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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 18, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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the judge in the bill cost bye trial, declares a mistrial , after the jury tells him they are hopelessly dead lock. but prosecutors say they are not done with the comedian just yet. and, a tragedy at sea, a search for missing sailors after the collision of the navy destroyer and merchant ship and with the discovery of the victims. and pride in the streets of philadelphia, where in town you can find this colorful celebration. today is sunday, june 18th , good morning everyone and happy fathers day to all of the dad out there i'm jan carabao. will weather cooperate for thorough outdoors activities today? lets head over to matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast.
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goodun today matt. i'm hoping to grill out. >> usually, you know, they want to treat. >> yes. >> he is always working hard all the time but today is dad 's day and if you are looking to grill out t youill py be okay, all right. if you have outdoor plans. maybe going to the phillies game. that should be good as well. it does look like in general like today will be the better of our two weekend days. yesterday we did get late afternoon sunshine which was nice but in general it was still a kind of dreary, saturday. across the delaware valley. right now storm scan three showing you a quiet morning, we're not dealing with any kind of problems out there and we are looking at, relatively clear, skies, across the area too. that is good news for us. we will see cloud cover, later on in the morning hours. visibility is much better this morning compared to yesterday. we had that fog out there on our really too much problem, along the shore, still maybe a little bit of fog out there but in general not too bad. little bit of the lower
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visibility toward mount pocono below a mile. still couple areas of patchy fog that is a problem for at lee first couple hours of the morning but not too much problem later in the afternoon temperatures very, very warm to kick off the day, we are sitting in the mid 70's with higher humidity as well. here is our fathers day forecast we will get to 90 degrees this afternoon. when you add in the humidity it will be feeling more like 95, 96 degrees. few isolated showers cannot be completely ruled out either for our sunday afternoon here. we are watching for threat for strong to severe weather to start workweek out, we will break down those chances in a bit, jan. it is back to square one for case ast, prosecutors in montgomery county plan to put him on ia sexual assault charges. the decision following judge's declaration of the mistrial after jury tol hopeles. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was at the
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courthouse as the judge made his ruling. >> reporter: for sixth morning 79 year-old actor/comedian bill cosby entered montgomery county courthouse waiting for a jury to decide his fate. unlike long days of questions and dead locked deliberations up until now things happened fast. by 10:15 they announced they could not reach a verdict so judge o'neill declared a mistrial. some cheers for cosby as his legal team addressed belabored , inconclusive outcome. >> judge is right, justice is rentgory county. i'm proud to be able to represent mr. cosby. we came here looking for acquittal, but like that rolling stones says you don't sometimes you get what you need. >> reporter: cosby spokesmen raised his fists in victory. >> mr. cosby's power is back. >> reporter: cosby kept quiet. leaving court he only pause todd wave to his supporters. prosecutors say that the legal battle is far from over and immediately declaring their intention force a retrial. >> we'll val wait, and review
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our case. we will take a hard look at everything involved and then we will retry it. >> reporter: district attorney kevin steel says his team will be ready to meet retrying the sexual assault case within four months. i has little doubt that andrea constand will testify against cosby again. >> she's entitled to a verdict in this montgomery county, where this crime occurred, are s case, and we will to try to get that done. >> reporter: we don't know break down how many jurors but cosby was guilty or not, district attorney steel says thinks his first mistrial in more than 25 years but he says last time, he won the retrial. in norristown, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime, camille cosby praised the attorneys who represented her husband, in the trial, and family statement she blasted the
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montgomery county district attorney and judge stephen o'neill accusing them of quote arrogantly collaborating. the family's statement says in part quote i'm grateful to any of the jurors who tenaciously for the to review evidence which is rightful way to make a sound decision. ultimately that justice based on fact, not lies. now once their jy of seven d five women from allegheny in plymouth meeting. panel deliberated for more overs before telling a judge that they could not reach a unanimous decision. jurors who were sequestered in the hotel began deliberating on monday evening. represents of cosby's accuser andrea constand have released their own statement about the trial, they thanked the montgomery county district attorney's office and other members of the prosecution. they are statement read we are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt power less and silent.
