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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 26, 2017 5:00am-5:28am EDT

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our health care insurance system is a mess. well, and john mccain, returns to the cap to take on health care we are live with what is happening today in washington as lawmakers debate the affordable care act. a fight between a father and son lead to gunfire and son being shot, they recover several weapons at the scene in montgomery county and we will update the son's condition. batteries are being stolen from jeeps parked on the street. surveillance cameras captures one of the crimes, we will tell what you drivers can do to protect their vehicles. it is wednesday, july 26th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon.
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it feels cooler. >> it is lovely. >> katie will check the forecast in a moment. meisha watching the road, good morning, guys. >> happy hump day, happy wednesday. we are looking outside and singing same old tune lots of construction but good news, dry roadways, that is good this week. >> for the most part. we will find some drizzle. >> i know, i have to have a caveat, yes. >> yes. but let me show you what is up , on storm scan, we will take you to a camera shot, i called for this camera, my short term memory, yeah, that is my bad, in the control room lets look outside, logan square, all is quiet right now here as we look live on sky scan three and we will continue to keep, generally calm but again, keyword there is generally. lets go to storm scan. i will show you what i mean there. that little batch overly high, berks county. it looks like it will fist alloway but we have slow moving showers, specific to
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that area, 222, parts of the 78, route 22, you may have run into or seen wet roadways if you were out this morning and if you are heading out we will run into it again but other than that we are talking about cloudy skies and potential for a little fine drizzle and that would be it. overall i will not say this is prettiest day we have ever seen but certainly not a bad one and also cooler for people like jim who despised the heat and humidity. >> thank you. >> we will not have that to deal with today. at best we will hit 80 on degrees. mid up toker 60's. cooler in the placees like mount pocono. you are walk out needing an extra layer for sure. meanwhile down toward the shore, nice transition there we are currently standing into the lower 70's. water temperature 75. with time because of thee on shore wind flow i don't think we will see a ton of sunshine but we will stay on the cool side here today. >> like you said jim loves it, i like it too.
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>> you know, the boulevard moving in the southbound direction jumping on the schuylkill we are looking g once we jump on schuylkill around boulevard, city avenue we are starting to get headlights, taillights, overall though, things are looking good. we have construction still lingering out there, see crews out here right now starting to pick this up. this is schuylkill eastbound between gulph mills and belmont avenue that left lane clearly compromised. crews are on the way. i will let you know. we have three places of construction in delaware 495 southbound ramp to 95 south is closed. ninety-five north between delaware service area and route 73, three lanes blocked there. that will start to slow you down. i-95 north is closed at 295. head up in delaware. lots of construction that will slow us down in the 5:00 o'clock hour. we have two points of construction here on the northeast extension, northeast extension north bound before lansdale that right lane is compromise there had and north bound pennsylvania mid county, right lane compromise there had because it is so dark. be careful driving by, crews sometimes are out of their
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vehicles on foot, jim and rahel, back over to you. senators are back on capitol hill to continue debate honorary peeling and replacing obama care. >> in a vote that could not have been any closer republicans began debate yesterday, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with what we can expect today, jan. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning. this is a fight. effort to start debate yesterday was likely helped by emotional return of senator john mccain but there are signs, already that republican efforts to get a new health care bill passed will be far from easy. >> motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: by vote of 43 in favor, 57 against tuesday night the first g.o.p. effort in the senate to repeal and replace obama care has already failed. vote on that bill took place just hours after they decided by the narrow margin possible to proceed with the debates on health care. >> we're now one step closer from liberating our citizens from obama care nightmare.
