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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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be, proclaiming his innocence, however, just a few hours after that, telling the judge he was guilty and tonight he is a federal inmate, at a federal detention facility, one block from here. the moment seth williams pleaded guilty came 11:35 thursday morning, stunning admission unraveled three months after being indicted when his career took a public nose dive veering off course from a once promising trajectory. >> the former district attorney for the city of philadelphia, admitted, each of the corrupt and fraud allegations, contained in the indictment. >> reporter: shaken emotional williams entered court one last time and apologize and told judge he was responsible for everything, prosecutors had alleged, along, and head shaking list of crimes. >> it was very clear that mr. williams was accepting benefits in exchange for his official conduct. it was very clear that he defrauded the nursing home.
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>> reporter: he admitted redirecting money for care of his own mother and acknowledge accepting money, trips and cars for official action and influence. >> mr. williams asked me to express to you, and to the public, his sincere apologies, not only to his supporters and voters of philadelphia but also to the hard working men and women of the philadelphia district attorney's office. >> reporter: williams first popped on the fed's radar years ago home land security officials have been tracking this man muhammad ali, for allegedly money laundering. >> it was during that investigation that home land security official, saw contact with seth williams, on mr. ali cell phone. >> reporter: williams pleaded guilty to single count of bribery relating back to a trip muhammad ali provided to him, ali wanted williams help in reducing a jail term for a convicted felon. >> the gifts that mr. williams received, represents the greed to which he cheated the public >> reporter: "eyewitness news" just obtained this document,
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it read, i, seth williams here by resign as district tern of the city and county of philadelphia, effective immediately. we actually saw that document, in thomas berk's hand, tom berk, seth williams attorney this was part of the flurry of activity, leading up to it this morning's guilty plea. now coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 there was a phone call at 1:00 o'clock this morning that triggered all of this activity, it was by seth williams own doing, phone call went from his lawyer to a federal prosecutor , more on reaction to that, and when i see you in one hour. live outside federal courthouse in center city, gentlemen holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, see you then. with williams in jail and facing prison questions an amount to what it means for cases he handled and future of district attorney's office. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos continues our team coverage from outside d.a.'s office in center city, greg.
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>> reporter: we're told federal investigation into williams last year, federal investigators as you recall announced charges against him back in march of this year and now after pleading guilty the men, women of the office behind me where set used to work, well, they can new return to is sense of normalcy former district attorney seth williams in cuffs, and in federal custody. judge paul diamond sending him directly to prison as he awaits his october 24th sentencing having pled guilty on one federal bribery charge. >> time to move on. we have a new d.a. in january. >> reporter: in the meantime workers in the philadelphia county district attorney's office must go on. under guidance of first assistant d.a. kathleen martin >> the philadelphia district attorney's office embodies the phrase, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. >> reporter: thursday, dozens of staff attorneys and employees within the office williams ran until this afternoon gathered to hear her
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speak. >> i think we all are cognizant of the fact that we need to move on. >> reporter: she praised her staff during most difficult of times. >> they continue to display the diligence, fortitude and integrity that has historically been hallmark of this office. >> reporter: she promised philadelphians the very people who elected former d.a. now in federal custody the respect and high ethical standard of the city and county's top law enforcement office. >> you look around to all of these people, they are dedicated public servants and they want to cheer job abe do it well. philadelphians should know that the district attorney's office continues to pursuit of justice, and the hope that for a safer city. >> reporter: we asked a spokesperson here at d.a.'s office whether any of the case s williams was involved in could be in jeopardy now that he is, in federal custody? the simple response all investigations and prosecutions are continuing. you just her from the mayor and acting d.a., coming up at
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6:00 here on "eyewitness news" we will hear folks who are very close to seth williams and what they have to say about his plea deal and now income federal custody, coming in just one hour. i'm live from center city at d.a.'s office i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, as we follow the aftermath offset williams guilty plea, and when we're not on tv you can always get latest at cbs and on the cbs local app. family and friend remembering a disable veteran whom they say was shot and killed while trying to stop a robbery. violence happened in philadelphia's olney neighborhood, and "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows us tonight surveillance video is shedding light on what happened. >> surveillance video obtained by "eyewitness news" shows 47 year-old marine core veteran howard white leaving green parrot bar just before 1:00 minutes before being