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we commend those prosecutors, who raise add wearness that one of the hallmarks of dru sexs effect the drug has on victim 's memory and ability to willi o present this evidence to the jury.cents on the next move in the cosby case could we expect a different outcome in a retrial linda dale hoffa of an attorney with the philadelphia firm dilworth paxson answered some of those questions. >> i think that the jury deliberated probably more hours then it took try the case is a good indicator that there were problems here. jury was deliberating, not just, you know, seven or eight hours a day but they were putting in very long days and nights because it was a sequestered jury. usually, prosecutors know what the break down in the vote was , from the jurors. with the judge's permission they can get talk to the jurors and they would find out what the vote is, and that is something that is usually
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taken into consideration. i don't know whether or not the prosecutor in this case does know what the break down is. certainly that is not a public record to us. we don't know it. the decision was made immediately, that there was going to be a retrial. as i understand it under pennsylvania law that means the trial has to take place in the next 120 days. >> stay with "eyewitness news" , as we continue to follow the aftermath of the bill cosby trial, you can always get the latest on this case on line at cbs and cbs local app. new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in center city. officers say it happened on the 700 block of arch street just after 2:30 a.m. one victim died at the scene, police believe a second victim drove to the hospital, in delaware, and, they are questioning someone at that hospital this morning, police have not identified any suspect or a motive. also new this morning police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia , this shooting
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happened around 1:30 near north sixth and cumberland streets, at the scene there officers found one man who had been shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. no word yet on any suspects in this shooting. a seven year-old girl is being treated in the hospital this morning, following a car accident involving atlantic city's mayor don guardian was driving down route 30 when a seven year-old girl ran o his car on e pass he canner side. girl had minor injuries. yo not injured during the accident and officers say did he not receive a scident was deemed unavoidable. a man is charged with stealing a car with passengers inside, this happened early saturday at the fire fly festival in dover, delaware. police say zachary hamilton punched the driver before transit van before crashing it in the fence. six people were inside of the van at the hamilton was under the influence of drugs at the time , charges against him include carjacking and
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reckless endangerment. u.s. navy search teams have found bodies of all seven missing sailors after collision of the navy destroyer and merchant ship near japan. u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a philippines flagged merchant ship saturday morning when most crew members on both of the ships were asleep. searchers found the sailors, dead in their sleeping quarters early this morning, the sleeping quarters were flooded following the collision. >> the ship will require significant repairs but you will see u.s.s. fitzgerald back. >> admiral added that there will be an investigation in the entire incident, the navy has not yet publicly identified the sailors who died. meantime an investigation is underway after a high speed ferry struck a jet any hyannisport, ferry travels a 26-mile route
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between and hyannisport. it was within of the last trip on friday when the tcurred. eighteen people are recovering from their injuries. the philly prided stival isn the city of philadelphia this is 29th year, that organization has put on, philly pride present. here is footage from last years celebration, it kicks off at 13th and locust streets at 11:30, this morning and marches through center city. festival is happening at the great plaza on penns landing at noon. admission to the festival is $15. find out more at philly gay well, is there still so much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, doctors treating congressman steve scalise update his condition. why they are more optimistic about his chances of recovering. and londoners who survived a deadly fire there talk about the warning signs, that they gave, until it was too late, that is when "eyewitness news"
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encouraging news about the recovery of steve scalise. doctors upgraded his condition from critical to serious after he underwent another surgery on saturday. scalise continues to show signs of improvement after he was wounded at a republican baseball practice outside of washington on wednesday. the hospital says that he is more responsive and speaking with his family. london police now say at
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least 58 people are presume dead after last wednesday's fire at a high rise apartment building there. as jonathan vigliotti reports people that live there are demanding answers. >> we want justice. >> reporter: anger bowled over on friday as people stormed kensington and chelsea town hall. >> we want justice. >> reporter: soon afterward prime minister teresa may was chased from a local church. on saturday she met with the group of residents in the more controlled setting of 10 downing street. officials have yet to answer several key questions, what caused the fire, could it have been prevented and why aren't people getting the aid that they desperately need right now. many survivors are sleeping on the floor in community centers , and there is still no coordinated distribution of donated food or clothing. residents who survived, said they warned the building's manager about fire hazard for years, but they were ignored. how many times have you complained about the safety of
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the building. >> many times. >> reporter: miguel complained about construction tools blocking entrances, the residents association said management company was negligent. >> people were expecting safety, and they got these conditions. >> reporter: residents are dealing with the tragic consequences. omar, was rescued by fire fighters from his 14th floor apartment but his brother, whom he thought was right behind him, did not make it out. >> i said where are you? i thought you were outside. he said no. why you left me. >> reporter: building officials have not commented since the fire, and the recovery effort resumed but the police warned that it could take weeks, for answers, to emerge.
