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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 26, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning i'm rahel donloan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what youar neeyour day. it is wednesday, july 26th. we are following breakhe row
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home has collapsed in west philadelphia, this is a live lookat on seven south rubyn surveillance camera thieves steel car batteries from under a hood of the jeep wrangler. >> easy access to the hood. >> the motion is not agreed to >> senate republicans continue the debate on a plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> there are signs, already that republican efforts to get a new health care bill passed will be far from easy. >> the situation when a pet snake is stuck inside of a truck. >> snakes can find their way in to things but they cannot find their way out. >> you are now picking up an early love of yours, are you starting to surf. >> i'm starting to find out, i haven't asked my doctors yet but that is a crucial question , isn't it. >> yes. >> our good friend charlie rose, man does it all, no
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signs of slowing down even after heart surgery, and really enjoyed watching the full crew every morning. >> good stuff. >> speaking of someone who does it all our katie fehlinger. hi there katie. >> best mental image of charlie rose on a surf board. you just blew my mind with that. >> we have to get our lives, we have to do more, katie. >> i know. you are running a marathon, that is no small feat. me and jim need to get our rears in gear. >> don't include me. >> all right. all i need to do is get jim to baby-sit my kid, and that is enough activity for everybody. >> i would do that. >> what we have here, i'm just saying, do you remember this same time last week if you watched us regularly. thank you very much for doing that. you'll recall i was sweating when you walk outside the door it was so clammy, so steamy. no longer. i'm in the saying it is completely dry air mass but feels comfortable outside, just cloud at the moment though, looking at storm scan
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you will notice is a specific across berks, lehigh counties a couple stray showers rolled through. those have had a chance to fist alloway and we are left just with some cloud overhead but i wouldn't be shocked if you saw drizzle at some point throughout the day. notice win these lines that are streak ago cross the screen, they are moving primarily on shore and that will keep us stuck in the cloud today. as day progresses, it is cooler. normal high 87. we have barely cracked 80 degrees. eighty is cool but for this time of the year it is. coming up later in the show we have wet weather that will work its way in to the forecast and when i say wet weather we're talking about rain. when you need umbrella that is a crucial part of the forecast and i will let you know later on. >> i know rain is necessary, katie but sometimes it is just exhaust continuing, isn't it? we have had our fair share of wet roadways and i can tell you in the world of travel that really causes some problems. good news is waking up this
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morning though things are looking for the most part in the most areas that we are looking at, it is looking dry. ben franklin bridge from new jersey, westbound into center city, this is what you are working with. it is heating up ever so slightly and blue route, taillights moving in the north bound direction before route one looking good in both directions both northbound and southbound but again starting in the 4:00 o'clock hour we were seeing more movement then what we typically do when it is that early. something to factor in. route four to two headlights, looking good there and construction in delaware should be clearing, right around, now. i will let you know when they do. jim, back over to you. more on our breaking news in west philadelphia you are looking live at the scene of the partial row home collapse in west philadelphia. it is happening at seven south ruby street, near 54th and market streets. >> lots of first responders as we can see are on the scene but good news is that we're told all residents made it out safely, there are in injuries but if you are traveling in the area, a lot of heavy
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equipment so you may see delays. i just tweeted septa social to see 52nd and market line, 56th and market stops. i tweeted septa to see if there will be an impact to el service and i will let you know what they say when they get back. "eyewitness news" has learned that allentown married he had pawlowski is expect to be indict today. >> we are told it is as a result of the lengthy grand jury investigation, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside the federal courthouse in center city with the details, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning. mayor pawlowski's attorney jack mcmahon said he will fight charges and could be in court as soon as tomorrow, meanwhile, they just like rest of us will not learn full scope of the indictment until it is unsealed, later on today three term allentown married he had pawlowski will be indicted as part of an ongoing federal corruption probe, that began in 2013. although indictment remains sealed until sometime
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wednesday, nine people have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an alleged scheme to award city contracts , in exchange for campaign contributions to an unnamed official. the fbi raided pawlowski's office july 1st, 2015. democratic mayor of pennsylvania's third largest city has denied any wrongdoing , it is continuing to campaign for a fourth term. the department of justice does have a news conference scheduled for 1:30 to discuss these charges further. mayor pawlowski expect to comment once the indictment is made public. we will bring it to you when we have those details. we are live from federal court i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. >> thank you. in 5:36n business news another record high on wall street. >> money watch's roxana saberi joins us live from the insuring stock exchange with that and more, good morning, roxana. >> good morning. >> reporter: investors expect federal reserve to leave interest rates unchanged as it wraps up a two day meeting.
