are outside. lets go to lauren casey. i know you said weekend is a little half and half, walk us through that.
5:17 pm
>> weekend is half and half but it is beautiful here in devon but i was checking my radar because is there a couple spotty showers but then something caught my eye, some wings, pink wings and they belong to michelle leonard our lovely fairy, who was passing by and i tried to grab her. she's having a fun girls day, night out, you have been coming for 40 years. tell us what you are doing here. >> so tonight is the box holders contest, and we decorate our boxes and also, they graded the best foot. and, laurie is doing all of the decorating, and jackie kelly who is the chef and good tourist she was in charge of delegating out the food and we are all dressing up as fairies because our theme is midsummer nights dream. should be a fun night at devon , right. >> absolutely. i love your outfit. thanks for chatting with us.
5:18 pm
michelle invited us to the booth after the show where there will be champagne so that is where i will be after 6:30. >> beautiful night to be out and about, watching a couple spotty showers but temperatures feeling good and if you are not seeing any shower activity, we are seeing a good bit of sunshine. getting current conditions at mobile weather watcher 75 degrees. check out that dew point in the 30's. air feels so nice, dry, and comfortable. we have a bit of the breeze, kicking up, cooling us off out here, and, and, then, 78 degrees in philadelphia 77 in atlantic city. we're at 78 in wilmington. we have a bit of the breeze and helping to cool us off with this sunshine and warm air. wind from the northwest right now up around 15 to 20 miles an hour and we have this nice comfortable, dry, air in place , and we didn't have the humidity and comfort index right now dew points generally
5:19 pm
in the 40's and 50's. it is feeling awesome. that is how it will stay as we head into the first day of our weekend before dew points start to rise as we head into sunday. storm scan three showing us spotty showers working through the area over last couple hours. shower moved through doyletown , north philadelphia but those showers starting to exit off to the south and east we have a stray shower chance as we head in the first part of tonight but otherwise dry conditions and then seasonal, as well, temperatures falling back to 58 degrees just a beautiful evening in store. wind will relax, a little bit as we head after sunset. for our saturday, a morning shower is possible especially south of the city, otherwise mostly sunny for most of the day, beautiful way to kick off weekend high of 78 degrees and as we look ahead toward your shore forecast, here it comes, it is looking good for upcoming weekend, a few clouds as we head into sun, and
5:20 pm
scatter showered in sunday and temperatures in the zero seven 's along the coast and your seven day forecast we are staying seasonal. we have to watch out for that chance of the few scattered thunderstorms as we head in the second half of the day on sunday. monies looking on the wetter site at 82 degrees and humid and cooling off to lower 70's by next wednesday but we have beautiful conditions out here, ukee for devon horse show. so exited to meet michelle, her and her girlfriend are having and check it out, and little later this evening. we will sip on champagne. >> where are your wings? >> i know, i need some. >> i know it it is ladies night, be careful of that bubbly. we will get back to you, see new a bit. pennsylvania convention center has turned into a wizard world, still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will take you inside comickan under the starts of the new transformer movie. if you are bored of your work out thinks not boring and it could save your
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welcome back i'm don bell with your sports. boxing, and wrestling, toss in a few other disciplines and you get ultimate work out. our leslie van arsdal is throwing punches and she's having fun while doing it. >> this is official self-defense fighting system of the israeli defense forces. >> real world save your life get out of the bad situation and get home safe. >> reporter: a nation work out , possible to burn off a thousand calories in a 50 minute class. >> they are losing pound, feeling better, endurance, cardio getting better. >> how can you use this outside of class. >> wouldn't leave me alone, he went to grab me and i used one of the basic defenses we use called 360 defense to block his arms from grabbing my shoulders and he, left me alone after that. >> get there. >> reporter: let me tell you, it is tough.
5:25 pm
>> we will start off with shoulder tag moving around making sure you are fighting distance from your partner. >> get out of the way. >> i will hit you. >> come on. >> you are protecting your feet, shoulders and knees might be available. everything creates an opening and you have to deeven if. >> don't bend down, okay. just connect. >> i cannot, not look down, this is crazy. >> yes. >> okay. take all of the sporting elements of the martial arts and focus on techniques to save your life. >> reporter: combat self-defense system that is a killer work out? i'm in. leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". >> leslie, yes. >> that is great. >> i can't wait to see her to tell her about that. >> oh, my. >> we're holding down fort here in philadelphia, jessica at devon horse show and country fair. >> look at this. >> look at that. >> nice. >> do you like my look, everyone, because i'm getting
5:26 pm
fancy here at the devon horse show, thank you very much. it is all about, you know, a fashion element to all you this guys. we will take you inside would your own vittoria woodill. you know she knows about this when we come right back.