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gunned down and killed. >> this is very hard for me and my family because after serving your country and then coming home, to get shot down like a dog, it vice hurtful, very painful. >> reporter: family members say white and his cousin, believed that this man in the white shirt being escorted out by bartender was trying to rob the olney bar. >> he is military trained to observe things and he tried to keep the peace, until the gentlemen, you don't want to do this. come on, come on it is not worth it. >> reporter: video shows from an outdoor camera shows three men walking and talking but shortly thereafter the 25 year-old suspect shot white in the head and torso, that started running. >> it hurt me to my heart to see my friend, like, a dog. >> reporter: police say suspect broke in the home in the 6100 block of north sixth street in an effort to hide but after a scuffle the homeowners were able to hold the man down until police arrived. >> downstairs, when i got
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upstairs there was somebody shot and struggling over a weapon of some kind. >> reporter: while at alleged gunman is in police custody after being treated for minor injuries the victim's loved won are in mourning. family members tell "eyewitness news" that the victim had been work overseas as a military contractor in kuwait and had been home for a month and a half. he had plans to go. >> focusing on going back overseas not for money but because he loved his country. >> people that call, you know, not a regular hero but an american hero. >> reporter: in olney, anita o h for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" tonight we know the identity of the 18 year-old woman killed in the possible road rage crash, in west goshen chester county. by anika nichols robert son died in the crash yesterday on the route 100 bypass. robert son was driving a green chevy malibu that hit a tree, authorities say she may have been involved in the possible road rage incident with a red pickup truck, and police now want to talk to the driver of that pickup truck.
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she was a recent graduate of west chester high school. >> bianika was well like and a lot of friend in the district and whole, community is shaken by tragedy. >> reporter: robert son had plans to attend college in the fall. water main break in king of prussia sent a geyser in the air, waterspout could be seen for miles. it happened after a rotted connection in the service line burst just after 8:00 o'clock this morning. aqua america was replacing about 4400 feet of deteriorating pipes between first avenue and old valley forge road but this spot, ruptured before the work reached that location. witnesses described the scene. >> by 8:10 the whole pipeline was blowing up into the sky. we had all to stop work and watch of course. >> out of the corner of my eye i see a giant geyser coming out of the air out of no where it was pretty nuts. cars were going by. windshield wipers going full
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speed, rain every where. >> water service in the area was not disrupted, aqua american said ruptured line was connected to an abandon building. another ruptured pipe in st. louis, missouri create aid sinkhole that swallowed a car. there were no injuries reported when it opened up this morning. aerial footage shows the white car, on its side, in the hole, when water was gushing from below ground pipe, the car was eventually pulled out of the crater and city officials are not clear on the cause, of the collapse. you can feel it in the air that humidity is on the rise along with the heat just in time for the fourth of july weekend. meteorologist lauren casey's live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a first look at our forecast, hi there lauren. >> thanks, jessica heat, on humidity not too intense just yet but that is about to change, but high temperatures have warmed up, we're in the upper 80's as we check on our current conditions. 87 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-six in allentown. still nice along the coast but temperatures in the 70's for right now, temperature change
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over the last 24 hours, showing the cheating trend has begun. we have begun 8 degrees from this time yesterday. dew points are up big, starting to notice, that humidity creeping back into the atmosphere and you'll be able to notice it as we head into saturday. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, a couple of cells popping up to our west keeping an eye on those could see a stray shower, rumble of thunder west of i-95, mostly staying dry throughout the evening hours, and mostly clear, partly cloudy and breezy. as we head into tonight, mostly clear falling back down to 70 degrees and we have one day for upcoming weekend that will yield oppressive humidity levels, i'll let you know when to expect that and best chance for your holiday weekend and i have got some cool picture, nasa rocket launched this morning i have got cool picture of the cloud, coming up. >> all right, lauren, thank you. philadelphia officials and educators reflect on the first year of the cities community schools initiative.