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here on wall street tuesday dow jones gained 100 points and nasdaq added a point reaching a record high. president trump says apple has promised to build three quote big beautiful manufacturing plants in the u.s. according to the wall street journal. he didn't say where or what they would produce, apple has not yet confirmed the news but back in may ceo tim cook says company planned to invest $1 billion in u.s. co involved in advanced manufacturing. uber is trying to make drivers happier, drivers can expect protection against low ratings for factors they cannot control like high prices. driver will get $15 for returning lost item, last month uber started rolling out an in activity features and paying drivers for waiting for passengers after two minutes. if you have great communication skills you may have a royal job, offer opportunity. prince william and his wife kada long with prince harry are looking for senior communications officer, at kensington palace. candidate would significantly help royal family charities.
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job was posted on linkedin, jim and rahel. >> i would do this. i thought it was a housekeeping thing although i would be a very good butler and do i make bed, and this is right up my alley. >> you have to find out what the qualifications are, although, i would be interest ed. >> we don't to have get up at 1:30 in the morning who send out a press release at 1:30 in the morning. right, roxana move to the day shift. >> never know. >> that is right. >> you bet. well, debate to repeal and replace obama care will resume on capitol hill. >> late last night senate chamber block a wide ranging proposal to repeal much of the affordable care act, that setback came just hours after vice-president pence cast tie breaking vote to allow debate, on a bill. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will not appear before senate investigators. he was supposed to appear before senate judiciary committee as panel investigation russian meddling
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in the 2016 presidential election. panel has dropped its subpoena , man for the has reportedly provided some documents to congressional investigators. president trump is stepping up his criticism of attorney general jeff sessions , the president is upset over sessions recuesal from the investigation of the russian meddling in the 2016 election but would not say if he intend to fire the attorney general. >> very disappointed with the attorney general but we will see what happens. time will tell. time will tell. >> the president intensifying criticism has fueled speculation that sessions should step down and could step down but sources close to the attorney general says he has in plans to quit. meanwhile sessions says that the justice department will in the get any u.s. cities grant money unless cities give federal immigration authorities access to jails in the cities alert them when someone facing deportation is released from custody. philadelphia is a sanctuary city and right now refuse toss
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cooperate with immigration authorities. spokeswoman for mayor jim kenney says marries reviewing new conditions and will comment at a late are time. we are hearing from sunoco this morning after a federal judge issued an injunction to stop company's statewide pipeline project, the 350-mile pipeline would carry liquid natural gas from ohio, across pennsylvania, and to reach a processing facility in marcus hook delaware county. issue now goes before the pennsylvania public utility commission. west goshen township filed for the injunction to halt construction of the pipeline after complaints over water service interruptions and other issues. now sunoco's response read in part we believe that the full hearing before the environmental hearing board will demonstrate we have expended every effort to meet strict conditions of our environmental permits. sunoco also claims they have quote already voluntarily suspended work on a number of our drills and will continue non-hdd construction,
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throughout the state with safety and protection to pennsylvania's environment as our first priorities. now that hdd stand for horizontal drilling, directional drilling, a technique for laying under ground pipeline. a huge shark caught off the coast of new jersey won't earn a spot in the record books after all. >> we showed you this 12-foot long, 926-pound mako shark machine night after a group of six fisherman caught it over weekend. new jersey officials say this is largest shark caught in state history but unfortunately because it took more than one person to re el it in it won't make it in the rorrer books. >> we know that we caught the biggest shark in new jersey and if that is the rules we will abide by them. when we put him up on the scale it was a 600-pound scale and it bottomed out. >> 880-pound tiger shark caught back in 1988 retains record as biggest shark ever caught off the coast of new jersey, record for mako shark
