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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it contains more than a thousand acres of meticulously groomed scenery and as you will learn there is a collection of trees here that has left a legacy. hi, good afternoon i'm ukee washington here in the cbs-3 studios in philadelphia. >> hi everyone i'm jessica dean. ukee, don't we just love summer fest fridays, it is such a wonderful part of the week when we get to show off all of the great places, all across the delaware valley and get to share summer fun with everyone. as you mentioned we are in kenneth square today, home of the beautiful, long wood gardens and this is just a magnificent place, so many people have grown upcoming here during the holidays, in the summer, others, have never visited before and we will take you on a behind the scenes tour and you will see all that long wood gardens has to offer, all that kent square has to offer today. this is certainly a place that can benefit from rain we are surrounded by inn chrisible
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foliage and plants, and magnificent flowers. we will go tout chelsea ingram , our meteorologist, she's outside by fountains and it sounds like we will get a lot of rain. >> reporter: jessica, you are right, by the way we are out here by fountains, the fountain show is just getting underway, this is such a zen like place to be in, it is a wonderful feeling afternoon, but things are going ton changing here very quickly with some rain, on the way. lets go outside now to a live look at storm scan three, we are monitoring some showers located just outside to our west, we will be pushing east here very soon heading in to places like chester county and then they will be on their way over into philadelphia but right new we have heavy rain in southern delaware, and it is making its way in central, northern delaware at this point in time. flash flood watch is in effect until 2:00 on saturday because we anticipate very heavy rain heading our way. temperatures right now are
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checking in the 70's and 80's. seventy's in south jersey. eighty's in philadelphia 80 in wilmington. rain cooled air for lancaster. as we head in the weekend we will deal with some showers, breezy conditions on your saturday, planning to come down to long wood gardens i can tell you sunday is your best bet, temperatures in the lower 80's. we do expect the rain to eventually clear on out and look much better. we will have meteorologist lauren casey coming up momentarily and she will have your full forecast and she will let you know how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood as we head in the overnight hours, tonig
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announced this in a tweet: major garrett is at the white house: major, whose happen here? no thank you to the president from reince preibus, his long-embattled chief of staff, anthony. there have been many turbulent weeks at the white house, this by far the most turbulent of them all, capped off by the ousting of a chief of staff, and a slow-moving, highly aggressive, and very public. power play, not only between reince preibus, but the new minted communications director, anthony scaramucci, brought in by president trump, in direct defiance of the wishes of his wheefs, reince preibus, and others associated with the priebus wing of this very own white house. it's worgs pointing out, in the last month or two, anthony, the centrality of reince preibus as chief of staff had been gradually diminishing, less and
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less important in the day-to-day scheduling of the president, and day-to-day agenda-setting for the future of his administration. with this early-morning cull can minnation of the defeat of the effort in the senate to repeal and replace bawrk, reince preibus, who was brought in as chief of staff, in part because of his relationships on capitol hill with republicans, not only exits in the ignominy of the president, but also in the faceave conspicuous legislative defeat, not only for him, reince preibus, but for the entire trump administration. it has been one heck of a week here at the white house, and ending now with the ousting of the chief of staff. >> mason: well, it's not quite over yet, major. there's another day in this week. we'll see what happens. let me bring in john dickerson, our chief washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation." john, as major alluded to, reince preibus' influence seemed to be on the wane for some kind. tended yesterday with a public, nasty rebuke from
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mr. scaramucci. where does that leave the white house at this point? >> you know, just to go back to a little bit of past history, during the campaign, reince preibus, and the president, then-candidate trump had this very tense and strange relationship where basically they were allied, but reince preibus knew the president would throw him overboard the second that it became convenient for him to do so. and that was the tension that was carried then into their relationship into the white house. it has now happened. so what it is is it's a ratification in part of all the reports of the chaos in the white house. what was striking about mr. scaramucci's conversation with "the new yorker's" ryan liza was not just the vulgar language but it gave a window into the administration of what he was saying was basically out of control and pull of people only interested in themselves and protecting their turf, and it was an extraordinarily negative performance review of the white house. by firing reince preibus, it ratifies that view that the last six months have been chaos, out