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group held a meeting at school district headquarters in spring guard then afternoon to review highlights and discuss future plans. mayor jim kenney and superintendent william hite were there for the gathering. community schools initiative provides social support in nine public schools and their surrounding communities. coming up on "eyewitness news" president trump's latest twitter washing, targeting a morning show hoe, specifically her face and what he said and how lawmakers are reacting. midwest ravaged by tornadoes, the amazing number of them that held through. we will hear from a grandmother who was with her two grandsons as the morning came on, plus. probably didn't know we have hawaii style here in philadelphia, so much fun but we will show you how this is a , good work out. not hawaii here but it is the beautiful city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. we have quite a summer fest celebration planned for philadelphia tomorrow stay tune, we will be right
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fighting hunger one meal at a time a free program returns to philadelphia with a goal of making sure that no child goes hungry this summer. justin udo from our sister station kyw news radio
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explains where to go and how people can sign up. >> reporter: during the school year all philadelphia school students are guarantied breakfast and lunch even if they cannot afford it, during summer a lot of those kid who come from poor households and depend on those meals may go hungry since they do not have access to the food but city is aiming to change all that sit of philadelphia is looking to provide activities that encourage active, healthy lifestyle and educational opportunities as part of the fun, safe philadelphia summer. >> reporter: that have noon city officials gathered in south philadelphia to kick off annual summer meals program. >> the reality that is poverty , hunger don't take a break in the summer so these meals represent an opportunity to have nutritious, access to food on a regular basis. >> reporter: summer meals program is opened for all kid 18 and under and household income does not matter. >> only 15 percent of the kid said that they get free, reduced priced lunch during school year take advantage of the free summer meals in their community. he want folks to understand importance of free summer
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meals. >> reporter: there are more than 1,000 free food centers throughout the city and officials say kid that come up to use them will get more than just a free meal. >> really on health, wellness so meals are a focal point for the that. >> reporter: when it comes to the favorite meal they just can't agree. >> i like chocolate chip cookies. >> yes. >> sandwiches. >> the fruit. >> macaroni. >> reporter: participants do not need an id or registration for free meals located at recreation center, churches, schools, public housing, and community organizations all around philadelphia. justin udo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a big clean up underway tonight in the midwest after more than two dozen tornadoes, touched down. iowa was especially hard hit by severe weather, multiple tornadoes caused damage there in pierce county, wisconsin more than 25 buildings were damaged when a tornado blew through and one person was hurt. one woman was on her front important watch her two grandchildren when tornado
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sirens began to whale. >> it was like, you know, it was hard to keep the voice down, that is what was so scary. i thought they were going to go away. >> reporter: meteorologists are keeping a close eye on the midwest tonight for potential of more severe weather there. >> um, um, um. >> how about that. >> lauren casey joins us would your forecast and you have cool pictures to show us. >> if you have been paying attention, we have been talking about that nasa rocket that was supposed to launch. >> that is right. >> kept getting scrub. this morning it took off. >> all right. >> into space. >> all right. >> we have cool pictures to show you. it was early this morning. launch window was at 4:00, 4:30 this morning but there is a rocket lifting up from wallo ps island cool picture from nasa of that rocket soaring into space. we were talking with that this rocket was going to release vapor that would create artificial cloud or aurora- like looking cloud and these are some cloud it did form. it dropped that vapor in order to study it, wind patterns in