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and we are kicking off week two of cbs-3 summer if he , jessica dean and vittoria wild join us, from the devon horse show and country fare which has become a yearly tradition for so many in our area ladies, you look
5:30 pm
fantastic. >> thank you, we are just trying to, you know, step up our game a little bit. we went shopping a little earlier. >> i, did i took photo of you and lauren, went shopping and yes. >> thank you. >> i mean, come on. look at yours, is it too much though. >> just right amount i'm a little loud and aggressive so i needed something to say that >> it says it all with feathers. >> and in devons, you really need to dress the park because it is all about it. >> you have to branch out. >> you have to branch out and dress like a lady and if is there one place to do it to top it off, it is this place, check it out. >> ♪ >> ladies, are you looking to dress for devon, well, you are in need of a hat. >> there is only one place to go. hats by katie, hat designer katie whaley has been making hats of all kind for 30 years in a rainbow of colors, down to. >> the devon blue. >> her hats are unmatched and
5:31 pm
prince approved here's katie receiving a ribbon for bet booth for prince philip at royal windsor horse show in england but her love of hats started on this side of the pond at devon. >> i grew up, showing here when i was a little kid all the way about 10 years ago when i got too busy with the business. i was walking around pre tending i was an adult trying on hats and ferris wheel training. >> reporter: every year she travels from her home in paris , kentucky to sell her hats of sinamay. >> it is a see through straw and once i decide what i will do, i will block it like a dress pattern. every hat is made two piece. crown in one and brim is other >> reporter: hard part trying to decide among so many sensation at hats. >> bring me my horse. >> wow. it doesn't get old. >> which one will it be. >> there is just something about a hat, i mean do you feel the difference, jessica.
5:32 pm
>> absolutely. >> the shoulders go up, the arms frail around, you own the world, am i right. >> yes, tell me too the size saddle. >> let talk about that because talk about, women who really, get into the traditions that are here at devon. i got to spend the day, with a side saddle rider who tells us about all of the different appointments, which basically are a requirements, to ride side saddle here at devon horse show. there will be some surprising things that they carry with them, i don't want to tell you , exactly what it is now but let's just say that they have to carry something, that they can eat, and they actually get judged on that. >> on carrying the thing that you eat. >> yes. >> i wanted to bring lauren, who is carrying something to -- >> this is lauren from devon. >> yes. >> lauren, okay. first of all you are a big salesman around here. how much fudge could you sell in an hour. >> seventeen and a half pound. >> that is insane. >> no, what.
5:33 pm
>> do you take i ou. >> jessica kaine bureau some cash. >> sure. >> here at devon we have great fudge but thinks the lemon stick. thinks the infamous lemon stick which is a fresh lemon where they put juice. what is in the center there. >> candy straw. >> and technique is, slurping. >> okay. >> cheers. >> got in early. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> that will hit you. >> i'll go to the side. >> oh, yeah, kind of tart. >> love that. >> these i could polish off easily so i will do that right now. save this one for me for later on. don't lose that fudge, tori get my wallet, get some cash. >> get her wallet. >> we will work on that. >> yes. >> while they are working on that and tori trying to take an iou i'm not sure. the co chair of the devon country fair please excuse my hat it is coming down a touch there but you guys have over
5:34 pm
2,000 volunteers. >> yes, we have 2,000 volunteers who work 11 days straight to produce the show, and we have 120 chairman who work year round running about 22 committees to produce it. >> this is really the ultimate community event, all of you guys coming together. >> absolutely, and the community supports us, we, in our volunteer groups this year we hit 12 corporate days here, and so yesterday we had maybe 45 people from vanguard and -- yes, so it is very exciting. >> it is running very smoothly >> beautifully, thank you for the weather. >> we will pass that on to lauren. for people who come here year after year and for some of you out there who have maybe never been here before what would you say are new things that people can look forward to. >> we have great riders. we have a new exhibit exhibit on sunday and they come for
5:35 pm
the fair items. so lemon sticks that lauren told but we sell 7,000 lemon sticks. >> wow. >> yes. we sell 1500-pound of fudge. >> wow. >> so a lot of lemon and a lot of fudge. >> yes. >> devon burgers. we are always looking for healthy alternative to keep up with the times but, staying with the traditions and our shopping, it is fabulous. our convenientors are select. they commit in the fall, to come. >> so it is a wonderful event. we have had a great time with the food, shopping, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> we will bring some cash too good work. >> i always believed in you. >> now listen other wonderful thing is there is so many dog wondering around, a lot of people involved with this event, we will bring their dogs around so it has almost been like a dog show on the side, which is fun and i know would you enjoy that because you love dogs just as much as do i. >> as soon as they showed that white shepherd or not but would i let out a big ahh, i don't know if you can hear me.
