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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:27pm EDT

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>> police searching for harris in connection with shoot that injured 25 year old father, and his young son in kensington last month. police say harris shot the two from a mountain by malta street may 216789 the victim's one year old son shot four times, and returned to a hospital in critical condition. if you have any information, please, call police. >> a worker at cherry hill rehab center in stable condition after medical emergency on the center's roof. chopper three over st. mary medical center for rehabilitation, crews carried a work here had lost consciousness from the roof at about 8:00 this morning, nature of the victim's emergency isn't exactly clear. but authorities say it was not heat related. and there are no injuries after this fire on the 7400 block of lawndale avenue burholme, northeast section of philadelphia. >> this happened at about 3:30 this morning, fire reached, and they controlled the fire in less than 20 minute, the cause under investigation. >> ambulance caught fire in east norriton montgomery
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county just after 9:00 this morning, the fire broke out just as the vehicle was entering the einstein medical center, everyone fortunately was able to get out of the ambulance safely, no word so far on what sparked the fire. well, today marks one year since the worse mass shooting in modern us history, thousands in florida remembering the 49 patrons killed at orlando night club. the pulled night club earth think morning, as people continued to pay their respects, some, large rainbow flag draping the building and governor rick scott has ordered flags to fly at half staff today. police have released new photo of the man chester arena bomb nerve helps of obtaining new leads, that are three new photos showing suicide bomber solomon at different locations, police hope to jog the memory of people who may have seen him in the case before attack. those at the ariana grande were killed. >> jeff sessions has requested that tomorrow's senate intelligence committee hearing be open to the public, because
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he, quote, believes it is important for the american people to hear the truth directly from him. >> on capitol hill with the questions lawmakers want answered from the attorney general. >> attorney general, jeff sessions, will appear before lawmakers, investigating russian meddling in the 2016 election and answer their questions in a public hearing. >> what role did he play, if any, again, in the comey firing, because at that point he was supposed to be recused from this investigation, have nothing to do with it. >> sessions was scheduled to testify about the justice department's budget tomorrow before a different committee. but, after realizing most of the questions would be about the fired fbi director, and russia, sessions says instead he'll testify before the senate intelligence committee. >> want to be able to get his side of it, get all of the fact out there. >> recused himself from the russia investigation back in march after admitting he had not disclosed two meetings with the russian ambassador, in 2016. james comey suggested there might be more to it, than
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that, during his testimony last week. >> we also were aware of fact that i can't discuss in a open setting that would make his continued engagement in a russia-related investigation problematic. president trump disputes much of comey's testimony, and says he's too long give his own version of events, under oath. cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at noon, frightening flight. a pilot of this jet lands safely even though part of the engine's casing was ripped off. we'll hear from a passenger who described the scary ordeal. >> plus: the big winners from broadway's biggest night. we'll celebrate the tony awards when "eyewitness news" at noon returns.
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>> consumer alert about 700,000 pounds of spaghetti and meatballs are being recalled, because cans of them ma have some milk in the damages, as well, not listed on the label. >> chef boy rd, libby's, and elpina's, you may throw it away or return it to the store. >> flight forced to return to australia after what the crew called abnormal activity in one of the plane's engines. >> that is what they're talking about, that is huge hole in the engine. the china eastern airlines flight head the in the air and this headed for shanghai, started noticing some
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problems. >> yes, so it took off like normal. then all the sudden, like, some of our friends that were with us smelled burning. and we were like didn't think anything of it really. but then all the sudden, it got really loud. it was like dadada. then they started moving everyone from the left side of the plane over. and shutting the windows, and everyone was really calm and did a great job. >> and the plane did land without incident, no one was hurt. no word this afternoon on what may have caused that hole. >> shutting the curtains really helps keep the passengers calm. well, some scary moments for actress jennifer laurence. her private plane is forced to make an emergency landing, laurence was on board the private jet after visiting family in louisville, kentucky. the pilots quickly moved to make an emergency landing after a double engine failure. the plane eventually landed safely in buffalo, new york. the representative for the 26 year old star says she's okay following that incident. broadway as biggest night had at least one safe bet as expected, bette midler won tony award last night for
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leading role in revival of hello dolly which also won best musical revival. >> one of the greatest professional experiences of my entire life. >> but it was hanson stole the night taking the tony for best musical, ben platt won for leading actor in a musical and rachael bay jones took the tony for featured actress in a musical. hanson also won for best score, best book, best or chest station. and tonight on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 also the big win heres have ties to our area. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" at noon, president trump wedding crasher. >> new jersey couple has an experience they'll likely never forget. meisha? >> well, there will comma time for all every us, simply need a break. quick moment to relax and de-stress. where do we go whether we need that time? in today's love it, show you very different kind of place, popping up all over the country. >> upcoming weekends never get here soon enough. but i have to tell you at this point anyway not looking as though it will be as spectacular as this past
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weekends. better chance for some showers or thunderstorms, not ton of sunshine, but at least looking ahead to more seasonable conditions when it comes to temperatures. we're coming right back with the rest of the forecast.