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jonathan veg lot a for cbs news, london. in other news this morning , check out this a nation drone footage, it actually helped douglas county search and rescue crewness colorado find two lost hikers in pike national forest. two men loss their way after leaving one of the trails there rescue team launched its new drone and quickly covered miles of terrain before their boots could even touch the ground, it took just two hours to find the lost men, amazing footage. good news of the drone right there. >> absolutely, people up in the air, do they like drones or not but that is wonderful help. on case. >> you should never leave the path when you are out there. >> that isma to find the path, down the shore, we have a little bit of fog out on the balki about. not quite as bad as it was on saturday morning but ocean city, still again, waking up to a little bit of early morning fog, the good news, here, is while we did have it across the delaware valley, that is right, that fog i'm
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talking about it is confined to the shore points here. on our sunday morning. live picture from ocean city, this is what you are waking up to, in general, temperatures very, very warm for us as we start out our sunday morning. we are in the mid 70's across the board, trenton 74. our 1lone spot in the 60's mount pocono at 68 degrees. we might expect it cooler up there. it is a warm morning in the poconos. seventy-five in millville. seventy-two wildwood. our ocean temperature finally up in the 70's, so it is starting to get warmer there, with the ocean temperature, that is an indication that summer is ending unofficially right around the corner here. seventy-six in wilmington. here are dew points, they are high in the 70's, it is a sticky, muggy, soupy start to the day be prepared for that. they are feeding into that little bit of light fog that we are seeing, we could see our dew points maybe, dip, maybe a degree or two before had sun officially, or i should say before the sun
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starts to shine, it ise still gg with a very muggy, day for to us d region. storm scan three is showing our system that will be moving a monday. well, right now it is in the nation's heart land. outhe east of minneapolis we are seeing a cold front drape down through chicago, st. louis, wichita and that is firing up showers and thunderstorms down there through missouri, southern illinois and southwestern indiana as well and what we're seeing is yellow right there. there there are is a couple severe thunderstorm watches for oklahoma and indiana too. thinks a moton cold front in the midsection and as it pushes east it will hold it together and we could be looking for potential of maybe severe weather here across the philadelphia area as we go through our monday. we will talk with severe weather chance necessary just a second. future weather, you can see here maybe a stray shower or two, up toward poconos, overall it looks like we could see some sunshine, throughout the day break go through the cloud cover, here for our
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sunday, fathers day but it will still be warm and muggy, and it will still feel like upward of the mid 90's. even though future weather does not paint in too many showers chances for areas of philadelphia and south jersey keeping them up in the poconos we could see a few stray showers or isolated thunderstorm throughout the afternoon hours across the delaware valley. so don't forget the umbrella, just throw it in the back of the car and keep it around in case you need it. monday here it comes, our cold front, showers, should are storms developing as early as 1:00 o'clock in the poconos. strongest thunderstorms through philadelphia around four or five or 6:00 o'clock and then we will see it clear coastline wye the time we get into tuesday morning. so that is good news, for us. here is our enhanced risk. see that dark brown that is orange or severe threat for monday enhanced risk so right in the middle of our severe weather scale, flash flood watch also tomorrow, into tuesday, and we are going to be continuing to see the chances for maybe, one to 2 inches of rain, widespread
6:20 am
chances for one to 2 inches of rain, maybe more than that, is there our storm recap, that flash flood watch and then our severe potential as well, jan. >> matt, thank you. listen up, matt we have had a heated debate about this one on the health watch now as thermometer threatens to hit 90 we have a timely reminder of how it impact your health. we are not just talking about dehydration as health reporter stephanie stahl tells us, a sudden burst of heat can trigger headaches. >> reporter: it might be fun for kid who can play in the water at dilworth park but for most others like here in the italian market this quick blast of hot, humid weather is oppressive. >> it makes you light headed. it is just hot over there in the heat. >> reporter: people who spend time in the heat can get dehydrated, among symptoms headaches and research shows that changes in the barometric pressure can trigger migraine headaches. >> in general it is usually a fall in barometric pressure
6:21 am
but for many people it does not matter but a quick rise in temperature, as well, or if there is going to be thunderstorms. >> reporter: barometric pressure is pressure in the air or amount of force that is being applied tour body from the air, it is linked to headaches because there is a pressure difference between the surrounding atmosphere and the sinuses which are filled with air and doctors say that it may force fluid into the tissue and cause a disruption in fluid balance. >> the heat ultimately makes you or makes me severe headaches, nauseous, like you want to vomit in the heat. >> reporter: doctors say increasing magnesium in take may help limit or prevent a migraine and staying hydrated isy important. >> drink lots of water, pretreat by drink outside on a t , 90-degree, h lose up to a litf fluid an hour. you have to maintain your fluid balance.