5:36 pm
yes, i am i would love to be there and see that. that would be great. >> it is great, tori you have your thing going on over there >> lauren's so nice she cut me a deal. >> two bucks. >> they are usually three dollars but she took two because that is all dennis our photographer had. we appreciate that. >> big things are happening, ukee. we will be back in a bit. >> ladies, thanks very much. we will get back shortly. >> a rally on the rocky steps, still to come on "eyewitness news", why members of the philadelphia's film industry are gathering and which famous director will join them. penalized for doing good today how new jersey lawmakers hope to protect ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness,
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philadelphia fire officials are reaching out to residents about the importance of smoke alarms, "eyewitness
5:40 pm
news" was there as fire fighters and city officials, canvassed the kensington neighborhood, about 100 smoke alarms written stalled today alone. the fire department wants our viewers to know if you need a smoke alarm installed you can call, 311. well, comic con is back in philly and this years event has a spokes focus on the world of the japanese animation. show going on at pennsylvania convention center through sunday, i stopped by today to check it out and got to meet isabella monair the star of the upcoming transformer movie the last night. movie premiers june 21st and we will be hearing more about it from this rising young star , as we get closer to the date, and autograph too. speaking of movies, philly film industry rail is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. on the art museum steps. rally is aimed at raise ago wearness about the contributions and benefits, that the film industry makes in our region, and the threats facing it as well. director, writer, producer m
5:41 pm
night shamelon will be among the speakers, actor david morse as well, that is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. on the art museum steps. hope to see you there. well, it is summer fest, coming up in a bit we will take you back to the devon horse show and country fair to see the world famous clydesdale up close, the live coverage from devon continues, after a short break.
5:42 pm
goldvo: as a goldman sachshose companiepresident,legal activity helped destroy our economy... phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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each year hundreds of lives are saved in new jersey, thanks to organ and tissue donations. but thousands more are still waiting for a miracle. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan explains how lawmakers are working to make it easier for donors to give, the gift of life. >> the stories that you hear about transplants, generally are people that wait years.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: six years ago when shannon learned she had kidney disease mercer county mother admits she was afraid. >> there is a lot of unknown when you have, when you are in end stage renal disease or kidney failure. >> reporter: shannon applied to be on the donation list and begin uncomfortable task of asking friend and family if they would donate a kidney. >> you cannot imagine how difficult a question or ask that is of someone a friend or family member. you are asking them to, you know, you have two kidneys can i have one. >> reporter: to make matters worse she founded new jersey organ down others don't have job protection. she told dan benson it isn't right someone should risk job and benefits to save a life. he is sponsoring a bill to make sure people are eligible for temporary disability benefits in take tea time off to donate a organ and make sure they don't lose their job >> make sure they have full protectionness new jersey so that people can dot right thing for right reason.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: despite the knack two and a half million new jersians signed up as willing organ donors, there are still more than 4,000 people, at any given time, honor again donation lists. shannon believes that this bill will help. >> it could change, you know, the lives for people all across new jersey. >> reporter: assembly labor committee will take up donor protection bill on monday, june 5th at 10:00 a.m. this is an issue that effects you can go testify, or send an e-mail to support to the bill sponsors. we have their information on our web site at cbs n trenton, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it is shaking out to be a beautiful, june night, great weather to enjoy the devon horse show and country fair. let's head back out to chester county and jessica dean, hi there, jessica. >> ukee, it is a lovely, the sky is blue, there is a couple of cloud, out here, just a really nice, summer, evening out here, and lauren casey, we have been split up, so she has been in the another part of the devon horse show and country fair. we want to go over to her right now. we've got a little lemon also,