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>> welcome back, flyers fans probably not the news you want to hear. >> for the second straight year the pittsburgh pen wins celebrating a stanley cup. the pen wins and preditors play scoreless who can my the third period when pittsburgh patrick hornquestions gave them all of the offense they needed. they slut out the preditors. syd the kid crosby won his second straight mvp awards. >> now, just what it is about,
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small window to play, and to have a career, and, you know, i feel fortunate. but i also understanded how difficult to it is. so you just want to try to make the best of it. >> and, pennsylvania governor tom wolf congratulated the pen wins on their win, he tweeted back-to-back stanley cup champions hashtag pa proud. okay, turning to basketball now, after last friday's while win by the cleveland calves, game five of the nba finals is tonight. golden state warriors lead the cavs three games to one. >> split the last 2nba championships, the cavaliers won last season, tonight in oakland. >> wild game on friday. i think cats fans, very excited about tonight. >> understand that. >> jim is not excited about my forecast, though. >> i don't minds -- i don't mind heat, but this is too much. >> i know, it is pretty steamy outside, especially in your dark suit. you know, you walk out the door -- >> this hair spray only holds
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up to so much humidity. >> moral of the story, show up tomorrow -- >> right? on it way. >> definitely one of those days we are all sweating. and already into the 90s in a couple of spots, thankfully, you know, humidity technically isn't that high right now. it does get a little bit more oppressive before our monday-tuesday time frame all said and done, then we will see the temperatures get scaled back, which we will get to. start things off by taking about this heat, some of the other records that we are looking to potentially tie or break. head to the graphicsment take a look here, so shear are the records, at least couple of spots. georgetown has a decent shot at actually hitting a new record. here in philly again expecting to tie it. ninety-six is the number to beat in wilmington. probably won't ends up with new record there. we would have to hit 97 obviously, so we'll see how we do. but we're coming awfully close to much of these, many of these values throughout the afternoon. storm scan is quiet. don't worry about t we have
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bright sunshine, couple of patchy clouds, nothing more. let's talk about the other weather variables play a role. health report, usd stands for unhealthy for sensitive groups. air quality today is far less than ideal. high levels of grand -- grounds level oh, zone as fine particle pollution, really mess with you. if you fall into the sensitive category. children, elderly, respiratory illness, if you have asthma, not a great day for you. the uv index you better believe that's high. latter on the sun block. just use caution when it comes to the heat index. again, it is not too humid but it is enough that it will bug you. this is another really important thing. we harp on this all the time. there is a reason. you never leave your kids or your pets or elderly, anybody in the vehicle. you've got to make a wawa run, bring them inside with you, look at this, all it takes is ten minute on dale lie like this, 95 degrees day, to feel like 114 degrees on the inside of your car. it is own little greenhouse
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effect. in a half hour you're to up 129. that's dangerous, for example, to up hour, it can increase 40 solid degrees, so think about this. you know, we do those experiments all the time where you cook baked cookies on your windshield. there is a reason that you can do that, because it gets this oppressive. so, take care today. my point. let's look at the buy point, they're not horrible. but they're starting to creep up here. down or up into the low 60s from philly up to trenton, but hit the benchmark of about 65 degrees on the dew point temperature, that's about where it starts to feel steamy. wildwood, dover, starting to notice it right now. and out in reading, as well, and that heat definitely is very pronounced. we look at the feels-like temperatures, for the most part pretty much in line with what the actual air temperature is. it feels like more like 94 dover, millville, so again, take care out there. meanwhile, the rest of the day if you maybe use this pastst exr weekends at the shore for another day, man, did you pick a good weekend for. done.