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of control. and now hoz does it get fixed? and that's big question going forward. >> mason: all right, john dickerson in washington. thanks. to repeat, reince preibus is out as president trump's chief of staff. general john kelly is in. there will be much more about the white house sheikh up on your local news on this cbs stakes, on our 24-hour streaming news network, cbsn, and right here tonight on the cbs evening news. till then with major garrett and john dickerson, i'm anthony mason, cbs news, new york.ev that of course our cbs news special report on is what happening to our south, in washington reince priebus being replaced as the chief of staff by john kelly, that is an important story, we will stay on top of that and of course bring you any updates as they become available so stay with us, we will keep you updated on that as well. in the meantime we also want to celebrate friday with you and celebrate long wood
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gardens and kenneth square. if you have ever coming out here to long wood garden and maybe stopped long the way in the kenneth square in the shop or two but not just a place to shop and eat but it has incredible history, we wanted to share that with you, as well. picturesque, since day one, this historical place, known for what it grows is about so much more. >> kenneth square is a cute town, walkable, once you park your car you good are to go. >> reporter: kenneth square is known as mushroom capitol of the world more than 65 percent of the mushrooms consumed in the united states are grown in chester county. >> quakers, the family and italian families, they passed it on for generations. >> reporter: guess minutes away, horticulture has gone wild in the stunning landscape s of long wood gardens but long before fountains began entertaining
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guests. >> ♪ >> reporter: quakers put down roots. steve warner owns the kenneth square inn a restaurant and tavern built in 1835. >> it is call the green gate and then it became green gate key room during prohibition. after prohibition it became green date tavern again until we purchased tonight 1976 and turned tonight to the kenneth square inn. >> reporter: warner says food and drinks are one reason to dine with them but several patrons have run into other worldly figures. >> we had a woman in the dining room that had herself looking at her the whole time and then she turned to her husband and she turned back to where he was sitting and there was this little girl sitting there, that is when we realized it was young girl and we named her lettisha. >> you could go and call them ghosts. they operated in the free of night to free slaves.
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lorraine lucas say it is part of her family history that she's most proud of. >> well, sarah bernard, others were significant in the underground railroad. their farm was only 6 miles from the border. fugitive slaves would be set up from thomas garrett typically in wilmington, delaware and they would receive food, clothing and rest, and see the house and maybe move on to the next station. >> they would communicate very secretively about themselves to indicate that yes, we will accept the escaping slaves when we can. >> reporter: at lee a dozen homes in kent square were part of the secret operation. >> a lot of them went from here to philadelphia and maybe further up north on to canada. >> reporter: more than 200 years later tourist can still take underground railroad tour , discovering the homes that were once part of such a vital life line. today storefronts on state street are still charming
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patrons and the community is still thriving, growing, every year. >> people have lived here for generations, it hasn't moved a whole lot. >> never been to kenneth square you come to long wood gardens but you need to hear about the underground railroad his try. >> reporter: kenneth square underground railroad center operates on line but they hold to yous throughout the year. you can get more information by going to cbs and searching for kenneth square underground ra railroad there and get more information about the tours. aim joined by mary hutchinson, executive director of historic kenneth square. mary thanks for being with us. >> thanks for bringing summer if he to kenneth square and beautiful long wood gardens. >> we are so happy to be here. you know a lot about it. what makes it unique why should they pay it a visit. >> i think what makes kenneth square different from the other downtown that is all of our businesses and restaurants are locally owned and independently owned.