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>> this is just beginning we are not out here to spike the football. >> reporter: senator mccain, little more than a week after being diagnosed with brain cancer returned for vote in a passionate address mccain said he was for don't but called health health care measure as it stand a shell of the bill. >> we have been spinning our wheels because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle. we're getting nothing done. >> reporter: nine republicans came out against last night's amendment in the first of what is expect to be many versions of the billheading to the senate floor this week. >> anyone who thinks this is over is sadly mistaken. there are many, many republicans who don't like this bill, don't want to vote for it and they are under enormous pressure to vote for it. >> reporter: plan rejected is one according to the non- partisan congressional budget office would have resulted in 22 million fewer people with health care coverage by 2026. now two republican senators
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who sided with democrats voted against motion to proceed, were susan collins from maine and alaska lisa murcowsky. senators return to debate this morning at 9:30 a.m., rahel and jim, back to you. >> it will be a spirited debate, thank you. cbs this morning will have much more on the health care vote and senator mccain's return to washington immediately following "eyewitness news" on cbs-3. that begins at 7:00 this morning. "eyewitness news" has learned that allentown married he had pawlowski is expected to be indict today. mayor pawlowski's attorney said he does not know the details of the indictment until it is unsealed later today but we do know it is as a result of the lengthy grand jury investigation. the fbi raided the mayor's office in 2015. nine people have pleaded guilty in connection with the pay to play scandal in allentown. pawlowski is currently running for a fourth term as mayor. no charges yet after father is accused of shooting his own son in pottstown. shooting happened last night
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on the 400 block of link than avenue. police say father, identified as joseph lee shot his son andrew during an argument. father suffered a cut to his hand. at last check the son was listed in critical condition. we are learning more about a missing swimmer who disappeared in the brandywine creek in wilmington this happened at 6:30 monday evening at the state park. police say a 20 year-old man jumped in using a rope swing but he was last seen going over a dam. authorities say that three other people who were with him at the time did not call 911 until after they had returned home and that was almost two hours later. that missing swimmer has in the yet been located or identified. philadelphia police are looking for a man accused of stealing several car batteries in the pennsylvania few months and they are warning drivers. >> newly released video shows the thief stealing jeep wrangler's battery in broad daylight this happened at 20th and almost barred. police say they have noticed
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similar thefts back in may especially with jeep wranglers >> unfortunately the jeep wrangler is a sensitive target , it is easy access to the hood, 2017/2016 we are up about 41 percent as fares car battery thefts are concerned. >> police say you can buy devices on line to lock your car battery for zero seven to $120, investigators are still looking for the suspect and his honda sieve wick pennsylvania plates. police want to you see this video of an alleged assault and robbery at a center city atm machine. investigators say woman seen here punched a woman in the face at a td bank and stole her bank card and cash, this happened after midnight on july 13th at td bank on the corner of broad and sansom, if you recognize would the man please call the police. up next, see some video of efforts to rescue fisherman from frigid waters off the alaska coast.
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plus we will tell but the heroic actions of the ship's captain. wild fires burning dangerously close to most expensive and popular resort towns in the world. several people are injury. we will have an update. plus this... out of this world honor for local hero, we will hear from the first african-american in space who is celebrating in fair mount park last night. ♪ >> well, i haven't heard this song in so lock i heard usher 's name a lot lately, we will tell you usher, from last night car pool karaoke plus highlights later in the show, we will be right back.
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we are following breaking news right now, part of the row home has collapsed in west philadelphia. this is a live look, this is the scene on seven south ruby street near 54th and market streets. fortunately we are told that all of the residents made it
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out safely but you can see lots of damage there. what we're working to learn of course in the far from 52nd and market and 52nd and market there are el stops on the market frankford line. we will see if this is impacting traffic. we will keep you posted and keep an eye on the scene for you. also, u.s. coastguard shows a dramatic rescue off the coast of southern alaska, four fisherman were stranded, 47-degree water monday after their boat capsized. at son point the captain of the capsized boat seen here jumped back into save a crew member struggling. those men are now recovering. also, wild fires are spread ago cross southern france, threatening the play grounds, of the rich and famous. >> fires sparked by heat waves are inching close tore the resort town of san pedre, authorities say eight firemen have been hurt but fortunately there are no reports of any fatalities. more wild fires are burning across central and
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northern portugal, almost 5,000 fire fighters, tackling the inferno, think about that, 5,000 fire fighters, you can see strong wind and high temperatures complicating their fire fight. as expect italy's severe drought is causing landmarks like fountains at vatican to go dry. we first told but this possibility on monday, vatican has turned off 100 decorative and drinking fountains for first time in living memory. city officialness rome will shoulder 2500 fountains, authorities are taking drastic measures to conserve water there. >> that is so upsetting, they have a major tourist attraction, taking pictures. >> yes, toss thing in the water there is no water to toss your coin too. >> that is sad. >> but here, that is all i'm concern about right now. >> yeah. >> at the moment. >> i think we will get our fair share of rain, yeah, to fill up, maybe a little deficit in any fountains in our air were, we will see a fair share of mother nature
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rain coming our way. not necessarily today. maybe fine drizzle out there but it will end up a cloudy day for most of you, walking outside the door we are fine for the most part. we are cooler by comparison. normal high, you will recall, it is late july, should be about 87. we will not come close today so we will show you what is up first and foremost on storm scan always a good part to start with active weather and i wouldn't call it major activity but we have had a couple slow moving showers in berks and lehigh county here. so primarily we are left with cloudy skies for rest of the day but this is a sign of what you might see, this light rain , or drizzle, then anything but our wind flow is on shore so it is helping to keep us stuck in the cloud which means you won't heat up as easily but just this cycle chain reaction that takes place. meanwhile well off to the west are signs of life starting to show up on the area radar through north western iowa that is all heading our way,
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and in front of the warm front with le pressure developing along it. if you are heading to the beach today do expect you'll see included. probably see some sun as well but it is a calm start to the morning outside boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. we have not seen anybody walking down the boardwalk just yet i'm sure that will change despite the fact it is not the most warmest pleasant beach day. water temperatures getting more comfortable for anybody's sake including mine, you know what a wimp i am. 68 degrees in sea isle right new but far milder in lieu is or a cape may or barnegat, 75 degrees with those ocean buoys at the moment. back in the city we have drizzle. don't worry about it but don't be shocked if you see a high hit 80 degrees. later tonight stuck in the cloud we will drop down to 68. we are not talking about any 90-degree days in the forecast , we just don't have the ability to get there, especially true for friday and possibly as late as early saturday morning. meisha.