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the upper atmosphere so you can see these kind of tracers and cool image here of the artificial cloud, green, kind of purple and blue, so if you are up early this morning you have got to show. we did get pictures from parts of the new jersey as well of those artificial cloud but right new we are dealing with your standard, normal mother nature generated cloud. high level cloud cover, otherwise sunshine 87, breezy, southeasterly wind at 18 miles an hour, our feels like temperature is actually below our air temperature, because humidity is not too intense, just yet but temperatures across the area feeling not too bad 85 degrees in reading. in the 70's at the coast. eighty-one in millville. we have a sea breeze. we are down to 72 in ocean city. seventy-nine in cape may. sixty's at barnegat light house. dew point they tell us about that sticky factor. right now in the 50's and 60's steamier in some areas then others but they have increased
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over last 24 hours. it felt so nice, dry, comfortable, starting to feel that mugginess creeping back in and that mugginess will punch us in the face as we head into saturday. oppressive humidity levels. not quite as bad as we head into sunday watching out for spotty storms. best chance of storms will be saturday night but watch out for some, saturday afternoon and evening. monday, sunshine warm temperatures and that fourth of july forecast models keep improving it with each run now looking mostly sunny and less humid for independent day. we have some rain chances throughout the weekend but they will be on the lower side , 20 percent chance of pop up storm on friday, best chance of storms will be late day saturday and saturday night. could see lingering showers or storm sunday morning before clearing on out and then we will enjoy sunshine with minimal rain on monday. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, high level cloud cover in the lehigh valley, watching cells popping up west of washington. we have a chance of the stray shower over next several hours
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but down the shore tomorrow, another nice day, sunshine, high temperatures, around the low 80's. it will be breezy. watch out for moderate risk of rip currents but overnight tonight mostly clear, breezy at times 70 degrees and for our day tomorrow hello 90's. 92 degrees, hot, breeze which a chance of the pop up thunderstorm. it will be steamy, on saturday , and then sunday those humidity levels cropping down. monday looking g that fourth of july forecast, oh, just keeps getting better and better, beautiful, fire works, moving out, hanging out, loving it. >> that is great. >> thanks, lauren. still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> colin ferrell's character didn't know what he got himself into when he find himself in the home filled with woman, who is deceiving who, ukee has the preview in the next half an hour, don. work out so much fun you will forget thaw are working out straight ahead a little aloha in the delaware valley,
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we will be right
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probably seen them to the streets selling goods but are they the real deal. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will confront some of the men dressed up as monks and we will show you warning signs, that you do not get tricked, coming up at 6:00. interesting. >> yes. >> never seen that before. >> yes, don bell joins us with sports. i'm anxious to see these new moves. >> new moves. >> i'm sorry, what. >> work it out, work it out. >> they look like old moves for you. >> yes, they arey might pull a hammy. >> have you ever work out while wearing a grass skirt? >> don't look over here. >> leslie van arsdal has, a little aloha in narberth. >> ♪ >> a lot had style in narberth is a fun way, to get a fun body work out and yes, costumes are involved, along with several types of dance. >> polynesian dance, it is
5:25 pm
consisting of different kind of dances from the island and hola from hawaii and to meisha dance from tahiti. >> how about dealing with an uncoordinated person. >> well, it is for everybody. we always, i mean, you take it as you want it. if you want to come, follow along that is what you will get out of it. >> great work out because not only does it challenge you physically but it challenges you as a all around work out and good for soul because it makes you feel great. >> different instructors for different dances and there are costume changes. how does this slip? and props. it is a serious work out. a work out that is so much fun , you forget it is exer size. >> it it is best cardio in the world. >> reporter: leslie van arsdal "eyewitness sports". >> through go. >> they are doing it.