5:47 pm
with the candy in them, we have saved you one but is there sols fudge over here, so we're look out for you on our end. >> appreciate that very much, always save me snacks, good move, thank you, i will be over there, promptly at 6:30, to snack on those but you know , sunnies shining. it is a beautiful day. it was kind of getting in my eyes a little bit. i need to put on my beautiful, fascinator which matches my color, thanks to miss vittoria wood holy picked out my beautiful fascinator because it matches my ensemble, i didn't know what a fascinator was until today but i'm pretty happy witt and, i'm never taking it off again. but just right now, conditions are beautiful at the devon horse show. we will take a lot our current conditions, on the weather watcher, it is calling, 75 degrees, right now, little bit of the breeze at 9 miles an hour, dew points super low by june standard in the upper 30's so that air is nice, dry,
5:48 pm
comfortable and temperatures are feeling, nice and summer- like. yesterday mark the start of the meteorological summer and we are in the 70's and we even got a couple of 80's, we did officially hit 80 in philadelphia today. we are down to 78. seventy-five in trenton. seventy-eight in wilmington. beautiful evening is on tap, and a lot of activity going on , we are at devon horse show and we have a phillies game and it looks like you don't need to bring that rain gear. storm scan three showing a couple spotty showers over last several hours but we will keep it mainly dry as we head into the evening, just a gorgeous one for baseball, at first pitch 76 degrees, sunshine, keeping it mostly clear with temperatures only falling back in the upper 60's by the end of the game. hopefully the phillies can pull down a win. future weather showing us as we head in the evening hours very quiet conditions, just a very stray shower possible, little upper level disturbance comes in tomorrow morning and we will see a spotty shower but fear not that will quickly move on out and we will turn over to sunshine as we head
5:49 pm
into midday and a beautiful saturday afternoon, it is in store for all of your weekend, outdoor, activities, saturday evening, looking quiet, as well. so, barbecue forecast because it is, of course, you will get out a grill on a saturday. 78 degrees, sunshine. low humidity. perfect conditions for those turkey burgers, which i make a mean turkey burger, as we head in the weekend though sunday we will to have watch out for a shower or thunderstorm as we head in the afternoon, increasing included with a high of 79, 82 degrees, more humidity monday with showers and thunderstorms looking likely. cooling things off as we head into mid weeks next week and as we head into wednesday, 71 degrees. that is brief with temperatures warming up to near 81 degrees by end of the next week. we have seen food, we have seen fashion and, of course, beautiful animals competing here, today, but some of the fun of this event is how participants decorate their space. we have talk to michelle in a little bit with dressed up as
5:50 pm
a fairy, her and her girlfriend are decorating their booth and all about florals in the grandstanded of devon beautiful flower arrangements, and flower boxes and expert fans watched their favorite events. the tradition for folks to keep coming back we have even spotted a friend or two for youngest of spectators, cute horses. in the back of the property, barns housing prize winning horses are also decked out and ribbons from winning trips around the a reen air proudly displayed above the doors where banner features names and other personal says. so there is so much to see, and do here at the devon horse show, of course, weather is beautiful, booths for shopping which jessica, variety to use and i hit up already, there is snacks which is our next movie think after the show, i saw fries, i saw hot dogs, i saw wine and cheese stand, so i think we will have headed in that direction afterward. >> yeah, i think snacks should be the next stop, it has been
5:51 pm
decided that is what we will do and we will let everybody know how it goes. >> thanks. >> it is just a great night out here. she was talking about the grandstanded and stand up there and they are doing a competition of sorts they were just telling me about in the stand who has best food tonight. one gentlemen said, i am up to ri's alley. i have a feeling we will check that out as they have the big competition up there and watch competition there in the oval. also, in the oval tonight, this is something that a lot of people are looking forward to, they are just about the coolest horses that you'll ever see, there is certainly some of the biggest you will ever see, coming up see the world famous, clydesdales up close we will be right back.
