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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  July 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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jim: that last little rollout of the man came out thicker grass and settled into huge asst cut, which so you're trying to hole the green ownwind. here's chappell. dottie: he had difficulty laying it up out of the bunker yesterday. finds the least fairway. ian: that was good. down as he t as far could for a better angle. jim: 6:00 eastern time. the antz, ian baker-finch, cbs golf team in oakville, ontario, canada. the final hole of regulation in the r.b.c. canadian open with knows, perhaps a playoff on the way. jhonattan vegas won this event a ago, watching from inside the clubhouse. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> 67 minus five. right? >> just double checking your numbers. waldman, his caddie. he's a good player too. played on the tour for a long time. know exactly ey here they stand. last asked me a after the green if jonny had gotten in at 1 under. 179 downhill lie. first cut, breeze helping. -iron. jim: he's begging for it to get down. and it does. he'll have the jaysen day putt for the win. 2015. ian: very similar putt there to
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that was just holed by robert garrigus. it to win le outright. rough. t there from the jim: it was. ian: well thought out. already has four pga tour wins. he needs to go out to the range now. ian: yeah, go warm up again. he needs to hope that hoffman two-putts. ian: and hoffman had quite the he did win at the valero texas open in 2016, to win on the final hole. about half the length of the one here, about 20 neat. -- it's the gary does
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garrigus putt. it's the putt we saw from jason day to win it two years ago that propelled jason just a couple of weeks later to the pga championship. trophy victory rformance at whistling straits. but this putt had some speed to it. careful, like arrigus, his hit the hole. but it could run by a substantial amount. inside the d move top 10 in both the fedexcup and the president cup standings. -- good move by jonathan jhonattan. when he saw that putt come in there. than likely it's a two-putt birdie and a tie. dottie: starts on a very nice line, ian. spin. in time. oves out of the thicker grass.
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ian: the greens definitely firmed up today, dottie. dottie: certainly has. dry out here and you're seeing the results. really been since thursday since there's been any rain at all. i don't know how much time vegas has left himself to go through a mini warm-up session. ke he can get four or five inutes in, if necessary. ian: yeah, just feel the ball off the face on a couple of drives. chips from couple of fluffy rough like he had there at the back of 18. couple of putts. something to take with you to hole of the playoffs, some confidence. meanwhile, steps onto the 72nd green. easured stretches. staying very calm.
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he'd move so far up the fedexcup, it would be almost a east lake on the tour championship at this point so season. he dashely want to make the -- make the t to presidents cup team. oth players. presidents won a cup event, the t.p.c. boston. it will be his turn. that was to believe seven years ago, jim that he won that tournament in boston. jim: it would be hoffman's turn they're going to let and play. ahead
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an: leave the stage. for thearly and a potential win. tight left. jim: chappell is going to end up in a tie for eighth with dustin johnson. dottie: the 18th hole really cost him this weekend, ian. and five. ian: that's right, hit it in the ter with his shot from the rough yesterday. and that little putt at 1 too.
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dottie: never had any momentum on the back nine. was in very, very good position finished. jim: dottie, we've seen this putt made enough times through years that i'm sure most pretty good handle on what it's going to do and hoffman has an opportunity re to win it outright with a closing eagle. an eagle to win it all the way the farmers y at insurance open. on rahm eagled the final hole. and that could be the same story here. long ooked good for a
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ime. jim: vegas can certainly tell what that meant. ian: about two feet. for the birdie and the tie. jim: it's going to be an interesting playoff matchup. chappell comes over to ongratulate his buddy. charley birdies the two par 5's three holes, 16 and 18. ig tee shots on each occasion. in fact, 9-iron into each one of them and we'll see vegas and
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shortly go back to the 18th and -- i'm going to wait here for you. you when to start loading up. telling jhonattan this is going ow to proceed. first some shove nears, though, for the preciation volunteers. to win the layoff bob hope. back in charley hoffman, final-round 6 . to get the number he had to. had a chance to win it. up there for the chance. ian: needed that one on 17 to go n. jim: more golf coming up.