5:26 pm
>> okay. >> grass skirts, yes you have to mix its up, don't do same thing over and over. >> little curve ball. >> sweating. >> yes, they were. >> thanks, don. coming up next another twitter war launched by president trump, he is calling out a morning show host and has harsh word about her face, some lawmakers are calling it inappropriate, what the press secretary says, next. we will find you and your family a new home, somewhere safe, beyond the barrier. zoo's back, cbs drama picks up 10 years after the animals are cured but now a new threat, we will hear from one of the stars in about 15
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and your news continues at 5:30 here's is what happening. seth williams is in federal custody after pleading guilty to a single count of bribery in his corruption trial. he also, resigned effective
5:30 pm
immediately, from his position at philadelphia district attorney. williams faces up to five years in federal prison, sentencing set for october 24th. surveillance video shows moment before a gunman shot and killed a disable veteran in olney. family and friend say howard wise was trying to stop a robbery at green parrot tavern suspected gunman is under arrest. water main break in king of prussia this morning sent a geyser of water in the air that could be seen for miles. a rotted connection ruptured on the service line near first avenue and old valley forge road. aqua american officials say no customers were affected because line was connected to an abandon building. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. president trump's controversial travel ban is set to take effect after u.s. supreme court reinstated his executive order on immigration >> natasha brownies here with more on what this means for travelers. >> reporter: lots of meaning, the travel ban goes into effect in two and a half hours
5:31 pm
or so, people from six mostly muslim countries will not be granted visas unless they show close family and business ties to the united states. most of president trump's travel ban goes into effect at 8:00 p.m. eastern a signature campaign prom that is resonat ed with voters like dana katie. >> it just makes a logical difference to know that we will do something to prevent terrorism. >> reporter: citizens from six muslim majority countries will not aloud to enter the u.s. for at lee 90 days while u.s. reviews its immigration policies. trump administration calls them terror prone. >> they weren't even involved in the 9/11 or any other terror attack that happened in the united states. so, those countries that were, are not even on that list. >> reporter: arti sophie moved from the u.s. from iran six years ago leaving behind loved ones he is now worried about. >> their concern if this is just beginning of the something bigger, you know,
5:32 pm
more relations being cut off. >> reporter: travelers from the banned countries hoff already approved visas won't ab expected and ban includes exceptions for new applicants. people with the close family member in the u.s. such as a parent, spouse, child, sibling will still aloud to travel to the u.s. but does not include grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins or other extended families. journalist, students, employees and valid and work contracts will have permission supreme court will decide if the ban is constitutional this fall. well, so far no major problems have been reported in the first day since the new guidelines were officially issued. middlee biggest airline says its flight to the you you had are operating normally. the department of home land security is demanding airline and airports worldwide, tighten their security measures or face a potential electronics ban on flights. u.s. is concerned terrorist may attempt to use lap tops and other devices to smuggle bombs on to planes.
5:33 pm
flyers coming to the u.s. should expect to see increased scrutiny. >> it doesn't surprise me that we have gotten to the point where we say, you know, we think we have got to do something a little bit different, particularly given that certain groups have been working on developing device toss put into lap tops. >> group representing u.s. carriers support increased security but complain this decision should have been subject to a greater degree of collaboration, and coordination, as to not inconvenience the traveling public. u.s. is testing high tech detection equipment to combat threat of bombs in the inside of the cockpit. >> all right. we will see what happens. thank you. president trump launched a personal twit era tack on the hoe of cable morning show show some calling sexist. it is latest in the war of word between the president and these hosts. president trump tweeted quote i heard poorly rated at morning joe speaks badly of me don't watch anymore. then how come low iq crazy mika with psycho joe came to
5:34 pm
mar-a-lago three nights in a row around new years eve and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a face lift. i said no. tweet storm followed a segment in which mika brzezinski questioned the president's man hood and called him a liar. the white house has defended his tweet. >> i think has been very clear when he gets attacked, he will hit back. i don't think it is a surprise to anybody, that he fights fire with fire. >> brzezinski responded to president trump's tweet by posting a cheerios promo that read made for little hand. one of the closest advisor to pope francis is, facing charges for child sex abuse crimes. two men who are now in their 40's claim cardinal pell inappropriately touched them in the 1970's. pope francis has granted vatican's chief financial officer a leave of absence to face the allegations. the 76 year-old former archbishop of melbourne and sidney calls the charges a character assassination by the