5:52 pm
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♪ >> welcome back, to cbs-3's summer fest which we are, we have taken on the road to the he have devon horse show and country fair, we are taking you all over the area this summer to show you how people in our area celebrate the fabulous season of summer. we are happy to have you with us. big attraction here tonight, and, these are very famous horses we have seen them all year around in the ads and before they take the stage, so to speak tonight they are hanging out with vittoria woodill. we will go over to tori these are majestic animals and they are just beautiful. >> can i just tell you, we were just talking about that word majestic. it is different when you see them in the ads and commercials but when you see it up close you are in complete awe of its size. take a look this is jack, and this is chris from the
5:56 pm
budweiser collide dale thanks so much for being here with us >> thank you. >> we are so excited to have these clydesdale here in devon and lets talk about jack for a second because you only select the best clydesdale so what makes jack the premiere budweiser collide dale. >> not only can be a budweiser collide dale. we start off were four white iconic stocking they need a solid coat, blaze white down the face, it has to be 18 tall , 6 feet of your shoulder. after we have all of the markings we want, temperament to be out here with the crowd, noise. it is not easy be a budweiser horse. >> it makes it look easy. jack weighs 2,000-pound? >> correct, he is 2,000-pound. he is a little over that 18 hand mark and he has a great temper for this. he draws a lot of attention. >> i thought it was me but it is jack because we have a crowd out here. kid, everybody loving it, say hi, everyone you are on live
5:57 pm
tv. but you know, what is really cool you were telling me thaw are doing something special with the clydesdale tonight at devon thaw do not do all the time. >> no, we do it a couple times of year and it will represent days of old when we deliver beer off the hitch. we will demonstrate how we would dock horses and get back of the wagon and block streets as well. it is unique, exciting to watch and crowd pleaser. >> these horses are incredible i was just talking during the break, chris you are living your dream. you grew up, isn't that where they originated. >> correct, budweiser fridays st. louis, in 1876. collide dales started in budd wise inner 1933 delivering beer in st. louis frame there to the white house because they started when prohibition ended. they have been in the country for 80 years. tradition, history that they represent. people see them and you don't realize how big they are until you are next to them. bring your kid, grand kid and tell them first time you saw them but image has not change. it is exciting, draws attention to the detail a lot of fun. >> you have to really come to
5:58 pm
the devon horse show and county fair and check them out , it is nothing like seeing it in person. >> and that is why we're here doing summer fests so people can see is what in their backyard. i hope people come out. jessica, take a break from the desk at least at one point and come see jack and his buddy. they are spectacular. you have 10. >> we travel with 10. >> oh, yeah. >> we will be here at will tonight and 8:30 tomorrow. >> you have time, guess contact. >> don't worry, i will work that in. make myself a checklist, snacks, collide dales, on it. thanks very much. great to get a feel important is what on it, at devon horse show and country, fair and ukee, it is safe to say thinks a great place to be on a, sunday night. >> the dried dales, i love the commercials but 18 hand tall and 2,000-pound. love to come out and join you very soon. but in the meantime, jessica, stand by because that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> that is right, now at 6:00
5:59 pm
our summer fest celebration continues, live, from devon, we will introduce you to the mother/daughter duo both riding in the devon horse show and the healthy competition, between them, lauren. i'm having a great time out here seeing some beautiful horses and i'm wearing a fascinator, difficult some shopping, and i will let you know what to expect weather-wise as we head in the upcoming weekend for any activities you have going on. also tonight ladies in the news a student shot dead on his way to school, just a start of the violent day in delaware county. tonight the neighborhood is on edge, after the string of shootings. historic sets for the philadelphia police department , it is a first when it comes to bike training for their officers. our stephanie stahl shows you what makes it, so unique. and now at 6:00 o'clock we are on the road to beautiful, devon, pennsylvania, drone watch three is showing us there is plenty to see in the chester county town, but delight of devon this time of the year, of course is the
6:00 pm
horse show and country fair. cbs-3 summer fest is in full swing. ah, yes, good evening, i'm ukee washington. good evening, everybody i'm jessica dean. coming to you live, from devon , pennsylvania. home to the devon horse show and country fare and ukee, this is 121st year for the devon horse show. talk about some tradition? talk about some family traditions? we have certainly have all that here all around us. we have been learning more and more about what goes on here both in the oval behind us but also the fare portion where kid can ride ride and there is great shopping, great food, and they have a little bit of everything for everybody when they come here. we will tell but history. for the devon horse show go all the way back to 1896, equestrians have been competing here for years and years and certainlyll


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