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jim: tonight on cbs, "60 leads off the line-up. followed by an all new "big by julie chen. -- candy crush." drama
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vegas taking a couple more swings over on the practice trying to defend. harley hoffman has got to sign his card. in this l be going matchup back to the 18th shortly. re's some of the action from earlier too. we'd just come on the air when went long distance at the ninth. ian: that was a period of time when we saw so many putts from over 30 feet going in. there's another one. jim: there's another one at 13. at 18, he had pitching wedge in little aded his greenside shot and left that it did not come back quite enough. anwhile, charley hoffman was
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racing out early to the lead, including a chip-in at the sixth. 11. hard hole. birdies yielded here today but we had one. eagle attempt at 16. ian: just couldn't get it to the that hill. then his opportunity a oment ago to win it. you're right, it looked good for long way. made that little one coming back 21 under and now they're on their way back to the tee. third alone.akes today's low round of 64. finishes solo fourth. hagy all fifth. dustin johnson, kevin chappell ie eighth.
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a top 10 for sean o'hair. gonzales. 68 today.h, j.b. holmes at 15 under. pan and every. inside the top 20. here's matt kuchar. what a finish he had friday to cut here coming off of birkdale. dirk -- bubba watson, 42nd place showing ere. ian: the scoring was extremely good all week. the greens were perfect speed. holding.ays were the course plays long when it's little bit damp but it plays
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wider. mackenzie hughs and gray lamb delaet the only canadians -- graham delaet the only canadians to make the cut here. guys. luck, jim: there's dave mckay, the r.b.c.of >> this is number two. >> good luck, guys. charley will be up first. the chance to apply pressure by hitting first and getting the driver in the fairway. jim: he'd have no idea where vegas drove it in regulation. correct. the advantage, i believe, is to length cause he has the
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to carry that bunker. jim: this shot right here. an: the bunker you see right there, if you hit a straight drive, that's the one you have right side. the if you don't draw the ball, it's in the fairway. but if you can fly it 315, 320, the corner of the left bunker but usually if you through into the rough just short of the water. lost it.he dottie: that ball is in the bunker.ight jim: how close did it get up to he slope of that bunker? dottie: i don't think the slope s going to be a huge factor, jim. jim: there it is. it.uple, three feet back of
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now, can vegas put the pressure on? up 't seem to be lining like he did in regulation. dottie: he's lining up for a big swooper. he hammered it too. straight ball. ear it this idn't cl time. dottie: he did not. he's just about where kevin was a few moments ago. for asier shot coming up charlie hoff man, i believe. jim: right in the middle of that we'll continue in the playoff after this word from your local station.
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bunkers at the par 5 18th hole, which will be the hole of the playoff if that is necessary. that is vegas right there. ian: yeah, he'll have to splash out from that lie and with that lip. kind of like chappell. up the left side as he can. play atley might have a the green but will have an easier shot up the fairway to the left side to get an angle in for the third. characteristic drive for charley hoffman there. big cut to the right. seen that all day. ian:. no very good driver of the ball. strong. jim: surprised by what vegas did off the tee? by where heurprised aimed. trying to ike he was
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hit a draw around the bunkers, rather than opening up and he did in ver like regulation. dottie is the breeze similar to ago when they played? dottie: it's the same. hasn't changed. will not have a play at the green. not at all. 191 but that's risky wind is still out there -- fiercely rcey ownwind as it was an hour ago. dottie: maybe half a club. downquarterering off the right. 124 to b.,
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>> 124 to b? >> yeah. >> is it 50? >> i would say that's right of the scoreboard. ian: great view of exactly what faces. just to the left of the little. et it in the short grass. dottie: hit a little cut the all will get up a little bit quicker. be advantageous. decent contact but a big bounce. first cut. the ian: he'll have a decent angle. it all depends on the lie. jim: now what will vegas do?