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so when you walk in the door the person that is greeting you is the owner of that business. >> right. >> so they have invested in kent. they are passionate about what they do. that passion is evident in all of the businesses here. >> reporter: you really get to know some of the local people. >> absolutely. >> reporter: that is wonderful. there is a lot of events that happened that people can drop in for is there a third, thursday event, is that right. >> yes from may to september the third thursday of every month we close the streets, restaurants bring all of their tables out on the street and we have dinner outside under the star. >> that sound nice. >> is there live music, is there kids activities, the community loves it. they feel like they own the town. they are in the middle of the street. it is a great event. >> wonderful. >> quickly before we go we talk about the history but also looking ahead you guys are growing pretty quickly. >> we are looking forward to a new library coming than line within the next few years, we have new businesses, coming, and we just have a wonderful array of shops, restaurants so it is a great place to visit. >> it certainly is to that end we want to go to alexandria
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hoff, who is in downtown kenneth square, talking to people there, alex, how is it going there. >> reporter: i'm a sucker for farmers market in kenneth square and they necessity how to do this right. we have fruits, vegetables but an assortment of artisan goods , we saw some jams, some beer, some breads, sweet treat , so it is a spot that can accommodate every kind of shopper and flowers not every day i get a flower on a story. i'll a happy girl. i realize it is a great place for stories. i heard a great story i will share with you coming up but for now we're checking in from kenneth square now back to you >> all right, alex, thanks very much. we will check with alex throughout the next hour or so and ukee, it is beautiful here , it is very zen like, we're getting water behind us, the plants, i think we will be very calm here and we will all feel really good. >> i'm feeling quite mellow right now, looks great, stand by we will get back to you.
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as we continue with "eyewitness news" we are following big stories to day reince priebus out as chief of staff at the white house. also why g.o.p. seven year quest to repeal and replace obama carries on life support. torrential rain is in the forecast for the area, at the shore it could be especially hard hit.for the area, at the we are live where storm preparations are already underway, don. i'm don bell coming to you live from the novacare complex , day five of the eagles training camp is in the books and gives us plenty of news. up next i'll tell but a player going from rugby to football, we will be right back. also we're just getting started with our summer fest fun long wood gardens one of the most popular places in the area we are live in kent square as "eyewitness news" at
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welcome back to our summer fess celebration we are at long wood gardens in kenneth square today. this is children's gander a colorful, safe place for young people, of all ages to tell you to explore the beauty of nature. i'll tell you what a feeling a belong all of those flowers.
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beautiful. we continue to follow breaking news, tonight in, a tweet president trump names general john kelly as his new white house chief of staff. replaces reince priebus, in another tweet the president thanked priebus for his service and said he was proud of him. this is just the latest shake up in the west wing last friday sean spicer resigned as white house press secretary. our coverage continues. also in the head lines today from washington it appears the fight to repeal the affordable care act is over. for now. the senate failed to pass measure overnight aim at repealing certain parts of the signature health care legislation, three republicans , and all 48 democratic senators voted no. and g.o.p. senate leader mitch mcconnell says it is time to move on. >> it is time for our friends on the other side to toss what they have in mind and we will see how the american people feel about their ideas.