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>> all right, katie, thanks very much. >> i think, jim eating water melon at the desk thinking about those 90's and now 80's, good morning everybody. happy wednesday to you. we are looking outside right now 95 south at cottman looking good but you can see already we're in the early part of the 5:00 o'clock hour and we are heating up, it got busy yesterday and it was more towards when we would typically see it already in the early 5:00 we are starting to see it. head up on. that vine, closed overnight for construction and it all cleared. west and eastbound on the vine , big thumbs up, you're looking great. construction between gulph mills and belmont avenue that is also been since cleared. so all these cones block ago this left lane they have pick those up and we are good to go construction in delaware starting to clear, by 495 and i-95 here but thinks still lingering, i-95 north between delaware service area and route 273. three lanes are block right now. that will start to slow us down a little bit, head up on than that. we have construction on the
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northeast extension, so two place is still out there, northbound before lansdale that right lane is compromised there and also we are looking at north bound past mid county right lane compromised there northeast extension and also, construction on the pennsylvania turnpike, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, before bensalem, and left lane is compromised there we will talk about construction in a little bit, rahel and jim, back over to you. meisha, thank you. new for a look at newspaper headlines in the region. >> burlington county times bub debate over proposal to run high pressure natural gas pipeline between northern burlington county will start up again today, new jersey pine land commission held special meetings to hear public comments on project. it wig held at pine belt marina in toms river at 9:30 this morning. on the front page of the bucks county courier times the pennsylvania more infants are addicted then are reported to the state. just 2100 pennsylvania newborns whose mother had medicaid were diagnosed with
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narcotic withdraw syndrome last year but 972 infants were reported to county child welfare authorities. from the times herald winners have been announced in the norristown garden contest and competition i will tell you was fierce. world war two memorial on paws avenue and norristown state hospitals tied for first place that is a look at knew papers headlines around delaware valley. out of this world celebration for one of the philly's on. >> guyan blueford honored at city hall and man music center . >> they went on a voyage through space with classical contemporary music. blueford was ba overbrook high and penn state grad went to become first african-american s. >> the view outside windows are spectacular, they are doing good i felt very honored to have done
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that on fo occasions. >> an exhibitpl into space are on display until august 4th and his first trip was 1983, some 34 years ago. >> take a walk over tok at that exhibit. >> very interesting up next, pat's ood here wrning, guys. day two of training camp in the books but there i at one po. plus our own jim donovan hanging out with tennis night, w pick um a racket or cause one. just k
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you are with us. >> pat's here with sports and we are hearing from carson veryy camp but he is there working with the younger guys. we saw carson wentz working with those players on a very lid things ramp up for wentz on thursday when his full compliment of weapons will be le wentz adding to his arsenal in g for more than 3700-yard and 16 touchdownstz giant leap forward. last season wentz became first quarterback since donovan mcnabb in 2,003 to start and finish every game. we asked on for the new season. >> i think it is just continuing to tt chemistry. obviously now we have a couple together in the off season, otas and just co chemistry, comradery and being sharp, finding che finding little things, details
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for me are the biggestng refineu will never be finished, fork toe cornerback, if you saw my report yesterday morningiggest e being birds secondary. both startingson are gone and fr now start's peer to be jaylen ll robinson. defensive coordinator jim schwartz sayhe openings. >> we have some spots in there where guys have earned it, football in the nfl and there are spots to lose so corner we e that. >> anytime someone tells you that they ar position or your whatever your job description is, it i or whau should take that offensively if you had are a competitive ga. >> phillies are struggling through their series with the best team in the american asts , very good and they are making it look very, ver pladelphia tot
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for phillies rooni out seven over six innings was only done inning, astros,els came off they put up a four spot and beat nothing. astross mvp candidate help say with a 17 game hitting streak and the monh of july. they will wrap up series tonight but astros now 37- 12 on the road this season. there were two tennis town k peak at a big new sports movie , our introduced billy jean king and andy roddick at st. arena king and roddick answered questions about their spectacular tennis careers and they got a preview of the movie bolof on that 1973 tennis match between billy jean king and what did you think. >> great evening. they were supporting project mad
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s charity group does an a nation job heat one of our viewers helen brown. she's watching right now. bu money. very good. interesting because i don't play tennis, i h eye/hand coordination issues but still >> awesome.sted in the topic. >> good night for all. >> thanks, patrick, appreciate it. the royal family. >> yes, we will tell you the position they are looking to ent searching for recruits in a live report from wall street. e. >> i would be a very good butler. >> reporter: allentown's mayor will be indicted as part of the federal corruption probe i'm trang do and we will tell you whether he we will learn more about the charges he will face. an update to the shark tail, why this record catch won't be going in the history books plus hear from one of the fisherman who ruled tonight. we will be right back.
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good morning i'm rahel donloan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what youar neeyour day. it is wednesday, july 26th. we are following breakhe row home


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