6:22 am
>> reporter: exposure to bright light can trigger headaches, sunglasses can be helpful, doctors say and they help protect your eyes, but they say, for people with chronic migraines the barometric pressure can be a primary trigger, i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i had a headache yesterday, i believe it. this program note for this morning, cbs-3's airing a half an hour special alex scott: a stand for hope. it tells a story on have that little girl who battled cancer she started a lemonade stand to find a cure for all children with cancer which is a nationwide fund raising movement. alex scott: a stand for hope airs at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning a tour turns into a tail of survival. we will take you behind the scenes of the 47 meters down when "eyewitness news"
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage ♪ kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. welcome back. mandy moore and claire holt play two women who got trapped at bottom of the sianni closer to the sharks then anyone could. david daniel goes behind the scenes of the 47 meters down. >> keep going to the zoo about you are in the cage. >> i don't know about this. >> despite warning signs... mandy moore and claire holt risked their lives in 47 meters down. >> remember faster you breathe the faster you use up your air you will in the want to come backup. >> reporter: moore says actresses bonded through this
6:26 am
>> i'm proud to be part of the film with these two,strong, sort ultimately make these life or themselves and save their family members their sister. empowering. >> reporter: really scary. >> what is interesting in this film when i'm hunting sharks, sharks are hunting us. >> holt confirms sharks are not the only threat down there >> what would you do you if you were trapped at bottom of the ocean, no where to go, no ability to contact anyone and you cannot go up. it is a terrifying prospect. >> reporter: while actors who stayed on the surface appreciate its beauty. >> it is terrifying for the first time you put on that mask and go beneath water and then it becomes incredible. >> great thing for people to do to go appreciate the beauty and preciousness of the ocean.
6:27 am
>> it is amazing. >> it takes your breath away. >> reporter: pair who sank to the bottom have a different perspective. >> i don't mess witt. there are many, off the coast of california right now. >> i will be staying on the beach, as well. >> reporter: in hollywood, i'm david daniel. coming up in the next half an hour, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" fall out from the cosby mistrial, the prosecution promises to try the case again and some like it hot but you may not like it humid. matt peterson's eyewitness weather forecast includes both , coming up this sunday
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it is sunday june 18th lap i fathers day i'm jan carabao. meteorologist matt peterson is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness wet they are morning. matt, you promised to day would be better of the weekend days? does that still ring true. >> i think so we are waking up this morning with the fog yesterday, and this morning it is more clear, but we do still have some cloud cover out here but not a foggy start to the day across the delaware valley it is a warm start to the day to say the least. it is very humid. i had a job in arkansas bring was up here, this feels like it felt down in the south,
6:31 am
here on the delaware valley this morning. temperatures in the 70's across the area. bigger thing is just how high the dew points are. we are up in the lower even at times mid 70's including millville where dew point is 75. it is a steamy, soupy, start to our sunday morning. that is for sure. we don't even have a breeze. we have about five maybe 10 miles an hour breeze right now and it is not helping us out. it is out of the south. it is continuing to usual inner that warm, humid air that we will get a little bit on the breezy side later in the afternoon and wind could get up to 10 to 15 miles an hour but they continue to be out of the south to the southwest. so again just keeps pumping in that warm, humid air. be prepared for yet, a steamy sunday afternoon, temperatures this morning we will be up to 77 degrees by 9:00 this morning. we will be rising all the way to 90 later this afternoon and when you add in that humidity, it will be feeling more like the lines of maybe 95 or 96 rather then just that 90.