5:18 pm
>> the republican senator john mccain cast one of the no votes that doom the bill, delaware senator chris coons was there for the pivotal decision. >> ultimately he came out in a fairly dramatic gesture voted no, it was a moment showing courage of his convictions that we needed to go back to the drawing board and start over again in a bipartisan way >> on twitter president trump was clearly disappointed with the outcome of the vote. he wrote as i said from the beginning, ileto bam a care implode and then deal. the pentagon confirms north korea has test fired its second interest continental ballistics miss that will landed in the ocean off the coast of japan. this missle flew longer, higher then first one launched earlier this month. international community has been putting pressure on north korea to bandon its quest to have long range nuclear missiles. well, lauren casey joins us with our forecast and as we were talking out there, long wood gardens was catching a
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lot of rain this evening. >> waiting on the rain in the city but across the delaware rain has been falling for last couple of hours and already some flooding, being reported in southern delaware. we will take a live look at center city philadelphia cloud in place. we are still dry at the moment but, okay. >> it looks like that camerant is not with us right now. >> there we go. >> it is there, cloud are in the scene there, 83 degrees, southeasterly winds around 6 miles an hour, feeling like 85 degrees with a steam factor , so dry conditions, right now and temperatures are generally in the 70's along the shore with the sea breeze, kick up 77 degrees in atlantic city. 69 degrees in mount pocono. storm scan three showing us weather stories in the next 24 hours, here that is leading edge of precipitation, you can see this loop, two hours, not making a quick advance off to the north and east but it will but we have seen rain falling down for period of hours now across portions of sussex
5:20 pm
county, delaware and we have pick up to three to three and a half inch's cross southern delaware and already street flooding, being reported, and we just are at the very beginning of this event, much more moisture up wind, that will be building in to our backyard. check out thunderstorm activity starting to flare up across portions of virginia as summer nor'easter will be moving through delaware valley , overnight tonight, steady, heavy rain developing embedded thunderstorms as well low of 68 degrees. for our saturday period of rain for first half of the day and breezy, and then we will see late day clearing. models different on when rain comes to an end but we will start to dry things out for second half of our saturday, cool day high of only 76 degrees. we have a flash flood watch for large majority of the area that chelsea showed us at the top of the show until 2:00 p.m. thomas we will have heavy rain across large portion of the area city and points southward expecting two to 4 inches through this event
5:21 pm
higher even totals across portions of delaware and coast as significant road flooding, will be likelihood as we head into tonight and early tomorrow, so coastal impacts during this time frame again watching out for significant road flooding, steady, heavy rainfall we could pick up 5 inches of rain locally across the delaware and cape may county watching out for beach erosion and dangerous rip currents so really not a great looking beach day as we head in the day tomorrow. we are contending with this nor'easter rare for summer season but moving on through by 8:00 p.m. we will see rain in the city, then across much of the area 11:00p overnight tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning that steady, heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms. we will still deal with period of rain across the area, some will be heavy at times before we scale things back in the second half of the day. future weather will show us throughout the overnight period just rain falling heavier pockets of rain, torrential in nature across
5:22 pm
southern new jersey and parts of the delaware, but then we will save things end of the weekend, sunshine, 82 degrees, lower humidity, breezy conditions and then after all of this rain we will get much deserved sunny stretch as we head into next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday sunshine and comfortable humidity values. >> i like that. you know all of the rain we will get will help mushroom crops in kenneth square, still ahead how chester county town became mushroom capitol of the world, we're live with summer fess fun at 5:30, don. new definition of a game changer, up next we will introduce to you a player changing from the game of rug by to the game of nfl football. sports up
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welcome back, day five of the eagles training camp is in
5:26 pm
the books and earlier today we had an opportunity to meet a player by the name of adam za ruba a former canadian rugby star and at 26 years old he is looking to change, careers. here's what we're talking about, he is 6-foot five, 265- pound he had nfl size and eagles signed him to play tight, end. he has not played football since his high school days there he was recruit todd play at a division two level college in canada. so he has an uphill battle to make this team. >> it is a challenge but i have been playing, you know, professional rugby for last four years. i do have some systems, in place but high level athletics so i know how to focus and do that. i think that is a bit of an edge here. it will be a challenge. coaches are working with me and asking a lot of questions, you know. >> here's in day five of the camp carson wentz taking the
5:27 pm