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be surprised if he didn't just splash it out and limb. re he misses the surely he can't get to the green, dottie, from that lie with that lip? dottie: ian, he's got an 8-iron in his hadn't. it. going for jim: hit the little. dottie: left of the flagstick. cover? have enough to jim: wow. ian: unbelievable shot! going to have a similar shot to the one he had at the ation but look chunk that came undone when he that lip. y top of and like what happened with 17, it still propels forward enough. carrying.eet from jim: that had actually already he aved a little bit so didn't cause it, but he didn't t it and with all that overspin, it runs just through the green.
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inch over the lip t hits into the grass. barely an inch. brave play. it's paid off. jim: dottie, were you surprised that that was his approach? yes. : i will say [laughter] jim: ok. dottie: it had to be perfect and was. knows how difficult that shot is from just over the in the thickish rough. very quick down the hill. can still hit it in there inside 10 feet and theally have the shorter of putts. it's not an easy clip for vegas.
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with the recent a similar type lie, all. and >> straight downwind. six short? did. saw what chap's >> but he was in a divot. 105ish? >> 106. >> number? ian: did i hear a big 60, dottie? yards to the hole. he has three beyond it. that 11 number come out of the caddie's mouth.
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the max. jim: oh, no. ian: jumped out of there. first bounce. clean lie but because of that downslope coming out of the get , it's not easy to that one close. jhonattan when he walked off the green in regulation back over to that spot where he had bladed his third shot. at it.down probably had no idea that he'd get a second crack at it. similar. this one is actually easier than one he had in regulation, i would say. the angle is better. little more green.
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jim: can be slightly more ggressive. ian: they must be very similar as well.o the hole ottie: they are. you'd be getting the string out it out if it was match play. chance to as a become one of very few that have gone back to back in canadian history. there was a pro back in 1919 and atlanta, james edgar who one of those two years that won, brought a 17-year-old to ur named bobby jones play in the open. look at this shot. beautifully done. similar shot. jim: so much better. wonderful touch there, jhonattan vegas. just a tap-in for the birdie.
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charley has to hole his to tie. mess around there either. he just went. well, that's a four. it comes down to one shot. just a few weeks ago, ian, we were sitting at the travelers and we saw jordan spieth hole a bunker shot in a playoff. certainly did. unlikely. im: dottie, what do you see? flagstick out. ottie: very, very good life. and into the he has more control with this. jim: good shot. come on now. effort.derful jim: we have a champion.
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year, second straight it's jhonattan vegas at the canadian open. ian: and what a year it's been for him. the ented his country at world couple. jim: at the olympics as well in rio. takes a bow but really, he wants everyone knows how much he appreciates these followers of ul the sport. up here in the toronto area. dottie, down to you. ottie: jim, thank you. jonny, you went to the world couple and the olympics and now you've defended your canadian pen title. what's running through your mind right now? >> well, it's incredible. a lot of fun, obviously, winning. reaching. it doesn't get any better. i've been coming out of a really
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of missed cuts, not playing great golf. change in mybit of irons this week and it was magic, to be honest. it's fun. fun winning, especially in a crowd like this which has always been fun to me. enjoyed every moment. dottie: you made some changes in whatequipment but mentally was the biggest change to get yourself in a position to win a after coming off such a tough stretch? >> i'm the type of person that on myself.down i'm always fighting hard, always doing the right thing. i'm always staying positive. s soon as i stay in that frame of mind, i feel like things are going to go the right way. just tried to stay positive and play hard every day. -- shot our second hot from the fairway bunker in the playoff. alk about the process. 181 yards, and the club you chose. >> the ball was sitting great and i knew if i got it up in the
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air, there's enough wind to get the ball close to the green. feel like i've been swinging the clubs great all week. aggressive. that's my personality, the way i play and i was. enough to come out with a win. dottie: the presidents couple is on the horizon. how much does that play into you for the or rest of this season? >> obviously the presidents custom has been on my mind the and especially after winning here last year, putting myself in a good position to team.he it will be awesome. nick pricing is such a great guy. feelalways liked him and i like making that team would be my career. ecial in i feel i made a stem guard today so hopefully keep playing well and make the team. congratulations on a special weekend. >> thank you. amanda: you said i've been lot. a i have to be patient. do you feeu


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