6:32 am
we have thunderstorms in the forecast for monday, cold front comes through we will break that down and potential severe weather with the cold front as we step back inside. >> thanks, matt. sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby comes to an end after montgomery county judge declares a mistrial, jurors walk into court yesterday for their sixth day of deliberations. after an hour they were hopelessly dead lock. supporters cheered cosby as he left the courtroom. defense says justice has been served while prosecutors say their case isn't over, yet. >> we came here looking for an acquittal but like that rolling stones song says you don't always get what you want sometimes you get what you need. >> we will take a hard look at everything involved and then we will retry it. >> now had the 79 year-old been convicted, he would have gone straight to jail, the case could see a retrial in
6:33 am
four months. since the prosecution has vowed to retry bill cosby within the year, what does that mean for the comedian and his accusers. alexandria hoff has that part of the story. >> how is mr. cosby doing? >> mr. cosby is doing well. he is rested. he is just, spending time with mrs. cosby here in philadelphia. just helping kick off the fathers day weekend being a freeman. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" sat down with cosby attorney and who argusa and andre wyatt just hours after charges including aggravated indecent assault against bill cosby resulted in a mistrial. >> only disappointment so to speak is that we didn't get the full acquittal but we got acknowledgment from 12 people that there just was not enough evidence to convict mr. cosby. >> as long as you can leave that courtroom with your client presumed innocent as he began, then i'm satisfied. >> reporter: in an interview with cnn lead defense attorney
6:34 am
brian mcmonigal said as a long time fan of cosby answering the call to represent him was simple. >> i'm from philadelphia. i was born there. bill cosby means a lot to a lot of us in this area. so when i got that call, i said yes. >> reporter: in that interview he said wow gladly consider representing cosby for a second time if retried. >> we can never under estimate the blinding power of celebrity. >> reporter: another philadelphia native attorney gloria allred hoist representing 33 cosby accusers , said that she hopes that a retrial will allow the prosecution to present more witnesses. >> in other words, it is too early to celebrate mr. cosby. >> reporter: alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the trial has generate add lot of attention given cosby's image as a family man both on and off the screen. "eyewitness news" spoke to philadelphia residents hoff opposing views on the cosby
6:35 am
trial. >> sadly i believe that there is something in it. it is not that there is something that he didn't do, and to have a mistrial it upsets me because for women overall and that is it. >> woman that were coming forward, it is just years later then it makes sense to me how they were accusing this man and just years later, inn i don't know where y'all come out and start talking about it to me i just think he didn't do it. >> reporter: people we spoke with are also split whether the district attorney should pursue a new trial. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the bill cosby trial, get latest on line at cbs philly .com and cbs local app. meantime the corruption trial of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams gets underway tomorrow, starting with jury selection. the the two term demies accused of using money from a political action committee for his own personal use. prosecutors claim williams accepted bribes from two businessmen to help friend,
6:36 am
charged with crimes, and williams has denied any wrongdoing. investigators have identified the victim of the crash in gloucester county as a violent police officer, this crash happened on friday afternoon on route 322 near garwin road in mullica. vineland police say charlie am aday was heading eastbound near woolwich township when it collided with a pickup truck. his wife inn three children suffered minor injuries, the cause of the crash is now under investigation. the family of the mother struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver last week has honored the three officers who were arrested the suspect. rosa lydia rojas and one of her children were struck last sunday walk ago long aramingo avenue near east tioga street, she died at the scene, her son jaden suffered a broken leg. the family presented the police officers with a plaque to thank them for their help, 39 year-old ryan patrick mc hugh faces charges including vehicular homicide.