hardest hit he has taken all week tight, end tray burton's son jackson, taking a run at the franchise qb and down goes carson. so it is all work here but there is some play here at training camp at novacare complex in week one. coming up at 6:00 we will switch gears a little bit, one player with the eagles has requested a trade. we will tell you all bit, but in the meantime coming to you live from the novacare complex aim don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> no flag on the play, little guy with the nice hit there db , thanks very much. we are expecting lots of rain pretty soon but we are still in summer fest mode on this friday, still ahead we will take to you back to kenneth square and long wood garden. just think of how rain will make those flowers, plants, outside even more beautiful, we will do without the sunshine for now anyway, more live coverage when we come back. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. we are celebrating summer fest on this friday in july. good afternoon everyone i'm ukee washington at cbs-3 studios in philadelphia. >> hi, good afternoon everybody i'm jessica dean coming to you live from long wood gardens, in kenneth square. it is beautiful inside. we are not letting rain dampen our spirits. we have check ourselves inside curve surveillancecy where we have beautiful plants all around us and, happy to be back on the road for latest snap summer if he 2017. we are taking you from community to community, showcasing the best part, of where we all live all summer long and this week in kenneth
5:32 pm
square in long wood gardens we are learning, tasting and drinking in the beauty of this unique place. it is about a little bit more than an hour from center city philadelphia and it is certainly an place where you can come, and you can enjoy kenneth square and come out here to long wood gardens and find a peaceful place to enjoy so much, beauty. fit has to rain tonight at least it will be these plants. let's check with chelsea in gram here in, long wood, how are things looking. >> hi there guess contact we have rain that is literally knocking on our doorstep but it is not stopping people from coming out here and enjoying the beautiful fountains thaw can see, just behind me, it is such a tranquil view but rain heading our way. >> we will take a live look at storm scan three, we have rain literally knocking on the doorsteps of kenneth square, heavier rain near lancaster, and portions of, and, heavy
5:33 pm
rain central and southern delaware. we have a flash flood watch that has been issued until 2:00 saturday afternoon for philadelphia and all points south, including southern new jersey. temperatures are checking in the 80's in philadelphia, 80 degrees in wilmington. cooler in lancaster where we are dealing with that rain. 77 degrees. seventy-seven in dover. as far as this weekend goes if you are coming out, checking out long wood gardens sunday looks like that is your best bet with sunshine and temperatures in the lower 80's meteorologist lauren casey will have your full forecast coming up in a bit. for now, back to you. all right, chelsea, thanks very much. you have probably heard of the kenneth square is mushroom capitol of the world, they grow more mushrooms per square mile then anywhere else in the world right here in kenneth square and how they grow them is a protected process, of sorts. our vittoria woodill got herself a behind the scenes look at one local farm, take a
5:34 pm
look. >> reporter: if you didn't know, kenneth square is the mushroom capitol of the world, but how? how did this town, 37 miles from philadelphia become the place for mushrooms to pop, perfectly. well, let's ask the first commercial growers of the mushroom in the u.s. phillips mushroom farms. gill phillips gray says it started in 1885. >> there were a lot of rows and carnation growers and a lot of wasted space underneath the bed. a man by the name of david blame went over to france and he brought back mushroom spore s and knowledge to grow mushrooms. >> reporter: mushrooms didn't just grow but they flourish, mix of the soil and location was perfect. pop goes the mushroom industry men 1926 jill's grandfather, william phillips stamped their family name in mushroom history with their farm in kenneth square. >> we have variety varieties that people do not know of
5:35 pm
like the pompon mushroom, mi take, royal trumpet we only grew white back then and new we grow seven different varieties. >> reporter: tina he willer is the expert. >> they study the funky. >> reporter: she is giving us a rare look behind the buttons , trumpets and other tasty mushrooms. >> i expect it to be like totally delivered. >> mushrooms they need to get their food externally. they like to eat is compost. >> no mushrooms that we know grow, you have to try one mushroom, because they lose, like 90 percent of their flavor compound in 24 hours so eating it right off the betties a whole different experience. >> that is so good. >> reporter: excellent tour, tori thanks very much. the farm does not provide any public tours but over at the
5:36 pm
wood land, they actually have built a mushroom exhibit, filled with fresh mushrooms and momentoes, if you will, they occasionally have cooking demonstration there is and they told vittoria to get the most out of your mushrooms after you buy them, cook them, cooking releases more of their nutrientness case you didn't know. speaking of cooking "eyewitness news" paid a visit to one restaurant that would be called port bell owes, capitalizing on the wonderful mushrooms in this area vittoria in her way through that, it is all about american cuisine flying fresh out of the kitchen and menu is constantly changing. they collect from the chester county growers and wonderful produce around here, but as the owners about the mushrooms and they have one gripe. >> i have been doing this for decade but never been able to call somebody and have them cuss mushrooms and have them in my front door within an hour.