5:35 pm
media. >> i'm innocent of these charges. they are false. the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me. >> card until bellies set to appear july 18th in court. still to come on "eyewitness news" summertime means lots of time outside but being outside means mosquitoes , as well, how to avoid being bitten and what to do to relieve annoying itch, if you are bitten. nicole kid nan, kirsten dunce and lead star studded gid of begild, if you love the movie this is for you, ukee has a preview, coming up next. the fourth of july holiday weekend is upon us and as we look ahead toward saturday and sunday, saturday will be a good day for indoor plans, oppressive humidity. we will see some sunshine but late day storms developing especially west of i-95 and best chance for storms for the
5:36 pm
entire area, will be saturday night but then clearing out as we head into sunday, maybe lingering morning thunder shower otherwise sunshine and bit more comfortable by sunday afternoon, we will be
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the hit james paterson series zoo returns to cbs-3 tonight. >> a decade after the animals were cured, a new threat is rising. >> we're back. >> wow, wow. >> we spoke with the show's actor james walk and billy berk about what makes this series so popular. >> i think it is a great combination of what people watch these shows for which is
5:40 pm
sort of the action, adventure but also the human element makes it all work. that is, what we believe anyway. without the human element, without these characters having the dynamic and level that they do and relationship with each other, none of the action really matters. so, it is a great combination of that. >> and you can catch the season premiere of zoo tonight at 10:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3 and stay tuned for "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we have in my household three or four shows, to catch up on from last year to get current. i just can't watch. i'll get caught up before it is over. >> i love summer tv. >> exactly. >> up next, science of mosquitoes. >> how to avoid them and what to put on them annoying, itchy
5:41 pm
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5:43 pm
summinger if he continues tomorrow live in philadelphia for the fourth of july. where else would we be celebrating. we are celebrating the history of the city, known as cradle of liberty and fun continues all day on "eyewitness news",
5:44 pm
don't miss summer if he tomorrow live from the city of brotherly love. >> indeed. >> with the fourth of july holiday weekend approaching lots of people will be heading outside and one of the hazard of summer fun means mosquitoes by the, doctors say it is important to resist urge to scratch. >> well, health reporter stephanie stahl has more with the einstein health care science center report. >> yes. >> easy to say. good luck with that. you are already thinking about it. mosquitoes by the are not only annoying but they can be potentially dangerous because of the zika virus. while scientists are working to find berth treatments for the virus, doctors say it is best to avoid the bug by the, as much as possible. welcome to summer, mosquito season is here, health offices are concerned about the potential for zika virus spreading with bug by the. they recommend using insect repellant that contains deet,
5:45 pm
best way to prevent getting the mosquito bite but difficult to avoid pesky bugs if you are outside a lot. >> really worse thing you can does scratch a mosquito bite because when it by the it releases histamine, and that case itching. more you scratch the more histamines gets released and more it itches. >> reporter: instead of scratching doctors recommend putting hydrocortisone on the bite to kill the itch and will help it heel faster. doctors say other remedies like alcohol, witch hazel and toothpaste can dry out your skin and make it itch even more. >> good alternative is to grab ice and put on that itch bite, ice kills itch and even if you are at the pool, you have a cooler, with ice in it or cold drink, put right on there and that will kill that itch. >> how about that, ice, simple solution. potential danger with scratching too much is you can break the skin and cause increase risk for infection f that happens best to use an antibiotic ointment. coming up tonight on cbs-3 at
5:46 pm
11:00 a deadly bacteria that people can get from their dog. it is easily spread, often missed and numbers are growing leaving families devastated. >> i dearly miss her. there is not a day that goes by that i don't shed a tear. >> when animals are outdoor more we just certainly see higher incidents. >> it is a hidden threat a lot of people don't know about, and it is targeting you and your pets mostly dogs so tonight at 11:00 we will tell you more and most importantly how to protect yourself and your animals, you guys all have dogs. >> yes, indeed. >> we need to pay attention too. >> school may be out for summer but philadelphia public school teachers are already gearing up for the fall. they are taking part in the week long seminar at lincoln high school to focus on best practices for teaching math. kind gander through eighth grade teachers are learning new tips and tricks, on the best ways to boost student knowledge and engagement.