6:37 am
philadelphia schoolteacher will vote tomorrow night on a new contract negotiators for school district and philadelphia federation of teachers agreed to a tentative deal on friday. teachers have been working for four years without a contract, while there is in word on what is in that new deal, it runs through august 2020. well this time of the year is best time to enjoy the outdoors, right? it is also the most muggy time of the year. health officials say you can play a big part in winning battle against bugs. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan shows us how. >> reporter: when it comes to fighting off those flying, biting machines otherwise known as mosquitoes battle ground is underway: last year came 200,000 fat head menos throughout south jersey as mosquito control. >> idea instead of using pesticide in those pools of standing water, we use the fish. >> reporter: controlling mosquitoes populations is crucial to prevending spread of west nile and zika, which
6:38 am
is not known to affect mosquitoes in our region but has been spreading to countries closer to the equat or into the u.s. >> it hasn't gotten here yet we are just beginning the season as far as i know but it is always a real pos bit it can happen. >> reporter: mosquito control is everyone's responsibility from eliminating breeding ground by dumping out rain what the tore protecting yourself with bug spray, and reporting nuisance areas like abandon pools. camden county launched an on line mosquito reporting tool last summer and officials say it was useful in dispatching mosquitoes spotters or the fat head. >> school of fish may look tiny and cute but to mosquitoes it is their war nightmare. >> they eat the larvae. >> reporter: mosquitoes aren't only disease carrying incision u.s. center for disease control warns of a tic born disease these year. camden county has one confirmed case of the brain attacking, virus and getting 10 reports or day of lyme
6:39 am
disease.g, virus and getting >> we are early now, in the early stage but by july and august the numbers will increase. >> health officials say enjoy outdoors responsibly and report problems, immediately. cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we still have so much more to could have on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning. severe weather continues to hammer north carolina, and the own other have this business, has gone through this before. from flood to fires a complicated job for fire fight ers in the south and southwest, why fighting the flames is only part of their problem. and a hot day, in store today for us here in the delaware valley, when will it cool off? matt peterson's eyewitness weather forecast is just minutes
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
in north carolina storms will not let up. severe weather flooded this pharmacy twice to month. madison pharmacy is cleaning up. owner of the pharmacy says that at one minute it had at lee 4 inches of water on the ground there. summer doesn't officially start until wednesday, but parts of the west and southwest are already baking in a triple digit heat wave. and, as daniel notingham reports it is making conditions even more dangerous for crews battling wild fire. temperatures could rise 25
6:43 am
degrees above normal hea recordr cause for concern air quality, unhealthy levels of heat induced ozone pollution are expected in several inn plant community and september heat warnings to nevada, utah and in arizona where over a dozen wild fires are burning around the state. six fire fighters had to be treated for health related illness while battling high line fire, and temperatures in phoenix are expected to reach 120 degrees. hottest temperatures will rise in the southwest on monday, and last through the end of next week. and in the southern california desert, highs in death valley could sore to 127 degrees. daniel notingham for cbs news, los angeles. wow, just brutally hot out west, matt and we are dealing with heat ourselves. >> good thing we are not in the triple digits. i don't know what we would do. >> too much. >> i agree. way too much, it is going to
6:44 am
feel like mid 90's later this afternoon and that is more than enough for me. even here this morning, it is really warm out there we are waking up to temperatures in the 70's, and a little bit of cloud cover, a little bit of fog out there, as well, nothing like what we haddon saturday morning, yesterday we woke up limited visability across the region, right now, it looks like the places where the fog is, the most dense, in the poconos as well. this is what i'm talking about warm temperatures to beginur dao celebrate dad across the country. there0's this morning, mid 70 's in more than a few areas including here in philadelphia at 76. we have 68 in mount pocono. seventy-five in reading. seventy-two in wildwood. when we add in the humidity which we are seeing dew points up in the 70's and probably feels like a little bit warmer , then 76 that we had right now. talking about what will be happening later this afternoon and especially on monday, we have a look at our water vapor
6:45 am