5:37 pm
>> everybody works together and very friendly and even won that you may not be best friends with are always willing to jump in and help out. >> chef brett who will berth has been cooking all of his life and while a lot of his inspiration comes from his rootness avalon new jersey, his love for mediterranean food is what really sets the tone for his menu and we got to see that last night on taste with tori which it looked delicious. were you watching that piece with us last night at 11:00 and got to see those incredible dishes and, you know, wonderful when we go behind the scenes of what it takes to make this mushroom capitol of the world as well. >> i'm not saying you have to bring something back, when you come back later on but i'm just saying, just saying. >> okay. >> thanks, jessica. shout out to the big part of the mushroom world in kenneth square, pennsylvania. we are bracing for a rare summer nor'easter bringing drenching rains in the area we will take you live down the shore where preparations are
5:38 pm
underway for possible flooding rain or shine, long word gardens is a beautiful place to visit, more summer fest fun from kenneth square when we come right back.
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did you know long wood gardens is made of a 1077 acres indoor and out and 49 separate gardens, or rooms on display at lush chester county attractions. long wood gardens has a tremendous amount of history surrounding it, it was created back in 1906 by pierre du pont who was trying to save trees from being cut from their lumber. that is what motivated him to create long word gardens and you can find some of those, historic trees on the property today. they are marked with what is known as legacy tags. just part of the beautiful ground is here. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock we will hear about the fun events planned
5:42 pm
for the rest of the summer here at long wood gardens. as i was walking in this afternoon i saw kid that were attending camps at long wood gardens and learning about horticulture and plants and they seemed in to it. i could have learned a little bit with them, maybe i should have popped n maybe they will teach me something. >> that is great, great place for young people no doubt. i went there as a child myself with my family. jessica, thanks. it will get soggy at long wood gardens tonight and all across the region that storm preparations are already underway, down at the shore, cleve. >> reporter: wet weather to kick off things at the shore this weekend i'm cleve bryan coming up how towns are getting ready for flooding and what
5:43 pm
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we have been telling but the drenching rain heading our way, jersey shore is getting ready, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in ocean city.
5:46 pm
i'm sure folks there hope weekend is not a wash out, good evening, cleve. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. it is kind of complicated, this is last night for some peoples vacations but a lot of people heading to the shore and officials down here want everybody to be mindful of this rain. >> we were going to head back tomorrow but we will head back tonight. >> reporter: shore visitors are heading home, others getting mentally prepared for thunderstorms and heavy rain friday night. >> i like rain but not thunderstorms. they scare me. >> sort of cool because everybody has porches and you can just sit and see out of the rain. >> reporter: several inches means preparing for flooding down the shore in. ocean city public works crews positioned barriers to close off roads in the most flood prone parts of the island. they cleared debris off storm drains. sea isle high water rescue vehicle was ready and police sent out messages warning them coming into town be careful of flooded streets. >> it rains as quickly and get as much as we will get our
5:47 pm
road get flooded in certain areas, when they get here if they see flooded road avoid them don't drive through flood waters. >> reporter: be careful where you park, closer to the ocean and southern part of the sea isle are most safe areas. >> where ever you park park legally. >> reporter: several shore events are cancelled like, the cancer run in sea isle and dutch hoffman life guard race in wildwood are postponed until next week. race ago begins the clock crew s made sure drainage pumps every working in avalon, high tide is at 1:00 a.m. that is double damp duo many shore towns dealt with but maybe not so much in the future. just this week avalon and longport joined a partnership with the atlantic city coastal coalition to study flooding issues using a system of flood sensors. >> this will give us empirical data where flooding occurs so we can pursue federal, state grant funding to alleviate these problems. >> reporter: you can see some families here still soaking up every minute of fun before the
5:48 pm
rain gets here. if you are worried about events being cancelled check with your local shore towns, webb page or the social media. we are live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. lauren casey joins to us talk more about the forecast and take us to the streets right now. >> taking us to the streets where mobile weather watcher is cruising the streets right now in newark, delaware. windshield wipers are not on full speed but just drizzle until new castle county, delaware. you can see skies looking gray right there and rainfall intensity is only going to pick up for news newark as we head in the next several hours and southern delaware, already picking up inches of rain, in some locations, and we're just at the start of this event. lets get a live look at rehoboth beach right now, what a sad looking beach day, yeah, fog in the scene. rain coming down, light to moderate, in intensity, couple brave people outside on the boards right now but your rainfall will only increase. we have that rain coming down.