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eighty-nine is the expected high at the shore. up in the mountains, beautiful day. great camping weather great lakeside weather, 86 degrees, love that chair we have in this graphic. just bridges serenity, right? we look outside to the board walk plaza at rehobeth. look at the hundreds of umbrellas lining that shore, absolutely beautiful start to the afternoon. it is just toasty out there. so take care. all of the common sense stuff we always talk about, sun block, sunglasses, taking a glass or nice bottle of water with you, taking frequent breaks if you must be out in the heat if you're a landscaper, work for the postal service, again, take care of yourself and listen to your body. we look forward tomorrow late afternoon, spotty shower or under this earl storm could help cool couple of us down, that's where we peak with the heat. new record for the books we think. by wednesday starting to scale back as back door cold front starts to kick in. >> jim will feel better. >> i think so. >> thank you. new plan of therapy showing up all over the country. >> meisha i guess could you
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say it is a purrrfect stress reliever. >> love what you did. life can be busy and hectic, not only busy but an outlet, place to unwinds, take a mental vacation even for just a few minutes. meeting a woman who set taught give people and animal lovers a place to not only unwind, but to help a worthy cause, as well. take a look. >> kathleen a, opened a place called cat therapy in downtown santa barbara. with the hope of making a difference. her heart being in the right place, she was looking for a place people could go to relax, and unwinds. >> i heard about them on line. like in japan and things like that, so when i found out we had one here, like, very, very excited. >> cat therapy exclusively features adult cats who in many cases have been in shelters for several years and get depressed. their mission is to bring
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happiness to both the felines and all of those who take a break and visit. >> this is a happy place. we try to make people happy. so when they come here, i can see their smiles and that's the reason why they come back. >> and make no mistake, feline fans are excited about the idea of spending time petting, feeding, and bonds withing their new furry neighborsment taking a much needed break-in deed, from the stresses of every day life. >> oh, little babies. the specialty lounge also doubles as a cafe. so patrons can order from their cafe and have their order delivered during their cat session therapy offering perfect blends of comfort, coffee, and companionship. >> where is this? i want to go. >> is that not so cute? i guess popping up all over the country there is particular one in santa barbara. i have to say i love the idea, and not the cats are kind of given, and the older cats, rescue thing, i'm animal lover, i love, that but also she thought of the people, that we get so stressful that they're thinking about the people, they want them to have a place to unwinds. >> wynn. >> is that a win-win?
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>> or to kill a bird with one stone. true, in order to stay bald, we all need an outlet. that seems to be great option. way to look out for fellow neighbors and animal friends. so if you have any positive story ideas you can always sends them my on my way twitter or facebook at meisha p johnson. >> very cute. meisha, thank you. >> up next, a wedding one new jersey cup little never forget. >> see what happened when president donald trump crashed their p
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>> summer perks, tonight at 5:00. >> at 6:00 the heat and your head, warning for migraine sufficient i have ers, hue the rising temperatures could cause problems. what you can do to prevent them. >> you may recall the movie wedding crash, quite a hit a few years back. >> real life wedding crasher, president donald trump. he made surprise appearance saturday night at trump national golf club in somerset county new jersey, the president posted with the bride, and signed few autographs, as well. newlyweds kristin and tuck very quite a story to tell. they look very excited and very happen. >> i that's "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> and "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. >> and of course you can always visit us on line at >> did you bring any cats with you? >> sure! >> have a great day.
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we'll see you tomorrow. the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> scott: thank you for seeing me, victor. >> victor: sure, scott. >> scott: i, uh, i won't keep you long. >> victor: all right. what's on your mind? >> scott: i think it's time for a change. >> victor: i agree with you. >> scott: you do? >> victor: yeah. >> scott: good, good. then we can speak honestly. >> victor: always. >> scott: you asked me to, uh, write up an offer for the digital media company you wanted to acquire. i had that for you the next day. but since then, i haven't heard a word. which makes me think you weren't serious about buying it or letting me be involved in the
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operation. were you just giving me busywork? were you dangling a carrot in front of me to keep me around? look, i will be eternally grateful to you for paying my ransom. i know i offered you six more months, but...i can't.


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