5:47 pm
>> very good. >> come on back to summer. >> yes, just started summer. >> yes, exactly. fourth of july coming up, summer fest coming up. >> it will feel like it tomorrow and saturday. miss ago this humidity, i don't know who you are but it is come back, before we ease humidity levels in the second half of our fourth of july holiday but conditions right now, not too bad. get a live look at sky scan three at ocean city, new jersey. the board are busy, certainly for a thursday but hey we have a holiday weekend just around the corner. so some people i imagine already on vacation. little breezy though, potentially down the shore we are seeing elevated wind speed across the delaware valley. we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers and check on their current conditions, numbers, definitely warmer then what we were looking at yesterday. we will need to cherry hill where it is 85 at lynn's house she has partly cloudy conditions. she says 85 degrees a macing weather. california hot.
5:48 pm
loving it very much, lauren. thanks for the shout out, lynn we are dealing with california -like heat because we have hot temperatures but we don't necessarily that have humid factor just yet but that business to change. we will head west of the city or southwest at gary's house mostly sunny conditions 38 degrees in landingberg and he says another beautiful summer day, it has been since such a nice stretch of june weather but it will be quite steamy, as we head especially in the first part of the upcoming weekend. down the shore a temperature gradient with the sea breeze kick nothing james house at 73 , windy conditions and he is commenting on that wind, saying a perfect day for the wind gusts to about 28 miles an hour. we will sea breeze i conditions once again for particularly along the coast as we head in the day tomorrow but getting a live look at rehoboth beach right now, sunshine in the scene high level cloud filtering out a little bit of sunshine but you need a lot of sun screen. check out this right now,
5:49 pm
people enjoying conditions it is thursday, so some of us have a very long weekend head that i know we are looking forward to. down the shore tomorrow great looking day sunshine temperatures in the 80's, breezy southeasterly wind at 10 to 20. water temperature 65. watch out for a maryland rate rip current risk throughout the day tomorrow. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, high level cloud cover, couple cells popping up north of washington d.c. but they are not doing a very good job making their way toward delaware valley. overnight tonight mostly clear , breezy, low of 70 degrees. for our friday we are back in the 90's, hot, breeze which an isolated afternoon thunderstorm. start to feel that muggy factor increase as we head into our friday. future weather showing us high pressure in control throughout the overnight period. keeping it quiet, quiet for first half of the friday, mostly sunny conditions and chance of the isolated storm mainly west of the city tomorrow afternoon. then cold front makes a slow approach heading in to
5:50 pm
saturday so we will have dry conditions for first half of the day and then round of scattered storms as we head in the afternoon and evening and that will continue into the overnight period actually saturday night will be our best chance of storm activity cross the delaware valley for upcoming weekend. saturday is day we will have all of the active weather, good indoor movie hideo press i have humidity levels after a steamy day tomorrow and then dew points fall back heading in to sunday by late day sunday feeling a bit more comfortable. that is day for upcoming week toned break out barbecue 90 degrees and sunshine heading in to sunday afternoon toey with the high of 90 degrees. monies looking beautiful mostly sunny 88 degrees and fourth of july forecast, it continues to improve, sunshine , lower humidity and a high temperature at 87, perfect. we like it. lead by deception but who is truly doing the deceiving as beguiled, new film by writer director sophia copola,
5:51 pm
so fee, daughter of famed director frances ford copola. >> she's winning a name for herself winning best director at canes film festival and she reunited with el fanning and kristin dunst. there is jealousy. >> i think it is a thriller. >> civil wartime, and unexpected injured union solder is taken in by a boarding school, thus creating the dynamic changes of the featured young southern women. >> age 12 to 40 years and how they all deal with their desire that has been cut off because there is no men around and when they are encountering the sold hours come in and stirs them all up. >> reporter: he does that and then some colin ferrell played corporal mcbirn a wounded sold inner search of shall we say refuge. >> object of affection.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: nicole kidman's character is in charge of the school and household as it turns out to be but what turns this home upside down is portrayed by point of view and actions of the women in the house, just the opposite of the book, and 1971 film of the same name. >> and that film is definitely completely told from mcbernie, the male perspective, and sophia switched that. >> reporter: one male, seven females. >> i know you are interested in me. >> you're waiting for something, you feel like something bad is going to happen. >> sensitive person. >> these ladies love a man in uniform but when that love reaches several boiling points somebody has got to go just a little food forethought. >> i can't go back. >> is that my recipe. >> it is.