5:49 pm
we will see darker colors of the green indicating that moderate rainfall continuing to impact rehoboth beach over the last two hours. also we will check out that shot from the mobile weather watchers seeing light rain around newark. your intensity is about to pick up with darker green that is set to build in as we head in the next 10 minute, storm scan three showing us rainfall concentrated south and west of the city but leading edge of the precipitation swamp is starting to inch its way closer to the city. in the next couple hours we will see that rain coming down in and around greater philadelphia, off to the south and west check out this activity and really flaring up over last couple of hours as our area of low pressure continues to strengthen and make a close's approach. flash flood warnings in effect around d.c. area and we have that threat of the flash flooding in our neck of the wood throughout the overnight period so stay weather aware. temperatures are at 83 in philadelphia despite cloud cover, upper 70's along the
5:50 pm
coast, 84 our warm spot in allentown, cooler in the poconos. temperatures around 70. we have these numbers in the middle 70's, we have got sea breeze, wind speed will pick up as we head into tonight along the coast and overnight we will see thate wind picking up to 15 miles an her late tonight, steady, heavy rain embedded thunderstorms, low temperature at 68 degrees and into our saturday we will have period of rain in the morning hours, models differing on when they clear this rain out but that will likely happen in the second half of our saturday. breezy conditions. cool high temperature of 76 degrees. we are contending with this summer nor'easter, it will ride autopsy long the coast, move slow in in its forward pace to prolong this rain event. it will be widespread in nature. we have that flash flooding threat especially overnight tonight, and into the early morning hours tomorrow. we have a very high threat for downpours, also high limited threat but moderate threat for damaging wind was these
5:51 pm
embedded stronger storms and potential, hypo tension for lightening and we could see small hail with these stronger storms as well. future weather showing us in the evening hours, conditions are going to rapidly, deteriorate, and great evening , it is friday, chill inside, open up that nice bolt of wine let heavy rainfall. heavy rain spreading in berks county, lehigh valley at 10:00 r encompassing the delaware valley. intensity picking up throughout the overnight period, just check out these band moving through our shore points and delaware where we are expecting the highest totals even in the 5:00 o'clock hour tomorrow morning that heavy rain still coming down in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. future rainfall amounts they are going to be significant. that is why we have this threat for flooding, flash flooding and river flooding. picking up one to 3 inches around city, higher totals off to the south and we could see about two to 4 inches to the south of the city, isolated amounts potentially exceeding
5:52 pm
five, maybe even 6 inches at our shore points and across portions of delaware. always remember turnaround don't drawn, 6 inches can stall out a vehicle, foot of water will float most cars and 2 feet of moving water will carry away all vehicles including suvs and trucks never drive in the flooded roadway. our concern with all this active weather throughout the night tonight and through half of the day tomorrow and beautiful conditions breaking out into sunday, ukee, breezy, nice, lower humidity and check out that sun stretch as we kick off the month of august. >> see you in a little bit. happening right now in pennsauken camden county your look here from chopper three, this is as a result of the bridge strike in the 7,000 block of river road a work stoppage. right now rail service on the atlantic city line is temporarily suspend between pennsauken and cherry hill. nj transit will provide substitute buses while patco accommodates customers between
5:53 pm