imagery this is the moisture in the atmosphere. we can see the green in the nation's midsection and that is a cold front that is slowly trackinge and as it does it will bring that moisture in the delaware valley, spawn some showers and thunderstorms for us as we go through the day on monday, but, yesterday we had our area of low pressure down near kansas city and moved up north toward minneapolis, and as it tracks north word, just close enough to the gulf of mexico it will bring that moisture up. that is speeding this convection across the nation, midsection. as it tracks east, it will hold its strength together and stay pretty potent for us and that will give us the potential anyway for some heavy rains, on monday and then also the chance for strong, gusty wind. there goes our low to the north. cold front as long witt. you can see by monday afternoon, that is where we are seeing shore and thunderstorm activity cross the delaware valley. areas down toward the shore will see later on in the day but what we are going to be seeing is showers, thunderstorms, they will start in the afternoon for us here
6:46 am
in philadelphia anytime afternoon to 1:00 o'clock or so and then they will remain in the forecast, all the way, through maybe the late afternoon to early evening time frame. they could be strong to possibly severe and really what we're watching for though is heavy rainfall that could be widespread amount of one and a half to 2 inches, maybe locally more than that so we will talk about a flash flood watch in a second. our storm threat for monday we have an enhanced risk, our dark brown kind of orange shading here including philadelphia, wilmington, lancaster, reading, allentown, trenton in that enhanced risk. that is where we have the best chance to see strong, gusty wind and a small chance, for maybe the potential anyway for some hail to develop. we will be keeping an eye on that on our monday. storm threat though remain high for flash flooding, lightening and, of course, strong, gusty wind. that is our main concern for monday as that front comes through. flash flood watch, monday from noon until tuesday at 12:00 a.m. all of the counties in green we could see, some flooding and maybe low lying
6:47 am
areas and areas of poor drainage. just a quick recap one and a half to 2 inches on have rain and that severe storm potential. here's our seven day forecast, 90 degrees for the high today. eighty-nine with the thunderstorms on monday and then as we get into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures are a little bit more reasonable. we will see some sunshine out there and another chance to forecast by the time we will get toward the weekend. >> matt, thank you. 6:47. time to check the road. lets go over to kyle hall at the cbs-3 traffic center, hi kyle. >> hi jan. we do have a bridge opening taking place at that coney palmyra bridge, blocking off both directions, traffic in both directions, and due to a boat passing through. give yourself extra time making your way through there. outside of that we have no instances to report on your majors at this very moment. we are looking at travel times it is looking clean and green with little or no delays across the board. then we will take a live look at the i-76 at belmont traffic
6:48 am
is moving smoothly with no incidents or delays at this time. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm kail hahn back to. >> thanks very much, kyle. well, a delaware county mom found a unique way to help people with certain illnesses maintain a healthy weight. as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio shows us, she first appeals to her client's eyes before their taste bed. >> colleen loves to cook. >> meat life, mashed potatoes and baby peas this is pork chops and gravy. >> reporter: what you sianni smell in this case is actually what you get. >> it taste like broccoli. >> reporter: for the most part no chew. >> reporter: mccloskey is founder of elite pureed meals and instead of lots of puree meats and vegetables she cooks it, puree and molds to it resemble real thing. >> eat with your eyes and when people see, that the cheese
6:49 am
looks like cheese and carrots look like carrots and meat loaf looks like meat they are more apt to eat the meal. >> reporter: client pay seven to 10 bucks for per frozen packaged meal which can be heated up in minutes. >> looks beautiful on the plate. >> reporter: devastate by divorce mccloskey started her business while working as a home health aid. >> i didn't have a car, i lived in a one bedroom apartment, i had a child to race. >> reporter: she got a business degrees at delaware community who were serving clients watching them regain their health. >> i could in the find food to t shake. >> reporter: marge i powers food option where is limited becauseut she loves look and taste of these meals especially. >> the stakeen you cannot chew r swallogring winning award after award, even money, for this ni that transforms lives, through good looking food. >> that is what it is all oft life. >> reporter: that and the good feeling that comes when doing
6:50 am
something you >> it is awesome. >> reporter: cherri gregg for f3 "eyewitness news". still to come o , let's make a deal, sixers shake hand with the nba draft. >> what does a tooth brush and tube of toothpaste have in common with this playground? i'm john mcdevitt in willingboro and i'l