5:53 pm
>> dynamics are very intense. it is an enjoyable movie to watch but you don't know what these women are going to do to this guy what have you done to me. >> it is ladies night at the movies. oh, yes, it is ladies night. they continue to do amazing work. patty jenkins and of course so fee ace doing her thing, excellent role models without a doubt. >> love seeing them succeed. >> in. >> let me know when you see it next up hot minute with be x. >> information about a major pop star who may stop performing concerts for good.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
5:56 pm
you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. ♪ superstar sing's dell hints to a big change in performance plans, because chris jenner has a new old/love connection.
5:57 pm
>> and philadelphia eagles carson wentz, likes to gobble wawa hoagies. bex from nine have .5 has the scoop today in our hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and guess contact adele is finishing up on the road and powerhouse hints that she may be done for good. well, in london at one of her time performance adele included a handwritten note in the program stating quote i don't know if i'll ever tour again, and so i want my last time to be at home. 123 performances in 15 months can definitely take its toll. we just want one more, in philadelphia. l.a. chris jenner was spotted holding hand with music mogul, david foster. the two have a long time history, that is rather interesting. follow this, david used to be married to linda thompson who was married to bruce jenner, which means, chris, bruce, caitlin's third wife was allegedly on a date with the
5:58 pm
ex-husband of her ex-spouse's ex-wife. wow. no wonder they have a reality show. today we celebrate wawa hoagie fest and, of course, we want to know what our store quarterback quarter back order on his. he tells us that turkey, bake own, avocado is his go to, calling it pretty prime. that is hurt minute i'm bex from 96.5. that looked good. >> yes. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 sudden change of heart for seth williams, philadelphia's former district attorney pulls off a courtroom shocker pleading guilty and resigning right in the middle of his trial, is what next for williams and his old office. american tradition, apple pie, i cannot taste that apple pie, and i sure as heck cannot sit on that blanket and look at those fire works anymore. >> fire works mishap changed her life, forever, and the devastating injury that she suffered and extensive work that it took for doctors to
5:59 pm
restore her eye sight. are you with the religion of any kind? don't fall victim to a possible scam on the streets, the men dressed as monks really are part of the religion, don't waste your money. and it is another beautiful, rain free day across the delaware valley but it will be feeling more like summer as we head in the upcoming holiday weekend. i'll talk about heat, humidity and best chance of storms, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> it was a very hard decision for a very proud man. >> a stunning, fall from grace for seth williams. former philadelphia district attorney is handcuffed in court and then taken into jail after admitting he accepted a bribe, from a businessman. and now we're learning how that plea deal came together right here in the middle of the trial. good evening aim jessica dean. aim ukee washington.
6:00 pm
williams resigned immediately after admitting to the court that he accepted bribes. >> we have live team three coverage of the today's developments. our greg argos is live outside district attorney's office. we will begin with joe holden live at federal court, with more on how it all unfolded in the courtroom, joe. >> reporter: well, jessica and ukee question is how did this evolve in seth williams mind? we know last night he was at his home in overbrook farms and apparently, because of the drum beat of continued testimony the allegations, the alleged crimes, perhaps, for seth williams he knew there was in other way out. seth williams career crumbled to the ground in an instant, his guilty plea triggered shock waves across political and legal circles. prosecutors confirmed at 1:00 o'clock thursday morning that philadelphia's disgraced philadelphia district attorney , raised the white flag this morning at 1:00 a.m. mr. berk reached me and said that they wanted to accept the deal that we had


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