philadelphia and lindenwald. it is farmers market friday in kenneth square as our summer fest continues, lets head live now to alexandria hoff with more on that hi there, alex. >> hi there ukee, fruit's ripe , flowers fresh and rain is coming down but that is not a problem for farmers, vendors and those who love them. we will have more coming up from here, at kenneth square.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
did you know kenneth square gets its name from kent in england and square goes back to the land grant from william penn pen. and, the woro, one square mile and if you are in the market for fresh fruits and vegetables and mushrooms, thinks the perfect place, every friday, is there a farmers market in downtown
5:57 pm
kenneth square and that is where alexandria movies camp out right now. i know it is raining but it sound like there is still wonderful things there. >> it is raining, farmers are used to rain i have boots in the truck so i'm ready to go. this is very social atmosphere i wanted to start out with a quick story. i was just talking to a man here who was telling me how he work in the auto service industry. i was feeling like it was a thankless job when it came to customers. he did a complete career change and i met him here as a fruit farmer, and, really truly felt gratitude from the community. i just love stories like that, a complete 360, and here outside, with the community and getting to know everybody. speaking to know people we have ros fenton managerring this farmers market for 17 years, first tell me why this is so special for kenneth square. >> it is great that the market is right here in town, gathering point for the community and also brings
5:58 pm
business to town, and different, shots here in the town. >> shots because it is not just fruits, vegetables, there is bread, different artisan goods. we were talking before about what kind of community this is it is a farm to table experience. tell me about relationship with some of the restaurants. >> we have restaurantness town that use produce from the farmers locally, and as well as port bell owes, and just to name a few and they come to market and they work directly with the farmers. >> reporter: thank you so much for work you have done. it reminds me of way america must be picking up your produce and then heading out, cook it up for whole community to enjoy. we have an exclusive, seat in this for later so aim excited about that. this farmers market comes on every friday from 3:00 to 7:00 >> right. >> reporter: come check it out three to 7:00 at kent square and we will be here for rest of the evening sampling as i go but for right now i'm
5:59 pm
alexandria hoff and jessica, we will send it back to you. alex, thanks very much. we appreciate it. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. and, let's do this summer if he continues at 6:00 and hi , good evening i'm ukee washington. good evening, everybody i'm jessica dean. coming to you live from kenneth square, pennsylvania and the lovely, long wood gardens, and you know take a look at these beautiful flowers they just cut these from the lily garden here. a magnificent place to spend sometime, kenneth square, of course, as we saw with our alexandria hoff a wonderful farmers market, mushroom capitol of the world and there is a whole lot going on here. we know that rain is moving in through the area right now.
6:00 pm
we want to check with meteorologist chelsea ingram, who is also here at long wood guard tones get a check of the rain, chelsea? >> reporter: hi there, jessica , hello everyone. i can't not imagine anyplace would i rather be with light rain which is what we are dealing with right now at long wood gardens at fountains behind me and still very tranquil, peaceful, and beautiful but we have rain moving in. so lets take to you a live look at storm scan three, where we are dealing with rain moving into lancaster counties , also down into cape may county, some very heavy rain, right here near cape may , as well as cape may point and we have some heavy rain making its way on to maryland 's eastern shore and central delaware. a flash flood watch, that remains in effect until 2:00 as we head into saturday afternoon and that includes all points from philadelphia on south, into south jersey, also in through delaware, and southeastern pennsylvania. temperatures are checking in in the's


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