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856-pound was setback in 1994. still an amazing job. >> agreed. >> i'm lucky i can catch any fish at all. up next james corden and usher go for a spin in car pool karaoke. new privately concerns being raised about a robot vacuum cleaner, the information it is gathering, spying on you, which co are paying big bucks to have it. a slittering surprise inside potato chips can find out how many king cobra snakes were smuggled in the u.s. when we come right
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tell you for right place you can go on a date with leo and kate. private dinner with kate wins dicaprio is on the auction block at dicaprio 's charity gala in available when and where stars are which would likely somebody time in in new york. also, usher, do you reer usher, rod well. james corden for installment of car pool installment of car pool >> ♪
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>> doing something different with his hair here. i have never seen it like. that james corden on the late, late show at 12:37 a.m. every night. >> she's dancing again. come back to the desk, again. >> my goodness. >> good song. >> yeah. >> no kidding. >> yes. >> isn't it, that is vintage, necessarily but it is, yeah. >> yes, when was that 2,000ish >> i haven't been to the clubs since 80's. i don't know what you are talking about, i am asleep. >> of course, he knows that off the top of his head. >> it is nice walking outside this morning. >> it feels good outside. i don't think we will see any 90-degree days this entire forecast but we do have some rain, thunderstorms, still coming through. not necessarily today but some of you have seen localized showers that we are finding here. we are looking at storm scan at localized level do you see through berks, lehigh counties , you will see it away
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on the radar but there have been these localized showers that haven't moved at all. we are looking at a three hour loop here so that posed problems and certainly up that way you may run into wet roadways. it has fizzled. another spot we will zero in on is down across kent county three hour loop to fizzle away but right in the beginning have the loop those showers were over the exact same area. so there is a flood advisory posted for that particular zone, it is very isolated little pocket where we have had that but flood advisory just for that area. so dover is included, we have an eyewitness weather watcher, andy segal i don't think he is up yet because he hasn't posted but andy if you are watching we would love to see observation next hour to see how you are doing in the dover we have mid to upper 60's in the region. i want to zero in closer to the city. we will take new to north philadelphia. sixty-two from john. he has a couple cloud over his olney area, owe is cool,
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little bit on the humid side but nothing that oppressive. we will go out to cherry hill, where we have two weather watchers, jenny's one of them. she has more cloud. she had a dew point of around 60. another one here where lynn is reporting more cloud then anything as well. that is what you'll fine throughout the entire day but she's also a fan of the cooler conditions and, you know, i think a lot of us could use that break considering what we had to go through early on this pennsylvania week when it was so hot. let's zoom things way out, take a look at wider picture we have a system getting its act together this will come through as a warm front and low pressure riding in our area timing on this looks like it may be a little bit later. there could be locally heavy thunderstorms that come in tomorrow. second half of the day but main system doesn't get here until friday. so even as early as tomorrow, we may end up with a few locally heavier gusty thunderstorms but then friday really, to me, even as late as early saturday looks like
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window where you'll want to keep the umbrella on stand by. rest of the saturday should clear out, sunday, monday, tuesday, look absolutely lovely. we will wrap up this forecast on a nice note. if you are lucky to score a vacation day or two, take them , these days look awesome right now. >> yes, monday, tuesday, wow, thanks katie. that looks perfect. good morning, everybody. what are we looking at? well, live shot, so jim and rahel were talking about this at the desk a little bit ago. row home building collapse in west philadelphia how will this affect your commute. i would say stay away from where that seven south ruby street near market street. so what is affected right now in terms of the mass trans it we have a septa detour route 31 bus right now is detoured. anywhere around that area seven south ruby street near market street check your schedules on line, good news is everyone made it out okay. we are looking at closures and how it is affecting mass