6:51 am
(vo) want to be happy with your at ententerprise car salese it.d and let the people who buy morbuying your next one.e... t
6:52 am
♪ sixers reached a deal in principal with the celtics landing the sixers with the
6:53 am
topic in thursday's nba draft. they say team could finalize that team on monday. the team is expected to pick this top prospect, university of washington star guard mar kill folks. he work out with the team in camden. more on the deal, the celtics will reportly get sixers third pick in the draft and two additional first round picks in 2018 and 2019. he addressed the media after his work out. >> probably going to pay a lot of attention. i'm blessed, abe pray bring go to sleep and i let it. i wake up every morning and i don't pay attention to everythiha but am blessed to be in this position, and whatever happens , to taking my family. it will beoo team. the upside of it is going to be crazy. i'm close to home. my family is, able to come up and show love this sit has great fans. >> struggle continues for phillies, taking on the die machine backs down at bank, jared eickoff on the mound
6:54 am
still looking for his first win of the season. already down one to nothing in the sixth andre knap with the sacrifice fly into center field, miguel franco scores and with that we are able to tie things up at one and casey , on the mound in the seventh, diamond backs opened up a big lead, paul gold schmidt with the shot off the wall so they score four runs in the inning. in the eighth bases loaded phillies with the chance to get runs on the board with michael saunders cannot get job done so phillies lose this 15-one. series final think afternoon. to arena football un defeated philadelphia soul looking to keep that winning streaking ago begins tampa bay storm. third quarter at wells fargo center dan rod because goes deep and able to connect with darius reynold. soul wins 62-41. they are a perfect nine-zero. historic day for justin thomas at u.s. open in wisconsin on saturday, just crazy putt forbidder on it fifth hole. thomas started off green and hit the putt from the hole and
6:55 am
caught it and rolled in forbidder i. then later on the 18th thomas eagle scores a 63, the lowest round in u.s. open history. he is one behind the leader heading in the final round. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. students in burlington county elementary school want a brand new playground for recycling efforts. as john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio reports the playground itself is made from recycled materials. >> got it. >> reporter: ribbon was cut for new playground at howthorn park elementary school in willingboro, old tooth brushes , plastic, containers and toothpaste tubes among items repurposed to make the play ground. >> it is really fun, the slide and the rock wall is very funnels. >> reporter: was whole thing worth it. >> yes. i think so. >> reporter: why? >> because it was, we didn't recycle we wouldn't this have playground.
6:56 am
>> reporter: howthorn beat 200 schools from six different states competing in recycled playground challenge. recycling company tara psyched dal monk sponsors of the challenge. >> colgate, shop rite, both partnered with us to run a recycling contest and for kid to recycle as much oral care as they could, and then get their community to work for them. >> reporter: recycling is nothing new for these children , after months they line up and they dispose of their waste putting recycled aisle numbers to the proper outlets. in addition to recycling oral care products... food shopping bags are being turned into things like school bags, pencil cases and folders. even though school will be out for summer vacation, playground will be opened for the community. >> it is not just for our kid, kid can play all summer, we invite parents to come out, use this, get the kid out from playing video games, they can enjoy it. >> reporter: john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we
6:57 am
have coming up at 7:00. philly's lb gtq community is having a big party to day from center city to penns landing, what the philly pride parade and festival has in store. and these glasses are helping people who are blind and visually impaired to see, how technology is helping them experience the world in a whole new way. and thinks a live look outside this morning, steamy already out there, matt has your fathers day forecast when "eyewitness news" continues, stay with us.
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new this morning, an investigation is now underway, after a man is shot dead just a few blocks from independent mall, and the lead officers have in that investigation. and comedian bill cosby is spending his fathers day at home after a jury could not reach a verdict in his sex assault trial but it is not over just how much time the district attorney has to retry the case. philly pride parade steps off in a few hours now, big party taking place today, to celebrate, philly ease lbgtq community. today is sunday juan 18th, good morning, happy fathers day to all of the dad out there. i'm jan carabao. we are tracking storms. will they impact dad's plans today. lets get over toro


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