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transit. we will look outside at 42 freeway northbound at creek road approaching 295, looking dark, hazy out there. i would also say starting to pick up. we are traveling around posted speed is approaching 295 but just a head up, it is getting bus there i. construction in delaware, that has been since cleared but northeast extension we saucon trucks out there northbound before lansdale and northbound past mid county right lane compromised there. jim, over to you. privacy concerns are raised after maker of the room ba vacuum floated idea of sharing customer information with other companies. some of the vacuums can capture images of the rooms in your home, and that lets vacuum learn your home's layout. now maker irobot is considering selling that to other co like amazon, apple and google, those co would use the data to make their in home gadgets smarter. >> roomba of tomorrow may be able to scan what furniture you own and figure out your
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income of your income or your tv watching habits. >> um-hmm, company says it takes customer privacy and security very seriously. it will ask customers first before sharing their data, deal to share data could come in the next two years. california man could face decade in prison for smuggling at lee three poisonous snakes in the u.s. this is highly venomous king cobra, rod reag owe frank co said he tried to smuggle them in the u.s. from hong kong inside canisters used for potato chips. in addition to two, foot long snakes, authorities recovered albino turtles and rare crack dials anal gators from the suspect's home. interesting. man's pet snake is doing fine after gets stuck in the back of his pickup truck. >> cocoa snake needed fresh air, so they took a ride through their town in southern california. as they drove around cocoa sliterd his way inside back panel of the truck and wasn't
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coming out. owner called a local body shop for help. >> i was mainly concerned because he went under carpet i kept feeling around to make sure i didn't feel anything, i didn't want to hurt the snake. >> they were great. they wouldn't take my money. they spent hours working on my car. >> good for cocoa this wasn't first time cocoa escape, owner says he is happy, he didn't to have tell his kid that he who their pet. it appears a man up in state new york was looking for trouble driving around town in a doorless car. >> take a look that is car he was driving around in, carries missing a windshield. is there an ax in the roof. sheriff deputies say 21 year-old driver was under the influence of several drugs. >> no. >> yes. he was placed under arrest and being held on bail. >> wonder what gave them that idea. coming up next we will hear from meisha about what she's looking for in a match, what is this all about.
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>> we will have details when we come right
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meisha made a quick stop at wip sports radio yesterday.
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>> yes, hoe angelo cataldi chatted with her about being featured in this years daily news singles issue. he is making it his mission to find her a love interest. he tried to narrow i odn't what meisha looks for in a potential match. >> i just want a really good, normal guy, he can have just a good normal body. >> a dad bodies okay. >> all bods are cute. >> is what your position on facial hair. >> i love facial hair but if it is clean shave even, that is kind of either way it goes too but i love a beard. >> did you hear that, all bods , guys who are at lee 35 years old get extra points as well and they must be smart. >> i guess that guy with the a x in the roof of his car he is out. >> he is booked. >> yes. >> he is booked. >> angelo says, you got to narrow the scope, i was like o h, i just love everybody. that door is swinging open. >> line around the block right
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now. >> yes. >> oh, thank you. >> take cover. >> when in doubt throttle out. coming up in the next her of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" caught on cameras a group of men, now this is horrible dragging a shark behind their boat, the video is sparking uproar and it should, and investigation. also in the healthwatch, at brain disease, hundreds of former football players are dealing with and what doctors are recommending for those who play the sport up tinue to follow this
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situation where a row home has collapsed and plus this. a mess. diagnosis senator john mccain makes a return to the senate with message on healthbut debat. with storms, yes, they will return to the forecast before long but we can handle it because it is wednesday, july 26th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie abe meisha keeping an eye on things.


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